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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  November 13, 2019 1:30am-2:01am PST

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tonight, whitney houston's secret war with wendy williams. the plans to takeow the talk show house. >> then -- >> she's jt jenny from the block. >> ricky is back. plus -- why joey fone i saying good-bye to j.t. >> and what ava mendes is only telling "e.t." about raising her two girls with ryan gosling. >> it's an "e.t." exclusive.
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>> and rn michelle bathe is here to co-host. >> i'm putting my hub in the "e.t." hot seat. wendy willia confronted on live tv by whitney houston's former lover. but first i am so over the moon by our guest co-host ryan michelle bathe. you know i love you. >> i love you. >> nody has more f on the d carpe than you two. >> he's so sweet. >> we're going to have se fun tonight. you rea for this? this whitney story iscrazy. >> bananas. >> who knew whitney and her secret girlfriend rob crawford had a secret plan to tak down wendy.
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>> we didn't know what you looked like and our plan was to go down to hudson reet and wait for you. >> robyn, i can't even fight. would have run. >> you kw what, we weren't gonna fight. we just wanted to see you face-to-face and hava chat >> robyn says whitney was fed up. it was the early 2000s and houston was tired of hearing wendy, who was a radio d.j. at the time, constantly talk about her personal life. >> whitney would say who the [ bleep is this woman? who is she? who is this woman? like. t even know what she looks >> wendy seemed obsessed with whitney. she even flew in a helicopter over her wedding to bobby brown. and then whitney called in for th wild combative interview. >> is there drug use going on? >> who are you talking to? to you, whitney. >> no, you're not talking to me. i'm a mother. >> i never met whitney. i had never met her. >> you talked like youid. >> i know that yound robyn were growing up. from when you >> we still are friends, girl. >> thawas a cumulative fed up
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whitney houston that i heard. >> fed up the or fed up with the world? >> you had been talking about whitney and myself for so long. well that's what i do. >> robyn is promoting henew memoire "a song for whitney." she was also aed about the controversial whitney tour. ♪ i wanna dance with somebody. >>nd what does robyn think about whitney's upcoming hologram tour? >> what are your thoughts on whitney as a hologram? >> perfect. >> that's like your mher says when you don't he anything nice to say d't say anything at all. >> where is my t? let's talk about your fella. you stole the red carpet when he won the golden globe, what was that like? when somebody close to you makes history,ou still get flutters. >> next year's show is going t have the stars sweating in their
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seats. ric ric ricky is the host. >> look at all the wonderful faces here today remind me of thgreat work that's been done this year by cosmetic surgeons. i don't like to call them targets. i like to call them victims. do you want to go see cher? no. why not? cause 's not 15. the golden globes e to the oscars what kim kardashian is to kate middleton. bit louder, bit trashier, bit more easily bought. >> it tooks ms for ricky to agree to rern. >> she's lik jenny frothe block if the block is rodeo drive. >> we talked to your producers. he said they have no idea what
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you'reoing to say. >> true. >>rinking is encoured. >> you're drunk. whyan't i be? >> it's going to be a night of partying and heavy drinking or as charlie sheen calls it breakfast. i'm not going to try to ruin anyone's night. this is ruining my night. >> have you had a drink yet? >> cheers. >> the moral of this story is don't sit in the front row. >> i will not. >> your husband probably wilbe
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nominated. let's head to rachel scott. "glamour" has named you with the rebel award tonight. so what do you think has bn the most rebellious thing you've done in your caree >> it's too cool of a title for me. i feel like m just a mom now. there's nothing rebellious about that. >> charlize got emotional accepting her award. >> that's why i do all of this, for my girls. jacksoand auggie, they are the reason i'll never stop nighting. i'm a mess. you all [ bleep ] me up. now to a little known hollywood broman between brad pitt and adam sadler. >> we go way back, but what i love most, you have a reputation for being very kind, very honorable. >>an i just say watching y i'm like that's my buddy? >> the fan boying s next level during "variety studio, acrs on actors series." that no matter what they'll always get recognized. >> dude, i put on a dinosaur mask and i got recnized in new york city.
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>> i was skig one time, had the helmet on, the dicky up, the goings and i was like this is gointo be a fun day. no one is gonna iterally like 6:30 or 7:00 in the morning, h adam sandler. i go how did you know? he goes that big nose of yours. adam, we love that profile of yours. >> ocourse we do. i'll leave noses one. >> that's a good idea. >> i'm going t leave them alone. >> thanks, rachel. let's move on to "dancing and girl group night was oy band bananas. >> guest judge jy fatone showed off those nsync dance moves too. that basically ended in a live wardrobe malfuncon. >> how did you not split your pants by the way? >> oh, it . >> i knew it was gonna happen. honestly i actually had them reinforce the otch. didn't help. i ripped it from -- almost the front to aund the back. ♪ bye bye bye >> last night james n der beek was tearing up the ballroom. >> if i could give 100, i would. wait. did we just discover the sixth member of nsync if they ever reunite? >> i think, we, he could be the fifth 'cause justin don't
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wanna do it. so he can be the fifth member of nsync. >> if i can lip sync to justin's vocals, sure. yeah, i'm in. >> as for who's out the competition -- the judges told an spicer -- >> bye bye bye. >> and in honor of guest judge joey, the cast realed their favorite nsync song and well -- it ain't no lie. ♪ bye bye e ♪ bye bye bye bye ♪ would you be my girlfriend >> so underrated. ♪ i'll be your shining star ♪ tearin' up my heart when i'm with you ♪ ♪ when we are apart ♪ i feel it too ♪ and no matterhat i do i feel the pain, with or without you ♪ and the "charlie's angels" cast was nsync at eir premiere. skin was in. >> all the angels have turned it out tonight.
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>> vera wang custom. >> givenchy haute couture. >> ready for this? it's germanier. if a cupcake had a topper it d be this guy. >> from kstew's multicolored shimmering mini to boss banks taking t plunge, the ladies were all about cutouts and confessions. >> and you guys had that amazing closet. did you take anything just as a little memento? >> i actually did not take anything. i have t jumpsuit that we jumped out of the planes in. >> i don't know if should tell you this, but other cast members have told me they did stl things. >> i'm glad they did. >> their co-star's accessory? >> okay. >> ergonomic ctch cane, like the bionic man. >> i feel a little bionic. it's painful at times, b right now it's not. in this environment your body's like nothing hurts. i'm fine. >> on a high, yeah. >> noah's not letting a basketball injury sidelineim. meanwhile these ladies were feelin' the girl boss power. with all these amazing women. >> octavia spencer with fellow exec producer reese witherspoon at the premiere of apple tv plus' true crime drama "truth be told." soon octavia will really turn super hero in the comedy hunder force" with melissa mccarthy.
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>> every time you put on super hero costume, if you don't feel like you have supepowers there's something wrong with you. >> i love the partnership betwee octavia and melissa mccarthy. >>ow much do we love them togeth? >> you know ather partnership we love, matt damonnd christian ba. >> seems like their relationship >> the fights on september and why they're not cool dads. >> you're work is boring, but the craft services is good. >> then we're talking fashion with skin sin #17... too many after-pares. new neutrogena® bright boost with dullness-fighting
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boosts cell turnov by 10 times for instantly brhter skin. bright boost neutrogena®. continues with ryan michelle bathe. >> and i
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welcome ck to "e.t." with our guest co-host ryan michelle bathe. here's strange question -- have you ever punched a co-star? >> yeah. whitney houstonnd me. >> i was talking aboutn a fight scene. >> oh. >> well, nothingreaks the ice like a swift right hook. >> as lauren zima found out talking to matt damon and christian bale about their mov "ford versus ferrari."
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>> it'the silliest fight ever. >> i was actually really trying to hurt you. i'm just that ineffective. >> do you think you can beat ferrari? >> i'm going to try. >> i also loved watching noah's character, the way he had this look in his eyes seeing his dad race and being at the track with him. i wonded if you guys bring your own kids on set do th look at yothat same way. >> n >> no? >> definitely not. >> no. >> matt and christian play car guys in the movie, but we wanted to put their actual car iq to the test. >> we ve real car names and fake ones. just guesshich one's real and which one's the fake one. >> the isuzu mystery utility wizard. >> no, fake. >> that can't be real. >> that is a real car. >> the ferrari california extra. >> there is a ferrari california. >> so there would probably been an extra. >> why would there be an extra? >> 'cause it's for the person. it's to sell it to theuy who needs just something more than the california. the guy whose neighbor bout the california and he wants to y the extra. >> it's real. e? >> fake.
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>> oh, last one. the ford focus flex. >> my inner voice says fake. >> well there is a ford focus and there is a ford flex >> ford focus flex fusion. >> that's real. >> yeah, that's got to be real. >> that's fake. all right, guys. you did great. >> d we get any -- >> no. went 0-3. what are you talking about? >> yeah, it was roh. it was rough, but the movie's great. >> i love that interview so much, almost a much as the one you did for us. >> drop t mic. what happened when ryan put her hubbyterling k. brown on blast. >> i'm so glad to know you weren't creepy. >> only we're with ava mendes revealing her biggest insecuty. >> it's not cute. >> and her go to mommiy tricks. >> i like that. good for her. >> closed captioning provide by -- it's more than a bag,
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in theaters november 22nd. rated pg okay, mom and i aroff for our tour of philly.
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tess, annie, let's go rls. the play date express is leaving the station. can't wait for some quality r&r time. that's randall and rebecca. >> i know, baby. >> randall loves his mama. an all new "this is us" airs tonight. but if you think that show makes you tear up, get ready for sterling's new big screen drama "waves." deep breaths. and nischelle, i wanted to make the most of my time at "e.t." which means getting to put my husband in the hot seat. >> i love it. >> hi. my namis ryan michelle bathe and i'm with "entertainment tonight." >> drop the mic. >> sure my handsome husband is super supporti, but i'm still gonna put his crush on his co-sta"hamilton's" renee elise goldsberry -- on blast. did you know that he was a super duper fan of yours before you guys started working together? erling now is the time to drop dime.
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singing to me.pping and from "hamilton."hat? i didn't want to muddy it with my own vocal stylis, so i lip nc h singi in the song. >> i'm so glad to know that you weren't creep. >> i'm not creepy for the most part. >> sterland renee are married in the new movie "waves." when tragedy strik their teenage son, it sends the family into turmo. >> all we have is now. >> so, c you talk abt the fact that ur characters were oblivious and how that relates to you as parents. >> so we have two children. i don't know if you know this or t. >> girl, girl. and amari. >> i know, girl. >> i often think of making sure i create ts space that our ildren feel like they can say anything to us. >> can i just have one wrap-up queson? i'm going to ask you because you ll the truth too much. >> how did i do?t it. >> oh, my god girlyou did good. >> first ofall, he never answered that.
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i don't lik that. >>e didn't. >> he didn't answerhe questn about how youd. dihe giv you any pointers fore? he calls you rd, rit? >> he calls me bird. not before, but afrwards. he was like you got a little tongue tied and you are ramblely but then he wasike they are all. >> talk about first wives club staming now. i want to give everyone a taste. >> i'm tired of being the one to make all the sacrifices. get off your ass. we areoing out tonight. >> youlay an attorney. you're basically diane keaton's type. >> right. because it was a great mov we just tried to pay homage. >> it talks about sisterhood. how important are yr
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girlfries in your life? >> they are absolutely everhing to me. i have been in some sticky situation ne tuations in my life. as much as i love sterling, if m in the pokey -- >> howo you balance it all? >> finding sometng that brings me joy. my kids bring me joy. my husband brings me joy. find something. >> balance game i real. >> it is real. >> ava mendes is tryg to balance being a working mom in hollywood. >> hard to believe eva's last acting role was in 2014. >> she took a ea raise with dad ryan gosling. da i had to find if the time was right for her to retn to her
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hollywood rts. >> i haven't done red carpets in so long and i kind of -- >> we miss you by thway. >> oh, tt's ve sweet. i don't miss you. >> what's the kind of role that coulbring you back? >> i don't know, but i'm getting a little bit bigger and now -- you know they'reoing to school and they're having a bimore autonomy so they don't -- of course they need me. they're still little, but i'm starting to feel more and more freedoto kind of be like, >> while eva looks for that perfect role, she's so focusing on another project, her holiday collection with new york and company drops tomorrow. >> here weo. a little off the shoulder. >> i love a sweater. i love a sweater. >> and i love a chic pant. this silhouette pant is everything. >>nd i know it's oious to go refothe holidays but it's the holidays. i want to sparkle.
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>> speaking of -come on pink. >> i mean really she's so beautiful. >> and this sleeve. this sleeve is -- three quarter. >> yeah, this sleeve is big. >> i know. i don't like my elbows. i have really weird elbows >> e does not li her elbows. >> i don't like my elbows. never did. >> they're always like -- they look dirty. they always look dirty. and then dirty elbows at 45 is not cute right now. >> what me me look like when you get that me time? >> any kind of a peel. a radio frequency treatment. i like tt stuff. >> oh, tt sounds good. >> yeah. oh, it hurts. and i have a tory if it hurts, it's gonna have better results. >> do you e your fashion style are they figing out their own r style on their own? >> they' so cool because they're so free and it's s beautiful. i never push dresses i don't push anything on them. i'm ju like you wanna wear your jammi to the market? wear your jammies to the mket.
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my little girl wore her puppy costume to class today. >> why not? >> i was like woof woof. >> eva has another connection to the "e.t." birthdays. >> i wonder who it could be? tremfya® helps adults with moderate to severe
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travel consideraon provided by -- >> celebrating an "e.t." birthd ryan gosling turned39. something tells me he'll enjoy his big day. would you like to wis him a happy birthday. >> no i'll do that privaty. >> thank you for helping meut today. >> of course. >> it was a great ti. >> watch first wives club on
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