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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  February 3, 2020 4:00am-4:30am PST

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>>all right good morning. everybody, thank you for joining us on this monday morning. the monday after the super bowl and the sad loss for the 49 ers we're all feel stung this morning. but that's ok, there is a bright future ahead for the team will talk more about the game coming up in a bit. john you're talking about the weather the first and foremost on this monday morning has week ahead look you know what week ahead is looking better and better today much like yesterday was bit on the cool side of aisle to this morning for a chilly outside yeah, it's cold out there we have some temperatures this morning
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below freezing for inland areas as of right now the golden gate bridge is crystal clear and. >>not just for right now either we're going to stay crystal clear through the morning fog is not something we're going to be seeing out all across the bay area whether you're at the coast or in our inland areas so we can just rule that out right now skies are going to remain nice and clear conditions going to remain dry. what we do have is a pretty icy cold start livermore you're sitting at 32 degrees right now expecting you in dublin to fall below freezing at points through the morning, san mateo redwood city hayward right on the bay and in the 30's currently oakland europe, 43 well berkeley at 40 degrees timber on san anselmo most other areas in the north bay at freezing or below freezing like napa fairfield down at 3031 degrees these temperatures are a big drop from yesterday at the same time hopefully are sleeping in on your sunday morning. but if you were you felt temperatures that are about 15 degrees warmer than they are right now
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and hayward livermore and napa so it is a frigid start you want that extra layers, you're stepping outside. again don't worry so much about the fog or any sort of cloud coverage that cold temperatures they're going to be facing as you step outside by the time we work towards the noon it is still chilly most of us hanging on to the 40's by 03:00pm today will be in the mid 50's, not enough sunshine to get rid of that chilly feel so i'd keep the jacket with well throughout the afternoon a lot like it did yesterday. i'm talking some warmerhave erica in for robin this morning. how is it going on the roads erica, good morning john well it's actually looking pretty good right now people still at home getting ready for work. >>with less people out on the road means less accidents, it's looking really smooth right now if you're heading into the city right before the tolls here's our camera our bay their bridge camera and you can see via cash lanes not too bad right now fast track.
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you can just get by really a smoothly as you can see it's a quick drive. 8 minutes from the maze to fremont street. and if you're taking the richmond sandra fell bridge no cars right now on our camera about hadn't crossed the bridge. there's a couple cars but people of course still a at a home getting ready for work it looks really good right now on the 24 from walnut creek it to the 5.80 it's 11 minutes we are in the green. >>cross looks like the entire bay area here 5.80 looking excellent this morning just under 20 minutes. from tracy to a dublin if you're taking that this morning and then on the 2.80 from san jose out to cupertino that's looking pretty good right now 2 to 8 even on the peninsula, looking great all the way to san francisco right now no major hot spots at this time. >>alright erica, thank you for all 3 is the time of course
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our top story this morning, the heart break for san francisco forty-niners losing super bowl 54 in miami game got off to a good start for san francisco right with deebo samuel with this run 32 yards in the 1st quarter that set the tone early and it also set up a field goal which would give the forty-niners an early lead, but then later in the first to get patrick mahomes himself running in for a one yard touchdown to give the chiefs the lead. would come back here in the second jimmy g finding cow use checked for that score to tie the game at 10 and then in the 3rd quarter the niners took the lead with a one yard touchdown by ricky most are but in the patrick mahomes does what he does leading the chiefs on a comeback 21 unanswered points in the 4th. >>chiefs when it 31 to 20 and here the forty-niners talking about the disappointing just as tough. >>i mean or so common and real feeling, but.
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>>guys are far you know it's unfortunate but you know just bought everything unfair noonan a narrow it's about. >>and the turning point was when we got a turnover and then we didn't execute on offense they got the ball right back and drove it 87 yards around far worse has an office we have to and the game right there with >>it seemed good defense give us some credit so. it makes him a place that we normally make so. >>well patrick mahomes and the in the super bowl mvp as for the loss of course of less than 40 niner fans there in miami a bit disappointed kron 4 sarah stinson caught up with some of them after the game. i you know the press came a long way had a great time, it's a great game, you know we just didn't 4th tough last quarter yeah did you think we have there for a moment, you know even in the 3rd quarter 31 at their core out an interception we went up by 10 points. i we
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look what our defense our front 7 i thought we them are 6 uh and this could have been the first super bowl win in your lifetime, i was really tough pill to will be back next year will carry you can keep all of our key pieces. >>yeah that's the key we've got a strong enough team that i think will be in a pretty the standing for years to come fans who can fly out to miami of course a lot of them turned to levi stadium as the place to watch the big game in kron four's rob fladeboe was there at a watch party. actually at the home of the niners. >>well it was sure fun while it lasted right, but in the end of course as we now know it just wasn't to be but there was quite a party here at levi stadium, this is inside the bourbon steak and pub where about 450 members of the 49 er faithful were here to cheer their team on and they were just rocking the place here. in the evening. >>and the score tied 10 to 10 at halftime in the niners
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pulling ahead there in the 3rd quarter and it looked like they were well on their way. was just not to be when kansas city back in the end with 49 or french grateful for what was a turned out to be just a half of the season. and are looking forward to next year. >>they're contenders for at least the next 3 years because both sides on the rookie contract. we don't have to pay him for about 3 years as a young of players and we're ready and john lynch she's the one that's going to lead just acosta go home at night in his first year. and they get to where he is now. a draft of the future how we build a winning culture in the locker room with gm john lancer and coach shanahan got all the personalities that the killer instinct what else also on hand during the forty-niners on was alan kennedy member alan was a member of the super
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bowl champion 1981 1985 forty-niners sporting a couple of super bowl rings tonight, he to agrees that the forty-niners our team to be reckoned with for some time to come. >>at levi stadium, rob fladeboe kron 4 news all right. thank you rob will have more niners coverage throughout the morning. >>also following other big news though this morning, including the fact that the us now has 11 confirmed cases of the corona virus san benito county officials announced 2 new cases sunday. they say the patients are married the husband just got back on china where it's believed this virus began and his wife was infected from him here in the us and that makes this now the second person to person case on us soil. i was informed that san benito county had to. >>confirmed cases of noble corona virus. in our community. he was screaming at the airport. or the quarantine rules at the time. was found to be totally healthy in
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asymptomatic. >>earlier sunday, the santa clara county public health department confirmed a second patient. there is also infected. more than 300 people in the world now have died from infections roughly 17,000 people are sick from the virus. and new travel restrictions are in effect as the corona virus continues to spread around the world with david daniel now with the very latest. >>any us citizen returning to the united states who has been in who they province in the previous 14 days will be subject to up to 14 days of mandatory quarantine. >>corona virus now considered a public health emergency has triggered travel restrictions for travelers returning from the epicenter of the outbreak and china as a whole. >>any us citizen returning to the united states who has been in the rest of mainland china. within the previous 14 days. will undergo pro active entry
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health screening at a select number of ports of entry and up to 14 days of monitored self-quarantine. >>non us citizens are facing even tighter restrictions some foreign nationals who have recently traveled to china will be denied entry to the united states. the restrictions which went into effect sunday at 05:00pm eastern come as health officials confirm a massachusetts college student is the 8th case of corona virus in the u s he recently returned from war on china. more than 14,000 people have been infected with the corona virus in over 20 countries and territories it's killed more than 300 people in mainland china. the first death outside of china was reported sunday. a 44 year-old chinese man died in the philippines just days after he flew in from milan. i'm david daniel reporting. we'll of course keep it to the kron 4 as we continue our to cover the corona virus will keep you posted on the very latest updates and the best way to protect yourself.
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>>we have very latest to our website at kron 4 dot com which you can check any time of day. other news this morning as we head to the east bay, a student has died after a shooting at an east bay high school. the shooting happened at deer valley high school in antioch after a basketball game on friday. the school district says the student was shot in the parking lot. he passed away on sunday, the school says grief counselors will be on campus today that shooting is now under investigation. brentwood police are looking for a man connected to a stabbing this happened in the area of garan parkway and spruce streets was saturday night police say the victim who was drunk at the time got into an argument with some of the identified as miguel duran and he was stabbed twice duran was arrested at the scene police now looking for another man who took off before police got there the victim underwent surgery and is expected to survive. coming up here on the kron 4 morning news tragedy in the east bay, one person left dead after a fire at an apartment complex and after
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the break the senate takes a big step today toward ending the impeachment trial of president trump will have the latest and we're also looking outside san mateo bridge as we're tracking both weather and traffic updates we tried to get the politicians to deal with the problem. but they wouldn't. so we took it to the voters and forced big tobacco to pay its share of healthcare costs. we fought oil companies for new clean air laws and closed a billion dollar corporate tax loophole to fund public schools. by going directly to the people we got results. that's not something you see a lot of from washington these days. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. let's make change happen.
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>>and we are back check in the forecast with john here as we take a look at our monday back to work and we've got the week ahead and it is chilly outside yes, it is a cold up there this morning for some of us more than others but i'd say
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regardless of where you're at the whole we were talking 40's 40's and 30's and and some of livermore dublin very close to below freezing right now now hear below freezing currently so yes, it is cold out there for all of the bay area but specially called for inland areas berkeley, it is crystal clear for you right now as it is all across the bay. it's calmer. >>and it's clear and that means temperatures they get colder on these clear in calm night says when we see temperatures just a falling especially fast during the evening hours and that's exactly what we saw last night no marine layer to moderate temperatures and we are looking at a very cold morning to be starting things off for this new week skies are crystal clear out there so no fog no cloud cover no rain in the forecast ahead of us it is a very dry week ahead of us with very minimal cloud cover and at least not a foggy
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morning this morning you will be on some to some smooth sailing as you drive into just be mindful that you'll be turning on the heat are pretty quickly as you do sit down in the vehicle as for your temperatures later on today do expect some low to mid 50's for daytime highs just as cool if not a little bit cooler than yesterday was even burlingame 55 for the high today millbrae and see bruno each 54 well foster city down to redwood city and eventually down the mountain view. each also at 55 degrees south bay temperatures not much different than this 56 in santa clara and san jose while 54 is across the board from union city on over to livermore from snow on up san ramon, san leandro oakland each at 55 along with concord in walnut creek, north bay sharing the same numbers lot towards the coast not much different at all just a couple of degrees cooler in stinson beach in point raise tomorrow, a mild day and warmer but not really much of a change just
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yet we're going to have some freeze watches and warnings in effect tonight leading into tomorrow morning with the evening lows tonight just as cool as they are right now winds day we do start to see some noticeably warmer conditions and by the end of the week and into the weekend we work our way back up into the 60's not quite as warm as friday and saturday of this past weekend were. but definitely getting a lot more comfortable than we are about to be today. erica. >>good morning john we'll checking back in our camera if you're approaching the toll plaza on heading to san francisco from the east bay we are seeing a little line here in the cash lanes starting to a stack of other side to seeing a small little line there but really not bad right now, it's looking great fast track moving so smoothly right now. >>if you're taking the san mateo bridge. that's also looking great right now i mean the drives just about 12 minutes from the east bay to the peninsula as you can see
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here we have no issues right no major hot spots a high rise also looking great. >>and the golden gate bridge also looking really good at this time it's about a 19 minute drive from nevado. >>to the toll plaza one oh one is looking excellent all across the north and even here on the peninsula. >>a san mateo down to sonny bill on the green right now as for the 8.80 here on the east bay for milpitas to san leandro you're looking at a drive time of 20 minutes, so that's also looking uh good homie 84 from fremont bayfront expressway just 11 minutes. and some other drive times across the bay area 6.80 from pitch acre 2 danville you're looking at an 11 minute. drive time and if you're taking the one o one from brisbane 2.80 that's close to about 5 minutes for your drive there. james alright erica, thank you for 18 on the clock, a man has been arrested now after
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shooting. >>at a bar in san francisco. the shooting happened right 3rd street last night police say tried to drive away ended up crashing his car into another one though, and then a street light pole before he got out tried to run off ultimately he was arrested a short distance later police also found a firearm no one was actually hurt. a santa clara county sheriff's deputy was injured in a shooting in the south bay it happened right near you this road friday night. officers say a car approached the deputy and then this person inside opened fire and then took off that deputy is expected to be ok. no word yet on any arrests, but we'll let you know find out. happening today, closing arguments in president trump's impeachment trial will be delivered by house managers and president trump's defense team the entire trial is likely to be wrapped up by wednesday. that's the day after the president's state of the union john lawrence has the very latest. >>president trump's ongoing saga about his dealings with ukraine is coming to an end on wednesday, the senate will vote on whether to convict him and remove him from office i
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will never buy into the fact that people will do something that's fully the politically expedient and i certainly hope that our democratic senators uphold the constitution and protect our country a vote for acquittal is a near certainty, the republicans have a majority in the senate and some democrats might join them as well the one i'm watching frankly is doug jones he's on the ballot. he has a small chance for reelection alabama and probably not a large chance for whatever number that is drops to 0 or less than 0. >>if the votes to convict the president, although president trump says his call with ukrainian president zelinsky was perfect. >>some supporters concede it could have been handled better generally speaking going after corruption would be the right thing to why he did it may be in the wrong manner. critics say now the president will face another jury on election day 2020 we get to send a message at the ballot box that cheating lying involving a foreign country in our own domestic politics not to mention abuse of power more broadly and administration that that's not ok that we can
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do better, i'm john lawrence reporting. also happening today, it's the first primary contest as the democrats look for a candidate to take on president trump in november, the iowa caucuses begin tonight. >>all of the candidates spent the weekend making their final pitches to iowa, voters, winning iowa is seen as giving a candidate momentum ahead of the new hampshire primary which will be next week we'll see who pulls out ahead and as election season gets under way one of the biggest concerns that lawmakers have is security. secretaries of state from across the country met in washington to discuss what's being done to protect your vote. our washington correspondent jesse turner has the story. >>days before the first votes of the 2020 presidential election secretaries of state from around the country convened in washington for their annual conference to discuss one of their biggest concerns the focus is security cybersecurity after russian interference in the 2016 election polls from the associated press, npr pbs and others show many americans are
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concerned about vote security but arkansas secretary of state john thurston says he and his counterparts are optimistic we believe that this will probably be the most secure elections that we've ever had thurston says the confidence comes from new voting equipment in his and many other states. but other worries remain like how vulnerable online voter registration rolls could be to hackers if anything does >>you know we have that communication chain in place so that we can address anything you know quickly republicans and democrats in congress remain divided over what exactly should be done to protect the country's elections as far as the state's ago, i think we really aa lot of how we run elections, but secretaries of state do of millions of dollars last month for election security efforts. >>while states figure out how to match the funds and what to spend them on thurston says with the ballot secure. it's up to the voters come out to vote you know what you were right it your duty in
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washington, i'm jesse to norris. >>news see how a family in the east bay used a super bowl watch party to honor one of the victims of that same helicopter crash that killed kobe bryant will have the time now for 25 in
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entertainment headlines today we had the first trailer for the new fast and furious movie release we saw during the super bowl we've got david daniel now with that story and
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more in today's hollywood minute. >>and you missed the and on the first full trailer for fast and furious 9 pits brother against brother that's right john siena plays jake of long-lost little brother of vin diesel's dom and apparently he's been nursing a grudge for a while. >>the over the top action gets into gear when fast and furious, 9 opens may 22th. the latest from bts is outro ego. the clip which the music superstars are calling a comeback trailer features j hope singing about the path
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that led him to this moment, it's a sample of what's to come on the new bts albums map of the soul, 7 dropping february 21th. here's something rare a new miles davis video so emotional featuring vocals by lola hathaway includes classic photos and performance footage of davis from the mid 80's, so emotional is off davis is long last album rubber band which was incomplete when he died in 1991. >>the album was finally released last year in hollywood, i'm david dead. a beautiful voice all right, here's a live look outside the bay bridge toll plaza we've got eric and the traffic center keeping an eye on any hot spots for you on this monday morning. >>and john sure able with your very chilly. start to this a monday morning. we'll have your forecast and local expect for the rest of the week
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coming up in just a minute. tom: my mom always told me actions speak louder than words. she was a school teacher. my dad joined the navy and helped prosecute the nazis in nuremberg. their values are why i walked away from my business, took the giving pledge to give my money to good causes, and why i spent the last ten years fighting corporate insiders who put profits over people. i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message. because, right now, america needs more than words. we need action.
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okay we are back time now for 33 just waking up and joining us, thank you very much and if you haven't stepped outside yet all against it's cold out there get john talk more about them why get coffee this morning. he let the paper stay out there that it is safer anymore except i don't walk outside with wet hair no you


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