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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  November 15, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PST

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>>another kai witness will testify in the public hearings in the impeachment inquiry into president trump that hearing starts at 6 this morning with former us ambassador to ukraine. you know they testifying not your emeril is live in washington dc this morning with the latest not a a. >>the ex ambassador has been very vocal about why she believes she was forced out of her position this is part of that 317 page transcript. lines what she told lawmakers
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last month during her deposition she believes that if there was a concerted campaign by the president 3 giuliani and others to push her out. >>just last month former us ambassador to ukraine marie yovanovitch testify before house lawmakers behind closed doors. the state department. during her nearly 10 hour deposition, she told lawmakers president trump wanted her out of her job over what she called unfounded and false claims by people with clearly questionable motives friday, she'll face lawmakers in the cameras in a public hearing. the hearing comes on the heels of testimony from bill taylor, the top us diplomat in ukraine and george kent who oversees us policy in ukraine for the state department. their testimony shed more light on the president's direct involvement in the push to get ukraine to investigate his political rivals member of my staff could hear president trump on the phone asking investors on and about the investigations. >>mister solomon told
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president trump that ukrainians were ready to move forward, but republicans seem more focused on who they won't be able to question it won't bring in front of us. >>it won't bring in from the american people that's the guy started it all. the whistleblower. >>on thursday speaker of the house nancy pelosi fired back the president's own appointee describing. and threatening and the question of it threatening. the identity of the whistleblower. it's just shameful behavior. >>yvonne image wraps up this week's testimony but next week we're expected to hear from several witnesses. clues us ambassador to the european union gordon sondland he is believed to have had direct conversations with president trump about ukraine aid and the bites live from the capital i'm not here. romero. all right, thank you not a a. >>well we will be streaming the impeachment hearings from pstart to finish on kron on this morning that the public hearing start at 6 o'clock so make sure you tune in and
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remember you can download the kron. and take it with you as you're on the move throughout the day also before you make that move leave home ahead outside of course you want to get a check of the forecast because it's very important you need to know what to wear ko no coat jacket winter coat. standing by with a look at your forecasts are back to where you can really were all the about all those chilly temperatures come out. again. it's not too bad right once he gets a into the car crank up the heat because if it's going to be a bit chilly as you make your out the door this morning. but at least it's mostly clear here the golden gate bridge, nice 2 days in a row that we have seen an okay and the faa. that is nice to wake up to. we're going to be waking up to the possibility of some drizzle some possible
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showers actually especially in the north bay really just a long summer coastal spots again just a possibility. so if you're taking highway one or want to one. we could be seeing that because we're actually tracking just a week weather system coming through over the next couple of hours. but most of it's going remain to the north of us through the bay area and getting a closer to the organ border and even into a washington as well. things temperature wise some spots are cooler some spots our little bit higher this morning depending upon where you are santa rosa. your 7 degrees cooler than you were at this time yesterday look at the motto in napa you're about 4 degrees higher than yesterday 5 in san francisco, 7 in oakland. but the temperatures still in the 40's in the 50's is still on the chilly side for us in the bay area. 51 in napa right now 54 novato 58 degrees in downtown oakland. if you're just now waking up with downtown san jose. currently at 57 degrees. visibility wise. we are going
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to see the cloud cover today, but it's not going to be as intense as what we saw yesterday. so partly cloudy conditions into the afternoon. that is what i am tracking and then up by noon time lunchtime we're going to start to see things clear out before things start to come back in during the overnight hours. high pressure systems coming to us over the weekend it's going to bring us some nice temperatures. let you know just how warm we'll get your neighborhood for saturday and sunday coming up a little bit later now let's send it back to robin. all right. thank you. rebecca sounds good now we want to check in on traffic. take a look at the road. it's the bridge is set starting off with the bay bridge toll plaza, the drive into san francisco. it is nice and light and quiet and smooth. so no problems that you have to worry about here come on in use it now within the next hour we're going to have much heavier traffic so you still have that opportunity to beat the rush. the bulk of the slowing which is on the way so far red 8 minutes to make your way into san francisco over to the san mateo bridge we're checking in on 92. well we're looking over to the right side and where
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they're checking out the traffic westbound leaving hayworth that's a commute direction on the left we have traffic heading east into hayward but so far it's moved in both directions. so that's what we like to see off to the richmond sandra fell maybe you take 5.80 west, maybe that's a part of your commute. it's moved through the tolls across the span into the north bay so nothing to worry about right now and here's the golden gate. if you check out the right side which is northbound heading out of san francisco. you'll see the typical bridge work they're blocking one law and so only one lane available north as you head out. but so far it's not really interrupting traffic because nobody's really out there. it's 20 minutes here erling south which is the commute direction from nevada to the toll plaza, but they usually have that wrapped up around 4.30. before 5 o'clock it should be out of the way we'll take another look at traffic coming up in just a bit. these are looking into another school threat and iron horse middle school now this is the second threat within a week. graffiti was found in a bathroom about a school
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shooting that's was supposed to happen next a friday afternoon. the district doesn't know who wrote it and did not find anything else suspicious. and 3 others in the hospital this morning after a school shooting in santa clarita the gunman has been identified as a 16 year-old student who attended that school. he's also in the hospital right now after shooting himself reid binion has the latest. the gunshots and we just like let's go let's run the same backpacks place and not known defend time. >>students describing moments of panic and terror it's august high school in santa clarita california. after a fellow student opened fire on his classmates on his 16th birthday, a shooting lasting just 16 seconds well now resonate with victims for a lifetime. we have not yet established a motive. we have no reason to believe that the subject was acting on behalf of any other group or any ideology. and no reason to believe there's any threat or any co-conspirators at this time.
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>>i'm gonna walk to get you don't move please i just need to be you just need to be my arms right now ok. >>likely just one of many similar phone calls between parents and their children. it's august hide. relief is children find the arms of their parents. >>you are let go of your daughter though. >>but not all are so lucky. parents of those killed will never get a chance to hold their children again. >>to the families of those who lost loved. into those who were critically injured. on behalf of the american people. every american are with you today. >>i'm reid binion reporting. >>often after threatening to shoot up a high school san joaquin deputies got a call about a possible shooting thursday at franklin high school that threat was on several social media posts and also showed a hand. so 2 teens were arrested thanks to quick
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thinking from investigators. they say that the school resource officers and their knowledge of the campus and relationship with the students really helped. >>for the families parents of the children to go to the schools here stockton and all of san joaquin county. >>they should they should take solace in knowing that their law enforcement is here we're on top of these things as soon as we hear about them. we act quickly on these to make sure that their children are always safe. >>well these arrest came just hours before the deadly shooting in santa korea. well to the east bay now 5 people are now in custody, the after a deadly halloween party shooting in orinda kron four's dan thorn has the latest. >>a handful of people are now facing charges for a deadly halloween night shooting in orinda raids across the bay area captured 5 suspects wanted in connection with the massacre at an air bnb rental one of those raids was at this complex in moraine city.
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>>the best we can hope for is that this this helps show people that that really the law enforcement agencies have been out there they have been working very very hard. >>orinda mayor in the miller says she understands the frustrations with not getting more information about this case. but she says these arrests may provide some closure for the victims families. >>we hope of course that people's minds are at ease and and i don't think that that simply arrest made in a case can can do that for people this is a horrible horrible tragedy that happened and a horrible. event that that that at least people shaken the contra costa county sheriff says monday morning's raids also happened in valais help antioch in san mateo. >>the 5 men have been identified as 28 year-old lebron wallace of san mateo 20 year-old jack as sweeney and 20 year-old jason eilis submarine city 30 year-old sharon mitchell of antioch and 20 year-old devon williams in valais help williamson is facing charges as an accessory
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the other 4 suspects are facing charges of murder and conspiracy a memorial honoring those killed at the party still stands in the middle of town. the sheriff says 2 of the 5 victims also had weapons which may havp been a factor in the deadly shooting. reporting in orinda dan thorn kron 4 news. >>coming up next on the kron 4 morning news a small businesses struggle to keep their doors open a store front vacancy tax could be on the march ballot. we'll have details on that coming up after the break. also local food banks are feeling the impact of the recent wildfires and power shut off. and things quickly escalated on the field during the steelers browns game. what will happen to the players involved.
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news i'm rebecca storm in for john this morning, we're taking a live look outside right now conditions to sarah cisco international airport. that's a mostly clear skies here so that is the good news weather. wise and not tracking. any delays for inbound flights so we are in the green if you're going to be picking up a loved one this morning a cell phone looking good oakland and san jose, but of course as always check with your carrier before heading that direction. and the possibility of some light showers maybe some sprinkles on some of the bay area freeways this morning for going to be taking highway one or one oh one. we're tracking
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just a really weak system coming out of the pacific northwest, mainly if we see any of the sprinkles are going to touch down in the north bay, very light, you might just need to put on windshield wipers a couple of times. but again it's very weak and very light but wanted to attack, just let you know about that because of course it can make things a little bit slick on the roadway. we are seeing dry conditions of the once we get into tomorrow. pressure building around the bay area. and it's going to be really nice temperature wise we'll get to those temperatures in just a moment and in fact getting to tuesday. speaking of us some showers activity. we may. of a light sprinkles once we get into the morning hours on tuesday. so we're tracking another system coming out of the pacific northwest of course keep it to kron 4 and we will keep you posted on that. temperatures right now 40's and 50's outside 58 degrees in oakland. we're looking at a 57 in san jose 56 currently and san francisco. so mostly were a few degrees
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high. were this time yesterday. what we saw yesterday we really were in the 50's to low even the mid 60's yesterday, we're going to get into the upper 60's around the bay area as we're waiting for this high pressure to start building but really going to kick off tomorrow. but 69 we're expecting in concord that's going to be nice today, 65 in oakland, still low for san francisco and half moon bay. but the temperatures are going to continue to cause i'm into the weekend i'm tracking 70's. i'll break all of those down coming up in just a bit robin. all right. thank you. rebecca checking in on the roads, the freeways, the drive times the commute into san francisco is getting a little crowded now we have a backup. into mostly on the right hand side you have about 2 lanes open right now to pay cash on the left and right but overall. it's nice we're at about 7 minutes right now from the bottom of the maze through the tolls across the upper deck deck. so we're off to a fantastic start over to 92. the cameras been
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moved around a little bit but we're focusing on the right side that's a traffic leaving hayward heading over to the peninsula and it's looking good so far no problems no crashes no stalls. 13 minutes to make it across the span and over to one on one. here's the richmond sandra fell and you still have time to beat the russia doesn't really start to back up much in the 4 o'clock hour so get out there early you can beat the heavy traffic which is on the way we're at 8 minutes and growing from the tolls over to highway one oh one. let's take a peek at traffic tracker shows us more drive times more freeways were checking out highway 4 through contra costa county that's looking good right and pittsburg bay point conquered heading west on 4 all is well 6.80 south is a good trip to pacheco wannacry danville than that sets in fantastic shape maybe have to roll south this morning. minutes from 2.38 out to 2.37 and then from the south bay to the peninsula. one oh one is looking really good. it's only 27 minutes from san jose heading up to
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menlo park course we'll check more for you coming up in a little bit. is to thursday night football with the steelers browns game ended and a vicious brawl in prime time. so the browns they were winning they had 8 seconds left in the game. back mason rudolph, he sacked by myles garrett that's when a fight broke out between the 2 and garrett, he just a rip-off i would office helping to see that. and then he flings it out. nice the steelers lineman they come to an office defense may start punching and kicking here and while he's down on the ground. come on this football, this like a street fight, multiple players getting ejected in the steelers, they just walked off the field before the end of the day. >>to what i didn't. president of facebook. >>pretty cowardly can really push league which you know
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there's plenty of tape out there to watch that. >>everyone's expecting major suspensions coming very soon right after using the helmet as a weapon it would be surprising if myles garrett is suspended for the rest of the year, but we shall see what decision is. well now let's move on to bay area football we're talking about the 40 niners are getting ready for a home. against the arizona cardinals. he's out you know he has that knee injury an ankle injury after the last meeting with arizona 2 weeks ago new star receiver emmanuel sanders, he has a rib injury but he could will suit up and play we'll see about that the cardinals have lost 3 good games in a row. but the niners know that they aren't an easy out. you can see on tape why they've been in every game and. >>when you played him in person while we understood even more they got a lot of speed out there they got a lot of talent on offense and defense. they got a very talented quarterback is going
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better better seen as a good team now and they're only a better. >>we going to the >>at levi's stadium at one oh 5 got shut up. the oakland raiders are getting ready for a home game as well they host the winless cincinnati bengals on sunday and of course it's an opportunity ftr the writers to rack up another win and get a little bit closer to the playoffs right sunday's game that kicks off at the coliseum one 25 the afternoon, you know the raider nation was be there. all right now let's move on to baseball we're talking about the giants ace pitcher madison bumgarner he's now a free agent so madbum turn down a $17 million qualifying offer for from the giants to stay with them. 30 year-old lefty enters the open
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market as the giants begin a new era. they have a new gm of course and a manager running the show. all star receiver will smith. he won't be back with the giants know he's joining the atlanta braves on a reported 3 year deal. course we're still tracking the developments and a call cases from 15 years ago the investigators were able to make a second arrest coming up. take a little peek outside check in on the bridges check in on the conditions we have a little bit a bridge work here in the golden gate. traffic getting by just fine heading northbound out of san francisco. stay tuned. we'll have the hollywood minute coming up after the break. if you have medicare, listen up.
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>>and welcome back to the kron 4 morning news and thanks for staying with us we have a little bit of movie and music news today in this morning's hollywood minute here stay the den you with more. >>made cgi and the same. so works out pretty well. >>it's official keanu reeves is everywhere even in the new trailer for the spongebob movie sponge on the run bikini bottom crowd returns to the big screen for their latest adventure next may. pair of grammy winning artists are taking on hosting duties. alicia keys has agreed to return as grammy awards host
4:25 am
in february to be the first female music star to repeat his grammy host and cra has been tapped to host the american music awards. coming up on sunday november 24th. >>this is the time to go and do a victory lap the end of the end of the road is finally in sight for kiss. >>the iconic band has scheduled the final concerts of its end of the road tour. they'll perform across the us next spring and fall before wrapping things up july 21th 2021 at a new york venue yet to be determined stay tuned in hollywood. i'm david daniel. >>and before we go a little peek outside checking in on the bay bridge check out the law i need the cash lanes did not grow quickly just a few minutes ago is backed up to like the middle of the parking lot. now its bills all the way back toward 80 over crossing, so what a difference just a few minutes can make. this is why we tell you get out there early beat the rush she still have time. so if you're paying yet here fast tracking or if your car pulling you're doing
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fine. it's just a cash lanes that are stacked up overall a nice trip into san francisco. and outside your door, it's mild temperatures mainly in the 50's 52 an antioch 57 in hayward and 56 degrees right now in san francisco, your full forecast coming up after the break.
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>>and welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, the times for 28, thanks for waking up with
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us so it's just good to know that we're not the only ones that are up only dark and early this morning before you head. leaves just a year. getting yourself out house this morning cut turn the car heaters and it's still going to see a temperatures so on the chilly side for us carries and 50's around the bay area. so we're seeing some clear conditions, especially through san francisco. not tracking any fun. right now. so downtown looks really nice and i shot a week up to this morning that yeah it is a just on the cooler side of course is normal 40's and 50's in some spots were a few degrees higher in other spots where a few degrees lower. so just depends where you are cooler ng by about 7 degrees or is this time yesterday everywhere house we're seeing temperatures starting off a little bit higher. so we're definitely going to be seeing a the possibility of some sprinkles some showers and it's really going to remain mostly in the north bay and some are coastal spots we might see that drizzle touchdown on the roadways you might need to just the
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windshield wipers on a couple of times but everywhere else dry this morning, you're waking up to dry conditions in the east bay, the south bay looking good. but again it's just a very light. the chance of a sprinkle so just keep that in mind if you're going to traveling along a the pacific coast highway or one oh one trying to get into san francisco. highs today, temperatures are going to be actually a little bit higher by a few degrees than yesterday. so we saw 50's we saw low 60's we some mid 60's, we're going to see upper 60's today for some areas like in concord he'll be at a high of 69 and 65 in hayward relatively the same though along the coast for san francisco in half moon bay. we were in the low 60's there will be that way today as well so we're still seeing this cooling trend. as you wrap up your work week today and then a warm up as we get into the weekend it's going to be beautiful and those 70's are coming back to us on saturday and sunday with a whole lot of sunshine in fact, the


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