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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  November 18, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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that's one of our top stories tonight, police investigating a deadly shooting. >>out of fresno that left 4 people dead. 6 others injured it haened last night whil the family was hostina large football watch party want to go treporter angelica ailani in fresno and angelica the presidentpolice chief andy hallwas saying that the residee was targeted do we know what that means exactly. >>yes, let me been tell you that there was about 30 people out this home to call tells us that 16 were men and they were in the backyard, wahing the football game when shots rang out now. police hauled tells
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us our police ief danny hall tes us that. call isome kind of. disturbance last w t th're not sure if it has anything tdo wi last night's shooting. they are investigating to see f this is a gang related, t the they that they are stl looking into all of the background there looking for surveillance video. nothere s been a recent uptickn the asian communi. within the within this yeathey've had 11 incidences of 3 of th happen with just in this month. now they say that one ofhem happened early sunday fatally shot in his home while he was asleep, but again they are working on trying to find out any information there's not really suspects descriptions they believe there had to be at least 2 theyound multiple shell casings of a semiautomatic pistols anso they are looking. for more information on tha they say luckily that
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their women and children were inside the home at the time of the shooting. police workin on some kind of crackdown particlarly related to this community in fresno. yes they re establishing a asian ga. scores were there working with also are multi game task force here mad own asagic. to kindf get together with lks here in he community and working with of the kind leaders in the the counity and speakng with them on and how they can go door to door talking with witnesses talng with those that are affected. but this isn't they said it's a 2art they're not only establish lean this task force they're also working on healing the community because a lot of people are affected by this this a fresno have the largest among community. west of the mississippi we have one of the on new year's where folks ce from all. over so they want to make sure that
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the any possible retiation that there could be in the future because they don't want anything happening again during that long new year which takes place at the end of december antold joe january 1st. >>just to clarify ani worked in president about 30 years ago and i know them on the and correct me if i'm wrong there cambian for the most part of ny of them came. after the vietnam war because he helped thus service members ov there is that accurate. >>yes we have one of the on mmunities, several them coming just like you said. comi up cambodia for th most pt they. then a welcome there's a lot of of good things thathey to ar a lot of people connect there's a lot of celebrion. so this is a ry good shot key moment to see at this is happening but again there are. so a lot of gang issues in the ars. well and se of that has to do with just the. you know she
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paul mentioned that there said that there were in this particular neighborhood. it's about a 10 block. in this district in saying many of them are mix of hispanic an agent and say that they are looking again jt to seef there's any gang ties there. jellicothank you for that live report from fresno for us tonight. >>was 9 gunshots. >>and me and. >>my girl was pulled over here in a barn we saw 3 bodies on the ground. >>police are investigating a deadly shooting oside an oklahoma walmart authorities say 2 men and a woman wer parking lotangela shin has at the story unlike. >>repeated like >>helton was in the parking lot when he heard the gunshots and eu and downs of as police rived to find a man and woman shot to death inside this red car. then other man
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dead oside of it. >>at some point the shooter did walk up to the car. we're not sure where we don't know if the initial shots came from on thground walking up to the north maybe from another vehicle. after firing about 9 times the shooter turned the gun on himself. tensions were high as people showed up to the scene of police ting to stop a fight in this video from chopper. 4. >>investigators say the people involved all knew each other. >>and there was at no time. anybody inside walmart anybody been threateng inside. make sure that that is crystal clar. >>but what investigators are saying is how they knew each other. a family friend at the scene a says the shooter was rried to the female victim and that they have 2 young children. care of. says that's not ken something that. any child ou have to go through to lose a mother and a father like that. >>and others say this in no
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y defines the community. >>that was angec ocean still no arre tonight nor word on the thousands are coming y. together to remember 2 students were shot and killed at a high school in santa santa clarita in southern calornia people gathered last night for a candlelight vigil coming together in prayeand remembrance 2 students were killed 3 others were wounded last thursdayat saugus high school. the 16 year-old gunman shot himself and died the next day investigators are still looking for high school be closed until december 2nd. >>today friends and loved ones gathered in san francisco for the public memorial service held for the late ceoof kaiser permanente bernard tyson. the memorial was held athase center is afternoon. tyson died a week ago unexpectedly at the age of . his career at kaiser permanente spanned more than 3 decades servg in a number of leadership roles with the company. he was born and
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raised in vallejo california san francisco mayor london breed was among the many gnitaries at the memorial and share her memoies of tyson. >>of such an incredible figure in our lives. and it would be easy to simply mourned the loss and the void that he left. buthat's not how the ya work. his vision. larger than one lifetime and our commitment to that vision must be laor 2. viewing yesterday in the oaand city hall rotuda. he served as ceo of the health care company since the year 2013 and was the first african americano hold position. that >>all right let's step outside get a check of the weather arod the bay area and lawrence is here with the 4 zone are you guys were tracking cold front. unfortunately this storm system doesn't contain a lot of rain for us.
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>>we're going to feel the effects in the wind and the changes in tempature around the bay or slight chance we could see a couple of sprinkles overnight ls going to be mainly in the 40's outside tonight by day tomorr, the winds will be picking up along the coastline temperatures there in th50's in the san frcisco about 55 the afternoon 57 in burlingame partly cldy skies as you move your way inside the peinsula that will be the case all around the bay area, those temperatures really ming down outside as that cold front moves on through the winds will be picking up at the same timplan on some blustery winds, especially tomorrow night and into thursday. >>coming up the clock is ticking and a government shutdown is looming the issue at the hearof the federal budget bate. and a community cos together to hold a vigil for teen who died while at school now to who rk there. >>are fac
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rado county boy who died after he was restrained by an educat is being remembered a year after his death family and friends shared memories of max benson from his bright smile to his love for nature charmin niro reports. >>he worked in a chipped ay. making the stone. that when you ho it in the air. the wind passes through it. >>family and friends of 13 year-old max benson describe his love of rocks as they gather to remember him outside the el dorado county district
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atrney's office in placerville almost one year after his death. >>i can tell you anything that you wanted to know and you thinyou didn't even want to know about. died nearly a year ago after he was restrained by an educator and guiding hands school in el dora hills 10 days at after he turned 13 the school was lateclosed. but this month charges against the educators involved were followed by the el dorado unty district attorney's office where police. is that the d a. is an earnest activity this to pursue. >>attorneys for 2 of the educators to fox 40 these 2 women have dedicated literally their entire lives to helping educating enuraging and workinwith special needs students has been the family's lawyer hold iraq that bensonherished what he didn't know. >his is the hold that his miy. >>loved ones are now left
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waiting for justice. while remembering e way d some lie. >>having people know exactly what having people held accountable for what they did to him is justice for man. >>child off to school. terrible event when that doesn't have. >>that was jermai niro reporting the judge ruled last week that the educators being charged can no longer teach or run a day car the case returns toourt in january. >>coming up president trump says he's not getting his side fairly represented in the impeachment process. but house speaker nancy pelosi is now prosing the present do before this week's round of ♪ here in the club i can'even hear my own voice. ♪ ♪ack in the box would've been a better choice. ♪ head to jack in the box d experien the joy of missingut with my $3 mini munchies. ge♪ only at jack in the box! with doordash.
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we believe that it takes a village of over 200-thousand dedicated, passionate, driven medical and non-medical professionals to deliver on our belief in total health for all. we are kaiser permanente. thri. >>what we will hear this week which is important are people who listen to the phone call a 3 people who listen to the phone call and people who had directconversations with presdent trump. >>it coulbe the most important week of the impeachment inquiry certainly so far 8 current and former ficials from the trump administration will testify publicly and potentially the most significant with this might be gordon sondland alex marquardt explas. >>ts ek poised to be the most blockbuster few days so far in the impeachment inquiry after more revelatns from 2 key players over the weekend
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place gordon summoned the us ambassador to the european union at the center of the ukraine scandal becaus of his direcaccess to president trump will all have to wait for is direct testimony not which testimony of somebody who says that somebody else said lse something somee is set to testify in an open hearing on wednesday, former top national security council official tim morrison testified that someone was folling the president's orders in demanding ukraine launch investigations into the bidens and the 2016 election,the exchange for a white house meeting and military aid he was discussing these matters with the president morrison told lmakers according to a new transcript of his closed door testimony releas on saturday. according to morrison, someone was told by the president that ukrnian president's alinsky must announce the opening o the investations. morrison ao testified that someone spoke calletween the the july 25 2 presides in which trump asked for a favor will be asking him. >>a lot about the events
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leading up to the july 25th call. as well the day of the call and events subsequent to that he will be a very very important witness. >>also on the july 25th call was a senior aide in the vice president's office jennifer williams in the just relead transcript of her testimony she told investigatorthat parts of the call felt more political than diplomatic. i woulsay that it struck me as unusual and inappropriate williams said it shed some ght on possible other motivations behind a security assistance hold. williams testified in public tomorrow. president trump and not waiting instead attacking her on twitter as never trumpe without any proof while also reacting to this comment by house speaker nancy pelosi and the president could come right before the committee and talk speak all the truth that h wants to trump tweeting this morning. i like the idea and will in order get congress focused again strongly consider it. that was alex marquardt reporting. we will
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be streaming the impeachment hearing tomorrow morning from start to finish on interrupted all. >>the public hearing starts at 6 o'clock in the morning you can download the crime on app right now from the app store inquiry house leaders are ment investigating whether or not present trump lied to former special counsel robert mueller the houses general counts are made the announcement today in federal court. trump and given writn answers to mueller for want to know if he was mocrats being truthful. the us supreme court has temporarily blocks the release of esident trump's tax records, his financial documents were s to be released on wednesday after a lower urt opinioallowea house subpoena to go forward. theresident had requested to block the subpoena. the house said today that it would agree to temporarily give the justis more me to consider lal arguments. the supreme court has asked the house to respond to thepresident's request by ursday. >>congre is scheduled to vote tomorrow on a plan to
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avoid another federal govement shutdown the government runs out of money on thursday night. jesse to your reports on the sotion that is lely to pass even though nobody's happy wi it. >>you have such a longer st of things that we need to do in congress the clock is ticking for louisiana, congressman ralph raham and his colleagues to pass slew of bills before the year's item on this week's agenda ha done about tennessee congressman phil roe lays out the options agree on w new budget which likelyon't happen by then or pass a temporary continuing resolution which no one likes to see are just teible waste to run the government south carolina congressman ralph norman agrees every agency the proposed contuing resolution will push the deadline for a budget agreement t december 20th which ma or may not give congress enough time to solve the issue at the heart of this passe. the money to pay fo president trump's border wall the trump ainistration has another government shutdown tennessee congressman chuck fleischmann wants that too. i
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think we'll be able tdo that but his colleagu are skeptical of any permanen budget deal passing before 2020 republican scott days, rlylames democrats they would rather see the country fail and trump succeed and democrat peter welch planes epublicans and it goes to the senate ctrolled by sen. that's got to just say no regdless of who's to blame the federal government runs out of money thursday night in washington, i'm just eaten or. the best record in the nfl. >>mark and kate will set you with a look back at ts tonight yesterday's victory and jimmy s big game. >>and right now we've got mostly clear skies. some clouds coming our way and a whole lot of wind
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>>in los angeles yesterd people gathered for the 18th annual christmas tree lighting ceremonyt the grove shoppi center. the included music a visit om santa fireworks and of course the lighting of the one 100 foot tall christmas tree. the trees, he has 15,000 twinkly lights 10,000 guments. they're also performances by aloe blacc tori kelly and others and to add to the magic the groom was transformed into a winter
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wonderland. >>and afor talk about the holidays houses for a stocking uffer hid-en valley drsings is releasing ranch filledchristmas stockings ranch dressinghat is docking is made of plastic. it's filled with 52 fluid ounces of hidden valley ridge dressing like this is a commerci here. those with a ur spout of the shocking toe. and a silver mantle holder for those who want to proudly display their salad dressing on the fireplace mantle. if you think this could make the perfect gift for someone, and we all know somebody who wou really appreciate this. you can porder it now for $35. >>and let's check in with laura's a lot of talk about what's happeni with our weather. >>to give you a little warm. on the air tonight. we've got it's a mtly clear skies we are eing some changes though coming our way coldfront is now making its way into california and that will bring with least a chance of a couple sprines overnight toght and tomorrow not going to be much you may be driving around in may. eventually have
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to use at windshield wiper but not for very long just a minute or 2, but we are noticing a that front now entering in the statthe high in you see up toward a your ve weekend reading somof the clouds begin to slide on througthose becoming to our skies overnight tonight. and tomorrow now on the back side of this cold front really a bounday the at the warm air out ahead of it. you got the cold air behind it and that's what we're rtainly going to see a big drop in temperatures by tomorrow afternoon, some of these temperatures comindown a good 1015 degrees by tomorrow afternoon as compared to today's highs numbers outside rht now still 60 in san francisco, 58 in santa rosa 61 can 64 in san jose and 60 in livermore 61. in the concord area. we are going to see those temperatures coming down in the winds will picking up around the bay area high fire danger is als expected to is winds really going to come outhe north we haven't had enoug rain yet. so certainly the fire seon continuing. temperatures in the 50's and 60's outside tomorrow, it will be brisket times as we look toward the
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future here sunny and windy, especially on wednesday into early thursday morning that will be the peak of the fire danger.hen i think again this weekend. it's going to keep repeating itself. this is not the d of it until we get a significant rain we'll se more of these offsho wind events i think maybe even a stronger offshore wi event probably next monday and tuesday of next week so we could certainluse that rain of course that would putn end to all of a boy lot of lives will be affected over the next few days all right, thank you lawrence, thank you for being with us tonight is to see u tonight. >>at 8 o'clock have a good night.
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prince andrew blowback. the shocking photos after he denies he likes to party. >> public splays of affections are not something that i do. >> as another ffrey epstein accuser comes forward. >> i h flown on his jet, which i later learned has been cknamed the lolita express. >> then, mystery over president trump's medical physical. >> what's going on? what prompted this visit? >> and who murdered the ameran schoolteacher? she devoted her life to the students. >> we are devastated. >>


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