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tv   KRON 4 News at 530  KRON  November 14, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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tonight. neighbors and fellow students who knew him call it an expected saying that he was quiet and smart as we mentioned several students are in critical condition tonight they want to turn now to chris wolfe he joins us live from the let's see in front of the hospital where. >>anxious families are certainly hoping and praying for the best chris thanks for being with us. we mentioned a little bit about the gunman, but we've heard that there's an instagram either poster profile you just are wondering when you have situations like this that are so tragic. what can cause a kid to snap what we know about. >>absolutely well according to a neighbor. this young man he is asian he lost his father a year ago. now has been living with it with just his mother and the neighbor says that they took it very hard. they took the father's death a year ago, very deeply affected them very deeply and so that is one issue that we know the suspect has been dealing with. but a
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lot of his classmates at saugus high school say it was very uneepected that he was introverted very quiet kept to himself. we know he was a member of the cross country team he apparently was a smart student was planning to go to college and the people i spoke with today on campus say they never would have expected anything like this from him. he never had threatened anyone or made any overt threats against the school or any other classmates. authorities say that this all shortly after 7 30 this morning that the individual the 16 year-old boy whose birthday is today was dressed in black walked into the quad area on campus an open courtyard in the center of the property pulled out a 45 caliber semiautomatic handgun from a backpack and then unleashed a spray of bullets on 5 classmates killing 2 of them before turning the gun on himself. he now remains in critical condition here at this hospital behind me. this is henry mayo hospital in
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valencia people who were close to him don't know why this may have happened we do know that fbi agents cyber experts are joining local authorities in the investigation. performing what they call a social media scrub looking through all of his social media postings looking through all of his electronics his computer his cell phone trying to find some evidence some kind of motivation. some kind of intention behind all of this. authorities say the entire attack took only 16 seconds this morning. they believe the shootings were random that these students were not specifically targeted well beforehand that they were there simply in the wrong place at the wrong time when he chose to start firing his weapon. you did mention that instagram post apparently authorities have found a social media posting an instagram post that they're linking to the suspect says something along the lines of have fun tomorrow at saugus high school. they say interesting leave that post has been updated and changed over the course of today after
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the shooting they certainly know the shooter couldn't have done that he's incapacitated so they're wondering now if a hacker got into that account and was was messing with it or whether some kind of accomplice got in there and started updating it and changing around so they're looking at all of this very closely they've been scouring the house looking for evidence we know sadly past history shows us that people who commit these types of atrocities tend to verbalize their motivation. their intentions. we've seen it happen in video recordings we've seen it happen with the written word in manifestos so far from what we know fbi agents and others say they have not found any such writings or verbal is a shuns to let them know what the motivation behind this may have been so that remains a mystery but that's the latest from valencia back to you yeah, chris just warmer question about uh like i heard something to the effect that the kids had actually have. >>active shooter training. you
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know just prior to this so and because that law enforcement was so quick on the scene as well that mitigate some of the injuries and the harm that that might have been done otherwise. >>certainly it was great that law enforcement was there within minutes of the shooting and i actually asked some of the kids i said you just had the one of these drills they've had several through the years they said they never expected it happened on their campus. they hoped and prayed would never happen, but it did. i said so when it was unfolding did your training kick in or was it more panic. they said it was a combination some of them who are able to run to safety did they said we face that fight or flight kind of a mentality and we chose to flee we're and the heck out of there we ran into the surrounding neighborhoods. we grabbed anyone we could carried some people in some cases tried to help people escape, hoping and praying for the best with the people we new were still on campus in classrooms. those people who stayed behind in the
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classrooms when all this was unfolding said they barricaded themselves inside the classrooms that is where their training kicked in they immediately barricaded the doors they started piling that furniture up in front of the classroom doors chairs and desks and filing cabinets and so forth and then they were hunkering down staying clear of the windows one mother reported that her daughter said one of the girls who was shot. actually ran into her classroom. obviously that quad wasn't far from that classroom, one of the victims was able to run into that classroom. she was seriously injured she was bleeding. the girl said that everyone spring in action tried to help or tried to compressed the wound and hold the wound down and and try to stop the bleeding with pressure but you can only imagine that horrific scene and how traumatized these people this community is going to be for the foreseeable future. far too many of these tragedies. thank you. chris
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wolf reporting for us live from valencia thank you chris, absolutely. >>by the way you can track this story always on kron 4 dot com. there we have students who have reacted to the tragedy and you can read what we know about those victims sand, what police are saying tonight. more about the gunman's online posts so that more zone kron 4 dot com. >>and tonight at 5.34 is always tracking local stories, here's a look at what's going on in your neighborhood right now. >>we'll start with 3 east bay police departments who are coming together to buy back guns this saturday, the concord clayton and walnut creek police departments, we're letting people trade in guns in exchange for gift cards you can get $200 in gift cards for the assault weapon if you too and that in a $100 in gift cards for handguns and $50 in gift cards for rifles or shotguns all of the guns collected will later be destroyed. people may be asked to show id but police say that
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is only to establish where you live. this is happening at the concord pavilion from 10 o'clock to 3 o'clock. now to the north bay and police in american canyon are looking for people responsible for this vandalism police say 15 to 20 cars. between tuesday night and early yesterday morning were head you can see here in these pictures cars were dented spray painted some windows were actually shot out and just last night a few more cars were found vandalized. they saw the night before police are asking people whom i live in the areas where this occurred to check security cameras and if you see anything on them to police call police. >>and begin the jail. on the peninsula students as you can see there are celebrating ruby bridges, she's a 6 year-old who fuel the civil rights movement. back in 1960 and
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today, the 5th grade class at martin elimentary school in south san francisco, walk to school from city hall. >>all right time now for weather check outside lot of clouds out there almost looks like there's a little moisture on the lens this coming from timber on as we got a weak system sliding to the bay area right now so we see a lot of clouds overnight tonight. certainly the chance of some light sprinkles or maybe some drizzle outside for tonight and maybe is tomorrow morning to least north of the golden gate bridge, cool temperatures that will be found tomorrow on so plan on that numbers about 50 degrees in san francisco, 57 degrees mostly cloudy skies and civica those clouds begin apart as we head toward the afternoon. inside the peninsula, you're looking 64 redwood city 64 also amount you 64. in campbell 65 degrees in san jose 63, partly cloudy skies in the milpitas may be as warm a 70 degrees by the afternoon in livermore 67. in pleasanton about 69 in concord and 61 degrees in san leandro
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in the north bay. that's where you see some warmer temperatures in fairfield in vacaville, but in the morning. they're certainly the chance we could see a couple light sprinkles in parts of the north bay so be prepared for that over the next couple of days, we're going to see a return of high pressure over the weekend that is going to warm those temperatures back up even little offshore wind into saturday and sunday, some temperatures moving up the mid 70's on sunday, a monday but look what happens next week the pattern looks like it is beginning to shift. there's at least a slight chance of showers on tuesday. another chance of a couple of raindrops by next thursday. this really cute puppy a born with a second tale. >>and the latest on fay thing the cdc's pinpointing a cause and vaping illnesses in the us, the chemical they have found in 2 dozen patients.
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>>appears to be the culprit. conditions and rising health
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>>a humanitarian crisis is worsening at the refugee camp that's just across the border.
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medical unsanitary conditions are deteriorating for his many is 2000 immigrants as they wait for us court dates the campus across the border from brownsville texas in the mexican city of matamoros they're drinking water is scarce families live to see of tents and tarps stanch lingers in the air from human waste. they're among those sent south of the border to wait and pursue their asylum cases under the trump administration's remain in mexico policy. the conditions highlighting the health risks that are associated with the policy. >>trucking industry is taking its fight to federal court over a new state law that goes into effect in 2020 the law re classifies workers across many industries as. >>employees instead of independent contractors. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. this latest effort. >>this week, the california trucking association filed a lawsuit in federal court to try to keep state law ab 5
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from applying to their industry claiming it clashes with federal law. >>this really is a situation where people want to operate their own business and that they just do not want that opportunity taken away the bill aims to extend worker protections and benefits by redefining a number of independent contractors as employees, the trucking industry was one of the most outspoken when this bill was making its way through the legislature. >>are folks who. >>in many many many cases have been employees drivers in the past. so they've they've worked in that type of the business model. but they've decided that they really do want to own and operate business so they've invested in that truck. and many times putting their life savings into the truck in a statement, the lawmaker who wrote a b 5 assembly member lorena gonzalez said in part quote. >>we expect big corporate interests, especially those who have misclassified their workers for years to take this fight back to the place they know they can delay justice for workers. the courts. this latest attack on the new law comes as rideshare companies
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like uber and lyft to take their fight against it to the ballot box uber lyft postmates doordash and instacart have already put up million for a 2020 ballot initiative to ask voters to exclude them from the law it will be up to a federal judge to decide if truckers should be excluded too. in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news at >>4 zone forecast as get a live look outside at san francisco's. the market there. >>chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now quote you here, yeah and throughout the past i don't know for 5 weeks even today all we need is is one good rainfall like an inch of rain. yes, so really mitigate the fire danger i get us into the winter. we've got to walk before we can run so yeah we've got something going here yet. >>a 700 so about that that was a much as i could find in half moon bay. 200's in the can't feel checking in with 300 just just a drop in the bucket their nap and only trace
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amounts in the concord and san francisco around the rest the bay area but hey you know what we've got some changes coming in this may just work out ok, but we've got to give it a chance here tonight a lot of clouds out there right now still a chance we could see some light sprinkles or some drizzle outside it is cool doppler radar scanning your skies right now remaining mostly dry. but we've got another system just off the coastline one week one sliding through today helping to break down that ridge but we've got this one the sitting right outside right now and that will be pushing a later on tonight, temperatures. yeah, a little bit cooler spots to be a lot of 50's around the bay area's could be cloudy that damp conditions continuing out there and something we haven't seen for quite some time and just what we need to get things going so trying to break down that ridge it's finally sliding to the east looks like that will keep the door open for this next system, but it's not going to be a whole lot there's a chance some rain in far northern california and slight chance. we could see a couple of scattered showers around the bay area tech here you go as we take you through time there it is as we head toward tomorrow morning a chance we could see a couple of scattered light showers behind that we start to clear out in
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high pressure builds in for the weekend. but it's not going to be that big strong blocking ridge of high pressure so that would kind of give way and we've got another system dropping in on tuesday to bring another chance of showers and then again maybe on thursday, so certainly nice changes coming our way at least the doors going to start to open up to maybe some stormy weather coming our way. highs tomorrow will be a little bit cool in spots inside the bay, but in the valley you'll see some 60's and 70's next couple days should be nice over the weekend slight chance of showers by the following tuesday. all right lawrence will scientists are hoping that old dogs can teach us new tricks or at least shed some light on human longevity. yeah, let's hope this works. they're launching the largest-ever study. >>of aging in canine still be collecting data from 10,000 dogs and a small group of. dogs will test their pill that could slow the aging process. hi there dogs in the study will live at home folder. were teens, researchers at the university of washington school of medicine are organizing the effort they say
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what we learned about how dogs age could lead to advances in human health. >>there's a little puppy that was born to an extra day off there it is right on its head and by the vet says he won't remove it. the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection. to mateo, my favorite chair. grace, you get the beach house...
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just don't leave the lights on, okay? to craig, this rock. to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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>>this is great a little puppy rescue puppy in missouri is taking the internet everybody by storm only 10 weeks old, perfect name. and the thing
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has what looks to be a an actual tale grilling from its forehead. >>apparently is an actual tale has a alaina chappy reports for us tonight, it's something that one bet has never seen in his 16 years of caring for animals. >>how does not know it just >>the unicorn of the sea but a unicorn poppy he's got a next or what looks like a perfect health sitting in the center of his forehead. he's perfect gnarly. >>was rescued by rochelle steffen the founder of mac the pitbull facebook page and nonprofit that brings life to dogs with special needs. stephens says the tail is a part of him now why remove it. >>and give him an undue surgery and then why take away a specialty. he makes everybody smile a local veterinarian says they've looked at everything. >>and don't see a reason to remove it. >>does appear because in any problems or complications at this time. we went as far as shooting radio grass or x-rays
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there are no bony attachments there are no vertebrates him that what looks to be a tell not. >>well isn't even bothered by his action tale know if you were in his eyes or or if we thought all thought that it was going to grow. you know because he's got. if we thought it was going to grow and we would address it. 7 says he is up for adoption. but she's getting worried. >>part of our concern would be somebody adopting him a morning too. cut the tail off. >>she says until the right person comes along normal is hers i i don't want to have to. >>break out the mama bear claws and have to hurt somebody if they want to hurt him. >>but she is hopeful he and his tail will find a forever home he's going to be preschool. no matter where he ends up. >>front door say that you know a lot of people have been asking the a. tail wags so the big one in the back. you the
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little one in the front. but apparently it does not unless courses that's money. i'm almost as funny is a house, the tail reminds me of that unit values that before justine maybe address it k. that wraps up conference fifa to the browns that la now news continues right now with kron 4 news at 6 try to clean it up ken wayne and pam moore are here for that. >>grant vicki thanks to both coming up next on kron 4 news at 6, 5 people behind bars now in connection with a shooting on halloween night in over end of that left 5 young people dead. where the arrest took place and reaction from or and as mayor that's all next in a live report plus 2 students are dead 4 others injured after a shooting at a high school in southern california. tonight police are trying to determine a motive. we'll have a live report on this story coming up in our chief meteorologist will tell us are we getting more rain in the forecast, the news at 6 is next.
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>>arrests have been made in connection to the mass shooting at a party in orinda on halloween night. thank you for joining us, i'm can want and i'm pam moore. the arrests come 2 weeks to the day of
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that deadly shooting earlier today the contra costa and moran sheriff's departments. >>served a warrant summer in city the over in the man and says the arrests were made as a police working day and night to get this done kron four's dan kerman live in orinda at the city hall right now with the latest stan. >>well that's right to 4 of those 5 who are arrested now charged with murder and conspiracy the 5th charged with being an accessory as you know 5 people murdered halloween night. and now authorities are saying the 2 of those who died. also had weapons. it was halloween night when a party at and are in air bnb rental turned into a massacre. 5 people murdered countless injured. now morning raids at this complex and marine city as well as in san mateo antioch in vallejo have led to 5 arrests taken into custody, 28 year-old lebron wallace of san mateo 20 year-old jack has swinney of or in city 20 year-old jason aisles of


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