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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  November 18, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>>daria pulse and on james fletcher with that rebecca and robin with weather and traffic to start the hour. despite how things are going outside little r r. >>clear traffic is still recovering but path back in to san francisco in. the sunshin for today, try to maybe a enjoy your luncoutside because it is just going to be beautiful not too honot to call the right in between. well if you 70's and that's good for you. the door right now we're seeinglear
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conditions here downto san francisco looks nice clear shot of allhe buildings but say yeptart off a little bit coovery normal we've been tracking 40's and 50's r the last couple of wks during these early morning hours and much of the same make sure that you definitely have the long sleeves as you head to the car. we do have a fire. early wednesday morning through sunday more through thursday morning rather excuse me because the winds are going to be so high and we'r definitely seeing it across the north bay mountains east bay hills and the diablo range, those a the areas under this fire weather watch. we'll have more detais on it it's coming up in just a bit for now let's check traffic with robin. thank you rebecca just tearing up this long line into san francisco, your cash ashley aims your fast track lanes are all backed up in this bill is back to the bottom of so has reached that point and a little stall did not help that was westf treasure island it's out of the way but as soon as it started blocking it just added to the back appears so make sure you get out there early if you need to roll into san
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francisco, 92 is crded no problemno crashes tunnel stalls just lot of heavy traffic rolling west 19 mites and growing to the peninsula. we'll check more coming up in a bit james >>thank you very much rob. another b story. we're following this morning with pg knee warning people now that once again we could be without power. if they st off power by midweetheir thinking and their sink in about 540,000 people could be impacted com for sarah stinson is live. >>in sonoma county everybody wants to know what the target area is. >>the ad live in santa rosa were talking sonoma and nap counties that will be affected. 2 counties o 19 that could be without power midweek but what specific cities they haven't been quite specific if you look up on pg need the map hasn't really updated. but i'm standi in an area in santa rosa where there's a lot of businesses it's a shopping center.and some of these businesses will have generators. they're ying to stay open. others it just didn't have a generator just closed down while the
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pow shut off lasted. so a lot of people are bracing themselves right now. for that potential shut off. that's why 'll keep you updated as soon as we find out what it's looking like there were only released. counties in which could be affected by th sh off. pg mean the meantime and rain offshore wind event as it was customers of a potential power safety known as psps the concern is mainly for the north bay knows allianz here foothills where winds are anticipated to peak at 55 miles per hour. low humidity is very low and vegetation is us that we havet seen much . of any rain so that's causing a lot f concern a lot of fire danger. the utity any will spend today not only warning customers to also working to determinif a psps is necessary with that wind event now we're waiting to hear from pg e about specific cities but in the meantime we have been talking with pele to see how they are feeling as they brace foyet another potential power shut off.
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>>but if it saves us from being burned like we were 2 years ago i guess it's ok there's 2 des to this so we've got to fix and they do need to ix here. infrastructure for the company will alert people not only today but then at the 24 hour marknd then during the showed off. but we're and alscontacting pga to see if they can let us know what they're leaning towards also what cities could be impacted. obviously this is not the first soot off with people are much more prepared than the first time but it's a good idea to pull off that preparedness kit maybe restock some of the things you ready used and prepare for another shot will continue to keep you dad this is definitely a developing story. now live in sonoma county sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>the genie ceos going to be at the state capitol for a hearing for the second time. thismonth. the senate committee is investigating all
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of the recent power shut-os they're going to dig into the effects that the blackouts have had on the economy schools, emergency management and businesses state senators will also examine the state oversighttestimony is also expected from leaders from the ate office of emergency services and the president of thealifornia public utilities commission. lawmakers say the hearing is the first step and deciding what policies need to b proposed to prevent problem seen in the massive power shutoff the hearing starts at 11 o'clock this morning. >>well a new homeless shelter hayward is set to open today lot of folks. >>very happy about that that's going to helpabout 45 homeless people living in an era hayward conference will tran is live there with more
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on the grand opening i will. >>and they should be here and morning james, they should be in a couple of hours from now you may be able to see over my left shoulder, the trailers. it is dark, but it will be fully operational maybe around 10 o'clock this morning. but we got a sneak peek. check this out this is what they can expect dot have beds iide show hours war meals 24 hours. people here as far a attendance making sure that everybody is ok that that nes armet walk ins are not people whrun this facility. the police departmt other agencies within a wordthey will go around the ty they will identify the neediest of people and then bring them here seen th and allow them to stay at this facility. keep in mind. this is not a lot long-term facilitfor the work wi them and then get them back on their feet. in
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fact is one of the pe one of the executives breaking it all down for us. >>one the main differences is that ho focuses on hoing outcomes. so this isn't long-term placement. this is a short-term intervtion wita lot financial and a very service richenvironment to help people achieve their goals and move into permanent housing. >>you know jeans and area i was a kid that fantastic by on a more simplistic level it's going to get really cold really quickly. so it's great it makes me happy that those people will be here t of the streets and into warm shelter. now keep in mind not all 45 people will be here on the first day it will be a slow gradual process buthe goal is to havell 45 them of them here there's no timetable on how long can stayere. but it appears that they'll just work with and try to get them back on their fee >>and then go so nobodys going to be a doubt at least not immediately until they
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work th him that tear gas. >>let's tn our attention to the north bay we have 2 men now they've been arrested aft a shooting in santa rosa officers ound a man with a gunshot wound friday night near darla drive and tracy avenue police say the 2 men, conley are gang members they d n w face charges, including attempted murder. and on the peninsa man with a loaded gun was arrested after a disturbance report in san bruno officers found a suspicious car wh a man inside right ere on greene avenue inside that vehicle they found narcoticsnd drug paraphernia along with that loed gun. mark taylor martinez dollar was aested, he's been booked downo the san mateo county jail. >>6 o 8 right now d breakingews from overnight for people re killed and 6 others injured and a football watch party in fresno and we've got dennis valera live in fresno th the very latest for us this morning, dennis.
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>>hey there good morning. yeah, it s just supposed to football at this home behind t mover here, we're getting a better lookt it this morning. police say around 35 people were inside of that home one at least oneerson snuck into the backyard. surged firing at everybody inside all the victims who were shot their adult men ranging in ages, 25 to 30 3 were already dead in the backyard when ofcers arrived another died at sere of c. now police spent the night canvassing the neighborhood interviewing those who were inside of thhouse at the me ju trying to find out anything about who did this because as far as we know there is no suspect information at this time. the puty police chief here michael reed calling this senseless in likely targeted lotsf neighbors are outside even thgh not all of them ht knew the homen question that ty're wishing the fily involved their best his firm, thensound from a briefing earlier. >>football party, so this was a family gathering. information is that soebody
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came up on foot possibly at least one suspectnd began firing. they fid into the backrd where most of the peoplewere andthisty. >>that police say they did increase parols he in the area last night just as a precautn give people peace of mind that talking tneighbors last night, some see violence in this neighborhood has beeramping up inecent moths with another shooting happeng and not too long ago after this live he in fresno dennis blair kron 4 news. thanks a lot of tennis. >>time nows 6.10 will be folling late developments of that story by the way out of fresno all morning long you can find out more coverage. >>on our kronn app download that now from the app store today. in the east bay contra costa county sheriff's department says that riva gangs were involvein the renda halloween sotg a total of 5 men were arrested for the mass shooting. authorities say that tension between feuding gangs is
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possible motive now that they're looking into video shows one the men sharman mitchell jumpg out of a window to evade police in antioch all 5 are now facing murder and conspiracy charges, including the pay's promoter, who is now facing an additional charge of beinan accessory to the shooting a tota4 guns were found on scene. >>also in the east bay for the first time in 6 years the ncord police departme hosted a gun buyba event yeah it was pretty successful to pele in. >>concord walnut creek lake they wall invited to take advantage of the department's first gun buyback program since 2013. and the as they all are meant to provide place for residents to safely get rid of the guns that they don't use anymore they don't want ny more and in return for trading in those weapons people were given gift cards. >>a lot of the weapons that end up in the rong handse as a result of a bird murray's eetera and this gives us opportunity to ha people who no long want their weapons. >>the safe place to do it at's why i'mere don't
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want them falling into the wrong hands and we do't use them. >>more than 200 guns were collected then will eventually be safely destroye we'll take a break still ahead on the cards. a man shot and robbed in broad daylighin the sth bay, the whole thing was caught on camera wi walk us through after the break vandalism caught on camera twice at one san francisco ice cream shop are going to hear from the owner. and after the break a very community comig together help young boy battling cancer for the second time. >>and a cool start to your morning 40's 50's that i'm tracking that a warm up into your afternoon for tails just ahead. and i'm tracking a backup heading into san francisco, here's a live lo at 80. it's aeady welcome to the carnival 30 minute tour.
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for morning news and back to a hot spot. we have an accident still under investigation in berkeley. it's the unter commute direction of te e sure freeway this is 80 st at gillman streeter just east of gilman street the 3 left lanes are blocked off a pop as an injury acciden but now we're hearing that this is a fal crash castle it's still under investigation. it's causing slow traffic r those of you working your way out of berkeley from right around asheville all the way up to that 5 of the split. so keep that in east at gillman major aident fatality involved here still under investigation now as you head west. the
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westbound side of course e commute direction so that's going to be heavier will call it stolen stretches leaving richnd heading down to so you're looking at 32 minutes from crockett working your way downto oakland whn you make your way into san francisco there's more crash having to be eected. so sure through e maze up through the bay bridge toll plaza very busy. but you know this is normal r a monday morning. so just under 15 minutes after fremont street. the chmond san rafael doing just fine, it's picking up a little heavi every time we take a pe it, but still under 15 minutes to me that trip to the north bay we're chking in on the east shore once again that crash is eastbound of the eavier traffic is westbound 32 minutes from croctt to the maze b still wide open on west 24. and that's will check more coming up rebecca. weatherwise that is still far no cloud cover in your way. so far this morning, san francisco international airport looking great ce
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clear shot. and so we're seeina delay free inbound flights because no weather issues so far, oakland a san jose are looking really good if you are picking up a loved one are going to be catching a fight yourself always check with your carrier before heading th direction. we are whenonditions change during the middle of the week a fire weather watch has been issued from wnesday into thursday because thwinds are going to be so high in fact. when forecast map here once we get into tuesday night. we're going to start to see a an offshore wind develop especially in the north bay to start off witlate tuesday night and then we're going to see it really kick off. i should miles per hour looking at anywhere from an averagof 20 miles per hour. for parts of the north bay could p up to about miles per hour. and then for sumr highest peaks. we're expecting anywherfrom 60 or above miles per hour as far as those wind gusts go. so it definitely going to be taking over the north bay and the east bayills that's wher
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that to fi weather watch is heduled through thursday morning. so just keep that in mind. highs today it's going to be really nice take advantage of going outside we're going to be in the 70's once again ve similar to what we saw over the eekend right. a whole lot of sunshine 76 iconcord 78 for t high livermore are looking at upper 70's in morgan hill low if you're going to be heading into san francisco and er the beach or half moon bay. it's going to be beautiful the fog or clouds in your way but e it's going to nothing sunny skies and then upper 70's across much of the north bay. so make sure you have a just a light sweater jacket to make your way out of the house this morning. but then you're going to have a peel it off into the afternoon. we're goi to drop in temperatures getting into tomorrownd then again that fire weather watch becau the high winds kicks throughout wednesday into thursday d then we're going o see temperatures holding steady into the weekend with a partly cloudy nditions. averaging into the 60's. james.
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>>all right rebecca, thank you 6 18 is the time thousands came together to remember 2 students shot and killed at a santa clarita high school. people gathered la nig for a candlelight vigil. there you see it they all came together in prayer and remembeus. 2 students were killed 3 others were hurt last thursday at saugus high school. the 16 year-old gunman shot himself. he died the nexday. iestigators still looking for a move. they also say threats on social dia that have co out since are not creble saugus high school will be closed until december 2nd police will be posted at schools in the area today. there a still a lot of questions around a murder suicide that left 3 children their mother and father all dead. the fher allegedly came to thhome saturday morning and got into an argument wi the mother and that's when he shot her, their 4 children and then turned the gun himself. a neighbor describes now the shocking >>first to her son gunshot, i thought i was dreaming then when i woke my brothers i can the sisters th police ouide a to one and as it
6:20 am
took another bite to them and and then that took a boy back here because it's rht in front of the car. he was a moement to and then asked body they to it they usa little baby just like to say to them the scientists oftei drove off. >>police say the wife had a restraining order against the husband, b it's unclear whether it had been served one of the kids who was shot is in the hospital a undergoing emergency surgery >>on the peninsula city of palo alto has released the name of the electrical worker who died over the weekend 42 year-old dunn 8 kamin a was a veteran and a seasoned electcal linemen and he leaves behind a wife and 4 daughter crews were upgrading an electrical tranormer near east meadow dre and middlefield road. when he was electroted the city says this is the first work related death inhe utilities department in more and 30 years. there will be a
6:21 am
memorial service today for the ceo of kaiser permanente bernard tyson who suddenly died at the age of 60. the memorial is going to be at the chase center this afternoon. ere was a public viewing yesterday in the oakland rotunda. tyson died a week ago. he served ceo of a health care company since 20 13 was the first african-americ to hold that position. >>news the 49 ers looking to make a comeback after losing for e first time. alseason that was last week but last night they host of the arizona cardinals vote yesterday afternoon anyway, we'll tel u how it all worked ou
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>>look at this scary moment whe2 police officers helped rescue an unconscious woman from a burning car. it was friday morning in virginia they d to cut the sebelt to get around and dragged her awy from the smoke and flames it. now they're talking about >>she you're going anything like that. you're scared, but it's to put down shot to go to scenario. >>and they got around to go to the hostal for treatment she is expected to be okay. >>an 8 year-old is helping more than 3,000 veterans and counting his name is taylor. i should say tyler stallings there's his picture. his
6:25 am
moth says he has a passion fo helping veterans since he was just 4 years old and he inially wanted to build homes for veterans who he calls heroes. but he deced to come up with something more realiic. so he began making hero bags for homeless veterans. they're filled with gloves and blankets and sweaters. so the whole lot of stuff in there actually and in the 4 years since he began king raised over $50,000. r has county west performs n his n gosp album sunday as pastor joel osteen's egachurch in houon tex played host to a he performed before more than 17,000 sunday evening. some are regulars at steen church but many were there for this one of a kind performance. he's reaching. conway also took part steen's sunday moing service here on cross for for the concert later that night, west's 2
6:26 am
children also took part in the performance. >>thgenie is considering a notherower shut off as we experience a nd you ow when u're at ross and your new fall lk just keeps getti better? check is o! that'ses for ls. score a ad-to-toe look you'll love and save0 to0 rcent off department store prices. at ross. yes foss.
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spots, not so good i do have one on the east or free weights in berkeley and accidents with injuries d one fatality, so unfortunately it's a that ll take some time to clear it's definitely creating a backup, although it's the counter chanute direction which is 80 east it's about it halfway betwn gilman and the 5.80 split look at after gilman the 3. e east shut investigation, very few details surrounding the crash. know that a vehicles collided there's debris across the lanes in out eastbound. it is back that will be on ashley of course wtbound commuters can see the ad action. there is nothing ked on the westbound side but it's getting heavier and heavier your backup spilling in pockets out of hercules from highway for so still me a chevy or on the webound side oppote direction of the crash by the time you wiggle your way through that slowing in that rubble. spotty have to workour way into san francisco more calm routing here at the toll plaza, it spills back through the maze but at least our stall is out of the way right now we're
6:30 am
averaging a normal 14 minutes into san francisco of coure we'll che more bridges to drive times coming up rebecca. well speaking other bridges that were checking it looks really nice weather wise here. >>at the golden gate bridge, nice and clear noog. and really we're seeng that throughout the entire bay area nothing but a clear conditions but we a going to see windy conditns as we get closer to wednesday in factwe do have a fire weather watch that is der effect once we get into eay wednesday hours we could see in the north bay late tuesday night. are going to srt to see some of those offshore winds begin to develop and then really amp up look at al the pink and the red color o your screen that means that the winds are realighest in those areas and that's going to continue through e entire day on wednesday into early thursday morning and humidity is going to brelatively low. we cld see gusts on some of the peaks in the north bay and the et bay about 60 miles per hour. that's what the average is
6:31 am
that we're tracking so far but of course keep it tuned here to kron 4 news and we will keep you posted on that today though it's going to be really nice. it'soing to be calm. it's going to be sunny. it is going to be clear and a lot of 70's 71 in san francisco, 72 in oakland and downtown 7 diaz downtown san jose rather a high of 76 degrees. all break down more of those temperatures in your neighborhood coming up and just a bit james started, thanks a lot for that. >>so one of our big stories. we're followingthis morning is the fact that pg e could veryell shut off power again to thousands of people thiseek, the big question is gog to be. >>who gets their vote our shut off. for sarah stinson is live in sonoma county which is a likely area to see the lights go out. ma and napa counties are on the list of countiethat could have this power shut off happened to them, i'm standing this shopping center and i i st talked to somebody who owns a business here. he said that some their power shut off here and some people didn't
6:32 am
those who did some of got generators other should shut downshop while the shutoff is happening. but now people are st bring for yet another potential power shut off pg needs right now looking into whether or not they're going offshore s as they monitor wind event they it will continue to warn customers of this potential today, they like to give 48 of hours notice of aotential ut off. and then they'll continue to monor it dn't helpeoplef it is for sure going to happen. the concern is mainly for the norta north valley in sierra foothills ancipated to peak at 55 miles per hour. althe while humidity is very low. we've seenvegetation extremely dry. even when i was up at the kincade fire. i could see some of the ld up there. i was just completely dry d that's what causes thosethat's because high fire danger so now that whave all these elements t works that's should show off the power e yet
6:33 am
again. so that's why there will be warning people all of today and we're still waiting to hear from pg e about specif cities in napa and noma c'unties that will be impacted. but the current apg map has not been updated yet. the company will then if they do decide to is power shut off though notify their customers 24 hours in advance and then as it has happens. we wi as well we'll continue to monitor this. all day long t in the meantime it's a good time to get prepared a lot of peoe are more prepared now than they werebefore that first power shut off, but it's a good idea to pull out that emergency preparedness kit all of your supplies maybe restock somof the things you used last time in the meantime definitely ay tned, we'll continue to follow this and bring you latest for now, i'm ve in the santa rosa sarah stinson kron 4 news,hanks a lot of sah. >>now to some breaking ne from tonight, 4 people are dead and 6 others iured after shooting at a foball watch party that happened in fresno somebody just opened fire on them reid binion has the detls.
6:34 am
>>we do have multiple shooting victims. >>police in california briefing the public after a deadly shooting rampage at a ridence ifresno there was abut 35 le th it lks le that we insidehe ou and inside the backyard. >>the victims gunned down durg at shouls have been enjoy ul faly event. they're at football party, so this was a family gathering. thextent of the carnage unfolding even before first responders arrid on scene as officers and paramedics were out we receive more and more information on multiple victims. officers came in and they saw 3 people that were down asian males beeen e all 2530. >>and cpr was started immedialy. >>no motive yet disclosed but poli giving a disturbing account of just how the rampage apparently unfolded. the initial information is that somebody came up on foot possibly at least one suspect and began firing. >>they fired into the backyard whe most of the people were
6:35 am
and this party when asked if the shooting s gang-related authorities said there was no indication of that. >>but it was a possibility would be investigated. i read the news reported. >>saancisco, a park ranger was stabbed after trying to stop an angry driver the spun out of control on the freeway it happened on eastbound 80 right to the 7th seet off-ramp police say the ranger was actually foowing the suspects car to the central freeway after he sought. the driver yelling at other drivers on the road. the attacker then ended up crashing into the center divider and that's when the rangers stop this car got out to go help whoever it was but hat drivernded up stabbing the ranger. the range will be ok. the attaer has been taken into custody. authorities are also looking for 4 men were actual from an who are caught on camera vandalizing a san francisco ice cream shop and was the first time that that shop was hit either factors the surveillance video of the incident at the. zanis ice cream shop on valencia street. it happened back in august to 18 and september of this year. the man left vulgar
6:36 am
words on the store front even damaging the door itself in the lock. the owner believes the shops being targeted. >>i'm sort of used to it. i is wrong. they like it had been working you tt they ha nothing better to do guess. >>are offering a $2000 rewar for or 1000 ice cream cones if that's your preference if you have any information that will capture these people are. >>in the cell say a man is recovering after he was wrong robbed and shot ifront of hi own a home in the south bay in broad daylight. >>it was all caught on camera crawfd and thor has a look. >>and the san jose neighborhood is rattled is a violent robbery happens in broad daylight, the arm and caught home surveillance camera are seen here, jumping out a black car pistols in hand aimed at another man. theyshot the victim and they stole his necklace. >>i'm just shocked, i'm shocked that it was broad daylight shot a person if of the house th happened is mit family's neighborhood.
6:37 am
and just for necklace. his friend who was just s sitting in his car on the afternoon of november, econd the video shared from a family member sho the whole crime creeneighborhood wherehis >>missing my backyard basically and they are worried and scared. >>kao ys his friend was shot his abdomen, the video captured e victim running out of his car while clutching hisstomach area ad caing for help kao says he was released from the hospital on tuesday and is now back home recovering. >>we do knoright w that they're still bullet in s leg. so my to went through the abdomen into the leg. however that thathat is not in doubt because the doctor said will cause more nerve injury. >>police later found the robbers bck getaway car ich turned out to be stolen, but the 3 men are still on the run kao says these crimes are becoming a disturbing end in his cmunity and others need
6:38 am
to be awa. >>if you have a lot of cash on you and is heearing something expensive and they se it. >>the goal for reporting in san jose dan thorn. kron 4 news. >>also in the southbay, a child was struck an killed by an amtrak train in santa clara it happene around 00:20pm in the afternoon on saturday at a lafayette street d the 1 one overss police are trying to figure out how the child wou up on the tracks. in national news, the president has long en critical of california and in particular the bay area for our homeless problem. despite that he has fired the top federal official in charge fighting homelessness matthew doherty w appointed to that role under the obama administration in 2015. he was let go over the weekend. the white house has not said who will be replacing him. new this morning president trump is backing off his plan to ban flavored e cigarettes insiders
6:39 am
say he made e decision after being warned ere could be cklash from vote o've ache. hcanceled a planne announcement after meeting with advirs. this issue's not going away more than a dozen deaths have been linked to vaping in many cities ar not taking any chances earlier this month, voters in san francisco upheld the city' vaping ban. from his and pfizer ng himself jennifer williams that's one the staff members who testified in a closed door session bere congress as part of the impeachment inquiry. the president called her quote a never trumper on twier even though pence a staff says that they were very selective about who gets assigned to their staff. williams is currently serving as a special advisor to the viceresident f europe and russia, she set to testify publicly tomorrow before the house intelligence mmittee. sever more expected to testify publicly this week. the first hearing set for tomorrow with colonel
6:40 am
alexander veneman the top ukrainian expert for the national security couil he'll be testifying along with williams d we will be streaming those hearings live from start to finish oour kron on app you can watch those arings uninterrupted l you have to do is go to your app store of choice and download that app today. rebecca. >>king a cool start to your morning ing out of the ordinary though 40's and 50's but out of the ordinary is the temperatures this afternoon 're above average. we're going to see 70's and sunshine. we'll have a complete forecast coming up. i'm tracking your drive around the bay aa very busy into san francisco, 80 wes crawling from the maze plus a hot spot bkele
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>>and we will get your weather in a moment, but first this hot so they're still blocking several lanes of traffic alert has been issued ry few details on the crash or what caused the crash. but we know that it involved a couple of vehicles and one person did not survive which is u know tough to deal with and the the lanes are going to block time pretty much until further fatality. it takes lves a much longer to investigate and clear and completely understand this the counter commute direction, so it's 80 east. it's about halfway between gilman and th5.80 splits right here at that. klee albany border. so the 2 left lanes are blocked, we have 3 shut down. 2 leflanes close your backuspilling just about into the oakland may's now so getting heavier and heavier the westbound dvers
6:44 am
already slow plus they can see the actioon the eastbound side. so we' call it slow in stretches out of hercules down to oakland at 33 minutes for your drive time richmond ceer fell this backup is growing very quiet to the north bay but slow at the toll plaza still 1minutes off 2, one to one. we're checking the bay bridg and it has not improved it will not antime heavy for the remainder of your morning commute plus with all those people stuck on the shore freeway and in t maze it's gonna get heavier when they make their way up to the bay bridge toll plaza, here's a really could peak at 1, one not bad at 7 minutes from brisbane to 80 in san francisco in the rth to 80 doing just fine at 9 minutes to downtown san ancisco. rebecca. perfect conditions and. this is our camera just east of south san jose overlooking and hamilton with a look of service ran top, you can see clear conditionsre not tracking a cloud in the sky here we already e are starting to see a lot of sunine and things are going to get warm into the afternoon
6:45 am
in fact,ere's a breakdown of the temperatures in your neighborhood, 70 degrees today in the golden gate pararea, 73. in the mission district if you're going to be at the coast we're seng mostly 60's until you get to have green bay 71. up today with a whole lot of sunshine to enjoy 72 in millbrae 74 expected in burlingame the 's continue throughout the peninsa what side you're at 76, and if yore going to be in palo alto he'll of 72. upper 70's across the entire south bay tugh for camel los gatos both 77 san jose are at 76 uppe70's for double in pleasanton and livermore low 70's along a our bayside communties like family 174 72 in oakland, but then up and over the east bay hills where those upper 70's start to pop up there won a creek and dan villain into san ramon, 76 for vacaville and fairfield in the upper 70's throu wine country napa you'll be a high of 7 sonoma 78 degrees and
6:46 am
then mido upper 70's throughouthe entire north bay except the coast, but a cooler there of courses since and beach 66 point raise lots of sunshine and 74. a little bit of a cool down temperature wise tomorrow and then wednesday that is when the winds pick up so we are under a fire weather watch though thursday morning. an then we'll start to see a temperatures really holding steadyhrough out the rest of the week into the weekend with partly sunny conditions. and highs in the 60 james, all right rebecca, thank you. >>6 46 isthe time california is setting new rules to reduce vehicle emissions. officials have barred state agencies from buying only run on internal s that combustion enginesthey have to be hybrid or full electric going forward starting next year state agencies can only buy from coanies that recognize california's authority to set the greenhouse gas and 0 emission vehicle sndards and so far onlt bmw. ford volkswagen and honda have decided to back california, stricter emissions
6:47 am
standards. goernor newsom with these kers a don't side new standards we'll be on the losing end of california's buying power. ford by the way is takin aim at tes after unveiling its new all electric mustang mach iii crossover suv. it has more horsepower than the similar tesla model crossover but the ford will not come with hands free drivi. that wilbe a software update that will come later. ford says its emphasizing affordability with its new car. but prices are expected to begin around $45,000 but mustang fans art, happy with the brand being used on an suv it's to hit showrooms in 2020 once you can see it for yourself and decide. here's a quick check of the big bod this morning as we take a look at the markets. it looks like we're all off after a early start that wasositive looks like we're down negative now by 27 points as we continue to track trading on this monday. >>6.47 list to football. all
6:48 am
the 49 ers loong to bounce back afr losing for the first time last week and they were taken on tharizona cardinals it s an easy it wasn't a good startfor san francisco,he cardinals jumping out to a6 to nothing lead. in the 2nd quarter. but the niners battd back in the 4th quarter. jimmy g hits kendrick bourn for the touchdown. and that give the niners the lead. kyler murray responded with a 22 yard touchdo run and that put the cardinals back on top. he's like russell all right but here we go just 30 seconds left on the clock d jimmy g it's jeff wilson. 36 to 26. here's richar sherman and saying years has years of the notes you know too. >>the situation there was a big hole, you know, i mean i mean this is arguably jimmy's best game he carried us down the stretch. ays heat up threw for over 400. defensive we just kept you know government again cup can
6:49 am
make a stop need to dense played great, you know, that'll just made are those guys all day and i thought guys stepped up in g situationsyou know guys get their number called banged some guys in. >>they just played through it >>the niners are now 9 an and one othe season tied with the patriots for the bt record in francisco plays green bay next week at levi's. >>and the raiders looking good to taking on the terrible looking bales in oakland cincinnati took a lead. >>in the 1st quarter but the raiders bounce-back 2nd quarter derek carr complaints, the 2 yard touchdown pass to tie the gamend then later in that quarter car runs it in msel and that gives the raiders the lead. oakland wins this one 17 to 10 even with the one car says he still could have plaed better. >>now you are staffed book and i looked at it and i was like. and they look pretty but i can play better we still have a long way to go. we' building our team keep emphasizing that
6:50 am
we're not ainished product competing hard. ut we're >>and wre finding ways to win. and our fans are super they rlly help us out. >>the rders are now 6 in 4 of their top tied with chiefs for first place in the afc west. and we'll find out as the umber one of the chief lucia night. >>tonight so we'll see how that all shakes out. >>now to basketball award there's alice struggles continue financial russell is out fort least the next 2 weeks he has a thumb injury. the warriors were oking to snap a losing streak against the pelicans but didn't happen. this game. the warriors kept a close but the pelicans offense just too much in the end going say loses with a final score want to wait to 100. moore's of now lost 7 in a row uncharacteristic they're just 2 12 on the season. that's the worst record ithe nba. they play the memphis grizzlies tomorrow night. 'll take a break comingp at 7 o'clock here on the cro formorning news, a huge indoor arts and craft show mada stop here in the bay area we'll take you
6:51 am
inside. we made usaa insurance formembe. a former army medic, made of t flexibility to handle whater monday hain store and tackle four things at on. so when her car got hit, she didn'torry. she simply filed a claim on her us a and said... i got this. she caeven pick r paymente way kateee plan easy. so it's easy on her budget and helife. usaa. what you're made of, wre made for. usaa
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>>and welcome back to the kron four morning news and back to our major hot spot in berkeley are at the berkey albany border becausit's 80 east between gilman and the 5 of the split fatal accidents been blocking for over an hour our the 2 left lanes e closed and the tow truck drivers have called and said hey we' stuck in traffic. we're trying to make i to the ene that's one of the reasons why they have not cleared the crash it because
6:54 am
the tow trucks, drivers are still stuck in a backup as well eastbound it's crawling from the maze westbnd there is nothing block. but it's low in little stretches out hercules fm highway 4 still much much heavier going west when you work your way through the e sure through the maze there's re crowding at the bay bridge toll plaza. so pack your patience. this morning, it's pretty paed 15 minutes and growing to make it in and off to fremont street. b once you get on the bridge or downtown san francisco. you are trouble free rebecca. you see some clear conditio around the bay area in fact we're seeing it right now the star st the camera overlooking. >>nice shot allhe way to the bay. we're gonna see a lot of sunsne into the afternoon highs into the 70's as we get closer to that noontime hour. but as we get closer to wednesday. a fire weather wah is in effect for the north bay mountains east bay hills e diablo range until early thursday morning. that's because wind speeds are really going to start to kick up in fact probably start to see them late tuesday night. coming across the north base,
6:55 am
the offshore winds starting to develop and then really going to amp up io wednesday all day and then getting into a early thursday morning we could see speeds about to 3545 miles per hour and gusts of to 60 for summer highest elevations. the complete weather forest coming up daria thanks a lot. >>and snoop dogg says people magazine got it wrong. he is the sexiest man alive. so we photo shopped his facover john legend. this is the but i think this is the way the cover should have looked to see is what he says y posted this over the weekend legend and and his wife chrissy t gun have not weighed in on snoop's idea >e'll take a break and dog. coming up the next hour we got about. 1000 people potentially could have their power shut off again this week is pg need storm on wednesday. we'll talk more about that coming up a a new homeless shelter is
6:56 am
opening today in hayward will tell you what the shelter provides for people. and also in the next hour, the crowd for morning news we continue to follow that breing news out of fresno 4 people kied in a shooting at a football watch party will have the very latest where the investigation stands this morning. and here's a quick check of se the roads out there and what we're seeing so far so good here on the san mateo bridge highway 92 traffic on the right heading in the commute direction o towards the peninsula as you can see it's moving along nicely, not the case everywhere though verdict get an update from robert here in a minuton where those hot spots are nd as we take a look at the golden gate bdge looking pretty good no fog to speak clear skies and slight breeze in the air. what we're looking at warm afternoon rebecca in the room their chaotte making an appearance. in the weatr center will have our full forecast for this monday. weekwhat wecan expect for the
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
what's the alternative. now hopefully the roads are. >>let me get ere you need to go on this monday morning up too much stress. but i rememberou had a hot spot. >>somepots are great and then the east shore freeway, not so great there's a fatal accint and berkeley that's still active still. and it's in blocking r more than an ur our this is 80 se right at the berkeley albany border,
7:00 am
so it's between gilman. tow trucks on the wayut they haven't arrived yet because they're stuck in traffic and it's just adding to the back of th we normally have on the shore. the eastbound side is crawling from the oakland mayor, it's baed up on to 5 in the west 5 of the west is backed up to 24. if you have to travel the opposite side.est opposite side of the crash. they can see that activity and that's causing delays as well we're alst up to 35 minutes air from crockett to the maze would once again it's 80 east after gilman where crews are investigatina fatal accident collided ouple of vehicles this morni. once you wiggle your way through the heavy traffic in the maze in berkeley in emeryville there's more at the bay bridge toll plaza still stked up here as usual but very quiet on thepper deck and downtown san francisco, looking more bridges and more dve times coming up for becca. thank you robin. >>u have some good news at least in the weather center is going to be a gorgeous day as we get into the afternoon hours. and hey let's start th a


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