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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  February 3, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PST

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the forecast which right now is quite cold it is it's like makes a lasting a bit less because all you think about as on a good day get yes, it is bridget as it has been all morning long it looks nice that looks great out there actually there's not a whole lot of cloud cover but as you step outside it's like a shock sia because this morning has been cold all across the bay whether you're at the coast or inland. we're all looking at clear cold and relatively calm conditions. this morning all the winds will pick up later today for some areas like calm down overnight now we are starting to see temperatures climb palo alto and san jose just now rising into the 40's. >>a redwood city, you're still hanging on to the 30's as you are as well in dublin in livermore livermore fell to the 20's earlier this morning, snow. yeah, our climate our way out of 20's and 30's, but it sure is taking time to do so napa you also fell to 29 degrees now at 42 oakland our
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warmest spot at 48 degrees right now now tonight is going to be another icy cold evening and us a freeze warning takes effect by be a good idea to plan on covering some plants if you didn't already do so this previous evening as conditions will drop below freezing not just for the north bay, but also for some of our inland and even bayside areas with temperatures falling into the 30's right along the bay 20's for some inland spots, 50's for daytime highs later today, sure beats our morning temperatures but it's still going to be cool enough for a jacket making our way into the afternoon. erica. >>well if you're planning on taking the bay bridge into the city right now it's not looking good. we just had a traffic as you can see on our camera view here before the toll that the barely moving our drive times will start to go up. here's some more details on that so it's near the a treasure island agus said ah this is a semi truck of this is ite sedan we have
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the 3rd sig alert has been issued for the bay area this morning so i give yourself time take an alternate route if you can as for this other traffic collision in a south bay there's 4 vehicles involved in this one this was near moffat boulevard on a one oh one north of still seeing some heavy traffic so also try to find an alternate path to your destination. if you need to this morning, i'm from san jose to menlo park, you're looking at. close to an hour and a half on the one o one on the to 18 from san jose to cupertino about 21 minutes right now. >>9 oh 2 is the time and let's get to the breaking news that happened overnight one person was shot and killed and 5 others wounded on a greyhound bust that was a driving to san francisco to left los angeles and around one 30 in the morning. a passenger started shooting, fellow passengers all of the victims were taken to hospitals. we don't know their conditions began 5 are
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injured and one is dead. and this happened on interstate 5 along the grapevine there were 40 passengers on board when this happened the chp says the gunman is in custody. but we do not know yet the relationship between the gunman and the other passengers if they knew each other why he opened fire. the us now has 11 confirmed cases of the corona virus san benito county in california. they just announced yesterday last night that they have to new cases they say it's a married couple and that the husband just got back from will on china and he ended up infecting his wife that makes this the second person to person case of transmission in the u s the other states with the corona virus in the us arizona, illinois, massachusetts, and washington, more than 300 people in the world have died of the infection that's more than died during the sars outbreak in 2002 also more than 17,000 people are sick with the virus. and here in the bay
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area health officials in santa clara county have confirmed a second patient is diagnosed with corona virus there. let's go to kron four's will tran live in the south bay with the latest well. >>here's what you need to know according to the health department and we are not in danger of coming down the corona virus because this particular person has been quarantined this is the second case, the first case and this case according to health officials are not connected to each other meaning their co-workers family or neighbors just 2 isolated incidents, right now traveling back and forth from china very difficult, especially with many major airlines no longer going to many locations in china, including lou on china which is the epicenter of the corona virus that's where according to the santa clara health department. they believe this woman came back from and was diagnosed back on january 23th of having corona
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virus. she has been told to basically stay inside her home, she's getting treatments, there are symptoms not so bad what she has to be hospitalized her family also quarantine saying they cannot leave their home as well, it's so desperate of the situation and they want to make sure that it does not spread the family is not even allowed to go shop for groceries instead groceries will be brought to them right now 2 cases they're monitoring the situation could be more down the road but they are saying we are not being threatened despite not telling us the identities of those 2 people because of confidentiality laws back to you. >>all right, thanks a lot. we'll and we've got continuing coverage on the corona virus. everything you need to know right here on kron 4 as well as on our website at kron 4 dot com. we've talked to doctors, they'll have some words about how ying to develop quick test. so that they'll know who has been infected.
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>>9 oh 5 and heartbreak for the san francisco 49 ers and their fans after they lost the super bowl in miami and it got off to such a good start deebo samuel's rips off his 32 yard run in the 1st quarter. look at that that's of a field goals given the night as the early lead. and then in the 1st quarter chiefs quarterback patrick mahomes ii >>it's pretty cocky about that one yard touchdown, gives the chiefs the lead the niners came back though and things are looking good. the 2nd quarter with jimmy g funny tell you ties it 10. than i just took the i want touchdown byron he's most are. so now it's 2010 what could possibly go wrong everything in the 4th quarter mahomes lead the chiefs. on a comeback 21 unanswered points in the 4th quarter and after we lost and they keach 31 to 21 year the niners
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>>as tough mean or so common and real feeling, but it is what it is. >>guys are far you know it's unfortunate but you know just bought everything unfair noonan a narrow it's about. >>and the turning point was when we got a turnover and then we didn't execute on offense. they got the ball right back and drove it 87 yards around far worse has an office we have to in the game right there with >>it good defense he i give us some credit so. time. it makes him a place that we normally make so. it's tough for >>and there goes the gator aid it was orange if you placed a bet and if you placed a bet on mvp patrick mahomes was the mvp going home with the trophy and this morning. fans are still trying to get over it going home with this loss if they were in miami to spend all that money and had to sit there. >>and cry cover sarah says it is live in miami with more
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reaction it was not pretty. >>yeah, you know it was a tough game because i think we all had a lot of confidence and we were confident during the game. after half time with feeling. good after listening to j lo and shakira and turns out you know we didn't when not only the fans as pointed the players are disappointed i was in the locker room and they were all telling you know it's a disappointment for the chiefs, you know got to give him credit they did a good job adjoining i know our in the same hotel jeff wilson junior years mommy's a running back for the 49 ers is angela thanks for joining us. thank you thank you and so are you feeling this morning on this is a tough game, but you got to be proud of your son and i was absolutely it's bittersweet you know we are expecting to win. >>but through it all. i was just really excited about my son being in super bowl having this huge opportunity on that platform, so the family, you know came to support if is
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proud around the hometown. alcor texas house in taxes. tyler texas houston texas all over dallas thomas support, yes, absolutely so to watch the game there was a like i mean after halftime you probably feeling good. >>when it was hit and i was like ok, we got this so you know it took a turn i had to get up and walk out and leave you know miners are up i know is freaking out it was crazy, it was crazy. i think you know. if i was a probably would have done some things different sorry shanahan anyway, yeah. >>you know they experience was kind of surreal so at the end of the day they made it there they worked hard to get there even though we didn't get the win. i think the team has a lot to build on they have tremendous players, their attitudes are perfect. you know the coaches are awesome shout out to coach turner. >>been one of the just say to
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you this morning. you know what he said he said that you know. he was excited for the opportunity he's ready to just move on and get ready for this next year or so. >>you know if i act i feel like maybe he cried. >>he's you know a play them that i saw him a full-on tears, it but his sister saw him last night and a. >>he looked bombed out, but you you know with prayers and in time he'll get over it, but you know what he's young he made to the super bowl and they are still nfc >>behind as it was a go you guys are making a back next as i needed a mom talk to make me feel better you know it takes a lot to make its on and you made it right not everybody even gets there so go niners. thank you sarah. >>and we have more coverage online at kron 4 dot com. you
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can rewatch are you watch the game how daft hi michelle, i mean really let's not belabor it enough of the highlights. a night at the time right now a man was arrested for a shooting that happened at a bar in san francisco last night and the bars on 3rd street. police say the man fired the shots and then tried to drive away but crashed his car at a street light and that's where they arrested him they found a gun nobody else was hurt. in the east bay all 3 people now wanted for a deadly laptop theft in oakland are in custody shore showing died on new year's eve while chasing after seized. >>who stole his laptop. he was at a starbucks in montclair neighborhood when they took his computer oakland police announced that 3rd arrest on friday. but they did not give us any information about who they arrested we do know they arrested 2 other suspects last month. brian reed and joe van le they're charged with murder. >>and still ahead on the kron 4 morning a family barbecue turned deadly in fresno we'll
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tell you what it had to do with the super bowl. and then democrats are going to take a big step for forward tonight i in finding their next presidential candidate what's at stake in iowa. and next an update on the cleanup job that's underway now along this trail. we'll tell you where it we tried to get the politicians to deal with the problem. but they wouldn't. so we took it to the voters and forced big tobacco to pay its share of healthcare costs. we fought oil companies for new clean air laws and closed a billion dollar corporate tax loophole to fund public schools. by going directly to the people we got results. that's not something you see a lot of
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>>well plenty of sunshine this morning, it looks like a beautiful morning that you just be stepping outside enjoying well once you step out there feels a little different than it looks temperatures definitely still on the chilly side so golden gate bridge, san jose other spots in the bay like the east just about berkeley i all look great lots of sunshine out there, but this is what you're in countering with temperatures. redwood city still hovering in the 30's with san jose having fallen to 39 earlier this morning now sitting at 43 degrees livermore starting to rise after having fallen in livermore to 29 degrees you're now at 37. napa also having fallen into the upper 20's at 42 currently oakland are close to spot to the 50's a range of numbers we're going to spend the afternoon ahead of us now skies are obviously quite cleaall of our web cams across the day and they're going to remain that way into the evening tonight that's part of the reason tonight is yet again going to be such a cold evening temperatures will
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again fall below freezing for many of our inland areas with freeze warnings taking effect tonight for much of the north bay skies will then remain clear to the rest of the week, but temperatures will begin to climb so amid those clear and sunny skies it's going to feel a bit more comfortable that you can actually enjoy the sunshine. 50's for today's daytime highs certainly not a bad day, but cool enough to keep the jacket on hand well into the afternoon. temperatures are just below are seasonal averages so compared to just a couple of days ago when we were in the 70's and enjoying what was an unseasonably warm feel now it's certainly a wintery reminder are still in the beginning of february skies will remain clear well through the day for inland areas all the way out to the coast don't expect that to change nor will it change into the evening tonight with really no fog to be expected into the evening tonight. tomorrow's daytime highs much like today's tonight again we're looking at those cold temperatures wednesday as we start to notice some changes as daytime highs begin to climb eventually taking us back to
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the 60's by thursday. erica. >>good morning john well it is not looking good if you're taking the bay bridge heading into san francisco this morning as you can see here's our camera before the tolls cars barely moving there. looks like it's a 60 minutes from the maze to fremont street let's actually take a look here where this collision has now this was a semi truck versus a white happened near the treasure island exit this is going westbound a sig sued t morning for the bay area. so again a try to find an alternate route if you heavy traffic 3 of the lanes are blocked out there as for the one oh one in the south bay it is slowly starting to get still seeing moderate to heavy traffic out there following of or 4 vehicle collision a couple of the lanes are
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blocked. so actually or drive times are starting to slowly go down as you can see here just over an hour from san jose to menlo park definitely and not as high as what we saw last time we checked and and another shot here at one of our other bridges, the family tale branched actually looking pretty good compared to earlier this morning when or drive time was about 45 minutes, you're looking at just 21 minutes. from hayward out to san mateo we don't have any more issues going across the bridge. the high rise also looking good at this time system of our other draft times here on interstate 6.80 from such a co 2 danville just 15 minutes, no problems livermore to to a double and on the 5 8016 minutes. >>time is off winners and losers with our financial expert, rob black and you're calling the market a winner this morning where it's friday. we were so worried. yeah friday was down 600
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points and that's notsee where the markets come from it feel like a big number one watching cnbc because they sell advertisements. all on the giving up some of those games. >>how the manufactures a >>nike >>was called a multi year buying opportunity because the credit by or so a lot of fear on kron a virus on the cases peak. once they people start seeing numbers go down it will be about 2 weeks for the virus to basically get caught and held up travel stocks airline stocks are all very dicey right now. there's a lot of flight to safety the 10 year treasury hit one 0.5% on friday. its news for the economy, but great news if you're trying to mortgage right now ok, so i'm not freaked out. right you should be freaked out and should be a buying opportunity about a month from now but to me about a month okay, i do that turn
9:20 am
buckle alright, but you said you know if you're afraid of bob don't play until his mark it's ok dup iowa kicks off so this is a political season now. >>and what's it going to the stocks healthcare stocks are probably the 2 that the areas that have the biggest exposure to. >>intensely a from bernie sanders his opponent, elizabeth warren kind of eke out a win tonight you may see health care stocks get ahead down the road it will be whatever the popular thing is at the moment whether to hire tax on wealthy people. how on their incomes or their state plans. but it's going to be a dramatic tale health care stocks have tracked along with bernie sanders and elizabeth warren's of biden starts to take a lead. then maybe health care stocks rally if if sanders looks like he's going to run away with it in the point. war as his treasury secretary that banks and health care stocks will get hit hard. it's getting a fun time. i like the political season from the entertainment value. and i'd never ever ever tell anyone who to vote for
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and now let's go on to the biggest surprise of the day, yeah, your call if somebody is calling your calling pga letter p g's loving has called the winner, the governor said the deal was bad people they like it and now if they got a deal and it's it's a winner, it's really close to a final deal they still don't have the cpc president. >>and that someone was appointed by governor gavin newsome but pg did file some paperwork on friday. >>and they said basically we've made deals with the shareholders. the creditors, the wild fire victims. we covered the insurer before wildfire losses now we just have to make a deal by june 30th to be part of that wildfire fund the california could have in place that would help their stock. i'm not hit. massive losses in the future because taxpayers will cover their losses in the future. not this company and sell so i know this there's a lot to the story. i feel good for the employees who worked at pg e for years and you know on the by one stock in a silly fashion. the one they work for the most dangerous doctor could possibly be because they
9:22 am
already pay your mortgage everything else. maybe some light on the end of the tunnel. ok this question i love from of york and it could be coming from a is so vague. yeah, i don't even know what kind of advice they want. >>this is all they say are you ready. i'm in my mid 50's is there still hope no credit no it is good. so let's say that's from iraq because that's how i feel what it what do you that's a lot of people in the area, yeah and that people haven't started and there is hope a lot of us go through divorces business placa scenes, we just don't want to think about dying we hit 5055 56. >>good news is a very a lot of people make $200,000 here and if you do that that's good money to work with because that's essentially million the next 10 years can't but it's not worth 200,000 you know here if you're making that net kids the city has a lot to work with a flair up as barry employee ever says a lot of people in the rest the country so scary about 4 cam month because of his high earnings so that's free of $1000 here
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he needs to get some more and he's got 2 million to do it. i see me put some $26,000 goes for when cahill get hooked up about another $1200 a month of income so plus at 4,5200. so now you talk about $60,000 here. i can't we lost 60,000 but slot of people could that come with other states. there's ways to do it ok so the answer is yes, there take a lot of pain you got to cut your spending okay, thanks from tips if you'd like to ask rob. the question apparently even anonymously to go ahead and e-mail and all-region on facebook or twitter. the number of uninsured americans,
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rising. the cost of prescription drugs, rising. the threat to people with pre-existing conditions, rising. the good news, so is support for the one candidate who'll do something about it. as mayor, mike bloomberg helped expand coverage for seven hundred thousand people, including hundreds of thousands of kids. including hundreds of thousands of kids. as president, he'll lower drug costs and ensure everyone without coverage can get it. that's a promise. and unlike him, mike actually keeps his. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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>>9.25 we have the latest developments out of london where there was a terror attack yesterday several people were stabbed. witnesses said it will look like a machete that a man running after people, i'm just on the streets of south london iran high street. and it turns out they say the man who was shot and killed the attacker was named sudesh amman and he was known to the counter terror police he also at the time was the subject of an active police operation. this attack happened yesterday afternoon. he had been released from prison after serving time for possession and distribution of extremist material. >>9.26 and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, the senate takes a big step today toward ending the impeachment trial of president
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tom: my mom always told me actions speak louder than words. she was a school teacher. my dad joined the navy and helped prosecute the nazis in nuremberg. their values are why i walked away from my business, took the giving pledge to give my money to good causes, and why i spent the last ten years fighting corporate insiders who put profits over people. i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message. because, right now, america needs more than words. we need action.
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>>area area is a word at all as a warming oakland is like 2 degrees shy of 50 which now it's nice if that's not your high for highs like still in the 50's yeah, still that's not quite warm. and yeah we're staying cool so keep the jackets ready to go maybe one more day with the niners jackets are just too i have to burn that red dress i think maybe it was my fault. you know superstitious and they
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lost you should change which he did that's we should all just get new for next year. it's a good excuse to go shopping at least a look at outside here at timber on we've got some clear skies overhead golden gate bridge is clear out in the distance and what we're seeing overhead is plenty of blue it looks like a beautiful day right that actually will be a really nice day. but it's definitely one of those days you want to bundle up for an especially one of those mornings you want to bundle up for. >>redwood city palo alto down to san jose and up to fremont all in the 40's at 43. all these areas actually fell into the 30's this morning we're livermore still currently hanging out at 37. as i mentioned oakland is our warmest spot followed not far behind by san francisco in pittsburgh as well as fairfield at 47 or 48 degrees. napa fremont son all all fell into the 20's this morning and you can expect more of those 20's for some of our inland areas tomorrow morning that's the freeze warning will take
9:31 am
effect again tonight lasting through 09:00am tomorrow morning for portions of miranda sonoma napa and solano counties just some to know we're not done with these chilly evenings just yet daytime highs still remaining cool mid 50's for your temperatures more on your forecast is still ahead erica. >>well if you're planning on taking the bay bridge this morning heading into san francisco. it is not looking too good there was a vehicle collision multiple lanes are currently blocked a heading into san francisco on the bridge. in fact taking a look here on our camera just before the toll plaza cars. hardly moving right now so a hair it is we see the traffic is backed up. this was a semi truck versus a white sedan a sig alert was issued that's a 3rd for the morning. >>and then one oh one here. still seeing some traffic following a 4 vehicle collision that caused a couple lanes to be blocked if you're
9:32 am
heading north and the south bay but the drive times getting better. >>just a down to 55 minutes now earlier, we are up to 90 minutes on the one o one from san jose to menlo park as for other drive times here on the 6.80 from pacheco to danville to 13 minutes from livermore to dublin on the 5 8015 minutes and i believe i am picking up a 4th seigler the has been issued for another incident in the dublin area, i'm looking into that right now to get the exact details. >>9.32 right now and the us now has 11 confirmed cases of the corona virus san benito county california announcing last night. 2 new cases. it's a married couple, the husband just got back from will haim china and the wife was infected and that makes this the second person to person transmission of the case in america, the other states with cases include arizona,
9:33 am
illinois massachusetts, and washington worldwide more than 300 people have died of the infection which is more than died during the sars outbreak in 2002. also more than 17,000 people are sick with the virus. and we spoke to after is working on a new rapid test to see if a person is infected. >>that this would be a point of care testing would be a test that you could use in the emergency department in a doctor's office and potentially at the airport during screenings our hope that this would be a test that could be done rapidly and would have very high accuracy in diagnosing this infection. >>thai doctor charles shoe says that this test will be a minister where nasal swab and it would then be in a test tube and mixed with a react and. and it would take about 2 hours for the results to come back kind of similar to a urine pregnancy test to determine whether someone has been infected. restrictions now in place to try to contain
9:34 am
the spread of the virus they went to effect yesterday afternoon. and the new rules prohibit foreign nationals who visited china in the previous 2 weeks from entering the united states any us citizen. >>returning from hubei province will be quarantined for 2 weeks and those who have been elsewhere in china will see extra screenings. the death toll in china is 361. stay with kron 4 assed as we our container it continuing coverage right here on the air but also online at kron 4 dot com we'll tell you about the symptoms how to protect yourself and keep track of the global impact. in the east bay police in union city are investigating an officer-involved shooting. we have video from a crime for a viewer of this shooting that happened friday night fremont police say it started with a robbery at a sephora store at fremont specific commons shopping center. and police
9:35 am
chase the getaway car alvarado niles an 8.80 and they ended up firing shots at 3 people one of them was arrested the 2 others were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. 9 34 in in national news, the closing arguments in president trump's impeachment trial are being delivered today by house managers and president trump's defense team. the entire trial is likely to be done by wednesday. suzanne malveaux has the latest. >>despite senate republicans ready to acquit president trump. some of his top gop supporters are now saying it was wrong for the president to pressure ukraine into investigating his political rivals and the president has a lot of lot of 10 to to do what he wants to do. >>again not what i would have done but certainly again going after corruption, it's not something you would have done why wouldn't you have done it because it was wrong because it was an appropriate i think
9:36 am
generally speaking going after corruption would be the right thing to why he did it may be in the wrong manner in the but i think he could have done it for different channels, the admissions coming after the justice department acknowledged the existence of blocked emails that could provide more insight on why trump withheld military aid to ukraine. >>still senators like lamar alexander arguing trump's conduct was not impeachable defending his choice to vote against witnesses and new evidence in the trial i think he should have done it think it was wrong. >>inappropriate was way i'd say improper crossing the line. and then the only question left is who decides what to do about that well who decides what to do in the people the people my conclusion lead house impeachment manager adam schiff saying it's not enough for republicans to just say trump's conduct was inappropriate. >>i also think it's important that the senate take the next step having found him guilty if indeed that's what they
9:37 am
have found. >>they need to remove him from office because he is threatening to spill. cheap in the next election and by soliciting foreign interference. >>trump ally and senate judiciary chairman lindsey graham looking to vindicate trump vowing to issue subpoenas for the ukraine call whistleblower and former vice president joe biden to testify even after this week's vote and let me tell republicans out there. >>you should expect us to do this if we don't do it we're letting you down and i get them to you if it were democrat, if if their shoe on the other democrats would be eating us alive and for the democrats schiff declining to say whether the house will subpoena former national security adviser john bolton. >>but i will say this so whether it's before in testimony before the house or it's in his book or it's in one form or another the truth will come out is will continue to come out. >>today's closing arguments
9:38 am
come the day before the president is set to deliver his state of the union address tomorrow night. happening today, it's the first primary contest as the democrats look for a candidate to take on president trump in november. the iowa caucuses are tonight all of the candidates spent the weekend there making their final pitches to the voters, winning iowa is seen as giving a candidate momentum ahead of the new hampshire primary next week. >>as far as temperatures climbing we're close to 50 now in oakland and san francisco while still hanging out in the 30's for livermore at 37 degrees in a chilly morning, i'm talking another chilly one tomorrow, still ahead in your forecast. >>and if you're heading into san francisco and plan on san francisco and plan on taking the z3q74z z1ncz
9:39 am
y3q74y y1ncy
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9:41 am
>>9 41 in the north bay, a trail that was taken over by homeless encampments is going to be closed now to be cleaned up. here's infrared video and those are rats on the trail, one of the problems. there residents complained about the rats. the rest is about the humans the waste, the fires, the people living in tents on the joe ridout a trail in santa rosa. so the homeless role of vick today off of that trail on friday and now a hazmat team is going to move in and disinfect the entire 8 and a half mile trail. that's going to be as close for about a month until they get that
9:42 am
done and when reopens there will be barriers to keep people putting up their tents again and living along that trail. >>the county is you know hoping to to get them into a more stable place and have the trail, you know back to its intended use. >>no arrests or citations were given during that eviction process. >>upon the buzz a super bowl filled with blood sweat and tears as the forty-niners give it away to kansas city and tom brady lays an egg during the we tried to get the politicians
9:43 am
to deal with the problem. but they wouldn't. so we took it to the voters and forced big tobacco to pay its share of healthcare costs. we fought oil companies for new clean air laws and closed a billion dollar corporate tax loophole to fund public schools. by going directly to the people we got results. that's not something you see a lot of from washington these days. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. let's make change happen.
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>>welcome back 9.45 on this monday morning. it's back to work with some beautiful clear skies but also some chilly temperatures temper on just like the rest the bay area looks great right now as far as temperatures go to stop feeling so great just yet livermore you're at 37 were in the 40's now for most of the rest of the day after having fallen into the 30's for most of these spots earlier on napa 42 berkeley of 44 san francisco oakland, san mateo summer warmer spots just shy of 50 degrees currently now skies are going to remain politically sunny. well throughout the day ahead of us and into the evening tonight we're going to stay clear that's part of the reason tonight is yet again going to be such a cold evening much like the evening. we just closed out as for the rest of the week after today and tomorrow, we'll start to notice some temperature to
9:46 am
return to average temperatures by wednesday and 60's returning by the time we work our way into thursday. now as for today a little cooler than average compare this to the 70's we had to start this past weekend. and yeah, it's a pretty noticeable change with daytime highs back down into the low to mid 50's for your peak temperatures today again lots of sunshine much as we saw yesterday and breezy conditions at times today a lot like yesterday to so will be a brisk in cool one with wind chills likely even into the afternoon to just keep the jacket on hand even as temperatures do rise to the numbers you're seeing on the screen as for the next 7 days there is relief in sight after freeze warnings for the north bay tomorrow morning and then temperatures around the same into tomorrow afternoon we will return to the 60's by thursday and by friday or start the weekend off in the mid 60's. erica. >>good morning. well we're still seeing heavy traffic on the bay bridge if you're heading into san francisco here cars. barely moving
9:47 am
through following a vehicle collision now >>not of probably about an hour or less ago and we can see that it's still backed up i believe all lanes are all open now so the sig alert was actually just canceled. so should start to get a little better, you know the uh 20 minutes, hopefully we'll start to see the colors change there, but still seeing some heavy traffic this happened near the treasure island exit so. heavy traffic if you're heading into san francisco just a heads up and we have a 4th a sig alert that has been issued now this for the 84 heading westbound lanes are this was a 2 vehicle collision it involved a blue toyota and and gray said and so it's been a busy busy morning with collisions of thing going on and where checking in on another traffic collision here
9:48 am
that occurred this involved 4 vehicles this is for one oh one north near moffat boulevard but it looks like or drive times really starting to get better now about they have cleared area where the collision occurred. i'm looking at 52 minutes from san jose out to menlo park. >>all filled with blood the sweat here's the forty-niners jump out to a 20 to 10 lead so close that iraq could smell what look at and. then it all burned 7 minutes to play the 49 ers had a 96% chance to win. instead we blow it become the 3rd team in super bowl history to give up a 10 point lead in the 2nd half and lose and coach shanahan knows the heartache all too well he was with the falcons when it
9:49 am
happened to them. so the niners go home losers and patrick goes back to kansas city with the lombardi trophy and the mvp he turned what was his all the way is game ever into his best. holmes managed to keep his cool and lead the chiefs to a 21 point comeback in to 9 or try, but we just couldn't stop them and we couldn't score anything ourselves. >>2010 and niners turns into 3120 sheets. and i'm going to start now petition to cut football down to 3 quarters change dot org hashtag quit while you're ahead with the niners didn't give up that they managed to move the ball across midfield following the 2 minute warning before 2 straight incompletions emmanuel sanders and broke open deep on the 3rd out a garage overthrow of and that
9:50 am
it was over. >>and real feeling, but. one was when we got a turnover and then we didn't execute on offense. they got the ball right back and drove it 87 yards around far worse has an office we have to and the game right there with it defense give us some credit so. time. make some a place that we normally make so. >>no no use crying over spilled gator aid it may be no consolation but lest we forget it was a great season, an incredible turnaround from 4.12 too. 8 minutes away from a super bowl title luckily all one cell so late in the game that i could still enjoy the halftime show did you from secure as shaking hipster jenny on the pole and mystery solved on the cryptic brady tweet that ominous black and white photo he posted turned
9:51 am
out to be from this uninspired commercial where he walks out of the talks about how it's time to say goodbye to tv as we know it and then he says. >>but me i'm not going anywhere. but if he does want to test the market there are rumblings that the raiders would make a run at brady at the most dramatic commercial start hokey action star pump bob home jason manoa who really a skinny little guy look at this he peels off his clothes and many peels off his muscles. >>and since there like a 20 minute the and i love with his spotting him on the bench, if you know what no place on i don't remember what the commercials for it turns out it was actually rocket mortgage i had to look it up i know the bill murray commercial was for jeep because that kept calling a good showing him getting into a jeep driving off again and again.
9:52 am
>>different. >>where we parked. i was following you. >>was my favorite groundhog day of course a 06:00am again again again if only the forty-niners could play that game over again it really was groundhog day. it is you know luckily, though murray didn't take off with them and he did not see his shadow which means. early spring.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
>>our morning show is almost done. but the news never stops on kron on sanaa's to her knee and theresa stasi l i live in the newsroom with what they're working on good morning. good morning deiah so today will be following up on the greyhound bus shooting that happened last night the left one woman dead plus we'll be talking about new travel restrictions because of the corona virus which is in fact a number of people here in the bay area and it's sadly killed over 350 in mainland china and a little closer to home senator winner is going to be introducing new legislation to turn pg need
9:56 am
this is what he wants to do. >>into a public utility we're going to be taking you live to the news conference to. what his plan is plus of course president trump's impeachment trial. it is nearing the we're going to take you live to washington dc. so that you can hear it so make sure that you download the kron apps. >>the stan top of your >>today's box office report brought to you by the new luxury lounges at century san francisco center. >>it's super bowl weekend can be a slow one of the box office so we'll see if any of the films had a breakthrough david daniel has the weekend estimates. >>so is that it's about the gentleman took 5th place in its second weekend out grossing $6 million gretel and hansel opened at number 4 with 6.1 million slightly more than it cost to make robert downey junior and do little managed to stay in 3rd place picking up 7.7 million. colonel mackenzie was in command of the second. the sent word yesterday morning's going off
9:57 am
to the retreating germans, the award-winning war drama 1917 is at 119 million domestic after a second place weekend worth million might might the long-awaited threequel bad boys for life took the top spot for the 3rd straight weekend making million for a domestic total of 148 million in hollywood, i'm david daniels.
9:58 am
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>> got me? >> i got you. >> i ran into our guest in the hall. you could have startled me. he's not broken his cyborg persona. he looks like he looks through you. definitely no orrin. the staff didn't meet orrin the last several weeks at all. >> dr. phil: this is the three weeks that we've been talking to him. his mother says he hasn't broken character at all? >> in one year, correct. >> dr. phil: well, he's committed. i'll give him that. >> yes, he is. >> dr. phil: let's do it. >> announcer: today on an all-new "dr. phil." >> my son, orrin, thinks he's a


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