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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  November 13, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PST

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i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher were just 2 hours away now om the start of e first public impeachment heings. president donald trump in tphase of the inquiry is expected to reveal more details into claims tha ump. >>pressured ukraine to investigate democratic rival joe biden anhis and today the public willear from top diplomat. >>to ukraine bill taylor and deputy assistant secretary of state george kent. the former us ambassador to ukraine marie yovanovich she'll testify on frida house intelligence chair, adam schiff and republican ranking member devin nunez will be leading the sessions today and after the done members of congress ch get 5 minutes to ask questions, let's go now to karen caifa. >>live for the very latest from washington, karen. >>this will not be the kind of questioning at's designed to elicit blockbuster revelaons beuse lawmakers have already
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heard from these 2 witnesses behind closed doors and so based on what they know they're going tosk questions. the case of the democrats 's to show to the american public that the president abused his power. and republicans seats to refute that. >>impeachment inquiry coming out from behind closed doors. >>those open hearings that will be an opportunity for the american people. 2 evaluate the witnesses for themselves democrs will kick off this next phase with the public testimony of bill taylor, the top us diplomat in ukraine. >>and george kent'a state department official who oversees us policy in ukraine their accounts of the trump administration's actions regarding ukraine set to tee up the democrats case. the president trump conditioned military d and a white house visit. a promise that ukraine would inveigate his political rival, joe biden and the 2016 eleion. public and spur a memo circulated to the caucus will argue that the call that prompted the phone
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whistleblower complaint at the core of the impeachment inquiry doesn't show pressure that both leaders have said there was no pressure and that ukraine's government was unaware, there was a hold on aid on july5th. they're also likely to argue tt taylor and canned don't offer a firsthand dict account of the president's conversation or intense. >>would be just the 3rd us president to be impeached by the house house but for most. >>and based on the rules put in by that house resolution passea few weeks ago these hearings are going to look a little different to will get opening statements from e chairman of the house intelligence committee adam schiff, his republican counterpart. as well as the 2 witnesses 5 mites for each side where only the chairman and his staff are. republican ranking member and his staff are allowed to ask questio moving on to 5 minute round.
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this morning, i'm karin caifa now to you, thanks a lot. karen we'll check in with you later we're going to be streaming the impeachment hearings from start to finish right uninterrupted on kron on. >>all morning long so the public hearis begin at 7 o'clock our time you can donload kron on right now from the app store if you want to wch it in its entirety. >>start streaming at that. >>5 oh 3 right now and we have out the door, let's check the weatr and the traffic this morning and rebecca has got it or like on a. >>good morning guys. yes, it's a lile bit chilly we're starting off on a cooler now actually temperature wi versus this time yesterday and also a foggy start toour morning says our camera overlooking normally a nice view of the wntown san francisco, the yline you can almost see the bay bridge here on the left-hand side. but no it is covered in e a thick layer of fog right now and that is and we're definitely seeing it quite heavy, the lden gate bridge and half moon bay this morning, but it's a pretty clear everywhere
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elsebut again it is cooler this morning. so those long sleeves the turtle mccabe want to have out the door definitely dress like that because is going to be a little bit illy, 40's and 50's to start 50 degrees in downwn san francisco, 51 in oakland right now, i'm tracking 52 in san jose. it's going to be a mild afternoon as well we're going to s temperatures dip a little bit have the afternoon highs comingup in just a couple of minutes wh 10 things over to obin and see how traffic story this morning it's getting a little busy and. rebecca of the b bridge toll plaza, the folks are only in the early birds are out their staff king appeared some of the fast track la to do so it's just a sign that we have more folks on the road it's gettina little crowded. but it's not bad. >>l trouble free really and hot spot free 11 minutes is a great adveroff to fremont street. we're checking highway for uto 19 minutes, so it's picking up a little bit antioch to concd but still smooth sailing on 6.80 the nimitz and one on one jame darya. >>thank you very much robert bible for the time big story this morning centerville high
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school will see extra police security today aftethey arrested someone for making threats the online reats targeted the school ying it was today or on monday november 25th that something would happen kron four's christina tetreault is live at san rafael high with more chstina. >>and that's exaly right they're going to have ramped up a police force that tody because of this that happened. happened was proximately on mondayparents actually stted seeing threats online to they brought it to the attention of samara fall police department detectives openeup the case anthey were able to contact the actual persoo owns the accounts now we are being told that was an 18 year-old or under y also was a juvenile a young man who is making these threats toward the school and because of that of course are going to have to read of ramped up police presence here on campus today know very fortunately sandra fellolice department and the unifi school district here does say they do not expect anything to happen and they do believe that they the young
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man toodid make these threats but let's go ahead and a look at it statement here fromthe poli department we're going to throw it up on your screen for you right here. so the sanibel police department has devoted extra resources to the school that includes high visibility patrols sandra fell p these school resource officer is continuing work with staff to ensure at students remain safe. now again, this is a young juvenile under years old the young man who mad school but they do believe think should be safe here on campus today. now th a young man was arrested and is now in a juvenileacility. here in town and sarah fell police department asked if you know any information about this or you know any behind the scenes information of these thrts or if you've seen anything online yourself to please reacout to police department right away for noweporting live in percent of all high school christina teatro kron 4 news. >>thank you christina. >>5 oh 6 and happening today, west sonoma coun teachers are going on strike. they have
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a disagreement over their contracted. they're trying to negotiate with the county union highchool district, thstrike is going to start at 7 o'clock this morning at 3 different schools, high schools. throughout that district, the union is asking for higher wag and healsh benefits. >>well, a new era of gian baseball is now underway as the team has hired a new skper to replace retiring manager bruce bocce big shoes to fill. >>he's from the former phillies sees manager gabe kepler and kron four's will tran is live at orle park with more on what people think what's the word on the street has he been receiv so far. they're like whoa who's gate capital are but uh oh we'll just have to wait and see. >>big shoes to fill duryea you mentioned that i think bruce bocce will admit they had to fill as well bruce bocce. >>so. >>erished in thbay area, 13 years 3 world series. he
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recently stepped downthanks to photoshop this is what you can expect when the giants start their season guaid catal or a look at that he looks great and the new uniform. let's give him the benet of thdoubt he stars off this morning at 0, 0, so he does not have a losing record hopefully. he'll bring glory back to the bay area. fortunately he comes under dubious circumstances ecause he'shiladelphia phillies over the past couple seasons. and he was fired after 2 seasons there one 61 and won 63 higexpectations for the 44 year-old manager. when he is with the phillies because the recently signed bryce harper or tey were hoping to go deep into the playoffs and possibly win the world series. but instead that didn't happen everybo laughter. bryce harper after he left theashington nationals won in the are searching for a ne they manager, but the giants e
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search is over and in fact they released this statemt in the overnight hours. and here's some of the reason why th hired a cap was to take a probably the screen. they say key thing that we were loong for and the most important trait was somebody who was capable of building trust and relationshi with both players. speaking of the front office couple of days ago they were also very much busy hiring a neral manager scott harris and he's 32 years ld. he comes from us frothe chicagcubs as he assistant general manager his from redwood city area and daria couple days ago, you teased about how he looks 13 years old this is a youth mement as far as the executives with the giants beuse we talked about harris be chaplin 44 years old and the president the september says coach eyes. our room was i e he's 4years old what do they
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all all have in common ty all believe and analytics they're going to have a ne conference to introduce capital are at noon which i'm sure we will stream li for you on kron on but big shoes when you say they are. so all believe in analytics e we talking like e giants are going to move to moneyball is that >>now analytics is basically percentage so in other u know you're right he and i bad lefty and this percentage tells me i should take you out of the ballgame or bring in james fletcher who is better at that so basically a numbers game no the's no not all the ok and major league baseball and they started playing moneyball the fans would turn on so they'll apply the numbers to let you wo in an yeah but not with the financial pages ok i t it sounds good thank you very left. icds much well,
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we'll take a break it's already 5 10 this morning. coming up here not once not twe but 3 times the san francisco business is cleaning up after another the break in we'll tell you what happened this time plus friends and family are remembering a pregnant mother who was gunned down ouide her apartment in oakland, we'll have t latest on >>and a new homeless shters getting ready to open up in the east bay we'll have details on that comi up. >>and i'm tracking this some chilly temperatures out the door right now little bit cooler than that yesterday start 40's and 50's and then a mile the afternoon on tap th sunshine. i'll have more details coming up. i'm tracking your commute aroun the bay area looking good here at the richmond sandra fell not a pbl if you want to usit, we'll ♪ we switched to de purclean, ♪ because it's made with plants.♪ ♪ we switched to tide pclean,♪ ♪ it ts stas out of his pants.♪ tide purclean, they don't put phosates in. ♪ no dyes or chlorine ♪ it's gentle on my skin. ♪tide purclean, it has nothing to hid ♪
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>>take a look at this they're making snow in time get ready for us to ski this squad. i love that looks like there's long way to go until one lqttlspur in the middle hat brown can you belie they're actually expecng to open up this friday. >>puing older because they call every 100 we have hundreds still missinplant he of this snow for u to enjoy 300 snow machines make enough to make a little carpet and i'll go down like a conyor belt to stayn the carpet but you say bring you brg your spare bring your bed board t a good way because you might get dinged up on that sno but hey hopefully it's a sign of things to eventually hopefully as we get into winr but for
5:15 am
now anyway, you know forecast as far as ow right now but maybe rain next week. ose the flight challee >>we're going to see a mild temperatures into this afternoon. foggy note and a cooler note. haley ays fog free here at the airport san francisco intnational aiort looks great nice and clear. we saw this yesterday so at is some good news if you artraveling or if you're having loved ones heading in to san francisco, yo delay free at sfo and oakland and san jose. so that is some good news start. but yes we're socked in the fog thougin some spots part of our east bay hills we're seeing it to berkeley and through the oakland area and then half moon bay of course the usual suspects right and thgolden gate bridge has been socked in all morning long robin has been talking about that as far as the traffic impas but we are going to be seeing a clear conditions everywhere else until lar on tonight that marine layer is going to be
5:16 am
pushing tough. late tonight it's going to be bringing. temperatures down and a coolingrend over the next couple of days. but r now we will see heavier cloud cover throughout today so ju keep that in mind thas keeping things cool for us around the bay area versus kind of what we saw yesterday temperature wise 40'sand 50's 51 in oakland right now 50 degrees in downtown san francisco 50 in concord tcking 54 in fremont but we're looking a mild for the afternoon. we some warm temperatures upper 70's yesterday in some spots today it's not going to be near thate're going to see mostly 60's and 70's and a break down all the temperatures for you as a matter of fa right now 67 for the high in san francisco. it reached into the 70's in the downtown area yestday. so you c definite see it's going to be a lot cooler there 66 at the coast for half moon bay for the high 69 in hayward only topping out to 72 in san jose today. concord was one of our warmer spots yesterday today, it's only at the top at about 74 degrees. and this is
5:17 am
ahead again of that cooling trend i was mentioning thursday and friday reay going to cool down into the 60's for the highs before picking backup warming things up for satrday and sunday it should be a nice weekend to spend outdoors with a whole lot of sunshine. that's a look at the weather. let's a look at the traffic now with robin all right. thank you rebecca, it's nice when we can start off hot spot free right, no problems to report here. >>just a crowded commute levy ha ard working your wa to the peinsula. we see all the brake lights andeah they are filling and quickly here west of the toll plaza, the san mateo bridge to will putting it at top 14 minutes off to want to watch. we're checking the bay bridge. we also have a long line into san francisco. it's fls back the on 8.80 it's stretching to west grand shortly. it's going to be hrough the maze b you still have time it's not bad, it's just slow. 12 minutes and growing to make it off to fremont street we're cheking in on traffic tracker we're looking at some more numbers in that average is they look great right. no complaints coming from the shore. westbound on 8015 minutes from crocketto oakland, you're fine on 24 you're od on
5:18 am
troubles for the nimitz it's an eas10 minute trip from to 38 leaving family and row to downtown oakland. darnya thanks a lot robin. >>5 17 in the east bay, a pregnant mother was killed in front of her home in oakland and now police are searching for who did it kron four's dan kermn has the story. >>and karl the monk elementary pervades following the murder of pta president misty smith walton. >>someone who who justeally dedicated ourselves to better meet other kids. the betterment of her school and really betterment of the eire ci. >>smith walton was shot to death outsi or 65th avenue apartment turday evening. her husband was and the person or persons ed, responsible remain on the loose, we know that bad things happen to goo people but this is a tragic. this is a mother someone left ing on the streets of oakland what no remorse and no regard that he has 2 children a was carrying a life. you know it's
5:19 am
really smith walton leaves behind 2 sons and was 5 months pregnant at the time of her murder. friends say she was hoping this time are and she would have a girl. she had even picked out a name and we word jokig around and i had already td or we claim it's a girl re spoken into an existence, you know gri counselors are on hand all day at the school for someone who ll be remembered for some time to come. education waso very important to her >>we would love to have many many more parents like mi misty issues called they're in and what what a terrib loss at this point oakland police not offering up any informati about ssible suspects. >>nor are they saying anything about a possible motive. in oakland dan kerman kron 4 news. >>more details on the fatal shooting involving an off-duty drive vallejo a source
5:20 am
miliar wh the incint tells kron 4 the shooting happened after the 2 men exited their cars and got into n argument. the turning for rso sthatheirclie identified hself as an homas ofcer. >>to get an an tercation with another room and on d on over some sort of dispute and person saying a police officer people dot want to get into a shootout with police. person identified himself as a police officer. >>this would not happen. the incident was caught on surveillance video and it's now in the hands inestigators. >>the family though has yet to see it. in the south bay, a manhoas fatal shot by police was in fact an armed felon as it turns out the shooting happened on saturday during a traffic st officers say the man pulled a gun and didn't follow orders to get out of his car. he also tried to grab anoer officer's gun during th struggle. he has been identified yet. but police say the 29 year-o was wanted on an outstanding warrant, the officer whfired his weapon is on paid administrative lve. >>it's 5.20 and a new homeless
5:21 am
shelter is gointo be opening in hayward on white still street and depot road it will community services they also run the navigation center in berkeley. the sheer will offer short-term housing for up to 45 people at a time al sidents will have to go througan intake process. the center opens next monday. >>a today sfo will honor a late san francisco mayor and leave in naming an international terminal departures hall after him mayor london breed. we'll speak there along with the family of mayor lianne sfo officials. congp on the kron if you're looking to buy a home in the bay. they are you know it's probably too expensive but we'll have some numbersfor you and the south bay cering a offeri tech worker$10,000 to live and workoutside of the bay area. but there is a catch. and let's take a live look here at
5:22 am
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5:25 am
qualify for a mortgage loan, if you can make the payment comfortably elsewhere around the bay areehe median home price in marion county is million in san mateo county's one million. contra costa county's 665,000 alameda 920,000. the cheapest medn thatou need to go find a d for single county and i love that year the median home price beuse that basically means you're getting. >>it's a little we're home right it needs some work at. it's a little cramped. so what 6 or uer so here's here's an idea. if you want the high cost of living around here i the south bay. there's a startup company san jose. th're paying workers $10,000 to move out of a area it's a startup called main street and they help companies located ok with moving out of the bay rea and working remotely. the
5:26 am
ceo of instet says there e a lot of people who would love to work for a bay area tech cmpany. they can't afford to live. near their work. >>so we think there'sn enormous amount the north the potential than linking the wns of people who live in the suburban and rural commities. great jobs exist in places like san francisco, >>communities. pense of urban. >>and the catch is that it to be able to get that engram for at least a year they're no going to pay that until. >>and that's the you can work in your pjs and you co to live in whatever town here and right from your 4 will >>we'll take a qck break it's 5.26. still ahead, san francisco city leaders are respdinafter a brut attack on seniors ichinatown we're going here. >>fr mayor london breed stay with us 'll beack in just
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>>we're hot spot free. no major issues just a lot of slow traffic so the drive times are slowly increasing weend how's the weather looking for today, it's looking gd a little bit cooler than yesterday and then into thursday really cool down and friday. the weekend looks ally good and it's going to back up that every. we're going to feel it out the door foa couple degrees cooler in most spo around the bay area were uck
5:30 am
in the fog here in san francisco, the golden gate bridge that's we're seeing at the heaviest. this is our camera overlooking normally what's a nice shot of the schuyler and that say yes it is covered halfway and that's a deep marine layer that you could see a path passing throh the bay and we're going to be sticking with this for the next couplof hours incrsing cloud cover throughout the entire ay today for the whole baarea that's going keep temperatures. cooler as ll more mild in some spots than what wsaw yesterday is little bit warmer 67 for downtown expected todaunder mostly cloudy conditions d then the clouds continue in oakland at 68 and a high of 72 in downtown san jose. a breakdownof more neighborhoods temperature wise coming up in just bit robin. golden gate where over to the our friend karl, the fog is taking over being very aggressive. we can't evesee the bridge you can hardly see the traffic. it's been very den this morning so a fog advisory remains in place from chp rning you that it's pretty tough to drive through 21
5:31 am
minutes noto to the tolls traffic moves well, though here at the bay bridge. we have a lo online and that line just continues to grow every time i check in on it backed up beyond the over crossing stacked up just about tohe bottom of the maze so 10 minutes to fremont street thas good average, you're looking good on 5.80 livermore to dubl 6 80 south the nimitz and to 37 all trouble fr will have more freeways and drive times coming up james dary >>all right, thank you very much robin. so one of our top stories this morning, the public impeachment hearings into president trump are happing at 7 o'clock this morning for the first time 're going hear directly from some of the keyitnesses called to testify. >>about president trump's phone call with president of the ukraine trer shirley has more. >>today bill taylor, a top diplomat in ukraine and deputy assistant secretary of state george kent will both appear re congress for the first time in public. then on friday ou ambassador to ukraine
5:32 am
marie yovanovitch willlso testify those open hearings that will be an opportunity for the americaneople. >>evaluate the winesses for determinations about the own credibility of the witnesses all 3 are expected toive details about how president trump allegey pressured the president of ukraine to investigate joe biden. >>in exchange for military aid. >>it shouldn't be having publc areas is all. >>each witnessalready testified privately in their transcriptreleased. but emocrats hope public testimony strengthens the case for impeachment, something republins have decried. >>and unlike during the in clinton and both president president action they do not president trump basic due process rights. >>house republicans ca request to bring in their own witnesses, but house democrats have the final saon who appears. >>trying to put a ribbon on a sham process doesn't ma it any less of a sham. >>intelligence committee chairman adam schiff and rankg republican devin nunez will each get 45 minutes to question a witness with rank
5:33 am
and file members of congress to askheir 5 minutes apiece own questions setting the stage for a long day of testimony. >>well i was trevor shirley reporting lawmakers expect at ast one more week of public hearin after this week and we of course will be staming the impeachnt hearings from start to finish gavel o gavel. uninterrupted on kron on this morning, public hearings again beginning at 7 o'clock c can download the kron on app from the app store of your choice and begin streaming that if you wt to watch it. live. chinatown community in san the francico is calling on city leaders to take action after 3 senior citizens were viciously atcked. and there's video we showed you this it happened satuayight in portsmouth square. the victims, the guys beating up they were all n intheir 60's. they're doing ok. this morning. yesterday his communit activists holding a rally asking for more safety and proten. the san francisco police say that they have increased foot patrolso they did that in octoberbut mayor london breed says that she's going to
5:34 am
add more. hard to make investments. >>to talk to and work with community leaders not just in chinatown buin visitation valley in the bayvi hunters point. >>san francisco police are still looking for e people who beat the man up they were lasteen getting away in a gray jeep a 2000 model jeep cherokee. >>this is in sanrancisco's mission district says it has been har hit hard by thieves for the 3rd time. this year. >>boba guys t. >>was burglized and you could see the door smashed in there. it's unclear if anythingwas evetaken in this most recent case but employees say a cash register was olen earlier in the year when they were hit a nearby business owner believes e city needs to do a better job at tackling this kind of crim >>i will say it's definitely an expensive place to do
5:35 am
business. and so the fa that we haven't been able to ke care of the crime situation to a better degree is diappointing as a biness owner. spending as much money we do to participate in the econy he. >>and there's some video and of the break ins. they're looking that over at but we haven't had a look athem. the police areoing on with them. >>fromthe lawyers of the ctims who are suing the gilroy garlic fesval organizers following that deadly mass shooting this year, 3 people were killed 13 others were hurt back in july. authorities say the gunman. santi no look on got into the festival by cutting thugh a fence. tt ran along the perimeter now the lawsuit claims the festival organizers and their security firm failed to keep everyo safe. >>they left in the entire that festival without pain to without going through the 3 areas where they actually were wanting people. i mean that' an open door that's about the
5:36 am
ngth of a footbalfield. >>the gilroy garlic festival association released a statement saying que the lawsuit filed stemng from a horrific act of domestic terrorism is not unexpected. and we will respond through the appropriate gal channels. on the peninsulaa babysitters ben sentenced to molesting young boys. angel monae has been ordered to register as sex-offender he pleaded no contest to several felony charges relating to child molestation and distribution of child pornographer e us and them at san mateo county sheriff sa that he molested at least 16 boys. and he's a man is fing attempted murder charges for shooting man with arrowwe told you about this happening and police arrested a dayper side they say he's the one who shot arrows at 3 people in a homeless encampment ong the san francisco bay trail. 2 of those people were hit by the arrows rushed tohe hospital they are expected to be okay.
5:37 am
a person of interest isn custody. now in connection with a homicide in castro vaey that happen along san miguel avenue on saturday. the alama county deputies were out conducting a welfare check at a home when they found a an who was dead on the floor 5.36 and still ahead on outrage by some neighborods. >>they say some neighbors they say that one homehas more than 50. and the smell is so bad. that they want mething doneabout it. and governor newsome is putting pssure on pg pay wildfire victims who lost their homes. >>and i'm tracking a cool start your morning we're seeing at a few degrees cooler than norm yesterday. than what we saw 40's and 50's it's going to be mild afternoon. i'll have all the details coming and of course a slow start to the morning commute pat tear the bay bridge toll plaza drive on 18 to san francisco as kron and from the
5:38 am
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news i'm i'm inor john trouble this morning. we're looking outside andhe nice clear hot this is our sutro tower camera in san francis looking across the bay over to the port of oakland, so you up a nice clear shot across the bay there that you n see we're not seeing any far here but we are seeg some a long summer coastal spots and at the golden gate bridge. the problem's been mentning all
5:41 am
morning long temperature wise we're going to see a mild afternooahead. partly cloudy conditions as we get through the rest of todayven cooler as we get into tomorrow and friday. then this weekend a slight warm we're going to see those 70's return once again, maybe even some upper 70's into sunday and a whe lot of sunshine for saturday and th sund so enjoyed outside if you can. here's a look at that highs for today very mild 67 in san frcisco, 68 that i'm tracking in a downtown oakland for later today 69 in hayward 70 degrees and we're going to be fremont look at this inland we're livermore both ord and coming in just 74 yesterday w did see both those spots get in the upper 70's see you can dinitely see the temperature change versus yesteday and into this afternoon. we're looking at69 in redwood city and 70 in mountain view robin. all right. thank you. rebecca, let's check in on the commute now starting off with the bay bridge 80 west in san francisco the the accident
5:42 am
here it's about halfway between treasure island and fremont street. only blocking one lane, no injuries,ut it's creating a little bit of a slowdown coming off the brid. >>over to the richmond sandra fell it's 7 minutes here trouble freerom the pay gates off to one oh one and here's the toll plaza where the backup is growi on 80. it's already spilling back to the bottom of the mace old new accident there on the suspension before fremont streetand thenrowd here in oakland side behind the pay gates will check more come aftethe break stay with u
5:43 am
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>>a homeowner in orinda has more than 50 cats living in a backyard and now animal most of them neighbors say the cat to become a public nuisance mostly becausef the smell kron four's michelle kingston has the story. a woman has a 45 foot lo cage with over 50 cats int. >>50 cats are living just beyond deidra neal's property line or end up it's irritatin it's a public nuisance it's really it's bd she and other neighbors describe the smell holmes, they say they no longer. host parti at because of the stench i have a hot time in my backyard which you can enjoy because of the smell. we can't open our windows it's just. didn't likit it hits really gross. >>andrew michaud and his wife moved to lesthan a year ago
5:46 am
excited to raise their newborn baby in a home with a yard. but they're moving when their leases up this winter unable to joy theihome because the smell of the cats just be on their fee line is out of control. when it's really hot, it's unbearable in the evenin. intense at night contra costa animal services saythey are currently investigating 3 animal hoarding cases in the county. they've been at this property in a ring to a number of times over the past year and a half as recently as last week when they counted more than 50 cats in the backyard. they tell us that ty told the property owner e has 30 days to reduce the number of cats in her backya to a reasonable number or she'll be cited sthey look. >>aspirin for attention also, and it's really sad animal services says most of these cancer farrell and not socialized in are not candidates foadoption. michelle kingston kron for news.
5:47 am
>>let's check bay aa weather with rebecca here as we take a look at the forecast on this weesday. he said was a little cooler this morning. i was yesterday on really by a few degrees we're seeing out the door versus this time >>and then once we get into the afternoon we're going to see mild temperatures ones yesterday in upper 70's is i'm pretty warm. today 's going to be much cooler overall beuse we're going to see this increasing cloud cover really see though in this shot, texas, a nice shot. in san jose this just east of san jose rather our southbank camera overlooking a mount hamilton with lick observatory there at the top but yet you can see the sun already starting to peek out d that the clouds are going to increase as we get through the st of the day and that's what's goin to keep the bay area a little bit cooler than normal. how has this ability was we are seeing a karl the make a return we're seeing him really socking in on th golden gate bridge we're seeing parts of the happened they complety sucked in as well and even some respect hills through oakland berkeley but everywhere else though looks pretty clear fog. whso
5:48 am
far until the clouds start to creep in over throughout the day. temperature wise as these are going toe the breakdown of your afternoon his a lot our mild than yesterday we had 70's in san francisco. they not the case 67 you're going to talk out and the downto area, 65 in the sunset district. if you're going in the mission district 68 that i'm tracking and we're looking at 50's and 60's at the coast 55 him on tara 65 for the high bay. millbrae 68, we're moon looking at 63 in san bno but 70 degrees in burlingame and then we're looking at uppe 60's to low 70's as we head further across the peninsula like in redwood city you're going to top out there at 69 70 degrees if you'll be in mountain view and then across orouth bay zone low 70's today we saw upper 70's here yesterday so much cooler in downtown ra at 71 72 in san jose. and then those the low 70's contue throgh dublin. pleasanton and
5:49 am
summer bayside communities like in hayward you're gog to top out to 69 68 in downtown oakland and then som low to mid 70's throug wannacry can conquered and in vacaville later on today, we'll top out at 75, i've napa you'll be at 72. 73 degre expected in sonoma. 70 degrees, a point raise and then maybe some 50's en getting to low 60's and since and beach is going to chiy there and also a little t windy. breezy of course 73 for the high today expected in petaluma well tomorrow is going to be even cooler during the afternoon hours, we're only topping out to the mid upper 60's for your thursday and friday wrappg up the workweek before we do get a little biof a warm-up into the weekend it's going to be gogeous lots of sunshine and we're going to see those high guys get back up into the 70's robin. thank you rebecca, it's getting heavy on the suspension spaof the bay bridge. we have an injury at students here that's clogging
5:50 am
up the drive it's westbound 80 right aund mid span. so it' after treasure island. but before you get to fremont street blking one lane but we have injuries reporting we have crews on the way and now it's gettingeavy from the top connell heading over to the suspension that's not going help the drive-in right already slow at the toll pla here you're dealing with a backup that spills just about through the bottoof the maze and now that new problem in your way so we're looking at minutes and growing ju to make it off to fremont street to let you know when they get that accident out of your way over to the golden gate, a foggy trip coming in chp warned us early this morning. the fog was dance across the golden gate so they issued a spial. pfizer e be extra carefulwe're looking at 19 minutes novato to san francisco. but at least it's quiet right getting busy on hihway 4 for folks out in the pittsburgh, they point area westound passing the bart statn up and over the hill, the inter in concord is getting travel to any oxide looks good 27 minutes off to 2.42 that's normal. the
5:51 am
name, it's 80 south from to 38 to 92, but the rest of your trip union city fremont milpitas looking good at 27 minutes off to 37. that's a great arage just a little pocket of slowing. a little pocket here to 3his is north one oh one 2 8080 that's your stretch ofrew countybut the rest of the trip downtown up the ninsula looks really good. so 32 minutes and growing for north one oh one from san jose heing to menlo park we'll check some more numbers coming up james all right robin, thank you 5 51 is the time governor newsome is putting more pressure now on pg. >this time to pay ubiions in cash to thousands of people who lost their homes in wild fires. liability fm these fires is what landed th utility company bankruptcy in the first placen fact a cot hearing was scheduled for today to talk about that, but it was abptly posoned until november 19th some believe this delay ito allow both sides to maybe negotiate a compromise. the governor is threatening to turn the utility co-operathve if things don't
5:52 am
change facts and those it has san joseayor sam liccardo promoted the idea and it's gettingopularity now being endorsed by a number of mayors acss california. have until the end ofhe year to file a claim against pg n a utility believes only about 40,000 people filed so far but the estimate is that mae a 100,000 are actually eligible. th company has set aside more wildfire victims as part of its bankruptcy plan. still ahead on the kron 4 morning ws at 6 the trump administrati is rolling out new pocies to address the en vaping epidemic. we'll next hour. oming up in the
5:53 am
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or, is it? ♪ >>andelcome back to the kron 4 morning news, i'm rebecca morning, we're looking at his a live. a camera sha to downtown san francisco,ice and clear here we're seeing some fog though in other are like and the golden gate bridge in parts of half moon bay, but otherwise it's mostly clear conditios until we get through the rest of today. the cloud cov going to increase across the entire bay area. highs are definitely going to be more mild this afternoon, 67 for downtown san francisco expected 68 oakland and a high of 72 in san jose daria thanks a lot. >>55 colin kpernick is getting a chance to work out in front of nfl teams, the former 49 er quarterback is hosting a private workout for alof the team's this weekend in atlanta. they have invited
5:56 am
all all 32 teams any representative from them that was to attend on twitter kaepernick says that he'in shape. he's been waiting 3 years for the 32 year-old hasn't played since 2016. when he started kneeling during the national anthem to prost raciaand social injustice. >>we'll take a break at 5.56. hearings on the impeachment inquiry against president trump go puic this morning, we'll have a live report from washington d plus the giants have chosen their new nager kron four's will tran live outside of orle park this morning talking about the team's new skipper and some of the reaction from fans this morning andhe chinatown community is calling on city leaders to take action after a vicious attack on 3 senior tizens we're goingo hear from mayor london breed coming up in a moment and we're also following weather and traffic course updates never far away here on the kron 4 morning news as we take a live look here at the san mateo bridge where the commute looks like
5:57 am
it's ming along don't traffic moving well there in the commute direction that' the right hand side, little fog at e golden gate bridge. no surprise there we've been seeing that pretty much every morning so far this week. we've got herack strong in the weather center with more on the forecast and what we can expe f the week ahead. carnival 30 minute tour. hey, shaq. it's a 30 secondour. noan it's like... now it's 26. welcome aboard. ocean! welcome aboard. yride. mini golf. relax!elax! relax! you take this man to be ur husband?
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>>thanks for joining us. i'm darya lsom and i'm james fletcher we've got big news to llow today in fact we're just about 2 hours away from the start of the first public imachment hearings for president donald trump. >>th phase of the inquiry is expected to reve more details in claims that trump investigate democratic rival joe biden's family now today, e public is going to hear from top diplomat to ukraine bill taylor and deputy assistant secreta of state george kent. the former us ambassador ukraine marie of that you have lot of it is going to testify on friday hou intelligence chairman adam schiff will lead offa think lead things off in the republican ranking member devin nunez will also. >>the asking questionf as well and after they're done other memberof ngress n wll get 5 minutes each to ask questions for re on how this is algoing to play out we've got karen caifa standing by in dc with the latest this morning, karen. >>it's been about 7 weeks since house speaker nancy pelosi announced the democrats would pursue an impeachment
6:01 am


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