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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  November 15, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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>>the sum involved in this event went to the party with the intention of causing harm there were rival gangs involved. >>armed guns and with an intense to be violent police reveal what they say are the gang affiliations of some of the suspects and some of the victims at the rend a hollowing party that turned deadly thanks for joining us tonight, i'm can way and i'm pam moore, not only are we learning more about those accused in the mass shooting
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but. >>investigators have a chilling description of the scene of the east bay home kron four's dan kerman joins us live now from martinez dan major developments tonight in this case. >>that's right we're learning a lot about gang affiliations the sheriff saying that the scene looked like a bloodbath he also indicated that there was plenty of shell casings all over the murder scene in that plenty of people they have evidence of we're carrying weapons. this is video of authorities preparing to raid an antioch home thursday to arrest or in the murder suspect sham ron mitchell and mitchell attempting to escape out a second story window. he was unsuccessful the video was released by the sheriff's office friday along with photos of the 4 men arrested for murder in connection with the orinda halloween massacre in my 32 years of law enforcement. >>i have never a homicide scene like this ever. it was a bloodbath inside the home. >>contra costa sheriff david livingston says the 5th man arrested was the promoter of
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the party. he says investigators are still trying to piece together who shot who and the exact motive, but he says some came to the party with the intention of causing harm. >>for this event it came down to gang members essentially shooting and killing people including innocent people. >>the role of 2 of the murder victims is also under investigation. the sheriff says raymond hill junior in javelin county were both carrying weapons and were rival gang members. hill associated with san francisco's paige street gang and county with them or in city jungle gang the sheriff also said those pointing the finger at air bnb the owner of the property and the response time of police have it all wrong. >>the blame rests specifically on the individuals that carry guns into that party, pulled the trigger murder, someone that's who should have the blame in this case, not the police not anybody else. >>the sheriffs of indicated
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that this investigation is still continuing in fact there are still looking tor additional suspects they also have a lot of evidence to go through that looking at cell phone records. dna evidence of this case is far from over and again the sheriff indicating there should be more arrests coming live at the sheriff's office and martinez dan kerman kron 4 news. thank you can track the developments in a story on 4 dot com there you also find how the community honor the victims. >>and hear from family members again it's all a kron 4 dot com. story tonight. >>the bay area real estate heiress whose family posted a million bail has been found that guilty for the murder of her ex-boyfriend that same jury was hung. >>on the fate of tiffany least co-defendant cobb a at kron four's ray kelly has the latest on today's stunning developments. >>she was a great father and he loved his children the mother of murder victim keith green was emotional after her son's ex-girlfriend and mother of his 2 children was acquitted that same jury
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deadlocked 6 to 6 on a verdict for lee's now former co-defendant cut a that he was. and a wonderful father. the lee family attorneys says now that she's a free woman. tiffany li will start right away on trying to regain custody of her 2 girls, even though her family posted a million bail to spring her from jail while awaiting trial. lee's been essentially under house arrest at her hillsborough home and an able to see her children except through a video screen. >>these children have lost their father very very difficult circumstances and they've been without their mother for almost 4 years while lee is now free to go buy out will remain in custody while the district attorney's decides whether or not to retry am. >>pretty dramatic difference. >>6 ix is a case that generally to retry i look for
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some different evidence something different before we go and invest the taxpayer money on a an expensive and lengthy trial. i'm not just simply i think i can do a better job next time. >>another question is whether or not a 3rd person will be called to answer for the murder of keep green a living heir adela who told police he was paid to get rid of green's body and who the defense said could be the real killer adel accepted a plea deal in exchange for his testimony against lee and a deal that was thrown out after he allegedly tried to contact a defense witness before the trial. so he was never put on the stand. >>a judge has to approve an elephant patient of adele as plea agreement at a hearing in december. the for the da can decide whether or not to move forward in that case. so we'll likely know next month whether adela will be tried for greens murder or the retried for it. the prosecution has decided that this case is over maureen
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kelly kron 4 news. >>in the east bay, a man was shot to death while driving his vehicle through a neighborhood in concord and tonight police are acknowledging no arrests have been made and they don't have any suspect now investigators are asking for the community's help to try to track down the shooter we turn now to kron 4 says it made us the latest on the case. >>on friday these law enforcement officers responded to the 1800 block of robyn layton conquered, it is the location of a deadly shooting that happened around 05:00pm wednesday. >>witnesses called in. >>responding officers began lifesaving measures of the seat until paramedics arrived the victim was taken to a hospital where he was later pronounced dead from his injuries nesta gators are being tight-lipped about any leads they have in the kays concord police corporal david
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perry does say however that the victim was behind the wheel of a vehicle with the shooting occurred the. >>the victim and the suspect had some sort of verbal. >>the gunman dead than that used in the shooting were by the time police arrived investigators say they want to reassure the community that they do not believe the shooter is out there targeting drivers in this area. we don't believe that there's just someone out there standing on the street corner, randomly shooting at people. less than a half dozen the sites this year. again is a searching for any surveillance videos that could point to the direction of a possible shooter. >>anyone with information is asked to contact cooker police in concord has it led you to kron 4 news. >>in national news, former ambassador to ukraine marie yovanovitch testified in front
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of lawmakers on capitol hill today. this is day 2 of the trump impeachment and corey public hearings continued the bottom it said that she felt intimidated and threatened by president trump. she went on to say that she was stand after the transcript call between president trump and the president of ukraine revealed that the 2 leaders tried tarnishing her reputation. president trump removed, but it's from her position after she described what in what she described as a smear campaign. the democrats said that her dismissal set the stage for the president and his allies to push ukraine to investigate his political opponent, joe biden president trump reacted during her testimony today, tweeting quote everywhere merida bonaventure went turned bad, it is a us presidents absolute right to appoint ambassadors republicans argue that president trump was well within his rights to a call well a sitting ambassador. time now for our first weather check this hour with the 4 zone forecast as we step
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outside and a wide perspective. the city of san francisco looking across the board of a our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here to talk about the 4 zone forecast into the weekend. >>you can kind of feel it or. >>station today people are ready to go this friday here go get ready for the weekend looks like it's going to be a nice one to we do have a couple patches of fog that are rolling in along the coastline right now that will make its way inside the base of that may be a little bit thick at times overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. but overall the pattern is really looking nice. hey we did have a weak system a roll through the bay area early on today brought a couple sprinkles in fact, temperatures go redshirt to hundreds of an inch. precipitation today and that's just because that system kind of role in on by early on and bringing with a little bit of moisture not much going now it's all gone an hour left the imus some low clouds and fog temperatures out the door. it certainly cool if you're headed out this evening, san f in oakland, 59 also in san jose and live more 62 degrees
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in concord and 57 degrees in santa rosa, but we've got some changes coming our way for the weekend. i think if you've got some plans will you go like this get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine just some patchy fog developing overnight tonight moving inside the bay watch out the central valley actually are starting to see the first signs of some truly fog developing there certainly that can cause some issues for driving down the i 5 are in the center of al if your head in that direction but that will be gone a lot of part of the morning then here we go lots of sunshine by the afternoon, maybe couple lingering clouds out near the coastline but not much more sunshine little more of an offshore component to the winds as we head into sunday and that always means a pretty nice weather around the bay area so that being said tomorrow. hey we're back in the mid 70's, some parts of the interior valleys, 60's and 70's, beautiful sunshine inside the bay in the afternoon. and that's a 50's 60's along the coastline looking out through the weekend got a whole lot of sunshine coming away, those temperatures warming up a little bit more on sunday monday looks nice too but by next tuesday. there's a slight
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chance of showers seen all right. thank you mark coming up major traffic relief coming for some south bay commuters. >>when several express lanes will be open and ready for use plus more on day 2 of the public hearings in the impeachment inquiry into president trump. what the nation learned in the testimony today from marie yovanovich and some students at a bay area university, not too happy about conservative speaker and cultures planned visit. the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection. to mateo, my favorite chair. grace, you get the beach house... just don't leave the lights on, okay? to craig, this rock. to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter.
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the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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>>conservative political pundit ann coulter is planned visit to u c berkeley next week is drawing backlash from some on campus. video has surfaced of students tearing down flyers promoting the event. >>kron four's only to golf speaks with the organization that invited her to campus the group is hoping coulter will i have to cancel her visit to the university this time as she did 2 years ago over security concerns. >>member of the berkeley college republicans at u c berkeley conyronting a woman ripping flyers down promoting conservative speaker and author ann coulter's campus visit next wednesday, one are off illegal always put a ball of fire immediately covered up or taken off and then we know consequences for the people who do the college republicans spokesperson rudra ready says the student activities and notices boards are public. and although flyers for events denouncing the trump
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administration stay out. it seems anything conservative comes down. >>we've had a number of a student government senators like denounce openly and announce the cause republicans flame lighting most of us not been helpful the event is called ann coulter adios america. >>it will be a discussion about the syndicated columnists views on immigration are you just >>even to cities in the event so you're welcome to city for the event. >>those who disagree with coulter's positions say she should still be allowed to speak and event organizers have the right to promote the event expressing their first amendment right by us. >>during his visit hate speech is an inflammatory is it. unknown listen to her. you
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know, but let her do her. >>ready says his club reached out to coulter wanting to give her anotherpshot to speak on campus after she decided to bow out of an event that cow 2 years ago over security concerns. >>reddy says the university administration has been supportive and the campus police department has agreed to provide security we've done all we can live with the u c b visa. the tickets are still available online in berkeley police should all kron 4 news. >>2017 was a turbulent year for the you see campus and the city of berkeley because of the free speech debate. protests throughout the year often escalated into violence and in did in arrests it all started when the berkeley college republicans invited controversial for market tour, milo yiannopoulos to speak before you not plus could even take the stage what began as a peaceful prooests spiraled out
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of control. protesters broke windows tossed smoke bombs and started a fire. topless had to be escorted off the campus in a bulletproof jacket, only one person was arrested but more than a $100,000 in damage was done on campus a month later, tensions ran high as pro and anti trump protesters met in civic center park in berkeley, heated encounters lead to physical confrontations, 5 people were arrested for battery for for assault with a deadly weapon and 1, 4, resisting arrest among the weapons police say they confiscated a dagger metal pipes, bat and bricks. chaos erupted again among protesters at april as hundreds gathered again at civic center park. many resorting to violence again people were left bloodied other shouting at each other in the end of 20 people were arrested facing charges such as battery assault with a deadly weapon and committing a crime while wearing a mask, 11 people we're hearsts and in the same month u c berkeley canceled a campus appearance by
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conservative columnist, and culture it was supposed to take place on april 27th, the 2 went back and forth over when and if the event would eventually take place but neither side came to an agreement it all culminated in a relatively peaceful protest. while there was some conflict there is no real violence. berkeley police did come prepared though dressed in riot gear, 2 arrests were made. there was a pause in the protests until august when protesters met again in berkeley and san francisco. there's also a plan for free speech week at u c berkeley planned by the student group berkeley patriots. that was eventually canceled. but conservative radio host, japan. shapiro did speak on campus to a sold out audience. the event cost more than $800,000 to secure. according to u c berkeley. you can follow all these stories at kron 4 dot com and always stay connected by downloading our free app. >>well it is a common bay area debate how to so all the traffic grow close here. some
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experts believe until there's a better way at least part of the solution may be toll roads kron four's rob fladeboe reports now on the expansion of that whole system on one of the south bay's most congested freeways. >>congested highway to 37 across the south bay just got those of express lanes open friday that could save some communities as much as 20 minutes between 81 on one along with the new lanes come some new rules as the vta is brandy childers we've had a small segment of express lanes in operation since 2012. >>that today, we have 7 more miles where people can opt to pay to get into the lane for a toll. it could range from $0.50 to 8 bucks depending on congestion. >>everyone needs a transponder the old legacy units will still work the dta says these new flex tags are best. >>fast track flex is a transponder or tag that we call it and that indicates how many people are in your car if
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you're a solo drive or you place it to one and then you pay the toll that showing on the gantries above you if your car pull you still ride free. he just have to indicate if you have 2 people or 3 people in your car. >>from the da's control center technicians keep tabs on the system to make real-time adjustments to improve the flow. >>so we can see things that are happening in those lanes how they're performing. we just saw a chp have to stop all the lanes to clear an accident. so it's that bird's-eye view of what's happening in the facility to make sure everything is operating find the da has expanded express lane hours from 05:00am to 08:00pm outside those hours the lanes are free to all. clean air vehicles also need a transponder but they pay half price video enhancement will help catch cheaters we now know if people have the fast track transponder or not if they don't. we take pictures of the vehicle license plate and then they will get a notice expressly violation in the mail. the san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news.
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>>step outside again and show you a live picture that on a bridge on a friday night more people on friday to come into the city then leave the city and lawrence is here now and he was playing games with other than to some showers as we get up i really. >>so fascinated by the weather won't end well he's talking about is that showers a new look to me like. do mean some kind of this some kind of showers are not talking raindrops but you know we've got the meteor showers take place. this the leonid meteor showers that are going to take place over the weekend here you generally want to look toward the east and i think the best time will probably be on saturday night. some patchy fog may cloud things up a little bit and that moon rise as well, especially on saturday and not expecting a meteor storm. this year. but certainly there can be with the leonids expected about 15 meteors per hour seem i want to check that out should be a nice sight out there over the weekend. hey we've got some patchy fog that is now making its way into parts of san francisco and the bay right now we're going to see more
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that overnight tonight after the golden gate skies, mostly clear at this hour but yet today that we saw those temperatures are hovering right about the average in the san francisco at 64 degrees 67 slightly above the average in oakland today, 68 in san jose still managed to squeeze in a couple 70's in livermore in concord and 72 degrees in santa rosa. weak weather systems led to the state today though brought some clouds early on a couple sprinkles early to but by the afternoon that in famed away and now we're just left with some low level moisture out there in the form of the low clouds and the fog you can see already shooting right through the several gap beginning to fill into the bay right now we'll see more that into early tomorrow morning. 59 degrees right now in san jose this 59 in livermore 57 degrees in berkeley 57. and san francisco too and we got 56 degrees in the napa valley. we're get ready for what looks like a spectacular weekend ahead in increasing clouds overnight tonight some patchy fog early and then here comes the sunshine by the afternoon temperatures going to warm up probably a little bit of an offshore wind and even warmer
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weather expected as we get in towards sunday afternoon. highs tomorrow should be pleasant how about some mid 70's in the ballot tomorrow, 60's 70's inside the bay and some 50's 60's at the coast. >>coming up tonight at 6.45 say lawmakers gearing up for next week's hearing on pg e's power safety shut off. we'll tell you who is set to testify when asked may be taken against the utility that after the break up next pack, your patience as weekend plan on writing bart why the transit system says to expect delays if don't miss the grand opening
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>>in the east today work on the lafayette bar tracks winding up then that means that the last of the major delays is happening this weekend. bart riders traveling between walnut creek kennel renda will have delays as we can possibly up to 30 minutes. only one track will be open for trains going both directions and that means only one train can run at a time. crews will be replacing old track and other equipment. >>i believe that this is a preventive maintenance that out. in case of a quake, let's when my heart for months and this would be a disaster for bay area so. i do believe that everything is done to minimize the impact on the community. >>if you are driving that way the left 2 lanes of eastbound 24 near oak hill road in lafayette will be closed overnight both friday and saturday, however, they should not be closed during the daytime hours. unity in
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mourning after 2 students are killed and 3 others wounded in a deadly school shooting in los angeles county. >>we have the latest on the shooter and the investigation plus only on kron 4 we sat down with california supreme court chief justice. con teal way we hear why she says more people need to learn about the court system and her reason behind leaving the republican party and next a 6.30 day to a public hearings in the impeachment inquiry into president trump wrapping up. we have learned more from the testimony of murray give out of its that's coming up. >>and if you're looking for some fun things to do this weekend how about a lantern festival allison harvest goods, what about a free
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>>as we mentioned earlier in the newscast today, the nation heard another run of testimony of the house's impeachment inquiry, this time from the former us ambassador to ukraine marie answered questions from democrats and republicans for hours in is caitlin collins tells us. >>the ousted ambassador was able to react immediately to an unexpected attack from the president. >>and that his hearing was gavel done today, the white let's release the long promised transcript of president trump's first call with the leader of ukraine which the ranking republican devin nunez then run and live on television when you're settled in


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