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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  November 12, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>>now at night lots of people in san francisco's chinatown outrage tonight after their 3 people in that tight knit community where the latest victims of islands, this vicious attack happening at portsmouth square over the weekend good evening, everybody thanks for being with us i'm grant lotus and
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the king the aca's today, san francisco leaders addressed the pattn of targeted attacks on seniors. >>at a rally organid by activist groups, including the chinese progressive sociation. the chinese for affirmative action and more conference tailored to sack she was there and joins us now live from the nsroom. taylor head of the city respond. >>well city leaders like mayor lonn breed supervisor aaron peskin and the san francisco police chief police chief said that theye all working to pour more investments and foot patrols into the area to prevent nother attack like this from happening now community members me together today to say that they stand with these victims. they're asking for more protection and more cross culture engagement in th neighborhood. >>san francisco's neighborhoods speaking out on tuesday after this violent attack o sit on social media, not yourcommunity. it is unacceptable. line as long 2 years in chinatown. that
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evidencemmunity activist groups including the chinese chinese for affirmative action and rally toaddress saturday's it happened 3 seniors inhe works for square. >>here you can see one suspect being at least 2 of th 3 ma victims in the crowd, one of e seniors was apparently knocked unconscious, they say this one of many recent targeted attack we believe it is acceptae. >>that elderly seniors are being targeted in this way. there to and their victims and families to call for justice to call that the police held accountable. take this seriously vicious attack happened in an area descred as the neighborhood to living room. >>the supervisorron peskin he says the city is no working to keep it a secret place this is a no fly zone. we are going to saturate is area with additional law enforcent personnel we are going to let everyone.
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>>of my constituents behind me know that they can be safe here any time of day or night, san francisco police say ncreased patrols in october. the mayor london breed says more will be added we have to do better. as we can continue to allow. what we see as a pattern the continued to her. and the chief will talk about this later, there's a number of increase in foot listening to community to make more investments in bilingual supported services. >>now city leaders tell kron 4 th all 3 victims are expected to be okay. >>san francisco policsay they're looking for 3 suspects who dve off in a vehicle described as a gray or dark gray early 2 thousands jeep cherokee suv if you have any information pictures or video contact the san francisco police department department li from the newsroom tell kron 4 news. alright, taylor of popular business in the
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mission district of san francisco says that they hav now been hit by thieves. >>3 top times this year alone. the owner of boba guys took to social media comparing san francisco to the bman city ofotham saying that the jokers are taking over the city. our first year following this story for us and he joins us now live. in san francisco j r the joker. >>pretty bold comments made by the owner of boba guys here i can tl you it's one thing to have windows bren out one time but how about twice or 3 times in just one year's what's happened to that boba guys location in theission. this is a picture of the boba guys t location in the mission district of san francisco. >>after its 3rd break it. glass busted out on the ground. owner andrew chow taki to social media saying seems like wee seen a lot of boarded up windows and at the store fronts these days going
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on to say i've seethis city transfo into gotham and it makes sad nearby restaurant owner anthony strong as the head chef at prairie. he learned of the 3 break ins on tuesday. that yeah. >>i mean it bumsme out i think you know in general this area, the missions gotten quite a bit better in t few but still seeing some shady activity in boba guys has multiple locations serving bubble built he all across the bay area. >>at the mission location there are currently no metal gates to cover the windows the register is alsoust a few feet from the door. it's unclear if anything was taken in this most recent ce. but employees tell us cash register was stolen earlier this year. strong says he 19th between valencia ea on and mission has become safer than it w 10 years ago that being
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said he believes extra security measures on. >>we al like a place up like fort knox every night gets on the windows and you know. >>strong went on to say that prrie has panered with other nearby businesses. >>they a daily feeor a private keep areas in the mpany to neighborhood cleaning. he believes the city needs to do a better job of ckling crimes like the one that happened at boba guys. >>and cleaning up the streets. >>i will sayt's definitely an expensive place to do business. and so the fact that we haven't been able ttake care of the crime situation to better degree is disappointing as a business spending as much money as we do to participate in the economy here >>now there are videos showing these break ins that both the guys but the owner of that location also police have not
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released those reporting live in s francisco j r stone. >>kron 4 news chair. thank you big story surrounding the n francisco giants tonight. has announced brue bocce successor yet critically important hire for new baseball president of operations farhan zaidi mark carpenter is here hey gave capillary talks a good game. lee looks the part buthe is not without controversy and he did just get fired. yeah. >>and you know you want to do our best to give this guy a fair shake. but i can imagine giants fans will have a lot of questions about this decision here now and has been a lethy process to see who would repent we pla the legendary bocce and in the end of the man ting over is former phillies manager gabe kepler the 44 year-old coming seasons ay area after 2 in philadelphia. in which he went one 61 in one 63 witho trips to the postseason he was relieved o his duties in early october before his ti in philly, he worked as the dodgers director of player development along
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with farhan zaidi who is now the giants president of baseball ops in statement site he said the top priority was finding someone who c with players. coaches hips front office and fans will be formally introduced tomorrow at noon it is the second major hiri in just a few days for the giant is scott hars recently took over as general manager, so now begins a new era of san francisco baseball back to you grant vicki. >>take a look tside our sutro camera overlooking downtown san francisco in this very calm. >>yeah, beautiful shot and it is been delightful out there feels a maybe a little bit more like summer than fall, but hey we want the rain will a deal with this in the meanti joining us now chief meteorologist lawrence karnow more the same are we going to change up a t start t switch gears just a little bit but not major changes to take some time to really get things that kicking into gear been very active out there. >>in the city you see orm after storm just battering into that ridge of high pressure but that ridge really
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just act like a wall on too strong sending all the moisture well to the nth all and so with that in mind thgs are changing. 've got some patchy dense fog that is right through the golden gate bridge right now we're ing to see more that tonight into the bay overnight and along the coastline. but that ridge beginning to weaken just a little bit that's allowing a few more high clouds stream across our skies. and the temperatures a little cool in spots along the coastle with that patchy dense fog 48. in half moobay, 51 of fog in pacific53 some patchy fog in the san francisco, the temperatures elsewhere ound the bay area, fairly mild for this time of night at this time of year partly cloudy overnight tonight it will be cool but not cold because of some of the cloud cor partly cloudy again tomorrow and a little bit cooler by the afternoon. a few more clouds coming our way as this ridge of high pressure will start to weaken further over the next couple of days. and 've got
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some mild temperatures forecast for tomorrow. they're probably gonna come down about 5 degrees around the bay area overnight tonight. we'll see those passing clouds and that throughout the g in the day tomorrow. you see a few clouds filtering to our skies may be mostly cloudy attimes throughout the day tomorrow and then as we get into a thursday, even the models ll try to little drizzle along the a coastline of we did get some drizzle that would be the most of any kind of precipation we've seen in the bay area in almost a month guys back to you.hanks alerts. th's after the horrific mass shooting at theilroy garlic festival. >>some of the surviving victims filed a lawsuit. >>3 people were killed 13 others were hurt. authorities say the gunman 19 year-old santino legan got into the festival by cutting thugh a fence along creek. well today, the lawyer representing 5 surviving victims named in the lawsuisaid that a festival organizers and their security firm failed miserably at keeping people safe. >>they left in the entire area
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opened for anyone to come in without festival without pain going through the 3 areas where theyctually were wanting people. i mean th's an open door that's about the length of a football field. >>the gilroy garlic festival association released a statement saying that the lawsuit filed today stemming om me horrific act of domestic terrorism is not unexpected. and we will respond through the appropriate legal channels. >ow that the genie and a bankruptcy judge today ruled that the deadline to file a claim against the ility for any damages caused by wildfire has been extended to december 31th pg e h already agreed to that extension. but the new date had to be approved by this u s bankruptcy judge lawyers say many survivors are still traumatized and still struggling to get back on their feet andany were not able to file a claim by the original october deadline. the utility has set aside more than a billion dollars to pay wildfireictims as part of its bankruptcy plan. this ne
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extension is critical. pg e says becse the utility believes only 40,000 people or so have filed claims. b thanks 100,000 are eligible. >>we're arning more tonight about what happened in the moments before an off-duty richmd police officer shot and killed a man who was allegedly armed with a gun. the incident happened in valais how a a family attorneys for the man killed tells kron four's haaziq madyun at her client would still be alive if the officer had done just one ing. >>flood vehicle pulling into the valero gas station parking lot on fairgrounds drive in vallejo another vehicl all the way out of the parking lot a source familiar with the incident tellspkron 4 that is when to mid exit their vehicles followed by an argument that it did with an off-duty richard police officers shooting 39 year-old eric reason he was pronounced dead at the sea. a witness tellclub for that the incident was captured on surveillance video that is now the heads of the investigators
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with vallejo police none of the seen the videos ocivil rights attorneys will listen old is now representing the reason family. >>we absolutely have e videos released immediately they're they're maintaining that. the incident happened a certain way i've heard from witnesses that indicate that source tells month rent way a for that. >>er reason just finished gassing up his vehicle started driving towards the exit with the off-duty richmond police officer who has now been identified as sergeant virgil thomas. >>drove his vehicle in front of reasons vehicle and parked in an open space. >>pair of the mysteries and he got in his way to some degr ends honking the horn and screaming youoffice and the officer initiated the screaming because he was a person up any inconvenience spends 2 reasons delay in getting out of the parking lot. >>the union representing richmond police officers release a message on social media that reads in part quote fortunatelyith a police officer is confronted by a fen with a firearm deadly
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force may be necessary however, notes as the off-duty officer did tidentify himself. she says she believe that if he did mist reason would still be ali is very diffent. >>to get aan altercation on there were some sort an of dispute and a person sayina police officer people don't want to geinto a shootout with police and the person identified himself as a police ficer, this would not happen. we contacted t vallejo police department to see what they have to say about this. >>we received no comment. it haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >>on the peninsula, the redwood cityan has been sentenced to 9 years in state prison for molesti young boys when he was working as a part-time babysitter 32 year-old on how money was sentenced friday ordered to register as a sex-offender he pleaded no contest in august to several felony charges related to ild molestation and distribution of child pornographer eat the san mateo county sheriff says he molested at least 16 voice.
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the deferred action for ers of childhood arrivals program or dhaka continue to rally across the country as the supreme court heard testimony today about the program and thousands rallied on the plaza ouside the high court. one demonstration took center stage at the state capitol capitol bureau repter ashley zavala shows us their message. >>dozens of dreamers and thir supporters sending a message the united tatesupreme court home is here. california has more dhaka recipients than any othestate in the country being and i can meet the new that used be place. >>you kw i let it will move forward or teen and what everybody here standing behind me. funny thing is e i look at the that forward. >>tuesday's rally came as the nation's highest court heard arguments for and against the program that protects 700,000 undocumented immrants brought to the us when they were children either illegally or with families that overstayed thr visas i've
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been trying to stay very idea was born in if it gets it right now. >>what happens with my education. i could lose it all definitely has e variance or in some dreamers feeling vulnerable by sharing their undocumented statu but they say they hope their ories and their situation will make an impression even on those who can't fully relay their journeys are for a double it did on just back ministrations trying to get. >>the way. for no reason other than the fact that. the gift given to us by president obama there wasn't a counter protest. but a man in a make america great again hat did show up shortly after the rally was over he came up and asked me quote where are the
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cry babies i asked if you want to go on camera for this story, but he declined reporting isacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>and the gop getting ready for torrow's televised impeachment hearings congressional republicans met today to discuss strategy, they. >>held a mock hearing as jessica schneider reports first tonht, the party's already circulating an 18 page memo on ways to defend the >>tonight republicans are laying out their strategyto push back and defenpresident trump ahead of the upcoming high stakes impeachment hearings, c has obtained the most centralized and detailed effort yet by republicanto counter the democrats argument for impeachment hitting on for central defens first that the july 25th call between presidentrump and president zelensky of ukraine shows no condition alley or evidence of pressure. >>it's a point the president has repeatedly pushed because they have a perfect phone call i'm in a perfect call. >>the call for. but the rough
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transcript released by the white house clearly shows alinsky asking for aid and trump responding i would like you to do us a favor though. >>the second republican int stresses president's alinsky and president trump have both said there was no pressure on the call but before zelinsky took office a source familiar told cnn that the ukrainian esident and his aides had a meeting on how to handle e trump request to open the investigations, the 3rd and 4th republican point state. the ukrainian government was not aware of the holden us sisnce during the july 25th call and the hold on that military assistance was lifted on september 11th that the ukrainians were aware that they wouldn't receive the white use meaning they wanted without the announcement of investigations an aide only flowed after the white house facecriticism from republican lawmakers with just hours before the public hearing. republicans are atacking one of tomorrow's key witnesses the top diplomat to ukraine biltaylor.
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>>they are relying on people li bill taylor as a star witness who he's going to tell us something that is 3rd or 4th and information. >>in closed door testimony taylor revealed he was told that ukraine would not recei military money until officials announced the investigations the president wanted. but taylor admitted he never spoke directly with the president seized upon he said what he heard. >>hearsay is not admisble. >>the democrats sayhey're just trying to muddy the waters. >>frobasically a look at those defenses avoid the facts avoid the facts of what the facts. that's basically what it is the facts are the president abused hipower. and this is coming from the mouth of patriotic. diplomats and then authory. >>there was just a rider reporting for us tonight grant today we caught up with newly elected san francisco district attorney ernie chase abou dean over thweekend he was declared the winner in a very contentious race with interim da suzy loftus it's still unclear when he will
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officially take office but he says he's hoping for a smooth transition. >>very productive conversations with the mayor with interim district we all want is a stable trantions of the staff at the district attorney's office continue to do their difficult jobs. well, but the focus that the job requires of us want to destabize the office and we are discussing what the best timing mecnism would be for and over is a the collaborative process. >>de who is extremely progressive says he wants to tackle racial bias in the criminal justice system overhaul the bail system protect immigrants from deportion and pursue accountability and police misconduct cases. sfo is holding a dedication event to lebrate the unveiling of the naming for the mayor edwin m lee international terminal departures hall. mayor london breed will be speaking along with the family of the late
9:21 pm
may early as well as airport officials. in the east bay city officials in hayward announced the opening of a new housing navigation center it will be open on mber 18th on whiwe cells street and depot oad the center will be run. >>by barry community services that alreadyunning navigation center in berkeley. it will offer short-term housing for up to 45 peoe at a time. the center will not accept walk ins and all residents will have to go through an intake process, the city council authorized the navigation ceer on city property in january as up pilot project. people and 3 dogs don't have a home tonight after a fire took over their ouse in union city. almeda county firefighters tweeted these pictures. fifighters say the fire broke out just before noon today at a home on marriage chino placed no one was injured. >>mom shotand killed near her east bay me and tonight, the killer still out there what we know about how she died and how friends are remembering
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her. employees lost their jobs today is a san francisco based vaping company cuts. >>and we all know it's crazy expensive toive in the bay area. what about buying a place without one study says theres a glimmer of hopfor folks looking to buy. itakes a village traise a child.
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to build a bridge. to tow a baseball... to throw yourself into the unknown. to lose ar, toree hope. we believe that it takes a village of over 200-thousand dedicated, passionate, driven medical and non-medical ofessionals
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to deliver on our belief in total heal for all. we are kaiser permanente. thrive. >>for your money toght, you need a lot of money to live here in the bay area don't have to tell you it's still one of the most expensive
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places in the country you're tryinto buy all is that every new report om the lifornia association of realtos. >>details just how much you have to make tofford a home, the median home price in the city remains hi at a whopping. one 0.5 8 o why almost million for just an existing single family home meaning home buyers will need an annual income of over $300,000 a year elsewhere around the bay area marin county haa median home price one .2 7 5 million san mateo 0.5 contra costa county 66000 alameda county, 920,000 the cheapest median home price in the bayrea is $460,000 for a single home. in solano county. >>san rancisco, bay's julie's lay off employees and cutting costthe company announced today, it is letting 650 people go and that is in addition to the 500 positions that it cut just last month.
9:26 pm
last week, san francisco voters rejected measure to overturn a vaping ban. and this latest round of layoffs comes as you'll is facing scrutiny for how it has marketed its products. meanwhile, the cdc says injuries inhis vaping outbreak we've seen have now topped 2000. researchers say most of the cases volved thc and vamin e acetate and most cases have affected young people. >>coming up the fbi releasing a new report on the number of hate i'm incidents thatere reported last year while local organization says that there deeply concerned about these findings plus outrage by neighbors in one bay area communities. they say one hold. >>has more than 50 cats in it d the smell is so bad they cago outside. and the deaths 9 students at a california university raising concerns night details aftethe we planned.
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>>oakland police are searching tonight for the person or persons responsible for gunning down a prnant mother of 2. that shooting happened saturday night near5th avenue in outlook avenue. >>woman killed misty smith walton was a pta president and said to be beloved by people in the education community kron four's dan kerman reports. karl the monk elemtary school in kland said this pervades following the murder of pta president misty smith walton.
9:30 pm
dedicad ourselves to better y meet other ks. the veteran to school and really betterment of the entire city. >>smith walton s shot to death outside or 65th avenue apartmt saturday evening. her husband was al wounded, and the person or persons responsible remain on the loose, we kn that bad things happen to good people but this is a tragic. this is a mother someone left lying on the streets of oakland whano remor and no regard that she has 2 children a was carrying a life. you know it' really smith walton leaves behind 2 sonand was 5 months pregnanat the time of her murderfriends say she was hoping this time around and e would have a girl. she had evepicked out a name and we word joking around and i had already ld or we claim it's a girl were spoken into an existence, you know grief counselors are on hand all day at the school for someone who will be remembered for some time to come. edation was so very important to her.
9:31 pm
>>we would ve to have many many more parentsike dismissed the issues called they're in and what what a terrible loss at this poin oakland police nooffering up any information about possible suspects. >>nor are ey saying anythin about a possible motive. >>when to go more in depth now into the crime statists, currently reported in oakland and according to o p d as of november, 3rd this year. tre have been 61 homicides this year and that's a 13% increase from last year's 54 homicide reported in the same time frame. this report does not of cose take into account the. most recent incident that encourages reported on or a other homicides reported since november, 3rd. yeah, it just doesn't make you feel go about where you live. >>we're living in the backyar of a home. this is a red dot and it's according to the contra costa animal services
9:32 pm
neighbors say that the stench is unbearable. it's a lot of cats. >>saidanimal services officials say the homeoer now has about a month 30 days to redu the cap population on her propey or risk of going to court kron four's michelle kinton has details. >>foot long cage with over 50 cats in that. >>50 cats are living just beyond eat 3 meals property line or end up it's irritating and it's a publ nuisance that's really it's bad she and other neighbors describe the smell outside of theiromes. holmes, they say they no longer invite friends or family over to and no longer st parties at because of the stench i he a hot ti in my backyard which i can't enjoy because of the smell. >>we can't open our windows it's just. like it it hs us really gross >>andrew michaud and his wife moved to less than a year ago excited to raise their newborn
9:33 pm
baby in a home with a yard. but they're moving when their leases u thisinter unable to enjoy their home because the ell of the cats just be on their fence line is out of control. >>when it's really hot, it's unbearable in the venings. that's when it gets really intense at night contra costa animal services says they e currently investigating 3 animal hoarding cases in the count they've been at this property in a rg to a number of times over the past year and a half as recently as last weekhen they counted more than 50 cats in the backyard. they tell us that they told the propey owner she has 30 da to reduce the number of cats in her backyard to a reasonable mber or she'll be citeand they look. >>aspen for attention also i mean it's really sad animal services says most of these cancer farll and not socialized in are not candidates for adoption. and michle kingston on for news. >>9 university of southern
9:34 pm
california students have died since the start of the semester in aust. the deaths have shaken the campus and left many wondering what is going 3 of the deaths have been announced just since friday, foullay is not suspected in any of these cases but suicide is suspected in a least 3 and one freshman was struck a car are on the freew. university sent students a letter about the issue over the weekend to unter any rumors that suicide was suspected in most the cases and to urge students to seek help if they need it. officials say anyere from 4 to u s c studen have died in any given year ov the last decade. >>the number of hate crime show much of a decline last year, but it was down that's according to the fbi's annual hate crime statistics report for 2018 shows more than 7,000 hate crime incidents were reported to the fbi by law
9:35 pm
enforcement agencies that is 55 fewer than in 2017. so not too much of a difference. the report shows about 60% of victims last year were targeted because ofheir race or ethicity. nearly 20% were taeted because of a religious bias 17% victimized becae of sexually released today shows that bias agast african-americans overwhelmingly compromised were comprised the largest category of racial hate crimes. united against hate in oakland released a statement folwing the fbi's release of the report they wrote we have serious concernthat the hate crime reporting gap continues to result in an inadequate response to hate and bias crimes and that means affected communities, we'll coinue to feel on her and and unsafe as hate crimes remainat alarmingly high levs in california and across america, cities cannot allocate appropriate resources to
9:36 pm
address tensis and violence in our communities and for failing to identify and track these horrific occurrences. we need accurate data and that requires a commitment to adequately. traing law enforcement personnel and a mandate that all agencies report. enjoy temperatures running well above the average the rest of the country. >>is in the deep freeze will talk about that the record way next. peratures coming >>and live and work outside the bay area get $10,000 for it. well a local company offering a major inceive to anne who wants to leave. >>says we noted the phillies fired him the ants hired gabe kepler is the new skipper in san cisco mark carpenter breaks down the carpenter breaks down the higher coming up i welcome to the cnival 30 minute tour. hey, shaq. it's a 30 second tour. man it's like... now it's 26. welcome aboard. ocean!
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>>and will open today wi a major news we brought you at the top of the show former philly skipper gave kepler stepping in to replace the retired bruce bocce is giants manage the 44 year-old coming of the bay area after 2 seasons in philadelphiwhere he went one 61 win one 63 with no trips to the ptseason he was relieved of his duties in ear october before his time in philly, he worked as the dodgers director of player developnt along with farms. i t who is now the giants president of baseball ops statements i sai the top
9:40 pm
prioty was finding someone who can build strong relationships withplayers coaches front office and fans he is passionate looking at formally introduced tomorrow. moving on to our other top story, a review of the game of thyear the 40 niners undefeated streak snapped in the most heartbaking of fhion's the hawks niners rivalry rekindled in a big way again not cided untithe final play of overtime. but missed opportunities for san francisco underscores this one. jimmy garoppolo's reonsible for 3 total turnovers all of which led to seattle touchdns 5 sacks 10 quaerback hits a lot about the offensive line, numerous dropped by the receivers but missed game winning fieldoal attempt in overtime and one too many chances. for rusll wilson down the stretch. how shanahan reviewing itall including a lack of big pys from his office. >>some has made a bunch of good plays out there. but the drops were pretty obvious. we have some big wins and b moments and as got to bounce back uh mean. kansas when the
9:41 pm
game just runng the ball or just doing the boy got to be able to do both and you have some good ones and bad ones, but we've got to make sure we bounce back and i'm not all like that again. >>you know we we have a chance to win we didn't. find out a way to correct those things can be better. but it's a good lesson you have learned you have lrned during season, you know in order to win championships. you havthese lesss and they battle. >>up next the cardinals at levi's on sunday now some injury ne to report emmanuel sanders day today with a rib injury defensive lineman ronald blair out for the year with a torn acl the team is hopeful tight end george kittle can come back this weekend. a look at sports
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>>well, here's aunusual opportunity for pele who would like to maybe work from home, but some place other an the bay area. >>rob fladebospoke with the will pay t-up company that quafied workers. a $1000 to pick up and leave. the startup is called main strt is hoping that a $10,000 are proved to be an irresistible incentive. >>for qualied woers to accept a job in a more affordable location where they can work remotely foa company based here in the bay ar and our mission is to create jobs and opportunities. the communities main street e o doug ludlow says there are a lot of people who would le to work for a y area technology compy but either cannot afford to live in the
9:45 pm
bay area. >>so we think there's an enormous amount the north's potential than linking the towns of people who live the suburban and rural communities. great jobs exist in pcelike san francisco, new york, no expense of urn communities. >>ludlow and his 2 co-founders leftgoogle to launch main street currenly operating out of the we work center in downtown san jose. their business model is to help companies located and manage employees for ok with moving out of the bay areto work remotely the side of her side. >>we'll take a look at you make sure that you careers of timedthat can actually fit well in a remote job, right technologies goodlace to start angie or is a fantastical mode. linkou. these jobs compaes that are interests in mobley. >>little says main street is heard from several coanies and ndreds of prospective employees. he says its possible to have a eat sacramento or salt lake city overhauling to do.
9:46 pm
>>it theame old jobs that are available here high paying professional jobs with the companies like cpanies like amazon companies like facebook th can make sensible in communities all across. >>main street adms that $10,000 is a bit of a gimmick and it's only temporary potential recipients must remain in their new job for at least aear before they can collect san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>well from silicon valley to shtown where it is 11 degrees right now in chicago, o'hare international airport actually broke a record this morning. when it was 7 degrees so it's a balmy 11 now and that was the second record in today's there was broken there at the airport was more pele in the area. we're also dealing with sub 0 wind chills. >>it's for they will know the thing you know like allou ferry. it like it is no matter how much farm when you got
9:47 pm
hom you feel alo a cold >>yeah, but it's like st barely mid november, and you know there's such and it doe get to thanksgiving and then get on with it this frigid weather hacertainly cause problems for area airports in the chicago region nearly 1300 flights had to be canceled this week becau of snow nearly hit that you almost feel guilty. iean really. >>it's been beautiful will be a dry. bue they can afford to pay rent. but 1000 $1 to go there they don't have the golden gate bridgin their shot but bush certainly on believably cold there and we're likely to see records go down all. a good part of united states they are going to see that temperature plunge as greg mentioned 11 degrees right now in chicago 19 in nashville 29 in dallas, right w orleans 26 in aanta. so some very cold temperatures in
9:48 pm
place. a cold front has pushed through you see it finally making its way o the eastern seaboard leave behind a foot plus the snow that was a record breake in buffaloand you've got that colarctic air that is actually coming all the y down from the north pole into thunited states. so that's why we're seeing these temperatures that are unusually cold. all right you tnk it's cold now you throw a little windy in the factor and how about that we're talking about 11 in chicago will with the wind. it feels more like 3 degrees only one degree in minneapolis a in columbus 5 in detroit to get cold nashville. so a bitter night developing across the us and by tomorrow afternoon. really not a whole lot of help these are the high temperatures. tomorrow afternoon 27 degrees thahis tab that is going to be a row rerd cold the high temperature in chicago tomorrow 38 nashville, 50 degrees norman's 48 inallas 50 in oklahoma city, degrees. the high in kansas city. so certainly some cold weather across the countr course we have beesitting under that big domof high
9:49 pm
pressure that has been bringing unusually warm temperatur. good 10 even 14 degrees above the average that begins tohange a bit we'll see that ridge break down fat computer models try to bring a lile bit of drizzle along the coastli as we head into thursday, so the temperatures going to come down anthen things get a little unseled before the weekend another cold front starts to approach the coastle unfortunate that ridge start to build back in again and it shreds that system leaving as dry for the weekend with temperatures warming backp again into the 70's. but itooks like the pattern certainly shift things are beginning to change by next week we start to see this cutoff low deloping off the coastline.aybe we start talking about a chance of some showers by next tuesday. and certainly aftr that may be a chance of more rain on the way so here's our plan to t nothing bitter cold around the bay area were basking sunshine and some clds tomorrow, the temperatures go to stay very mild mainly in the 70's cooling off on thursday and frida thank you lawrence. >>and who died from suicide is trying to help others that's trying to get a law pasd in her state ming it illegal to encourage someone to kill
9:50 pm
themselves. kimberly bookman reports. >>i came here to tell you about my beloved n. >>lynn roy is turninher grief into action, she's asking massachusetts lawmakers to create conrad's law and criminally punished ople to pressure others to coit suicide, this is the only way that i can honor hims being there for others, i'm making a difference and othereople's lives 5 years ago her son conrad roy took his own life after his girlfrid,michelle carter use text messages to push him to kill himself. sh was found guilty of manslaughte i felt that manslaughter was an ill-fitting it being drapd over the facts of thiscase that it was a hammer when the scalpel would be more appropriate conrad's law would be more specific it woul target people who intentionally urge others to take their own lives if i said you go jump f a bridge. >>and i don't know that you have suicidathoughts i would not be brought up on charges. but if i know that you're
9:51 pm
having suicidal thoughts and i say to you. well, yes, y should then take your life then you would be pressed to massachusetts is one of only 8 states across the country that does not have a law like this just last month we learned boston college student alexander urtuljumped off a parking garage to his death. >>allegey because his npgirlfrid sent in 47,000 tax, many of which urged him to go die while conrad law won't likely be passed for use in that case, lynn roy says if conrad story can help save one life. it's worth it i will ner stop loving him i will never talk stop talking about it. >>i am sblessed that he is my son. that was kimbly bookman reporting for us tonight. coming up next emotional moment, on a polar game show and goes viral. details ahead. >>and if you ip the commercials get more news during the breakmake sure your streaming us on kron on download theron on app to
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>>singer-songwrir model actress fashion designer her name. selena. >>d that 20 for years after her tragic murder. netflix is telling the story of selena here's a look at the first trailer r celina the sers. christianeir rocco. as you can see she has on the
9:55 pm
jumpsuit from salinas 1995 houston astrodome performance. >>it to come of age story about succs family music and stardom the first part of the series hits netfl next year was 6. >>a thoughtful jeopardy contestant brings host alex trip back to tears. truecar wrote a message that are back as his aner during the final jeopardy round on nday show. he was obviously not correct. but tabak watouched by the gesture. prove you're smiling. i like that. let's take a look at your response to come up with the right one. no, what is we love you out that's very nd. thank you. 1995. you're left with a 5 bucks ok. voice they're breakig up right
9:56 pm
before cars messag sure back aid shared with them that he was reentering treatment for pancreatic cancer. tweeted quote one final jeopay came up by could have tried to puzzle tether but really just kept thinking about alex and i thought he should know. since announcingis diagnosis in march, a back has been working too try to make people more aware of the disease in still working as the host on jeopardy beloved toast, very touching. >>that's a go news tonight for the wheel of fortune host pat sajak foowing a health scare for him night he tweeted i'm happy to say that my surgery was a tol success with absolutely no after effects expected. the show canceled last thursday's taping whe say jacket dealt with the matter on friday co-host vanna white stepped in to take the show. well uh he was out. >>hopefully everybody on the mend said, and that wraps up kron 4 news 9.30 prime time coverage continues at the top
9:57 pm
waiter here with kron 4 news m at 10. >>taking a grant. thank you both ve much an extra 10 o'clock calls for action in san francisco this after the brutal attackof 3 seniors in chinatown. suspect still on the loose tonight, community activists and city leaders held a rally responding to demas that something be done to keep people safe victims of july shooting at the gilroy garlic festival file a lawsuit against its oanizers. claiming lax security allow the gunmen to enter and kill innocent people. how the festival organizers are responding tonight and a popular business a san francisco hit by thieves for a 3rd time thiyear we're live in the city with that story bro away our 3 of kron 4 news in primetime starts rig after the break.
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
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>>families living in san francisco's chinatown are speaking out following ye another vicious attack which is caught on camera this video sho 3 people getting assaulted over the weekend. thank you for joining us tonight i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne today, san fransco leaders addressed the pattern of targeted attacks on seniors. >>at a rally organized by and activist groups, including the cse


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