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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 17, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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and our breaking news at least 9 people have been re sh at a party police there saying that the victimwere in a backyard. watching football tonight when the suspects were able to sneak in and opened fire. ateast 9 people ve been shot with sevel others being found dead in the bkyard. we're still gathering information on this breaking ews story out of fresno a deadly shooting there tonight. and we will have a live report frothe scene coming up tonight at 1030.
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>>don't like it. the wind is a factor in yes, i think they should shut it down but they need to know real well before they shut it down. >>now 10 people in sonoma county are saying not aga after pg e says there is a potential for anoher power shut off in the north bay. theres a fire weather watch in the north bay, the national weather service is predicting wind gusts up to 45 miles per hour that's tuesday night into thursday morning. thank you so mu for joining us here on kron 4 news at justine waldman jair stone is off this evening. pg e is saying though it has no idea when or. be shut off. but those high winds are playing a factor into the decision making tonight on for a long was in sonoma county with reaction fr people who are anxious to find out if the power it's going to be on off this week. >>where and when the power would be shut o in the north
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bay but in sonoma county it has become the new normal for residents. they say they understand why it happens but they are not looking forward to it don't like it. >>but if it sves us from being burned like we were 2 years ago. i guess it's,ok cinema residences in gaelic lost power fo2 days last month during pg knees public safe power shutoff she's learned to live with it how do you prepare for that. we have a generator so we don't worry too much aboutt. >>yeah, you don't like it now. >>with that you know there's no other options at this point other >>highinds and critical fire weather conditions prompted the utility company to shut off power twice in october weeks apart the kincade fire broke out in sonoma conty on october 23th and during the psp event the je ne aits there was an issue with a transmission tower at the same location where the fire broke out the cause of the fire is
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under investigation pg e has been taking heat from the public and governor gavin newsome the planned power shots have been the new normal for the north y for quite some time there's 2 sides to this so we've got to fix and they doeed to fix here frastructure for after experiencing the 2017 ildfires anthe kincade fi residents have been preparing go bags and have emergency plans in place when those winds get really bad. embers go anywhere and i don't feel safe in fort bragg and right at the ocean feel safe there. >>the national weather service issued a fire watch sunday. offshore winds are expected in the north bay mountains, beginning tuesday night into wednesday, the offshore winds mixed th low relative humidity will likely lead to critic fire weatr conditions. the genie is monitoring dry and windy weather. in a statement, the utility company says pg any seven-day potential psps forecast doesn't indicate th need to initia the need for
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public safety power shutoff at this time, but weather conditions can change quickly if the forecast holds true peach and he expects about 180,000 customers to be the dark. >>we expect to learn more in the next sevesal hours, reporting from sonoma county jail on on for news. >>happening tomorrow p's ceo will be at the state capitol for hearing this will be ceo bi johnson sond appearance the state capol this month. as a senate committee inveigates the utilities recen power shut-offs th committee will dig into the effects the blackouts had on the economy schools, emergency management and businesses across the state stat senators will also examine the oversight and testimony is also expected fr leaders from the state offices of emergency services and the president othe california public utilities commission.
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>>lawmakers say is hearing is the first step and deciding what policies need to be looked at to prevent problems seen ithe massive power shut-offthe hearing is scheduled to start monday morning at 11:00am. >>get your 4 zone forecast specifically the fire weather watch that the national weather service has already issued f us here in the bay area. it is going to start wednesday morning during the overnight hours tt's when it's really going to peak so the wind event will be a wedsday morning event continuing through thursday morning. and let me break this do for you because it is going to impact the north bay mountains and east bay hills because of those gusty offshore winds out of the north-northeast 20 to 30 miles per hour we're with the gusts upwards of 45 mileper hour. elevation is above 1000 feet, including the diablo range. actual see gusts of more than 60 miles per hour. so
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it's not expected to be a historic wind event li the one that helped spread that kincade fire about a month and a half ag but it is extremely noticeable and dangerous justecause of the dry weather that we've had for most of october and november, relative humidity by wednesday afternoon could actually drop into the single digits wit little relief and recovery. wind speeds out there right he now in the bay area, fairly calm in the single digits and i am tracking very shallow nonexistent marine layer as we step outside temperatures out there right now in the 40's and 50's but still relatively warm right now in downtn san francisco at 62 degrees in wake a planner forecast is going to show little change tomorrow from day's daytim highs, maybe a degree or 2 cooler so about 5 to 15 degrees above average. but i tracking cooler weather starting on tuesday continuing for most of this upcoming week and even as we get closer to our 10 at 10 outloo. rain chances return to he bay area
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find out when in my full 10 at 10 forecast coming up in just a few minutes just seen back to you thank you so muchot to the north bay where 2 people have been identified as suspects. >>the shooting in santa rosa, a 2 year-old sean mccarthy junior and 20 year-old david conley both from santa ro are the suspects in police say the 2 men, our gang members and now face charges including attempted murder. this happened friday night near darla drive and tracy avenue that's the map are looking at now officers found a man with a gunshot wound. he did survive police still have not released his name nor a motive for the shooting as the investigation continues. >>i don't know why we were targeted they ve nothing better to do i guess. >>mandel's are terrorizing an ice creamshop in san francisco. the men are caut on video taggirg. the store frontnot once but twice, and now the owner is offering thousands of dollars to he find them and he says. on for
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santorum spoke to the busins owner tonight he joins us live now in th mission after speaking to him about his concns but this could happen again. >>that's right just seen these vandals have been creating a headache at this ice cream shop and valencia street, the owner tells me he does understand why these guyare doing this, but he is willing to pay $2000 to find out. a mission favorite for ice cream becomes the target of vandals guests looking for an organic scoop of something sweet are greeted with unwand graffiti on the windows they have nothing better to do i guess once and the mayor says the owner of ice cream and valencia street. he says a group of young men ha been tagging his shop with unknown substances. last attack. these federal just target the ice i i don't nokw why. >>the security video from the shop has captured the vandals in incident from august defacing 2018
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shows 3 men approaching the store front late night and then scribbng on the windows then in september of this ar, another man is seen walking up to the front door wiling the handle and then deciding to at something on to the windows. some of the words ve be bolder forcing us to cover them with paper. >>many angry biggest unknown, it's very expeive units >>send him and his wife rosa maria has helped run thehop for the last years. she says her husband has been a little bit more relaxed about the situation. but even the lock in the front door of the shop has been recentlytopped with glue and the door itself was damaged by me foam like material. i'm sort of used to it. it is wrong. they liket had been working you despite hese hateful acts se them a us says business will connue as usual. however, is ofring a big rewarto anyone who has information that will help capture these criminals you can get $2000 to
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get a new friends and we give you 1019. >>by body in the blind. we have a big party. >>well it may cost awhere between 2005 $10 to replace these windows and send them a s tells me these vandalneed something better to do with their time. reporting live in san francco. dan thorn kron 4 news. >>and the city of palo alto has released the name of the electrical workewho ed yesterday. we talked about the story last nig here in kron 4 news at 10 and now we know the man'same, he is 42 ar-old dot is ok he my he was a unid states veteran in the seas and electrical linemen he leaves behinda wife and 4 daughters. crews were upgrading an electrical transformerear east meadow drive in middlefield road when that palo alto worker was electrocuted the city says this is the first work-related death in the utilities department in more than30 years. a go fund me for the
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vicm has been set up and you can find a link on our web site chn for dot com. remember the life and legacy of thlate ceo of kaiser permanente bernard tyson today. there was a blic viewing athe oakland rotunda. tyson died a week ago unexpectedly at the age of 60. he served as the ceo of the health care company since 2013. he was the first african american to hold that posion. there will be a priva funeral on monday. coming up we're still following the breaking news out of fresno on the latest reports now are saying 10 backyard party. shot at a >>and 4 of them have died. we will have a live report coming up a1030. also president trump sa he's not getting his side fairly represented in the impeachment hearings, but house speaker nancy pelosi is now prosing that the president can do. next week's round of hearings plus a sweet showed support for chi facing the fight of his life
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but he and his family from the north they are doing to hel him stay strong during his cancer battle. cooking up
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and it's only at licracker barrel.y. so, come on home fothe holidays. come on home to cracker barrel. >>a very sweet show support for a 6 year-old boy with cancer has fully whole family has dealt with the diagnosis. not once but twice n the last year now the community is coming together to make sure that he does not feel alone khan for small bellow has his
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story. but he told yesterday was that now he don't care as much because he's not the only one still a little too shy to show off his new hairdo, a leo costa. >>played with his fami like any little boy about to turn 7. >>he's alwayseally getting in. love that about leo was diagnosed wih wilms tumor in 2018 1st discovered. >>that'sow big his boat was like a type of kidney cancer that's considered easier to treat. but in abo 15% of cases it can come back and leo is one of those rare cases this was the end of his chemo. >>lasyear so that you can see is here has been that as i rose had the end t he never lost it completely. >>last month they found the cancer now in his lungs. and fter just 2 weeks of chemotherapy. leo had already starteto lose a lot more ha so they decided to call their family and friends to help you feel not so alone. we re sort of you know kind of.
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>>and i don't think about it and then one of our friends. showbiz had just on his own and send us a picturehat will no i don't want to do too. with big brother luke g cousin dhabi wanting to join in a prayer service for leo this week. >>became a knit of head shaving in solidarity they know that people not just their familyarmful to em. >>whether it's words of encouragement to prayers from their church community or couple of bald heads. they know every little bit helps really. >>y know have faith that god is taking care of him and that's he's been you know sort of giving us strength through this whole process because it can be very you know draing its i think maybe one of the worst things that a mom can hear yoknow about her son is finding ut that he has done a summit. you feel now
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>>noel fellow kron 4 news. >>family and friends of a boy with autm the died nearly a year ago aftehe was restrained by a teacher in el dorado hills held a vigil today. max pence andad just turned 13 when he died charges against 2 teachers at his school have now been filed in the tourney for the teachers lives to helping educating and encouraging. kids with special needs but family and friends say ey want justice for mac. chose this place because it's the beginning of the so of public. >>part of this. activity that we've taken up to try to prent max from. >>what happened the maps the other children. unfortunately still happen because of the many of the issues that many of you underand. >>a judge ruled last week that the teachers being charged can
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no longer teach or run a day care and those teachers are expected back in court in january. in san francisco, a park ranger wasstabbed aft tryingo stop an angry driver that spun out of control on the freeway that's according to police happened this rning on eastbound i 80 near the 7th street off-ramp police say the ranger followed the suect's car on to the central freeway after witnessing the suspect yelling at other motoris. the suspect then crashed into the center divide the ranger had stopped his car to help. but then according to police was stabbed by the driver. the ranger was treated for his transported to the hospital en for unknown injuries. a new homeless shelter in hayward will open up the shelter will provide transitional housing and services foup to 45 homeless ople living in and around hayward it is located in haywards industrial zone on the corner of whitesell street and depot road. the shelter
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will be staffed 24 7 and the goal is to have every president placed into permanent housing within 3 months. >>i'm one of the main differences is that the whole focus is on housing outcomes. so this isn't a long-term acement. this is a short-term intervention with a lot of financial and a very service rich environment to help people achieve their goals a move into permanent housing. >>the shelter has been about a year in the maki 45 people will be moving in slowly over the next few weeks but the fir group arriving on monday. california setting new rules to reduce emission aleutians on ay officials immediately barred state agencies om buying any so dams that only ron an internal combustion engines starting next year it will require state agencies to buy only from companies at reckoning california's authority to set greenhouse gas and 0 emissio vehicle standards only bmw, ford volkswagen and honda have
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decided to back california, stricter emissions standards. governor gavinewsom says automakers the don't side with the standards we'll be on the losing end of california's buying power. let's check in with our meteorologi theresa rodriguez as we talk about our forecast in just want to give a quick update on the psps the possibility of a power shut off coming to the north bay this pg e sitting on alert that they're going to start notifying e potential affected customers, beginning monday morning in the bay are this would include. and sonoma cnties so we're still waiting to get more information of course we'll have that for you not only on kron on our streaming service but our web site calledor not comment on newscast tomorrow that's a big deal if they plan to that again as a tight out there.eah, another warm day expected as you start your work week monday and today record breaking and record time heat record breaking heat for san francisco airport a74 degrees. >>and kland airport warming up once again to 76 degree
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tiny old record from just a few years ago in downtown n francisco. well above average 10 degrees above normal warming up to 73 degrees and tomorrow little relief in sight. so let's take a live look outside that marine layer, nonexistent just because of this afternoon's warmer air mass storm tracker for very d clear and calm conditions out there. temperatures as you head out the door already starting to cool down into the 40's for the north bay, but everyone else in the 50's with 60's and the lay how and downtown san francisco. so very mild temperatures there and were all eventually going to cool down into the upr 40's and low 50's for overnight lows in tomorrow's daytime highs very little change compared to the day maybe a degree or 2 cooler but. 5 to 15 degrees abov average yet ain. downtown san francisco. the low 70's as hioakland concord livermore in santa rosa trying to flirt with a tease but in the upper 70's for you a san jose 75 degrees for your monday afternoon highs and let's take a look ahead at that 10 at 10
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outlook because as you can see. we are going to remain dry for the next 10 days cooling down after monday and little change as far as temperatures go for the next 10 days but justine relief in sight. brins repeat pattern from last year where the day before thanksgiving. we could actually see some rain returning to the bay area on wednesday neary 10 days from now so black friday plans maybe buy some rain but our number l a. right a slow and steady still see. thanks trecent. i will be watching that very. >>and coming up we're out of fresno where multiple people have been shot some are reported dead. again a live report with all the latest information is just a few minutes away that's a 00:30pm tonight. and house speer nancy pelosi says the impeachment inquiry is worse than what happened during president nixon's 10 year in3
10:23 pm
minutes we will see how long th speaker thinks this investigation could go o
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>>come before the committee and talk hall the truth that he wants to he has every opportunity. . his case that is really a sad thing i mean what the president did was so much worse. richard nixon did.
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and some point richard nixon cared about the country enough to recognize that this cannot continue. >>house speaker nancy pelosi is calling president trump's allege quid pro quo with ukraine to investigate the bidens worse. the nixon's watergate scandal, president donald trump is complaining now that 's not getting his side fairly represented in the impeachment inquiry. policy they're firing back saying that he should testify in ont of investigors. when asked if the increase could come to a decisiobefore the end of this year. plus he said she has no idea. you expect that to be wrapped up the for the end of the had no again i don't have metable for that no i is. >>well the eidence that we have open hearings for the next week. i don't know if there arany beyond that them out for thanksgiving doesn' mean depositions couldn't be taken during that time. my
10:27 pm
then maybe a decision and maybe they have more here. >>coming up this week gordon sondland trump's ambassador to the european union is set to testify beforenvestigators. a very scary situation when 2 police officers show up tohe scene of a burning vehicle with an unconscious woman inside. 1045 here are the eroes. tell us exactly what happened duri that frightening situation. 9 year-old boy is fightg for his life after losing his 3 brothers and his parents in an apparent murder suicide will have much more on this investigation that's going on in southern california.
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yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even bettern you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. and our breaking news tonight is out of fresno where at least 10 people have been shot at a partyor of them, according to police have now died. >>police say the victims were in a backyard. watching suspects were able to sneak in and opened fire. reporter dennis blair is at thescene for us tonight, dennis you've been there gathering details. what is the very latest. >>police there still cvassing the neighborhood they're still talking to the pele they were inside the home there. it's about nearly. the couple 3 dozen peop were inside the home when the shooting happened including
10:31 pm
children and police just calling thi senseless shootings a little fornate because at least none of those kids that was shot are w everyone adult men and as you are for those people have died. the 3 were dead when police rived here on scene one died at a hospital. 6 others remain at from ospital and they range critical to non life threatening injuries. now as i said they're canvassing the neighborhood or rain now now all the victims. they are adult men, great changes, right theange from 25 to 30 and they are just trying to find out anything about the shooter's because as the police are telling ushey just snuck in. >>what we do know is at this was a a. gathering family and friends gathering in the backyad. evryone was wahing a football game this evening. when suspects. the other residents snuck into t backyard and opened fire. the suspectthen fled, we have no
10:32 pm
suspect inormation at this time, no vehle information. but obviously we're working on that right now. >>police say ey are increasingpatrols in the area as a precaution, they're hoping to find some surveillance video or maybe f someone saw someing just anything that could led to suspect information because they have nothg right now. now. since i've en here i've been he for a few hours, lots of neighbors have been outere with me and they are just giving thir condolences to this family because it was just supposed to be a un night. sunday football. then take it ck to you. >>thank you so much tennis and we continue to update you here on conferences attend about this breaking news story now is go to our web site chron for dot com for the very latest. >>there's still ry early in the investigation. but it appears to be a ragic case of domestic violence murder suicide. >>san diego police say that a man and shot and killed his
10:33 pm
wife and 3 sons saturday bere turning the gun. himself, a 4th son a 9 year-old boy w also shot and he is now fiting for his life. laura has the sry. >>their names and faces are not being releas,d but paradise hills is quiet reet se the kids thatived in this house were playful hpy children you don'ride the bike all the time up and down the street. a sourcclose to the family says the 4 boys attended paradise hills elementary school. detectives are calling this a case of domestic violence saying poce had been to the home on november 1st to break up an argument over tools between e wife and her estranged order yesterday it is unclear if that quarter have served. been >>but we dbelieve the suspect was aware of a chief david nisleit says officers respond to roughly 50 domestic calls on a daily basis, encouraging others to askor help don't be afraid to call
10:34 pm
this the first step. we want to prent types of family violence like we've been fortunate we saw today. >>a 9 year-old boy was the only child to survive now fighting for his life. >>any time you go to child death whether it be a natul or in act, it's case, the crimil it's just your mind not meant to filter that kind of information is is extremel difficult police chief david isleit admitting today's call is diffilt not only for the famil but also his officers these are the toughest kind of cal we respo t >>we had a lot of officers responded seen some of tho officers actually carried some of the kids out so they could get medical aid. >>let's take a live look outside right now as we talk is san francisco's embarcadero bay bridge looking pretty tonight. meteorologist worries about because is here with a look at woking canxpect for the weather week aead that a little bit air everything coming our way. everything and
10:35 pm
rain returning to parts of the bay area in that 10 day outlook so let's get right to it live. >>look outside golden gate bridge. marine layer not tracking any dents low clouds and fog like we wer just 24 hos ago around this time, smooth sailing and also better clring as well and temperatures still on the mild sidfor downtown san francisco in the late hole in thlow 60's as a san jose fremont 64 degrees but everyone else in the 50's apart from those of you in the north bay already coing down into the upper 40's for santa rosa and napa and even novato and overnight lows, 'll dip into the low to mid 40's sata rosa, how does the 30's so you are going to warm up a lite bit tonight. thanks to today's warmer air mass and also widespread waming for most of the bay area's well by a few degrees so uer 40's and low 50's for overnight lows and let's take a look at our mioclimate monday forecast. we will cool down a degree or 2 tomorrow compared to today's daytime highs. still going to
10:36 pm
remain about 5 to 15 degrees above average downtown san francisco, holding sady in the low 70's, half moon bay flirting with 70's at 69 degrees. very shallow marine layer if any to start you monday morning and by the afternoon, plenty of sunshine brisbane 75 degrees. no break also in the mid 70's, san mateo 73 degrees but pollo out a ittle bit cooler at 69 degrees. widespread 70's though for those of you in the south bay, san jose 75 degrees as a santa clara, and morgan hill, 79 degrees for your monday afternoon highs so wind speeds light and breezy could see gusts upwards of 20 miles r hour less throughout the day livermore 79 degrees and along the coast of the east bay, 73 degrees for those of you in hayward low 70's from richmond berkeley and even oakland, upper 70's for concord and walnut creek an as we head into the north bay napa and sonom76 degrees and santa rosa 79 degrees for your afternoon highs and don't forget theris that leonid
10:37 pm
meteor shower that will light up the night sky night clear skies about 10 to 15 meteors after midnight and even continuing through sunrise. qualty tomorrow, moderate amounts and as we take a look ahead at the next 1outlook. we are going to notice cooler temperatures after tuesday. and our full 10 10 forecast is going to sho little change as far as temperatures go. but wednesday right before thanksgivingwe could actually see some light rain returni to the bay area so very similar path until last year we started out the wet season kind of drive. but then rebounded very nicely starting around thanksgiving. so hopefully fingers crossed that repeatitself, let's bring it right. thank you coming up hundreds of artists showed off their work tod at a harvest festival will tell y about one artist. >>he used hs health-care to create some beautiful pieces of art.
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itakes ailge to raise a child. to build a bridge. to tow a baseball... to throw yourself into the unknown.
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toose ar, to create hope. weelieve that it takes a village of over 200-thousand dedicated,assionate, driven medical and non-medica professionals to deliver on our belief in totahealth for all. we are kaiser permanente. to deliver on our belief in totaheathrive. all.
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>>the west coast largest indoor arts and crafts show continue to dance anthe tail and kron four as christy that hatred was there this morning shows us some of the very unique artwork. this is the th year the harvest festival has been ithe bay for artists here it's not just about selling their work. >>but sharing their passion with each stroke of the brush she pfects her work art. laura reiner and her husband jim started carving and decorati out of commission surfboards 6 years ago after he went through a triple bypass flatlined onthat operating table into they say that when a pers ds that
10:41 pm
he >>something can happen in your brain and it can trigger part of your brain that y never us beforeand for laura's husband, he focused in on creativity. now the couple that has a second chance is giving a second life to these ports takes a million years to break down a surfboard so he just started carving yemenis passes to get one then and not even pain and sometimes the neighborhood by em they traveled to over 40 shows a year, including the san mateo harvest festival, sharing pies of their hear. the new dujarn comes from your heart you love what you do. and so you really want to run. you just really want to share it if you're missi the harvest festal it will actually be back in the bay aa in san jose on black friday, reportingn san mateo county christina tetreault kr 4 news. a woman is pulled om a rning car and hear from her rescuers and the fears that they have going intothe situation. morton was another big week in the nfl,
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us ashley for jimmy g and the 49, here's kate isere with high. payment, sent off. feeling good? oh yeah. now i'm readto focus on my ojec ♪
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>>this is a very scary moment that happened when 2 virginia police officers helped rescue an unconscious woman from burning car. this happened on friday morning and this is what officer saw when they arrived on the scene the car th're filled with flames. the officers had to cut the seatbelt of the woman to free her and then drag away from
10:45 pm
all that heavy smoke and hot flames. here n they talk about how scary this whole ordeal was. >>she you're going anything like you shared much to put it down should to go to >>scenario. >>the woman's idtity has not been released she was though taken to the hospital for treatment. thanksgiving is just around the corner and that means the season of giving is upon us in kentucky, a group of people helped put together 4500 thanksgiving dinn reporter olivia russell shows us h they did it. >>dealt with the anksgiving classics.e's a green beans, we've got the stuffing next we've got brownie mix 4,500 boxes are being prepared and donated for the sheriff,
10:46 pm
god's pantry foobank coast every year. so everyone can experiencthanksgiving. >>the whole idea behind sharing thanksgiving is to give people ahance to slow down in fe a little bit to be able to thangiving dinner table and a 2. 2 have a chance just to sit and relax a little bit with that thanks giving but we are also fortunate. >>the meals will go to pantr acss eastern and central kentucky, the food bank says it's all possible because of the people who donate time a money like james nice warm al for you cold wier sets in. that means e of 350 people packing boxes which shows how much peoplean accomplish together. >>one persocan make a difference. each of the ships today are 75 peopleso you multiply the power of one-time
10:47 pm
75 and it's amazing what you n get done. >>and the food bank says the hard work. these were things the thing that's. >>so wonderful is the expressions that we see just e warmth of knowing that they now have a thksgiving meal. so powerful. >>as they share thanksgiving with everyone in lexington banks ussell erybody at home. >>well there's a lot to be happy aboufor bay area, football fans, both teams d. >>action today and good results for both teams, let's start in levi stadium, 49 ers cardinal this sequel san francisco won the last matchup on halloween in arizona. at home trying to bounce ba after monday's loss to seattle. now george ttle was an active today, the 49 ers very happy to have that guy available emmanl sanders started dealing with a rib injury. >>the arizona tonight, nothing lead ear 9 minutes lt in the second parnell's to be color very fine sterile. the
10:48 pm
sun, their largest deficit of the seon. well leave for his second touchdown of the game, 49 ers taken a one-point ad may be starting to find some rhythm. its next possession press at did not agree throwing. 1817 arizona,ut. teen leaves so kyler murray and company trying to respond. that makes him so dangerous murray 22 yards on the keeper for e touchdown, 2623. arina, same score and just 30 seconds on the cloc jef
10:49 pm
wilson junior for 25 yards and the touchdown. making it 3026. and the last chance to murray and the cardinals pce on happen but popped up and the est to tart there. the 6 san francisco. the patriots r the best record in the end. meanwhile jon gruden the raiders looking for3 straight victories i guess that was big. 50 taken in early 7 nothing take a 14 7 lead into
10:50 pm
the break. just dates reach him makes his move that's the interception car picked off for the first ti since the green bay game nearly a month. the staging field goals and it me down to this raiders up 1710. in the afc wt and the travel to kans city to resist going to be different. >>to the court now or injuries keep piling up for the warriors d'ango russell out for at least theext 2 weeks with a thumb injury so golden
10:51 pm
state looking to break a offensive eak wi limited off fire power. it was war ian's warriors pelicans tonight. injury. we zoom to the 2nd half of this one just down. haskell the rookie gets to the rack 30 point peta marquese chriss with j. where's within 3 but. akins the does dropped into an 12 o f the worst record in the nba, and it doesn't get y easier. the memphis grizzlies on tuesday, hoping they can start winning streak. what window not thanks kate. good have you re you're much better at that. we're following more we're following more eakin
10:52 pm
where multiple people have bn shot some are reported dead. >>and we'll also update you on the poible path our shut offs coming this week from p g there are those who will say th too fat. too skinny. tohard. too so. too old. too much totoo limited.. and to them say too bad. because at kaisepermanente, we belie that everyone deserves the right to thrive.
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>>let's update yoon the breaking ne sries we've been following he tonight on crimeor news at 10 will least 10 people have been shot at a party for pple are now dead. that's according to
10:55 pm
fresno lice. police there are saying that the victims were in a backyard. watcng football tonight whenhe suspects were able to sneak in and openedire. are killed were asian men aged between 2535 years old as more detas come in tohe crime for ewsroom. we will update you on our website kron 4 news that common of course fit thing tomorrow morning and again primetime newscast tomorrow night. and pg e could possibly be turning off the power again this week. pg e is saying that the power or could be to apoximately 250,000 customers in portions of 19 counties in the sierra foothills, north vley and the north bay that includes map. sonoma lake and sola counties pg e is saying that the weather forest continued to change to the extent of the win. prompting them to do another power shut off possibly. so they're still watching the situation very carefully pg though did put out this tweet not too long ago saying it plans to notify
10:56 pm
the affected customers on monday mning which would be about 48 hours before the potential shut off. d that warning about the potential shut o could come by either phone text or email. so if you have not signed up for any of those alerts yet now would be the time to do it so again this is for possible counties in the north bay. possibly there'a lot of possibly is off. but again that ble ut would be portions of lake napa sono and solano counties where exactly in those counties still being figured out that the wind is what is really alerts out again tonight yet is becase it's been so dry. fortunately not going to be as gusty as when the can kate fire broke out a month and a half ago thawas a historic wind event. >>with wind speeds her hurricane status. arou 8090 miles per hour. we're instead i am tracking wind gust. wards of about 60iles per hour or less daytime highs tomorrow though 5 to 15 degrees above that average.
10:57 pm
let's take a look at that fire weather watch it will sta now wednesday 4 o'clock in the morni. that's when it's going to go into effect but for those of you in the north bay mountains, you could see some gusty winds as early as tomorrow night shortly after midnight so early tuesday morng, 35 miles per hour or ss and then it will debt worse and stronger with that wind flow by wednesday morning through ursday morning and we could see retive humidity by wednesday afternoon drop in the single digits because of those offshore winds we will be watching it all right here for you on kron four thanks for joining us this weekend and we'll see you back here. sic ]
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>> announcer: the following program is sponsored by operation smile. every year, hureds of thousands of children are born with cleft lip and or cleft palate. >> dr. bill magee: y should any cld, anywhere on this planet, have to live a life of misery. >> kathy majette: a lot of people think that children that areorn with these deformities are cursed. just imane a life alone, that nobody wanted to be around you. >> norrie oelkers: and we had children coming in for seening wey're never allowed to leaad. ntheir house unless they ve au. bag on their heads. >> kathy majette: some chilenon'tive,


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