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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  November 13, 2019 7:30pm-8:00pm PST

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tonight "e.t." breaking super bowl halftime show news. >> what do you know that i don't know? >> is ricky martin going to have j.lo and shakira living la vi da loco. then you know friends is coming back. what has the cast concerned? >> oh, god. >> plus -- from one sexiest man to the next. >> i taught him how to pull his jacket over his gut. then "e.t." is in the last minute cma rehearsals with dolly, carrie and reba. plus inside the kidz bop empire. and "e.t." is aboard the
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famous napa value wine wine tra >> kicking off the napa valley film festival. welcome back to "entertainment tonight." we're aboard the famous napa valley wine train at the beautiful krug winery. >> we're here for the film festival that kicks off today. first let's get into the biggest news on the planet. ♪ she's living la vida loca >> super bowl's in miami this year. any chance -- >> wow, that's crazy. >> i will be watching. i will be watching. maybe i'll fly to miami. >> hm. >> maybe i'll be there. i don't know. we'll see what happens. >> "i'll be there"? is ricki martin dropping way more than a hint? only "e.t." got the exclusive with the latin music icon. it's sure sounding like he will
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appear on the half-time stage. >> if you're gonna have latin sounds -- >> what are you coming from? what do you know that i don't know? in the meantime i know jennifer lopez and shakira will do amazing. j.lo a dropping news with robert pattinson. >> i want to bring everyone together in that moment. >> this is why it would make sense for ricky to join them on stage. 20 years ago in 1999 his cross over sensation helped usher in a new wave of latin pop stars including j.lo who broke on to the scene later that year. right now the father of four has a lot going on. tomorrow night it's a full circle moment as he hosts the 23rd anniversary of latin grammys. he's also perform his new single. >> i hear you're going to come out and set the place on fire. >> who was in that rehearsal?
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it was really good, man. >> any time ricky martin is on the stage it's a moment. >> i second that. here is something else that has people freaking out. "friends" finally coming back -- for real. >> we always are trying to figure out something to do. we just have to figure out what the right thing is, but we will. >> jen kind of broke the news to us five weeks ago, but a source confirms to "e.t." that the cast has discussed bringing the show back in some capacity and everyone is on board if it makes sense. >> what do you want to do together? >> there's a lot of different ideas. who knows? >> welcome to the real world. >> we hear one idea is a reunion show. >> totally. that's such a turn on. >> how much is the multi-billion dollar franchise worth? hbo max shelled out $425 million for the right to stream the show exclusively in 2020.
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>> we said if we ever reunited let's do it on "entertainment tonight." >> yeah. >> that was the goal. >> whoo. >> sure it will be fun. >> the shows creators are also in. don't expect a full reboot. >> no, no, no. i feel like we got it right. we did the show we wanted to do. we put a bow on it. we got it right. why mess with it? >> it still feels kind of relevant. the show's still really popular with netflix and the streaming conversations and everything. >> don't you sneak a taste. >> it changed my life for the better that's for sure. i mean, what can you say? >> i don't know. that's one reboot that will make a lot of people happy. >> never say never. they said never and now they're not. >> let's talk about this year's pick for "people's" sexiest man alive. it could have been, but it's not. it's mr. john legend.
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nobody is having more fun with this than his wife chrissy tiegen and his fellow voice coaches. >> i taught him how to pull his jacket over to cover his gut. i do it all the time. >> blake teased john all night. >> the legend! >> you already came into this show with an egot. then you won the voice so it's a vegot. now you have this. >> john legend, blake shelton, we're too sexy for the voice. ♪ i'm too sexy for >> i'm a pretty good singer. ♪ who is gonna kiss you when i'm gone ♪ >> he's gorgeous, but also the complete package. he's madly in love with his
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wife. he's a fantastic father. >> john posed for two people covers. people has a special. no one had more fun with this than john's wife chrissy. she later tweeted the sexiest man alive made me a sandwich. >> blake will perform "dive bar" and carrie underwood and reba and dolly are hosting. >> can't get too many rhinestones. never met a ryan stone i didn't like. >> done lots of fittings, lots
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of tailorings. the nails need to be done as well. >> carrie's up for entertainer of the year. so is keith urban who will sing his new single "we were." ♪ i am who i am >> this is gonna be a stripped down acoustic performance of it tonight. very intimate, very raw. >> keith will be there with wife nicole. >> but when it comes to country cash, luke bryan is number one on "forbes" just released list of highest paid country stars of 2019 raking in $42.5 million. luke pulls down a cool mill per concert and earns a reported $12 million for "american idol." number two is the zach brown band at over $38 million followed by number four keith urban and luke's buddy blake at $32 million. this year's highest female artist shania twain at number seven. carrie is number 16 and miranda lambert number 20. tonight the female vocalist nominee will perform her hit "it all comes out in the wash." >> be we're all doing this for the same reason, the love of country music. >> and male vocalist nominee thomas rhett will bring his two kids, willa gray and ada james. >> it's gonna be cool. they're not gonna remember this, but we'll have the photos to say
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this is the first time you've walked the red carpet. >> can't wait for the show. by the way, reese witherspoon was just announced as a presenter and we've got some early winners too. "old town road" won cma musical event of the year. congrats to lil nas x and billy ray cyrus while casey musgraves won cma music video of the year for "rainbow." i love it. meanwhile it's nothing but rainbows and butterflies for new mom amy schumer. rachel joins us from new york with more. hey, rach. >> yay, nischelle. amy back on the red carpet for a well-deserved mama's night out. >> thank you so much. i feel good. this is my first thing. >> your first thing. >> i think so. >> there's baby gene. >> oh, god. it's the best. i'm so lucky. didn't know i could love someone that much. no offense to my husband. love you. >> rocking a black satin
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jumpsuit amy says she feels healthy and beautiful posing next to charlize theron. >> we invest in the young people of africa and their own capability of keeping themselves safe and hiv free. and while we typically have stars ask other stars questions in our "e.t.ed" up segment we threw a curve ball at the oscar winner having her answer questions she asked herself. >> your favorite fast food? >> i do like in and out burger. >> what's the most rebellious thing you've ever done? >> when i was maybe like 19 i stole some alcohol out of my parents house. you can drink in south after at the age of 18. it wasn't that -- >> you weren't breaking the rules. >> i stole. >> i think we should keep this
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going all awards season. on to rihanna. why is riri taking a break? meghan and harry's new riff saying thanks but no thanks to spending christmas with the queen. plus our tom hanks exclusive. ♪ please won't you be my neighbor ♪
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leo dicaprio's girlfriend is being called hollywood's next
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it will be a familiarry christmas for prince harry, meghan and baby archie. they'll spend it with meghan's mother. there's talk they may be in the states for thanksgiving. maybe they'll stay through the
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holidays. meanwhile we're heading back to new york for rihanna news. >> riri has had angi amazing ye. why is she apologizing? >> i want a break. >> looks like she's finally taking that break posting overnight, quote, please forgive me. this year has been quite an overwhelming one and i'm working on that ish called balance. brb. yeah, rihanna's 2019? tackling fashion, beauty, publishing. >> do you remember all that information? >> then there's her love life. last month riri confirmed she's been dating billionaire hassan jameel for, quote, quite sometime and without a doubt wants kids. >> i look forward to all the pregnancy rumors after this interviews. >> as for the fans expecting new music to drop -- >> you about to ask me about my album? >> yes, girl. >> i just knew it. >> she did seem swamped whenever i asked. >> i can give you a dot, a dot and a dot. when i have more information, you will be the first to know. more music news shawn mendes changes taylor swift's "lover."
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>> he has rewritten parts of it. ♪ lover >> tay dropped the surprise remix today with collaborator shawn seemingly singing to girlfriend camilla cabello. ♪ the girl in the story has always been you ♪ >> their constant pda has caught adam devine's eye. the comedic actor posted this comparing his clippers game date night with fiance chloe to shawn and camilla's. caption? dating at four months very four years. the canadian crooner responded not safe for work. i totally hear you man. from hot couples to a hot trio, it's our "charlie's angel" exclusive. >> what happened when elizabeth banks turned tv reporter. then a beautiful day with tom hanks. your exclusive on the set. >> it's this that really matters. we're with the preteens
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making millions by changing the lyrics to your favorite songs. ♪ i'm 100% that kid >> closed captioning provided by --
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snoelt snoe ♪ welcome back to "e.t." in napa, california and the gorgeous charles krug winery. >> i couldn't agree more. it's beautiful out here. >> picture perfect. >> now you may be wondering why we're wearing these red cardigans. >> it is world kindness day and kindness was what mr. rogers was all about. >> the same can be said about tom hanks and only "e.t." can take you behind the scenes of tom's transformation. >> good morning. ♪ it's a beautiful day in this neighborhood ♪ ♪ beautiful day for a neighbor >> he always gave somebody a chance to just be special on their own without any expectations. ♪ you are my friend you are special ♪ >> a simple wig. fake eyebrows. talking more slowly and quietly.
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tom recreates everything about mr. rogers including that kind spirit we felt firsthand when "e.t." spent the day on "the mr. rogers neighborhood" set back in 1993. >> it's this that really matters. the truth is everybody has something special inside them. >> "a beautiful day in the neighborhood" is all about mr. rogers' bond with a journalist played by matthew rhys and how that friendship changed both their lives. >> you love broken people like me. >> i don't think you're broken. >> when you say you're doing a film with tom hanks people always smile and when you say fred rogers it's the same smile. >> hey, mr. rogers -- ♪ it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood ♪ >> i've played real guys before. jim lovel, sully sullinberger, charlie wilson. the added burden of mr. rogers is because it's not just the
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expectations of the man himself, but the expectations of everybody else about mr. rogers. ♪ please won't you be my neighbor ♪ >> are you y'all trying to make me cry on "entertainment to? well get ready for the new era of "charlie's angels" and only we have the trio facing their toughest interview yet. >> hi, i'm elizabeth banks and i'll be playing the role of "e.t." interviewer of "charlie's angels." hi, guys. >> angels, time to go to work. >> what was the best part about having me as your director? >> oh, my gosh. she starts with that. >> yeah, cut. that's gonna look great. >> you knew exactly what you want and what you wanted and you were gonna get it. >> in true "charlie's angels" fashion there's a lot of disguises. what was your favorite one? >> this girl. >> the very first scene she was in like this very ninja-esque -- >> you're very sexy. >> very sexy. >> it was really comfortable. it was like a scuba suit. >> by the way, it doesn't show an ounce of skin, super sexy.
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>> who left set with the most bruises? >> ella. there are times i would be like ella you're not on camera. >> i was, like, really enjoying myself. i love physical activity. >> kristen, you got to show off your comedic chops in this movie. do you think your fans are in from a surprise? >> boo. yeah, for sure. >> beep boop beep boop. >> it felt really natural to me even though i have not been given a massive opportunity up until this point to show case that. >> i love that. >> yeah. >> this has been elizabeth banks for "e.t." 'cause apparently i also do this job now. >> later. whoo! >> writer, director, producer, actress, "e.t." correspondent. >> i don't have enough fingers and toes. >> elizabeth does it all. matt, you're a dad. tell me and kidz bop. >> when i'm dancing poorly
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around my house it's usually to kidz bop. >> it's a massive hit with celebrity parents. kidz bop if number one music brand for kids. we take all those most popular songs nowadays and make them kid friendly. ♪ i just took a dna test turns out ♪ ♪ i'm 100% that kid even when i'm crying crazy ♪ >> my favorite song is probably "truth hurts." it's on our new album "kidz bop 40." it's such a good song. ♪ why you great til you gotta be great ♪ >> here's what these kids do, they cover pop's biggest hits but without mature subject matter like sex or alcohol. ♪ strawberry champagne on ice ♪ strawberry milkshakes so nice ♪ >> chrissy tiegen had no idea kidz bop even changed the lyrics to john's ballad "all of me? >> kidz bop did? ♪ love your curves and all your edges ♪ ♪ love your words and all your edges ♪ >> how do you feel about all of that? >> i mean, it makes sense. i'm obviously down for a lyric change.
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>> that squeaky clean formula makes serious money and has a celebrity following. >> we have it in the car all the time. >> so your kids are fans? >> yes. >> just how popular are they? kidz pop has sold more than 20 million albums worldwide and generated more than 3 billion streams. their u.s. tours alone have sold more than half a million tickets. >> lately we've been getting recognized a lot. this little girl yesterday -- was that yesterday? yeah. she was like playing our music video on her phone and was like look, it's you. ♪ you're hot and you're cold >> for alums like zendaya it can also be a career launching point. but the fun won't last forever. kidz bop kids have to be between the ages of 9 and 12. ♪ you're in and you're out >> every three years they replace the kids. >> every kidz bop kid that has been in kidz bop is part of our family. >> that means my boy mac has five years of rehearsal time. >> shake your bum. let's celebrate "e.t."
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birthdays. which star of the view worked a of talk sunday, the levy may have done all those things all who work for god e. in the end they still got gotti and they're going to trump. related to an administration is disgusting they killed over 10,000 people and marred world history and anybody who uses that is going to hear from me number one number 2. at the end of the day. they cannot show that something actually was done only that trump. >>i wanted something okay. so
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in our "e.t." birthdays which star of the view worked as a brick layer? that's whoopi goldberg. >> happy birthday, whoopi. >> we've moved into the barrel room with the co-proprietor. >> thanks for joining us. >> show us what we're doing. >> we have our barrel. 2018 cabernet. >> look at that. >> look at the beautiful color. before we take a sip we do a little cheers.
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>> thank you for having us here. we really appreciate it. thank you for joining us tonight. we'll be back here tomorrow from the napa you shouldn't have to live with pain. you shouldn't have to pretend you're fine. you shouldn't have to be the ambulance. you shouldn't have to be thinking about the cost. you should just be focused on her. covered california can help you find a health plan that fits your needs and budget. because we believe you shouldn't have to choose between the life you've built and the care you need.
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>>a 4th person has died related to vaping in california now public health officials are begging people to stop vaping while other areas in the bay area are not giving people a choice and enforcing bans in their cities. i'm ken wayne, i'm pam moore today we learned a woman from vacaville died and a marine county hospital on friday from complications related to vaping. >>this is the first may be related death in the bay area, the marion county coroner says the victim is 45 year-old amanda


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