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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  November 12, 2019 7:00am-8:01am PST

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>>back to school very busy day. i'm darya folsom i'm james fletcher onhis tuesy after your veterans day holiday weekend. we've got some things to talk about on the weather front whicwe will, but we have to check with traffic as we've had that hot spot this morning on that yes we have to one in the north bay sandra fell one of the south a san jose. and it's all talk about residual delays ok so was kind of a the crazy thing out. really it was at the golden gate bridge. else it's pretty. everyone and guys we' going to see a ole lot of sunshine into the afternoon really warming up the temperatures. ok at this nice clear shot of downtown san francisco just beautiful. and you can see the sun is already out nice and brightshining here and can you believe that wee going to see se low 70's here in the downtown area for the afrnoon high. so this is what u can expect a mile to warm temperatures today and actually going into tomoow as well we're going to see more clouds starting to build
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as we get into tomorrow and s% then by the end of the week we're going to switch its going to dip just a bit in temperature wise before then warming back up into the weekend. i'll have my complete forecast. coming up in just a bit robin, thank you rebecca, let's head over to one of our busiest bridge is of course heading into san francisco. at the toll plaza and now now you're back up spills through he maze earlier was holding at the bottom. now it's backed up all the way through so 5.80 from 24. e e to put all that hercules europe averaging 11 minutesfter fremont street beautiful shot of the golden gate traffic looks great here we had an overturned in sandra fell. that's gone to a looks much it's better on one oh one approaching 5.80 and then contin south 26 minutes novato to the tolls and all lanes open north 85 after an overturned. minutes residual swing he 34 minutes, san jose to mount and you darya james, thanks a lot rob and today the us supreme court
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hears arguments regarding dhaka yeah th's the obama 700,000 undocumented cts about immigrants who came to the us. >>as children. california is the lead aintiff in the case our state has the most undocumented immigrants in the country kron four's will tran actually standing by le at the university of san francco where we understand will rally is going to be held today. itill be held at 1145. so little bit less than 5 hours from now we expect hundreds of people >>to show up on the campus of u c s to rally for dhaka but let's face it all allies are on the us supre court in fact we have people already there. we have deo show you the us supreme court justices they will hear this. way daqo will be taken off the books whi it's been on the books since 2012 uer then president barackbama it will will happen eventually but it
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affecting 700,000 people beeen the ages of 1630 who arrived to the united stes as kids brought to the us by the undocumented parents also at the us sueme court will bethe you see president janet napolitano she back in 2012. homand curity under birth barack obama so she clearly supports dka onl got a with f what she plans to tell the us supreme court justices so take look at yor screen. she plans to s uci's dhaka students are studying to be the next generation of teacrs, doctors engineers and other profesons that make life better for everyone. these young people simplywant to live learn and contribute to the caa the country that they know as home as far a uc we do expect a lot of we have not heard of any far counter protesting that will happebut they plan to beef up security just to make sure
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that if there are both sides of this very. hot button issu that both sides wilremain safe. jas darya ok thank you will. >>president trump commented on the daca cae this morning, let's take a look at what he said on twitter quote many of the people and daca no longer very young are far from angels. some are very tough hardened criminals. presiden obama said he had no legal right to sign order but would anywayf supreme court remedies with ovturned a deal will be made with dems for them to stay now we should point out that contrary to the esident's assertion that me dhaka recipients are quote hardened criminals. >>it's actually one of the criterito apply for dhaka that they have not been convicted of a felony or any significant misdemeanor and do no otherwise. this is a quote from the paperwork do not otherwe pose a threat to national security or public safety. in san ancisco. the body that was found at the lincoln park golf coue turned out to beat out body of a baby. e discovery was ma
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saturday afternoon we actually talked to a golfer whsays that his gro was the first out on the links that day he says he didn't realize the time wh they were looking at. that seemed like it had. >>slime and i've seen dogs born. so it seemed like it wes a dog because us i'm but. seen it and knowing that it's a baby now i get i get what they just look like it was not a ba a big big big baby but. never seen anything like it. >>police are looking over security video from the together whatappened. iece >>7 oh 5 and friends and familyre remembering of a mawho died in a shooting involving an off-duty richmond police officer ic reason was shot ankilled sunday ght in a parking lot along fagrounds drive. police are not releasing details about what ppen buthey do efend the actions of he now le in the rk about are
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what really l up to t shooting and they're afraid the police will portray reason in a negative light. >>he wasn't in bad move know best they can say say nothing like that we all kn he was a issue. that we end looking likehe bad guys and last as long they're goi to w we all know it's a family back a is back open trade him to the bag and. >>the richmond poli deartment noteleang theame of the officer involved at this time civil rits attorys are looking into the case. >>in these may be on the lookout for 3 classic cars that were stolen from a car ow at the alameda county fairgrounds in pleasaon we have pictures of them take a 1960's black porsche. there was a 67 white mustang that you see there that was taken and then also a 63 chevy impala convertible the cars were parked in a gated area at the car sh satury before the thieves took off with them. the owner of the apollo that you see there says the
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car and obviously had seimental value him. >>it is hoped that at somebody doesn't see it's just a card steel and go sell or whatever they do i hope. r somebody who kno where the ca as you know is tt person will help t and get this car back to work week and means a lot more than just a ehicle. >>a $2500 ward is being offered now for any information that leads to the safe return of the cars organizers of the car show are also kicking in another1000 to onop of that. >>77n the north y 3 men in sonoma county were arrested for stealing from a business in santa ra. they were seen on camera walking around property of the business the sunday morning deputies found 2 of them loading electronics into this tru and a 3rd man was found inside th fenced area of the business and deputies he been searching for that man since saturday for an assault case. thisan
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has been arrted for taking off with some earrings woh about $1800 from a jewelry store, san mateo deputies say that kate how fa entered the welry store numis jewelry in millbrae on saturday. he asked airings and then he ran off with them. >>happening this morning former present jimmy carter will undergo surgery to relieve swelling on his brain. the essure was caused by bleeding from his recent falls. he's currentlyt a hospital right now in atlanta. e 95 year old is the dest living president that hwas hospitalized last month after fracturing his pelvis that was the 3rd time he'd suffered a fall this year, we'll keep you updated on his progress another big story that we're following this morning. prident trump says that he will release another transcpt of a different phone call between himself and the president of ukraine this comes as the house of representatives is set to begin public hrings in the impeachment inquiry tomorrow. dropped deposition transcripts for more top gernment
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officials. a pentagon official atack testified th american diploma in ukraine were alarmed that americaaid to ukrae was being held up. the president continues to insist though that did nothing wrong. and we will be streaming thimpeachment hearings from start to finish on kron on this wednesday you can download kron on right now from the app store, so you don't miss a thing. we'll take a break. the law says that you can't eat this on a bt platform or inside the park gat but passengers they have more on a story that's ne viral. plus they started oupicking grapes in wine coury now this mexican american family owns a very successful bay area nery, we'll have their story. that's a plus joins the streaming wars tay and >>maybe market for an nfl team. i'm jane tir stories coming up. >>and we're going to see a lot of sunshine and with mild to wa temperatures this afternoon. we just have to get through the 40's and 50's il
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have a complete weather check coming up, then you can throw in me slow traffic with that sunshine here athe bay bridge toll plaza, a big backup waiting for you on he and yes, it feels all all the way back through the maze will be ready
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>>welcome back, it is 7.12 right now and look sunshine and the san francisco for if there are delays is not our fault. th's rightrmy's temperatures go it's the rest of the the chorus of the
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country with all the snow icingnd the place like not runways yes call ahead here of late pne that struck back yet we hve no room to complain here, especially as we get io this afternoon you guys i mean 70's >>can't complain if you like that kind of weather. is going to be a sunny with a around the of cloud cover bay area. but all in all just beautiful. so take advantage of if you can maybe enjoy lunch outside. later on today s conditions here at san francisco international airrt doesn't really get much better than this here, nice and clear and of urse even better because it's delay free for this inbound flights if you are picking up a loved one here. an sfo oakland looks good and delay that is a good news if you're traveling and temperature wise were actually a few degrees higher than we were this time yesterday but it's still a little bit chilly out there right 40'and 50's i am tracking around the bay area 15 oakland right now 52 in san francisco and 52 in downtown
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san jose. but this is set to change it's all because of this light offshore flow that we're going to be seeing throughout the day today. it's keeping the fall and really just off he coast here summer coastal spots will see it like haf monday. but everywhere else it's a nice and clear bu it's bringing us. some above average temperatures and keeping things a little bit warmer, the norl for this time of year so look at this these are the temperatures we're talking about we're seeing 70's acrosshe entire board. low 70's here in san francisco in halfay at the coast and then we're seeg me low 70's around summer bayside communities and then upper 70's for inland spots like conquered, you're going to be at 77 today livermore 77 mid to upper 70's in the south bay mountain ew you're at 75 today. thefternoon high in downtown san jose 77 in men, mid to upper 70's across the north asell so just comfortable, mild to wm going to see it into tomorrow as well more cloud cover that we're going to be seeing tomorrow and then a cool down as we get to the remainder of
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your workweek for thursday and friday before. coming back up jut a bit in time for the weekend saturday and sunday should be beautiful with mostly sunny conditions and the highs back into those 's once ain. well that's a look at the weather, let's a check the roads now with robin all right. thank you rebecca busy out there, but no major hot spots to rept just some slow spots are checking in on the richmond sandra fell where the traffic here backed up in heavily spilling out to the harbor exit. so lots of stop and go traffic from harbor right through the tolls and then shortly after the tolls minutes to the p so 11 north bay. we're checking the bay bridge 80 wasson, you're back up your skills through the maze so it has already reached that point 50 from 2480 cosing out of richmond problems to report just a lotf heavy traffic, especially for the cash for years and the fast track or so we'll put it at 12 minuteso fremont street. this is the opposite side to san francisco north 1 one, minor crowding from 2.80 cesar chavez southbound cesachavez to
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about 30 and then 2.80 daly city to downtown san francisco is wide open so not a prlem there. we're checking in on the don martin that's a 24 minuteripped aoss the bay in make it to the peninsula. 5 8012 minutes livermore to dublin. no issues for 6.80 it's 24 minuteshere and looking good ferling south james. all right, thank le you robert. >>in pa one mexican american family is breaking barriers with uaward-winning wines. e family went from picking gres to now owning their own vineyard and winery. now the romero s their story. >>and so have the yearsou know nor i'm se wine food and from the liam for this a hot running successful wine business in california's wine countryas been a labor of love. >>this is a very good message to pro and emilia say haas wereejust 12 years old when they met in thevan years, the mexican migrant workers had just moved to thus and we're
7:17 am
helping their parents pick grapes on the weekend >>i told my dad i was going to have my own being your sunday there was also panthers dream. so it was a colleive effort of many talented imgrants. they have made to having is our reality. >>the say haas are now one of very few mexican americans who have gone from grape pickers to owning their very own independent our be done humble beginnings. ifyou work hard they re willing to pay th price amelia says in an industry dominated by europeans. she fac pushback preparing high quality wines with classic mexican dishes like spicy moly. >>people thought i was crazy when i started carrying. beans and cabernet but that's exactlwhat she envisioned dog a young migrant worker one day weaving her mexican heritage into delicious wines. and is something she's passed down to her sons and her daughter
7:18 am
thers a saying in our fun mean, yeah we don't have blood in our veins. we have wind is sax question. >>passion dedication and foc to building a family legacy. the family says they take workersrights very seriously. >>emiliasays she has rallied in washington to support legislation th would extd protections for migrant workers. >>i care very deeply about protecting them to make sure that they're not exposed to harmful pesticides herbicides and 2 make sure that there contributions are acknowledge currently the say ha say they produce 7500 cases of wine a year. >>but they hope to raise th number to 1800 cases within the next decade as they build new mission inspired production facility androve say how legacy family first. m ot a hero merrill reporting. 7.18 free money this morning the genie is offering billion in compensation to while fire
7:19 am
victims. >>d it's a whole new world for disney as it launches its seaming service today, jean king is livat the nasdaq with those stories and more jane did you get area. >>an eye yet but i'm going to look into it because you get a free year with the verizon wireless yes the disney plus the company's streaming service coming in with a bang today, the service cu $7 a month.the sides will know franchises from star wars pixar and disney itself. disney plus will also have 12 original shows on th launch date. ber he told the pga offering 13nd a half billion in payments to ctims of wildfires sparked by its pow lines as part of its restructuring. a bloomberg reports however, there are disreements and how that money should be doled out it should be all inash part cash pa stock. so they're still working tht out southwest airlines says it will speed up inspections of dozens of used planes at it bought from fren airlines after federal regulators threatened to ground the just because themight t meet all safety standards
7:20 am
southwest, downplayedny risk safety says they're just some gaps in the paper work on the planes inspections and they're taking care plans on founder and ceo jef bezos reportedly interested in buying an nfl team. according to cbs sports unnamed police sources say they sosa's close with several current league ners. this cbs did notite any names of any ecific teams. the bases may be intereed in there are currently no nfl teams for sale live from the nasdaq, i'm jane king. thank you sir, thanks lodging. >>i'm a 7.20 will taka quic break but still ahead a mothes searching for answers 2 years after her son's dth in the north bay. we'll have the full story for you after the break san francisco community on edge afr a brutal attack on 3 senior citize in chinatown we'll tell you what nghbors are telling us this morning. and here's a quick live look outside the bay bridge approach, robin winston with your comey check on this tuesday morning we've t real strong in the weather center with your forecast looks x the nice sunny stt to this tuesday, we'll be rit back. u ow when you're at ross and your new fall lk
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>>welce back to the kron 4 morning news on her back is strong in for john travel on tuesday morning. nice clear shot overlooking the north bay right now this are camera and that timber on and we can make out the goln gate bridge was socked in most of the morning by theog but now things are really cleared out. so just a beautiful day ahead and e're going to see a sunshine wita little bit of cloud cover for today with mild to warm temperatures. a versimilar story for tomorrow. cover though that 're expecting
7:24 am
creep in as we get into wednesday and then towards the end of the week. that's we're going to start to see a bit of a cool down for your thursday and iday before warming back up into a beautiful weekend with a lot osunshine for saturday and sunday. i will have my complete forecast coming up in just a bit robin. all right. thankou rebecca checking in on the traffic a lot 7 at the bay bridge toll plaza soriving into n francisco. you got to be stuck in a backup here that spills through the maze so be prepared for at it's quite heavy, but that is normal so i'm not tracking problems or cras ashes. jt a big backup from the maze through the tolls really quick peaat some drivtimes for checking 5.80 and the nimitz both look pretty good righfrom to 38 to downtown oakland. it's 30 minutes for north d almost to 80, san jose to cupertino james r robin. >>happening now police are loing for the people ected to an attack on 3 seniors in san francisco's chinatown pa of that attack video that's what you're on
7:25 am
seeing here. it started off a cell phone robbery and then them in ers beat 3 men. all of their 60's. the community in that area shaken up of course andow police have stepped up patrols friendand family members of the attack victims are calling now for an and to violence in san francisco. >>not random actof god, violence, this is not as a side e-mail. >>i'm going to be okay 2 of the men are now out of the hospitalthe 3rd is being treated or wasreated and released at the scene. sarah. are ling a lawsuit against g the festival now i'll telyou why coming up. welcome to the carnival 30 minute tour.
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>>well wee gotten over the head spots i don't know if we've gotten over the traffic from them i think that things are getting better now we're just back to the usual crawl so very busy and slow l of it some numbers for how nice usual. looks really getting guys i mean the i was really cleared out at the lden gate that we saw all morning long.
7:29 am
it's a sunnyretty everywhere you look around the bay area look at that it's not nice. nice clear shot of the golden te bridge the deckas so thick with the fog chp had a fog advisory issued ron was talking about it all morning long, but now you're in the clear it's going to be a great ride into and out of san francisco visibility, wise and pretty much everywhere else a lot of sunshine in store and a mild to warm temperaturesnto the afternoon in fact a downto san francisco. you're going to get 71 today, 72 in oakland and the nice warm 77 in downtown san jose. a breakdown the highs neighborhood by neighborho coming up a little bit later robin. all ght, thank you rebecca off to the golden gate, it's ptty heading to san francisco a lot of folks were stuck in a little bit f a backup to sandra fell we had an ovturned northbound which finally started toack up traffic southbound that's gone it's out of the way so they're just now making to san francisco, but it's a good trip. 31 minutes novato to the tolls that's right on time. if you want tbe on time for work you may i want to get out
7:30 am
there are early using a t you're back up here at the tolls pretty thick spilling through the maze. and usuay when it gets to that point it stays like that for the remainder of th morning commute. we're looking at a highway for which is recovering from a crh. 46 minutes antioch to concord and then one oh one they'rpretty stacked up he northbound 67 minutes, san jose to menlo park. james srted. thanks a lot rob and. >>so one ofthe big stories. we're following this morning is the fact that 5 of the victims from the gilroy glic festival shooting a filing a lawsuit todaagainst the organizers of the festival sayi that they didn't provide enough security to protect visitor com for sarah stinson is live in gilroy with more on this lawsu sarah. of christmas hill park where e the gilroy garlic festival is held, you can still se and signs of say gilroy strong love strong. and there's 3 different areas here where you ca see a flowers and stuffed
7:31 am
animals in you can clearly tell that the communityilroy still healing from this occurred at the gilroy garlic festival after a gunman opened fire killing 3 people and then himself. now you said 5 victims from the festival held here nearly 4 months ago are aing neglince security ning measures led to the shootin thfestival arted back in 1979 it's a huge part of this community. it actuallbecame worldamous the food event across the world a centered around garlic onthe festival's website says apons are not alled inside there were also metal detectors and securityplus the go the go or police department had several ficers ohe premises ty had a little >>security hub here b on july the last y of the festal the shooter, 19 year-old son t nearly gone was able to through a back fence and begin shooting people at random. le 2 people dead, but also injured police told reporters in the
7:32 am
days after the shooting their vestigation found the 3 officers responded to the shooter within one minute that the shooter did in fact kill himself. so their response me was great. but now the concern is how he even got in at. s he able to even get that. there will be press conference actually in san francisco and they're going to talk aut why the following that the festival should be held responsible the responsible i spoke with a man who lives here she's been going to the festival her whol life and she told me you know it's a tough situation. she says you know they had 4 the years of this for a small and nothing ever happened like is so how are they to know then on the back and a lot of people are saying this is kind of the day and age we live in so we ha to prepare for mass shootings like this so it will be an a lawsu to learn more about. so we' bring that to you on our apkron on the phenomena be out here in
7:33 am
gilroy continuing to talkto the community obviously this still a very sore subject. it's a. home to a lot of people even ned being here o the first day the bus was so we'll eck in with people see how they're feeling. for now live in gilroy sarah stinson kron 4 new >>thank you very much sir. and thman who was recently cited for eang on of our platform ys that he doesn't except bart's apology. it happened at the pleasant hill bart platforcaught on cell phone video gone viral. now nationally. a barofficer here citing stephen foster for violation of conduct and foster argui about it. our cheryl manager bob powers issued a statement saying that. >>eating is banned. >>on the platforms and foster should have obeyed the signs you seen them but bart says and the manager says he is sorry f how the interaction betwn the rt officer and foster unfolded. >>i'm not going to find it on
7:34 am
ty kind of took the story would on i mean. i wanted to you don't on approach people and that appeal to the word and maybe some think anyone is owed an apology. >>officer was doing his job. >>bart says that they expect ery passenger to obey the coa code of conduct and that this could've all en avoided fostehad follow the rules, foster says he has noegrets and that he dit all over again. jurors are weighing in because they've and incited lots of them. they buy od and drinfrom a vendor right outside the bar gates in pleasant hill and then take it right and even though they're no supposed to eat it every day never been citedefore the bart pice officers association says that though in this ca. foster was cited because he came hostile. >>one of those things that. even on barges. it's more
7:35 am
important for mark police to focuon the safety of its ssengers. >>d people would raer than focus on needles on seats or crime, i'm something else they don't mind seeing others eat they say along as there clean about it. but bart's ays you cannot eat once you pass through the fare gates. it's he rule. >>also in the news this morning, a young man dies while hiking in the north bay and almost 2 years after now his mother is looking for answers ler silva went missing while hiking at near beacin december of 2017. >>his body was found a week later, but hismother says investigators are doi enough to figure out how he died. yeah kaye proceed now has e story. >>from this 911 call. to text messages and even tyler silva's own words eisen matted he was a good boy and i just want to know. and i
7:36 am
london has chronicled what she's been able to gather abt tyler's death detail in this report she handed over to investigatorsi need help. >>this investigating agency the nionapark service of marin county i believe coulde done family t friends also believehere's a lack of action. everybody is just n shock. what they're having to deal with daily tyler's mom says he had been iking with his ex-girlfriend at muir beach when he nt missing in december 2017. she questions hy it took his ex-girlfriend hours to act y does thaterson wait for hours to call 911 himom says his bo was found a week later, but she saysthe evidence and the woman's demnor do't and up if my son falls 600eet to his death. how are hibelongings. she claims and is it backpack over both shoulders, not with himt the bottom of that cliff, even more disturbing months before tyler was found
7:37 am
dead. he had confided that his safety was on the line and he said mom she trieto kill me and just 3 days before he died heather says the ex girlfend took oua life insurance policy meaningerself as the beficiargrowing up i told him that i would move mountains for him and that hats me. i could mo this one mountai as tyler's death approaches 2 years. the time en the statute of limitations for wrongful death is up. there's still bright spark of hope i got a fight in me to get to the bottom of why this investigation failed. i was k received reporting this morning. tyler's mom says she contacted the fbi to review the park service's investigation. the fbi up to now will not comment. we'll take a break 7 hirty-sevens. >>coming up at 8 o'clock hundreds of jeweemployees are losing their jobs today as the san ancisco based vaping company. cuts costs d after
7:38 am
the break google is collecting health care data from millns of americans will tell you how much of it. it may know about you and why it's collecting it. >>all right you're going to long seeves for now. in the morning hours we're seeing 40's and 50's on the board but 70's what we're expecting this afternoon with a lot of sunshine. and lots of slow traffic out there too pretty busy heading into the north bay we're checking out the center fell bridge approach here at the toll plaza. it is pretty stacked up here not only the cash lanes of the fast track lanes mi to so 13 so thaearly retirement we plaed. it's going ok? grt. now i'm spending more time wh the ds. i'm introducing them tcrab. ab!? they lovit. , you mentned that that moneye set aside. ah. the ds and i want to build our own crab shack. , you men♪ ♪ that that moneye set aside. ahhh, y're finly building thatutdoor kitchen. yup - with rooforthe ole g ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase bnch.
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>>7 40 is the time gole is partnering with health care provider ascension to collect and analyzpersonal health data from millions of americans a google calls i project nightingale the program pools medical records from ascension's facilities across 21 states. records include names birthdates lab results diagnoses hospitalization records and to use this data to design new software that suggests changes to individual patient care. oject nightingale complies with deral laws and comes with tient data protection so hopefully that will give you some sense of security on that front. one out of area baseball the gnts formally introducing their new general mager scott harris who see there on the left just 32 years old he's actually from the bay area as we reported yesterday from redwd city and it's coming to us from his past position now as assistant neral manager over at the
7:42 am
chicago cubs. he had a seven-year onhere where he saw the team go from losing more than a 100 games to winning thworld series in 2016. the onthing i will say about my experience in chicago is it. it c happen really fast. it certainly did for for us going from 2014 to 201 >>i know it is happening really fast and r owns a a career 2 and that's certainly the goal for us and we'r going to try to compete as muchas ssible on and off the field to put us in a position to traform liquid in chicago. >>that will now the giants have to make a decision on who's going replace former skipper brucbocce in the dugout will we'll see what they come up with. >>7.42 coming up on the kron 00:04am morning was killed the niners can't say they're undefeated anymore. the game was exciting. but it went terribly wrong, we'll try not to point andrei mons fingers
7:43 am
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>>and welcome back to the kron 4 morning news i'm rebecca straw man for john sure able this morning we're seeing a beautiful. a shot here of our south bay zonethis is just east of san jose, mount hamilton the lick observatory onop of it, suhine clear conditions right now we're going to start toee the temperatures. climb as well we're gonna see mild to warm temperatures around the ba area. here's a breakdown of it we're going toee 60's and
7:46 am
70's in downtown san francisco, you'll be at a high 71 today, 69 in the mission district. 70 degrees in daly city and then 60's at the coast. they're pacifica on ta 6971 of you're going to be the half moon bay area. we're seeing 72 in millbrae to be in burlingame you'll bet a high of 74 and the 70's continue uppe70's in woodside is a matter fact, 77 there today, mountain view you'll be at 75 and then mid to upper 70's across the entire south b campbell los gatos downtown san jose all at a high of 77 degrees. and those upper 70's continue in the east bay for uble in pleasanton livermore our bayde communities hayward union city low 70's there 72 in downtown oakland. but warm as we get further inland like walnut creek andanville both at 78 degrees today, upper 70's continue in vacaville and through fairfield if you're heading to wine country 76 for the high in napa 78 in sonoma and then of courseooler at
7:47 am
the coast point raise you'll be done i 60 degrees 64 at stinson beach. a similar story for tomorrow with highs continuing in the 70's before dropping into the 60's at the latter part of the week thursday and friday and then it's going to be nice once again as we get into saturda and sunday lots of sunshine and we're going to see more 70's for saturday and for sunday. that's a look at weather now 10 things over to robin wright. thank you rebecca still tracking the traffic you're crossing r bridges and unfortunately traffic has not rely. >>improved its holding steady and geing a little bit heavier in me spots like 92 that time now to 32 minutes open back in the heywood side before the tolls and that's going to contie over to the peninsula at 32 minutes but trouble free. we have the richmond sandra fell your backups bills be on hbor to like that for about so a 13 minute or for you to the north bay. traffic tracker looking and re freeways more drive times and some of the numbers here on the rise, we have the east shore 41 minutes from crockett to oakland. no
7:48 am
problems for highway 24 we'll just call it slow in little pockets. 17 minutes from wannacry to oakland. if you take 5.80 it's a little bit heavier than the so 34 minutes from to 38 to downtown and just under 30 minutes for the nimitz from family and roll to downtown oland. >>and ta thrilling game with the 9 ers and seahawks going toe toe until. they did what we could do ma the winning field goal and how sorry is this. this is what a shame to ball. whe the 49 ers would walk. e room defeated. >>for the first time this season. >>i get there we had lose some time but did it have to be to the seahawk pour rookie kicker chase mclaughlin. with the niners
7:49 am
less than a week and he goes from here on a bomb on his 4th kick for the teamlest we forget. 47 yard field goal. long before his fatal kick the laws should fall on his shoulders. interceptions this eos got 21 points off of turnovers. the defense save san francisco again and ain. >>they sat russell wilson, 5. and this one for a touchdown, but this was thenly time that we turned it into points. i like to say we re hoist viral. but that's not how they put it in football. >>the thunder defense was unbelievable. anoffense hard as th could. the made way too many stakes to build plot of winning that game guys battlebattle for 60 minutes.
7:50 am
through a buncinjuries guys going up and down. so you know we'll watch the film will learn from it will. you know coect phase and is to be corrt and we'll get ready for zone, you know i think i we just said to myself se-imposed i you know mistakes and think that's that. >>i >>i didn't throw the ball better you catch i think it's just alittle bit of everything there's noone specific thing that sticks out, but you know its size. the reality check for us >>i could throw better and we could catch better. jimmy g tiptoeing where noby has gone since giselle been shun famously sd my husband gets throw the ball and catch. aftebrady lost the 2012 super bowl basically saying brady got burned. i don't know that was her accent i've never actually hrd her speak. maybe jimmy g was doney the dance. when i saw. gyrati. as a joke on dak prescott's viral warm up at first, i
7:51 am
hought oh my god, this is th funniest thing i i've ever seen buthen quickly i was like no, noo played great and h team lost don't it don't do it too te just don't do it again. niners are now relieved of the bird again the pressure of being undefeated like when the warriors kept winning in 2015, 16 members, 33 gmes straight and that to the year they lost the championship. so you see you don't want to win too ch now. you wait for the playoffs. the warriors must be doing now. this time to the jazz and graham on falling and then the mouth off and go kicked out of the game. from spraining his first ime finger in time to raise the fing and say look mo to be ejected from the new chase center see it so part of the plan. jane yes. the real
7:52 am
geniuses are those jeopardy contestants who know the answers to ridiculous lee rd questions >>but last night and i got this one wrong on purpose. >>let's take a look at your response did you me up with the right one. no, what is we love yoout that's very kind. thank you. 1995. you're left with 5 bucks ok. let's go your show now. i told likeou could hear him try to go on on like a pro. >>you know, even though he says that he knows that his 35 years hosting the show is coming to an end because he has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. and the odds of surviving for very long are very slim. he says this is a quote that you know he 79 he's lived a good full life and the thoughtf dying dozen freight him is the effect it ll have on his loved ones that bothered him the most and makes him sad. it's taxing. but james, he
7:53 am
said it tas a lot out of wants to say on tv he wants to keep doing the show for as long as you possi ly can i have to say alex would probably correct you also found i do something dramatically wrong. you said that us has no. >>the answers to ridiculous the hard questions. alex would say they know the qstions to ridiculously hot. see i would get that one wrg. >>well as soon as he was you know game. >>moist with issues it cracked everybody fee for him to watching and there all wearing. take credit cancer awareness and you know holding fundraisers as they do the show andhe show goes on. i'm ládeia, anthere's more to me than hiv. there's my career... my cause... and creating my dream home. i'm a work in ogress. so much goes into who i . hiv medicine is one part of it
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>>possible meteor lights up the sky over ssouri see that left side. here's another shot this tually shot from across the state wow and you can actuly see it look here. the gateway arcin louis. all that's a good shot streaking by. again no official confirmation but that's the leading theory rit now meteor streaking across the sky all right pretty cool. we'll take a break it is 7.56 coming up the next hour the us supreme court is set to take on thessue of dhaka will tell you what's at stake for the thousands of people that could be impacted.
7:57 am
>>and victims in the gilroy garlic festival shooting now filing a lawsuit will say wel tell you who they believe is to blame for the violence that broke out.
7:58 am
7:59 am
yes, i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher we have rebecca and robin here with weather and traffic to see how the roads are doing.ell it'
8:00 am
so. >>holding steady started off with several major hot spots hot spots are gone. but it's st not improving not yet. 6 students a crawl. which is a good sign. >>and on the weather fron. we had what early fog is still there. it's not we have the golden gate bridgcompletely and see a thing as far as fog. it's nice and clearhere and here look at this the south bay. >>camera overlooking at e lick observatory on top of mount hamilton just east of south san jose it's absolutely beautif here, and oh we're definitely seeing clear conditions everywhere and a whole lot of sunshine to enjoy as well. so you n expect mild to warm temperatures today and tn much of the sametomorrow with a little bit more cloud cover that we're goi to see. creep in especially in the afternoon hours and tn towards the d of the week thats we're going to start to see a little bit of dip in temperatures. temperatures only


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