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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  November 19, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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have made an arrest ground foe michelle kingston joins us live from the south heywood bart station. >>how did they track down a suspect. our dealership tempting to calm our jack as vehicle to the dealer fought back aqim police. a bart police say that they arted to receivcalls around o'clock this afternoon about a fight on board a train. they south hayward staon. e at the victim bleeng on board, we know the suspect stabbed the victim on the train somewhere between thbay fair station in the hayward station. hlater died from that fight. police say this was not a random attack, we know there were other passengers on board but i'm not ure what the fight was about the suspect took off on the train stopped here at the south hayward bart station, but police wernot far behind him. >>partners of the hayward police department that was our had a good description, the aerial search and they were
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able to stop suspects matching the description about a block from here on tennis it. >>th cell hayward bart station here has reopened but bart says to continue to expect dels for the next few hours as for now we're live in hayward michelle kingston. >>on for news. thk you michel want to go to our breaking news of course a story was on her pusng her in go to kron 4 dot com get. the latest news, but we do have some breaking news as well p g v having news nference live this listen enter. >>to see comparison response mark's going to buy some operational updates. >>so a pg meteorologists is where as well as other forecasts agencies. do continue to monitor monitor a very dynamic, a weather pattern that now transpiring over california and wl continue to transpire throug
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thursday. the ather system we're tracking is now dropping a south through california and is producing a variety weather which does include some hit or miss cloud cover as well some and or miss showers in the higher elevations of the sierra primarily a south but unfortunately, right behind the system we will have high pressure a building inorth of of california. andhis will produce a period strong north to northeast winds, they'll start to develop tonight but really get tomorrow morning and the last through the evening. wednesday night and we expe if we have to execute psps a week and issued the all clear for the winds oa thursday morning. we anticipate seeing those wind gusts develop in the sacramento valley. the the train on the side of the sacramento valy as well as the northern sierra and north
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bayountains. gus generally 35 to 50 miles per hour with this event. and we could see some gusts exposed locations to a 60 re miles per hour. meteorology we'v situation since friday. and we can continue to analyze new weather becomes available multiple t times per day and 24 hours per day. and today i was happy to report the truth. conditions didn't run favorably in a few areas. such as theast bay and santa cruz mountains and those areas have nobeen removed from the footprint of the event. will also continue to mitor the weather overnight continue to monitor as as r forast model data is it arrives, look at where the precipitation is is buildingnd then where may be deveping and look for areas that the weather is trending favorably for potential
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further reduction the scope if if waanted. so pga meteology has coordinated with federal forecast throug the day on a multiple inner agency calls. all forecasts agencies are aligned that even withhe showers that are occurring in erra. there is a potential for critical fire weather to devep on the heels of that tomorrow like i mentioned. the national weather service has posted a red flag warnings and so i have displayed behind me u can see the map where these red flag warningare in effect for generally the sacramento valley, theierra nevada foothls, including the north face of the north coastal mountains as well as a portion of the east area get althis inrmation is available on and whether or not gov and you can see that some of the gusty north winds that were that the national weather service is expecting gusts to 55 mis per hour. with time relative humidity down the 15 to 25%. the the
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other agency th we coordinate with us predicte services. this is a interagency group set to cal fire in the forest serce rely on for tir meat or logical intel. there's also expecting to see or have into them issuing high risk for significant fires. across a poron of northern california that's very similar to the footprts of the red flag warning anthat footprint that covers about 3.8 milliong e customers at this time. so whare we still anfire season and why are we concerned the fires this late in the it is almost december. well it has been one of the driest starts to the water year. in the past 100 years. if you look at precipition totals for cities across northern and central lifornia. some have
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observed no precipitation at this me. as an climate station in napa which is called a a napstate hospital fire station has not recorded any measurable precept september 15th and he last time that that occurred and s in 19 oh 5 to put that in perspective. another example on average fromctober through november in the northern sierra there's a stationndex called the northern tier a station in next. from the california data exchange cente and on avere at this time of year we've usually receive 5 inches of rainn the northern sierra and this. the at this point in time we've received 3 tenths of an inch of rain so essentially noing and so this lack of rain is keeping the threat of fire very real this late in the season in many areas. the fuels the surface fuels that fires consumed. are essentially
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tting new records according to the predictive services interagency group that i mentioned earlier and the the dry windy wather that we're expecting to unfold. early thursd morning are expected to dve these values further into record territory. so we wod like, i said we'll continue to monitor this event 24 7 we go through it with that i would now like to turn it over to the ceo of in d c. good evening, everyone, i'm an n the president to you. >>utility th means i have over responsible for operations. one of the things i want to. talk about is rely the complexity of this weather on tt we're seeing now the scot it seems to make so simple. not as intense and some of the meswe had in october. and you saw the
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mbers they're not at the peak levels we saw in the last events and also relative humidity. higher thait's been all those ctors allow us to have the tigers go. e impasse the defense is that the engine station and our indent command more talk to details there. to make sure is that everybody who's listening to this. so what english and scots preseation is a very broad. people on the east coast to think about a ne of uncertainty when it comes to. hurricanes and other events that should be your cone of uncertainty and if y're with in. one of these areas that is ssing needed as a red flag. warning please plee please as we always say be prepared. means that there e likelihood in the environment is right for fire. your safety is dependingn your
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preparedness. that means have a plan for evacuation.have you to go back any and please please stay alert. now what we do is looking at are scoping one. national source of the ignition which and allies that we have energized andhe ability of debris to fly into those. when we make tough decision ae energized. it is for that reason of eliminating a srce of ignition an protecting the public safety and what he has struck fire. but i want you all to know its not the only. only source of ignition, so please please please the a word and have a that's what these briefingsare about a situation where. one of the things that we have. dawn is we spent a lotof time to chae to improve the way we do s p s we focused a lot of
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communication making sure that our web site was robust that a full sentence cancer call tha we were communicating. what we know when we kn it ia way that people can be prepared. let's be clear. we can do the s ps 2 point they'll make anybody happy we're not happy whewe do it. we'll talk about scope wi talk about skill, but the fact of the matter is of one customer loses power because we do a preemptive power shut off. we all know it's not sustainable. thiss not where we want to be but at this moment in time it's a situation that we are faced with as said before an early meetings will hold the dice on is, we public safety. but we are committed and want everybody to know that we are committed to making improvements so tha the frequency scale anscope the pspevents going forward significantly and dramatically change and we'll be working very hard over the period between this and the next re season to shore.
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>>you're listening to a live news confrence with officials om pacific gas and electric talking about the planned public safety power shutoff that are schedul to start tomorrow for a number of counties affecting still10's of thousands of people around the bay areaf northern california. a numr of counties have been pulled from the list nonetheless many people will be affected they are. stressing you know we're still in fire season. and it's this close to december because it is one of the driest starts to a water year in 100 years, yes he theweather forecaster for pg said is the driest it's been in one particular part of na county since 19 oh5. >>and by this time this year, the northern sierra normally would have received about 5 inches of rain so far. it's received 3 tee of one inch of rain so we will continue to monitor devopments and announcements coming from officials regarding the public power shut off that are
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supposed to start tomorrow and keep you up to date online and on air here on kron four as well as on our crime on ap we'll continue to monitor the situation as a news conference continues. want to move on to some otherews happening around the bay area now in the east bay of the 5 suspects arrested in connection with the all renda halloween massae. back on the strt tonight, this after the contra costa county district attorney's determined that the ca brought to that office by the sheriffs was not enough for them to file chargethe questionow is how could something like this even haen come first and kerman talk to a legal expertoday. he joins us now live from or in a city hall well they say that this is certainly unusual typically. sheriff's officials or whateveraw enforcement agency it is. >>works hand in hand over these arrests with the district attorney's office so they know what they're getting in advance and the arrests are timed. so they can charge, but that was not the case, this
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time around d as we've en there are no charges at thi point. legal experts say the decision by the contra costa county d a. >>not to charge the suspects. the sheriff arrested r the or into halloween massacre is unusual and shows unlike mos these 2 law enforcement ageies are not working together. >>the dirict attorney's office is going to argue clearly by what they're saying they arrested them too fast. and the law enrcement agency that the sheriff's department is saying the district attorney's office shouldn't charge em criminal dense lawyer paula canny says it's likely the da doesn't want to start the legal clock because there's sti plenty of evidence that has not been processed. there were clearly a loof shots fired and there were clearly bullets fired, but you have to mch shop from which bullet. you know what gun fired the bult that killed the deceit and and who was holding the gun fire. the
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shoe shot that killed the deceit and then vice versa so that's time consuming the said 2 of the murder victims were rival gang members and both haguns. candy says that raises the issue of self-defense what if the people who are that this season's we're at actually the ones that started the fight and the others were at acting in self-defense i mean that's what the analysis has to being just because back and things happen doesn't mean at case should be charged the da's office has made it clear they are not filing charges against the suspects now. but it left the door opeto do it later. i think it does hurt the case i think it. imakes it look sloppy each on each in cities part. as we mentioned the street, the 5th lebron n wallace remains behiars. >>on a probation violation
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live at or into city hall dan kerman kron 4 news dan thank you and by the wa tonight at 6.30 the attorneys for the victims family says the damage is already done the ng-term effect. he says that arresting and releasing the suspects will have.
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♪ ♪ ♪ big dreams start wh small steps... ...but dedication can get u there. soust stt all... wh small steps... start saving. easily set, track and ntl your goals right from the chase mobile® app. ♪ ♪ chase. make more of wh's yours®. >>theig story. we're tracking tonight fresno familis in shock after 10 peple are shot in a rampage tonight we're hearing from one
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vtim's family friend who says the untimely deaths have left him shocked. i can smile for us today. >>how showa picture of see lee's father and brother, the 2 men devastated by the loss of the famous my music artist. i have no words to comfort them. besides getting them that's itne might >>in just over a month. we nj bang were suppos to perform for my w year the fresno center. the 2 wl never get the chance after being shot on sunday nightt a home in southeast fresno lee died in vain continues to recover after being shot in others also losing their lives countless 40 year-old sing tao the 31 year-old a fee a bang and 38 year-old a coup song song work to japanese kitchen and served as a mentor to s co-workers
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today i talked th family members at the home where the incident took place. they declined to comment on camera but did say they're in need of donationsor the unexpecte funeral costs. >>a lot of sut emotional support or financial support. funerals are arrangement are in the process the families and local hmo clan leaders ll be meeting tonight. >>and yang says tomorrow the city of fresno has agreed to partner with the families. >>to unveil a go fund me for all thvictims. >>and this is not just the hmong community, this is art fresno communi. >>all rht time now for the 4 zone forecast want to show you other parts of california were worried about the when they're getting ready for some fresh snow caltrans tweeted the snow is forecast for highway 50 tonight into tomorrow, here's a live picture from a highway 50 a ski run, so that's right there in south lake tahoe. officials e advising anyone who plans on traveling this
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route to get their vehicles redy for driving in the winter time, plentyof gas, the right tires bring some wind chains like all right well lawrence is here of course there's. >>we're keeping an eye wh's happening in sierra but most close to home. we're loing at the red ag warning. >>yeah and those offshore wind again and really these are common to what we have this time of year nothing's changed in our weather pattern is really pg me that has changed make sure that they're aware that that the weather to be this way we get these offshore winds certainly it has been a very dry start to the the driest on record since 18 49 and the red fla warnings are going up agan and that's because we haven't got any rain ally bringing in to really the fire sson, so red flag warnings up a marine you can see pa sonom also part of the east bay hills in the diablo range well as we go see the strong gusty winds overnight tonight and here in out for y i think as we get into about 4, 4, 30 in the morning. that's when the winds really begin to
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pick up over the mountain see the red you see the purple year we're talking gusts of 30 some 40 milan hour gust. across the mountains not as windy. it will be breezy and ther spots that ain these are wind gusts to see the winds gusts picking up mainly over the mountain topabove a 1000 feet then ey calm down and then they pick up agaiso the strongest winds are going to come torrow morning. i believe between about 4 o'clocknd about 10 o'clock in the morning. after that the winds begin to calm just a little bit. but then we're going to see a secondary event again. those winds willtart to pick up just about 5 o'clock in the afternoon again again in parts of the north bay you see him right here and then as we head through the evening kind of intensifying one more round of some strong we get into a late think as tomorrow night and into thursday, those winds rlly begin to calm down the pattern continues to change so that bei said this is not a severe event as the e that we had before humidity certainly going to be dry we' upper 20's, maybe 30% tiles but still not dry as it was we were down aut 3%
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that being said around the rest the bay area will see a lot of sunshine. it will be breezy times when the in spots over the mount op 's and 70's ies, there's a chance we could see moreusty winds late sunday night and intoonday. tonight at 6.45 president trump continues to lash out against the impeachment hearings. >>as for new witnesses give their testimony. >>and did your car mke the list up next. we'll tell you abthe top stolen vehicles of 2018. what you can do to help keep your car off the list and launching a new web site dealing with mysteries and the paranormal it's called mystery why are dot com. as part of the side we go deep into the archives 30 yearsgo this month investigativjournalist, george knapp dived intothe mystery of what happened in roswell, new mexico. in 1947 where the alis sketch as story more mystery mystery why are dot com. ♪ here in the club i can't even hear my own voice. ♪ ♪ jack in the box would've be a beer choice. ♪
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♪♪ should have gone to jack, a♪ they've got it all. ♪ head to jack in the box and perience the joy of missing out with my $3 mini munces. get 'em delivered with doordash. ♪ only at jack in the box! >>for your money tonight, a new national report says honda civics where the cars a stolen the most in 2018. the national insurance crime bureau released its list of th10 most stolen vehicles of last year the 2000 honda civic top the listwith more than 38,000 of the car stolen last year. the 19 9700 accord came in second with a 2006 ford pickup truck in 3rd out 750,000 vehicles were ston in all of
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2018 which is about 3% less than the previous year protect against a fast to the bureau recommends that's pretty basic lock your car roll up your windows and park in well-lit areas. still ahead. >>6 officials reversed course and the opening of a partakes tension to the south bay, how long the oject could be delayedhis time. of homeland security's increasi fees on applications that the immignts need to fill out to washington will tell you why dhs says they need that money say some members of congress the policy. his res. and next a 6.3many questions re unanswered after 4 men arrested in the over inhe halloween night shooting were . go >>how the attorneys representing some of the families of the victims is responding to thda's decision. >>and all this talk of fire what wcould use is little rain and how about that they have found some m be the busit travel day of the year
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>>the attorneys who represent me of the families of t victims in ran the halloween night shooting is now questioning why the 4 men wh were arrested in the first place war rested his questions come in the wa of the strict attorney's deciding. there's not enough evidence to charge the men o were arrested kron four says he might do reports. >>it's a horrible thing to do
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civil rights attorneys job says, although the charges are beingdropped against the far been arrested for the alloween party shooting in orinda. >>the potential for lasting damage to their personal lives has alrea been done hughes people of a notorious crimes. these are outrageous crime the you know crimes of their crimes of the ctury if you will. >>at least r now and then too a parade them, accused them of these crimes and then ha them off to jail matter what they do in lifthere will be somebody will remember in fact were rested for this outrageous crime. well, you put a stamp on these individual lives that they will never be able to recover from rrorist says there is other consideration. >>the emotional toll put on the families of the victims, 3 of whom he now represents that we're hoping to find closure only to be disappointed creating these kind of emotiol high. >>then let down it's very difficult for families particular families who's person a socially went to a party.


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