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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  February 3, 2020 6:00am-7:00am PST

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freezing. >>your forecast ahead. local news station. >>good morning to breaking news at 6 passengers on a greyhound bus headed to san francisco from la have been shot it happened early this morning on the grapevine police say all the shooting victims have been taken to the hospital. details on their conditions though aren't known right now, we're still waiting for that update, we know the shooting took place at about one 30 this morning on interstate 5 the bus was carrying about 40 passengers. the chp says the gunman is in custody, but we don't know why this person opened fire hoping to learn more in about an hour's time we're going to live report from the grapevine. >>time now 6 o'clock and we want to get you started this morning on monday with the weather and traffic because you might be shocked at how cold it is out it is shocking whether you have a jacket on 2 jackets on it his just cold out there all across the bay area but some parts of the bay. our specially called in
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colder than others now looking at the golden gate bridge you can see there's no fog. no cloud cover we are crystal clear to get this morning going and it's often times on these clear evenings. >>and with some calm conditions as winds did calm down overnight for some upper valley's in bayside areas. that's when you get these coal dust of mornings and that's exactly what we do have right now we do have a freeze warning in effect for much of the north bay that includes portions of marine sonoma solano and napa counties and one look at your temperature map and it's pretty easy to see why san jose morgan hill and fremont each at 37 right now double it in livermore below freezing at 31 degrees each while in the low 40's from berkeley downed alameda we are seeing many 30's up in the north bay now earlier this morning you fell to 29 degrees. one of our spots that did fall to those 20's nap and fairfield are still sitting below freezing at 3130 degrees each temperatures this afternoon not going to be feeling too much better than
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yesterday anyways we're going to stay on the cool note with temperatures in the mid 50's certainly that's better than where we're sitting right now cool and clear conditions into the afternoon and breezy at times not as windy as yesterday though now tonight into tomorrow morning. more freeze warnings to be expected yet again temperatures falling into the upper 20's to low 30's some keeping it covered on these next couple of chilly days, eric act. >>still seeing heavy traffic out there following a collision that involved a big rain. this is the 8.80 south near broadway. a single alert was issued this was actually the second and that was issued this morning in the bay area. so we got lanes blocked there give yourself extra time if you're taking that this morning. >>and on the 4 here slick looking like it will take you about 26 minutes from antioch out to but there was a traffic hazard, a bumper was in between some of the lanes
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there so there is a bit of a slow a slowdown you are heading westbound so you can see the red and orange there on your map asked for our bay bridge, a toll plaza camera here you can see it's gotten a little more crowded a line there at the cash lanes if you are in the car pool lane though it is looking really good you can just move on through pretty fast 11 minutes from the maze to fremont street. james and darya back to ranks a lot 6 oh 3 and let's move on to this it lets move on move on from the super bowl yes, as you may know the story now are not wearing our celebre tory red and gold this morning. >>there are morning like most 40 niner fans are the game started out great. we were all hopeful that had this great run in we're like yes, our running game. this is how we're going to win that's up a field goal, then patrick mahomes came right back here
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and in himself for a touchdown. and that would give the chiefs the lead in the niners came back in the 2nd quarter jimmy g finds kyle hughes check with the diving touchdown that would put of the niners back into the lead and then the one run in most are too great 20 to what could possibly go wrong 100 homes everything could go wrong and it could go right because he wasn't doing well until the 4th either we cherish what we just traded lead the chiefs to 21 unanswered points. >>in the end was 3120 niners fans disheartening niners players office he disappoint in fact we heard from the field. >>more so common and real feeling, but guys are far you know it's unfortunate but you know just bought everything unfair noonan a the turning point was when we got a turnover and then we didn't
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execute on offense they got the ball right back and drove it 87 yards around far worse has an office we have to in the game right there with it good defense he i give us some credit so. time. it makes him a place that we normally make so. >>and there's a gator aid on andy reid. well, i mean long time coming everybody was right for him to finally get a super one's career needed theirs of course patrick mahomes he was named super bowl mvp. yeah, enough about themselves on niner fans were of course both here and in miami and yeah, a real disappointment and con for sarah stinson caught up with some of them after the game over. >>trying to make the best of it. >>we're here at hard rock stadium or a lot of the 49 er fans took off but not these 2 fans season ticket holders they're still here the confetti fell it's not in our callers. how are you feeling right you know the press came
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a long way had a great time, it's a great game, you know we just didn't 4th tough last quarter yeah did you think we have there for a moment, you know even in the 3rd quarter 31 at their core out an interception we went up by 10 points. i we look what our defense our front 7 i thought we them or 6 yeah and this could have been the first super bowl win in your lifetime i was really tough pill to will be back next year will carry you can keep all of our key pieces lose anybody our coaching staff is going to say the same time we're only going to get better yeah that's 49 or fate or they'r- my right oh yeah devon and we will beat it will be back next year for sure yeah, i mean our team is young you think we got a chance next year we're going to come back strong in a get mahomes with our own a brothel up oh absolutely absolutely all right any last thoughts about tonight's to solve tough
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loss tough to swallow to some tough calls that didn't go our way to an end. >>we've got next season other than that to go niners all right we have seen in tampa actually see it happen as rising in tampa will be air. thank you guys so much while they're in better spirits than i am so i appreciate that we got to stay strong egos stay faithful and we'll get them next time going back >>and for those who were not in miami for the game ricky's in san leandro had a big watch party there and it was really excited and they were of the happy at first and then everything went horribly wrong cover sackey takes a look at reaction. >>sad day for 9 years fans, i'm sure you can see by me but this place is practically empty it out it's very quiet now you might be able to hear exactly going there are still a few fans and the bar probably grabbing a drink after that loss, but most the fans here started to leave after kansas city scored that
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last touchdown san francisco, 49 ers fans coping with the loss to the kansas city chiefs turning the big however the faithful still remaining heard. niners fans say they're proud to make it as far as they did this season >>and remembering who they are your name. and where they came from
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>>you heard tonight, the faithful still remaining faithful after that loss and just have to wait until next season in san leandro taylor on tornadoes. >>well if you want relive the best and worst of it yesterday of course you can that arose at across 4 dot. i want to be like kittle he's like i wish i had another how to play i think yeah you know i just it is not another cast out there somewhere there's more to it than that 4th quarter was was pretty a protective for him, but and what they're like we heard with everybody's and we got next year. we've got a team that can help to get us back there again next year we'll see all right on to other news now we have the us confirming its 11th case now the corona viruses in san benito county officials say these 2 new cases were discovered sunday evening, it's a married couple and the husband that just got back from will hunt china. >>and he ended up infecting his wife here in the us and that makes this the second person to person case in the
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united states. >>i was informed that san benito county had to. confirmed cases of noble corona virus. in our community. he was screaming at the airport. or the quarantine rules at the time. was found to be totally healthy in asymptomatic. >>or earlier on sunday, the santa clara county public health department confirmed a second patient there was infected and the other states. they have confirmed cases include arizona, illinois massachusetts and washington state more than 300 people around the world now have died because of this infection which actually surpasses the number that died during the sars outbreak also more than 70,000 people now have become sick with this virus across almost a dozen countries. and new travel restrictions to are also now in place. >>yeah because of the corona the started yesterday afternoon of foreign nationals are prohibited if they visited china in the previous 2 weeks
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from entering the united states. any us citizen returning from home by province is going to be quarantined for 2 weeks and those who have been and elsewhere in china will see extra screenings and we have extra coverage, everything you need to know about the corona virus is on kron 4 dot com and right here on the show we're going to continue with live reports from the santa clara county health department we've got will it rain out there just digesting what all of this means what it means to your health what you need to know about this and the impact on the bay area. >>it's 6.11 right now and a man was arrested for a shooting that happened at a bar in san francisco last night on 3rd street. >>police say the man opened fire then tried to get away in his car crashed the car to street light that's where police found and arrested him they also found a gun nobody else was hurt. >>still ahead on the kron news tragedy in the east bay, one person left dead after a fire at an apartment complex will tell you more about what
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hash browns and pancakes and now make those pancakes all you can eat for a buck. that's where the duper comes in. the all new super duper slam just seven ninety nine. see you at denny's. >>the virus has not only sparked a global health emergency it is also having a big economic impact it is yeah, we have many gates are now with the very latest on how this disease is taking a toll on some of the world's biggest companies. >>at least 20 countries are
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now feeling the impacts of the will hunt corona virus since cases exploded into the thousands at the epicenter of the outbreak in china in the last month not only is the country dealing with a threatening health crisis their most essential moneymakers tourism retail and travel are now suffering from the outbreak. according to the vice minister of transport for china, the overall number of trips made across the country has fallen nearly 30% and travel by plane and train is down 41% the country's largest travel agency trip dot com is seeing an 18% drop in its stock and is waiving cancellation fees on hotel bookings car rentals and attraction site tickets, many airlines are even offering full refunds to those who have booked flights into china out of an abundance of caution tech giants like google facebook amazon and apple have suspended or limited employee travel to china tesla has
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delayed vehicle production starbucks, kfc and mcdonald's are just a few of the food chain is closed in some areas of china until further notice, millions of people who work for these companies are now facing unemployment until the health threat is no longer a concern for today's consumer watch i'm mandy gaither. >>let's take a live look outside we've got a live camera here this is 80 at leg station and higher up you can see there's still snow on the not spy fact we haven't had any real fresh snowfall recently but. we can always hope of the johns look at the extended forecast. he said don't look all that promising for any new precipitation of any kind o well well if we're going to dive into winter me cold might as well get some snow and some rain exactly just get the snow he went or exactly know it is dry out there it's dry and cold. >>that's not the combo you want to see interweave if it's going to try but yes this
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morning temperatures are very cold know snowfall in the forecast for the sierra no rainfall for the bay all we're talking it's chilly to start the week and then a lot more mild to close out the week right now berkeley, it's crystal clear just said this as it is all across the bay area, no fog. no cloud cover in winds have calmed down during overnight hours. >>right now we're are sitting with temperatures is very cold livermore in dublin here at 31 degrees lot of bayside areas tapping into the 30's napa in the 30's right now with nevado at 41 most of the rest of the north bay though solidly down into the 30's in this morning, although cold is not as chilly as tomorrow morning is about to be freeze warnings will be in effect for much of miranda sonoma napa and solano counties from midnight tonight on into died 09:00am tomorrow morning as tomorrow morning is really expected to take the cake as far as cold temperatures going to see a lot more 20's on the map come the same time tomorrow so by
6:18 am
no means is this morning anything unique about the week ahead of us we're just starting this week very frigid skies are going to remain clear through the day today as we are going to see dry conditions along with those clear skies today tomorrow on through the rest of the week on into next weekend likely through much of next week to most extended forecasts are putting any chances of rain out there until at least the middle of february only 3 days and so that's quite a long ways away from us very dry start to this new month ahead of us dry in frigid this morning. chile, this afternoon that daytime highs only in the low to mid 50's that's a little below average for this time of year so we started this past weekend with temperatures as i was talking about the low 70's was so nice and warm out there obviously things have changed since that as temperatures have settled down to some pretty chilly conditions this afternoon keep the jackets on hand even as sunshine reappears it will still be cool winds will pick
6:19 am
up briefly this afternoon to which it will offer a wind chill factor for those of you that are out and about even into the height of the day the on bill 54 today while petaluma and santa rosa. each at 56 degrees tomorrow, very similar as far as our daytime highs going as i mentioned some arbor evening lows tonight into tomorrow morning are going to be even colder than what we're experiencing right now now wednesday. we begin the climb that takes us back to the 60's by the close of the week by friday and saturday shaping up to be a lot more comfortable we're still going to have those chilly evenings. but our daytime highs are going to be nice and at least comfortable. erica. >>good morning for checking in on this traffic collision that involved a big rig. it looks like a nothing really has changed since we last checked in there still some heavy traffic out there lanes blocked. >>this is on i 8.80 south near broadway so give yourself. >>extra time find an alternate route if you can this the though is looking good, i mean
6:20 am
if you're going from family and erdem he does is just about 25 minutes there, no issue on the 4 there was a traffic hazard so little slow out there heading westbound on there something that was in between 2 of the lanes there checking in on our bridges, it looks like the richmond sandra fell bridge it's pretty quick if you're taking them out about 11 minutes. we do see more cars on the road as people are awake in napa and heading to work we have a line here this is the cash rain. fast track in carpool not looking so bad right now as for the san mateo bridge here this is after the toll plaza heading out to san mateo looks like we got white truck that's been stuck there for the last 10 minutes or people going around but you can see the high rise is looking pretty good right now in the drive time isn't so bad, it's just 17 minutes from hayward out to the peninsula. >>and the dumb barton bridge
6:21 am
haven't seen any issues this morning in both directions looking very fast if you're taking that just 12 from 8.80 out to menlo park this morning and on the 5.80 from vasco road to dublin both directions haven't seen any problems. it will take you just 11 minutes from miami vasco road to tell plan and then from dublin to fremont on the 6.80 you're looking at 21 minutes, so haven't seen any issues out there the one o one all up and down the peninsula also looking good right in the green no problems this morning there yet and the south bay is also looking good for that one oh out to menlo park from san jose just 30 minutes and on the 2.80 from san jose to cupertino just 11 minutes, toria. >>thanks a lot of 6 21 of the east bay, a man and his dog died in a fire at an apartment complex. it was on civic drive in walnut creek this building
6:22 am
caught fire saturday morning. and it was contained to that one unit where it started neighbors say the man and his dog were often seen walking around the condo complex. >>my friend lives in the building told me about it and the person died because of i think because of the fire and his i think 75 years old they always have like hearing the fire alarm a real here. so all of the residents have their own unify a lot. >>and we don't know yet the name of a man who died in the fire 6 22 is the time to take a quick break but coming up here on the kron 00:04am morning news, everyone wanted in that deadly laptop theft in oakland, we are in custody oakland, we are in custody will have the la ♪ ♪ the wait is over. try my new tiny tacos. 15 for 3 bucks or loaded for 4 bucks. delivered exclusively with uber eats.
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♪ meow, meow, meow, meow. ♪ meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow. ♪ still the only one cats ask for by name. the headlines this morning, a man is dead after an argument over the super bowl turned violent officials say the gunman was on probation and was prohibited from having a weapon or ammunition we've got dennis now with the latest on the story. crime scene tape shut down 2 on the in the streets for hours as president police investigated a family barbecue turn shooting police say the suspect road up to this home on his bike getting into an argument with the victim after seeing forty-niners the court the suspect. >>then the stuff like >>james easterling lives right next door, she and other neighbors say this has been a
6:26 am
big surprise calling their street a quiet one quit doubled the victim's family police did find and detain the suspect at a nearby homeless encampment his weapon has not been found yet they wasn't a gun. >>but it was like a makeshift gun. so we're trying to determine what exactly was going to be fine to police say the victim was only visiting the home where this happened neighbors are wishing him well all saying the people at that house are it's like i want to >>well that was dennis miller, reporting police believe the gunman attacked the victim with a homemade gun. >>in santa clara county has second person has come down with the corona virus. coming up, i'll tell you where she
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but in my mind i'm still 25. that's why i take osteo bi-flex, to keep me moving the way i was made to. my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex. find our coupon in sunday's paper. >>i look at weather and traffic we had some early morning problem or some to talk about an excellent so first with traffic because of just southbound 80 near broadway there is still lanes that are blocked at their that was our second singler this morning from the bay area so find an alternate route you more about that and just a moment i am and then wheather wise pretty chilly. some
6:30 am
people they need to bundle up outside definitely a 2 jackets, maybe this more to go cares what you look like just looking outside at san sales force tower as well as our other buildings are crystal clear right now that's what you're seeing all across the bay area not just in san francisco. >>now it's a clear night is a pretty calm evening compared to where we were yesterday at least and what those add up to is some icy cold temperatures. that's when you start to see the bottom falling out as far as temperatures go and they just slide downward something we're going to see again tomorrow morning too. dublin in livermore 31 degrees for your current numbers look at these 30's right along the bay redwood city at 34 degrees right now napa fairfield in the low 30's all say in the upper 20's oakland-alameda berkeley cold enough in the low 40's right now now we are going to see a freeze warning from midnight through 09:00am tomorrow morning for portions of marine sonoma napa and solano counties that tells you
6:31 am
right there we're not done with the cold once this morning is over this afternoon will be cold but it will be cool temperatures remaining in the low to mid 50's for daytime highs today, a cool and clear afternoon with plenty of sunshine. well through the day but even that sunshine isn't going to make it a warm enough to keep without the jackets you're going want to keep that jacket on hand over the next couple of days, i've got more on your forecast still to come erica. >>well, it's been little over an hour since this traffic collision occurred and a big rig was involved with this one. this is the second a singular the has been issued for the bay area this morning and we still see that there are lanes blocked so this is for i 8.80 south near broadway i would take an alternate route that would be the instead if you have to head south out in the east bay this morning. and then here we do see the rest of 18 looking pretty good just 27 minutes from san leandro out to
6:32 am
milpitas no issues on that portion of that freeway on the 4 still looking a little slow there. there was a something that was the in the lanes that was causing a bit of a slowdown earlier heading westbound bay bridge toll plaza camera here seeing the cash lanes moving pretty slow. if you're in the car pool lanes a can see it's a quick drive by the tolls heading into san francisco this morning. and then other a drive times around the from crockett to the major looking at 21 minutes and on the 24 from walnut creek to the maze just 12 minutes. james ok, thank you very much erica breaking news now. >>a reminder of the story to our south that's developing as we speak 6 passengers on a greyhound bus headed from la to here in san francisco. 6 passengers were shot early this morning by a fellow passenger police say all the shooting victims were taken to the hospital. details on their
6:33 am
conditions unknown right now we're still trying to track that down we know the shooting took place shortly after one 30 this morning was on the grapevine right along interstate 5. the bus was carrying for the gunman chp say that person is in custody. although no word yet on why that person opened fire 6.32 the other big story this morning. the united states now has 11 confirmed cases of the corona virus. >>san benito county in california. 2 new cases there they just announced last night that the patients are married. we have the husband who came back just got back from china which is below where it's believed that this virus originated. >>and when he came back that's when he infected his wife so that makes the second person now to be confirmed. effected by person to person transfer of the virus. the other states that are dealing with cases include arizona, illinois, massachusetts, washington state in fact across the world more than 300 people now have died because of this infection which puts it past the number who died from the sars outbreak back in 2002. also more than 17,000 people now
6:34 am
have become sick across nearly a dozen countries. earlier yesterday, the santa clara county public health department confirmed that that second patient was infected and now let's go to kron four's will tran. >>right there at the department of health a santa clara's we're talking about what what they're going to going forward. >>what they're doing going forward james and darya they're making sure that this woman does not move freely around the public and right now they say there is no threat to the public despite making a second identification. let me show you some video of san francisco international this is very important because the airlines that we covered it extensively last week that most major airlines are no longer flying to china specifically womb on china that's the area where the public health department in santa clara they believe this woman came back from on january 23th, she is the second person, the first person that came down the corona virus is not connected.
6:35 am
2 are there not family members separate incidents, but in both cases we do know him that their families have been isolated meaning they cannot leave their house even for groceries, it will be the health department delivering groceries until they feel safe as far as the identities of both people specifically the latest person, the woman they're not releasing her name despite i'm sure a lot of people in the public would like to know who she is whether or not that's a co-worker or a friend or a neighbor that at this time they say by law they're not allowed to give her name. but most importantly they assure the public and i want to pass along that we are not in danger of contracting the corona virus. it looks like they are on top of the situation, isolating her she's not so bad james and darya which she has to be huddled hospitalized. but most certainly basically scoring teams in her home back to >>all right thank you very much well and we spoke staff
6:36 am
who is working on a new rapid test to see if a person is infected. here's how it would work. >>the idea is that this would be a point of care testing would be a test that you could use in the emergency department in the doctor's office and potentially at the airport during screening that's our hope that this would be a test that could be done rapidly and would have very high accuracy in diagnosing this infection doctor charles chiu says that the test would be administers with a nasal swab and the sample be put in a test tube and make sure they react and. >>and the process would take about 2 hours at this point something similar to a urine pregnancy test. a determine if someone is affected or not. >>in the east bay police in union city now investigating an officer-involved shooting a viewer actually sent us this video of the incident the shooting happened friday night fremont police say it started with a robbery at a sephora store at fremont specific common shopping center. police chased the getaway car to an
6:37 am
area right near alvarado niles and 8.80 and police say that's when they fired shots at 3 people one of them was arrested. the other 2 have been taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. a student has died after a shooting at an east bay high school that shooting happened at deer valley high in antioch it was after a basketball game on friday. the school district says the suit was shot in the parking lot. he passed away on sunday, the school says grief counselors will be on campus today for those who need them. the shooting of course is under investigation. >>in the north bay, a trail taken over by a homeless encampment has finally been cleared it still needs to go to be cleaned up. spent the evicting people and they're going to continue to do that kron four's justine waldman has more. >>the cleanup of the largest homeless camp in sonoma county history is not simple at its peak. 200 people set up tents and lived along the joe ridout a trail we not because of 2
6:38 am
even have a choice at the staging area behind the goodwill on stony point road santa rosa police provided security at sonoma county parks offered services people were given to 80 gallon totes to hold all their things which will then be placed in storage sherry when see packed up and headed to one of the 4 shelters available early however as none of down on us because we are house lis teams went from 10 to 10 to see how to get people out swiftly and with no drama we've been out here for weeks to engaging people in england know what their options are and that this is coming. >>has a public health hazard human waste and fires, including one from friday morning late the trail. cleanup should start right away on saturday. this includes removing any leftover belongings and a hazmat team will disinfect the entire 8.5 mile trail. >>which means it will be closed for about a month for restoration. when it reopens
6:39 am
there will be barriers to keep people from reestablishing a new encampment the county is you know hoping to to get them into a more stable place and have the trail, you know back to its intended use in the process of clearing out the entire trail. there were no arrests or any citations in santa rosa, i'm justine waldman kron 4 news. >>as election season gets under way one of the biggest concerns that lawmakers have is election security in fact secretaries of state from across the country. a met in washington to discuss what's being done to protect the vote. our washington correspondent jesse turner has the story. >>days before the first votes of the 2020 presidential election secretaries of state from around the country convened in washington for their annual conference to discuss one of their biggest concerns the focus is security cybersecurity after russian interference in the 2016 election polls from the associated press, npr pbs and others show many americans are
6:40 am
concerned about vote security but arkansas secretary of state john thurston says he and his counterparts are optimistic we believe that this will probably be the most secure elections that we've ever had their son says the confidence comes from new voting equipment in his and many other states. but other worries remain like how vulnerable online voter registration rolls could be to hackers if anything does >>you know we have that communication chain in place so that we can address anything you know quickly republicans and democrats in congress remain divided over what exactly should be done to protect the country's elections as far as the state's ago, i think we really appreciate it when the federal government stays out of a lot of how we run elections, but secretaries of state do welcome federal funding. congress appropriated hundreds of millions of dollars last month for election security efforts. >>while states figure out how to match the funds and what to spend them on thurston says with the ballot secure. it's up to the voters come out to vote you know what you were right it your duty in
6:41 am
washington, i'm just eaten or. >>developing news out of london, we have several people now stabbed in what police are calling a terror related incident, the man responsible for the attack should esch amman was shot and killed by police. he was known to counter terror police and was also the subject of an active police operation. the attack happened yesterday afternoon. authorities say the attacker was released recently from prison after serving time for possession and distribution of extremist material. 6.41 coming up on the kron 4 morning news see how a family in the east bay used a super bowl watch party to honor one of the victims of that same helicopter crash that killed basketball legend kobe bryant. >>and the biggest thing you need to know as far as weather goes stepping outside today is for rigid out there temperatures below freezing for much of the bay that includes you in livermore and napa. >>your forecast is ahead. >>and if you're taking the richmond sandra fell bridge this morning. it's about 11 minutes from the toll plaza
6:42 am
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we're new but we got an insider tip on the ultimate flooring destination. we're shopping alongside real-life designers and contractors. and, these prices! yeah, we found where the pros go. explore floor and decor in person or online. >>6.44 right now and we're starting off cold so you definitely want to grab a coat this morning. yeah, yes, a coat, your gloves james have a scar you have not get them for year somebody okay next year
6:45 am
the next year they would come a bright is where you can still use the phone your ticket on all it's called it does you know that detect anger and cover that don't work for me, are still of but yes you might want to put everything you have on this morning bring the whole closet with a look at outside at san francisco. there are some clear skies overhead conditions will remain clear through the day kind of said the same who's a view is about to disappear behind this a building that's being constructed. but for now you can still see the sky out there in the san jose skyline as for the east bay here clear skies in the berkeley area as well as out to the coast as we start to get a little sideline look at how cold these temperatures are across the bay hayward and fremont your each of 36 a double into livermore below freezing right now 31. >>concord pittsburgh, san mateo redwood city napa
6:46 am
fairfield all in the 30's while saint helene that at 29 degrees now this is not our only cold morning in the forecast. we're also going to see another cold one tomorrow morning, this freeze warnings from midnight tonight until 09:00am tomorrow from or in sonoma napa and solano counties at least portions of these get on to another cold trend to start off tomorrow now skies will remain clear and dry not just today but through the course of the forecast ahead of us temperatures are going to remain cool today and tomorrow but they will warm up to one thing that's not going to change is we are dry for the time being through the weekend on into next week, it's looking like we do have very solid dry trend of weather ahead of us so we would love to see some rainfall especially since we're already dealing with the cold but as for now it's just sunshine 50's for your daytime highs later on today across the day mostly mid 50's a few low 50's and there though too foster city down the mountain view each at 55 for your daytime highs wall santa clara san
6:47 am
jose on down to campbell and over to sunnyvale each 56 today. the spate temperatures mostly in the mid 50's to with berkeley at 54 oakland at 55 or rented moroccan 52, not much different up in the north bay still those low to mid 50's we're seeing elsewhere across the bay area. now tomorrow morning lows easily as cold as this morning if not little bit colder in some spots that we do have a mild afternoon a lot like we're going to see today average conditions return wednesday. and then we actually climb above average for daytime highs to close out the week with 60's returning by thursday. erica. >>good morning well checking in on this traffic collision that occurred over an hour ago a big rig was involved with this one of all the lanes were originally close but it looks like they did open one of the lanes just now i'm so you can move through, but again heavy traffic if you're taking that i would probably take the 5.80 instead if you have to take the i 8.80 south of this is
6:48 am
near broadway this morning so a heavy traffic there and then we have our san mateo bridge camera here just after the toll plaza it is looking a little slow. i believe there's a cardboard box that is blocking one of the lanes right before the high rise, if you continue to go down so it is a little slow we see some flashing lights here that is a truck that was actually blocking one of the lanes here just a moment ago looks like a tow truck came and move to a but yeah little slow there this morning if you're heading out to the peninsula as for the 24 here this morning. there was a there is a singular those issued earlier but since it has been canceled and has been looking good so far this morning just 15 minute drive back to you. >>thank you very much erica time now 6 48 in the east family came together not just for the 49 ers but also for a celebrate and raise money for a loved one who died in that very same helicopter crash that killed nba giant koby
6:49 am
bryant. christina mauser was among the 9 people who died in that crash in crawford's christina start theresa stasi was actually at that super bowl watch party and talk to those who were there to honor now sir. >>is a very special watch party is that these are family members of christina mauser she was the coach that died that helicopter crash with kobe bryant. she down in southern california but she had a large extended family. this group here they're holding a raffle today and all of the proceeds from the raffle, including some free that's all going to go to christina's family i spoke with your cousin and her >>but i did that day with family and the forty-niners a opportunity for our family and all that said the family and friends. also says we have to be with mom her family, i mean
6:50 am
they're having a hard time of you know, but i think they're they're finding a lot know a is knowing our you know getting to know she was all about. but you know it's so surreal is still so you i haven't had to tragedy struck. >>and i text my body doing this with me and i said i want all the proceeds to go to my room. family and they said no doubt that's exactly what we're contacted devi and that runs this place and she said absolutely jason i will donate you know golf dinner, whatever you guys let's do it and so that's what we're large group anti golf course held a moment of silence for and her
6:51 am
christina. >>tell me that the 49 ers were obviously a team that they supported this family very excited on this day, but also reflective about their dear fam here in want to create theresa kron 4 news.
6:52 am
>>which we may hit send the shaking and that i'm super a super halftime show a key role with the full on there you go and say and j lo that the play bands jail on the pole, yeah. and she you know learned that from it slurs yeah, and that was her daughter slowly yeah so that was kept i was kind the best dancing they've been seeing as much as they did dancing very entertaining show. and obviously all american flag out there. >>and the matching outfits of and very cute lot incredible are and we've been talking back for the who we thought did better during the show we've got half the vote going to secure the other half going jay, love she care and jim was my superman hero, but i love you care the
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
>>welcome back 6.55 getting close to 07:00am now and still just as cold as has been you can see skies are beautiful unclear. that's actually one of the reasons we're as chilly as we are on these cold nights you often do see clear skies. that's good news for airports though no delays out of any of our airports this morning maybe have some family and friends coming back from florida today as for conditions temperatures still below freezing in livermore and napa at 3031 degrees. each
6:56 am
cold enough in oakland and san francisco a 4346 for while san jose look at that and joining the 30's at 37 degrees right now it is cold and it is even colder than yesterday was at this time fairfield down a solid 20 degrees from the same time yesterday while livermore down 19 degrees concord down 18 degrees erica. >>and morning if you're taking the san mateo bridge. it is moving a little slow heading out to the peninsula. there was a traffic collision just after the toll plaza and there's also a box right before the high rise that's blocking the second there in the middle lane now i believe and something that was reportedly in the other working to remove at this time so definitely a moving slow there because of that box and off course the a traffic collision here on taking the bridge and we have this other traffic collision that i've been monitoring this whole morning. a sig alert was
6:57 am
issued and the open one of the lanes but it's still looking like it's a pretty slow there on 8.80 james ok, thank you very much erica time now 6.56 taking a quick break the corona virus continues to spread around the world coming up we're going to tell you about another confirmed case right here in the we tried to get the politicians to deal with the problem. but they wouldn't. so we took it to the voters and forced big tobacco to pay its share of healthcare costs. we fought oil companies for new clean air laws and closed a billion dollar corporate tax loophole to fund public schools. by going directly to the people we got results. that's not something you see a lot of from washington these days. i'm tom steyer and
6:58 am
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the number of uninsurising.ricans, the cost of prescription drugs, rising. the threat to people with pre-existing conditions, rising. the good news, so is support for the one candidate who'll do something about it. as mayor, mike bloomberg helped expand coverage for seven hundred thousand people, including hundreds of thousands of kids. including hundreds of thousands of kids. as president, he'll lower drug costs and ensure everyone without coverage can get it. that's a promise. and unlike him, mike actually keeps his. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. >>real local news station.
7:00 am
that breaking news this morning is coming from our south where we're just confirmed one person is dead and 5 others wounded on that greyhound bus that was headed to san francisco from l a. >>shots were fired by a fellow passenger on board that bus as it was traveling along i 5 on the grapevine police say all the shooting victims were taken to hospital and again, or that one of those victims has died. this was about one 30 this morning the bus carrying about 40 passengers in all police say the gunman is in custody. no word yet on what precipitated this why this person opened fire but we're going have a live report coming up in just a few minutes and it's not like an airport, you know when you take a bus you know they scan and they do all of that of the whole thing is different and i wonder if that's something that.


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