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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 18, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>>here we go agaiand p g any announcing another round power shut off this week which will affect 10's of thousands of custome in the bay area. thank you for joining us tonight at 10 i'm family and i'm can weigh ithe could afft people in 8 of the 9
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bay area counties, some of ese areas are just now recovering from the last shot off. >>here are a list of the counes in the number of customers who could be in the dark. the genie says if a power shut off is called it expects tbegin doing that wednesday morning and that has some people frustrated >>it was so cold at night and they give i wasn medical my life and i moved out. >>lost everything in the refrigerator either through everything in thereezer ter for nerar. we have friends who the ice melted destroyed their floor. >>nea says the shots will begin in phases depending on team coverage tonight our ave cef meteorologist lawrence curnow has more on the red flag warning that willtart on wednesday o grande lotus has more on pg any leaders tense hearing with state lawmakers in sacramento today. and we begin with rob ford jr sewn live in the where generators are in high demand. jr. and you can see here in e up
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downtown nevada, the lights of thisusiness behind me on are on b come wednesday at this time. itcould be a different story, i'm in the area. it could lose electricity, come wednesday, one of the reasons why so many businesses are opting for commercial generators. this is a 20 kilowatt generator, one that could be used to power a small business. one that will run out for somewherin the neighborhood of $350 a day. michael to have yon of aied restoration company says the calls have already started to come in about this generator and others. >>our units are efinitely can all be out they were working years to more for 2 more our fleet. >>but as powerful as this generator looks powering a larger store like a supermarket or acquire unit making at least 3 times the power and one thacould read for as much as $900 a day. a few weeks ago we told you about scotty's market and
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sandra oh in the last wer safety shut off they were forced to throngthousands of dollars worth of food. the monetary loss is still bein tallied the likely at least 6 figures as of monday afternoon, the owner was on the phone working to bring in a generator. yon says commercial generator rentals are nto an ad because of their high sticker price >>anywhere from 30 to. i me even up $300,000. to 3 one to >>yon and his business partner believe businesses and homeownersre better prepared this time around and but i will still likely be another very busy week. >>and the biggest oblem with the last one was a lot of people wereaught off huard. they just ren't ready for it we're getting somewhere between 1500 calls a day. for generators, you ow a lot of people call for reidentia generators and a t of other customers calling for large commeial units. >>i talked with some of those
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folks over at scotty's market today. they said they were getting quoted at 10,000 a day from some locations. thankfully we were able to connect them with the folks over there allied rentals also allied restorati known as both of those names but was able to connect them so they have of a nerator for their business at a fair price. come wednesday, reporting live in nevada jr stone kron for the j r thank you this latesshut off announcement comes as pg e leaders testified at the state capitol of power company was on the hot seat again about last month show also or granlotus is here now and how pg officials responded today grant them can this hearing had been scheduled long before we knew that the winds were going to kick up later this week but. >>it underscores the the current situation you just never knw until it really rains. what when will come man who will be without power and what sort of a financial impact that will mean not to mention the inconveniee the
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anxiety and today, pga officials were grilled about last monts shut off switch affected millions of cafornians. the ceo of the utility bill johnsonas n backing down defending the company's decision to cut power homes and businesses which of course came during thdry windy conditions. the power company says it was an attempt prevent catastrophic wildfires. but several times througho the hearing today senators reminded utility leaders. the power, t government has to take control. >>of and any response that serves the needs best of the table northern california. now i do work for the shareholders at the moment. so let's not get ourselves about that. >>and i actually think n keeping pg e is an integrated different company is e best way to serve. >>johnson ruffled feathers a last month when he estimated that it could be 10 years until the utility has.
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strengtheed its lines enough to avoid these preemptive power shu off son, th utilities leaders say they are now working towards section allies ing parts of the grid to try to limit the size and scope of the shut off but they remind folks that will take time and during the hearing today. state senator bill died told johnson the company's handling of thesearge shut off says been a quote big screw you to customers and has created quote real trust issue with the company people are not happy pending can back to you. >>grant maybe that's an understatement communities in the north they are among those preparing for high winds later this week as well as the dangerous fireonditions. well for michelle kingston with the senate.arlier today to find out what to do to prepare for this week's critically dry weaer. >>we need rain until we don't have rain we need or comey to to rein prepared. to do what they can to make sure that house is prepared for
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potential wildfire. >>roses assistant fire marshal paul lowenthal says this is the ty 6 per safety showed off they prepared for this year and people need to begin preparing once again for the possibility of no power d dangerous fire contions later this week withigh winds expected. >>fortunate right now that the winds don't looklike they're going to pushed into the valleyloors that that should stay in the upper elevations that's great. but regardless we sti need our community prared. >>no matter what just like during the kincade fire last month low and paul says the will be up staffing once again with fire departments from around sonoma county coming togeth to form strike teams and tk forces this week he says rain so desperately need th thought it would be years before they saw another large scale fire after the tubbs fire in 20 17. but the kincade fire burned 10's of thousands of acres in october. and no the city is preparing once again for dangerous fire conditions.
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>>fortunately we are getting very customerthese they are al making a lot of improvements with how we do business arnd sarah's and the messaging that we deliver to our community. >>now it's not only dry but it is cold outside and if you don't have power later this week and you're looking to cook a warm meal outse and the fire department ask that you make sure you cook away from trees and brush. in santa rosa michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>well weather is front and center as we look at what's ing on over the next few days she pure on this storm's. colonel here, yeah, and this going to be a significanwind event again i think not a severe is the last remember last when whave the community dropping down a really almost about 3% of some of the down barriers, not going to be as dry maybe down to 20 ybe 30% but stillred flag warnings up we haven't had the rain so far this season, so are they still very dry out there and you get winds like we're expectin maybe 35 maybe 45 mile an hour. gusty winds over the- mountain tops he, especially in the north bay and parts of the east bay, the oaknd hills, the diablo range. certainly you can have some
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concernsaybe some gusts over 60 as the system comes through. now we're going to get a notice those windas early as tomorrow in fact we're going to see that around theay area see the areas shaded in yellow parts of the north bay along the coastline, even by tomorrow afternoon. you feel those breezy winds cking up but it's going t take some time to really get this thing going really not till into wednesday, new watches these winds really begin to sweep the central valley here ey come starting to see some of the strong winds maybe gusting of 30 you see the area shaded in purple, maybe some 40 mile an hour gusts as we get into wednesay morning and then really the peak of theind is going to come overnight on wednesday night into thursday morning you s some of those winds gusting there. those northeasterly windsthat offshore flow 24 mile an hour gust there isonoma 23 in calistoga and even stronger winds over the mountain top well on the peninsula, you're less affected as that syst comes through right we talked about se of the humidity and all watching it seems very moist out there. 93%ight now and apple may 76% in the san francisco as we take you through time, especiallin the north bay, you'll begin to
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notice will dry things out in the wednesday and so 're talking about the humidity levels down to 30 percentile, maybe even a lile bit lower than that not as dry as it's been the dry enough and certainly with all a dry brush out there in the trees certainly we get a fire going that will be an issue. outside right now we do have some rtly cloudy skies a few high clouds beginning to move in or skies right now temperatures today. hey we're well above the avage numbers in the 70's and the 80's now by tomoow. it is gog to be a huge contrast so we're seeing a cold froncome through not much in the way of rain but really it's a boundary between 2 air masses, a warm airass and a cooler air mass that oler air mass going to settle in overhead tomorrow and you see that front. coming right down right now on a sliding into california not much energy with it, ere's a slight chance we could see a sprinkle or 2 but not going to be much. but we're going to really feel effects with a much cooler tempatures. those numbers going to drop a good 10 maybe 15 degrees by tomorrow afternoon. so certainly an inresting event coming our way hopefully no fires do get started, but
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somethi got to be aware of temperatures outside mainly in the 50's right now i as we look toward e next couple days, those winds will be the big stor they will be picking up it igoing to feel much cooler around the bay area for tomorrow. tre's a slight chance we could still pick up a light sprinkle but nothing to chge anything as far as the fire conditions and i think we're not done there yet i thk we may have a even a stronger wind event coming our way we'll talk more about that in the tim tam in a few minutes i thank you. another big story. we're following tonight 5 men arrested in connection with that deadly halloween night shooting into renda. >>will not be charged at least not now that we're coming down tonight from the contra costa county district attorney's office at 5 people were killed that shooting during a party at an air bnb renta noel bello talk with the district attorney's office about the surprising dision not to file charges now. >>ultimately were not ableto make a filing decisioand so noharges have been filed at this time against any of the suspects. >>a stunnindevelopment monday in the investigion
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into the deadly shooting in orinda halloween night that left 5 people dead. last thursday, a numbeof raids were carried out that resulted in 5 yes, cameron mitchell jack as we ne lebron wallace and jason aisles were all arrested thursday along with the promoter of the rty von williamson. the sheriff's office said last week they wre still trying to piece together who shot who. the contra costa shiff david livingston said they didn't know it came down to gang members shooting and kling people including innocent people. however monday the da's office could not file charges. sheriff's office released a statement following the da's decision sang quote we stand by our investigation and the arrests were made pursuant ta judge's order. although the district attorneys may want more investigation done the rsons arrested and responsible for these crimes will ultimately be held to account the entire investigati is ongoing as is
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common in these pes of complex cases end quote the da's office says this doesn't mean no chars will ever be filed just that they need more information before thecan move forward. >>this timet's not enough to file any criminal charges of a high standard to to file chars against someone in we just weren't able to do that today. it's a terrible tragedy of what happened any loss of life is senseless and gun violence is a serious issue and we take it with the utmost care to ensure that can try to get this case prosecuted and get justice for the victims. >>noel bello kron 4 news. >>in the south bay. campbell police arrested an alleged craigslist a rental scam or this cos after the same person was already booked and reeased for a similar scam in think you say police think there are more victims out there. that's right as different police departments
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put more information out about the spect. >>they sa that more victims are coming forward and they say that victims are initially interest in these ads because they posted at prices below market value and seemed very affordable one now they say that the 7th victim recently came forward jt about 2 days ago. kemah police arrested 23 ear-old robert milo >>calling him a prolific craigslist's rental scam or they s post ads for an apartment or room at 7.10 minute drive and to 35 union avenue campbell and 3200 pn have in san jose since june. police sayyler scammed more than $18,000. least 7 people in the city she was. >>actually showing prospective renters his apartment that he had access to that he lived in and was writing of contracts in taking desits. knowing full. well that their he had no intention ofenting out a room. contacted milo then his victims seeing the rental was no longe available and wrote refund checks account was not enough
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funds during their investigation police learned of milo was already arrested in september for doing a similar scam nearby while we were doi the investigation. >>and there was a warrant out om the san jose police department that he was arrested for for a similar typecam. and he was released. shortly aftethat arrest and proceeded to to start doing the sms again in campbell police say he continued tscam less than a month after being released. >>he's onis most recent ad on november 5th. the most recent point our investigators actually foundone of his listings on craigslist and undercover operation posing as a pontial renter. >>milo met with undercover officers of the apartment where he was later arrested. you know if you are also scanned by my lower know anyone that might have been police ask that you come prosecute him to hey like to the fullest. >>they also say it's an important reminder to be careful when using sites like craigslist they also say it's important to do your research and if it sounds too gd to be true. it usually i
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reporting live in campbell taylor sackey kr 4 news sailor. thank you a new homeless shelters now open in hayward the shelter located in haywards industrial zone will provideransitional housg and services. >>for up to 45 homelespeople living in the area. officials said the goal is to have every resident placed into permanent houng within 3 months. the shelter will be affed e 45 residents will be 4 7. moving in slowly over the nt few weeks. the first group arrived today. >>the city of orlando ha secured funding to move forward with the construction of a new navigation center in t south of solano county. there our 3 nonofitealth care systems involved center kaiser and north bay health care donated more than million. e city of vallejo has identified homelessness as an issue in that city n. hopes that this navigation center will help eate a pathway for those people who e homeless to secure permanent housing. >>the city of palo alto has identified a public utilities
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employee was killed in a workplace incident over the weekend for a 2 year-old in at was working on a 5 person crew that was upgrading a transformer when he was electrocuted he was rushed to stanford hospital where he w pronounced dead. camino was a veteran of the united tates air force and inexperienced electric linemen the started working for the city of palo alto just last month. he is survived by his we and 4 daughters. flags will fly at half-sta at all city facilities in his honor. >>today friends and loved ones gathered in san francisco for the public memorial servi held for the late ceo of kaiser permanente bernard tyson. the memorial was held at chase center earlier today. tyson died unexpectedly a little over a week ago at the age of 60 his career at kaiser permanente spned more than 3 decades serving in a number of leadership roles he was bor anraised in vallejsan francisco mayor london breed was amonthe many dignitaries at the memorial. shehared her memories of tyson's.
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>>it is a devastating loss of such an incredible figure in our lives. and it would be sy to simply mourned the loss and the void that he left time but that's not how the yard work. s vision was so much larger than one lifetime and our commitment to that vision must be large or 2. >>there w a public viewing yesterday anthe oakland city hall rotunda of the private family services for tomorrow. tyn served as ceo of the health care company since 2013, he wathe first african american to hold that position and was an advocate for health equity issues. today kaiser permanente announce an honor of him. a new medical school will be named after bernard tyson. well this cod be the most important week of the impeachment iniry, 8 current and former memrs of the
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trump administration will testify pubcly the potentially most significant witne might be eu ambassador gordon sondland. >>ex marquardt explains. this week poised to be the most blockbuster few days so far in the impeachment inqry after more revelations from 2 key players over the weekend. >>place gordon summoned the us ambassador to the eupean union at the center of t ukraine scandal because of hs direct access to president trump will allave to wait for someone's tesmony which is direct testimony not teimony of somebody who says they hrd from somebody else that somebody else said something someone is set to testy in an open hearing on wednesday, former top naional security council offial tim morrison testified that someone was following the president's orders in demanding ukraine launch investigations into the bidens and the exchange for a white house meeting and military aidhe w discussing these matters with the president morrison told lawmakers according to a new tracript of his closed door testimony released on saturday. aording to
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morrison, someone was told by the president that ukrainn president'slinsky must announce the opening of the investigations. morrison also testified that someone spoke to trump before t july 25 call between the 2 presidents in which trump asked for favor will be asking him. >>a loabout the events leing up to the july 25th call. as well the day of the call anevents subsequent to that he will be a very very important witness. >>also on e july 25th call was a senior aide in the vice president's office jennifer williams in the just released transcript of her testimony she told investigators that parts of the call felt more politicathan diplomatic. i would say that it struck me as unusual a inappropriate williams said it shed some light on possible other motivations behi a security assistance hold. williams testified in public tomorrow. president trump and not waiting instead attacking her on twitter as a never trumper without any proof while also
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reacting to this comment by house speaker nancy pelosand o the president could come right before the committee and talk speak all the truth that he wants to trump tweeting this morning. i like the idea and will in order to get congress focused again strongly consider it. a senior state department official accused of pading her resume has resigned mina chang deputy assistant secretary for the bureau of conflict and stabization operations announced her decision today blaming wt she called character assassination. nbc news first reported last week on the apparent gaps between change resume and her experience charging that she has inflated her educational achievents and exaggerated the scope of her nonprofits work. chang reportedly invented a role on a unanel claims she addressed both the democratic and republican national conventions, and allegedly used a fake time magazine cor with her face on it. the state department has not commented on the matter.
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>>and a central california neighborhood rocked by violence 4 people killed after gunmen storm a backyard party and opened fire. what we're learning about the victims. and later the government is on the verge of shutting down again unless congress can pass a new spending bill both sides of the aisle don't like what's on the table and that's the push by the oakland poce department to duce the number of traffic stops of african americadrivers and it appears to be worth it. you know when yore at ross and you realize it time your sister stopped borrowing your sweaters? yeah! that's yes for less. stop stealing mine... never. holiday gifts everyonee at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices.
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>>the's been a drastic reduction in the number of pole traffic stops for black drivers in oakland now police are crediting a new strategy for brging down the number of those sto. well rce has the lead you and has the story. >>for the past 3 years officers on patrol in the city of oakland ve been applying what police officials called a smart strategy aimed at reducing the disproportionate number of traffic ops of african american drivers as you can see from theyear 2016 to 2018 the number of stops has been virtually cut in half what they. >>goal and a mission to reduce a racial disparities. >>oakland police chf anne kirkpatrick says her officers arenow expected to apply discretion when deciding to pull a driver over. >>the way have traditionally placed in america. as indeed at least i'll speak for oakland. it's a disparate impact particularly of our africa american
10:26 pm
community, another communities of color. we are no longer. dragged netting. contacting so manpeople in our community. nothing to do with crime. all right not everyone can't afford you know i too fix the are. they had lights or whatever it is i'm like yes and the no tip hands like pakitan like the lights are completely out. >>and there's as are the man i understand, but if there's no i read or has a half-life is unnecessarwhile the overall nuer of traffic stops of african american drivers has dramatically decreased the 2018 total of 10,874 stopped reveals a problem of that wh these still exist when compared to 895 white iver stopped in that same year is. >>good that we stop fewer people. but the. haskell also be more rubblein oakland has it made you proud for
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>>coming up the south bay prosecutor finds himself in hot water with the law f allegedly using his daughter to try to catch a child molester not first we're learning more about the victims of that deadly shooting at a backyard par in fresno this as lice work around the clock to find the suspects and fire danger running gh in the next few days and we may note done there there may be another strong wind of an editor away your tent and is coming u
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>>now this happenevery fast again they won't say entered the back yard. they fired randomly into the crowd. it does not appear that they were targetin and they once individuals. fired the rounds they fled so as almost immedie. >>yet another mass shooting in where police say 2 gunmen o snuck into a backyard during a football watch party and opened fire and all. 10 people were shot of them killed. >>now an intense manhunt is underway for the spect maduro's bad has the lastn the inesgation. and what we're learning about the victims. >>this vio of lily bang in sealy ha over 3 million views on youtube. leah famous mom artist moved to the us from thailand as a refugee in the early 2000 his aunt willie bang serving as his music mentor. it wanot opportunity for him to really chase his
10:31 pm
dreams 3 albums and millions of fans later he was trul living the american dream. until sunday when s life was cut short in southeast fresno wellt a football watch party. he definitely print in print and on mean he was. a little brother tme and i'm very sure it i lost right the piece of me he really took a piece of my heart, the fans and other artists also devastated jake tao who met e around 5 years ago saying he is still in disbelief. there's no way to explain. how emotional how the stress we are with this scenario jus they're just really ne kind people and why are the white guy white guy how specifically. >>3 others also died they were entified by the fresno sheriffs. as 31 year-old see
10:32 pm
of ang 38 year-old whose song and 40 year-old a callous saing tao how yang from the fresno center saying 2 of the man well known in the hmong community are they are they come out and perform to our mental heah clients. >>you know every year especially. year fans were planning on w seeingee perform up in sacramento on november 29th. but now they will never get that cnce. >>meantime police in oklahoma are investigating a deadly shooting outside of a wal-mart 3 people were found shot and killed in the parking lot of a wal-mart store in a town called duncan, a man anwoman were discovered dead inside of a vehicle, according to investigators. another man died outsi the car. police say the shooter is among the dead and killed himself. a witness says was pulling into the parking lot when he started hearing gunshots. >>all i heard was 9 gunshots. >>and me and.
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>>my girl was pulled over here the bar we saw 3 bodies on the ground and dot about the guns dead, another guide down win over in had his gun drawn. input of the sooter's head. told to stop then there's 3 bodies on the ground besides the shooter. still working to notify the victims relatives before publicly identifying the victi. a student injured in th senator reid a school shooting is speaking out a 14 year-old posted a video she wanted to thankhose who helped her. >>d remember her 2 friends who were killed. our graham onus is back he has her story tonight grant incredible strength a poise that this girl is exhibiting. >>her name is a addison k glee. she was injured when the shooter started firing last week its august high school.
10:34 pm
and yesterday she was released from the hospital and while mourners gather to honor the victims of this tragedy addison released a video thanking everyone she also paid tribute tohose victims including 15 year-old gracie neil burger who was killed at us and says gracie was her best friend. >>i would like to thank the students, teachers anstaff and the first responders who literally saved my life on ursday. gracie was one of the best people i've ever met and she changed my life for e better. i love her so much don had a graceful. a loving spirit and so much more. they uld put a smile on anyone's face. >>investigators are still trying to figu out the motive behind the deadly shooting. they believe the gunman uber how targeted the victims at random before turning the gun on himself on his 16th birthday saugs high school is still closed this week those students we're going to be allowed on campus to start picking up their
10:35 pm
belongings and or meeting with counselors can pan back to hugh grant thank you with this recent wave of violence. the issue of gun reform is being talked about once again, but. >>as our washington dc correspondent trevor surely tells us it's not getting much traction in the republican controlled senator at the white house. >>since thursday 9 people have died in mass shootings to a high school in santa clarita california, 3 of duncan oklahoma walmt and for house party in fresno the home district of california congressman jicosta. children were president. at they were watching a football game. >>the debate over gun reform is on again in washington. there hasn't been as much movement from the white house or the senateas we would like to see kyle and hunter is with brady a gun control advocacy group, the house pass gun reform legislation 6 months ago but since then there's been no action in the senate. >>repuicans and democrats
10:36 pm
have good and different ideas on how to deal with with gun violence in america. would it be refreshing if the president where to bring us together despite initially supporting stroer background checks and red-flag laws the president has gone quiet. >>senate republicans worry reform forts could jeopardize second amendment rights. >>into the woods where they say there are times of cnge. they should not have. that right and i don't agree with that that was oklahoma senator jim inhofe november 7t >>senate republicans say they need direction from e white house. they insist th wl vote on a bill the president won't sign. still gun reform supporters say voters, not politicians mahave the final word. >>when the amercan people go to vote they're going to remember their daily lives and they're going to say no more to this gun violence reporting in washington, i'm trevor surely. >>this is back with us now says there is some fall >>least we got that call for sure i would love to get the rain outside but looking u
10:37 pm
toward the golden gate bridge. you can start to see that fog and that e look in coming right to the golden gate right now making a little cloudy if you're crossing the golde gate bridge. but certainly we'd love to get to some rain coming our way there's a cold front that is now making its way toward the west cot and here it is you see right there there. it s not much energy with it not much rain with it either unfortunately just helping deep in the mane layer a little bit right now and move that on shore now behind that. we are going to see high pressure begin to build in and that's what's going to cause the offshore flow so here's the center circulation right now is that low begins to approach the coastline here the coldront right now and into the bay area that moves on through behind that high pressure begins to build in on the backside that's when we srt to see those winds start with the that area of low pressure althe way down los angeles as weet into wednesday, high pressure building behind it so those wis really within and developing across california. it's going to be quite a wind not ly of this time around but i think as we get into next week to also you mo on that in a secd, but on thursday another from system up the coastline unrtunately
10:38 pm
runs and that ridge it dies out heads the south high pressure buiing in should make for a nice weekend ahead and then we've got another cold front that's going to die just to e east of us as we head wards sunday night monday and that's when that ridge builds in again and we could see an even stronger offshore wind even i think we head into the beginning of this next week and that means high fire danger as well behind that the models want to him at a chance orain at least this model does not all models an agreement on a lo-range right now, but we'll keep our fingers crossed. we've got something comi down the line so sunny and windy as we head in toward wednesday when some side on thursday looks like a nice weekend back to guty winds and higher fire danger early next week. thank you lawrence. >>the state attorneys generals office is looking into the conduct of a santa clara county prosecutor in connection with a child molestation case, the child in question is that peosecutors daughter and he's come under intense scrutiny for using her as bait in order to gather evidence against the man suspeed of molesting her for dropped fl explains all of
10:39 pm
this. >>by using his 13 year-old daughter as bait together incriminating evidence against a man who allegedly moleed his daughter here on the los alamitos creek trail. the santa clara county prosecutor crossed the line says retired superior court judge rowland or score now. the prosecutor crossed the line. yes, the prosecutor became the law enforcent person by taking into his own hands. >>the investigation into the alleged molestation of his 13 year-old daughter >>the 76 year-old ali mohammed ledgeyrie was arrested by san jose police last week. it is facing charges of lewd and lascivious conduct and false imprisonment evidence in the case includes a video clandestinely shot by the prosecutor after using his daughter as bait to get the suspect to inappropriately touched her as he is allege to have done 3 times previously. it was a risky ploy says santa clara university psychology profesr doctor thomas plante
10:40 pm
the issues we would. >>can be very concerned about is re traumatizing a girl who's probly already been traumatized giving that she was apparently approached earlier by the same tell all. and secondly why he didn't go to law enforcement or others to try to figure out ok how can we best handle this. >>in atatement santa clara county district attorney's jeff rosen sa that as prosecutors we must never forget that her own behaor inside and outside of the urtroom matters. the choices we make in our pressional and personal lives need to in harmony with the protocols ls and ethics of our criminal justice system. the poosecutor's actions might also have jeopardized the ca against the suspects as judge cornell who is also a former independent san jose police auditor. >>the question will this videotape be admissible in that took the video he one did it, he's the person being witnessed in a way. but is that that you know how willing is the prosecution gng to be
10:41 pm
2 allow this video to be utilized. >>is san jose rob flight kron 4 news. dramac new video of a coast guard rescuoff the coast of pesca darr in san mateo county you can sethis video of the chopper lifting the victim out of the water. >>coast guard ews got a call the stranded kayaker near the pigeon point lig house yesterday afternoon. coast guard launched its dolphin one helicopter and spotted the kayaker and we're able to bring him to shore the good news is a kayaker was not hurt. >>the federal government runs congress has a 3 days tempory solution. but many are concerned about what happens next. i'm just eaten or in washington and all of that story coming up. is forced to 49 ers as for the r word. jimmy garoppolo to another win yesterd mark as kyle shanahan scott signed t changes performance.
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>>the us supreme court has temporarily blocked the release of preside trump's taxes his financial documents were set to be released on wednesday after a lower court inion allowed a house subpoena to go forwad. president trump requested the court blocked that subpoena the house said iwould agree to a temporary stay in order to give the us supreme court justices more time to consider the legal arguments. happening tomorrow congress set to vote
10:45 pm
on a plan to avoid another federal government shutdown the government runs ut of money thursday night jt eateor reports on the solution that's likely to pass but. >>not everyonis happy with it. >>we have such longer list of things that we need to do in congress the clock is ticking for louisiana, congressman ralph abraham and s colleagues to pass a slew of bills before the year's end. but the mo pressing item on this week's agenda have done about tennessee congressman phil roe lays out the 2 options agree on a new budget which likelwon't happen by then or pass a temporary continuing resolutionwhich no one likes she terrible waste to run the governme south carolina congressman ralph norman agrees every agency the the proposed continuing resolution budget agreement to ne for a december 20th which may or may not glve congress enough timto solve the issue at the heart of this imssethe money to pay for president trump's border wall the trump administration has id it intends to avoid another government shutdown tenssee congressman chuck
10:46 pm
fleischmann wants that to ke people be able to do that but his colleagues are skeptical of any permanent budget deal passing before 020 republican scott days, early blames see the country fail and trump succeed and democrat ter welch planes republicans then it goes to e senate. bison. and he's got to just say no regardless of who's to blame the fedel government runs out of money thursday night in washington, i'm just eaten or. t mobile ceo john kerry is stepping down with carey's contract ends in ril he said to leave when it expires the move comes ter reports in area was a top contender to become we works next ceo, he's denied was ever considering that job. the kerry said he is as ceo before the step down rumor started. he will bereplaced by mike sievert who is currently the president and chief operating officer of t mobile. the jury will remain and at t mobile board member. >>google is launching a new gaming services week tomorrow,
10:47 pm
the bay area based tech giant will unveil in 14 countries. it is a service for streaming in and playing games without needing to own a hard copy or even a consul google will be competing with a daunting list ofrivals in the industry they are betting that the future of video games lies in the cloud rather than just physical hardware. microsoft is currently testing its project x cud service and amazon is rumored to be working on his own cloud gaming service as well. >>air bnb will part or with the olympics forthe next 8 years the internationl olympic committee and the short term rental company made that announcement today partnership means air bnb housing will be made available for visitors and workers at the games at move could reduce the need for cities hosting the olympics to build extraotels, cities have to plan and pay or conruction, massive infrastructure projects it usually cost billions of dollars much of it is with taxpayer money. the deal begins at next year's summer games in tokyo.
10:48 pm
>>to finnerty making it easy to access all your favorite entertainment. >>of those 49, right, it's not a go time tonight are fanng and it's a good thing they won yesterday because here's what's coming up. was that it is a daunting schedule now week 11 of the nfl season, fully in the books and the 49 ers still have the top recor in the nfc. >>but as we've seen over the last 3 weeks the games have gotten more difficult and will continue to stay that way when a contest at levi's against the cardinals arizona, but the niners early 16 point all and san francco tiling at the break then the offense started getting into a rhythm. next hing you know, jimmy garoppolo a career outing 34 complions 424 yards, 4 touchdownincluding th game winner to jeff wilson junior
10:49 pm
rob lowe is theirst 9 ers quarterback with 400 plus and tds and steve young in 1993 fore him. it was joe montana. how shannon him from nine hq this afternoon after watching the tape. it would have been real tough to w the game without you know he was in some tough situations when a bunch of receivers i'm going in and out of that game. >>everyone knows that ago do without georgian you knoto not get much of the run game to you know get really carry us are especially that 2nd half and made a bunch of big plays. i'm finitely had place that i did that were not good pce. those a huge to see hi play as well as he did have a little bit of or city and make it up. >>packers sundaynight going to be good which in the convertion to the rate or to continue to exceed expectations. stack up wins. not the prettiest matchup but oakland held off winless cincinnati for a 3rd strght victory wrapping up a perfect homestand the stars of this game the raiders rookie class maxxcrosby the 4th rookie in nfl history to record $0.4 in trayvon mullen his first
10:50 pm
career interception to end the game foster moreau with a touchdown. josh jaco passes marcus allen for most 100 yard outings by a first-year player in rater histy. john gurdon loving what he sees from the young ice. >>a challenge in these guys give them more more things to learn and do an experience and man of they responded to a big part of that is their talent level. and also there. their passion to doit. it's fun to come to work with guys like that i just started. >>to get better every day so on. yeah, you know it was it was good to finally younow get some sacks find something el to you for you know i've never done that before so those cool, you know is out of on a nice >>and tonight, the raiders had a chance to take sole possession of first place out west depending on what the chiefs did kansas city in the chargers monday night football in mexico city, e 3rd quarter patrick mahomes floats up a duty to travis kelce e 23
10:51 pm
yard strike teams take a 24 to 9 le. the final 2 minutes we go chargers down 7 philip rivers went the length of the fieldthe guy in the red zone going for the touchdown kicked off by daniel sorens rivers for interception of the night. he's had 7 in the last 2 games. she's old on 2417 and remain on top in the west. finally the cal bears under new head coach mark fox came into tonight undefeatedt 3 know, but staying there. >>not easy against prairie view, men antley scored 8 of his 16 points late in the 2nd half and a bacand forth affair. let's talk out eki out a 5450 victory. the bears ovcame 22 turnovers and a minute stretch without scoring in the 2nd half bere holding on at the end next up for cow. it gets real the bears travel to madison square garden to take on top-ranked duke thursday, that is a difficult game. well it's often in new
10:52 pm
>>a fire danger going to be running high the next couple of ds, the fog moving in now police couple sprinkles will ta about that your tent and is cominup next. ...6, 7, 8 ♪ ♪ ♪ big dreams start wh small steps... ...but dedication can get u there.
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>>next the news continues on our 24 7 streaming serce called kron on it is commercial free gas or he is standing by in our newsroom with what we're working on catherine. >>thank you pam in kenya,
10:55 pm
coming up at 11 we willave more on the expected pany shut offs we're almost certainly going to see later this week again affecting thousands of people in the bay area 've got at least some details on where p g figur they will be turning off the power as soon as one ste that's an kron on at 11 back to you l right catherine will see them thank you make sure to download the kron on after get 24 7 commercial fre local news coverage. >>forget elf on a shelf is year you can be the elf yourself it's called operation santa all over the country kids will be sending letters to santa asking for everything from toys to basics such as a warm coat or even shoes will starting today. letters to santa from low income children are availablfor adoption online you can pick up a letter from any citin the country and it's tax deductible just remember your gift, nice to be mailed out by december 20 us. you can find all the details on the u s post office website. all right
10:56 pm
guys hey we're geing for are some windy conditions around the bay area we go again haven't seen the rain so red flag warnings are up around the bay areastarting. wednesday early in the morning, you see are in. napa d sonoma counties also parts of the east bay hills the diablo range got to watch there too as those winds really going to be within 35 maybe 45 miles per hour with the north bay, maybe think in the 60 ouide right now we've got the fog that is creeping onshore no delays being reported at sfo at this hour that fog is making its way on shore and certainly will be there tomorrow morning as we're going to see this system kind of swing through the bay area overnight tonight to e the fog moving through the golden gate right now in san francisco proper be out looking ok some mid to high level clouds begin to move overhead tomorrow morni. we're waking up some partly cloudy skies and temperatures going to be the 50's and then the winds begin to pick up special near e coastline and parts of the north bay by the middle of the day noticeably cooler outside by tomorrow afternoon. that those numbers
10:57 pm
instead of 60's d excuse me said the 70's and 80's are going to be in the 50's and the 60's arou the bay area and the wind will be howling developing near the coastline by tomorrow afternoon. those wds only going to be picking up over the next couple of days. actor tenet and fire danger running high as we head in toward wednesday and early on thursday morning. then we head into the weekend. but i think on sunday into monday. winds possibly in the gusty beginning of next week. he's rain absolutely need them in the next week, ok. thanks so and thank you for being with us tonight have good night, everybody see
10:58 pm
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