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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  November 19, 2019 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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♪ tonight -- >> we lost the baby. >> a devastated james van der beek. >> i almost lost my life. >> it breaks you open. then this -- >> i have to say ally and sasha. >> his shocking 'lick nation from dancing causes a break down. >> i didn't think he deserved that. royal lysette up. how meghan markle i taking on the rumors. >> let's talk about this. plus will will smith join wife jada in the matrix.
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lus an ncis star on his tv glow up. >> let's go. look who is in our fice. kate flannery. >> that's wt she said. a shocking tear-filled elimination on "dancing with the stars." and here as our gut co-host tonight "dancing" contestant and star of "the office" kate flannery. kate, that was heart breaking. >> you're absolutely right. i promised myself i wasn't going to talk about last night' episodentil now. >> i can't wait to hear your take. i need you to hold our hand. i'm so not okay. our lauren zima was backstage ter james shared his tragic loss. >> my wife kimberly and i went worst nightmare.pecting parent's we lost the baby. the little soul that we had expected to welcome into our
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family took a shortcut to whatever lies beyond. ♪ if the heavens ever did speak ♪ >> james dedicated h dance to his wife kimberly and later shared phos of her in the hospital with thr oldest daughter olivia. >> we lost our bab boy, by the way. i almost lost my life. >> the 42-year-old father of five wrote we've been through this befor but never this late in t pregnancy and never accompanied by such a scare, horric threat to kimberly and her well-belling. >> at some point i can dig into the details of what happened in the emerncy room. >> james broke down after his dance, but the drama wasn't over. >> and now it is time for the hardest judges' verdict this season. >> james landed in one of the
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judges chose to save fifth harmony's ally brook which led to ather emotional moment. >> can i give it to james? can i give it to james please? >> no, no. that's lovy of you to say that. >> you are breaking our hearts out herehen we heard you say -- can iive it to him? that he was sent homt's fair >> can this really be done? >> oh, no and jas would never allow that to happen too. we would never take someone's spot that deserves to be at the finals like ally does. >> you spent weeks with james. what was that like? >> james is an amazing dancer d a great human being. reality hits the dancing. this is a clear situation where clearly he was affected by what's going on. it's heart breaking. did not deserve to go home. >> everyone was a little shocked. he didn't make it to the finals.
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but hannah b. is in after she put "theachelorette" in her rearview mirror. ♪ i need to hate you to love me ♪ >> you said a weight had been lifted off of you when you did that dance tight. >> to just leave that in the past and move forward. >> ds it feel like finally ose exes are fully behind you? the weight is off? >> this was a way for me not just for myself but for threst of america that's watched my journey to know that i'm good. >> hannah is bter than good. she's a "dancing with the stars" finalist and she owes it all to bachelor nation. >> seriously i have the best fans and'm like i need to, like, look into the camera. we've been through a lot together. ♪ what doesn't kill you >> country singer lauren alaina's social media support was pretty much a who's who of nashville. >> everybody in country music tweeted about me tonight. tim mcgraw posted, crie underwood, luke bryan. >> hey, a week from today, can you do that again?
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>> rounding out the four finalists -- kel mitchell and surprise, kate, all of them re dishing on you. ♪ s works hard for the money >> can you guys tell us your favorite fun ltle moment you had with kate? >> oh, iotta fun one and i use it all the time. she's like, kel, is like they put us in dance jail. >> i'm a big "office" fan. >> every week she would bring people from "the office" and wod make it a point to introduce me to them because she's the best. >> kate! you're gonna kill it. >> it's alwaysasual friday. >> what he said. >> it's casual monday. >> except for kate >> that's just for kate. >> that's what ppens. >> "dancing with the stars" is about taking off you shirt. >> no. it's a family show. who do you think desves that mirror ball? >> no e. i crushed the mirror ball
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trophy. let's switch gears. whil she nces, i'm going to talk about the royals. our rachel smith joins us in new york to help us make sense of it all. hey, rach. >> yeah, kevin and kate, we already know meghan and harry are taking legal action against the british press, but today we learned exactly what has megn fighting mad a leaked personal letter. accusations of overspendg. throwing down almost $4 million to renovate her new home with archie. and ghan's mom snubbed. these are the reports that he the duchess suing the british tabloids. >> not many people have asked if i'm okay. >> in legal papers meghan tells her side about the claim that e ghosted her dad after he bailed on her wedding. the 38-year-old says that's false. as for the letter he gave to the press, meghan's mad that only what she calls t bad parts were published. and why wasn't meghan's mom doria at the baby shower attended by amal clooney and gayle king? the duchess refutes that nine
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month old rumor saying she offereto pay for doria's rfare, but her mom couldn't go due to, quote, work commitments. as for the defendant in meghan's lawsuit, "the mail on sunday" tells "e.t." they will defend the case with, quote, the utmost vigor. withll that drama hodo harry netflix and chill.y from it all? it's been reported they' big fans of "the crown." wonder what harry thinks of the actorslaying his father prince arles and his aunt princess anne? >> i gotta say, josh, like the resemblance of yourself and a young prince charles, you're like what? did you get that growing up? >> no, not at all. although i had a really strange -- iuess the ears were the thing that people talked about most. >> i am not just a symbol. >> people are like oh, my gosh this is a hot prince charles. >> go on. >> yes, correct. >> that's a ce thing, isn't it? >> that's a nice thing. my mum keeps reminding me. >> what does she remind you? >> prince charles is a good looking guy wh he was young. i'm like thanks, mom. >> "the crown" has lots of celeity fans. >> i'm so excited for "the crown." i can't wait. i'm ready. olivia wilde was honored with
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the trailblazer award at the napa valley film festival. e "booksmart" director says she'd love to cast the queen, olivia coleman and helena bonhamarter in a possible "booksmart" movisequel. >> in my wildest dreams there are no two women that i need to sein a film more. >> i'm with you oliv. if anybody could make that happen, it's her. >>rachel, you could make it happen if you wanted. come on. >> uh-huh. >> thanks rael. two weeks ago t.i.ade a confession, but he's making his way t the table and has some explainling to do. >> t.i. is coming to the table. yes inde. he's going to address the controversy. >> it's the rapper's fst interview after making headles for admitting he makes his teen daughter go to the doctor each year to prove she's still a >> we hot thatoday. >> we spoke to jada at a screening for another big project she's exutive producing, the movie "hala"
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about a pakistani american teen struggling with her family. >> she found a way to find her own autonomy. >>ada rolled solo, but hubby will was on r mind after revealing he could have played her co-sta >> i got offered "the matrix." i know. relax. relax. how do you think i fee >> i tried to tell him. >> well, since she's expected back for "matrix four" maybe put in a good word for a will cameo? >> heck no. i don't need to put in a good word for will smith. look will is busy away prepping for his next le. he's playing venus and serena williams' dad in a new movie. he's all good and so is the cast of "frozen two." >> and the srs are in
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hollywood toet tir stars side by side. >> then only we're behind the scenes of jumanji. plus are you ready for a "that '70s show" reboot. what wilmer just
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♪ ♪ the's going to be ginger bread and tonic and the bands going to blow, a snging little christmas time ♪ . >> okay, now i in the holiday spirit. that is kate flannery with jane lynch and tim davis. you can sing. >> we did a christmas album called "swingin' littl christmas." jane lynch will be with me on tour. come see us. >> i can't wait for that. and nolet's go to matt cohen. you have two more ladies who do a little singing. >> yeah, you could could say that. frozen two" stars kristen bell and idina menzel are getting their stars on the hollywo walk of fame.
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>> i have my beautiful son walker who is getting to play hooky from schl who is here. >> the ladies getting their side by side stars surrounded by family and friends. kristen's parents were there. hubby dax wasn't. he did make a shirtless appearance on her instagram. r caption, pure sex appeal. >> it's suc an honor to be he today when half the cast of "frozen" receives a star on the hollywood walk o fa. >> have your kidseen "frozen two" yet? what songs are they singing arnd the house? >> they're all singing "into the
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unknown." >> it's thrilling. >> yes is thrilling. >> congratulions to them. frozen two ope on friday. i've seen it. it's fabulous. it's expected to make more than $1 million this weekend. "e.t." has another sneak peek on theay. >> only "e.t." is behind the scenes of jumanji. >> then wha henry cavill reveals about a superman return. >> then will value der ra ma. >> closed ctioning provided by -- of the new floor & decor in milpitas.
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stages. henrcavill shared with "men's health" his go-to leg and arm work outs r his upcoming role as a demon hunter in "the witcher." >> henry also revealed that he's not done playing superman and that the cape still hangs in h closet. >> wonder when he brings that out. >> what's that about? meanwhile, there's plenty of muscle in the upcoming "jumanji" sequel and only "e.t." can take you behind t scenes. >> action! >>h, my god, we're not gonna make it. >> this time around danny devito turns into me. danny glover turns into kevin hart. >> did i die and turinto some kind of a sml muscular boy scout? >> awafina comes on and she creates this awesome new character. >> you know, i thought i was doina rom-com. >> she's got mes and she's got sass and style. >> it's reallynlimited with who can come in and become these avatars. >> whoo. that you don't see every day. >> behind the scenes there was a little bit of jack bck danci in the snow.
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nick getting dramatic and then playing dead. and of course play fighting between the rock and kevin hart. >> what the hell was that >> that was a tai chi nose pop. >> you can't make a movi without great relationships. we have on >> no. it's got to be harder than that. filming took two months. the cast filmed many of thr own stunts with the help of high wires and this revolving >> can't wait to see this movi we'll catch up with the whole cast later thiweek. now to tv's number one drama "ncis." york.l back with us from new wilmer valderrama is having a moment. >> he kevin. e people have spoken and they say wilmer's still g it. i'm sure sure you landed on the sexiest list. >> i knew yowere going to say that. >> it n't go unmentioned.
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>> well, i mean, apparently your boy glowed up according to the article. >> boys hit you up yet? >> they're probay sending me a lot of fez memes to remind me that thas where i started. >> when it comes to sexy, wilmer may have learned somhing from his "ncis" boss and mentor. >> you talk about rk harmon who is also one of the sexiest men alive. it's nice to talk to a colleague who gets you. we have quita bromance going on between him and i. >> "ncis" isn't the only thing on wilmer's plate. he hosd "backstage at the uso" in washingto d.c. and shared >> we're expecting at least 2,000 men and women. meeting thousands of soldiers and hearing hundredsf stories and understanding what their families go throug >> there's nothing like it. >>here's nothing like it. >> on a lighter note can i talk to you about your 40th birthday? yes. baby, let's go. >> people always ask me. >>an, 40, are you like nervous? are you like freaking out? >> so? >> and the truth is i'm not. like i've been waiting to be old for very long time. i played 17 years old for eight years of my life. i was ally ready to get old.
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okay. i'm barely playing the parts that are my age right noand -- i have that weircurse that browned skin curse where i don't look my age, you know. >> not sure that's a curse. what's this we're hearing about a movie? >> we're up for it. there's nothing in the works right w. i probably have to relearn my accent. >> i love him so mu. fez's accent is why we fell in love with him. clearlyhehow we need to see return is the office. telle some details. have you seen a scpt? >> i have not see a crypt. i've written three. no one has accepted them yet. >> is that true? >> no it's not ue. >> you haveo information for us on "entertainment tonight." thank you. good night. is there a gag or scene you laugh at every time you see it? >> i don't like to tt my own horn. casual friday. >> dammit meredith where are your panties.
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>> it's casual day. >> we're going to play a game called the office, that's what kate said. here are your co-stars. you're going to tell me w is most likely to. break in a scene. >> john krasinski. no mindy kaling. >> who is most like their character? >> blaine wilson. >> who is the least lik their character? >> angela. i think she only has one cat. >> who is most likely to date someone they metn set? >> me. i met my boyfrie on the set. he's not a actor. he's the nbc still photographer >> who is most liking to join "dancing with the stars" yet? >> phyllis or oscar. oscar can really shake it. he's got the moves. >> yourig break was on the office. you had been working as an actress long before. we at "enrtainment tonight"
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interviewed you in 19. >> i'm kate flannery. i play carole brady. >> in myefense the theater was huge. there was 2,000 people. >> i want to get into our favorite meredith moments, but >> which actress was told she s. would oy be able to play alien roles because of her height. allison janney, gwendoline christie or uma thurman. the answer when we come back. he
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them. that's the myth that i think if you use that word that we forget the humanity in that last personwhat we do because it's like that saying which >>one o2 is on the mend out the statement but one or 2 people is a. s that the to
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travel consideration provided by -- next "e.t." lori loughlin's next move. we've t the latest on the college admissions skacandal an we'r breaking down this year's gram nominations. >> hey everybody garth brooks here. just got this award and i'm coming to "e.t." to co-host and celebrate. >> next "e.t." which actressas told she
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only would be able to play alien role because of her haeight? >> that's allison janney. she's 60 today. fun.ate, you've been so mh we put together some of our favorite "office" kate moments. >> we got a live one. >> what's this? walk of shame. >> oh, my god, meredith what are you doin >> bakingcake. what's it look like? >> bakingcake. what's it look like? getting rid of the lice. kerrygold haa taste so rich it can take you ireland's lush, green pastures.
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>>thstation was shut down every was kind of waiting lot of police activity and paraedics when a man stabbed to death on a bart train after fighting was another passeng. the suspect arrested nearby. >>after allegedlyrying to carjack several people that's according to poli and now tonight questions are being raised about safety bart trains good evening, i'm can way and i'm pale more that incident shut down the south heywood bart stion for out urs tonight, it is back open the people are still dg


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