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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  November 13, 2019 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>>i'm robin winston and we're just hoursway from the start of the first public president t hearing for donald trump. this phase of the impeachment inquiry suspected to revealed more details into the claim that trump pressured ukraine to investigate mocratic rival joe biden's family. in washington with the latest karen. not expecting too many surprises or bombshells in this testimony today because the mbers of the house intelligence committee have all.
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>>every sport in with these witnesses behind closed doors. now the public questionin in this italy about shaping the individual narratives for the 2 sides of this democrat making aase for the president's impeachment. >>between inquiry coming out frobehi closed doors. >>those open 2 evaluate the witnesses for themselves mocrats will kick off this next phase with theublic testimony of bill taylor, the top us diplomat in ukraine d george kent's a state departent official who oversees us policy ukraine their accounts of the trump adinistration's actions regarding ukraine set to tee up the democrats case. th president trump conditioned military aid and a white house visit.a promise that ukraine would investigate his political rival, joe biden and the 2016 election. publicans per a memo circulated to the caucus will argue that the summary of the july 25thhone callhat prompted the
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whistleblower complaint at the core of the impeachment inquiry doesn't show pressure that botleaders ve said there was no pressure and that ukraine's government was unaware, there was a hold on aid on july 25th. they're also likely to argue that taylor and nned don't offer a firsthand direct account of the presidens conversation or inten. >>uld be just the 3rd us presidento be impeached by the house house but removed. >>and today hill republicans and the whithouse are expected to stay in close touch with coordinated response to the president himself is expected to tune in for at least the morning portion of the hearings heset up a busyay for himself at the white house with a visit from turkey's president air to want to discuss the situation in syria. we'll hear from president ump in a news conference later this afternoon live on capitol hill this mning. i'm karin to you all right, thank you kara karen. of course we'll be streaming
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the impeachment hearings from start to finish on the kron on. it happened this morning make sure you have the app the public hearing started 7 o'clock and remember you can download kron. that way you can stay connected thrghout the day and of course to the hearings as well. you on traffic and weather any other breakg news that we have speaking of whether we want to saa good morning too. this hump day is going to shape up. going to shape of really nice. 2 degrees coer today that we saw yesterday that hey we're stilgoing to be the 70's. >>it's november were a couple weeks away fromnksgiving. so can't complain too much right to her. and we are going to see sunshine today, buwe will see more cloud cover. but that's all right because sun will be peeking through thos clouds right now visibility is great here in downtown san fraisco, nice clear shot. and now we're looking at clar bay area except for summer the
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coastal spots like half moon bay. and even we might see so fog heading over the golden gate bridge similar to what we saw yesterday morning look at this year east bay zone, nice and clear we're seeg a little bit fog for some of the east bay hills like to berkeley and oakland. and that have visibility is going to be great so you're driving to work this morning should be a oblem free, whether wise so far and then we are going to start see the fog later mo in later on tonight and we're definitely going to see a cool downinto tomorrow and into friday and the mild temperatures today with some mild to warm ones yesterday we're going to be a lot more mild day though again because of that marine layer going to be pushing through increasing of the clouds er the bay area bringing those temperatures down just a bit in fact, you're waking up to temperatures pretty much too low and all spots vsus the same degrees cooler in oakland ur 4 righnow 2 degrees cooler in san francisco. even though in parts of our north bay zone. but you're south ozone, san
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jose you're 2 degrees cooler starting off. then that this time yesterday but 40's and 50's that's where we're at right now 49 degrees in downtown oakland, 50 degrees. san francisco are looking at 52 in san jose. what's going to be like this afternoon in your neighborhood. we'll have those emperatus coming up in just a bit. let's a check traffic all right sounds good. thank you. rebecca traffic is off to a fantastic start, especiall if you an on rolling into san francisco. here's a live. look at the bay bridge toll plaza and and it's trouble free. no problems through the maze across the upper deck. the skyway islooking good so james like 2.80 t central freeway. >>so all is well making your way into san frcisco, here's 92. >>this is your trip from hayward over to foster city and s mateo to picking up already it's usually our first bridge that starts getting a little cry how did in the 4 o'clock hour so we're already at 16 minutes for your average anthat's to make it from the nimitz across the span and over to one oh one off to the richmond sandra fell bridge.
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no prlems to report no construction in your way here at the toll plaza. it's been uiet and hot but free making your way from the p gates off to highway one oh one. we're checking in on a foggy goen gate there's a special fog advisy in take it easy here heading across the span. and that's good just be careful their headlights and wipers will be needed. 21 minutes novato to the toll plaza we'll check more coming up in just a bit. on the chinatown community in san francisco is calling on city leaders to take t action after 3 seniors were viciously attacked. kron four's taylor psaki has reaction from a city. this violent attack the agaist 3 seniors sparking outrage in s francisco's chinatown neighborhood. >>on tuesday mmunity activists held a rally asking for more safety and protection. we knew ost we need told you can gauge how can we do that when we co to you how is it like attacking all niors. and although the
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bulk communitnation america about the community that is unacceptable the vicious attack on 3 niors in their 60's. happened saturday night in fort can see one suspect meeting at least 2 of the 3 male victims in the crowd, one of the seors was aprently knocked unconscious, they say this is one of many rent targeted attacks and community is coming together. >>to see a month or victims and families to call for justice to police be call at the held accountable to take this seriously city leaders, including aaron peskin responded on tuesday. >>saying they're listeninand working to get more resources tohe neighborhood this is china town's living room. you are standing really on sacred ground this is where all of the senrs were all of the kids the plane. conggate socialize and i am acally see this as a kid into a home invasion robbery n ancisco
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police say it increased foot patrols in chinatown in october but mayor london breed says more will be add here and to other vulnerable areas you're going to do our part to make iestments we're going to do our part to outreach. >>we're going to do our part to talk to and wo with community lears, not just in chinatowbut in visitation valley in the bayview hunters point in chinatown tiller bus i kron 4 news. >>east a man is facing chaes after shooting man with arrow's lice arrested a day per se otto ter he shot an homeless encament right along the san francisco bay trail. 2 people were hit and rushed to the hospital b they are expected to be okay. we're getting more details on a deadly shooting involving an off-duty richmond police officer cuse me that's the east bay richmond, the family attorneys for thman killed says that he would still be a lot. ifhe officer had done just one thing kron four's has it been you has more.
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>>flood vehicle pulling into the va gas station parking lot on fairgrounds drive in vallejo another vehicle, all the way out of the parking lot a source familiar with the when to mid exited their t is vehicles, followed by an argument that it did with an off-duty richard police officers shootg 39 year-old eric reason he was onounced dead at the sea. a witnes tellclub for that the cident was captured on surveillance video that now thheadsf the investigators the seen the videos civil f rights attorneys will listen old is now representing the reason family. >e absolutely have the videos released immediately they're there maintaining that. the incident happened a certain way i've heard from witnesses that indicate that it happened a different way a source tells month for that. >>eric reason just finished driving towards icle started the exit with the off-duty richmond poli ofcer who has now been identified as sergeant virgil turn ts drove his vecle in front of reasons vehicle and parked in an open space.
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>>the pair of the mysteries and he got in his way to some degree ends honking the hor and screaming your client officer the officer initiated the screamg because he was a person up any inconvenience spends 2 reason delay in gettg out of the parking lot. >>thunion representi richmond police officers released aessage on social media that reads in part quote fortunately with a police officer is confronteby a felon with a rearm. >>deadly force may be necessary however, notes as deify hiso she saysh did not believ that he did mier reason wou still be alive is very diffent. to get an an altercation with anothr room and on and on over some sort of dispute and a person saying a police officer people don't wa to get into a shootout with police. person identified himself as a police officer, this would not happen. we contacted the vallejo police department to see what they have to say out this. >>we received no comment. it
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haaziq madn kron 4 news. >>i think stop in pacifica led to the rovery of a ston truck and drugs. so police pulled over a truck right along highway one this happened sunday night that truck was traveling at an errac manner swerving stop blocked a lane. police say at the driver eric chester couldn't present y form of identification. chester s driving a stolen truck and d caring maf and other drug paraphernalia. and the san ancisco business cleaning up. after another break in. protests and marches are taking place across the country so the supreme court hears arguments on dhaka what happened inside the crtroom coming up after the break and also before we go we'd like to take a little peek outside just check in on traffic again conditions around the bay area traffic looks gd and we don't have any oblems here on the san mateo bridge. it's a nice steady flow here on westbound 92, but it a little cool and it's a little have your some of you still complete forecast.
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coming up aft the break.
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>>and welco back we'll take a look at this i hope you're y for some snow are you. well the snow making machines and ta are getting rorts readfor the ski season. yeah. yes the resort says to making snow with more than and
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it's ready toet the ski season. taken to thoe and how much we love the smell so if you're looking for something to dthis weekend. although it's not now patrol and falng from the sky but at least it's there. it is definity it's not too far from here just hop in the car. isis ekend 10 on a lot of fun casino because the house. and up the will for now were just ithe fog in some spots, san francisco international airport though nice and clear this morning. we sasimilar start to this area yesterday well so that is some good news. we are picking of a loved one. definitely a dela free right now for those inbound flights open looks good right now and san jose, bu of course always check
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with youcarrier before heading that diction. but i was talking about the fog so we're definitely seeing some and the similar spots that we saw yesterday t golden gate brge under a fog advisory robin's been talking about we're seeing some along half moon baybut really it's ticking along the coast. we are going to see increasing cloud coveas we get set through the entire day today. more clouds expected today versus yesterday so thas going to keep thgs a little bit cooler temperature wise and tn once we get to tonight that marine layer pretty thick. coming through the bay area and we're going to start to see this cooling trend over the next cple of days. the door right now, yeah, you'll need some long sleeves as you make your way to the car. 40's and 50's. acally a few degrees cooler and a lot of spots around the bay area versus the same time yesterday so 45 in napa rig now 46 in the bottle 49 degrees if you're just now wakinup with us in downtown oakland, 52, currently in downtown san jose. and yet we saw a mile to even warm temperatures yesterday today
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it's going to b more my we're going to see might maybe some 60's and some 70's. and yes it's allecause of this a cooling trend tat we're going to start to see over the next couple of days.but it's going to start really today because of all tho clouds are going down. and here we go eratures we saw upper 70's in some spots yesterday, not going to be the case today, mainly 60's and those 70 degrs really just topping out of like the mid 70's, 67 fothe high in san francisco this afternoon. if you're goingo be oakland and a high of 68 today we're expecting 74 in concord we are about 7778 there yesterday. so only topping out at 74 in concord and 73 degrees for the high morgan hill so you can see it is relatively going to be a little bit cooler but still beautiful though we are going to see some sunshine mixed with some cloud cover and then tomorrow rely going to be dropping in temperatures mainly down to the 60's for thursday and friday before warming back up and it's going to b a beautiful weekend in store with a lot of sun and the temperatures going to be in the 70's highs may be
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getting into the upper 70's, especially. sunday robin, all right, thank you rebecca, we want to check in on on traffic which so far has been very iet in trouble freef only it could stay that way for the remainder of the morning commute right nope that's not going to happen. >>but fonow you're good. so if you want to get out there early leave early you can beat the rush make your way to san francisco. and right here at the toll plaza we have a nice stdy flow of traffic which is what we like to see this early in the morning right only 8 minutesor your average to fremont street. here's 92 and also it's our busiest bridge right now we have alittle bit of cowding. it's not bad at us a little crowded. section here west of the toll plaza so the traffic on the right that's a folks leaving hward the commute direction westbound making the way to the peninsula. and right now wre up to 16 minutes off to one on one. re's west 5 80 to the richmondandra fell bridge. it's been looking good so far no problems no crash russia still stalls minutes and growing across the span to e on one and the traffic tracker
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shows you more feways more drive times and they are on time and looking good. so we have highway for the westbound side from one 16 antch to 2 42 in concord it's going to be wide open 6.80 south not a problem rolling on rough take a one-woman creek and danville the looking good too maybe that's yr commute. union city fremont milpitas no trouble spots for the southbou connection and then one oh one from the south bay to the peninsula wide open at 26 minus from san jose to menlo park. so the dhaka program are continuing to rally across the country. one demonstration took center stage at the state capitol capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala shows us their message. >>dozens of dreamers and their supporters nding a message the united states supreme court home is here. california has more dhaka recipients than any other state in the country being and i can meet the new hat used be plac. >>you know i like move forward or teen and what everybody
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here standing behind me. alonside me i look at the funny thing is at forward. >>tuesday's rally came as the nation's highest court heard arguments for and against the program that prects 700,000 undocumented immigrants brought to the us when ey were children either illegally or with families that overstayed eir visas i've been trying to stay very very e whole idea was born in if it gets it right now. >>those the house that my mom and i and because the bigger income in this town. could lose it all just over simple dision it definitely has the variance or in sdreamers feeling vulnerable by sharing their undocumented status. >>but they say they hope their stories and their situation will make an impression even on those who can't fully relate their journeys are for a double it did on just back
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from kinistrations trying to take a gift. >>the for no reason other than the fact that. the gift was given to us by esident obama i'm ouaged. >>there wasn't a counter protest. but a man in a make america great again hat did show up shortly after t rally was over he came up and asked me quote where are the cry babies. i asked if you want to go on camera for this story, but he declined reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>their new son it's putting more pressure su on pz any this cash to thousands of people who lost their homes in wildfires liability om these fis is what landed the utility company in banuptcy. court hearing was scheduled or today. but was abruptly postponed until nember 19. now the delay could allow sites to negotiate a compromise. the governor is threatening to turn the utility into a cuomer owner co-operative if thin don't chge, san jose mayor sam liccardo promote e idea. it
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is also endorsed by a number of mayors across california. the terms have until the end of the year to file a claim agnst fiji pg believes that only 40,000 people have filed so far but some 0,000 people are eligible. the company set aside more an $8 billion to pay wildfire victims apart of its bankruptcy plan. friendsand family are remembering a pregnant mother who was gunned down right outside of her apartment complex in oakland. we'll have the latest on that investigation coming up after the break. before we go we'd like to take a little peek outside checking in on a fall, the golden te bridge, a special fog advisory remains in place warning drivers to take it easier on one oh one. we'll also check the hollywood minute comg up after the break stay with u
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, a time for 25 and it's timto check in on those entertainment headlines. we've got a double dose of awards season date on the latest film set to crash the biion david daniel this morning's hollywood minute. >>joker isn't just kingtons of money it's the most profitable comic book movie ever. the killer clowns origin sthas earned close to a billion dollars worldde more than 15 times what it cost to make. and it's on course to become the cheapest billion dollar movie of allime. >>people say why do you want
4:26 am
to do that i don't i just have a feeling. rort de niro has been a member of the screen actors guild for more than half a cery. >>now the union is giving him its highest honor, the oscar-winning actor is the latest recipient of the sag life achievement award to near was set to be honored at the 26th screen actors guild awards january 19th in los angeles that has that's worrying is that these back ricky gerva xyz bringing his biting humor back to the golden lobes. the comedian is rerning to host the awards show for the 5th and he says in a statement the very last time buckle your seatbet winter days takes the stage at the 77th annual golden globe awards, january 5th in beverly hills in hollywood, i'm david daniel. >>checking in on current conditions around thbay area there's a little bit of a backup here at the bay bridge toll plaza so your catre filling in it's foggy and. miles around the bay aa so we have temperatures in the 40's and 50's we'll get specific for your neighborhood after the brk.
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at cracker barrel, we're cooking up
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warm feelings of home this seon. with country fried turkey, hand-breaded and fried 'til crispy, and topped with holiday herbed gravy. r take on a festive vorite is back. and it's onlat cracker barrel. come on home to cracker barrel >>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, time for 29 and thank youor waking up with that's we appreciate the company of course before u hit the or and outside we like to get a check of the forecast so we have rebecca strong standing by what can we expet today at all to little cool. some folks out tre right now it's going to be of course we are starting off. yeah even cooler than yesterday and then once we get into the afternoon going to be
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ni but a little bit cooler than what we saw yesterday afernoon but still have that and we're going to see 60's and 70's. more md locations today. so that is going to be that the shortere's the long story. the door right now we are seeing some foground the bay area mainly on our coasl spots the golden gate bridge we've been seeing it. but here's our live shot of our east, theamera overlooking berkeley you could see it there. just across the bay but uh pretty nice and clear though everywhere else you could see the east bay zo we're looking good at concord in livrmore it is summer east bay hills through berkeley an oakland that we're seeing that fog happen bay. you're pretty socked and especially there at the golden gate bridge to the north bay oks good worf pretty clear from santa rosa down intothe bottom. i'm getting into more in and it's going to be that way most of the day today fog wise but we are gog to see increasing cld cover for the entire day today and that's what's going to keep the temperatures. a little bit cooler than normal and then we're going to really


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