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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  December 17, 2019 7:00am-8:01am PST

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commute, it's not raining our lord had. yes so tomorrow morning's the commute this week that is going to cause issues really other than that be. ur commutes are going to >>friendly as far as the skies are concerned today as one of thos days where nothing out ere that should be slowing down too much golden gate bridge. it's looking clear. there'sust a touch of some fog right around mount tam this morning you also do have somesearching out to e east mostly out to the delta but most of uwe've got some clear conditions as you look out towards in for a ford in front of your car. what you look up into the skies though you're going to notice some cloud cover today ahead of rainfall that arrives tonight today will be a d but noticeably cloudier day than yesterday was temperatures are in a range of 30's, 40's and in berkeley's case the low 50's right now double in livermore on over to redwood city and up through san anselmo a santa rosa a fairfield some of our cooler spots in th30's this morning. so yes changes on the
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way tomorrow for your morning commute this morning. it's nice and dry temperatures mostly in the 40's, mostly cloudy. tomorrow, we're still going to be in the 40'sbut you're going to have some showers which will make for wet roadways as you drive into work. robin busy into the north bay, the drive to th richmond sandra fell bridge is all clogged up here at the toll plaza. >>you're back up on west bound 5.80 goes beyond turn, parkway i'd say it's a little bit closer to harbor. so habor through the tos to about mid span is the slowdown that you're going to be dealing with righnow but no extra problem, so it's etty calm and quiet 14 minutes to one on one. here's a nice shot ofthe golden gate where traffic remains nice and smooth into and out of san francisco. so that's what we like to see and 92, here's another busy drive if you're about to use the san mateo bridge. you will be stuck in traffic indeed from the nimitz on west 92. that's going to sticwith you e high ri wi check more cong up e ne bakg u very much rod we've be foowing th ay double shooting is being vestigated right noin vallejo ithaened after
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midnight onhargus avenue police say when theygothe once th founda woman thathad severe head injues an as they we instiging that they thediscored a mawho was dead across the street and while hey were expanding the crimscene they found anotheran deadnside ar that vehic. no word if poli are oking for any other shooters the woman who was found hurt is expected to recover. well breaking news from overnight up in all 2 people are dead after wrong-way crash. it happened on interstate 80 all lanes were closed for a time. but they've since been reopened. >>it's 7 o 2 and a ig story bart fares are going up on january first you cou have to pay more gap hart saysthe typical rival cost you about 5% more depending on where you'reheading kron four's will tran live in lafayette with more details this will. >>a bart says you can blame inflation that they're just keeping up with the cost of society in goods and that's
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why th are raising the rates for the 4th time since 2013 so we at bart riders heading to work to school this morning and they're not happy getting up early in the morning and they're definitely not happy after i told them some of them did t know that in 2 weeks now they'll have to take a little bit deeper into their pocket if theyexpect to go from lafayette into san francisco. the money will go towards upgrading the system the fleet of thfure are trying to do a lot of things that bart says that they need to do this is part of the program that they approved back in 2013 2. increases every other year so this is the 4th and final itallment of that 5% doe't seem a lot if you ite it once but if the entire year of course that adds up and a lot of writers are saying i don't mind paying more. the where's the money going to. i feel li it's. that was expected.
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>>and i'vnot surprisedby the changes the great se to go up every year that the level of service. there's an change or it doesn' change in proportion to the proceeds go ou and know, let's see that go into more trains less crowded trains. traits that are operating better ear trends. >>and some even said more police officers to make them the st couple years barr haer taken a big hit public relatins wise with what's going on with their ains. take a look at your screen. these are the prices that you can expect come january first if you're going from lafayette the embarcadero station you're paying 5.30 say richmond to the embarcadero station 5 oh 5 d uth freeman, a very popular right the are 7.10 and to san fraisco in dublin. pleasanton a lot of people live out there. $6 and $0.60 so if you think it's over now men member i said 4th and
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final installment. yes, but no that's 4th and final installment of that particular program they have already proved james an area. other that's part of a nother d program so we will continue to pamore as we hop bart every day of the week and a lot of people th have no choice because thisis the easiest way r them some even said. he d but what am i going to sitin traffic. back to getting all right, thank you. wl. >>7 oh 5 the time right now and east bay family is holding on to the hope of justice fo a loved one who wakilled trying to protect s family from 2 intruders 2 masked gunmen broke in to their ho and shotnd killed. rafae lopez overthe weekend as he was trying to defenhis family.this is whe they live on haven would circle that thishappened he was fighting off one of the attackers and that's when h was shot. the family says he's known for being full ofjoy
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and loving ids through sports and helping support evyo, he was their hero. >>this was wonderful man this wonderful man this who wonderful man in front of his babies didn't ke anything. but they took everythin. they took everything they took everything because they took. >>him a new more here. he was help us for n you she could >>and watch for they got away these 2 gunmen took off in a gray or silver car. lopez leaves hind 6 children. >> the south bay, a man accused of driving a stolen car andbreaking into a home in san jose was rescued by firefighters after the house and he was holed up in caught fire 29 year-old raul anthony rodriguezran away from police yesterday after he was spotted in a stolen car. he ultimately brokinto a home on santee river courtthe homeowner was le to get out without being hurt. but rodriguez state
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inside refused to come out. then onpoint the home caught fire and at's when firefighters shed in to rescue him he's been taken to the hospital where he's being treated for burns. he's expected to survive and police say once he is reased he'll go straight to jailed on a number of charges. a must-see spot for tourists in thbay areas also a hot spot r burglariespolice say the holiday season appears to be attracting more thieves unsual in fact while r own kron four's aziq madyun was in the middle of intviewing lice about this story. they got called out for an auto burglary. officers urging people to be vilant. is probably looking around anywhere between 1900. >>this year so far now oget the lidays and people sp airport on travel and just here and you know bring all my luggage and leave everything in the car and i walk away to take a picture t hat's all it takes. >>lice say the best advice they have for you is to protect yourself by not leaving any personal belongings in your vehicle and if you do make surethey're out of sight. in fac here's a look at the most recent car
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break-in statistics in san francisco has of the end of november. ther were more than 23,000 car break-ins in 2019 and that number is actually down 3% fm e year prior some of the most targeted spats. now yomight get some that are pretty popular spots right golden gate park golden gate bridge palace fine arts street. s around lombard >>it's 7 oh 8 morning news, a plan open a homeless sheler at the sonoma coty fairgrounds we'll hear what neighbors think about. and alandra leigh known in washington coming up, i'll tell you about thebig changes that could be coming o vaping and tobacco sales. >>a californ judge gives uber a break and wineries could be hit with a 400% tax inease on january first i'm jane king, i'll have those stories coming up. >>and we are looking at rainfall on the way again across the bay area today remaining drbut tonight, cops so much ve got your
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>>7 11 is the time and we're takina look at sun coming up so i shot it is i think the cameras the san francisco. >>a glow in looks like that look like the sun is is just expanded the point about like that's out of control yeah hey is pretty out there. i'm sure you can get a more realistic this is what the camera's picking thhottest planet, it'snice for us are are carried out on rketing to go and mercury this morning and the as we make our down to the south bay you can see that very grey, there's your cloud cover sitting over san jose as you are also detecting over berkeley this morning,
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some pretty wide range of colors in the sky depending on what angle. a camera set up you can see mostly cloudy conditions singing out across the bay area rainfall to the rth of soma county that is being seen right around you kyra this morninif you look closely to see a little blue in the hills just above ukiah now ouacross the region, his is the low pressure area in the cd front ahead of it that will eventlly be swinging through tonight and resuing in our overnight showers just arnd the corner so today cloud cover before our storm system pushes hrgh. well after you've gone to bed tonight that should be well after 10:11pm isolated showers in the fo of light to moderate condions at first and then some isolated spots where heavy rainfall wi be seen on into early hours of wednesday morning wednesday going to be your worst commute to work of the week we'v had some really good conditions for your drive to work. but tomorrow morning do expt wet roadways as you do get onto roads by 10:00am to 11:00am showershould be clearing out you actually do have some sunshine into the
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afterno that sets us up for what will be a dry thursday and friday after rainy tuesday night into wednesday morning. temperatures today a little warmer tn yesterday's we are seeing some nice warm air pushing it ahead of this cold front that's to our west and this means that even though we do have cloudier skies today your daytime highs will actuay be even more comfortable than yesterday's saying carlos foster ci woodside in mountain view eac up clse to 60 degrees. this is all pretty seasable milpitas santa clara campbell, san jose to cupertino sonny bill most gatos also right on the cuspof the 60 degree mark today. the east bay in north bay temperatures closer to the mid 50's for your highs with 53 in morocco berkey at 56. concord walnut creek and danville each at 55. in the north bay napa and delay how will each be at 54 while some mid to low 50's closer to the coast up inhe north bay. here's a breakdown of your next 7 days so today, mostly
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cloudy tonight showers rive really late most of us will be well and that by that time. wednesday showers during the morning. but skies cleared the afternoon as for thursday and conditions but some sunshine mixed inthere and staying dry both of these days saturday is your first day of winter and welcoming inthe new season withcloudy rainy conditions and snow in the sierra that will likely contue into sunday by mondaof next week conditions dry out as we head towards ristmas. robin all right, thank yojohn we're checking in on traffic and i spotted a long line check out highway 4. here this is westbound for in pittsburgh that line starts and railroad contins past the bart station. it's going to go up and over the hill pittsburg bay point and en stays with you pretty much inter in concord out who will pass road nothing gng on right now just a long line of eavy trafficforwest for i completely understand what it's like sitting in that i use to take highy 4 west every day it is not fun all
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right over to one o e we're checking inon the golden gate, it's looking good opposite a highway for right now we force crowded one o one's nice and light and quiet so 27 minutes here commuting from the north bay 92 that's a busy bridge your trip from hayward over to the peninsula is a trouble free for now so nothing major in the way, but it's spills back on to the nimitzleast from to 38 to 92, going to stay like thisall the way over to the peninsula saw 35 minutes is your drive time that's considered pretty normal for this time of morning. we're taking it down to morgan hill we have a litt stall here north one oh one at cochan and the way you're back up there. it is it's spilling beyond tenants on north one oh one slows tenant to cochran partially because of the stall some of that it's commu traffic as well. 30 minutes r morgan hill making it appear to south san jose toward 85 at's not too bad just a bitheavy guadalupe parkway 16 minut between 85 1 oh one and the no problems for 8.80 leaving milpitas mang your between san jose and milpitas a 17 out
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santa cruz mountains that's roughly a 27 minute trip d we're just under 30 r 6.80 south from dublin to fremont st. >>ank you very much robin national news now me lawmakers once again calling on preside trump to ban flavored vaping products this well congress is considering raing the minimum age to buy tobacco products with kron four's washington dc rrespondent alexander limo now with the full story. >>publican utah congressma chris stewart is calling o president trump tofollow through on his promise to ban flavored e cigarettes and are targeting stewart calls vaping a nationwide epidic 45 year-old truck drivers with slurpee anflavors are marketing kids president trump initially said he wanted to ban flavored e cigarettes but then backed off the ia over concerns about how small vaping businesses could be impacted look if your business is built on marketing the i
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think that's a bad idea and i'll just be honest. i nt to make it harder for you not easy or the white house is also concerned flavored products wil end up on the black market organ democra kurt schrader doesn't think a complete ban is neceary if you're be the ing that you know mental they could be different sort of move th to get a little bettebalance trade are also says the focus shouldn't just be on flavors i don't know as important as it raising ththat's why a grou of democrats and republicans is workingon a deal to raise the minimum agefor all tobacco purchases t the hope is the bill would be included in the year-end spending package and could eventually help the country save moy on health care costs in washington. alexandra leh mt. 7.18 for your money this morning, thousands of small wineries and breweries could face a 400% tax increas atthe beginning of the yea
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>>and uber gets a break from a california judge jane king is live at the nasdaq th those stories and morei'm assuming that means for ose drinks. >>maybe maybe they'll do something about it here. these beat back an aggressive bid to drivers as employees tell us district dge edward chen declined to order uber to instantlyconvert drivers in his home state from contractors to employees sed on argument that it's cheating not just the workers but the public at large as well. now the udge tou did not throughout the case so it liv but so far not able to make that chge with the taxes could go up 400%. than to congressionalysfunction, the tax cuts known as t craft beverage modernization and tax form act is set to expire on december 31 and legislators have until friday to extend it. thousands of all distilleries and breweries and wineries could be imcted. well, oprah winfrey has extended her rtnership with the ww formerly known as weight
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watchers for another 5 years, the company announced that winfrey will remain on e ard andcontinue as an advisor and maj sharehold through may 2025. she also helped guide ww name change and a solution from a diet company more of a health and wellness brand. it is the world is selli cotton, candy that is made to look just like a santa hat according to inagram or does speak to the girl. you can find this at the time of a billion of that caught where it's made to der by the artist himself. the creation will run 15 bucks when they un out of the red dye, the eators say they'll just start making green santa like the nasdaq, i'm jane king that kid disney makes the be food i love those where you are sir tales to right i want to get have the marshmallow with the so good at like a million takes a >>all right that never had to curtail should only get into the one next to the y the pool right. >>whenyou go world you go to
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land there's a good shot next to the winnie, the pooh right that's the only place to get up there you all right you're looking at video of the chp investigating a number of cars have been hit by objects on 1, 1, they're stepping patrols will have more on that story coming up. >>and also looking at the trendiest toys for the holidays for your kids will tell you which ones are the most popular. >>kron fo's end of the year spectacular is back join us new year's eve startingat 080pm with our countdown to new year's eve live from las vegas and enjoy need grant lotus anneed justine waldman starting at1130 live from san francisco as we bring in 2020 with fireworks over the very building but we're not done wake of new year'morning with the tournament of roses parade live from pasadena. our with backstage at the parade then seall the pageantry of com 131st rose parade live ♪ aat cafe sounded better in my head. ♪ ♪ next time i'll go to jack, at least then i'll get fed. ♪
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>>it's 7 24 and the big story that we're following visa is warning of a new cyber attack at the gas pump hackers ca acce your information via bluetooth enabled skimmers and all it takes is a scam with an app if you have a chip and pin card you're okay, but if you have tholder style card with a magnetic strip it then your card is atrisk you can always fuel up with cash to be safe. james. >>new this morning for people who still have some holiday gifts tobuy there is a new list of the most popular toys in the country. this is according to the website review dot org now the list includes video games and various types of action figures and dollsto including l o l surprise dolls d candy kids dolls but the most popular holidaytoy this year is e nerf gun nerf is the most popular toy in 11 states. and we have a with the break
7:26 am
down to te a look all the states where nerve isnumber one are gray. but here in california, the top holiday toy is a nintendo switch in ft that was the second most popular toy across the country. other toys on the li include the toy ory 4 buzz lightyar legos and the ameran girl dolls as well. >>live with a liday travel warning a case of the measles warning a case of the measles warning a case of the measles you ow when you go to ross r a few gis and realize... oh yeah! 's yes for less. get gifts for everyone on your list and save 20 to 60 percent o department store prices. 20 at ross.rcent o yes for less.
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and you're not sure who' be more excited... oh, yeah. ... or them? ahhhhhh! th'ses f less. be a rock star this seas and save big on gts they're gonna love. at ross. yes for less.
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and traffic not too bad this rning, not bad at all it's been so quiet. it was kind of mix little nervous. a hot tub, i got to pop up, but we're still have possibly days obably starting starting see maybe some people not going to we're tripling people are heading out on all right ll if you're going to head out don't head out what you said that overnight tonight or tomorromorning right yet don't try tonight but the drives on a tuesday night good
7:30 am
night for the rain to come down tomoow morning though a few more people death with the other roads d yeah that's not going smooth this one, you're looking outside here at timber on with some cloud cor overhead looks like we could see some ra when you look at the skies but it will holdoff until well after sunset tonight in fact r the most part until after you've gone to bed so a cloudy but dry day ahead of us today and really a nice onfor any sort of travels or christmas shopping late christmas shopping of course that you may havecs timber on just one of many spots inthe bay area that is on the cloudier si ts morning and that's something that we're goingto see well throughout e day head of us now let's get look at what we're seeing next here there is just a touch of fog upn the north bay up in marine county right now other into the delta is some fog to so watch those spotcloud remaining through the day across the bay area just couple of showers right around
7:31 am
up to this point least santa rosa in cloverdale ea 38 degrees for your current temperatures and a look at where wee going to be later today shows that temperatures will rise to a similar range is at we saw yesterday back into the mid to upper 50's which is not improving sof 92 you need to make that trip across the bay nd you're using the san mateo bridge yo have to sit in all of is traffic so. >>get out there early it starts back on thnimitz it continues on to 92 and it's going to stay likethis to the high rise and then you'll start to get a little break so no big trole spots but for w we're averaging 29 minutes to make it over to the peninsula about a chair on to 37 up never use this befor we're checking out west bound to 37. and thisis what the traffic is ooking like passing first street, so if you have to make the trip from ilpitas ov to the peninsula connecting to one o one it's definitely crowded, but it's not bad at all so a great time to go ahead and use it we're
7:32 am
checking in on drive times and they are what we call the moderate so dumb barton bridge, a 26 minutetrip livermore to dublin only 12 minutes for 5 of thewest will check more coming up james started thanks le sevethirty want a big story a warning if you're traveling and you're holiday sean and you have e ver had measles for a had a couple outbreaks it pretty major airports e x for wated denver international for the other proper sara stinson live at oakland airport with what u need to know sarah. >>is is a major concern for people travelinfor the holidays here at the oakland airport and any airport that's because there's been 6 different ses of the measles at 2 major aior as you said take a look broke it down for you on your screen you can see th2 airports are the denver international airport in los geles international airport, the 3 in la they don't live ther, but they were at the aiort december 11th between 6 50 in
7:33 am
th morning and noon in terminals 4, 5 plus 3 unvaccinated children traveling through colorado's denver airport also tested positive for measles th traveled through there on decemb 11th as well from one 15to 5 45 in thafternoon buanyone who may haveeen in those terminals are it at near that area on december 11th are at risk of developing measles for up to 21ays after being exposed call a healtcare provider immedialy if symptoms develop because the measleis highly contagious and can be reventn with vaccinations now i caught up with a few people traveling this moing, including one who says this is a concern foher. >>be careful cous drive through denver. and it's it's alys a risk when you're traveling. hopully people will be sensible. about traveling with you know if they have me kind of that something contagious.
7:34 am
>>and health officials are putting this warning out making sure that you know people were in the area. they don't know that they may have the measleand they continue to travel you want to make sure that they can nip in the bud because according to cdc up to90% of people who come into contact with an infected person who are not a vaccinated they could become infected now this was contracted thugh sneezing and coughing a so if you come stays in the air for about 2 hours from now on ve at the oakland aiort sarah stinson kron 4 news all right, thank you very much sara 7 34is the time when the chp is offering $14,500 reward for anybody who has information that leads to e arrestwhoever has been throwing objts at cars. >>on highway one o one 62 vehicles have been hit since februay one was a school bus with students inde. this is
7:35 am
all on highwa one o one betweethe san juan road accident by thbig red barn and state route on 56. usually it's been in the evening hours d you an see the damage de here windshieldand window smashed chp says make sure that your windows are upif you're traving through the area. >>rican or a completely sympathetic to people's you know our families and loved es drive that same area every day i actually put my sometimes it's because i'm very afraid of you know, m tryi to expect the worst just because i want to b prepared for anything. >>the chp knows what's being strong but th're not telling us as tre and don't want compromise their investigatio they are offering that big reward to hopefully catch whver's doing this 7 35 in the oaklnd police department sending a stng message that sideshows well not be tweeted out a picture of the car that they most recently told after a side show over the weekend the driver was icketed in about a 100 people were at that show and they even reported sebody was football firing shots into
7:36 am
that crwd that nobody was hurt. >>well in the north bay sonoma coun supervisors will present a new plan today to try to address e growing problem of homelessness one of those ideas is to create a shelter at the sonoma county fairgrounds now the idea s inspired from when the fairgrounds was turned into a shelter during fires and floods. it would basically have security and servicesn site for people in need and while ere will be no tolerance for drugs if someon is under the influence they'll be helped. neighbors say they're not opposed to the idea, but they're hoping for more permanent fixes. >>in this country that is supposedly one of the chest countries in the world, how is it possible. that peoe go without shelter without a home. pic was shelter how about housing. les get housing that's the ssue. >>fairounds shelter cld be up and running by the end of this nth. they say of supervisors move quickly enough wi these plans >>in the east bay, a man was arrested for breaking into a restaurant in walnut creek shane trainer. >>left his phone. atthe scene
7:37 am
of the crime and that's how police were ableto track him down they matched him to the person caught on video as well in the restaurant. pgd has until today to present a differt bankruptcy reorganization plan las friday the governorejected p g's plan that included $13.5 billion in settlement for the la fire victims. pg e has to come up with a new reorganization plan that the governor has to approve it if not it could throw a major wrch into the 20's deadline to get out of bankrupt by june 30th. >>walk o an ice rink in the ea bay is setto reopen today after was vandalized over the weekend. we'll have the full tory coming up in the next hour. and ter the break a school resource officer who slammed the child the ground is now facing more allegatns will ave the update and a dry but cloud day ahead of us ahead of what will some shower activity tonight, i've got your forecast ahead.
7:38 am
and if you're about to head over to the richmond sandra fell there is some. >>commute traficwaiting for pretty clogged toll plaza steyer: i'm about to say two words that will make washgton insiders very uncomfortable: term limits. you and i both know we need term limits, that congress shouldn't be a lifetime appointment. but members of coness, and the corporations who've bought our democracy hate term limits. too bad. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message because thonly w we get univerl healthcare, addresspprove climate change anmake our economy re fair is to change business as usual in washingn.
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7:40 am
ernsatchel paige was still domiting batters at 59.52 . celia cruz was still winning grammys at 77. john wheeler illuminated our ideas of the universe at 70. and roger crouch was 56 when he first went into space. your best iset to come.
7:41 am
>>we're back at 7.40 national headlines this morning a north carolina charter learned calina school resource officer has been fired now after getti caught on camera slamming an 11 year-old boy to the ground and we first showed you this video yesterdahere on the kron 00:04am morning news. w this resource officers facing new accusations from and mother of another student. that mother says that the deputy slocateher daughter shoulder. she says the incident happened jus a few hours before this point was slammed to the ground. she claims that she was on the phone with her daughter when push against a locker get investigators are still trying to determine if the officer will be charged. >>koppel morning buzz, the oldest gunslingers in the nfl are in a jewelry going to show you one last night, 2 athletes
7:42 am
gecaught having a little too much fun on a sick day. and guys don't make this mistake
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>>welcome back 7.45 on this tuesday morning skies definitely cudier than they we yesterday you remember all the sunshine that we had yesterday for your beginning of the week we we've traded that in now so from snow rht here. you do see that cloud cover that's ing to stay with us throughout the course of the day also know how green the grass all the rainfall we've seen so far this season really starting to get those slopes on the greener sidof things we're about to see more rainfall just around the corner to it won't be seeing during the daytoday as you can see we have plentof cuds and storm tracker for but no rain just yet that's good heading our direction into the evening behind this low pressure area that's going to be steering its way come the evening hours tonight on into the bay, so cloudy off and through the day today
7:46 am
you could see some sunshine here and there showers offshore t 09:30pm but pushing inland after that point and well if you've got to sleep tonight, you'll start to see some light to moderate shower activity making its way in acss the bay pushing on into tomorrow morning to some spots and there uld be bringing heavy rainfa but for the most part it will be on the light to moderate ide of things 08:00am tomorrow morning. still active across morning commute by the time we work towards 10:00am showers real start to lighten up a cole sprinkles later in the day. but really this is a morning event with calmg coitions later on on into wednesday as for today daytime will be staying in the 50's for daytime highs with somef our warmest of temperatures further south in the bay mountaiview in san jo at 59 degrees each while san francisco oakland and hayward each today peaking at 57 napa novato envoy help as wel as antioch some ofour cooler spots at 54 degrees let's break down your next days on and off showers i've already
7:47 am
talked to you about tonight tomorrow morning's rainfall thursday and friday will see mostly cloudy but dry skies first day of winter on saturday in their first 2 days of the new seasobringing some rain and also that's the weekend before christmas so a lot of people going to be on the roads for those wettravel conditions. temperatures will remain in the 50's conditions, cool and seasonable as we ke our way into the holiday. robin all ght. thank you john takig a little trip out to 6 ad re looking at the traffic soutound leaving pleasant hill heading into wanted creek. now this is a northbound camera i want you to pay attention to the southbound crawl on the right hand side at's what it's ooking like heading toward walnut creek and approaching the 24 interchange it is packed from to 42 all the way out toy unveil this is what it looks like on 92 if you're about to use at the san mateo bridge calm and quiet but still slow all the way into foster city so just under 30 minutes for that drive the y bridge. we don't have a live shot but we do have a track that traffic tracker shows you the backup that spills throgh the maze on to the east shore,
7:48 am
here's the 5.80split that's the 8.80 north connector, so they're all tied up but it's under 15 minut into san francisco. >>fresh crh at the caldecott tunnel we don't needthat west 24 blocking at least one lane, it's unclear if it's the left or the right bore. but it's spilling through renda and in pockets out of lafayette so a new crash in your way in the tunnel23 minutes partially because of that for wanted creeover to oakland will check more drive times coming up. and the mas they'll do get the tougher it is to compete, i'm not an atete of this talk about waking up again getting in and out of the car. but drew brees turns 41 next month. and he just beat father time. tom brady last night old saint breeze first past grandpa brady then the legendary peyton manning for the most career touchdown sses ever. 540 a also set the cord for completions in now that the raiders have .
7:49 am
played their last game in oakland and it's in the history book those stadium seats might be worth somethi keep your eye on the eve bake has one coliseum sharewith themon his way out of the game on so sn't a total loss, yes can a 6 seats are still selling for about which x 600 cks a and i mean it didn't look like that guy got maybe the top part, maybe not the whole thing with the base but he must have maybe friday a rancher a screwdriver side of the higher a move that saying thathe got it if u're one of those people who tries to cash in on a sk day before the end of the year just maksure that you don't look like you're aving too much fun. 2 athletes just got caught with their pants where they recovering sunday before last the jets told levien bell to stay away from the team because he had the flow. he was spotted out at a bowling alley tell one in the morning.
7:50 am
coach said he didn't do anything wrong brit didn't break any any rules really yet except the common decency t sticking your sic fingers in public polling ball's and then last week dion waiters got caught partyg on a ck day. his fault he posted a cture of himself celebrating on a at. it's not an instagram anymore. but the team sough and susnded him klay thompson is in the doghousee remembers rocco buforgot his girlfriend on his list of the 10things he cannot ve without. >>private mian essential after this guy who's r rocco want i got in my rookie year and he's been with me ever says he is hi th i like the first warninglove them unconditially. >>so clay goes and for days extolling the virtues of proceeds to lk his sneaker his golf clubs, loves ose. musi the ocean.
7:51 am
>>it gt to hisocks his made the top 10list for gq sports. >>and no his girlfriend. unforgiable what do you think. >>he's a he's he's in the da going to be sleeping with a there's no way ou of house for a little while yeah he's good sense of humor has all a she said i'll tell you what that means i hope rocco keeps you if when pigs fly means nevewhat about when pigeons wear cowboy ha. >>becase that's what's happening in las vegas. people have spotted least 2 birds. weing little tiny cowboy hat and they look at gore a ball, but obviously they did not make this fashion choice on their n or rescue group just captured th one in the red hat and said the glue appeared to be harming the pensions feathers they're hoping to find and help the otheone so
7:52 am
keep your eyes out for a pigeon in a pink cowboy hat. that's the bus. ...6, 8 ♪ ♪ ♪ big eams start wh small step.. so just art small...n get u there.
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>>and we're back 75 a love of a lifetime, a texas couple celebrating a milestone wedding anniversary and the world cord. john and charlotte henderson has been married sie 1934. their dding day was months after the start othe second world war and this year, they're celebrating their 80thwding anniversary. their marriage is one for the record ooks the guinness worlrecords to be precise. they're the oldest married couple in the world. >>well actually. we thought thk that this could go do they evr day ensure i add.
7:56 am
tried to make. >>tomoow a better day than today. >>he would never make the rocco mistakknow, is in a year apart in age.he's a106 she's 105 wow and that's something they do derve klay thompson needs to have a >>all right we'll tae a quick break still ahead on the on 00:04am morning. well if you're going to take part next year you have to dig a little deeper into your pocket fares are going up after january first will break down the details coming up in a le report. and a new homeless shelter in san francisco is cle to being somneighbors aren't quite sue ifit's going to be a good thing or not we'll find out.
7:57 am
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>>and thanks for joining us. i'm darya folsomand i'm james fletcher so we've gotweather and traffic to a big in the 8 o'clochour with hopefully the roads aren't too bad. they'vbeen somewhat 5 you're saying the build is absolutely and we had a little crash u% inside of the call the cop tunnel that's out of the way so let check in on 24, it's still slow ght, i'm just hoping that clay comes in from the dog house before tonight becae they're trning it's not going to find out wher you can leave him out ere all the dk and but yes it is going to be rainy tonight, guys mostly aft all of us have gone to bed even yo i know all of us go to bed really early. we are looking outside this morning at some clou skies sitting over san francisco really nice start to the day ough we have had some chilly conditions but your drive to work has been pretty unaffected by really any fog unless you're out into e delta that's where


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