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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 12, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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francisco officials and community members spoke out against this violent attack on 3eniors in chinatown over the weekend. the attack happened saturday night at rtsmouth square good evening. i'm ken wayne and i pay a more us where is the same location of today's rally. >>organed by community groups, including t chinese progressive association, the chinese for affirmative action and more well for sale of the sacking was there she joins us live now from our newsroom. so
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tayloras the latest on the attack also what changes do they want in that community. well today, san francisco police saidhey're searching for 3 suspects who drove off in a vehicle described. >>as a great or dark gray early 2 thousands jeep cherokee suv city leaders like mayor london brd supervisor aaron peskin and the san francisco police they're all working to pour more investnts in efforts into the neighborod to prevent another attack like this from happening again in is most recent attack you can see one suspect meeting at least 2 of the 3 male victims in the crowd. one of the seniors was apparently unconscious. ty leaders say ed the whole thing started aa cell phone robbery. now community members and activists groups are demanding more protections and more resources for this neighborhood, sothing the city seems to agree with and be on board with. >>when you cause told you getting. we need. it's cold you can gauge hocan we do that we comto you how is it
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seniors. attacking all they're not vulnerable community nati america is about the community that is unacceptable we have to do better because we can't continue to allow. what we see a pattn the continued to kill her. and part of what we're doing and the chief will talk about this later is a number of increase in foot for trends listening to community to make more investments in bilingual supported services so that peoplare comfortable with even reporting a crime in the first place. >>now supervisor peskin tells kron4 news that the victims are ages 6467. to the hospital but we're told that all are expected to be okay. we'lhave more from the mayor and city leaders comg up at o'clock live from the newsroom teller bus aqi kron 4 news. >>thank you community leaders from across san francisco
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attended that chatown news conference today from first grt lodes joins us now on how one group is stepping up to try to protect residents there not just now, but for the past 40 years can't and thisgroup sf safe. it is called has been partnering with the police to keep the community safe. and earlier today we spoke with the execive director of sf safe it's a non profit that helps fund the installation of for instance, the teen cameras along stockton street in chinatown that coming after a high-profile attacks there over the summer. the leaderf sf safe says this is just the start. >>this is part of a effort. what were going to be on installing on camera fbi found them on the longest for gordon community throughout the city. being our st recent will be for hour and try to count along with four-door throughout >>some those oer places throughout the city where things wille expanded to you
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have engel side bayview and terrible districts all going to be getting cameras d better lighting as of safe works directly th the police department and receives money from the governor's office to fund is now ese projects as of safe working with. captains police captains in all those districts to make sure the streets are well lit and that people feel safe. the executive director says the cameras placed in chinatown this summer will be used to help with this latest incident. >>i'vfortunate and today we're going to do all to put it we can county area for all the in the fight the poin a john account it feel be anything lot of theehicle the life of prey. and more of this or that. of the victim >>fortunate for vestigars. those cameras are there they were installed in august aft a public meeting about security in inatown we'll keep you posted there. pam and ken back to you grant thank
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you. >>in the east bay friends a loved ones are in mourning after a pregnantakland mothers gunned down in front of her home. it happened last saturdain oakland near 65th avenue and outlook avenue. the woman killed misty smith walton was a pta president and was beloved by the education community. well for us dan kerman top to those who knew her. >>it's a sad loss and we're in today because she was. she was a jam. >>oakland educators reonding to the murder of this woman misty smith wall in a mother of 2 young boys. she s a. >>who was dedicated to her ildren who spent time at the school. i'm not only just only with her own children, she help all children and wherever was needed throughout the school smith walton was shot to death outside or 65th avenue apartment saturday evening. her husband was also wounded the person or persons responsible remain at large.
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it's just outrageous that anyby would. >>with resort to this kind of violence and think that this was the right thing to do this this kind of thing here in op has to stop. >>oakland school district spokman john says psaki says smith walton was serving a second years pta president the carl b monk elementary school. >>r years before with her kids at the school. she was very active in the classroom, she was there helping out in the office, whatever the principal or anybody else on campus knew she was always there to someone who's very dedicated to her children and really to the entire community. so this is a devastating loss for for that school community and for us >>making a tragic story even worse is the fact that smith walton was 5 months pregnant when she was killed we were waiting to see this baby barn and. >>coming to kindergarten going to karl be mind. you knowhe was just a valuablasset and one of my home like our daughters, our daughter here. this point oakland police not
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offering any details abt possible suspects nor are ttey offering any mment about a possible motive. in oakland dan kerman kron 4 news. >>almost 4 months after the gilroy garlic festival some of the surviving victims filed a lawsuit again organizers. 3 people were killed 13 others were hurt. auorities say the gunman 19 ye-old santino league on got into the festal by cutting through a fence along uva's creek. today the lawyer representing 5 surviving victims named in the says festival organizers and their security firm failed miserably at keeping people safe. >>they left in the entire area opened for anyone to come in to that festival without pain without going through the 3 areas where they acally were wanting people. i mean that's an open door that's about length oa football field. >>gilroy garlic festival association released a statement saying quote a lawsuit filed todastemming from a horrific act of domestic terrorisis not
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unexpected. and we wl respond to the appropriate legal channels. >>governor gavin, newsome is now putting more pressure n pga lavy this time to pay up billions in cash asked to credit. thousands of people who lost homes in ldfires. liability from these fires is what landed the utility mpany in bankruptc the rising tensio were scheduled to be aired out in a bankptcy court hearing tomorrow but that hearing was abruptly postponed today and moveto november, the 19th the delay could allow the sides to negotiate a compromise. the governor newsome is threatening if thngs nochange. he will try to turn the utility into a customer own co-operative run by state and local governmen anidea promoted by san jose mayor sam liccardo and endoed by a number of mayors in california. >>and one of t many fires being blamed on pg e is a contained fire after burning for 13 days it was finally extinguished almost a week
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ago. a wildfire burns more than 77,000 acres in sonoma county. it destroyed 374 buildings d now the cleanup from the destructionegins earlier today kron on. >>cerise us to feel an oil below talked with michael glassman the deputy county administrator for the office of recovery in sonoma county about the roadahead. we've got crews on the ground in e burn area, starting the cleanup of the household hazardous waste. those are things like car batteries. i don't you know pool chemicals. anything that could propane tanks anything that could pose a real danger threat. these are the property owners of the environment of the contractors that are to come up the it going to come clean up the the ashen foundations and things like that you guys have been down this road before unfortunately with wine county fires on them. >>dith at least give you some better insight to what needs to happened now and a moveorward.
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>>oh yeah absolutely i mean r good or bad, we did learn a t from those 2017 fires and knew the protection of the environment of our watersheds from these types of al hazardous chemicalsnd waste products, it's really important. so th getting this mobileye so quickly the contract was just signed on friday, we have crews on the groundeven starting sterday doing an assessment of the area getting things cleaned up. we can start installing things like walls to prott. the watersheds we got on this really fast as we need what dangers exist out there. >>this full interview ran and on kr on on to hear what you can do to help sonoma count workers of your property was burned by the kincade fire. and how long they think the cleanuwill last you can download com right now from the app store. >>a new era of giants baseball is underway. we just got word that the team has hired gave kepler as its new maner he replaces bruce pro bocce who retired after 13 years with the team pur was fired as
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manager of the philadelphia phlies after 2 seasons before that he was the dictor of player development with the los angeles dodgers where he works closely with giants general manager far hand >>when you move outside the bay area for $10,000 with a localompany offering a major incentive to those who want to leave but there is a catch if you're looking to buy a home in the bay area you already know it's going to cost you but a new study says there's little glimmer of hope for some future homwners. >>that's gross. >>yeah, it just doesn't make you feel good about where you live. >>neighbors are ciming the woman next door is hoarding cats and they say the smell is becoming unbearable. get a look a ♪oh there's no place like home for the holiys♪
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>>star living in t backyard of a home in or end of this is video of some of what you'll see in the story this is according to contra sta county animal seices that group says the homeowner has 30 days treduce the cap population on her property or risk ging to court neighbors tell kron four's michelle kingston. the smell is overwhelming one families even moving because of it. it's just. like it it hits us really. >>gss neighbors described the smell outside their homes in orinda. >>yeah, it's irritating and it's a public nuisance that's really it's bad st be on
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their property line at least 50 cash living in a outside that smell cage on bearable. i have a hot time in my bacard which you can enjoy because of the smell. >>we can't open our windows they can enjoy a backyards is gross. yeah, it just don't make you feel good about where you live and ra showing his wife moved to less than a year ago excited to raise tir newborn by in a home with a yard. >>but they're moving when able to enjoy thr home nter on because the smell of the cats just be on their fence line is out of control when is really hot, it's unbearable. it's unbearable. we. we try to stay away from the house when it's a. >>like fog year thwind comes cta animal services says they are currently investigating 3 animal hoarding cases in the county. they've been at this property in a ring to a number of times over the past year and a half
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as recently as last week when they counted more than 50 cats in the backyard. they tell us that they told the property owner she has 30 days to reduce the number of cats in her backyard to a reasonable number or shel be cited and they look. >>aspect for attention also, and it's reallsad. the way she's shooting these cancers not adopting the not o animal deserves to be caged and. if i'm this close and smls this way for us i feel for the rest of the imals we were unable to get in touch with the homeowner. >>in orinda michelle kingston kron and for news. >>the bay area's one of the most expensive if not the most expensive place in the coury to own a home. according to a new report from the cifornia association of realtors the mediahome price in san francisco is close to one million set means you nd to be making $309,000 a year to qualify for that mortgage elsewhere around the bay area.
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the dian home price in moraine county has 1.3 million in san mateo countyt's one and a half million contra costa county665,000 alameda county 920,000. and the least expensive place that has a median home price in the bay area $460,000 for single family home in solano county. >>companies typically pay new employees to move closer to their own office but a startup in san josis offering to pay pick up and leave the startup is called main street. it helps companies located manage employeesho are ok with movingut of the bay area too remote to work remotely. >>nations ce doug ludlow says that there are a lot of people who would lov to work for a bay area technology company. but they even do not want to live here or simply can't afford to. >>so we think there's an enormous amount the north the potential than linking the towns of people who live suburban and rural communities. great jobs exist in pces li san francisco,
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new york, no expense of urban communities. >>is a catch that potential recipients of tt money must remain on thr new job for at least a year in order to receive the $10,000 if you are looking for a new home outside the bay area. but you want to stay in california astor county has started mapping out. >>13 square miles of farmland surrounding thunder valley casino resort for development, including homes for more than 13,000 new residen reporter lonnie wong tells us this plan is changing what was and visign for that area decades ag >>the sunset area is a huge chunof land between roseville rockland in lincoln bordered on the east by how we 65. a key feature of the plant is a 2200 acre residential areacalled placer rant which will eventuallynclude 5,600 recession. home building has been a solid part of the economy which fills a housing shortage. >>there's that low density
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medium density and hi density residential the that only have housing it sets aside zones for light industrial. >>retail development, even an entertainment district with theme pas on land surrounding the thunder valley casino. the placer s development hopes to be anchored by higher education facilities. a key component of the long-range plan a satellite campus for sac state that will eventually service 25,000 students place right here what is now farmland. the hope is that a combined sac state and sierra college will fehe designated innovation district and high-tech businesses that will be located nearby. but with growth comes quality of life issues like water of cose traffic. well often congested highway 65 is controlled by caltrans pnners say could 2 lane roads in the area will be exnded to 6 lane express ways that will crisscross the suet plan area. >>for 2 to 4 nes streets as well as your bareollectors of 4 to 6 lanes that's all pnned out to support this these types of uses. areas, we're belts bike path l
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and parays make the area more liv well increase in job opportunities. both students and commuters will spend less time in cars under the master plan getting the folks off e roadway from commuting down to sacramento. >>and getting them to also live work in education, this and he is an incredible opportunity. >>of course vision can always be undone by the execution of the plan that would be done ecemeal over the course of perhaps 30 to 50 years in southwestern county. >>21. >>our 4one forecast as we give you a live look outside at the bay bdge and the embarcadero. >>our chief meteorologist is standing by to talk abt the lovely weather event even though any ra is still the nice to have this lovely weather. we. yes first. >>what youee with other parts of the country are dealing with going to show you that a little later on in the show boy has been a really long stretch of dry weather you n see storms a lot of e city very active out there, but that ridge is what we ca a rex block and when you get that kind of ridge developing outside usually
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st takes weeks for it to actually gin to weaken and move out of the way now we're seeing some signs of a weakening now that we've seen that with a few clouds coming our way but still a lot of mild temperatus around the bay area and there you go that ridge of high prsure overhead compression that marine air and that fog right down at the golden gate bridge that thick dense fog out there rht now tonight we'v got some a partly cloudy skies a few high clouds beginning ift overhead we're going to see more of that on the way for tonight. temperatures going to be cool but ot cold and that's because we've got some of the cloud cover overhead so plan on those in the 40's and 50's tomorrow, paly cloudy again temperatures going to be a little bit cooler because of that cloud cover and we'll see those clouds kind of increasing throughout the middle of this week is that ridge of hi pressure continues to weaken so that's some good news that ridge finally showing signs that we may be bringing it to the end not in any time too soon it looks like this is going to be a slow system to move out of town. but ere's a hint that we're going to see some changes coming our way we'll see that in the models here too in fact you casee some patchy dense fog tonight and then some mid to high level clouds continue to move across
8:22 pm
the skies by tomorrow afternoon. as we get into thursday, how about thathe models try to pick up on a least a little drize along the immediate coastline that be the most precipitatio we've seen all month long so far temperatures for overnight lows, 40's and some 50's by tomorrow afternoon. we've got make sure some sunshine and a few passing clouds temperatures going to be cooler 60's and 70's inside the bay mid 70's, the warmer spots inland. protests and marches. country today as the us supreme court hears arguments on dhaka we have inside on what happened the courtroom. >>and a couple top they found the perfect home however to read it itakes a village to raise a child.
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>>after months of searching for the perfect house one homer homeowner thought they had found it in a stock to neighborhood. yeah but jessica mensch reports tonight, this dream home quickly turneinto a nightmare as the man and his wife went thugh the paperwork. >>crazy to think now in 2019 to read over a document that we have to agree to these terms hidden in a document outlining covenants conditions and restrictions are racist requirement saying no one can purchase or live in the home unless they are quote wholly of t white caucasian race identify as a hispanic cent i'm wondg and and everyone sign this paper work you know did anyone read it to they agree in find this no issue to them if so i mean, phil nd of disturbed to live there the
8:26 pm
restrictions date back to 19 47 in a georgia school of law professor john sprinkling explains these kinds of roles were fairly common in those ys the supreme court in 1848, the cle that racially restrictive covenants were policy incense and they've all been covenants n't be inforce e legally why still included in the document just all around to ask them to sign off on if this property fell under a homeowners association that organization would be required to get the rules bite from the documents t since there is no homeowners association governing this property sprinkling says it's up to the owner to get it changed and they cld pretty easily file a statement with the county recorder which would told this probm entirely man so though has to decide whether he willing to sign a document outlining such racist policies even if he could get a change later to him it's a matter of morals. it's just sad to know that we have to live to these terms and discrimination comingp safrancisco as a new district attorney's we speak with
8:27 pm
>>da elect about how he plans to take on his new role. >>i'm alexander onlknown in washington the us supreme court.
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francisco in 2017 the trump administration decided to end the deferr action for childhood arrivals program known as dhaka the program gives work and school permits to undocumented immigrants who arrived in the us as children and protects them from deportation, our washington dc correspondent alexandra limo reports from the us sueme court on what happened in that hearing today. >>outside of the us supreme courhundreds gathered and cheered for the group of young people who sued to stop the trump administration from ending dhaka. one of the plaintiffs is eliana fernandez dhaka recipients d mother o us citizens, my children, they're there to stay with their mother in the place they call home. >>hope that the justices can see our humanity inside the cotroom justice sonia sotomayor said the trump administration is required to give more than 6 months notice destroy lives, a right way and
8:31 pm
there's a wrong way to do things. the federal government right to terminate the dhaka program, the wrong way. california'attorneys general have you had this address said the trump administration did noprovide reasons as legally required when ending a program like dhaka on the other side, the government argues they provided multiple reasons why. >>and they say even those reasons are good enough. trump administtion is arguing. is illegal. >>the justis neil gorsuch and steven brier a conservative and a liberal both said they're struggling with how muchpower the courts have to review government decisions, thjustices are expected to reach a decision by june in washington alexandra leigh moun >>today we caught up with newly elected san francisco district attorney's chase abou dean over the weekend he was declared the winner a very
8:32 pm
contentious race was interim da suzy loftus it's still unclear when he will ficially take office but he says he's hoping for a smooth transition. >>very productive conversations with the mayor with interim district and what weall want is a stable transitions of the staff at the district attorney's office. >>continue to doheir difficult jobs. well, the focus at the job buyers of us want to destabilize the office and we are discussing what the best timing mechanism would be for and over is a labrador process. >>the teen sayshe wants to tackle racial bias in the criminal justice system overhaul the bail system protect immigrants from deportation and pursue accountability n police misconduct cases we've been talking about this we've have lovely weather here. t winter whiplash is. >>flamin a huge part of the country and its fall. more than 240 million people are under winter warnings, winter watches and advisories. it is
8:33 pm
cold as people scramble to pull out the cold weather gear a lot earlier than they romero takes a look at the big chill across the country. more than 70% of the country bracing for record breaking polar plunge ready for it. >>many are sharing bitter feelings about the expected bitter cold temperatures following an early winter storm. >>little oo soon but i mu pay for it and obama both a snow and ice blanketed part of the plains midwest. the northeast overnht. >>over 240 million people are under winter warnings watches and advisories the storm sparking more than 1200 caellations at chicago's o'hare airport. we're plane slid off an icy runway. >>we thought we are going to flip so it was. >>but the biggest issue for many now are watching temperatures ju woman in artic plunge, several cities are opening shelters and warming centers ahead of the frigid temperatures. >>we're going to different areas of the city we're looking for people that maybe for whatever ason don't ow
8:34 pm
about us or some of our partners where they cano in for whatever reason they may think they just want to tough it out in the weather many schools in the northeast are closed for the day even states in the deep south as far as texas and the orida panhandle will have dramatic temperature drops within the span of hours from the mid 50's to ne freezing in some cases temperatures are 30 to 40 degrees below normal for this time of year. i'm not here romero reporting. >>a chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has been keeping aeye on the cold freeze hitting much of the us left. >>the deep free, yeah, got some cold temperatures around the bay area not so bad but boy other parts of the couny. they are feeling the chill outside right now these number getting very cold. these are the current temperatures, chicago, 11 degrees, detroit, 14 degrees, new york, 26 degrees and cold tempetures below freezing ll the way into atlanta right
8:35 pm
now even just hovering slightly above eezing in dallas, but not for long as the temperature going to plunge well below freezing across much. the country this all due to a cold frt that moved out we've got our high pressure ridge sitting out re along the west coast. they've got a huge trough o lopressure that is allowing all that cold air coming all the way in from the north pole it makes and a proud to see these cold temperatures out there and with the nd. yeah feels even colder than and feels like only 4 degrees in detroit with some of those gusty winds, 11 in chicago 9 in nashville to 16 in atlanta, 13 in new york no thank you that is very coland highs tomorrow. well we're going to see red gerda coldhe high temperatures around much of the united states for tomorrow, maybe 100 maybe a couple 10records are going to go down around the us 26 degrees of that he had stbbed mark that will be about 8 degrees below the current record in chicago. that's impressive the cold all the way down intohe deep south even ew orleans, looking at 50 degrees the expected high temperaturethere. so we've
8:36 pm
got something to be thaful for we have we may not be getting the rain but we've got some pleast weather on tap for tomorrow, temperatures cooling slightly below the average on thursday and friday before warming up again on saturday. >>thank you or snow is falling in tahoe, but it's t for from squaw re, it is video valley showing man made snow that's being made is set resort gets ready for ski season opening day is actually this friday. squaw says it's been making snow with more than 300 snowmakinguns every chance he gets as long as it's cold enough. so while it may not be snowing there for real at least one resort is doing what it can to get ready for ski season which is just about. still ahead jetblue is rolling out a lowefare as we i% have to give up to grab a cheaper seats. >>the w disney streaming service launched today, it's supposed to rival other services such as hulu and netflix the major glitch outing disney back ande're going to take y to the north bay to it all stagecoach stop that is celebting on 160
8:37 pm
years of california
8:38 pm
8:39 pm
>e are lening more tonight about what happened in the moments before an off-duty richmond police officer legedly shot and kled a man who is armewith gun in vallejo that's according to police this is this video is from the scene that night. the attorneys representing the family of the dead man tells kron four's haaziq madyun her
8:40 pm
ient would still be ali if the officer did one thing. >>flood vehicle pulling into the valero gas station parking lot on fairgrounds drive in vallejo another vehicle all the way t of the parking lot a source familiar with the incident tells kron 4hat is when to mid exited their vehicles followed by an argument that it did with an off-duty richd police officers shooting 39 year-old eric reason heas prounced dead at the sea. a witness tells club for that the incident was captured on surveillance video that is n the heads of the nvestigators with vallejo poli none of the seen the videos civil rights attorneys will listen old is now representing the reason family. >>we absolutely have the videos released immediately. they're they're maintaining that. the incident hpened a certain way i've heard from witnesses that indicatehat it happened a different way a source tells month for that. >>eric reason just finished gassing up his vehicle started driving towards the exit with the off-duty richmond police officer who has now been
8:41 pm
identified as sgeant virgil thmas. >>drove his vehicle in front of reasons vehicle parked in an open space. >>the pairf the mysteries and he got in his way to some degree en honking the horn and screaming your office and the officer itiated the screaming because he was a person up any inconvenience spends 2 reasons delay in getting out of the parking >>the union representing released a message on social media that reads in part quote fortunately with a police officer is confronted by a felon with a firearm dely force may be necessary however, notes as the off-duty officer did not idtify at if h di misr reon eleves wold still be ive is ve different. to g an an altercation wi another rome and on and on over some sort ofdispute and a person saying a police officer people don't want to get into a shootout with police but the pers identified himself as a police officer, this would not happe we contacted the
8:42 pm
vallejo police department to see what they have tsay about this. >>we received no comment. it haaz madyun kron 4 news. >>a look at more than a century of change at north bay road house we take a look at the former stagecoach stop brotheand civil war sites celebting its 100 60th birthday. >>and only 2 days after hiring a new general manager of the giants find replacem
8:43 pm
8:44 pm
8:45 pm
>>a very a landmark is celebrating its 100 and 60th aniversary it is a legendary restaurant a bar that started out as a stecoach stop before the civil war in sonoma county, it's known >>the shoe. >>the washing houses stood on thispot between petaluma and that audience stony point ad. and ranchers truckers and suburbanites are celebrating its long lis there was mail room. >>mary peters the owner his parer, diane star kieran someplace the building is steep in history. there's no documentation to prove it. but legend has it that president
8:46 pm
ulysses s grant once gave a speech here. >>theedebt is the year. off the bcony. assassinated. >>there's also the legend of what you might call the battle of wash you 1863 whsn confederate sympathizers in santa rosa faced off agnst union sympathizers from petaluma at the shoe. let's just say casualties were light. >>they all got in and drinking too much and not fighting. and it appears 3 days >>the building was also once a braunfels the cently the upstairs rooms are used to shelter tubbs fire survivs >>i opened the doors at 5.30 a gave everybody practice and i actually put people up for 2 3 mohs. the people whave no power. >>the downstairs bar is cluttered with dollar bills stuck to the ceiling that not all that unusual but try to find a bar with this much moy hanging overhead.
8:47 pm
>>ba in the day nobody had money. so when they come to town they either put an i o u. where they put their money up there with attack when they come back to town they kw they had money on the wall. to pay for their drinks in their food. >>has been a lot of work into restoring the building and expanding the outdoor facilities like to see this place last at ast another 16years. i pray will be. dot forget to leave it all. >>other news tonight jetblue is taking notes from other low budget airlines, the company isolling out cheaper ticket options of course there is a but the blue basic tickets don't come with any perks mean the option doenot allow travelers to choose your seat and you're not lowed to change or cancel a flight. passengersho choose a blue basic will board last in can only choose a seat during the check in proces though of course have to pay for checked
8:48 pm
bags. the basic fares are available starting. tuesday. >>well disney's new streaming service is now live. but with a few hiccups disney us lost toay, but suffer some technicadifficulties after its debut. a website that tracks outages got more than a 10 repts of difficulties when some people loaded the ad they saw an era message. a disney spokesman said the company is working to quickl resolve those issues. it is the compa's first streaming service and a nerival to her services such as netflix and hulu. what does disney plus offewell. disney plus wil feature disney content imagine that including classic movie shows and documentaries programs programming will also pixar and sr wars and marvel films. >>disney plus is available in the united states and canada and thnetherlands and cost 6 99 a month.
8:49 pm
>>the federal open tonight with major nes surrounding the san francis giants the cb has announced bruce bocce successor and its former phillies manager gabe kepler the 44 year-old coming to the y area after 2 seasons in philadelphia. in which he went one 61 in one 63. no trips to the postseason and he was relieved of his duties in early octob before his time in philly. he worked as the dodgers director of player velopment along with farhan zaidi who is now the giants president of baseball ops in a stateme as i said the top priority was finding someone who can build stron relationships with players. coaes front office and fans he'll be formally introduced tomorrow at noon moving on to our other top story, a review of the game of the year thus r in this nfl season, the 49 ers undefeated streak snapped and the most heartbreakg of fashion's the hawks niners rivalry week rekindled in a big way again not decided until the final play of overtime. but missed opportunities for san francisco underscores this one judy greer buffalo responsible for 3 total turnovers all of
8:50 pm
touchdowns o seattle 5 sacks 10 quarterback hits allowed by the offensive line. numerous shots by the receivers and this gameinning field goal attempt in overtime. and one too many chances for russell wilson dow the stretch. now including a lack of big plays from his office. >>made a bunch of good plays out there. but the drops were pretty obvious. we have some big wins and big moments and as got to bounce back uh mean. kansas when the game just running the ball are st throwing the ball you got to be able to do both and you have some good ones and bad ones, but we've got to make sure we bounce back and i'm not all like that again. >>you know we we have a chance to win we didn't. find out a way correct those things can be better. but it's a good lesson you have learned you have learned during season, you know in order to win championships. you have these lessons, i'm in a battle. >>cardinals at levi's next on sunday now elsewhere in the nf return to football may be in the works for khalid kaepernick the former 49 ers
8:51 pm
quarterback will be hosting private workouts this weekend in atlanta and personnel from all 32 teams are invit to attend. reports indicate that several teams have explored if you could make a meback. he says he's in shape and has been waiting years for is opportunity, the 32 year-old hasn't played since 2016 the year he started kneeling during the national anthem to protest racial and social injuice. >>pursuit of perfection ultima highlight. >>and finally our lexus ultimate highlight stunning upt in the world of college basketball. the evansville. toling the top-ranked kentucky wildcats in lexington evansville enter the night as 25 point underdogs and the cats at one 52 straight games against unranked opponents. here's a look at sports. >>joi think is something that we all mean and a lot of people have a hard me finding.
8:52 pm
>>how one couple is trying to spice up their neighborhood market we'll explain.
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
>>well most people head to the grocery sre for milk and bread, but in one small town and in iowa. the market has become spot for song and dance. >>and i was singing butcher n't the only crazy ombination you'll find their reporter erik hansen is at the intersection of music and m for a 100 years. 5 milein
8:55 pm
lenox have been the place to find both legs can you reach it and the buzz the grocery stre but lately. those shoppers started noticing a change. that's when bonnie the owner nailed the high notes while slicing revise. singing but your behind those longings hazard the talks most of the cals were like what are you doing. bonnie ramsey is only halfof the equation this is crazy because next door can i get 3 talk is her husband feel anything else. these making tacos in the old school gym that's now their ace hardware or you can get saw the way no how sharpton anymore and taylor counties largest selection of t sauce under one roof, there's no ace hardware with e bar, a talking shop and except in lenox iowa, where this couple just getting started we aim to open up a brewe and restaurant. to kind of
8:56 pm
complete this lile mini campus of stuff to do. >>in their town of only 1400 where they will deliver. you can find and in the shelf so for 5 years theyocked. because a healthy grocery store is key to any small town would have to travel 20 miles to get to grocery store. so instead they're doubling down on what they believe his disappeared from so many stores to keep for that feeling thafeeling and i think we're missing in detail. anybody can push the button on amazoanybody can walk into wal-mart or a mall and purchase something but u can't come in. turn. and some reportingonnie and feel ramsey were in the air force before they took over that
8:57 pm
marqz says and they have gone from 3 employees to 23 and well, yeah and that's a great great idea. kron 4 news in primtime coverage just getting started on this tuesday night grt lotus and vicki liviakis are here with kron 4 news at 9. >>kids arelooking for a job, you know, he's great a carioca he could be the next higher will coming up next a 9 activit groups in san francisco are demanding action tonight. this following the vicious attacks here on 3 people they're all in their 60's in chinatowover the weekend. today a rally took place during which city leaders promised to do more to keep people safe. we have a live report tragic story in the east bay, a pregnant mother gunned down in front of her own home while. >>terrupting a burglary how she is being remembere tonight and a popular business in san francisco hit by thieves. >>for the 3rd time this year, how th owner is responding to
8:58 pm
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>>now at night lots of people in san francisco's chinatown outrage tonight after their 3 people in that tight knit community where the latest victims of islands, this vicious attack happening at portsmouth square over the weekend good evening, everybody thanks for being with us i'm


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