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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  February 3, 2020 8:00am-9:01am PST

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talking about earlier they seem to have gotten better, but i'm picking up new problems this time in the south bay so i mean this issues in the easbay as ot of ll. yeah, yeah, asked homes are faing from the sky. there's is cold out there even call it from the sky, no rables no fog. no cloud cover it's just the cole yeah that's slow you down this morning. >>hopully you're bundled up before you get out there if u're not well, you're going to be chilly applicant outside of timber on right here blue skies overheadjust a few clouds said helooking really nice. she look outside be like os about to be such a beautiful morning. >>butdon't be fooled. those clear skies actually helps temperatures overnight to get as cold as they dead and right now most of us are actual in the 30's livermore in dubl are each right or below freezing san mateo redwood city hayward all in the 30's
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conquered europe 36 while napa rising from a minute ago, you're at 29 now you're tting at 32 degrees into tomorrow morning. some even colder conditions are expected for parts of the bay area cold enough to freeze warnings will take effect tonight into 09:00am tomorrow morning for much of the north bay now later on today daytime highs will eventually rise into e 50's not too bad, but it will be cool enough a lot like yesterday was a brisk afternoon ahead of us before another chilly evening tonight. >>goodorning all checking in on the san mateo bridge earlie if you're watching our newscast, a toll you one of the lanes s blocked by what appeared to have been a bath tub, but it looks ke they might have removed it and that's something you don't like our drive times starting to go down some clear this morning we did have a couple minocollision. there that's that whi truck that you see on a tow tru and i was involved. eaier this morning
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35 minutes from hayward to san mateo as for the richmond sandra fell bridge 11 minutes from the ll plaza out to highway one oh one this morning. and wk to get more information on a traffic collision and the south bay on a one oh one. north of morgan hill. get more details on that later on but just fomorgan help to san jose's 14 minutes right now. and then the dumb barton bridge all morninwe haven't had any issues and both directions there. it's just 18 minutes from the 8.80. >>to a menlo park and checking in on the 24 as you know this morning we had a couple singler it's a that was a problem area this morning but definitely sense said that's been canceledits been looking good since then us just 16 minutes fr walnut creek to the 5.80. breaking news that we're followi this morning. one person dead 5 others wounded on a greyhound bus th was
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headed to san francco. it was coming from la when the shots rang out a fellow passenger apparently is the one w pulled the trigger apparently this guy just got up and arted shooting people 5 people went to the hospital we don't know eir condition we just know they were wounded. ataround one 30 this morning they we driving on interstate 5 in the grapevine. >>40 passeers on board when that one passenger started firing again one rson was killed we not sure about his relationship to the other passengers if you knew the people is targeting them or just opened fire. so we're working on getting those details this morning all right so moreon that to come in the meantime of course we're digesting dissecting analyzing. >>how the 49 ers did not come home with us this morning from absolutely al 49 er fans coast to coast a bit. well, it's broken heart of the smart thingstarted off anddid so well and really or quite a while. >>you know we've is going ino the 1st half i was ppy people salmon riveroffice 32 yard run to 1st quarter in the
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grade ii yes, it stts at e field al get the niners the early lead later in the 1st holmes ran >>yard the niners came back. yeah, yeah, jimmy g's on tell use check look at him go get in e that's tied at 30 quarter niners gray's holer. and it and that was it was always we never did it again we neverscored again 4th quarter patrick mahomes 21 unanswered points in the 4th quarter. if they want to we lost in 7 anda half minutes yeah, 31 to 21 and hear the niners talk first all pat. stops. >>i mean or so common and real feeling, but. >>guys are far you know it's unfortunate but you kn just bought everything unfair noonan a arrow it's about. >>and the turng point was when we got a turnover a
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then we didn't execute on offense they got e ball right back and drove it 87 yards around far worse has an office have to in the game right there with >>it seemed gooddefense give us some credit so. it makes him a place that we normally make so. >>this to me does face is still ok, break his face r the got a lot there's home smiling face righepa, the game of course nd bp well we're still tryg to getver it and we are hard and it ll be a process, let's put it that let's talk more about fans the reaction both here and of course out of miami to because we had a whole bunch of peop that spent a lot of money to go out just shut it off or yo know just go do other stuff when i saw it was like a hand, they had to sit there with l tse kansas city fans sharing in watching that confettcome down for the other team akron 4 sarah stinson was there felt it for sarah. >>was brutal, you guys, i mean
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at least the fans got to leave stay there in the stadium as the confetti ntinue to the low round in the team started coming out all those kansas city fans they were amped up they stayed in t stadium for hours afterwards they were not leaving because that was their stadi for the night. i'm sure people did not get any sleep in as usually the case butafterhe kansas city. team won their fans points while i mean it s just crazy a i was not expecting it all was quite an experience for me in this pen with all the media and we'rexpecting to goout to the field and e our team in ngratulate them in feel adrenalineand all the sudden another gentleman went away and ibecame just a somber into their locker room. some of the ad. tears streaming down their you kw for me
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of them they really they're saying that you know they felt they had it and then they just didn't and itwas just a devastating a lot of ns you knowas you said spend thousands and thousands of dollars to be here. >>and miami fortunately gave them a really good time and so did the game you know until about the 4th quarter so i caught up with 2 fans. they were sticking around and they were able to tell me how ey're feeling there from the bay area, let's hear how they feel. >>i mean 's hard when you have all the chiefs fa like cheering and youkind of want to just turn the tv off. but you cat and you're here so u just kind of have we were here in not here but we are at the new orleans for 2013. the last time in 9 years the super wall and they lost then left for so reason i thought for sure they pull through th year and they didn't so they're a little this year would be it. and we
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all did i mean they're also confident all the 49 ers fans i talked to said we got this win the better team and it was looking like that for a minute but the chiefs i mean mahomes man he really just pulled it together at the very end there as daria said it really well i mean wve lost a game in 7 minutes, they won the game in minutes. >>it was. >>it was a very intense game to watch though and peop of an intense game, but. >>we usually want the outcome to in our favor will continue be faithful every single fan. i have talked to said, you know, yea i'm but you know what next year will come back bigger and stronger and do because we got those players that are signed on they're young they're strong we got a shanahan a young coach who's just so good so be really interesting to see if u can pull it togher and next year. >>and maybe come back come back to miami make sure you never know. >>saying 've got a lot to be excited about him trng as
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you know doesn't work have y with my kid like me doesn't something like the looout for you can look and he's like no, it doesn't matter you know what we lost and you just get it because he didn't you went from super bowl the very next year and we've got so much talent i to really enjoy come next season that i lost the fort outlets not that a subject ahead of their derby themselves up for us we're not being a mafia we have all the coverage on line to you can read all about it if you relly want to relive any of it. >>it's all right there i i choose to forget on all right now on to other news and the other big story we're followg th morning is the fact that an 11th person has been confirmed in the u s with having corona virus san nito new cases last night and it's a married couple yes, so the husbandactually just returned from china and this is how he infected his fe who was here the second person to person. >>case in the on us soil.
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i was informed that san benito county had to. confirmed ces of noble corona virus. in our community. he was screaming at the airport. the quarantine rules at the time. was found to be total healthy in asymptomatic. >>earlr yesterday the santa clara county public health department confirmed a second patient there infected and the other states th cases in the us arizona, illinois, massachusetts washington dc and then as you can see. >>on the world map here more than 300 people in the world have died of the infection surpassing the number who died during the sars outbreak. als more than 17,000 people e sick with the corona rus. yeah and the travel restrictions e in place to try contain the corona vis. they went into effect sunday
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afternoon and they prohibit foreign nationals who visited china in the previous weeks. >>from entering the us fect any us citizen returning from the tube.a provce will be courting for 2 week those who've been elsewhere in china will have to indoor extra screening. the dth toll in china upwards of 361 now om the corona virus. and as we mentioned that do not pass the level that th sars took on the humapopulation will have cntinuing coverage on all of the corona virus developments throughout th morning, including live reports from the santa clara county department of health kron four's will tran is out there live and we'll have an update now the latest numbers plus the impacts on the bay area. >>11 is the time in a man has been arrted for a shooting that happened at a bar in san francisco last night the bars on 3rd street and that's where the shots were fired and then the man tried to drive away but crashed his car into a street light. police arrested him right there and also found a gun nobody el was hur
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>>the 14 ght now if you're just looking at the tv it's a while it's nice outside. >>that's what i'm here for
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it's actually not a perfect you know it looks great. but yes, it is so frigid out there this morning temperatures below freezing for a lot of our inland spots yeah, n francisco, yeah, it los great sunshine. no fog whatsoever sa jose re the sa beautiful blue and clear skies, san jose juror at 39 right now in san francisco and oakland are at 44 degrees currently 30's right along the bay, both on the peninsula as well as in the et bay, then you got livermore in dblin sitting at or below freezing as we make our way through your 8 o'clock hour napa fell to the 20's earlier this morning as we also signed areas like son nolan livermore now napa sitting at 32 say alina still at 29 degrees. so conditions later on today are gradually going get more more comfortable, but it's still going to be jacket where the even as sunshine stays with us welinto the afternoon. it's the same as clear skiethat tonight are going to help temperatures to fall rapidly yet again and tomorrow
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morning, especially for the just as chilly if not a little cooler than today even so do expect temperatures tomorrow again to be kind ofa shock as you're steppingoutside he just got to bundle up get that winter jacket ready to go as yore getting out there right ow we're in 30's 20's. but later today, we are rising into the 50's a lighter jacket will do just fine but you're going to need one all throughout the day it's n t shirt weather. redwood city san carlos mountain view each at 55, whilethe south bay it 56 degrees from sunnyvale campbe san jose on over to santa ara east bay temperatures not much different and for the year at the coast or inla. you've got the sunshine you've got the cool temperatures will be breezy at tes this afternoon, although not near as windy as yesterday was fairfield 55 for your high today with neva and no valley also at 55 degrees tomorrow mperatures not much different. we have that cold start to e morning, another cool day average conditions wednesday with highs rising a
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little bit and then comes the rest of the week ter that it does look to be more comfortable high temperatures ba to the 60's erica, good morning all checking in on our sanmateo bridge camera would you look at our drive time it has really gone not too long ago and would have taken you 45 minutes to ma it aoss the bridge, but now we're down to 27 minutes if you'reheaded out to peninsula because as i mentioned earlier there was bath tub plucking one of the right before the high rise, but t looks like it has been cleared and traffic is better out there as forthe richmond sandra fell bride that's looking good just 11 minutes from the toll plaza out to highway one o one so pretty normal for this me of morning i am picking up anothetraffic collision of this one's in thsouth bay, one oh one north you can see some heavy traffic out there this is near alawrence expressway a gray said e sedan was involved with this and i believe. ditch so our drive times for
8:18 am
that area one o one an jose out to menlo park, you're lking at drive time over an hour. and up close to 25 minutes on the 2.80 from san jose to cupertino i am picking as well in the south bay, this is on t 85 south near camden avenue a lane is blocked there all time hicle collision involving a red durango so some traffiin that area. so give yourself extra time if you're traveling that road this morning so here in the 80 from tracy to dublin just under 30 minutes so really not too bad and the dumb barton bridge all morning has been looking pretty good in both directions 20 minutes to make it across from 8.80 tomenlo park and on e 24 from walnut creek to the 5.80 you're looki at 17 minutes also a pretty normal for this time of the morningand from pacheco downto danville 17 minutes on
8:19 am
the 6 80 in the senate back over to you ys alright erica, thank you 18 on the clock in nation news, closing arguments of president trump's impeacent trial will be delivered. >>today by house managers and president ump's defense likely to be wrapped up by wednesday, which is one day after the president's state of the union address. john lawrence has a closer look. >>president trums ongoing saga about his dealings with ukraine is coming to an end on wednesday, the sene will vote on whether to convict him and remove him from office i that people will do something that's fully the politically expedient and i certnly hope that our democratic senators uphold the constitution an protect our country a vote for acquittal a near certainty, the republicans have a majority in the senate and some democra might join them as well the one i'm watcing frankly is doug jones he's on the ballot. he has a small ance for reelection alabama anprobably not a large chance, but whatever number that is dps to 0 or less than 0.
8:20 am
>>if the votes to convict the presiden although president trp says his call with ukrainian psident zelinsky was perfect. >>some supporters conce it could have been handled better generally spking going after corruption would be the right thing to why he did it may be in the wrong manner. crics say now the president will face another jury on election day 2020 we get to send a ssage at the ballot box that cheating lying involving a foreign country in our own domestic politics not to ntion abuse ofpower more broadly and administration that that's not that we can do better, i'm john lawrence reporting. we'll also ppening today, it's the first primarcontest as democrats are looking for their candidate to take on esident trump in november, the iowa caucuses begin toght all of the candidtes have spentthe weekend making their final pitches to iowa, voters. >>winning iowa is crtical, it'll be critical for some because it will give whatever candidate walks away with the most votes momentum ahead of next week's new hampshire primary. >>a 20 right now and a man
8:21 am
died in an argument over the super bowl. police say the gunman road up to this he in fresno during a fami barbecue and shot the victim after into a ght the forty-niners decor that somebodywas wearing or that that they had out foa barbecue police were able to arrest the gunman and a nearby hoeless encampment. >>the stuff like a bird. it's like i want to >>the victim it turns ouwas visiting that the party where the shooting happened they homemade gun. nman was using a >>coming up on the kron morning news, everyone wanted in a deadly laptop theft in oakland arin custody will have the very latest from police, man has been shot and killed after a terror-reled incident in london. we'll tell
8:22 am
yo what we've learned so far this morning and here's a quick live look outside at e bay bridge approach lot of sunshine though it icold and the traffic is stacking up here is folks make their way in francio.
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>>welcome back e 24 on this monday morning. it's back to work tod and for some it's back from your travels in good news about the clear skies that wee saying obviously that's good for flights. no
8:25 am
delays whatsoever out of any of our airports right now now the same clear skies have contributed to some chilly temperatures overnight clear and calm nights often come along with some of our coal dust of weather. certaiy playing through this morning livermore you're at 32 degrees right now nap after falling to 29 is sitting at 32. kland to san frcisco, half moon bay in the 40's. all dwood city hayward palo alto and san jose all still remain in the 30's right now. this is a big drop intemperatures as compared to yesterday livermore down 18 degrees from the same time yesterday conquered in hayward down 17 degrees erica. >>well if you're taking the one oh one in north in the south bay there some heavy traffic right now give yourself extra time if you have to take up this morning, there was a vehicle collision th involved 4 vehicles one oh one north near moffat boulevard and 's blocking lanes one to 2 some of those
8:26 am
vehicles that were invved in that collision. so right now on the ono one from san jose to menlo park, it'll take you close to an hour. have to make it through as for e 2.80 from san jose to cupertino about 23 minutes and we also have another traffic collision in the south bay, this is for 8.85 south near camden avenue. lane is blocked a that is nother multvehicle collision as well so little bit of traffic out there back to you guys. >>a second person in sant clara county has contracted virus and now she and her family quantine coming up i'll have the details and what the health department what ey're doinfor
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y3q74y y1ncy >>right now checking out weather and traffic it's been hot spots because of those couple of early moing for has been a busy morning hou ght now if you're traveling in the south bay heading north em from san jose menlo park, it'll take you out an hour and a half. for vehicle collision had more on that to come and then on the weather front of the temperatures creeping up any a little bit. >>it's still cold yet they're definitely starting to 5 as the sun comes out. but you know sti mo of us are in the 30's at this point. so whether you got up early early
8:30 am
or taking to the roads a little bit later there'no avoiding the cold on this monday morning skies are nice and clear and we are looking at clear skies well through the afternoon, no fog. no cloud cover can be su of that as you get outtheir 30's and 40's for current temperatures double in livermore overing right aroundfreezing san jose palo alto redwood city hayward fremont all in e areas like livermore napa all fell the 20's earlier this morning see our start to climb, but no you're still sitting at 32 degrees. omorrow morning is going to be just as cold if not a little colder than this morning was too so we've got a few cold mornings in the work ead of us. this is a freeze warning that will take effect tonight lasting through tomorrow morning. so another cold one to bundle up for th today and then into tomorw mid 50's for highs later today certainly going to feel better you'll still be that jacket for it even later today, erica. >>wel you can see the red tub behind me on my traffic map of
8:31 am
that is the heavy traffic from this a 4 vehicle collision that occurred and the sout bay. so if you're taking one oh one heading north it's going to take you a while and probly take an alternate route maybe that to 80 instead again this is a 4 vehicle collision and 2 of the lanes are blocked rain now in fact it'll te you close to an hour and a half to make it from san jose to menlpark on the 2.80 from san ose to cupertino you're looking at a 125 minutes. we have another traffic collision in the south bay that i'm also following this is on the 85 south near camden lane is blocke following a mall tidy up llision that involved in red to rain go as for the golden gate bridge righnow it's looking beautiful out there arseeing that traffic going smoothly right now from nevado to the toll plaza just under 30 minutes. >>31 of the time the big story
8:32 am
the us now has 11 confirmed and being a county most s. yes recently. >>officials there announced 2 new ses this was sunday evening. actually they were a married the 2 patients, yeah, it's the husband who had just got back frm will hunt china and ended up getting wife iected. >>and that makes the second person to person case in the us. thother state here with cases, arizona, illinois massachusetts in washington. and around the world more than 300 people have died of the infection.that's more than died during the saroutbak in 2002. also more than 17,000 people have been infected and are sick with he corona virus and closeto home in the bay area we have health officials in santa clara county. >>also confiing that second patient has been diagnosedwith corona virus, let's go to kron four's will tran he's live in the south bay with the latest well. >>the health department james and area they say there is no threat to the public and that
8:33 am
is very importanfor you to know that that they're on top the situation, not just the health department but airnes. some san francisco international airport and wee on the story all last week many major airlines are shutting down their flights to china, cluding on china and that is important because according to the health department. this particula case this woman actually spent some me in china and then she ca back to the bay area and then she contct is corona virus during that particular time and that's why she is basically quarantine at this time her conditions not so bad what she has to be hospitalized, but they're on top of the situation, not just for her. but for her family her family also quarantine where they cannot even leave their house to go shop for groceries instead groceries will be delivered to them so the corona virus does not spread this beinthe econd one viously they had tobe a
8:34 am
health department they believe these 2 pele arnot connected to each other meaning they're not neighbo, not co-workers not family members just 2 isolated ncidts. the good news is they say that it is very hard. the contract corona virus and in this particular case. she that she can spread it in the bay area but they are telling everybody who come down with it including this woman. they have to stay inside for th immediate future. back to yo and by the way james and rea because you guys always tease me by being the human barometer. yes, it is three--ten this sort ok just wa to pass along as we do more in crime. yeah report and give you this is not it. >>that's e big weather story that thank you will going back how we're dealing with the current a doctor at ucsf. >>and he's woing on new rapid test to be able to detect if a person has the
8:35 am
virus. >>the idea is that this would be a point of care testing would be a st that you could use the emergency department in a doctor's officand potentially at the airport during screening that our hope that this uld be a test that could be donerapidly and would have very highaccuracy in diagnosing this infection. >>doctor s sa this test would be administered with a nasal swab and ey've done the put that ina test tube and mix it with a react and and theprocess get the all within 2 hours. something similar to a year in pregnancy test that would determine whether or noa person is infected. >>in the east bay police in union city are investigating an officer-involved shooting the viewer sent us video of the incident take a look there it is. the shooting happened fray night prima police say it started with a robbery at for a storeat fremont specific on a shopping center. police chased the getaway car to the area right near a broader niles and 80 officers say they fired shots at 3 pele one of them is arrested
8:36 am
2 others w been taken to the hospital we're told they have not life threatening injurs. and a student has died after a shooting at an east y high school that shootg happened at deer vall high in antioch after a basketball game on friday. the school district says thstudent was shot in the parking lot. he passed says the grief counselors are for those who need it. the shooting of course is under investigation. >>a 36 in the east bay all 3 people who are wanted for a deadly laptops aft in oakland are now in cuody. sure tiong died on new year's eve chasing after thieves who stole his laptop he was in a starbucks in a montclair nehborhood oakland police have just announced a 3rd arrest in this case on friday. they arrested a person they have given usand for any information but we do know that there we're 2 others who were arrested earlier that was last month the byron reed an javan lee and they're charged with murder and other felonies. >>still aheadon the kron 4 mning news security remains a top concern as we get closer to election season, we'll tell
8:37 am
you what secretaries of state across the country are doing to protect your vo plus a mother is outraged by t wa police treated her son after a medical emergency will tell you what happened. and after the break it's one ing everybody's talking about this morning. the per bowl halftime show did you like it did you t who peformed the best lot of topics totalk about we'll take a loser look coming up and here's a live look outside the richmond sandra fell bridge where traffic actually doeslook terrible here, although i know it's a backup ing up to the what erica with an update on r the commute and john th your forecast in just a minute. they say at a certain age yojust stop ring. i wonder wt age that is. simply ageless with hluronic complex. plumps and hydrates for your best skin at any age. from easy, breezy, beautiful corgirl
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>>i mean with thelike shaking of so of the talking and the hair it all out of timhere tossing and od stopping a when there's a full-on belly from shakira they were singing her hits j lo did a little of a reenactment of her hustlers will there with dancing on the pole. a lot acrobati to like cheerleading sty she was held up in air's or daughter. 11 year-old i think she's 11 her daughter saying. yeah, her name is m e. and the
8:41 am
big wrap-up were based on stage together was was a exciting show ming out. >>agaiwe've been debating. besperformance in time. >>and you know idolize jail she's a her performance was fantastic. you brought up the pass super bowlhows though i alize al guess to work under that a the pyrotechnics tops. >>but it wasn't great be on say and bruno mars you like that with a that was. all right take a quick breakome backwith more in a minute. here's a live look outside as we go n francisco international airport, no clouds outhere. >>sunshine will be right back.
8:42 am
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8:44 am
>>welcome back 8.44 on this monday morning back to work today for so many of us and hey even though it looks really ptty out there. it is chilly out there as well berkeley under me sunshine as is the rest of the y area. temperatures are starting to rise just a few degrees but it's still cod you're still in the 30's for san jose palo alto redwood city hayward on older er to livermore which is actuallya freezing right now livermore oakland-alameda san mateo and san francisco all the mid 40's, currently while napa also currently at freezing at 32 degrs. now skies are remain clear throuout the
8:45 am
course of the day today and underthese clear skies it will eventually feel beter than as this morning. but afternoon. tonight is again going to be cryal clear that will allow temperatures to bottom out in the 20's and 30's again with some freeze rnings taking effect tonight for the north bay tuesday on into wednesday temperatures starting to climb wednesday, it's back to seasonal averages at leas after which point watcleader returning to the 60's so we do have warmer conditions ahead of us as for today tonight and tomorrow though we're staying cooler than average and definitely sing jacket where the 50's for yo daytime highs all across the board today whether you're at the coast land we're all going to be sharing these cool numbers so keep a jacket on hand winds will pick up again this afternoon from the northeast and will result in a cool brisk feel as you're stepping ouide even as temperatures do rise into the 50's sonoma napa and delay ho each 55 for highs. well so low 50's out along the coastline. tomorrow temperatures nomuch
8:46 am
different couple degrees. warmer after what will be a another frigidmorning wednesday you see that climb in temperatures and eventually the end of the forecast looks a lot nicer highs back into the 60's staying dry the whole me. erica. >>good morninchecking in on our bay bridge camera here right before the toll plaza looking pretty and normal for this timeof the morning moving slow. but if you are on me a car pool lanes that's looking pretty good. i belve i just saw a a traffic collision once you get on the bridge near the treasure island bank said i'trying to get more information on that elaine, it looks like might be blocked again working to get some information on that task for the san mateo bridge here when you look at that a nuer right now is 22 minutes to make it across out the ninsula definitely different one earlier it was going to be 45 nutes to ke it across because of some issues but. >>that's going smoothly in the higher has al looking good now compared to earlier and
8:47 am
e south bay we do have this traffic collision 4 vehicles involved in this one and is causing some heavy traffic moffat boulevard all the way down. >>to a santa clara asyou can see a couple of the lanes are blocked. so i give yourself extra time if you'retaking that this morning. currently from san jose out to menlo park it will take about 87 minutes, but the 2.80rom san jose to cupertino you're lookinat 23 minutes or so another a traffic collision also in the south bay that i'm monitoring here is onthe 85 is blocked following a multi e vehicle collision involving a red tour and also looking a little sl out there as well on checking in on some of our other drive times on terstate 6.80 from checotah danville you're looking at 15 minutes, i'm on the 5.80 from livermore to dublin ju 6 minutes and on the one o one
8:48 am
at 13 minute. 08:47am. ooking >>and thecentl valley mother is outraged after her son who iswas placed in andcuffs instead of taken to the hospital kerry james has more. >>the sounds of fear can be heard in this videas poli attempt to aest a 16 scientts central fresno l plea, a local thursda florida's ponce says that boy is her side she tells us he is doctor after sufferinfrom the epileptic seizures. ose seizures. she says returned while he was in the restroom at the fast food restaurant legal fee, i stood outside the door i heard him hit the floor i tried to open the door but it was like that's when asked for help but say says when employees unlocked the door her son was on the ground she then told her daughter to call 911 on sunday, just li without enough we called paramedics for help we did not ca police he was not hurting anybody she was having a seizure, however police
8:49 am
arrived first and tried handcuffing the teen. >>video even shows themtrying to place him into the back of a patrol car during that time ponce says her son ben to panic and started to vomit only thought a kits cost on a recent was throwing up and instead of helping him so he wouldn't choke on his vomit handcuffed was this concerned mom says she then ran to a car and got paperwork showing her son has a story of epilepsy. so plans was a kid with a gh after i showed the people treat him and take him to the hospital but he ells us police stopped by the hospital friday with a rtificate of release form paperwork that ates the teen will not be arrested. something this mother of 3 says her family tried tellinofficers wn they first arrived for it's horrible. it's horrible. and in a statement action news for us to police said quote this case is current under administrative riew to review wi include examinationf all the information pertaining to the body-worn cameras. ncluding >>that was cory jas reporting the teenager is expeed to be ok the family
8:50 am
hopes thpolice will get more training on how to deal with medical emrgencies developing out of london now several people were stabbedin what police are calling a terror related incident, the man responble for the attack. so daesh amm washot and killed. he was knn to counterterrorism police he was also the subject of an active police investigation. now the tack happened yesterda afteoon and authorities say the attacker was released from prison after serving time for extremist material. and as of election ason gets under way one of e biggest concerns lawmakers have is election security in fact secraries of state from across the country mein washington to discuss at's being done to protect your vote in our washgton correspondent jesse turner has the tory. >>days before the rst votes of the 2020 presidential election secretaries of state from around the cotry convenein washington for their annual nference to scuss one of their biggest cybersecurity afr russian ty interference in the 2016
8:51 am
elec polls from the associated press, r pbs and others show many americans are concerned about vote secuty but arkansas secretary of state john thurston says he and his counterparts e optimistic we believe that is will probably be the most evehad their son says the ve confidence comefrom new voting equipment in his and ma other states. but other worries remain like how vulnerable online voter registration rolls cod be to hackers if anything do >>you know we have that communication chain in place so at we can address anytng you know quick republicans and democratsin congress remain divided over what exactly should be done to prote the country's eltions as far asthe ate's ago, i think we really appriate it when the federal government sta out ofa lot of how we run elections, bu secretaries of state do welcomefederal fundg. congress appropriated hundreds of millions of dollars last month foelection secuty efforts. >>while states figure out w to match the funds d what to
8:52 am
spend them on thurston says with the ballot secure. it's up to the voters come out to vote you know what you were washington, i'm just eaten or it. >>51 a we will continueour ok at weather and traffic for and this monday morning and don't let the video an the live shots confuse y. it's so sunny and clear beautiful year the golden gate bridge. you can sethe flag flying, it's a little bit windy anit'very coldwill
8:53 am
8:54 am
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>>welcome back 8.54 getting close to 9 o'clock but still very cold out the skies still very blue just as you're going to see him well throughout the day so no one of our spotsthat actually fell into the 20's this morning. you're seeing right here looks nice out there, but it is still very frigid as of right now tperatures are still in th30's for most areas napa sitting at freezing along with livermorea 32 degre hayward in redwood city at 36 well, san jose. still in the 30's as well a few spots in the 40's to know like oaklan san francisco nevado but stl cold in these areas and compared to yesterday at this time which as you remember was cold as well we're even lder hayward down 17 degrees from yesterday and we're going to remain cold again into the evening tonight ria. >>thanks a 55 and would you push an out house for arity pushed out house how about jump into ice cold water in winter ti for charity. ok
8:56 am
those are just some of the at do you per winterfest okay, it takes place in at marinee wisconsin was can sad was cancer. well look at the out house and then they push it. what a 2 story ah yeah, races and they're judged on eir speed and eir parents are. >>the eu for winter pcess is actually supporting our commity river city's mmunity pool. and also our boys and girls each year this event brings in just over $50,000 that helps peoplehat are agencies open andone of the possible without the community support u purple purse bring a lot of money don't you know the upers a nickname for people who live inmichigan's uppepeninsula, ow funny upper upper all the quirky little things the different parts of the country celrate that critical are and take a quick break wll come back he in a minute. >>the super bowl i know, but. >>we'll break down super bowl
8:57 am
54 and chat more about that get some reaction to e loss unfortunately fothe 49 ers and the corona virus continues to spread around the world to have more on thisatest confirmed case here in thebay area will have budgeti lead the charge.
8:58 am
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>>and thanks for joining a college the finest hour, but number one is monday and number 2 the niners law so not
9:00 am
very fine will brak down the game for you and the big news in just a few minutes first the orecast which ght now is quit cold it is it's like makes a sting a bit less because l you think about as on a good daygeyes, it is bridget as it has be all morning long it looks nic that looks great out there acally there's not a whole lot of cloud cover but as you step outside it's like a shock sia because this morning has been cold all across the bay whether you're at the coast or inland. we're all lookg at clear cold and relatiely calm conditions. this morningall the winds will pick up later today for so areas like calm starting to see temperatures climb palo alto and san jose just now rising into the 40's. >>a redwood city, you're still hanging on tthe 30's as you are as well in dublin vermore livermore fell to the 20's earlier this morning, snow. ah, our climate our way out of 20's and 30's, but it sure is taking time to do


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