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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  February 3, 2020 7:00am-8:00am PST

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that breaking news this morning is coming from our south where we're just confirmed one person is dead and 5 others wounded on that greyhound bus that was headed to san francisco from l a. >>shots were fired by a fellow passenger on board that bus as it was traveling along i 5 on the grapevine police say all the shooting victims were taken to hospital and again, or that one of those victims has died. this was about one 30 this morning the bus carrying about 40 passengers in all police say the gunman is in custody. no word yet on what precipitated this why this person opened fire but we're going have a live report coming up in just a few minutes and it's not like an airport, you know when you take a bus you know they scan and they do all of that of the whole thing is different and i wonder if that's something that. >>there are a look at out how to search people in search bags and that's a whole different kinthat there was a gun on board the bus and they didn't know so
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stay tuned to get a live report just a few minutes i but at 7 o'clock the top of the hour want to look at weather and traffic for you on a monday morning back to work and it's cold out there to get back to winter to the we started the weekend with temperatures so nice friday and saturday were great. >>back to work as daria mentioned and yes, it is cold out there for those of you that are stepping outside here in the next few minutes, the golden gate bridge is a nice and clear, but it's the same clear skies that allow temperatures during overnight hours. >>to fall as low as they have we're seeing 30's on the map right now although areas like snow fell to 29 degrees this morning livermore you also fell to 29 briefly earlier berkeley fell to 39 earlier while dublin sitting at 31 livermore at 30 degrees right now and as you can see even areas right along the bay are checking in still in the 30's. redwood city, a 34 fairfield map a sale in a range of 20's to 30's in this. not the only frigid cold morning that we have ahead of us in fact tomorrow morning for
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especially the north bay is expected to be even colder yet and that's freeze warnings will take effect tonight and last through tomorrow morning for portions are in sonoma napa and solano counties so keep that in mind for tomorrow you're going to be bundling up both today and tomorrow as far as your morning scale. this afternoon you may be able to shed a layer but you'll still want to keep the light jacket on hand with daytime highs only in the mid-fifties sunshine will prevail not just today but through the forecast ahead as we remain dry. we do eventually get warmer but we're starting this week on off on a frigid start. erica. >>good morning. john lie do have an update to this collision that i've been monitoring for the last hour and a half to on i 80 south near broadway of the should i say truck was involved in this collision and we initially had all the lanes blocked a single alert was issued, but it looks like they opened all the lanes except for one so traffic is getting a little better out
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there. this morning asked for the san mateo bridge. it is a little slow heading into san mateo we did have a minor vehicle collision just after the toll plaza and we did have that box that was blocking one of the lanes right before the high rise as for the dumb barton bridge this morning there hasn't been any issues in both directions out there, it's just a 17 minute drive. >>from the 8.80 out to menlo park. james and darya ok thank you very much erica, our top story this morning. >>the niners and the heartbreak in miami, a super bowl 54 did not go our way gas. so while we're going home from miami losers and kansas city celebrating their first win in 50 years. it started off so well deebo samuel's with that office 32 yard run in the 1st quarter now and this isn't the only time i was like ok we've got this yeah again and again in the beginning of the game right and right through 1st half and
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into the 3rd quarter was close and then the 3rd quarter that the niners pulled ahead making it 20 to he was in the 2nd quarter he had huge shift diving in yeah, the crowd going and then later on are the most are here with the run and that will put us up solidly 10 points ahead possibly go every saying and the 4th quarter mahomes lead the chiefs back 21 unanswered points. an answer. >>we're looking basically sealed it 31 to 20 the final score, 49 er fans both here and they're disappointed by the loss the players of course disappointed. >>we had a chance to hear from them after the more so common and real feeling, but. >>guys are far you know it's unfortunate but you know just bought everything unfair noonan a narrow it's about. >>and the turning point was when we got a turnover and then we didn't execute on offense they got the ball right back and drove it 87 yards around far worse has an
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office we have to in the game right there with >>it seemed good defense give us some credit so. it makes him a place that we normally make so. >>we didn't make the plays we normally make but to patrick mahomes certainly did and he led the comeback. he was named the mvp of the game. >>and this morning, fans and players still just trying to get over last night's loss offer sarah stinson in miami for us this morning. and sara we heard us from some of the fans obviously disappointed you are there you are in the stadium. >>how to feel. >>it was so brutally guys i mean just of the lead down i never even allowed myself to think that we would lose in the first place so when we're all in this holding pen full of media. they had these teeny tiny little screen didn't go down from the press box and we had to get ready to go onto the field and i'm thinking you know we're going on the field to be the most epic night of
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my life the confetti is going to come down the players are going to be so excited and then you know we're in the look at the screen you can barely see what's going on and then we see laos is getting worse and worse and worse and it was just devastating when quickly from us going on the field to having the most epic time of our lives to us going into the locker room with the players and the players, i mean it was just devastating they walked off the field, some of them ran off the field and they weren't even hiding it just tears streaming from their eyes. some of the people who are around me saying keep your head up we love you. did a great job, we've got a mean you got to the super bowl we have to give them some credit it was it was a quite a season for everyone who's been following along since game one it's an incredible season to see in the locker room was very somber quiet where we springs were interviewing each player and not every player wanted to talk to us but to
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those who did you know basically at the end of the day said we have to give the chiefs credit they did not give up they rule when they were relentless and the homes now being the youngest mvp. in the league, i mean she's won a one a team. what a couple plays and there are some fans out there who are feeling a little disgruntled about a few of the calls by the refs what but also the fans at the stadium, they're just telling me man it was so difficult losing because we're just surrounded by kansas city fans and that's why a lot of fans just took off, but i did catch up with 2 women who stuck around. >>i mean it's hard when you have all the chiefs fans like cheering and it kind of want to just turn the tv off. but you can't and you're here so you just kind of have to let we were here in not here but we are at the new orleans for 2013. >>the last time in 9 years on the super wall and they lost then left for some reason i thought for sure they pull through this year and they
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didn't so we're a little that this year would be it. but it wasn't as we now know everyone's just really bomb sad a lot of people traveling from all over the world to be here and watch the forty-niners. >>those 2 women were from the bay area they're handing out towels at the game it said the legendary super bowl live. >>san francisco and i will say it was a legendary season, i'm super proud of the forty-niners and as always will be faithful a lot of fans told me the looking forward to next season, no one is giving up teams not giving up they're excited they have a lot of young players that are signed on for next year and we have a young coach and we're ready to go so ago niners back to us. >>yeah go niners we've got next year and we've got much more coverage of the night or game in all of our coverage
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surrounding it on our website at kron 4 dot com. if you want you to re watch the halftime show and get pictures from t >>hear more interviews and when time show isn't as good as it was the first time because we thought the niners win by know during i like so it's like all this is gray and then now and i want to see it's not the same 7 oh 8 right now and we do have a big story breaking news that we've been following us since it happened there was a shooting on a greyhound bus one person was killed 5 others are injury was on the grapevine i find this bus was bringing people from la to san francisco. we have taylor schild now has been following the story for joining us live with the very latest taylor bring us up to speed what happened. ifficulty reconnect with him he was out
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of evil arrow and a light and there's a are back right up yeah and so all we know is it happened around one 30 this morning again the bus was bound from la to san francisco with about 40 people on board. think we've reestablished connections, let's get back out there live to the scene. taylor can you hear us and if you brings up speed what what are you hearing there. we'll try reconnect that a single here in a bit but in the meantime again a story mentioned one person killed. the others have been taken to the hospital their condition is unknown right on the bus on the highway driving and somebody pulled out a gun and started shooting and you can imagine the panic that would have on that bus because there's no escape when you're all just sitting ducks feeling like he, you know you may be next and that's why it you know so many people fife gavel are wounded they're all in the hospital right now, and one person in addition. >>died so we're going to have more on that but at least they have the gunman in custody, a we'll take a break it's 7.10 still ahead on the kron
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00:04am morning news. the virus. that's another huge story that we're following another confirmed case here in the bay area will have the very latest details. >>and after the break democrats are going take a big step today toward us finding their next president will tell you what's at stake in today's iowa caucuses. >>women to watch the super bowl in record numbers and we're learning more about the new iphone 5 jane king will have their stories coming up. and it is cold out there this morning temperatures in the 30's and 40's right now right now in conquered europe, 34 redwood city palo alto right there with yet. >>now the hard to look at that one 29 degrees for you stepping outside, i've got your forecast on what to expect for the rest of the day. >>the golden gate bridge looking good in both directions but other
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huge tax breaks for the rich, while the middle-class continues to struggle. that's what happens when billionaires are able to control the political system. our campaign is funded by the working people of this country, and those are the people that i will represent. no more tax breaks for billionaires. we are going to guarantee health care to all people and create up to 20 million good
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paying jobs to save this planet. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message because we need an economy that works for all of us, not just wealthy campaign contributors. >>some 14 right now and it's still called out, but it's starting to shape up to look like a nice day looks cold all that blue going on in the show yesterday it looked gorgeous and as like i walk the dog toby in the wind it was really cold yes, it all and it was rough you look out the window in your life. why am i not outside us. pulled the pulled the collar up exactly in this morning in a lot like that it has been a frigid and we're in
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for another cool afternoon too clear skies across the bay, but you can see that even though those skies are clear if you look at the temperature map is cold out there a lot of us in the 30's right now redwood city in palo alto each at 34 degrees, fremont san jose at 37 wild dublin in livermore oakland or san francisco while the north bay say only that map up at 29 degrees. each right now so it is frigid cold skies are clear that's part of the reason we've seen temperatures become so cold during overnight hours last night. and tonight is certainly not the last of it we are going to be seeing a more a frigid cold temperatures on to early tomorrow morning too so be mindful of that keep that heavy winter jacket handy, the next couple of days skies are going to be nice and dry today tomorrow through the rest of the week the weekend ahead, and likely well through the course of next week too so not seeing much changes in that
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regard would love to see some rain or some snowfall because we certainly do need it. we're officially falling behind now as to where we should be to keep up with average us right now we're in the 30's and 40's but later today do expect some mid 50's for your highs, we'll see much the same tomorrow as i mentioned another icy cold morning tomorrow as you step outside wednesday, you start to see temperatures on the rise and by thursday. it's back to the 60's. erica. >>checking in on our bay bridge toll plaza camera here looking pretty a typical for this time of the morning they're moving a little slow but the carpool lane now you can just get by a pretty fast if you're taking that this morning. there's a shot of our san mateo bridge we did have a minor a vehicle collision right after the toll plaza, not too long ago and then if you go further down right before the high rise are still boxes blocking one of the lanes there so it is moving a little slow you can sear drive time did go up to 35 minutes
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if you're heading out to the peninsula this morning but the richmond sandra fell bridge isn't looking bad right now it's just 11 minutes from the toll plaza highway one o one, just got to some cars aaron the cash lanes and checking in on this traffic collision here a sig alert was issued earlier but they opened a all the lanes except to one but still looking a little slow for taking the 8.80 south near broadway this morning james all right, thank you very much erica. >>7 17 on the clock happening today, it's the first come to first contest in the democratic presidential primary with all the candidates. they've been in iowa ahead of tonight's caucuses, a victory tonight could go a long way in determining who will face off against president trump in november. we've got jeff new up with the story. >>if the turnout is high. we're going to win. is to create highest. history of the iowa caucus.
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>>bernie sanders and his democratic rivals making one final lap around iowa, a look at the whole rallying the faithful and working feverishly to convert the undecided in their closing arguments to voters you let only a certain bunch of us out of the gate, we don't all get through the gate. >>we know we don't all get to move beyond where we were we bad. and uh you know it really matters really matters what you do joe biden downplaying his chances of winning telling supporters on sunday, he believes the race is a toss up as the voting finally begins tonight in the democratic nominating contest seasonably warm winter day voters lining up to catch one more glimpse of the candidates as they deliver their own distinctive sales pitches on electability. >>we've got to make absolutely sure her that we win in november. so much depends on it. our number one job. >>is to beat donald trump. women when let's get this
7:19 am
time. one of your jobs is to look at how we're going to win in the general that is your job but before crowning a nominee for the general election voters must decide whether to choose a progressive pass health care is a human right not >>they were more of a pragmatic one mayor's get things done. >>the out offices will start but hardly finished that debate. >>many voters have been slow to decide and are still open to changing their minds as they keep searching to find the strongest candidate to challenge president trump. >>the trump absolutely i'm tired of him. it was lights. >>deadly listen to her top choices, one last time on sunday saying she still amy and gut feeling at the end of the day or how do you make up your mind. i think it is kind of a gut she believes sanders is closing strong and said that concerns her. >>support bernie if he was a candidate, however i think he's a little while i think he's a little too out there to
7:20 am
get some of the undecided people. >>well after tonight's caucuses in iowa, the next primary contest will be next week that will be in new hampshire. >>for your money this morning women watch the super bowl in record numbers and the silicon valley has the highest tech salaries in the nation. jane king is live at the nasdaq with those stories and more also in >>morning at it and very tired as i watched the whole game was tonight. this is not a big surprise tech workers in silicon valley have the highest average salaries in the nation now tech careers like die says the average salary in valley just under a $124,000 that was up 4.7% since 2018 seattle by the way second at a 109,000 well the fda approved the first treatment for peanut allergies. the new treatment is called how foresee it is from a new therapies us decide to work by exposing patients to the very substance that they've been taught to avoid
7:21 am
peanuts. so the idea here is to build up a child's resistance gradually. apple is expected to unveil its new iphone lineup this fall and it's february so already we're seeing leaks come out reports say apple will likely add 5 g to its phones and other than 5 g connectivity the phones are said to feature a more advanced 3 d camera and new size options, apple by the way is confirmed none of that and last night millions of people tuned in to the super bowl roughly half of them are women. nfl commissioner roger goodell said the league could reach an all time high of a 187 million fans and 47% are women, microsoft ole and the nfl itself shows super bowl ads that reflect to that new reality live from the nasdaq, i'm jane king back to thank you jane. >>time now is 7.21 we'll take a quick break but coming up everyone wanted in the deadly laptop theft in oakland are now in custody will have the latest from police and after the break one person is left and in the east bay after a fire breaks out in an apartment complex world bring
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up to speed on that story as well, here's a live look outside the bay bridge approach traffic certainly backing up here on a monday back to work monday after the super bowl. we'll tom: my mom always told me actions speak louder than words. she was a school teacher. my dad joined the navy and helped prosecute the nazis in nuremberg. their values are why i walked away from my business, took the giving pledge to give my money to good causes, and why i spent the last ten years fighting corporate insiders who put profits over people. i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message. because, right now, america needs more than words. we need action. two bacon, two sausage, this is the two eggssuper slam. hash browns and pancakes and now make those pancakes all you can eat for a buck. that's where the duper comes in. the all new super duper slam just seven ninety nine. see you at denny's. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ wherever we want to go, we just have to start. autosave your way there with chase. chase. make more of what's yours.
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>>in the east bay all 3 people wanted for a deadly laptop theft in oakland are now in custody sure hsiang died on new year's eve. he was chasing after thieves who stole his laptop from them all is at
7:25 am
starbucks and the montclair neighborhood. oakland police announced the 3rd and final arrest of the person they were looking for on friday. they didn't give us any other information other than they are. arrested a 3rd suspect to the other 2 had already been arrested last month and they are brian reed and javan lee. they are charged with murder and other felonies. >>also in the east bay, a man and his dog died in a fire in an apartment complex that happened along civic drive in walnut creek saturday morning. firefighters were able to contain that fire to the unit where it started. neighbors say the man and his dog were often seen walking around the condo complex. >>my friend lives in the building told me about it and the person died because of i think because of the fire and his i think 75 years old they always have like hearing the fire alarm a real here. so all of the residents have their own unify a >>in the name of the victim has not yet been released.
7:26 am
>>speaking of victims a second person in santa clara county has contract. it call roanoke pirates coming up, i'll tell you how she came down with
7:27 am
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>>and look at the weather and traffic and there's a lot to talk about this morning. that's for we have >>so good news and bad news, the good news is no more sig alert said i'm picking up right now, but the bad news is
7:29 am
if you're taking out one of our bridges that will take you a while because apparently people are reporting like a bath tub in one of the lanes blocking one of the lanes or something but i tell you which bridge just a moment, so is an extra call foot because money our scratch is it is cold this morning temperatures below freezing for much of the day what we're seeing in san francisco are some clear skies. some blue conditions overall it looks great right you think you're going to step outside it's going to be wonderful, especially after on friday and saturday brought us. >>which was beautiful days, but well after yesterday's chilly one which as you remember came along with some breezy conditions. we are off to a frigid cold start this morning clear skies across the bay area right now in temperatures are currently in the 30's livermore and double
7:30 am
in your each at 30 degrees with hayward redwood city in palo alto in the mid 30's, berkeley are at 38 while look at map and see only the kind of taking the cake as far as the cold weather goes right now. >>each in the upper 20's now we're going to be even colder for a few spots on into tomorrow morning that's a freeze warning will take effect starting at midnight tonight for 09:00am tomorrow morning for portions of or in sonoma napa and solano counties so we are in for a cold next couple of mornings afternoon hours will bring some relief but we're still going to stick with the mid-fifties and a bit breezy at times so you don't want to keep the jacket on hand we stay dry today and dry for the week ahead, i've got more details in our forecast still to come we've got erica in for robin this morning and how is traffic holding up well to really slow if you plan on taking the san mateo bridge this morning heading over to the peninsula it'll take you about 45 minutes. >>as you can see it's moving really we are getting reports that some people are seeing
7:31 am
either what looks like a sink to them or a little tumble blocking one of the lanes just before the high rise. so that's why it's been moving slow. and going into us and the tail there again a close to 45 minutes just to cross morning but the richmond sandra fell bridge isn't looking bad just 10 minutes to get through from the toll plaza out to a highway one o one there. so not bad at all westbound 24 from walnut creek it to the 5.80 you're looking at 16 minutes. a few hours ago as you know this was actually a problem spot earlier with the sig alert. i'm heading down to oakland, but not a problem anymore. it's been looking good. the rest of this morning and then on the 5.80 from a tree flee out to dublin, you're looking at a drive time of 27 minutes. >>we're back here 7 31 with the breaking news. we're
7:32 am
following to our south. we know that one person has been confirmed killed and 5 others wounded on this greyhound bus that was headed from l a up to san francisco. shots were fired by a fellow passenger was early this morning. police say all the shooting victims were taken to the hospital and again one of those victims has been confirmed to have died from their injuries. the shooting happened about one 30 this morning. again on i 5 along the great fire of 40 passengers in that bus the chp. >>says the gunman is in custody. but we're waiting to find out more about the circumstances who was the guy opened fire why was he targeting these people didn't know anybody on the bus or are these all strangers he started firing at we're working to find out this morning. another big story we're tracking for you this morning. the us has now 11 confirmed cases of the corona virus that originated in wuhan china the san benito county california officials are announcing now 2 new cases there they made that announcement last night they say it's a married couple man and woman the husband had just
7:33 am
gotten back from mohan. >>and then infected his wife when he got here which makes us now the second person to person case to be reported in the u s the other states with cases that are also dealing with we have arizona with illinois, massachusetts washington state. more than 300 people worldwide now have died from this infection, which is more than died during the sars outbreak in 2002 to help put this in perspective for you also more than 17,000 people now are sick with the virus. >>here in the bay area health officials in santa clara. a county have now also confirm a second patient has been diagnosed with caught fire we've got more on the story now from kron four's will tran he's live in the south bay will. is said to show a single froze up on us so we'll try to reconnect with him in a little bit but again with the south bay now confirming a second case we have a growing number of bay area residents. >>that are dealing with us with its corona virus. i think
7:34 am
we have will really i mean connection will. >>we do know that the second person is not connected to the first person that comes from the public health department meaning they don't know each other and so they're basically 2 isolated cases in this particular case this woman actually came back from china around january 23th, and we show some video of san francisco international obviously a lot of people coming back going through the airports when they're coming back from china and right now many major airlines are no longer flying too. chinese destinations, including lou on china where the health department believes this woman was. early at at that particular time and that's the epicenter of the corona virus she's been isolated and she has not been hospitalized, so she's not just gravely ill, but to a point where she does has to has to be hospitalized and being taken care of her family in the bay area and they've also been quarantine
7:35 am
not allowed to leave their home not even for groceries in this particular case because it is a public health crisis so to speak groceries are being delivered to them. but there is no threat to public health at this time a lot of people taking to social media wondering who is this person as you my neighbor is she my co-worker but because of confidentiality rules, they're not allowed to pass along this woman's name or the other person's name for their safety, but they did say right now because it's being handled and they are quarantine that there is little or no threat to the public at this time back to you all right, thanks a lot. well. >>time now 7.35 also happening today, we've got closing arguments in president trump's impeachment trial, it'll be delivered by both house managers and the president's defense team today, the entire trial is likely to be wrapped up by wednesday. suzanne malveaux has the latest. >>despite senate republicans ready to acquit president
7:36 am
trump. some of his top gop supporters are now saying it was wrong for the president to pressure ukraine into investigating his political rivals and the president has a lot of ladakh tend to to do what he wants to do. >>again not what i would have done but certainly again going after corruption, it's not something you would have done why wouldn't you have done it because it was wrong because it was an appropriate i think generally speaking going after corruption would be the right thing to why he did it may be in the wrong manner in the but i think he could have done it for different channels, the admissions coming after the justice department acknowledged the existence of blocked emails that could provide more insight on why trump withheld military aid to ukraine. >>still senators like lamar alexander arguing trump's conduct was not impeachable defending his choice to vote against witnesses and new evidence in the trial i think he should have done it think it was wrong.
7:37 am
>>inappropriate was way i'd say improper crossing the line. and then the only question left is who decides what to do about that well who decides what to do and the people the people my conclusion lead house impeachment manager adam schiff saying it's not enough for republicans to just say trump's conduct was inappropriate. >>i also think it's important that the senate take the next step having found him guilty if indeed that's what they have found. >>they need to remove him from office because he is threatening to spill. cheap in the next election by soliciting foreign interference. >>trump ally and senate judiciary chairman lindsey graham looking to vindicate trump vowing to issue subpoenas for the ukraine call whistleblower and former vice president joe biden to testify even after this week's vote and let me tell republicans out there. >>you should expect us to do this if we don't do it we're letting you down and i them to you if it were democrat, if if
7:38 am
their shoe on the other democrats would be eating us alive and for the democrats schiff declining to say whether the house will subpoena former national security adviser john bolton. >>but i will say this so whether it's before in testimony before the house or it's in his book or it's in one form or another the truth will come out is will continue to come out. >>again today's closing arguments come the day before the president is set to deliver his state of the union address which is tomorrow night. we'll take a break coming up. and we barbecue turns deadly in fresno we'll tell you what led up to the shooting. we'll have reaction from neighbors. >>it is a cold morning. that's about the worst part about today other than that it's clear and it's going to be actually a nice afternoon sluggish. you keep the jacket handy, right now now you're at 29 livermore also below freezing at 30. i've got your forecast ahead. >>well it's an 11 minute drive from the toll plaza to highway one o one if you're taking the richmond sandra fell bridge
7:39 am
this morning. we'll we tried to get the politicians to deal with the problem. but they wouldn't. so we took it to the voters and forced big tobacco to pay its share of healthcare costs. we fought oil companies for new clean air laws and closed a billion dollar corporate tax loophole to fund public schools. by going directly to the people we got results. that's not something you see a lot of from washington these days. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. let's make change happen.
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7:42 am
the house police were also able to arrest that gunman at a nearby homeless encampment take a listen. >>the stuff like a bird. it's like i want to >>police say the victim was only visiting the home where that shooting happened. they believe the gunman attacked the victim with a homemade gun. >>7 42 in the north bay, a trail of taken over by a homeless encampment is going to be closed for a month now to get it cleaned up. take a look at the infrared video that was a rat on the trail, plenty rats residents also complain, there's human waste. their fires and people living in tents as you can see all along the joe ridout a trail and santa rosa. the homeless were a victim had from that trail on friday and a hazmat team is now to move in and disinfect the entire 8 and a half mile trail which means going to be closed for about a month. while the fix it up and
7:43 am
when it reopens there will be barriers to keep people from reestablishing a new encampment in camping there no arrests or citations were given out during the eviction. >>some 42 coming up on the kron 00:04am morning buzz, a super bowl filled with the blood sweat and tears as the forty-niners give it away to kansas city and tom brady lays an egg during the commercials plus jason momoa takes it all coffee before your 8 a.m. belvita breakfast biscuits to get you through your nine, ten and your eleven-a.m. team mixer. made with a delicious blend of grains. get 4 hours of lasting energy to outlast your morning.
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>>welcome back 7.45 on this monday morning getting back to work today and looks great out there right, but it is really chilly this morning most of us are in the 30's and some of us are below freezing livermore in dublin at 3031 degrees right conquered a 34 oakland-alameda each of 43 will look at nap and say alina in the upper 20's, currently now skies are going to remain clear through the day of the skies are actually part of the reason we are as cold as we are what you have those clear skies and calming conditions overnight evening lows to spot him out into those 20's and 30's and we're going to see more of the same into tomorrow morning as skies remain clear through the week ahead as for your temperatures later on today was going to be better than 20's and 30's. but it is still going to be cool with mid 50's for your daytime highs. i'd say hand even into t afternoon tomorrow very similar as far as the
7:47 am
north bay tomorrow as for wednesday, you see temperatures beginning to climb and by thursday, it's back to the 60's. erica. >>good morning checking in on our bay bridge camera here at the for the toll plaza if you're heading into san francisco moving a little slow there. but the carpool lane looking great you can just assume on by if you're in the car pool lane fair 11 minutes from the maze to fremont street and checking in on our san mateo bridge camera here still looking pretty slow close to 40 minutes to make it across from hayward out to san mateo because there is some stuff that is blocking some of the lanes right before the high rise and leave there are reports of a large box of lane number one and then also what appears to be a bath tub, something you don't really hear too often blocking another put a lane when you drive further down here can't really see it but it is moving a little slow this morning
7:48 am
there. >>as for the dumbarton bridge looking great right now i haven't seen any issues all morning with this bridge both directions. it's about 20 minutes from 8.80 out to menlo park. >>and on the 24 from walnut creek to the 5.80 just 17 minutes. a hall filled with blood the sweat. >>and here's the forty-niners jump out to a 20 to 10 lead so close that the rock could smell what what cook at and. then it all burned 7 minutes to play the 49 ers had a 96% chance to win. instead we blow i it become the 3rd team in super bowl history to give up a 10 point lead in the 2nd half and lose. >>and coach shanahan knows the heartache all too well he was with the falcons when it happened to them.
7:49 am
>>so the niners go home losers and patrick mahomes goes back to kansas city with the lombardi trophy and the mvp he turned what was his all the way is game ever into his best. >>that baumhor mahomes managed to keep his cool and lead the chiefs to a 21 point comeback in 7 to 9 or try, but we just couldn't stop and we couldn't score anything ourselves. 2010 niners turns into 3120 sheets and i'm going to start now petition to cut football down to 3 quarters change dot org hashtag quit while you're ahead with the niners didn't give up that they managed to move the ball across midfield following the 2 minute warning. >>before 2 straight incompletions emmanuel sanders and broke open deep. >>on the 3rd out burger aapl overthrow of and that it was
7:50 am
over. >>this feeling more so common and real feeling, but. >>and the turning point was when we got a turnover and then we didn't execute on offense. they got the ball right back and drove it 87 yards around far worse has an office we have to and the game right there with >>it seemed good defense give us some credit so. it makes him a place that we normally make so. >>as the area no no use crying over spilled gator aid it may be no consolation but lest we forget it was a great season. an incredible turnaround from 4.12 too. 8 minutes away from a super bowl title luckily all one cell so late in the game that i could still enjoy the halftime show did you from secure as shaking hips to jenny on the pole and mystery solved on the cryptic brady tweet that ominous black and white photo he posted turned out to be from this uninspired
7:51 am
commercial where he walks out then talks about how it's time to say goodbye to tv as we know it and then he says. >>but i'm not going anywhere. but if he does want to test the market there are rumblings that the raiders would make a run at brady at the most dramatic commercial start hokey action star bob bob home jason manoa. >>who really a skinny little guy look at this. he peels off his clothes and many peels off his muscles. and since there like a tweeting that in the end i love with his spotting him on the bench, if you what n remember what the commercials for it turns out it was actually a rocket mortgage i had to look it up i know the bill murray commercial was for jeep because that kept calling a good showing him getting into a jeep driving off again and again it was a takeoff of caddyshack.
7:52 am
>>different. >>where we parked. i was following you. >>i was my favorite part groundhog day of course is 06:00am again again again. >>if only the forty-niners could play that game over again it really was groundhog day right so let's do it. punxsutawney phil there it is you know luckily, though murray didn't take off with them and he did not see his shadow which means. >>early spring. and that's the bus. tom: my mom always told me actions speak louder than words.
7:53 am
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they help us with achievable steps along the way... so we can spend a bit today, knowing we're prepared for tomorrow. wow dad, do you think you overdid it maybe? i don't think so... what do you think, peanut? nope! honey, do you think we overdid it? overdid what? see? we don't think so, son. technically, grandparents can't overdo it. it's impossible. well planned, well invested, well protected. voya. be confident to and through retirement.
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economically powerfully influenced my values. bernie sanders he's fighting to raise wages. and guarantee health care for all. now, our country is at a turning point. hard working people, betrayed by trump, struggling to survive. in this moment, we need a fighter. bernie sanders. we know he'll fight for us as president because he always has. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. >>today's box office report brought to you by the new luxury lounge ers at century san francisco center. >>super bowl weekend typically a slow one at the box office but let's find out if any films did manage to break through the football frenzy. david daniel has a closer look. so is that is that bobby jindal men took 5th place in its second weekend out grossing $6 million gretel and hansel opened at number 4 with
7:56 am
6.1 million slightly more than it cost to make robert downey junior and do little managed to stay in 3rd place picking up 7.7 million. >>colonel mackenzie was in command of the second. the sent word yesterday morning's going off to the retreating germans, the award-winning war drama 1917 is at 119 million domestic after a second place weekend worth million might might the long-awaited threequel bad boys for life took the top spot for the 3rd straight weekend making million for a domestic total of 148 million in hollywood, i'm david daniel. coming up the corona virus continues to spread around the world we have another confirmed case here in the bay area will have the latest details coming up in a live report.
7:57 am
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7:59 am
>>thanks for waking up with us can we have a do over. and now okay and daria false and i'm james fletcher we've had a few problems on the roads as well as find out for america for still out there and yeah we the problems that i was talking about earlier they
8:00 am
seem to have gotten better, but i'm picking up new problems this time in the south bay so i mean this morning there's been a lot of issues in the east bay as well. yeah, yeah, asked homes are falling from the sky. there's is cold out there even call it from the sky, no rables no fog. no cloud cover it's just the cole yeah that's slow you down this morning. >>hopefully you're bundled up before you get out there if you're not well, you're going to be chilly applicant outside of timber on right here blue skies overhead just a few clouds said hey looking really nice. she look outside be like os about to be such a beautiful morning. >>but don't be fooled. those clear skies actually helps temperatures overnight to get as cold as they dead and right now most of us are actually in the 30's livermore in dublin are each right at or below freezing san mateo redwood city hayward all in the 30's c


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