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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  November 18, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>>it keeps daria hall >>fletcher and i guess we got some stuff to talk about this week on the weather front. this week ahead with some fire danger potentiallynimate the roads. the roads are looking at picking up very quiet incidentwise so you know no major crashes but the bridge is a crowded of course, one deal to 3 deals. and we're seeing this fire weather last guys it's in as we get into wednesday. really see the windstart to amp up. temperatures are going to be above at average mixed wi low relative humidity and with the wind speed said definitely getting higher and higher especially getting. intothe higher elevations that's what we got so we do have that warning effect, i'll geto that in just a moment for now though a nice clear sock
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overlooking the goldegate bridge. it's a nice way to start your morning. we're in the clear now ka, the fog or cloud cover in your way so yes, this fire weather watch that we're seeing. it's gng. officially start at 04:00am on wednesy. so this could affe the early morning commute and we're really seeing it through parts. our north bay mountains and our east bay hills and it's scheduled to wrap up by 07:00am on thursday, but wind speeds could get up to about the 60 mile an hour ma. so just keep that in mind and also keep in mind a describe the long sleeves as you make your way out of the house this morning. it's a definitely a cool start 40's and 50's and i'm tracking but a wm into the afternoon. have all thoseetails coming up robin alright, thank your backup checking in on traffic, the oakland san francisco commute very crowderight now at the bay bridge toll plaza, your cash planes. and for you there. so yes, you have to wait it's already backd up to west grand and so from that point through the paye gates a lot of bring tapping going on here. her at 11 minutes and growing to fremont street for
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over to 92 where we see lots of red brake ghts leaving hayward to the peninsula so filling in quickly othflat section but overall a great trip to foster city and san mateo and wide open here at the richmond san rafael bridge, a quick 7 minutes to make your way into the north bay mes started. >>thank you very much robin time now is 5 oh one and the breaking news story from overnight for people are dead and 6 others injured after a ooting at a football watch party in fresno reid binion has the details. we do have multiple shooting victims. >>police in california briefinthe public after a deadly shooting rampage at a residence in fresno there was about people thatt looks lie that were inside the house and inside the backyard. >>the ctims gunnown during what should have been in a joyful family event. they're at a footbl pay, so thi was a family gathering the extent of the carnag unfolding even before first responders arrived on scene as officers and paramecs were en route we received morend more information on multiple
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victims. >>officers came in and they saw 3 people that were down immediately there are all asian mas between 2530. >>and cpr was started immeately. >eno motive yet disclosed but police giving a disturbing account of just how the rampage apparently unfolded. the initial information is that somebody came up on foot possibly at least one suspect and began firing. >>they fired into the backyard where most of the people were and this pty. >>when asked if the shooting was gang-related authoriti said there was no indication of that. but it was a possibility would be investigated. i read the news reported. >>and will be following the latest developments out of fresno all morning long you can find out more coverage, sure you can find more coverage on kron on download that app from the app store today. >>it's 5 oh 3 another big story pga is warning people in the bay area. we could lose power again this week was more. >>this time but 540,000eople could be impacted kron four sarah stion live in sonoma county now to explain. sarah.
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>>yeah that'slive here in sono county one of 19 unties that could be affected by power shut off you can see a gas station behind me we're driving up here in the north bay last power shut off it was vy hard to find a gas station that was open. there's barely any have keep driving around to find one and that could be the case midweek if th power shut off goes io place, this is all because of a major offshore nd event at genie is monitoring right now and that's why thy're customers about this potential power safety shut off. also mainly for the north and north alley in sierrfoothills where winds are aicipated to peak at 55 miles per hour. all vegetation is extremely w and dry. so we haven't seen much rain latelthat's making this even. wars for fire dger. the utility company will spend today not only warning
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determine if a psps orking to is necessary with the wind event heading our way by midweek we're waiting to hearrom pg me about any specific cities in na and that will be we know the areas that were impacted lastime so we're heading there this morninto check in with people and see how they're feeling. the rrent pg has not been updated yet. and that's probably because they're stilsyria now if they're going to acally put is psps in motion. take a listen to these people we caught up with us and residents. the worst starting to prepare for a pottial power shut off and how they're feeling about another one heading our wa potentially. don't like it. >>but if it sav us from being burn like we were 2 years ago i guess it's ok there's 2 sides to this so we've got to fix and they do need to fix here infrastructure for >>and we'll be continuing to
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follow this knees going to be starting to send out warnings to customers today. then they'll send out another notification at 24 hour hours. we will continue to be talking with pg asking them if they're going to do this in fact, bu this is not our first rodeo, so everyone at home make sure you grab out emergency preparedness kits restock whatever ease last time and for pair because as we saw last time but we were quite sure who's going to happen. and then it did in fact happen and then the kim k fire sparked up so a lot memories resurfacing always good to be prepared. on line nema county sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>all right. thank you sarah. >>5 oh 06:00am fiji any c is going to be at thstate capitol for a hearing for a second time this month, the senate committee is investigating pg knees recent power shutdowns the mmittee's going to dig into the effects of the blaouts on the economy schools. emergencmanagement and businesses state senators are also getting examinethe
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state oversight. testimony is also expected from leaders from the state office of ergency services and the president. t california p you see. >>lawmakers say the hearing i the first step in deciding what policies need to be proped to prevent problems. now we have seen in the other shutdowns that happened so far the hearinstarts at 11 o'clock this morning. >>well in the north bay 2 men have en arrested now after shooting in santa rosa ficers found a man with a gunshot wound friday night right near darla dre and tracy avenue police say the 2 men sean mccarthy junior and david conley our gang members they now face charges, includi attempted muer. on the peninsula, a man with a loaded gun was arreed after a disturbance report in san
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bruno officers found a inside a long with a man green avenue in that car they found narcotics an drug paraphernalia along with that loaded gun. martinez gilroy their goal right was arrested 's been booked now in the san mateo county jail. >>contracosta county sheriff's department says tt rival gangs were involved in the re when the halloween shooting. you remember that 5 peope we told you lasteek were arrested for the shooting and killing of 5eople athe party at the air bnb in orinda authorities say tension between feuding gangs is a possible moti behind the shooting. video showed one of the men sham ron mitchell use on just their jumpingut of window to evade police in antioch all 5 who have been arrested now face murder and conspiracy charges, including the party's promoter who's facing an additional charge of thexcess sueyo a shooting a total of 4 guns were fod on evidence shows several people
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were armed. also in the east bay for the first time in 6 years the car. her police department hosted a gun buyback of it. yeah that was pretty successf people in concrd. >>walnut creek late and they department's first gun by cut buyback event since 2013. this event is meant to provide a place course for residents to safely dispose of their guns th they no longer want or use in return for trading in ose guns people were given gift cards. >>a lot the weapons that end up in the wrong hands. as a result murray's etcetera and this gives us an opportunity to have people who no longer want their weaponthe safe place to do it that's why i'm here. >>i don't want themalling in the wrong hands and we don't use them. more than 200 guns were collected eventually they'll be safely destrod. >>in san francisco, a par ranger was stabbed after trying to stop an angry driver that spun out of contr on the freeway. it happened on eastboun80 right near 7th
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street o-ramp police say the ranger follow the suspect's car on to the central freeway after witnesng the suspect yelling at other drivers.the attacker then crashed into the center divider the ranger stop his car to help but then was abbed by that driver. the rangers expected to be ok. the attacker was taken into custody. >>it's 5 oh 9 and today, a memorial service will be held permanente ceo of kaiser bernard tyn. this seed memorials going to be the chase centerhis afternoon. there was a public viewing yesterday in the oakland rotunda. tyson died a week ago unexpectedlat the age of 60. he serveds ceo the health care company since 2013. and was the first african american to hold that position. >>man shot and robbed in broad daylight in the south bay and the whole thing that was caught ocamera and after the break vandalism caught on camera as well. 2 fact twice at one san francisco ice cream shop are going to or from the owners.
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>>and taking a live look outside right now we're looking at sunny skies today continu, arming trend but could our temperatures tomorroand a fire weather watch. for the week ahead, i'll have more details coming up. and a pretty busy commute into san frcisco right now on a no surprise right. we ve a long line of skills back to west grand all rightso pretty packed into san francisco. ♪ (vo) i know what you're thinking. electric, it's not for you. and, you're pbably right. eltric just doesn't have enough range. it will neve survive the winter. charging stations? good luck finding one of those. so, ybe electric car isn't for you afteall.
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>>we're in for a nice day today yes going to be really nice you enjoy the weekend, sunny d 75 i think that's a song it's going to be much of the sa today. yeah so it definitely of about average person this time of year, but the spending. we're seeing this warming tred continue through today, but then a ol down as we get into tomorrow, then big changes ahead though during the middle of the week because we are going to see very windy conditions, i'll get to that in just a second right now give me a nice a clear shot overlooking downtown safrancisco are loing just a really nice shot of the san francisco right now cause there's no the fog in your y no cloud cover in fact i'm tracking mostly clear conditions throughout the ente bay area and it's ing to continue into the afternoon open up to a whole lot of sunshine. but said there is a fe weather wah the national weather service. has issued is starting off at 4 o'clock in the morning on weesday wrapping up at 7 on thursday.
5:15 am
because we are tracking a system that is heading our direction and my to have a chance of bringing somsnow showers to the sierra but it's gointo be keeping us dry. the humidity is going to be low and the temperatures once againare going to be well above average for this time of year. and so we're really going to see it's up for all that and callingn your screen. those are the ars a highly affected becase we're going to e seen along the east bay hills and also across higher elevations that we're going to see possible wind speeds about to 60 miles an hour through thursday. and of course increasin that fire danger. it is going to be a chilly start to your morning very normal we're back into the 40's and0's so you're going to need a sweater or a jacket as you make your way outf the house this morning, 51 right now in oakland 58 in san francisco and tracki 50 degrees if you're just now waking up with us in san jose. look at this afternoo it's going to be really nice out there we're going to see temperares anywhere for ranging from the low to mid and even upper 70's look at that live more yore going to be a high of 78 this
5:16 am
afteron, 76 in concord it 70's if you're gng to be around our base i communities, oakland you're in aigh of 72 today. and you'll see 74 degrees on thboard 76 in downtow san jose low 70's for downtown s francisco. and even if you're heading over half mo bay. lot of sunshine though to enjoy today befe we get a little bit of a cool down as we get it nto tomorrow temperature wise and then yes, very windy expected on wednesday. and then a little change in temperatures on thursday and thhe you're really going to see them a pretty steady throughout the weekend. it's still going to bdry though no rain in the forecast unfortunately that we do need it. we're going to e the temperatur anywhere from the low to mid and upper 60's as we get through sunday. all right, thank you rebecca checking in on your monday morning drive it early. >>but early filling in here on the san mateo bridge. so we're hayward over to drive from thpeninsula and you have a lot of company
5:17 am
working your way westbound right. it's cr but it's not bad this icompletely normal but the drive time already on the rise of 14 minutes f 2, one to one much heavier on 80 trip. already stocked up from west grand through the tolls up the incline but a great trip on the suspension and the skay as well so i'm putting it at 19 mites delay free hotspot free into san francisco, we're checking more dry time someone they're picking up some are holding steady. for 17 minutes anoch to concord bu smth sailing on 6.80 south particle that to danville the nimitz doing just fine and one on one looking good from the south bay to the peninsula just under 30 minutes for that trip, we'll check more freewaysnd drive times coming up. and 5.17 authoritieare looking for the men who were caught on san francisco ice creashop g a and it wasn't the first time that the shop was hit. the owner is now offering thousands of dollars to help fi who did it crawford and sort has more.
5:18 am
>>a mission favorite for ice cream comes the target of vandals guests looking for an organic scoop of something sweet argreeted with unwanted graffiti on the windows. >>they have nothing better to do i gss once and the mayor says the owner of ice cream and valencia street. he says a grp of young men have been tagging his showith unknown substances. these last attack these federal just target t ice i i don't know why. security video from the shop has captured the vandals in the ac the first defacing incident from august 2018 shows 3en approachinghe store front late at night and then scribbling on the windows then in september of this year another man is seen walking up to the front door wiggling the handle and then deciding to a something on to the widows. some of e words have been bolder forcing us to cover them with paper mary angry because you know. >>it's ry expensive and it's
5:19 am
very >>santa may as his wi rosa maria has helped run thehop for the last 10 years. she says her husband s been a little bit more relaxed about the situation. but even the lock in theront door of the shop has been recently stopped with glue d the door itself was damaged by some foam li material. i'm rt of used to it. it is wrong. >>they like it had been woing you >>despite these hateful acts send them a us says busess will continue as usual. however, he is offering a big reward to anyone o has information that will help capture these criminals. >>you can get $2000 to get a new france and wouldive you 1019. we canuy to everybody in the blind. have a big party. >>reporting in san francisco again thorn kron 4 news. ome national headlines now to be another big week in the imachment inquiry of president trump several more teify publicly this week, the first hearings are t for tomorrow colonel alexander van of in men. >>the top ukrainian expert for
5:20 am
the national security council and jennifer williams an aide to ve president ike pence are both set to testify. >>time now is 5.19. the morning news, a new aomeless shelteopens today in haywa we'll show you what it's going to provide in a live report. after the break a berry communy is coming together to help a young boy battling cancer for the second time. >>and we're also tracking the view outside as we take a look at a few cameras foyou this morning, you' looking at the bay bridge approach as we're seeing traffic a bit backed u heading into san fraisco. we've got robin wilson in the traffic center of course we'll get anoth update from her in a moment and then the golden gate bridge normally would see some fog here but not today but that doesn't mean we're not going to have some a comment sort of weather come later thiweek we've got rebecca strong in e weather center talking more about high win a the potential for more pg e power shut-offs by mieek we'll be right back.
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with kits starti at just ten dollars you catransform natural essential oils into mist at a pri that is just right. >>good monday morning i'm our weather center for john f this morning we're seeing. everywhere you look at look at this a nice clear shot overooking san francisco city alcatraz there in the middle yo screen and the bay bridge there to the left. no fog. no cloud cover in your way this morning for your drive so that some good news. but you are going to have to wear the long sleeves because i am tracking. tempertures currently right now in the 40's and 50's but look at this it's going to change into the . once we
5:24 am
get into the afternoon a whole lot of sunshine f everyone, no matter where you're going to be a downtown san francisco you'll be a high of 71 today, oakland, we're looking at a temperature of 72 and then san jose a litt bit warmer there at 76 degrees. but tt a cooldown starts tomorrow and a fire weather watch as well during the middle of t have all those details coming up in just a bit. thank you. rebecca, we have some a strain delays number swan had some technical problems, t's a little bit late departing tracy about 24. >>minutes behind schedu so by the time it continues to the east bay. it's going to be back. so keep tat in mind 24 minute delay on a strain number one, but at least now it's on the move to n francisco to on they're just moving along owly. your backups pills to west grand, it very quiet. but now we have a full house so get out there early already and 25 just really shot up 25 nutes into san francisco. we'll check more idges coming up james started.
5:25 am
>>thanks ron 5.24 a community in the north bay is coming together to he a 6 year-old boy who is diagnosed with cancer now for the second time, yeah leo acosta was diagnosed with type that there re the type of kidney cancer back in 2018. >>and after beating the caer, the first timit came back and thistime it spread to his lungs and now because of the chemothery lee of us started. we sta to lose his hair so family his friends di something to make sure thahe doesn't feel alone or singled out. >>we were sort of you know. showbiz had just on his own and send us a picture that woman has shown no i don't want to do o. >>after leo's brother an cousin shave their heads other members of the community joined in. they turn to prayer service foreo io a he shaving ceremony about that. it's 5.25 and coming up on e crown for morning news. we're continuing follow the developments from overnight. 4 people are dead. ey were
5:26 am
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>>ey've morning how irrelevant it's a slow roll san francisco monday morng causing problems already just blame it on monday. west of treasure land causing major delays into san all right all
5:29 am
you guys we we. start calling we don't nt you to stick. in sync that's all i can say you can ve as that is i'm going to be having a >>70's guy 70's d sunshine that we're going to be seeing outside and in fact, m showing you this camera shot this is our cameron timber on overlooking the north bay here and actually in the distance the are the golden gate really good shot because it's so clear normally we are socked in by thfog and the
5:30 am
show you how clear ust want to it is for yourrive into work, especially for going to be a heading across the north bay this morning. i also want to talk about the north bay because you're going to be under that fire weather tch warning. and this is starts at 4 o'clock in the morning on wednesday. all that and color of your screen. the east bay hills the north bay mountains those areas highly effective because we cld see the winds kickp to about 60 miles per hour. and again from wednesday into thursday that's really e bulk of it one it's going to be happening. humidity is going to be low temperatures e going to be above at average. so that obviously has a possibility for fire dang all more details on that a also what it's going to be in your neighborhood later this afternoon teerature wise for now attempting xover robin all ght, thank you rebecca, i found out why traff is so heavy heading into san francis right now we have a stalled westbound west of treasure island in the left lane, the drivers outside of the car waving for he crews are on the way. but it's we already had at the bay hat
5:31 am
bridge toll plaza so just a little stall in your left lane creating a nasty little backup. rough the tunnel the eastern span the toll plaza and now from the bottom of so that's why we had a whopping 33 minutes now into san francisco, the goln gate looks good the complete opposite just wide open 18 minutes, nevada to the tolls we're king a look at some more numbers and they look great 5.80 west livermore to blin, dublin, snow fremont and 6.80 is fine. no problems for the nimitz or to e'll check more freeways coming up. james ok thank you for it, but robin. >>5.31 the time breaking news from ernight word that 4 people have died and 6 others have been injured in a shooting at a footbalwatch partin fresno police say there were about 35 people at the hoe party watching football. when somebody walked up and started shooting and then took off by the time the police got there 3 people were already de at the scene at the home in a 4th person died at the hospital. police say
5:32 am
all of the vicms are between the ages of 2530. >>football party, so this was a family gathering. information is that somebody came up on foot possibly at least one suspect and began firing. they fired into the backyard where st of the people were d this party. >>so 4 dead 6njured of injured are expected to recover police e still looking for the gunman. >>thousands are coming together to remember 2 students shot and killed at a santa clarita high school people gathered last night f a candlelight vigil. comi together in prayer an remembrance, 2 udents were killed 3 others were injured. last thursday at saugus high school. the 16 year-old gunman shot himself ended up dying the very next day. investigators are still looking for a motive, they alssay that threats on social media. we're not credib saugus high school will be closed until december second police will bposted
5:33 am
at that school in the areas today. >>05:32am and today, homeless shelter in hayward ops. >>yeah the shelter will provide housing to about 45 homeless people living in and around hayward and proper us will tran is out there for us this morning. giving us a look morning will. >>james it took about ayear in the making you might be able to see some of the trailers behind me they will open up slowly, but surely a little bit later this morning, but we got a sneak peek. here's what they can expect warm meals will have a ave shower place. they will have people working with them walk i are not welcome what they will do the people atthe navigation center the police department and other agcies thin haywd they will go around they will identify some of the needy people bring them here screen them and then allow them to stay at this location. it will be stffed 24 houra
5:34 am
day so they'll be a support group for peoplwho will eventually live year. this is not a permant facility for the homeless, it's a little bit different. here's one of the people wholans to run it. here's what they had to say about the difference about it. >>and one of the main differences is that the whole focus is on housing outcomes. so this i't a long-term placement. this is a ort-term intervention with a lot of financial and a very service rich environment to help people achieve their goals and move into permanent housing. >>so the goal the end game is work hem back on ther feet with them try to bring up their steam the self esteem and then get them into permanent housing which we all know will take a little biof time. they didn't say how. >>how long. >>of those pele will be allowed to stay here so it's probably as a as need to bases, but eventually they will have to go. i can tell you right now not all 45 people ll be here a little bit later is morning, instead, it'll be a slow
5:35 am
gradual process. so we might only see a handful this morning. but i'm sure those haful of.people will be very happy. james daria all right, thanks a lot. well. 5.34 the time righnow in the south bay, >covering after being robbed and shot in front of this home in broad daylight. take aook at what happened was caught on surveillance video is somebody jumps out of a black car gs pointed at this homeowner who was sitting in his car. they shot hiand stole his necklace and then took off the vicm's friend wants to get the word out about this robbery and shootingecause they want to catch the attackers. >>the soft i'm shked that it was bad daylight they do shot a person. if of the house that happened is might family's neighborhood. and just for necklace right missing my backyard basically. they are scare. police did find the black get away car turned outo be stol. t the 3 men involved
5:36 am
in that attk are still on the loose. >>onhe financial of the city of palo alto has released the name of the electrical worker who died over the weekend year-old the natives kamiya was a veteran seoned electrical linemen he lives by their leaves behind a wife and 4 daughters. crews were upgrading an electrical transformer near east meadow drive and middlerield road when that worker was electrocuted the city says this is the first work related death in the utilities department in more tha30 years. news the 49 ers looking to make a comeback after losing for the first time. last week we have highlights of the arizona cardinals a rematch coming up. plus new scanning technology could track brain wellness in athletes will lk a little more about how that works and coming up next a huge indoor arts and crafts show made a stop in the bay area we'll take you iide. >>and cool start to your morning for now 40's and 50's but a warm up into the 70's for europe afternoon and high
5:37 am
winds expected middle of the ha all the details coming up. th were checking e drive into san francisco pulling up a caltrans camera showing you the etern span the look at the westbound traffic on the right heading into san francisco that's a traff approaching the tunnel. it's all cked up because of a stall west of the ♪ a cat cafe sounded tter in my head. ♪ ♪ next time i'll go to jack, at least then i'll get fed. ♪ head to jack in the box and experience the joy of missing out with my $5.99 white cheddar cheeseburger combo. ♪ only at jack ithe box! ♪
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but you don't feel good. with polycythemia ve, pv, symptoms can change so slowly over time but new or changing symptoms can mean your pv is changing. let's change the way we see pv. you track and discuss blood counts with your doctor. but it's just as vital to disss anging symptoms as well. take notice and take action. discuss counts and symptoms with your doctor. visit ♪ nev♪ wish i was at jack, right eir burgers are great. ♪ ♪ head to jack in the box and exrience the joy of msing o with my $5.99 ite cheddar cheeseburger mbo. ♪ only at jack in the box! ♪ >>and welcome back to the crowd for morning news of rebecca strong for john avel this morning we're seeing clear everywhere you look all
5:40 am
our live cameras, including this one here overlooking a a ark shot of downtown san jose. but at least we can come i make out some of the buildings here no cloud cover no fog this morning. and temperatures said just a little bit chillys you head out of the house ry normal 40's 50's that we. 50 degrees in dowown san jose 51 in oaklandight now 58. in san francisco and a big chae though on the way as we get into the middle of the week, a fire weather watch in effect for the north bay mountai east bay hills and the diablo range we could see wind speeds of anywhere from 35 to 45 miles per hour. but angus getting up to about 60 miles per hour on summer highest peaks. so keep that in nd keep it to the crown for we will keep you posted. an update on that all havmore details on what tell your afternoon temperatures look likeoming up in just a bit still tracking a stream delays they started off with some mechanical problems this morng and their little late so lving the east bay so4 minutes behind schedule after
5:41 am
those technical issues for ace one departing tracy so that means the rest of the trip will bhind schedule as well, but you've been warned all right checking in on the bay bridge0 west west of treasure island. there was a report of a stalled ithe left lane or in the son of the shoulder partially blocking e left lane that has t been cleared and that's why it's so heavy all of a sudden into san francisco, so that one little oblem added to the backup which now spills through the ttom of the maze so be prepared for that and a quick peek at 92, no problems here but yes its path. 15 minutes and growing to the peninsula will check me coming up james. >>so the largest indoor arts and craft show on the west coast return to the bay area over the weekend the harvest festival featur more than 24 1000 american home id goods. there's live entertainment food ofcourse, and hands on experiences for the kids in the kids zone. we talked to one couple who says that they look forward to sharing a piece of their hearts itheir work. you love what you .
5:42 am
and so you really wantto run. >>you just rlly want to share it. >>well ours festival will b back in the bay area over thanksgiving weekend just in time for black friday shopping. >>5.41 as we head to the break, let's take a peek at san francisco international airport. >>wow you thinking about black friday shping thanksgiving travel, yeah. and it's very clear out there right now we'll be ght back. (count) time f myone chore of the day! ah, ah, ah!
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>>checking out the weather for u on monday morning, our land. >>7 news upper 70's in some spots, the sunshine. yeah, lotsf sunshine to keep you warm. and this before thanksgiving, th is normal right. normal as the winds are going to be seeing over the next couple of days,ut let's get through and this rely nice shot of the golden gate idge, nice and clear this morning like ias mentioning no crime. and no funnel cloud coer it all it's going to be nice and clear drive into and out of the city right now. the winds though that is our big story. there's a fire weather watch issued by the national weather service. we're continuing to monitor this as we get into the early morning wednesday hours 04:00am and as a matter of fact is when this
5:46 am
fire weather watch gins because the winds are really switched to amp up and you can see all that hand calling on youscreen. this is for a the north down the east bay hills and the diablo range and w're going to see it throughout the entire day dnesday. wrapping up hopefully. early thursday morng. so just keep it to a crime for as far as possible power outages the an ones that we've been talking about all morning long. this is why the look at this gusty north to northeast winds. we could see itanywhere from 20 to 30 miles per hour with gusts of up to 45 miles per hour. getting to the higher elevations, snow on the peaks we could see 60 even higher as far as a 60 miles per hour higher as far as the wind speeds go for those just be really careful. the next couple of days of course we're going to see the temperatures above average continue and th low humidity. and speaking of birds. these are gng e at to be thisfternoon tie 71 in downtown san francisco today, 70 degrees for golden gate park we're going to be mostly
5:47 am
in the 's out the coast months harris, 636and of or but we're getting to 71. if you're going to be in half moon bay today, a lot of sunshine to enjoy their at the beaches, 72 in millbrae and 74 grees in burlingame we're seeingmore 70's on the board anywherefrom low to mid 70's with side you're going to be a high of 76 mountain view 75 and then getting into the upper 70's across the south bay in campbell andos gatos expected. and then the near 80 degrees in du that we're expecting today of 79 topping out low 70's for hayward and through union city and then the upper 70's continue through conquered along the creek and gettg into san or not. vacaville and fairfield you'll both be a high of 76 and then wine country 77 in that. but today 78 if you're going to be heading over to the sonoma area anthen we're looking at uppe70's. at the coastn some beach will be a cooler 66
5:48 am
poin raise high of 74 again with a whole lot of sunshine to enjoy for the any cloud cover today but then a lile bit of a cool down into tomorrow.again those winds pick up wednesday and then we'll be in e 60's. throughout the entire week and into your weend. thank you rebecca that stall reported eaier on the bay bridge is out of your way. thank goodness it did not help the drive into san francisco.o was westund west of treasure island blocking the left lane briefly it's gone. >>the slow traffic istill there but i've noticed that the drive time hadecreased. so at one point was about 30 minutes now we're just under 15 which is good, but know that it's still stacked up from the maze as traffic is recovering probably won't fully recover right because we're righin the thick of the morning commute and more folks are just going to continue to head into san francisco. here's 92 another busy brge but. subtle stalls or crashes here to add to the slow traffic. but you already have to deal with so the drive leaving hayward will be quiet.
5:49 am
but slow at 15 miutes over to one on one. we're checking in on traffic track are looking at sommore numbers and they're on the rise, some of them. 6.84 take of the danville 14 minutes, dumb barton bridge. no problems 12 minutes to the peninsula and you' looking good on 5.80 livermore to dublin targets. thanks a lot and it is 5.48, let's talk football all starting with the 49 ers looking to bounce back and they did. but it took a while they were taken on the arizona cardinals and it wasn't a good start for san francis, the cardinals jumped out to a 16 to nothing lead. >>in the 2nquarter, but the niners battle back in the 4th quarter. jimmy g hits kendrick bourne for the touchdown to give the niners the lead. but kyler murray responded with a 22 yard touchdown run after the cardinalback on to and here's the drama just 30 seconds left on the clock and hits just wson for the touchdown in that miners win in the final of 36 to 26 the
5:50 am
niners are now 9 and the one tied with the priots for the best record in the nfl, san francisco police green bay next week at levi's. >>now tthe raiders they were taking on the bangles in oakland cincinnati took an early in this one as well 1st quarter, butthe raiders would bounce back in fact 2nd quarter derek carr completes here it is 2 yard touchdown pass asked a top the game. and then later in the quarter. car runs himself look at the screen apple. getting out of affic and making his way the leaping across the goal line. oakland winning this one 17 to 10. raiders now 64 on the season.hey're tied with the chiefs for first place in the afc west they travel in new york, the take on the jets next week. a new tool being used to help manage concussions but it is also beg used to help improve overall brain wellness we've got mark dempsey now with e
5:51 am
story. >>had on the books you can amass the test only takes a matter minutes, but the information it can unlock about e brain is changing life. >>iv it's a great objective tool that gives us good information on the brain, not only with concussion and brain injury, t we can also look at brain performance on the other end of the sptrum. >>it's called a while the scan in a gathe real-time information about your brain's person's reaction time to both audio and imag this is one of the only ways that we n actually take a look at how your brains processing information and providing output after that locally results physical therapy in sacramento is one of just a handful of places in the state using the new technology, encouraging as many people as they can to scan their brains in oder to create a baseline result going forward just one scan doesn't give us a whole lot of iormation we need to have that baseline scan ideally when the person hasn't h any any brain injury recently to give us a good outline as to how their brain
5:52 am
is working. >>that eye opening in a technology is awesome benito lopez fights professionally in the ufc. >>he and their team alpha male partners e getting their brain scan because of the risks that me with their profession and to understand how to best take care of their rains as they get older fighters don't tnk about that now you know we're always living in the moment chase in the fights and doing everything we can but i'm definitely wary about it and i'm nervous that's why i'm in here. >>in my brain scan and doing everything i can to keep my healthy and strong for also lifestyle chges that you can make their direct correlations with how well you sleep, how your nutrition is how active your being we can kind it the factors and and get the ferent person's brain functioning as efficiently and and as well as we can. >>well as mark denseeep reporting for us this mrning. it's not too early for those participating in youth sports or the high school level to get that baseline sc right now. so that if a concussion does occur own the road later in life at least you have something to compare 2.
5:53 am
>>5.52 is a time and let's take a ek from the embarcadero at the bay bridge wow, nice lights very clear out there and another gorgeous day on p. to the outside world, you look good,
5:54 am
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today box office report brought to you by the new luxury lounges at cenry san francisco center. >>we're back at 5.55 talk in hollywood between race car drivers and war heroes and secr agent there was a whole lot of action at the utters his weekend. we have david daniel now with aook at which films made out the top 5. last christmasmove down from 4th to 5th place on ticket sales of million playing with fire also slipped with 8.5 million. 4th place rules. charlie's angels opened in 3rd place making a disappnting million. midway lost the top spot, but squeaked t a second place finish earning 8.million. >>the
5:57 am
>>ford v ferrari won the weekend going away taki the checkered flag with a debut weekend were $31 million well above expectations in hollywood, i'm david daniel. next hour about 540,000 people could be without por this week in another round of pow sh-offs well explained.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>>daria pulse and on james fletcher with that rebecca and robin with weather and traffic to start the hour. despite how things are going outside little r r. >>clear traffic is still recovering but path back in to san francisco in. the sunshin for today, try to maybe a enjoy your luncoutside because it is just going to be beautiful not too honot to call the right in between. well if you 70's and that's good for you. the door gh


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