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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 11, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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breaking news at 10 a lawsuit said to be filed by victims of july's deadly mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm can wait. >>and i'm pam moore, the news just comininto the newsroom in the past hour. our grant lodes joins us. now here in the studio with the latest details on all of th grant. >>ken and pam lawyers are just now representing. people and they want to give shooting victims that they just anunced that they're filing a lawsuit against the gilroy garlic festival in relatn to that shooting of course the left 4 people dead, including
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he gunman. according to the pss release. the lawsuit alleges gligence security measures led to the shooting. you may recalgilroy police say gun entered the nt he go a festival has at the christmas hill park by cutting through a wire fence along is eek that's when he opened fire killing 3 people andnjuring 17 others again then killed himself as authorities closed in on his position. 6 year-old sthen romero, 13 year-old kayla salaar and 25 year-old trevor irby who were killed again lawyers representing 5 shooting victims are now suing the gilroy garlic festival assoation for this july 20 shooting. they will be holding a news conferen tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock. we will bring that to you live on our streaming at pam and ken of kron on but significant development regarding that tragedy. >>meantime the widow of a man who died in thaboat fire off
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the santa barbara coast is uing the vessel's owners. christine did nuns has been was one of t 34 people who were killed when the conception caught fire back in september. theawst is a counterclaim to a lawsuit filed pemptively aquacs that's the owners of the boat they filed at lawsuit to try to protect themselves from liability. under a pre-civil war matime law. it is the first lawsuit against the company from a relative of tse who died on the boats the cause of the fire is still under investigation. another big story we're following tonight the family and frnds remembering of oil man who was shot and killed by an off-duty police officer that shooting happened about 5 30 last night near a gas station and staurant. >>police have not been releasing many detai but they did say off-duty officer works r richmond police kron four's dan thorn joins us live in vallejo tonight where there was a vigil for the man who was killed dan. >>pam and ken lay how and richmond police have been
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tight-lipped about what led up tothis deadly shooting but friends and family of the ictim say they want facts and they want justice. >>family and friends of 38 year-o eric reason gather around candles and balloons, the late hope police say around 5 30 sunday night. the reason was shot and killed this parking lot by an off-duty richmd com there >>the island. said love to was that happens out here. >>rivera says he grew upwith reason and they later worked together for a scaffolding company. he says his friend who was a father of was also known as cheddar man was working to improve his life. >>he was in the know that move ow bt ve thattheyan say y nothing like tt we alknow he was. an investigation io the shoo is under way. t delay how in richmond police are not releasing any details. officers association dended the actions of the off-duty
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officer in a social media post saying in partuote unfortunately, when a police officers confronted with a felon armed with a firearm deadly force may be necessary. we ask that you please reserve judgment until the investigation is finished rivera says the police will try to portr reason in a negative light, even as his friends and family are left in the darkbout what really let up to the shoing issue. >>and we end looking like the bad guys miles to school on they're ing to now we all know and save a little dough back in his medical training toe the bag and. >>the richmond police department is not releasing the name of the officer at this time, meanwhile civil rights attorneys are looking into this case, reporting live in valle dan thorn kron 4 news. >>thank you dan well we want to talk about the 40 niners, it was a one game tonight in santa clara. >>it sure was 49 es hosting the seahawks atevi's and a game that went the distance
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and then some parts director mark rr bernard joins us with the highlights btal really a brutal game. >>brutal to it and u know listening to the game you can just tell that this came matter get shelter like the biggest game of the year and it was bill as such a heartbrker for e niners but this s something to tch out for the last fe years we've been waiting for this match up the matter again and what a way to rebuild a rivalry. let's head out santa clara look at the pre game veterans day festivities a navyeal parachuting into and over time seahawks of the ball of the niners 14 russell wilson. >>intercepted by tre green wall the replement for kwon alexander returned it to the seattle 49 yard line. to win here chase mcloughlin e rookie kicker 47 yards out shanks it not even close. still tied at 24. seattle tas over. both teams would
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exchange possessions, omaha got the ball back with one 25 something else 33 in his own territory breaks loose in the open field 18 yard scramble. >>it's the niners 39. a few plays later jason myers, a 42 rd attempt that's for the game and just slice through e upghts narratives 2724 seattle, your final. the niners so for their first loss. >>we'll have reaction from the team and expanded highlights later on in sports. but here's the silver lining here the 49 ers were without george kittle will monitor that situation but it's expected he will get back eventually emmanuel sanders he left the game early with a rib injury will have an mri tomorrow. so we'll see where we stand on that, but it was it was rough to watch and we saw a different 49 ers team and their 2 biggest receivers out so thadoes make a difference. thank you mark. thank you mark. more breaking ws to tell you about tonight, former president jimmy carter has been admitted
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to a hospital in atlanta for a procedu to relieve swelling on his brain the pressure apparently was caused by bleeding from his recent fas. >>that procedure will take place tomorrow morning at emory university hospital, the 95 year old is the oldest living ex-president he ws hospitalized last month after fracturing his pelvis that was 3rd time he suffered a fall this year. have you seethis classic cars. >>a bay area family says mebody stole this 1963 chevrolet impalaonvertible on saturday. the family says it they were at the good guys auto show at the alameda grounds in pleasanton police say 2 other classic cars we also stolen that day from the fairgrounds kron four's cannabis aqi. >>top was one of the fily members today she joins us now live taylor are apparently they're offering a reward for that vehicle. >>that's right. they'r offering a $2500 reward for information that brings this car home. again this happened at the fairgrounds and at the
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time it was packed with thousands of people in many carsf the fact that this happened anwent unnoticed it's very unsettling for this family, thesaid his car was an heirloom and was purchased by their fath who recently passed away. >>and where their approximately 2 hours. and the car was gone. doug watson says is 1963 chevrolet impala convertible. >>was stolefrom a gated parking area at the good guys car show on saturday. the alameda county fairgrounds and there. >>cut thesteering wheel to get that club off and then where the car or break the ignition and. i cannot believe that. so many people sitting right there people's car for sale across much of people are looking at that in c. somebody do that fosse and says it was more than just a car to his family. >>it was passed down from his father who passed away and has come a part of any family events yet bought it. in 1963.
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>>and it was a daily driver, we have 5 kids in our family we all grew up in that car. you know i lost my parents 2 years ago and the cars now teachers in bexar le but ecole in my 4 years at 3 boys and table 3 going to the prom and it and we all did that it was high school prom car. and we still show it. taking on. tours and so it'seally been a big piece of your family, good guys posted on facebook. >>same to other convertibles were also stolen from their car show over the weekend including this 1960 black porsche and in 1967 white mustang to show that that somebody doesn't see it is just a car to steal and go sell or chopped-up imparted out or whatever they do i hope. somebody who knows wre the car as you know is that person will. >>help us out and get this car back to work and we use a lot more tn just a vehicle.
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>>now in addition to watson's $2500 reward offer good guys is also oering an additional $1000. if anyone has formation that can le to bringing those cars back to those owners now of course watson also says that this is a wake-up call that there needs to be increased security at these type of car shows out now if you have any n eye information that could help lead to wherever these cars maybe we're whoever has them they ask that you contact the pleasanton police department reporting live in lafayette hill kron 4 news alright. taylor's hope somebody turns them in investigators say this llbrae man. >>try to steal your ring valued at about $1800 san mateo cnty sheriff's deputies arrested this man 26 year to mark a towel found on saturday has one deputies say the suspect entered thnew means jewelry store in millrae as a courtesy a pair earrings and then ran out was am deputies arrested the
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suspects down incident and recovered the rings the second line and look outside. this monday night on a clear night looking ouover san francisco's embarcadero and the bay bridge and i'm fairly nice conditions for the weekend and looking forward to the rest of week here tryin to trying to crank that rain in here so not seen that here. yeah, i knopam's in your checking, the weather models every day and look over my shoulder can fi figure right nonothing govern our way . >>we're going to keep our eyes on looks like some things are going to begin to change out the door right now we do have mostly clear skies she high clouds drifting overhead but still kind a relatively calm outhere right now likely to see some fog develop along the coastline but not seen some of that toward the golden gate bridge beautiful, out there this eveng and we have a little bit of an offshore wind today and that was just ough to crank these numbers up so how about this in e san francisco downtown. you are 12 degrees above the average at 76 degrees today, 75 in oakland 78 deges in san jose
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80 in livermore iconcord in 81 degrees in santa rosa all the numbers around the bay area running above the average today as high pressure still has 6 over a all though it's beginning to look a little dirty and by that i mean we're starting to see a few high over the top of that ridge l showing new signs that it's starting to weaken just a little bit anyway now lori forecasshows that weaken even more significant as we get into next week. stay fairly mild right now the sea breeze is blowing in the san francisco just a gentle 4 miles per hour. it is called ough in san ramon calm and avoid on call around a good part of the bay area so outside right now you're a sudden 61 and sajose at this hour 56 in redwood city still 60 in san francisc55 at oakland 64 in timber on 51 degrees in the napa valley and 50 degrees in petaluma so overnight tonight skies going stay mostly clear. we'll likely see a couple patches of fog right along the immediate coastline tomorrow kind of a mix of sunshine and some clouds will see some patchy
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fog along the coastline and then mid to high level clouds likely to drift through from time to time and the mild to warm out there but increasing clouds as we hea throughout the middle of the week. air quality still kind of moderate out there in this way it's been sting for the lot of part of a week now as we've got that ridge of high pressure overhead nothing really to mix out in those foods outhere so just kind of a hazy feel to it as you head around the bay area that ridge sitting out here you see a couple of storm systs they continue to batter that ridge where that ridge is told mom and really we're left with some fog along the coastline, some hazy conditions and a few hi clouds after that boy not a huge degree of change in the next 24 hours. alough we're going to see some more clouds rolling in the middle of the week you see that ridge starts to weakesomewhat you see some patchy fog developing along the coastline and then throughout the day tomorrow, clouds moving d to high level on through and then more so on a wednesday in by wednesday you can sethe little swirl coming across the bay area that will begin bring a few more clouds may cool down our temperatures but we
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keep on looking out on the horizon and trying to find a little rain to break through usually when you break to pattern like this that will start to lead to so more rain drops you may start to see some of that gin to finally shift in our direction lot of parliament and a look at that with your 10 to 10 in a few minutes. thank you. san francisco police confirmed. >>annfant was found dead on saturdayt lincoln park golf course the discovery happened about to 20 in thefternoon near the 13th hole. we talked with a golfer who says his group was. on the links on saturday, they spotted something but they did n realize it was a human being that seed like it had. >>the slime and i've seen dogs mourned, so it seemed like it waa dog because a sine but. deen it and knowing that it a baby now i get it uh i guess what they just look like was not a baby a big big big baby but. never en anything like it. >>police called the death suspicious they are reviewing secuty video from clubhouse police say they are
10:15 pm
also concerned about the heal and welfarof the ther anyone with information about this incident they asked to call police. >>happening now police are loing for 4 suspects connected with the beating of 3 people in san francisco's chintown part of the aack as you can see was captured on video kron four's ray kelly has the latest on the >>the video posted on social media shows the attack underway in your 4 square saturday night one suspect is seen beating at least 2 of the 3 male victims in the owd as bystanders screens one of the seniors was apparently knocked unconsciousupevisor aaron peskin says he was briefed by the cap central station sunday. >>it started as a cell phone robbery. that as he explained a number of seniors took the law into their own hds and tackled one of the perpetrators at which point the other perpetrator that you see in the video. they beat on the folks who are on o
10:16 pm
top of his buddy in starkly randomly on other people. >>the 4 men were seen by witnesses helene eastbound in the dark colored suv the vehicle that has been says the description get away vehicle connected with an aggravated purse snatching outside the street friday night, so it appears that. the down at least 2 crimes, the beating of 3 seniors right tside of described as the living the highest concentration of the elderly in the city has community meers she it. police were seen in the square as part of a boostingup patrols at the same time the granddaughter of an year-old woman bean unconscious in a visation valley park back in january engaged in a silent vigil. her sign calling for no more olence. friends spoke on her behalf. >>random acts of kindness not random acts of god, violence,
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this is not as a side email i want to bring my kids up. >>supervisor custom saysthe victims in this case are 6367 68 years old the good news is they're all going to be okay 2 of them were tnsported to san francisco general hospital for observation and are now out of the hospital. the 3rd victim was treated and reased at the scene reporting fr chinatown i morning kelly kron 4 news. >>jason bourdain is the next the san francisco dtrict attorney's he was locked in a tight race with interim da says the law she conceded over the weekend with new numbers game the lead with more than 50% of the vote. today ran a campaign based on reforming the police criminal justice system he was the progressi candidate between the 2 finalists for the job. and as we rerted over the weekend bernard tyson, the chairman and ceo of kaiser rmanente
10:18 pm
has died at the age of 60 tyson grew up in valais home, he was active in comnity endeavors bay area lives he fought for equity in health care and spoke to several health care d technology events tweetg just on saturday for health care that is quote higtechnd high touch. tyson work for kaiser for nearly 3 decas before becoming the company ceo in 2013 the first african american to hold that position. 000 kaiser mental health professionals postponed a stre that was slated for today after learning of his passing. >>hile p g is expected to creditustomers affected by one of last month's power blackouts utility may also have to reimburse the state of california. during last moh's power shut off the state activated the emergency operatiocenter and took an all hands on deck approach to the blackouts and for the firstime ever the state provided aircraft from the highway patroand national equipment to try to quickly restore power. we were holding
10:19 pm
them accountable for that as well as where they could not meet the need and that was a lot. >>we were stepping in with which state assets and state resources to be able to do that there is some reimbursement that's been taking place by e utilities to to to aress some of the whate provided them. >>the genie is bracing itself for possibly up to billion in costs this yearelated to recent events $90 million of that is expected to go customers who were affected by the october 9th power shut off how much can go to the state has yet to be determined. >>today we come together as one nation to salute the veterans of the uned states armed forces, the greatest warriors to ever walk the face of the earth. >>and tonight we contin to honor veteransho risked their lives to protect our freedom events were held all over the bay area today,
10:20 pm
includg at the golden gate national cemetery in san bruno there was a prentation of the colors of performance by the seabees used banned a ecent laying ceremony and several speakers including congresswoman ckie spear who talked about the importance of veterans stays. >>so we reflect on veterans day for a very special reason. that always reminds me of the quotation by george washington when he said. with which our young people are likelto serve in any war. noatter how justified shall be directly proportional. they proceed. the veterans. earlier wars were treated and appreciated. >>you see a etty good turnout for today's observance at the cemetery, all of the branes of the military were represented, but only one veteran from world war 2 was able to make it to ceremony and we're the largest
10:21 pm
veterans day parades north of san francisco was held in petaluma today comi up tonight about 1035 a ring in the sights and sounds from that parade. >>also coming up tesla unveiling its next project later this month. the mpany is about to go bigger with lectric car. >>law says you can't eat on bartsch butow many of our passengers actually foll that law we spent some time today outside the pleasant hill statn where there's a vendor right outside the fair game and a new report that google is collecting health data from millions of how much it may know about you and.
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medical and non-medical professionals to deliver on our belief in total health forll. we are kaiser permanente. thrive. >>google is partnering part during with a jor hospital chain to colle and analyze personal health data from millionsof america wall street journal reports that amounts to a complete health history and patients have not yet been informed about this. >>the newspaper says projt nightingale started last year. it involves google pulling medical records from a fren an facilities across 21 states. those records include names dates of birth b result, diagnoses and hospitalization records the idea behind the program is to use that data in part to design new software which suggest changes to individual patient care. in a news
10:25 pm
conference te company's claim project nightingale complies with federal health law and comes th substantial patient data protection. john is rertedly opening a new grocery store next year in los angeles the iec commerce gian already runs amazon go stores and owns whole foods, amazon did not reveal the name nor whether the new store will be part of a chain, the company is also not giving details yet on pricing or the accept the new store will carry. the news comes about a month after the that amazowas negotiating to open supermarkets in a number of cities. >>after years of waiting tesla says it's finally ready to reveal its electric pickup truck tesla ceo elon musk tweeted toy the company says it will unveil the long awaited truck on november 21th near the space x rocket factory in los angeles. musk says the new pickup will cost less tan $50,000 and will be a better truck in ford's f on
10:26 pm
50 however, he warned traditional pickup truck buyers probably won't like the design. this teaser image released by tesla show some light coming out of what appears to be the trucks could. >>still to come the controversy grows over this man getting cited for eating that food on a bart platform tonight, bart's general manager is apologizing to him, but why the man says that's not enough. plus wre taking about a limit to check out what happened today during their long large veterans day parade and no rain just now but could we ha little rain not too far away when there's areal possibility, 1010 is coming up next. you know when yore at ross and your new fall look
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>>i wanted to be displayed, i feel like if you don't nd the approach people and that appeal to the word d maybe some e >>tonight the man yojust heard from who was cited for 18 a bart station eating at a bart station is continuing to clash with bart officials stephen foster was put in handcuffs at the pleasant hill bart station la week today, bart's general manager issued a statement regarding that incident in kron 4 grant lodes joins us now withore. >>on that statement and why the man ss he's still not happy with what parts complicated issue right, of a i mean. >>rules are rules but you know if you if you go for miles
10:30 pm
over the speed limit, you know should you get a ticket their fear, eating your lunch whe there's no other time all of our platforms should you be cited there. but i guess bart's contention is the police a saying it's what he did after being confronted. that is really thissue and they say that's why he was handcuffed so the video has ne viral here it is once again you see the sandwich the guy was eating and it's not just making the rounds here in the bay area but nationally people are talking about this story the racial component is a part of it because people are acknowledging the fact that that coulde an issue and we have reaction tonight, new reaction from bart's general manager. it reads in part th statement, eating in the paid area is banned and there are multiple signs inside every station saying as much. the officer was doing his job but context is key forsman of infractions such as eating and driing inside our page area should not be used to prevent us from delivering on our mission to provi safe
10:31 pm
reliable in crean clean transportation. have to read each situation and allow people to get wherehey're going on time and saely. i'm disappointed how the situation unfolded. i apologize to mr. foster. our riders employees and the public who have hadn emotional reaction to the video. meanwhile foster says this statement and apology are not enough for him. >>i'm not going to volunteer they kind of took the story. >>he went on to say more than that but that a truncated version of what he had to say rt director deborah allen who you see here. also ss she takes issue with the gm's apology but for different reasons. we have a code of condt, one bart. >>and every writer who enters through our system passes by heating no smoking no drinking no loitering in on down the list. >>most people. we'll have
10:32 pm
respect for that officer and they will puit away they will throw it away. they will comply. unfortutely in this case that wasn't the case. says he has no regrets hat in fact he says would do it all over again we'll keep you posted there. ken and pam, but the gm statement today certainly giving this story life he fe like he needed to put to bed and tt he needed to say something about it publicly. >>all right we'll see if it continues to play seems free well thank you brent. secur what happened foster could actually haen to pretty much anyone because at the pleasant hill bart station there is vendor selling food right outside the gates time four's michelle kingsn was there. >>the find out if a lot of people buy food anthen go through e gates despite the law.
10:33 pm
>>passengers buying food and drinks at a vendor just outside the bar gates in pleasant hill. the store sells hot dogs pizza not joe's drinks, but the food can't go with you pass the fair games. they have signs posted i part. you t one of those thgs that. these are the signs that say you cannot eat >>there's a full 4 right here so i feel like this is news is a lot of it. a lot of confusion a lot of confusion. >>this is we watched dozens of the bart station on monday, some carrying drinks but no this really taking food. and choose to eat before going through or before we're going home. but many people i spoke to say they. never saw anyo get cited before until last week when steve foster wa cited foeating a breakfast sandwich on the pleasant hill bart platform.
10:34 pm
>>you know live differe. >>the presidenof the bart police officers association keep garcia kron 4 news that bart officers make hundreds of contacts a day respectfully reminding riders of the bar rules but that fosters because he became hostile garcia said foster's activity caused the situation to escalate and hirefusal to simply stop his illegal conduct was the root cause cause of this entire situati. he said he'd make no apology for the officers conduct. i just. >>even on barges. on the safety of its passengers most people i spoke to said it's a cleanliness thing for th they eat on barsometimes they see other people sometimes eating on barred, and they typically don't mind as long as everyone cleans up after themselves. but a
10:35 pm
reminder for everyone bart's as you can not eaonce you pass through the are gates in pleasant hill, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>time now to check in with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow to see what's happening outside warrants. ye kind of quiet out there right now ken and pam is we've got a high pressure still sitting over head. no fog speak of mostly clear skies around the bay ea looking toward the sfo right now on quiet out there as well and temperatures not all that cold in spots are still 64 degrees in fremont redwood city and temperatures cool down to 60 degrees and sepsis going 51 in the napa lley, but we would like to get the rain going here and here's our long range orecast model and you see high pressure overhead bring a lot of sunshine aroundhe bay area today. you notice some changes as we head in toward tomorrow. you start to see a few more high clouds fiering in or sky, especially late in the day and even more so there's a weak system to our south is going to a few more clouds our way as we head in toward wednesday. unfortunately those clouds not going to take thrain drops for us just yet after that
10:36 pm
looks like things kind of settle in we've got one more co front that approach is the bay area looks pretty impressive by :00am on friday. maybe bring some rainfall the far northern california but for the bay area watch what happens they begin move through runs an avage of high pressure starts to fall apart were just left us too clouds behind that, but no rain after that high pressure builds in for the weekend and it won't be till next week now, it looks like that we get a least a chance. some showers in this one doesn't look like a ge storm, but this could en the door to somraindrops coming through possibly on tuesday and then behind another ridge but n that big dome of high pressure that we've seen president here so hopefully that will lead us more rain. coming our way most or keep our finrs crossed here looking long range forecast more clouds and cooler temperatures on the way on wednesday and thursday sunshine returns foraturday and sunday's chance of showers by the following tuesday. thank you president ump is offering up his own tranript as house impeachment investigators released transcripts from. >>the depositions of several key witness of course all of this is coming just short time before the hearing on the
10:37 pm
impeachment will begin going public is week reid binion reorts. >>in order to continue being the most transparent president in history. i will be releasing some time this we the transcript of the first and therefore most important phone all i had with the president of ukraine i'm sure you ll find a tantalizing we've ever had. president trp offering his own bombshell as house investigators opped deposition transcript from more top government officials. pentagon offici laura cooper testifying that former special envoy to kraine ku volker told her thatmerican diplomats in ukraine were alarmed that american aid to ukraineas being held up in what's being callea dollars for dirt scheme teing impeachment investigato quote our team in kiev was acutely aware of the holden was expressing serious concerns to us the christopher anderson, a former aide to volcker testified that volcker and national security adviser
10:38 pm
john bolton were concerned about rudy giuliani's agenda with ukrainto tell impeachment investigators quote i had the fear that if giuliani's narrative took hold that view cream government was the enemy of e president that it would be very hard to have high-level engagement. this as republicans are joining the growincalls by esident trump to call their own witnesses to testify abou everyone testies will go do so truthfully accurately reid binion kron 4 news, former vice president and democratic presidential candidate joe biden is also speaking out about the impeachment inquiry. >>at tonight's town hall in iowa. biden says us housof representatives has no option but to pursue impeachmt against president trump. >>to shun whether or not whether or not iturns out to work or not work or whether or not turns out that he should or shouldn't be kicked out of office there he is and on the face of it, there's a prime official casey's violated the conitution the united states of america in
10:39 pm
asking other countries to engage with in our politics that is a violation that is a problem that we have to look at. let's sewhere the facts lead this my job is just to go beat >>the impehment inquiry was all trggered by president trump's july phone call with ukrains president. the of the us trump patterns ukrainian president to investigate joe biden and biden's son hunte there has been no evidence wrongdoing by joe or hunter biden but republicans want both of them to testify. democrats say they will not call either of them as that would divert attention from predent trump's attempt to try to get ukraine to investigate the bidens all right take a look athis a viewer captured video of an illegal sideshow in the excelsior neighborhood of san francisco. the viewer says people called 911 but when officers arrived did t impound any of the vehicles. there is no word from the san francisco police department of any arrests madas of tonight. >>local police say they are stepping up enforcement on
10:40 pm
site shows this month. this includes more officers air support and bringing in officers from other local jurisdictions local police say violent disrupted and illegal behavior will not the tolerated the city of oland says it will continue to look for lonterm solutions to stop the illegal side shows. well continuing our coverage of eterans say today, thousands of people turned out in petaluma for one of the largest veterans day parades north of san francisco. it's a back to world war 2 are gng honored here are some of the sights and sounds from today. i think luna. >>and bodies at all. it really does. pan through the streets and see different people and the excitement is building i can't wait i look forward to it every year. means it we
10:41 pm
celebrating the freedom that we have. it is because of the then come back from the wa we were celebrating the sacrifices that they made.
10:42 pm
>>and there's more veterans day corage. still ahead the sweet reunion how a veteran help essential valley family fi their dog that went missing for nearly a month. >>in sports, the 49 ers suffer a heartbreaking loss against russellwilson and rival seattle seahawks the highlights and reactio
10:43 pm
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>almost 8 months after disappearing a 3 year-old dog status last county family, a former marine. >>rain helped make the reunion possible reporter k received has the story. >>charlie ithe playful energetic andweet chihuahua mix that had stolen goggles heart does go now she's back home, thanks in part to a former marine and current stanislaw county sheriff's deputy. >>my cousin is actually her dog. so like said about to die it was never going to 10 bag onus is charlie is also known
10:46 pm
to be curious almost months ago, charlie wandered away from his patterson home mai am and the delgado says in spanish a neighbor spotd her daughter's dog and dropped him ofand a mechanic nearby delgado says the business owner deniedver seen charlie that's when e gave up hope that is until this past friday when they saw a woman. >>walkn ont of their home with the dog who appear to be charlie as i was getting out says she called for charlie and he responded, but the woman claimethe tiny terrier was her father's still to followed her and found herself back at the mechanics who again denied thdog was chlie, the ll says his story kept changing anhe claimed top to dog, thing that's life and dog like you have no right to keep them. >>the head of the epa has owners like bill had proof. charlie had been registered and microchipped but that's when flight got their contact with the police that's when
10:47 pm
the former marine deputy wilson and amid s to police officer found the dog at a modesto home and confirmed he was indeed charlie. >>within an hourhe mike was back paterson back in the loving arms of his family excited side and that think that they're a minds. excited happy they share my cousins have been too. >>to buy extended making it easy to it access all your favorite entertainment. >>now more of that game tonighwith the 49 wipe away our tears and try to ty're trying to move on. >>it's a rivalry again isn't mean what a what a chapter in this back and forth between these 2 squads this was a game that h the look. a feel of a playoff game can we to see it again now seahks quarterback russell wilson called it the craziest game he's ever played. and it certainly wa
10:48 pm
one ofthe craziest to watch 49 ers seahawks matters again it to the highlights we go, let's head out to santa clara look at the pre game veterans day festivities, a navy seals parachuted into levi's e lane, the 1st half niners were up. seattle gaining steam dk metcalf inside the fight to frosty talk pulls te ball out hold on to deny the seahawks a late score, 10 7, 9, years at the head. out of the reak, however. jim garoppolo's pass this goes through can't reports handpicked by quandre diggtakes team to niners territory. part of the 3 turn overniht for drop below. 3 plays lat russell wilson. mvp candidate. for that reason jacob hollister kes a great chance for the 49 er draped all over him 1410 seattle. theyave all the momentum. later on 2110 hawks in the 4t the 49 ers defense changes the game on one play. under pressure. wilson gives of the ball to e of his lineman
10:49 pm
defense swarmed derest buner's right there takes it back the other way, the niners coming to life. they had a 2 point conversion to get within 3. they tied off. let's go right to overme in the bonus frame seahawks of the ball at the niners 14 wilson picked off by drake greenlaw he gets all the wayo the this is a guthat stepped in for kwon alexander a starting linebacker big spot right there. later on chase mcloughlin the rookie from 47 yards t for the winhat wasn't even close well last game still tied at 24. both teams would exchange possessions hawks got the ball back with many and 25 last. wilson. the outanding 33 in his own territory. breaks loose in the open field 18 yard scramble. got to the niners 39, then a few plays ter jason myers, the 42 yarder. slicedt through the uprights and there it is 2724 seattle your final. the niners suffered their fir loss of
10:50 pm
the year. wilson, 230 yds in the air 50 on the grounds w again have the 3 turnovers. let's get reaction from bus. defen was unbelievable. >>and out of the offense hard as they could. e made way too many states to build up a lot of women i game guys battled we battled for 60 minutes. down to the wire. all of our guys through a bunch injuries guys going up and down. so you know we'l watch the film will learn from it will. you know correct things and he's to be corct and we'll get ready for zone. >>cardinals in santa clara on sunday the warriors also play tonight with draymond green and d'angelo russell backn the court. so how much of a difference would it make on the scoreboard, l's go to chase warriors hosting you toss out 1st quarter d'angelo russell. he's been on a tear lately stops. the polls out for 3 of his 16 straight points in the stands a warrior still trailed by 15 however,
10:51 pm
e half the low fished with 33. in the 3rd griego bear stifle ter throws down the alley oop he had 25 points and 14 boards and midway through the 4th michael connelly collides with draymond een. he doesn't like it picks up 2 technical fouls he is injected the first player chase center history to be injected dream and green is final one 20 to one oh jazz next up the lakers in l a on wednesday, one additional note here before the game steph curry talk tthe media he said he expects to play some time this season may be ready by early spring, altugh he gave no specifics will monitor that situation and finally while we waito see who replaces bruce poaching the giants dugout the team making a significant higher his front office scott harris. introces giants general manager this morning. the 32 year-old redwood city native coming back to the bay area after working as the cubs sistant gm, a seven-year run in chicago where he saw the team go fromosing more than a 100 gamesthe winning the
10:52 pm
world series in 2016, we'll be working alongsidpresident of baseball ops farhan zaidi but tonight he will make the final call on major decisions harris an hour's time of the cops can translate to this next allenge. >>the one thing i will say about my experience in chicago's it they n happen really fast. it certainly did for for us going from 2014 to 2015. it is happened really fast and far owns. and try to compete as much as possible on and off the field to put in a position to transform liquid >>so ken and pam now we wait to see who is going to be the mager that becoming in the coming days yemen's free on 32 years ok thank you are. >>looks li we're staying dry, but temperatures going to be cooling do we'll talk about that in your chance of rain in your den and am coming
10:53 pm
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10:55 pm
>>next the news continues on our 24 7 streaming service called kron on on its commercial free he is standing by the newsroom was what we're working on catherine. >>you know, thankou ken and pam a coming up at 11 we're gog to have more on the of the late home and shot and officer happened duty police authorities very tight lipped on thisut there was a vigil tonight. the man's family and friends are demanding details on what led to the shooting.
10:56 pm
we do knohe officer work for the richmond police f department we'll have details at 11 back to you. >>thank you catherine make sure to download the kron on app to get that 24 7 commercial free local news coverage warrants. >>all right guys hey we're getng ready for. >>cool night out there ar patchy fog like their form at least along the coastline otherwise going stay mostly clear in the valleys so alright lows tonight going to be the 40's in the 50's hig pressure still overhead. they will see a few more clouds as we head in toward tomorrow, waking up to them a that tomorrow morning. numbers kind of a cool start to the day that some patchy fog along e coastline, otherwise. some southern sun clouds making the way overhead most that just some high clouds and temperatures going to be the 70's in the valys by noon 60's inside the bay and 50's 60's along the astline, mild afternoon tomorrow. i think some of those numbers again pushing near 80 degrees an some of the rmest spots, lots of 70's inside the bay and that hazy sunshine and 15 60's along the coastline, so ariel looking out toward tomorrow afternoon looking a
10:57 pm
whole lot like today. temperaturesunning a good 10 maybe 12 degrees above the average about degrees in livermore 78 in concord 76 in san jose, 71 in yward and 71 degrees in oakland 65 in downtown san francisco your tenant and that will cool things down a few more clouds coming our way toward the middle of the week slight chance of a shower or 2 as we head in towartuesday of next week, we'll wait and see said 10%. yeah, i would sayabout 10 maybe 15 little 15 to be optimistic >>have a good night everybo thank you for being with see you tomorrow.
10:58 pm
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