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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 12, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>>families living in san francisco's chinatown are speaking out following ye another vicious attack which is caught on camera this video sho 3 people getting assaulted over the weekend. thank you for joining us tonight i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne today, san fransco leaders addressed the pattern of targeted attacks on seniors. >>at a rally organized by and activist groups, including the chinese progressive
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association, the chinese for kron four's terror attack he was there and she joins us now live from the wsroom to her hothe city responded all of this. >>well city leaders likmayor london breed a supervisor aaron pesk and the san francisco police chief. so they're all rking to pour more investments and foot patrols into the area to prevent another k aclike this from happening. now community members came togetr today say that they stand with these victims they're asking for more protection and more cross culture engagement in e neighborhood. >>is violent attack against 3 siors sparking outrage in san francisco's chinatown neighborhood on tuesday community activists held a rally asking for more safety and protection we new cost we ed you can gauge how can we do that we come to you how is it like thiattacking all seniors. they're not gog to community nation america is about to turn that is unacceptable thvicious attack on 3 seniors in their
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60's appened saturday night in fort smith square. here you can see one suspect meeting at least 2 of the male victims in the crowd, onof the seniors was apparely knocked one of many recent targeted s attacks and community is coming together. >>to and their victims and families to call f justice to call that the police be held accountable. >>take this seriously city leaders, including aaron peskin responded on tuesday saying they're listening and to the neighborhood this is s china town's livg room. you e standing really on sacred ground this is where allf the seniors were all of the kids the plane. congregate socialize and i am actually see this as a kid into a home nvasion robbery san francisco police say and increased foot patrols in chinatown in october but mayor london breed says more will be added here
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and to other vulnerable areas you're going to do our part to make investments we're going o do our part to outreach. >>we' going to do our part to talk to and work wh community leaders, not st in chinatown but in visitation valley in the bayvi hunters point. >>now city leaders tell kron for the attack started as a cell phone robbery, all 3 victims are expected to be okay say they're looking for 3 suspects who drove off in a vehicle descbed as a gray or dark gray, eay 2 thousands ep cherokee suv you have any information and pictures or video contact the san francisco police live from the newsroom. taylor, the psac ii kron 4 news taylor. thank you the weekend attack. >>unfortunately arm on several which have been happening i san francisco's chinatown security in that community has then the topic of an ongoing scussion 8. >>high-profile attacks over the summer prompted one group to install new ameras along stockton street kron 4 grant lodes jns us now is how the
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group is acting to these latest reports of violence thei camp and we all kno that crimes are prosecuted differentlywhen there is video of mething you can hear what happened in account but if you e it on video. >>it just somehow fes different and in this case this organization you mention as have sfe helped by the 18 cameras installed them there along the stocks in street corrdor and that was after attacks like this one over the summer this one happened back in july in the area of stockton and pacific streets. men assaulted. 2 men their late 50's and in their 60's and still watch from one of them. and in august sf safe this organation installed cameras because there had been a blic meeting about security in chinatown there was outcry. then just says there is nonsf safe. the nonprofit the executive director there says the cameras that have been installed will be used to help with his latest incident.
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>>i've fortunate and today we're going to do all we can to put it but around the area for all that and if i was there to the point. a john account it feel be anything lot the vehiclehe license plate. and more profound that row that >>cameras help nsf safe is working directly with t san francisco policeepartment. it receiv funds from the governor's office and e head of the organization says the work is far from done. >>this is part of a bigger effort. >>goin to be on installinon camera fbi found on the longest for gordon community throughout the city or being our most recent in phill and atlantait will be for hour and try to count along with four-door throughout >>and the executive director not only in chinatown t also in the angle side. they view and tear of all districts, ken
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and pa these cameras help they're also working to install more just general lighting in the streets so that the else what better late you know that seems to help dete cre. he has said that you have to have that kind of surveillance but you know you attacked like that got to do something right totally accepting cameras definitely make people feel like at least somebodyis you know watching right the cell phone video that we saw the attack but these are. >>higher quality and hopefully they'll bh able to really help poce. thank you grant. >>father business in the city's mission district says it has beehiby thieves for the 3rd time this year, the owner. >>boba guys took to social media comparing san francisco tohem that man city of got some say that te jokers are taking over the city that's a quote welfor j r stone is following this story he joins us live tonight in san francisco with more jr. >>pam it's upsetting hearing something like this happening one time yet alone twice, yet
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alone 3 timeswhich is what happened at this location in the mission. this is a picture of the boba guys t location in the mission district of san francisco after its 3rd break it. glass busted out on the ground. owner andrew chow taking to social media saying seemlike we've seen a lot of boarded up windows and at the store fronts these days going on to say i've seen this city transform into gotham andt makes me sad nearby restaurant owner anthony strong as the headchef at prairie. he learned the 3 break ins on tuesday. that yeah. >>i mean it bums me out i think you know in general th area, the missions gotten quite a bit better in the few but still seeing some shady activity in boba ys has multiple locations serving bubble built he all across the bay area. >>at the mission location there are current no metal
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gates to cover the windows the register is also just a few feet from the door. 's unclear if anything was taken in this most recent case. but employees tell us a cash register was olen earlier this year. stro says he feels as though the area on 19th between valencia and mission has become ser than it was 10 years ago that being said he belies extra security measures are. >>we also likea place up like fort knox every nigh gets on the windows and you know. >>strong went on to say that prairie has partnered with other nearby businesses. >>the pay a daily fee for a private cleanup company to ke areas in the neighborhood clean. he believes the city needs to do a better job of tackling crimes like the one that happened at boba guys. >>and cleaning up the strees. >>i will say it's definitely an expensive ple to do business. and so the fact that
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we haven't been able totake care ofhe crime situation to a better degree is disappointing as a business on it. spending as much money as we do to participaten the economy here. >>and back out here live here in san ancisco, it is important to note. no arrests have been made also important to note that i did talk with a number of business owners there on valcia street and they said in the long term heme of things while they are concerned about crimes like this. they think it's gotten a whole lot better than what iwas years ago in that area. reporting live in san francisco j r stone kron 4 news. >>jr sankyo step outside where parts of the bay area are unr aot of fun parts are clear and looks like there's a little bit of mix in downtown san francisco lawrence is here with the faa the detls. yeah, and in some dense fog it's right down on the surface again we've got high pressure overhead. we're seeing some chges though not a ridge begin to break up just a
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little bit the boy that fog is thick out there. >>toward the golden gate bridge side for traveling there be extra extra careful as you see t visibility drop in a hurry that's going to settle inside the bay overnight tonight and t temperatures day came down a bit in san francisco still running well above the average member yesterday we're in the mid 70'today, 69 degrees in san francisco, 72 degrees in oakland 75 in san jose 78 in livermore 77 drees in concord and 79 degrees in santa rosa. so certainly. well above average for this me of year and we've been waiting for this rge to break down and finally starto some changes coming with this ridge nowe start to see some of these high clouds drift overhead so that's a sign that reads start to weaken somewhat. th's going to give them a lot of the way a little bit as we head into the next few days will see more clouds coming our way that sea breeze blowing just a little bit to 6 miles per hour in the n francisco right now, a light winds mill valley 2 miles per hour in 8 miles per hour at sfo but that will be enough to bring some low clouds and some of that thick fog just inside the bay. temperatures a little
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chilly wi that fog along the coastline, upper 40's there right now 59in san jose 54 degrees livermore 62 still in fremont 60 degrees in berkeley just switched over to 58. well the deed is also a playoff for tonight in the pa valley so we've got some high clouds that continueto move across the skies up above so we'll call it partlcloudy fotonight. mperatures will be cool. but they're not going to be cold and that's because 've got a little bit of that high cloud cover the whole up the temperaturesust a litle bit for tomorrow. it goes the other way we've got some partly cloudy skies that's going to block some of the sunlight. so the temperatures going to dp maybe 5 degrees and me of the warmer spots so instead of temperatures near 80 degrees. we're talking mabe mid 70's in some spots inland. air quality, no change there in facit has remained a dead the same over the past 7 to 10 days of we're n seeing a lot of mixing in the atmosphere so modern mounts a police building up a lot of activity out there in the pacific. finally starting to roll this ridge just little bit it's going start to under cut it. you see some of that moisture continue to stream across the skies for tomorrow still some mild temperatures to watch us. overnight
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tonight, we'll see some of those clouds ctinue to move in you've got that patchy fog and some mid to high level clouds moving throughout the bay area during thday that will continue into t afternoon of times it'll probably mostly cloudy. it should actually make for an interesting sunset by tomorrow night. and then as we get into thursday looking at the computer modelsactually want to pick up on a little bit of drizzle out tre at least along the coastline, so don't look like a to promising as far as precipitation. but it's the st that we've seen all month long and that is hard to believe here. we are get in the middle of november but we're talking about that dry ell but signs of things may be getting nge more of a progressive syst beginning to develop in the atmosphere and i think th is going to lead to a better chance of some raindown the alright, thanks >>failure that's how lawyer filing suit against gilroy garlic festival association describes security at the event where a mass shooter opened fire in july 3 people di 13 others were injured have 5 of those injured in that shooting are now involved
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in that lawsuit kron four's maureen kelly talk with some of them who say they hope eir legal action helps to improve security at the event. >>i don't want this happen anybody. >>ever again. wendy towne says she was the first person shot back on july 28th. rfoot remains bandaged and she requires a canto get around e and her partner fransco aguilar a whose femoral artery was severed by a bullet say their futures are uncertain because of their injuries we own d run a business on the ladies. >>we've had to greatly scaled back for lying desperately on friends and family to help us out to keep the businesopen. we're trying as much as we can to keep it up and i don't ow what the future holds next week next year. i don't know. >>they're 2 of a dozen people 3 other innocent victims were also kled 19 year-old santino legan got around the curity and metal detectors at the annual fundrais by cutting through a back fee beforeshooting people at
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random gilropolice say officers reonded to the shooting with one minute. logannded up fatally shooting himself. the lawyers representing the 5 surviving gunshot victims named in today's lawsuit y the festival organizers and their security firm failed miserably safe he called the chain link fence ang the perimeter inadeque and flimsy they left in the entire area open. >>for anyone come in to that festival without pain without going through the 3 areawhere they actually were wanting people. i mean that's an open door that's about the length of a football field in response. the gilr garlic festival association released a statement saying quote. >>the lawsuit filed today stemming om a horrific act of domestic terrorism is not unexpected and we will spond through the appropriate legal channels as a nonprot organization, we must remain focused on our mission fund raising for the entire community of gilroy and the re than 150 charities that rely on us more lawsits from
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other victims are expected to be a tourney in this suit also signed up 14 year-old victim, leslie rodriguez today and says hs in discussion with other victims and their families maureen kellyron 4 knees. >>san jose police say the man shot and killed by officers over thweekend pled a gun on police during a traffic stop. police chief ede garcia held a news confence today on that saturday shooting the incent partially shut down southbound highway 85 for hours. rcia said the suspect was an armed felon and was wanted on an outstanding warrant. he said the suspect did not follow the officers ordered to step out of his vehicle. he tried to grab a second officers gun during a struggle. the coner's office has not identified the man who shot and killed police only said he was a 29 year-old from ap toss. the officer who fired the gun is on paid administrative leave. >>we are learning more tonight about what happened in the moments before an off duty richmond police officer shot
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and killed a man whoas allegedly armed with a gun. that incident happened in the late whoa, a family attorneys for the man who was killed tells kron four's haaziq madyun her client was still be alive if the officer had done just one thing. >>flood vehicle pulling into the valero gas station parking lot on fairgrounds drive in vallejo another vehicle, all the way out the parking lot a sourceamiliar with the incident tells kron 4 that is when to mid exited thei vehicles followed by an argument that it d with an off-duty richard police officers shooting 39 year-old eric reason he was proued dead at the sea. a witness tells kron 4 that the incident was captured on surveillance video that is now the heads of the investigators with valjo police none of t seen the videos of civil rights attorneys will listen old is now representinthe reason family. >>we absolutely have the videos released immediately. th're they're maintaining that. the incident happen a certain way i've hea from witnesses that indicate tha it happened a different way a source tells month for that.
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>>ic reason just finished gassing up his vehicle started driving towards thexit with the off-duty richmond polic officer who has now been identified as sergeant virgil thomas. >>drove his vehicle in front of reasons vehicle and parked i >>pair of the mystees and he got in his way to some degree ds honking the horn and screang. your office and the officer iniated the screaming because he was a person up any inconvenience spends 2 reasons delay in getting out of the parki lot. >>the union representing richmond police officers relee a message on social media that reads in part ote fortunately with a police officer is coronted by a felon with a firearm deadly force ay be necessary however, notes as the off-duty ofcer d not identi himse. shsays she believes uld ill belive is easo differen very >>toget an altercation with another rome a on an on over some sort of dispute
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and a person saying a lice officer people don't want to get in a shootout with police and the person identified himself as a police officer, this would not happen. we contacted the vallejo police department to see what they have to say about this. >>we received no comment. it haazimadyun kron 4 news. >>and he's fame and faces charges in connection to a double homicide attempt involving a bow anarrows against the homeless. bay regional park dtrict st police departments, a 22 year-old a day per se otto shot arrows a3 homeless people along the san francisco bay trail. while they are at their homeless campment. police say 2 of the people a man and a woman were struck by rushed to the hospital e for expected both victims are to survive. 8 people d 3 dogs n't have a home tonight after a fire took over their hse in union ci. alameda county firefighters tweeted these pictures firefighters say the fire broke out justefore noon today at a home on merritt she
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no place no one was iured and there's no word yet on how that fire started. >>a trfic stop in pacifica has led tthe recovery of a stolen truck and drugs about 1120 on sunday pacific a truck along highway one near rockaway beach avenue. police y the truck was treling in an erratic the matter. before it suddenly stop blocking a le of traffic. they say the driver 44 year-old aaron chester from redod city. present any identification th officer eventually learned chester was driving a stolen truck and he was carrying a sizable amount of methamphetane and drug paraphernaa. >>the new era of giants baseball is now underway we just got word a ort time ago that the team hahired gabe kepler as its new manager, he'll replaceruce bocce a retired after 13 years of team kpur was fired as the manager of the philadelphia phillies after 2 seasons before that he was the director of player developments with the dodgers where he worked osely with
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the current giants general manager far hand side. the city of sacramento is moving forwrd tonight to welcome a major league soccer team to their ci and today, the city council voted on how. >>to pay for the new soccer stadium but. that johnson reports the plan is already facing some oosition. >>in favor please >>i today the sacrament of city council approved a rail yards infrastructure budget in order to develop the republicans seize major ague soccer stadium always been a huge opportunity for many decades to see that another step closer is as huge agreement mns the city cologne the te uto million r thgs like sewer lines and street lighs around the stadium, it's a partner and infrastructure on roads and sewers on drainage and utility connectio but some believe that taxyer money should be used for that infrastructure. idea great powers,he rrible president of ion sacramento, a government watchdog groups are going to t the city self-insurance fund that well that's the fund that covers the ty in case of losses.
10:21 pm
>>been no showing whatsoever that their surplus funds and there that would allow that to beapped without a risk 2 city liabilities houses the city's investments in the golden one center alredy did not generate the revenues believes the analysts stadium will similarly underperform believes the money could be bettespent elsewhere too often times who she public officials from these the shiny brigh new projects are they going to a grand opening and the like, but they tend to neglect the things that are sec c. theon't draw the attention city infrastructure, the condition streets the condition of our parks, but these are the things that hit people whe they live. and t the stadium but city republicans see leaders disagree this is. >>exactly the cataly tt we again as a as a city to to continue to broen this development. >>that wasn't hnson reporting in october t sacramento republic beca the newest franchise to join major league soccer and have come the instant new rils to the
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san jose eartuakes rig it was a deal 6 years in the making the republic's first season in the majoris expected be 2022. it's shot and killed outside her apartment in oakland over the weekend wht we know so far aut the investigation. >>our friends and colleagues are remembering her tonight plus the kincade fire may be getting started what's ahead for mmunities in county and is your dream home in san francisco, how much you need to make tafford one. you know when you're at ross and your new fall look just keeps getting better? chk this o! that's yes for less. score a head-ttoe look you'll love and save 20 60 percent off depament store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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>>the bay area is one ofnot the most pensive place in the country to own a home, according to a new report from the alifornia association of realtors the median price of a home in san francisco's close to one million that means you need to be making $309,000 a year to qualify for a mortgage sewhere around the bay area the median home price in red unties about 1.3 million san mateo county one 0.5 million contra costa county 665,000. alameda coty 920,0. and the least expensi median home price is $460,000 for single family home in sono county. >>ay companies will pay new employees if they want them to move closer to their all office but one starp in san jose is paying qualified workers $10,000 to pick up and lee the startup is called main street, it helps
10:26 pm
mpanies located mana emploes who are ok with moving out of the bay area to work remely main street a c e o doug ludlow says tt there are a lot of people who would lo to work for a bay area technology company but they either do not wa to live here orimply cannot afford to. >>so we think there's an enormous amount the north the potential than linking the towns of pele who live the suburban and rural in places like san francisco, new york, no expense of uban communities. >>there is a catch potential recipients must remain on their new job for at least a year in order to receive the $10,000. >>yeah, it just doesn't make you feel good about where you live >>the east bay neighbors say they can't bear the stench from a home where they say more than 50 cats are kept in a backyard. what's being done about the problem plus san francisco has a new district attorney's elect we speak which is a abouhow he plans to take on the new role.
10:27 pm
>>so far not a drop of rain in the bay area this november could we see some soon we'll talk
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>>this is a mother someo left lying on the streets of oakland what no remorse and no regard that she has2 children and was carrying a life's. you know, it's really sad. >>an east bay school community is in disbelief tonight after
10:30 pm
their pta president misty smith was shot tdea in an apparent robbery, the shooting happened saturday night in oakld outside her 65th avenue apartment. her husband was also injured kron 4 grant lodes joins us down the studio with what we know so far. >>about the vict and she was obviously well loved. she was loved she spent a ton of time trying to help her kids and her. >>kids peers have theest education possible. volunteering her timas president at her children's elementary school. her colleagues rembering her tonight as a really dedicated educator, but they say first. shwas a wife that a mom of 2 boys ages 8 and 11 and they know she s 5 months pregnant, when she was killed thiseekend friends say she was hoping this time she have a >>she had even picked out a ame and we word joking around and had already told or we claim it's a girl. spoken into an existence, you know education was so very portant to her.
10:31 pm
>>we would love to have many many more parents like dismissed the issues called th're n and what what a terrible loss. >>you can imagine the grief there as karl be monk elementary school where grief on hand today and will be for someime after she volunteered so much time there at this police are not really offering a much information in the way of specifics about a possible spect or a motive and there is a go fund me page that has been set up so that if people can in are able to donate to this fund-iser. kidsan up and again she leaves behind an 8 year-old and 11 year-old and you know had the 5 month-old that she was carrng just anyway. you look at this such a artbreaking story. it's a tragedy all right. thank you grant we got it. we have a closer look at the crime statistics currently reported in oakland, according to the. >>oakland police department a of november, the 3rd there ve been1 homicides so far
10:32 pm
this year that is a 13% increase from last year's total of 54 homicides ported r the entire year. this report does not include the death othe egnant woman we just ld you about nor any otherhomicides reported since november, the 3rd time person of interest has been detned in connection to a hocide in castro valley, the alameda county sheriff's department says deputies re conducting a welfarcheck. >>at a home on san miguel avenue yeerday when they say they found a man deadn the floor. the skaters sathe victim had injuries that were consistent with deputies are not releasing any other details at this time. >>happening now governor gavin newsome puttingmore pressure on pg any is time to pay up billions of dollars in cash to credit thousds of people who lost their homes in wildfires liability from these wildfires is what landed the utility company in bankruptcy. a bankruptcy court hearing was scheded for tomorrow but th hearing was abruptly postponed until november, the
10:33 pm
19th the delay could nd allow the size to negotiate a compromise but the new some is threatening if this do not change. he will try to turn the utility into a customer own co-operative run by state and local governmts is an idea promoted by san jose mayor sam liccardo had endorsed by a number of mayors in california wildfire victims wanting to file a claim against pg now have until the end of the year to do so lot lawyers say many rvivors. >>we're not able to file a claim by the original october deadline becau they're still traumatized and struggling to get back on their feet. this new extension is criticl since pge says it thinks only 40,000 people have filed but there are out a 100,000 people eligible. pg e set ide more than billion to pay wildfire victims as part of its bankruptcy plan and one of the many fires ing blamed on pg e is the kincade fire was fully put out st last week
10:34 pm
after burning more than 77,000 acres in sonoma county. the fire destroyed almost 400 structures and now a daunting task is under way to try to ean it all up earlier today kron. >>cerise us o feel and noel bellow talks wi michael gossamer he is the deputy county administrative of it office of recovery in sonoma talked about the road ahead. >>we've got crews on the ground in the burn area, starting the cleanup of the household hazardous waste. those are things le car batteries. you know pool chemicals. anything that could propaneanks anything that could pose a real danger threat. these are the property owners of the environment of the contractors that are to come up the it going to come clean up the the asn foundations anthings like that. >>you guys ha been down this road before unfortunately with wine county fires on them. did that at least give you some better insight to wh needs to happened now and the move
10:35 pm
forward. >>oh yeah absolutely i mean for good or bad, we dilearn a lot from those 2017 fires and we kn the protection of thenvironment of our watersheds from these types of al hazards chemicals and wastproducts, it's really importan so with getting this mobilize. so quickly. the contract was just signed on friday, we have crews on the ground. even started yesterday doing an assessment of the area getting things cleaned up. we can startnstalling things like walls to protect the watersheds we got on this really fast as we knew what dangers exist out there. >>full interview ran on kron on on to hear what you can do to help the sonoma count workers of your property s burned by the kincade fire and how long they think the cleanup will take you can download kron on right now from the app store. >>the city of chicago is getting hit with an early and very coldlast of winter parts of the windy city woke up to a teerature of 7 degrees this morning that is the second record low in just 2 days last night, the o'hare
10:36 pm
international airport recorded 14 degrees breaking the record low in icago for november, the 11th what's more people in the area are also dealg with subzero wind chill. >>as for for no fee thing yo like all you ferry. like it is no mattehow much farm when you get home, you feel along a cold. >>kids feel the pain the president whether cause problems for area airports yesterday an american airlines plane skidded off the runway at o'hare fortunately. nobody was hurt. nearly 100 flights were canceled in chicago because of the snow. >>so that woman's questionto chicago was are you serious lawrence, what the heck are you serious you i mean this is more like january or febary type of and it is on believe lee cold records going to fall not only in chicago. but around a good part of the united states even in the deep south. these the tperatures right w it's 28 degrees in dallas 36 norma's 26 inland, 18 in nashville, chicago,
10:37 pm
checking in at 13 degrees right now by tomorrow afternoon. nomuch help on the way in this where you see all these records fall you to be the 20's 27egrees in chicago. but it's that hat will be a record 28 columbus 38 nashville, 40 in atnta for a high only 48 in dallas in temperatures in the texas area, northern part of tex drop some 60 degrees in just a couple of hours as that cold front moved on by so that cold front has moved on out the snow subsiding but the damage already done all that cold air pouring right in from the arctic. it's quiet night at sfo we do have a couple patches of ground fog developing outside some of that along the coastline and just inside the bay, the temperatures are running in he 40's and 50's in most spots and so as we head through the night tonight we're gointo see a few more clouds continuing to move across the skies and her we go we've ot some changes coming find that ridge ohigh pressure start to weaken a little bit and we're looking at this storm systetrying to under cut it unfounately it kind of falls apart as it heads toward the bayrea behind some clouds and some cooler temperatureso the middle of the week. then
10:38 pm
another cold front dives in as weet into frid but watch gets very close maybe bring some showers the far northern california been falls apart of the runs a will start to build back in for the weekend so looksike warmer temperatures for the weekend but then after that he'soing get cut off flow begin to spin off the coastline here you go. these are very difficult to forecast, but there's a chance we could be talking about a few scattered showers into the by next tuesday or so and then a little bit unsettled after that so things changing in long-range pattern from the next couple of days f back to sunshine and warmer on saturday and sunday slight chance of shows by next tuesday. thank you large protests acrosshe country today in response to the dock a hearing at the us supreme court. people marched in waington dc as well ast the state capital sacramento and in san francisco. the deferr action for childhood arrivals program known as dhaka protects undocumented immigrants o arrived in the us as children. the trump administration has been pushing to end it our capitol
10:39 pm
bureau reporter ashley zavala was at the rally in sacramento today, she shares messages from recients and supporters of dhaka. >>dozens of dreamers and their supporters sending a message court home states supreme is here. california has more dhaka recipients than any other state in the count i can meet the new that used be place. >>you know a lot move forward or teen and what everybody here standing behind me. alongside me i ok at the funny thing is that forward. tuesday's rally came as the nation's highest court heard arguments for and against the program that protects 700,000 undocumented immigrants ought to the us when they were childrenither illegally or with families that overtayed their visas i've been trying totay very very the whole idea was born in if it gets us right now.
10:40 pm
>>i could lose it all just over simple decision it definitely has the varnce or in some dreamers feeling vulnerable sharing their undocumented status. but they say they hope their stories and their situation will make an impression even on those who can't fully relay their journeys are for a double it did on just backministrations trying to get. >>the way i athere are no reason other than the fact that. the gift was given to us by president obama i'm outraged. >>there wasn't a counter protest. but a man in a make america grt again hat did show up shortly after the rally was er he came up and asked quote where are the cry babies i asked if you want go on camera for this story, but he declined reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>well today we caught up with the newly elected san fransco district attorney's case a brooding over the weekend. he was declared the
10:41 pm
winner in a very ntentious race with interim da sy loftus it is still unclear when he will officlly take office but he says he's hoping for a smooth transition. >>very productive convertions with the mayor wi interim district we all want is a stable transitions of the staff of the district attorney's office continue to do their difficult jobs. well with the focus that the job requires none of us want to destabilize the office and are discussing what the best timing mechanismould be for and over is a the collaborative process. >>says he wants to tacke racial bias in the criminal justice system. bail system protect immigrants from deportation and pursue accountability in police misconduct cases. in the east bay and already the homeowner has 30 days to reduce the cap population on her property risk going to court contra costa anal services says the homeowner has more than 50
10:42 pm
cats living in her backyard. >>and as kron four's michelle kingston explainneighbors are left struggling with the stench that woman has a 45 foot long cage with over 50 cats in it. >>50 cats are living just beyond eat meals property line end up it's irritating and it's a public nuisance this ally it's bad she and other neighbors describe the smell outsidef their homes. holmes, they say ey no longer invite friends or family over to and no longer host parties at because of the stench i have a hot time in my backyard which you can enj because of the smell. >>we can't open our windows it's ju ripped. like it it hits us really gross. >>andrewichaud and his wife moved to orlando less than a year ago excited to raise tir newborn bby in a home with a yard. t they're moving when their leases up this winter unable to enjoy their home because the smell of the cats just be on their fence line is out of control.
10:43 pm
>>when it's really hot, it's unarable in the evenings. that's when it gets rlly intense at night contra costa animal services says they are currently investigating 3 amal hoarding cases in the county. they've been athis property in a ring to a number of times over the past year and a half as recently as last week when they counted more tha50 cats in the backyard. they tellus that they told the property owner she has 30 days to reduce e number of cats in her backyard to a reasonable nuer or she'll be cited a new look. >>the aspect for attention also, and it's really sad animal services says most of these cancer farrell annot socialized in are not candidates for aption. a michelle kingston kron on for news. >>this office, a butcher sh in braunfels stagecoach stop and now a bar, a look back at the history of this iconic landmark in sonoma county. as it celebrates its 100 th
10:44 pm
birthday. >>and in sports. the giants have a new mager mark has more on the team's latest new welcome to the carnival 30 minute to.
10:45 pm
hey, shaq. it a 30 second tour. no man it's like... now it's 26. welcome aboard. ocean! welcskyride.rd. mini golf. relax!elax! relax! you take this man to be your husband? i do. married. no time for sketball. pool.
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carnival. choose fun. >>landmark is celebrating its 100 and 60th anniversary it's restaurant and bar that dary started out as a stagecch stop before the civil war in sonoma county, it'known simply as the shoe.
10:47 pm
>>the washing houses stood on this spot between petaluma and that audiencstony point road since 1859. and ranchers trkers and suburbanites are celebrating its long life that was mail room. >>mary peters the owner his partner diane starkey runs the place the building is steeped in story. there's no documentation to prove it. but legend has it that president ulysses s grant once ga a speech he. >>the debt is the year. off the balcony. assassinated. >>there's also theegend of what you might call the battle of wash you in 1863 when confederate syathizers in santa rosa faced off against ion sympathizers from petaluma at the shoe. let's just say casualties were light. >>they all got to do dnking
10:48 pm
too much and not fighting. and it appears 3 >>the building was also wants a brothel the recently the upstairs oms are used to shelter tubbs fire survivors >>opened theoors a5.30 a gave evebody practe and i actually put people up for 2 3 months. the people we have no wer here. cluttered with dollar bills stuck to the ceiling that's not all that usual but try to find a bar with this much money hanging overhead. >>back in the day nobody had money. so when they come to town theeither put an i o u. where they put their money up there with attack when they come back to town they knew they had money on the wall. to pay fotheir drinks in their food. >>has been a t of work into restoring the building and expanding the outdoor facities like to see this place last at least another
10:49 pm
160 years. i pray it will be i just hope it keeps going the way it is if you stop by, don't forget to leave it all. >>it's stories he has that now you know about the gat civil war battle of washington. and th all that trump national whole great storyteller to go along with that location can spot. >>to buy making it easy to access all your favorite enttainment. >>the gnts making some big moves. yeah,his is a big a succesr has has been named so in taking the top job here we go a new era. >>of giants baseball in the giants go from bruce bocce the legend who led the franchise to 3 world chpionships to someone that hasn't madthe playoffs as a manager former phillies skipper gabe kepler the 44 year-old coming of the bay area after 2 seaso in philadelphia. in which he went one 61 and one 63 he was
10:50 pm
relieved of his duties in early october now before his time in philly. he worked the dodgers director of player development along with farhan zaidi now the giants president of baseball on so in a statent design he said the top priority was finding someone who can build strong retionships with players coaches front office and fans he'lbe formally introduced. and noon in looking at video. he's passionate and moving on to our other top story or review of the game of the year the 40 niners undefeated streak snapped in the most heartbreaking fashion's the hawks niners rivalry. in a big way ain not decided until the final play of overtime. missed oprtunities for san francisco underscored this ne. jimmy garoppolo responsible for 3 total turnovers. all of which led to seale touchdowns 5 sacks 10 quarterback hits allowed by the offensive lin numerous jobs for the receivers on this game winning field goal attempt in ot and one too many chances for russell wilson down the stretch. how shed ahead reviewing it all
10:51 pm
including e lack of big plays from his office. >>made a bunch of good plays out there. but the drops were pretty obvious. we have some big winand big moments and has got to bounce back uh mean a kansas whenhe game jt running the ball are just throwing the ball you got to be able to do both and. you have some good ones and bad ones, but we've got to make sure we bounce back and i'm not all like that agai >>you know we we have a chance to win way to rrect those things a can be better. but it'a good have learned during season, you know in order to win lessons, i'm in a battle. ese >>up next the cardinals at levi's this weekend. the team is hopeful george kittle will be back but you manual. sanders is day to day with a riinjury. now let's talk some hockey theuddenly resurgent sharks looking for their 4th straight win san joseaking on the edmonton oilers of the tank. first period already 2 zip sharkey's patrick marleau veteran get position in front of the n deflected in 3 nothing sharks
10:52 pm
in comma. second stanza same score barclay goodrow redirects mrs wrist shot her. the score 3 times but 6 different sharks scored 6, 3, win their 4th straight victory, s jose police the docks thursda some colle hoops mark fox. the new kalydeco choking her to know star versus unlv 4 overtime andre kelly, nice touch inside is that there's a five-point lead e 7 seconds to go what to sequence call-up to realize a me long drives harris dyson knocks the ball loose t kareen south transit. he's filed. he hit the free throws to ice it. fox and the bears win 75. 23 points to lead the way they host countback. meanwhile the snford cardinal will 3 notion thai military base in deware sort of balanced attack 14 points apiece oscar de silva chipped in 12 points, 7 an 8615 win
10:53 pm
over long beach state. stanford off to its best start in 3 seasons, they open up sureteight-point lead 6 minutes into the 2nd half crews from there. santa clara thuray wat number 360 smart bed.
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can it help keep us asle? yes, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. don'miss the final days to save $1,000 on the ne sleep number 360 special edition smart bed, now only $1,799. ends sunday. >>the largest starbucks in the world all this set to open friday in chicago, illinois if the weather allows them location magnificent mile as
10:56 pm
the company 6 and final reserve a roaster features 3 coffee bars, a cocktail bar in a selection of food frm italian bakery. >>each with a distinctive chicago flare, starbucks opened its first reserve roastery in seattle in 2014 lawrence, they have that place pack tomorrow. very but moca's out there as we've got that eastern half united states but not here. it haseen very ball me very warm outside we are see some patchy g you see just to the bottom of the screen here that is moving in that of some dense fog has settled in along the coastline, too and we've got some high clouds up above so signs of changes coming our way the temperatures right now mainly in the0's and 50's all around the bay area not going to be a real cold night d that's because we have a cloud cover overhead just those high those temperatures a little bit so we've got some patchy fog tomorrow morning we start out in the 40's in the 50's partly cloudy ses to the middle of the day temperatures will be noticeay cooler around the bay area by tomorrow afternoon. those highs topping
10:57 pm
out maybe some mid 70's, the warmer spots, lot of 60's a fe 70's around the bay. and some 50's out toward the coastline. so changes coming our way as we're going to see some more clouds on the way of some cooler temperatures the next few days 67 in oakland, 60 downtown san francisco, 71 in san jose about 74 degrees in santa rosaext few days dropping off those temperatures more clouds rolling on throughn thursday and friday too a little bit warmer more sunshine for th weekend slight chance of showers by next tuesday. thank you lawrence, thank you life. thank you for being with us tonight have a good night everybody seen a marked. - colombiahit squad. - .22 hollow point.
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