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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  November 17, 2019 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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♪ "e.t." breaking super bowl halftime show news. >> what doou know that i don't know? >> is ricky martin going to have j.lo and shakira living la vida loca? >> you have a budget you never get to have when you're on tour fo yourself. >> then whitney houston's secret war with wendy williams. >> i can't even fit. >> the plan to take down the talk show host. plus -- i'm too sexy for your party. >> from one sexiest man to the next. blake is schooling john legend. >> i taught him how to pull his jacket over to cover his gut. >> and nick jonas. >>e replaced my girlfriend, and that's unacceptable. >> our night withshelton, garth, and pink at the cmas.
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>> what's the worst that can happen? >> plus what eva men dan des is telling "e.t." about raising her two girls with ryan gosling. >> it's an "e.t. exclusive. >> and what goes great with wine? >> bacon. we're here with kevin for a big honor. >> "e.t." in napa valley starts right now. >> major super bowl ws. welcome, everybody, to wine country. matt cohen here with me at the beautiful winery for the napa valley film festival. this area is amazing. >>t is unreal. beautiful. "e.t." is all over that star-studdedvent and the super bowl in miami. j.lo is giving us new halftime details. >> ricky martin is talking too. is he joining her? kevin azier scored the exclusive. ♪ >> super bowl is in mia thi ye. any chance? >> wow, that's crazy. i'll be watching. i will be watching. maybe i'll fly to miami. i'll bethere. i don't know. we'll see what haens. >> i'll be there.
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is ricky martin droppg way more than a hint? >> if you're going t have latin sounds -- >> what do you know i don't know? the meantime, i know jennifer lopez and shakira will do ama amazing. ♪ >> j.lo, meanwhil is dropping her own per bowl clues to report matten spattinn. >> me and shakira together. i want to bring everybody together in that moment. >> this ishy it would make sense for ricky to join them onage. ♪ 20 yearsgo in 1999, his crossover sensation, living la vida loca helped usher in a new wavef latin pop stars. >> i'm about to explode. >> including j.lo, whoroke onto the scene later. right now, ricky has a lot going. he hosted the 25th anniversary of theatin grammy awards on
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youn i visi univision. he also performed his new single. >> i hear you are going to come out and set the place on fire. >> who was in that rehearsal? who? >> it was really good, man. it was really good. >> all right. now to news on wendy williams houston's former lover. ney >> i need to brace myself for this. that's how juicy this story was. we were mesmerized when robin crawford revead she and whitney had a secret ploto take wendy wn. >> you're going to jump me? >> we didn't know at you looked like. >> okay. >> and our plan was to go down to hudson street and wait for you right outside. >> ron! i didn't even fight. i would run. you know what? >> oh, my gosh. >> we weren't going to fight. we just wantedo see you face to face and have a chat. >> robyn says whitney was fed up. it was the ear 2000s, and houston was tired of hearing wendy, who was a radio deejay at
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the time, constantly talk about her peonal life. >> whitney would say who the -- who is she? who is this woman? i don't even know what she loo ke. tell on. is promoting her new she also sits down for jada pinkett smith for red table talk, recounting the day she saw whitney with a severe cut on her >> i know that when she came back from her honeymoon and she d that gash on her face >> yep. >> did she ever explain to you how that gash got there? >> i asked her. i threw a glass against the ll, and it shattered, and i t cut. >> right. >> but the cut was like from here to there. it was about three, four inches long. flying glass doesn't do that. >> robyn claims in her new memoir that when she asked whitney about the cut, she told her, quote, couples argue all the time and it's never a big deal except when it's me. ♪
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>> i don't think she hurt me or i hurt her in any way. >> bobby denied to us ever being violent with whitney, but he did write about one incent in his memoir. >> but you did ait in the book that you did strike her once. >> ye i did. me at the time trying to maintain a sobriety. the person inhat relationship was not going along with it. it was rough. >> on to another big story this week. people's sexiest man alive, john religio legend. no one hadore fun with the news than his fellow vce coaches. >> i learned it from blake. >> i taught him how to pull his jacket over to cover his gut. i do it all the time. >> blake teased john all night tuesday, officially passing the sexy torch live on "the voice". >> the legend, 2019 "people" magazine sexiest man alive. >> there it is. >> so you already came into this show with an egot. >> yes. >> and the you won the voice, so it become a vegot. >> okay. >> now you have a vegotsma.
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>> he's gorgeous, but also just the complete package. he is madly in love with his wife. he's a fantastic father. >> john posed f two people covers out now. of course john a wife cissy had a lot of fun with all this. >> luna are you so happy daddy ishe sexiest man alive? >> now t a hollywood bombshell. charlize theron. "e.t." was by her sid all week as she was honored and on the verge of tears. >> i'm just trying not to mess i want to at least look pretty for a little bit before i start ugly crying. don't ask emotional questions. >> charlize was rognized with the 33rd annual american cinema tech award. three nights later, "glamour" magazine honored her as one of their women of the year. >> glamour has named you wit the rebel award tonight. >>t's too cool of a title for me. i feel like i'm just a mom now. there's like nothing rebellious about that. >> charlize, who is a well known activist, got emotional once again onstage. >> that's why i do all ofit,
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for my girls, jkson and augie. they're the reason i'll never stop fighting. i'm amess. you've all [leep ] me up. >> of course amore awards season madness is just around the corner. >> next year's grammys will be hosted again by alicia keys. >> this week, all eyes were on naville for the cmas. >> gwen recently said she didn't ha a say with nick joining next year. >> are youoing t beven more competitive to mr. nick jonas? >> he's going down. he replaced my girlfriend and that's unacceptle, and we're going to settle this on the stage, coach to coach. he's going down. >> themes fighting words fr. >> what did you win at the awards? >> i have the hottest girlfriend on earth. >> how are you celebrating tonight? you've got gwen here.
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>> i fige if i end up doing these interviews after an awards ceremony, tha must mean something good happened. soe're already celebrating. >> you are a winner. >> i'm honored. ♪ >> blakelso hit the bar onstage, perfoing with the night's biggest winner, brooks.iner of the year garth it was his record-breaking seventh win. >> i love you, trisha yearwood. >> how speci is it for you to have her by your side on nights like these? it's an honor to be married to indiduals. rongest >>you guys are approaching your 14-year wedding anniversary next month. how much does he still inspire you? >> he looks so happy to see m every day. it's like it's the first tim he's ever seen me. he inspires me to not lose that. >> carrie could take a page out of his book. >> cma performer pink saw garth and trisha's love story firsthand when they recently had
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a writingsession. >> i love garth. i grew up listening to garth. >> pink hit the carpet with husband cary hart and the adorable kids 8-year-old willow and 2-year-old jameson. she told us she's planning on taking a ltle bit of a break from music. >> willow is back in school now and jameson is going to start preschool soon and it's kind of the year of the family. >> you guys are relatnship goals. >> are we? we're relationship goals? >> wow. >> you know nashville is my town. it's so much fun. we arrived in this town in style. >> we were aboard the napa valley wine train and we got with some of the film festival honorees. >> including the toast othe town, mr. kevin bacon. do you feel legendary because you are getting the legend award at the napa valley film festival. >> every day i wake up, look in the mirror, and go, dude, you are a legend. >> it's an affirmation.morning. you're legendary. >> it's fun sometimes when you get a chance to look back
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because it's not something i do that often. >> did you bring kyra with you? >> i did. she's up there some place. >> i wonder because you have a spouse in the business as well, does that help when things get crazy in this hlywood me? >> definitely, yeah. i mean we hav a shared certain things, youome back from the set and you go, you know, i just felt li, you know, take two wasot as good as -- and you know, somebody else who go, what? sh up. you know what i mean? but we reall understand each other in terms ofthat. >> who do you still want to work with in this business that you haven't? >> gene hackman. >>here we go. now that is legendary. thank you, kevin. >> thank you. >> from an oscar nominee to two winners awling. >> i was actually really trying to hurt you. >> matt damon and christian bale's fist fight on set. plus the charlie's angels face their toughestnterview yet. >> i'm elizabeth banks and'll be playing the role o "e.t." interviewer. >> and things get wild. >> oh, my gosh. >> then sterling k. brown
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7:14 pm
get it. >> seriousl i was like that girl's going to win. >> yeah. >> in true charlie's angels fashion, the's a lot of disguises. what was yr favorite look? >> the very first scene she's in, in like this very nia-esque, very se. >> it was really comfortable. it was luke a scuba suit. >> it doesn't show an ounce of skin, super sexy. >> who left set with the most bruises? >> there would be times like, oh, you're on camera. >> it would be like boom! >> i was really enjoyg myself. i love physical activity. ♪ bad girls >> kristen, you got to show off your comedic chops in this movie. do you think you fans are in for a surpri? >> beep boop beep boop boop. >> it felt really natural en though i have not been given an opportunity up to this point to showcase that. >> i lovethat. this has been elizabeth banks for "t." because apparently i
7:15 pm
also do this job now. later! >> now, i love this because those co-stars got along. but ma damon and christian bale, well, they were in a lile bit of a fighting mood on the set of their new movi >> that's ght. lauren zima heard it all in ford versus ferrari. >> it's the silliest ght. this is two completely useless mile aged guys in a fight where they don't actuall want to hurt each other. >> i was actuay really trying to hurt you. i'm just that ineffective. >> do you think you can be beat ferrari? >> ian try. >> i loved watching no's character, the way he had this look in his ey, seeing his dad race and beingt the track with him. i wondered if you guys bring your own kids onset, do they look at you that same way? >> no. >>no >> definitely not. >> matt and christian play car legends in the movie, but we waed to put their actual car iq to the test. >> we have real car names and fake ones. which one is a fake.eal and
7:16 pm
the isuzu mystery utility wizard. >> no. fake. >> that is a real car. >> the ferrari california extra. >> there is a ferrari california. >> was there an extra? >> why would there be an extra? >> to sell it to the guy who needs something more than the california. the guy wse neighbor bought the califoia and he wants to buy the extra. >> real or fake? >> it's real. >> fake. sorry. okay. last one. the ford focus flex. >> my inner voice said fake. >> there is a ford focus. >> forfocusplex fusi flex fusio. >> it's got to be real. >> it's fake. it was rough, but the movis great. >> these two are winning. christian bale and dax shepard. why the frozen 2 star is feeling sur hot about her hubby. >> very sexy. >> what happened when we got sterling k. own's wife to put him on blast? >> i'm so glad to kno you aren't creeping. >> plus our tom hanks exclusive.
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♪ it's a beautiful day in this neighborhood ♪ ♪ a beautiful dayor a neighbor ♪ ♪ would you be mine, could you be mine ♪ >> we are so excited to see tomp hanks beme mr. rogers in a beautiful day in the neighborhood. i can barely stand it >> i know. i can't wait for it. the movie is out next friday but only "e.t." can take you behind the scenes of tom's transformation right now. >> good mornin ♪ it's a beautiful day in this neighborhood ♪ ♪ beautiful day for a neighbor ♪ chance to just be special o their own without any expectations. ♪ you are my friend, you a special ♪ >> a simple wig, fak eyebrows,
7:20 pm
talking more slowly and quietly, tom creates everything about mr. rogers, includi that kind spirit we felt fsthand when "e.t." spent the day on the mr. gers' neighborhood set backn 1993. ♪ >> it's this that really matters. the truth is everybody has something special inside them. >> and lloyd is so much -- he's a better everything. he's a better son. he's a better father. he's a better husband all because a guy who had no reason to do so said, you know you're very specia he was justeing fred rogers. a beautiful day in the neighborhood is a about mr. rogers' bond with a journalist played by matthew reese and how that friendship changed both o their lives. >> he wasn't the happiestuy on the planet, but in the course of dog his job, he came smack dab face-up againstred rogers, w was saying things like, you
7:21 pm
don't have to do anything to make me like you. i'miking you fine. >> you love broken people like me. >> i don't think you were broken. >> i'm doing a film with tom hanks,eople alwaysmile when you say fred rogers. it's the se smile. >> hey, mr. roge. ♪ it's a beautiful day in the >> i have played real guys before. jim lovell, sully sullenberger, chare wilson. the added burden o mr. rogers, because it was not just the expectations of the man himself but the expectations of everything else about mr. rogers. ♪ plse won't you be my neighbor ♪ >> now to this movie sequel, frozen 2. >> kristen bell and idina mendel are ba. >> in this movie, kristoff i trying to profes his love for anna. what is the way that you lik your significant others or people in your life to show you love? >> acts of service. acts of service are huge for me, and my husband literally said to
7:22 pm
me this morning, he wok up ten minutes after i did, and i was scrambling to get out of the. he wasising out of bed, and h said, is there anything i can do to help you get out othe house on time? i was like, are you trying to make me hornyight now? if you pour your coffee and ha me a mug as well, i'm there. i don't care how much money you have. >> what would i do without you? >> idina's favorite thing about husband of two years, family counser aaron lore. >> one, he really looks me straight in the eyes, and i find that extremely sexy and disarming, but in a great way. 's a therapist too, so i jus feel really seen all the time. i can't get away with anything, but i also -- >> oh, elsa! >> there's no way this is the last frozen film. would youe back? >> i'd like to take this opportunity to announce frozen 3, 4, and 5. thank you.
7:23 pm
i don't know that disney knows that y but -- >> i mean why stop there, rht? frozen 2 also features the voice of sterling k. brown, but have you seen his dy? wi ryan michelle bathe helped co-host "e.t." ts week. we h to talk about it. >> he had his shirt off, showing everybody what's going on. >> we've seen that. what is it? men's health? >> it was like i feel slightly creepy. >> you're his mother. >> i'm his mom. >> but you see how much har work he's putting into -- >> yes, and i appreciate it. >> how healthy he is. yes, yes, yes. me too. >> between takes sterling works on that six-pack, doing a little boxing. speaking of hard work, we put his wife to the test. take it away. >> hi. my name is ryan michelle bathe, and i'm wh "entertainment tonight." >> drop the mic. >> slure, my handsome husband i per supportive, but i'm still going t put his crush on his co-star on ast. >> did you know that he was a
7:24 pm
super-duper fan of yours before u guys startedorking together? sterling, now is the time to drop dime. singing to me.rapping and did you not do that? >> i didn't wan to muddy it with mywn vocal stylings, so i lip sy heringing. ♪ >> i'mo glad to know that you wen't creepy. >> i'm not creep for the mt part. >> in the n movie, ve, sterling and ren are aarried turmoil.ealing with family but in real life, is he ae to handle difficult situations? >> as much as i love sterling kelpie brown, if i'm in the pokey, i'm not calli sterling cause i'll get a lecture. how do you do it all?t all? >> i have to find somethinghat brings me joy. kids bring me joy. my husband brings me y, but there has to be something that brings you joy. >> from sterling's life at home to jimmy fallon's at college?
7:25 pm
>> oh, no. >> his report card revealed. >> a-plus-plus. >> then -- >> how was the reunion with joe in italy. >> real housewife teresa giudice on her huand's potenal deportation. >> i do have to address the cheating rumors what she says lori loughlin last college scandal stence spells bad news. >> i'm sure her daughters are gratul for what she did. by --losed captioning provided ♪ ♪ running out of gift ideas, ♪eeking something more.
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and during treatment and may monir more often if you have a history of type 2 diabet. before starting, tell your doctor if u have a history of dietes, skin reactions.. ...are pregnant, breastfeeding, or plan to become pregnant. common side effects include rash, nausea, tiredness d weakness, decreased appetite, mouth sores, vomiting, weight loss, hr loss, and changes in certain blood tests. if you've progressed on hormone therapy, and have a pik3ca mutation... ...ask your doctor about piqray. if you're just joining us, here are this week's top five stories. number five, ben affleck's new role hits close to home. ♪ >> i have my regrets. >> ben, whoas strgled with addiction, plays an alcoholic basketballoach in "the way ba." thursday, shows his character drinking in the shower, fighting, and falling down stairs. ♪ >> you guys own this tonight. >> number four, the royal fab four reunite.
7:29 pm
>> everyoneas looking for body language, chemistry. sources on the groun say there wasn't a huge amount of interaction between t four of them. >> the royals were at a rembrance day service but soon hay, meghan, and baby archie will be wh meghan's mom, doria ragland, for christmas insad of the queen. number thre will ricky martin crash j.lo and shakira's super bowl halftime. >> super bowl is in miami this year. any chance? >> i will bewatching. ill be watching. maybe i'll fly to miami. i'll be there. don't know. we'll see what happens. >> number two, a "friends" reunion is in the wos. >> we always are trying to think of something to do. you know, we just hav to figure out what the right thing is, but we will. >> jen kind of broke the newso us five weeks ago. a source conrms to "e.t." that the talks are still in early stages. cast is cautious and don't want to do the show and its fan a sservice. >> there's a lot of different
7:30 pm
>> and number one, wendy williams' confrontational former lover, robyn crawford. >> you were going to jump me? we didn't know w you look like, and our planas to go down to hudso street and wait for you rht outside. >> robyn! i can't even fight. i would run. >> you know wh? >> oh, my gosh. >> we wen't going to fight. we just wanted to have a chat. >> robyn claims the singer was fed up with wendy constantly taing abou whitney's personal life. >> i had never met whitney. >> you acted like -- you talked like you do. >> for the latest, be sure to check out lso in the news, real housewifef new jersey teresa giudice's interview since visiting her embated husband. joe giudice has been living in his native italy as he faces potential deportation from the u.s. >> rachel smith talked to teresa abou that and about lor
7:31 pm
ughlin, whose fate could be sealed as the longest sentence in the college bribery scandal is handed down. >> could lori becoming unhinged after heangn exwas sentenced to six months in prison? lori and her husband are accuses of basically the same thing and still maintain their innocence. >> lori loughlin, what is some advice thatou might have for lori and her family? >> women are stro. we have babies. we do it all. i'm sure whaverutcome it is, i'm sure she'll be fe with it. >> she's a mom of two daughters. how should she prepare them? >> just be open with them and whatever the outcome is, it is. you have to dea with it and move forward. >> teresaerved 11 months herself. she's been raising her daughter as lone now for tee years but took them to visit husband joe in italy following his release after 41 months in prison. >> how was the reunion with joe and italy? happy tears. it was just -- i was so overwhelmed seeing h happy my
7:32 pm
daughters were. >> he haseaned up. >> yeah, he's definitely not juicy anymore. >> how lon was he? >> seven months. there was people cutting themselves in there, cutting their wrists, cutting their throats. it was really ba bad conditions. >> despitejoe's release, there is a lot of tension. it's embarrassing. i'm an embaassment. >> i do have to address the cheating rumors >> you don't think she's been fahful, e? >> i don't think so. >> do i fl like he was faithful? >> no.h. i never caught him. he said you know, nothing happened. so, you know, i believed him viously becaus we still stayed together. >> also in the news, jimmy fallon was celebrating after winning a people's choiceward for "the toght show," and you two were celebrating also. >> that's my boy. yes, indeed. last week when jimmy took his show to the unersity of texas austin, i got an "e.t." exclusive i will never forget. his bud j.t. and jessica
7:33 pm
biel's crazy halloween. the timberlak family's halleen islegendary. do you feel responsible for this year since youutedessica o not being a fan of *ync. >> i totally get credit for that, andhe won hallee by the way, jeica, return that costume to me because that's wh i wear throughout the whole year. >> jimmy shut down a whole street i austin as "the tonight show" aired last week from the university of texas austin. >> it's a party school. theynow how to get it done here. times because they find out party all the time. want to >> he did his share o partying at college. that may be why he's n looking forward to his two young daughters becoming future coeds. >>o. i'm goingo just keep them in my house. i'm going to keep them 4 years old. ion't wanthem to b any they're so perfect rightnow. >> you're going to meet me. >> jimmy was just 23 when he started onsnl, a he is pumped
7:34 pm
for eddie muhy's big return >> i'm beyond excited. i love eie murphy >> did you grow up watching? >> of course. he was favorite. i mean gumby, mr.robinson's neighborhood >> he said he's going to do them all. >> when are you going to host again? >> you know, i'm older now. i'm happy withy 9:00 to 5:00 b. that tak a lot out of me. you don't want to see jim fallon die, come on. >> you play the best games with celebrities when they come to your show >> we love it. >> i want to get in onhe action. i want to play a game with a celebrity. it's a little ge that we like to call "jimmy'sollege report card >> oh, no. >> number one, beer pong. what grade do you give yourlf. >> a-plus. a-plus-plus. >> you know, d, c. >> okay. picking up girls. >> not great. i'd say i was a cr a d in that one.
7:35 pm
>> i don't believe that for one second. not even a little bit. >> my wife is watching. >> okay. he sucked. he failed. he w an f. >> and when in texas. ♪ why do you drink ♪ to get drunk songs that you wrote ♪t the >> you were the most fun to hang out o it come on, l's get an uber. there's some places i can show you. >> if i don't make it backo somewhere in austin. r me >> she's ours now. good-b. from a famou dad to this faus mom, eva mendes. >> we're talking fashion and why she lets her daughters wear whatever they want. >> my little girl wore her puppy halloween costume. >> then exclusive. >> i can't believe it. i recognize all of you. >> the gang fro happy days back together 45 years later. why ron howard had some not so happyaysehind the sces. >> i said, ion't think i want
7:36 pm
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a week from thursday is . thanksgiving, and youl be giving thanks when you seeow much you can saven some essentials for the season. we teamed up with morning for some vip steals. he on morning and our rning save ambassador is here to give us all the steals and
7:39 pm
deals. >> we're starting right here with this amazing hard case luggage. as you said, thanksgiving is a couple weeks away and we've got to be ready for the trave season. we have the heritageravel ware color block hard side carry-on suitcase. this is so cute. it's lightweight. feel how light tha is it is a true carry-on. it meets most u.s.-based carry-on size requirements and fits into mt overheadin compartments. it h two elastic pockets for shoes and buckled garment straints. you can fit multiple outfit changes in this little and light itcase. >> perfect if you're going away for the weekend. what isur deal? >> a good piece of luggage is worth it. that is a 75% savings. >> where are we going next? now we need something smaller to put all of our little delicate items in. this i the amy katzenbergour
7:40 pm
piece travel organiz set. you can pop them into your suitcase or handbag and you can mix an match if you just need to take a couple things with you. they come in the fun color combinations and allows you to bring all of your essentials. you can use it for makeup, jewelry, toiletries. these snaps are great t put your earrings on our your rings. >> i love organization, so i'm all aboutthis. sohat are we lking at? >> today we have thisour piece set for just $29. >> cute. >> 70% savings. >> ts would be a good gift. >> yes. >> kee that in mind. >> for me, amy. i need all of thes >> this is a great gift. travg for long periods of time can lve you with a dead phone battery and sometimes a dead car battery. i have never even heard ts exists and this is solution t so many problems. check out the power to go2,0 mill i amp hours portable jump
7:41 pm
starter. you can pop this onto your car battery and jum your car. >> no. >> you don't need another vehicle. >> andll those big cords in your trun >> they're availablen fiv color combinations. you can jump yr battery, jump your phone, do whatever you need. >> this is ultimate. >> it com in a compact, water-resistant case. and leopard. >> right? >> put this in your glove box and hav it ready whenever you need it. and the extra cord so thatf you have other passengers in your car that need charge, u've got everybody cered with this one amazing device. >> i love this so much. how much is this. >> we have seen these as high as $100. today it is just $39. a 60% savings. >> this is a really good gift. keep that charge in your glove box. yonever know what you're going to need . >> and leopard, so cute. i'm into this >>'m into this too. these might be my favorite. last up, something to hp u celebrate the holidays.
7:42 pm
we have the accented drink collection. the glassware sets are available in four differentstyles. they ce either four or six pieces. >> okay. >> ty've got this iridescent glass or the martini or the champagne or a six-piece tumbler or weglass set which features gold patterns to help ensure that nobody gets theirlasses mid up. pi'm polka dots, and we never mx >> i love this. th is so festive. season. ted abouthe holiday >> who isn't? >> how much? >> we've seen these as high as $5to $84. here you can get aet for $22. that is u to a 74% savings. >> i don want to say you outdid yourself today. >> you think we did? >> amy, thank you so much. yes. ain, you can sho all of our vip steals at still to come, only we're with eva mendes, revealing her biggest insecurity. >> it's not cute right now. >> and her go-to mommy beay trick. >> i like at. >> yeah.sounds good.
7:43 pm
>> and -- ♪ we're wi the fonz and richie 45 years after happydays. my contract was up and i wanted t become a director and it was very hard. >> how did that work out? >> will they reboot the tv classic? >> who would you want to play your character? >> that's ahead. but first, this weekend in the "entertainment tonight" birthdays. which mn girls actress turned down the role of peppe potts in iron man? down the role of peppe potts in iron man? was it rachel m what's ts? cindy, that cold's gonnaeep you up all night. and morrowyou're gonna be a zombie! forget that, i'm taking a new nighttime co medicine. ha! there's nothing new. 'fraid so. new mucinenightshift cold & flu fights my worst symptoms so i can sleep great and wakup human. so, you don'want to be zombie. no, i'veotta work tomorrow. don't eat me, i taste terrible! new mucinex nightshift cold & flu. uniquelyormulated to fight your wst symptoms so you can sleep great and wake up human. ♪ rning out of gift ideas,
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7:46 pm
it is so crazy that this year marked 45 years since henry winkler came a household name as the fonz on happy days. >> still blows me away because the show holds up today. he and t cas reunited to honor garry marshall. >> ian't believe it. i recognize all ofu. >>hisas a vy rare and very eciareunion. the fonz, richie, ralph malph, potsie, and mrs. c. >> what is it le when you all get together because i just watched you walk in this room, and it's le family. >> we played together. we acted together. >> i know everything about them. >> everything? >> what is everybody doing, taking a holiday from bng cool? >> theatch phrases, how did you dream them up? >> okay all right. so, aaaay waswritten. so for ten years, i went aaay,
7:47 pm
and i added a word i got from my favorite sport at the time, wh, which was horse back riding. >> once youuys had a hit show,w? tour and it s like you were rock stars. >> and it w an amazing change in your life. ople wanted m socks without taking off my oes, you know. >> ty wanted me than that. >> it was kind of like,ou know, the boy band of the moment. it was that kind of pandemonium. a lot of it was jt focused on trying to get his socks. somebody grabbed my hat, and even back when i had hair, i liked the hat. they grabbed my ha a i actually went and got it. >> y,ou don't want to go out with me, do you? >> the first time the four of us were together was in dallas. there were 25,000 people between the fo of us and the limousine. everybody is le how are we going to do this? and i just sai to the crowd, i'll tell you something. you're going to part like the red sea, and you're n going to
7:48 pm
touch us. and we're going to wal to that limousine. and everybody went, oh, my god, and ty did it, did they not? >> people just got out of the way? >> they got out of the way, and we got into that r. >> hey, what is this? >> back then there were three networks. i mean we'd have 55 million, 58 million people a week watching the show more and moree'retarting to see young kids being introduced to the sh. so it's like generation after geration. >> a few other things you didn't ow. the original pilot failed, and anson wasn't the first choice for potsie. >> you don't have to prove anything to us. we know you're cool. >> john travolta auditned for potsie, and i said i saved his career by getting it. >> good luck, fonz. i'll see y later. >> there was point where you they wanted to change the name. >> theyid come to me andaid the network wld kind of like to change the name of thehow to fonzie's happy days. and i said, well, i don't think
7:49 pm
i want to be in that show. the one producer who wasn't in fact was standing outside, he and he said, it's not going to happen, then. and that was that. >> who walks out? >> nobody, fonz, nobody. >> the stars reunited at the jonathan club for the garry garry created happyaysnd passed away in 2016 after a stroke. >> you are here tonig because of garry. i'm going to play this foryou. >> happy days to me was the show where t cast had the best chemistry onnd off the stage. >> that means a lot. oh, my god. another secret, early in the series, the networkanted the fonz to wear a clothjacket,ot a leather one, because they thought it made henry look o tugh. but garry stepped in to change history. >> so he went to abc. he id, you know, he could be hurt if he wears the cloth and he's riding a motorcycle. and they said, ay. when he's with his bike, he can wear leather.
7:50 pm
and y went down t the pay phone. he called the writers' om. he said, never write anoer >>arry organize theshow's famous softbal team that traveled around the rld. ron played long aftereparting happ days. >> my contract was up and i wanted to bome a director. it wasery rd. >> how did that work out? >> still working on it. >> he mightake it. >> i d literally -- i did say to garry, do you think i can still be on the team? and he said, absolutely. so i continued to go to those trips. >> theast istill very tight and props to mrs. c., who is still acting and looking fabulous at 91 years young. >> so let's say hollywood gets crazy and they say, we're going to redoappy days. we're going to do a reboot. who would you want to play your character? >> there's nobody that can do it. >> you know who else is having
7:51 pm
eva mendes. she took a break from acting about five yearsgo to raise her daughters with ryan goslin but i asked eva will s ever go it'sn "e.t." exclusive. >> i haven'tone red carpets in know -- and i kind of, you >> we miss you by the way. >> , that's very sweet. i dot miss you. >> what's theind of role that could bring you back? >> i don't know honestly now that they're getting a little bit bigger, they're going to school and ey're having a bit more autonomy, so they don't -- of course they nd me. they're still little. but i'mtarting to feel more okay, what am i hope to now? it jus takes a special kind of project. exted to find >> while eva looks for that perfect role, s's also focusing on another project, her holiday collection with new york and company. it's now now. >> here we go.
7:52 pm
a ltle off the shoulder. >> i do lik her. >> i love a sweater. >> and i love a chic pant, and this cigarette pant is everything. >> i know it's obvious too red for the holidays, but it's the holidays. i can't. i want to sparkle. >> speaking of, come on, pink. >> i mean really? she' so beautiful. >> this sleeve is big. >> i know. i don't like my elbows. i think iave really weird elbows, so i like to cover them. >> eva does not like herelbows. >> never did. there's alys -- they look dirty. they always look dirty, and then dirty elbows at 45 is not -- not te right now. >> what does me time look like when up get that me time? >>ny kind of appeal, a radio frequency treatment, li like tht stuff. have a theory if it hurts, it's going to hav better results. >> do you see your fashion style influence your girls or are they figuring out their o style?
7:53 pm
>> they're so cool because they're so like -- they're so free, you know,nd it's so beautiful. and i ner like -- i don't push ke dresses. i don't push anything on them. i'm just like,ou want toear ur jammies to the market? wear your jammies to the market. >> a girl wore her puppy halloween costume to class today, and i was like why not? >> that was so cute. >> wll be right back. > but fir, black panther star chadwick bosen plays a bridges.ityetective in 21 he uncovers a conspiracy while hunting down cop killers. >> i will fdhim. >> it's a movie about justice but at the same time justifyin why you do the thing you do. >> siea miller is a fellow officetracking down the murderers. for research, both trained wit real-life dectives. >> we did do ride-ongs.
7:54 pm
we do w.a.t. training. >> weere focused on it being thentic. holidays, the animate movie klaus, a new version ofsanta's origin stor >> i thought it was a great, new esh taken the relationship with the holidays and christs. >> ho ho ho. >> and in other movie use, you know when you're at ross and u realize it's time your sister stopped borrowing your sweaters? yeah! that's yes for less. stop stealing mine... never. holiday gifts everyone's sure to love at 20 to 60 perct off department store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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7:57 pm
provided by new stars with birthda maggie gyllenhaal is 42. lisa bonet, 52. danny devito, 75. which mean girls actress turned down the role of pepper potts in iron man? that was rachel mcadams, who is celebrating turning 41 this weekend. happy birthday, rachel. >> good will and god speed. >> in the biography shatner, thor michael seth star gets the actor's friends to speak on his triumphs, tragedies, and resilience. >> we lve you with the music deo from coldplay for their song, orphans. >> so good. >> off tir new double album
7:58 pm
out november 22nd. the video is a little peek behind the scenes with chris martin andhe band. chris' two ks are featud in th choir. >> enjoy that and the rest of your weekend, everybody. bye from napa. ♪ ♪ so that early retirement we planned. it'sgreat. ok? now i'm spending more time with thds. i'm introducing themo crab. crab!? ey lovit. , you mentioned that that moneye set aside. ah. the kids and i want to build ourwnrab shack. , you men♪ ♪ed that that moneye set aside.
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expect him to make any day free agts law says cos and draft picks i think there's understanding that this is an ganization that. you know has a lot of older town. mostly help when th3 world series stt a decade and then they serve all the plaudits the wall for that the movie gets thnext decade. the problem you've still got some younger newer talent and also you'll see tomany moves for us a big free agent signing a multi-million dollar contract where it also costs and 2 draft picks a stable probably see ma sure y give space for young kids to grow into the major league roster, the next year too. also not sacrifice the future just to the president. you know in


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