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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  February 6, 2020 4:30am-5:01am PST

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nicer the bay area than we were yesterday as far as temperatures go but really not all that much diferent couple areas of low cloudssitting the bay and right along t coast. these areas are just a little sheltered from at a peak loss of temperatures tha occurred yesterday at our crystal clear eving the san francisco's only at 48ight now it's a little warmer than at the same me yesterday oakland europe, 44 wall dublin, livermore down to morgan hill each in the 30's d then in the 30's for much of the north a nap at 37 nevado right there with you at 37 degrees too. again this is a touch warmer than yesterda so not quite as frid of the your wednesday, but still definitely cold enough here feel that chill as you step outside later on today years can be film the sunshine and some60's with even more 60' on thmap than what we had for the da yesterday. robin. >>rhaps trying to hold back that see to have thank you, let's check in on traffic n
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we want to take a peek the drive into san francisco. a little busy in the cash lanes in fact they're getting longer and longer so if you plan on heading in only if you're ying cash. the will be a minor waitfor your fast trackers and carpoolers are doing fineweare hot spot ree and that's a great way to start your morning drive for now it's an ea 8 minut about 92 i think it's our busiest bridge right now i just keep seeing more and more ake lights leaving hayward filling in on the flat section here in the san mateo bridge. but no problems into foster city san matteo so a quick trip of 12 minutes. here's what i want to cross the golden gate smooth sailing so far at 19 minutes novato to the toll plazand traffic tracker showing more good news for 5.80 west livermore to dublin, a 13 minute trip for south 6.80 through some dubln signal in fremont no problems for the nimitz a southbound drive is quick and 2.37 that's quick too. 6 minutes heading west for milpitas off to sonny bill. we another big story that we're following for you this morning on kron 4 the
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corona virus has killed more than 560 people and infected over 2820,000 that is in china. 2 newborns and move on have also been infected. the youngest dgnose at just 30 hours old the corona vis has infeing 250 and killing 2 s people just outside of china. well an international flight to los ves was diverted wednesy korean air says its flight fromseoul south korea was required to make a stop in los angeles. after officia realized that 3 passenrs have been too ho so the passengers they were screened, but they were also allowed back onto that flight beuse they didn't show any signs of the virus. all right around 5400 people are being quarantined on to cruise hips in asia, the diamond princess it's anchored just off the coast of japan. the world's dream is docked and the hong kong crui terminal 10 more peoe from the diamond princess are infected. now
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this is in addition to the 10 othes who tested positive on tuesday. well the cdc will distribute 400 test kits for corona virus each test could can perform up to 800 patients samples. now it can detect th corona virus from nasal or even oral swabs half of those kids ill go to domestic laboratories and the other half ago to internation apps loc health officials wilbe able to confirm cases themselves rather than waiting for e cdc. well just under 200 evacuees from will han are now here in the y area. they landed at travis air force base in fairfield wednesday morning we cover that live for you. the group will be quarantined there for abou2 weeks and we talked to a husband ose house his wife and his children there at the air force base on four's j r stone has more >>daisy roth and her daughters, abigail d adam lind. our 3 of a 178 people now in northern california who are flown in fr launch idol
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wednesday, 3 of the many who ve been quarantined all the ile her husband samuel is in wisconsin where hey live waiting anxiously to see his family there is a lot of. >>apprehension and anxiety around. can they get on th airplane and once we were confirmed to be able get on the rplane. how are we going to get to the airport >>we've crossed all of hose challenges samuel receed these pictures from his wife showing the group at travis air force basewhere theywill be corn team for the next 14 food. iapers here's baby >>baby wipes and all these thingswere supplied in a hotel that's on the air force base samuels saysas we get releaseto his family's >>he will travel to california to be with that. >>it's not that i want my family to bethere for 2 weeks but i want tofully comply with whatever precaions are necessary toensure that my family as well but also that
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we're not bringing the disease into the community and ju let them make sure that >>will be reunited soon enough j r stone kron 4 news. >>the 5 from heal care and cod hurt silicon valley rus companies suchasapple robert chapman would is a professor at the lucas college and graduate school of business at san jose state unirsity. he says one china-based manufacturers e down fewer iphones will be shipped to th united states, but apple n't alone. >> uto companies. anther big group of companies that they've got a lot of aut parts made in china. i'm a large part of the pharceutical value chai goes to china these days. >>will tesla stock also taking a hit the company lost more than 20of its value on wall street after announcing that february deliveries will be delayed from tesla's new plant inshanghai china. the plant will be idle at least until mond because of the corona virus outbreak. well cern's
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over the corona rus organizers of san francisco's lunar new year parade. they say that the event will go on as planned the sarday kron four's justine waltman reports. the finishing touches floats for the chinese new year parade. the is a lot of glitter plus red and gold spares the year of the rat is well represented. >>the corona virus will not ershadow the celebrations. i don't think that people should put their entire lives on hold and at we need to all hole up in our houses out of fear. the corona virus does have parade organizers worried about discrimination against asian community. and what it will mean for attendance as the message on its bsite situation but are not cancel the pular parade, we're confident in the capability to necessary but at this time
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watch you. h low we just nt >>enjoy he parade as usual event organizer william gheen lls kron 4 news the parade is a chance to celra asian cultureace to state my water to watch it should be to that just or asian you in chinatown the streets are set r saturday the no parking signs are off. >>and the stores are stocked very few people are wearing masks yet some people feel you get your tree into is a chinese oh my gosis sh kerry versus and this to think about that what san francisco's lunar new year paradis the largest asian celeation outside of asia and rganizers are expecting thousands of people to cop, but they're not planning anything difrently because of the corona virus. >>they will not be handing out masksor hand sanitizer in san francisco, i'm justine waldman kron 4 news. well make sure
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you stay with kron 4 as we continue r coverage on the corona virus will definitely ke you posted on the latest updates. >>the best ways to protect yourself and then we also have the very latest on our website at kron 4 dot com just go to the website look for the corona virus tap and that is prosecutors in the wilson's murder trial they finished delivering opening statements without the defendant in court. john kao he made an outburst just 2 mites into the opening statemen yesterday. he was arguing over the facts of who arrived at the bart station first him or the wilson sisters, so the judge told powell that he will be removed if he did not stop taing, but khalil continue to obct and the judge ordered deputies to physically remove him out of the courtroom. nia wilson she was stabbed to death at oakland's macarthur bart stion back in july of 2018. the entire homicide was recorded on video bart surveillance video was played right there in court for the first time publicly yesterday. 3 men who led
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police a chase after a robbery front police say that stuff and tobias radon lindsay cameron stanley they robbed us of forest or in fremont st night officers chased them on to balmoral street in union city that's here they got out of their cars. that's when police say that to my us began crashing into several police cars aving one officer to open fire. tobias was shot and suffered a non life threatening wounds. he was treated and taken into custody. well happening today jenner is across the y area will take to the streets of oakland to demand higher human ghts standards for immigrant workers, the strike is organized along e service employees ntnational union s e i u the strike puts in ti a new mpaign representing more than 25,000 jenner's all across californ. well to the east bay now the city of fremont honorea homeless woman wh saveda teenager as he s being attacked in a park. karen le well and was has been
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homeless for about 12 years now and she spends her time right there at arlington pa so a few weeks ago. shsaw team getting beaten up by another teen right there in a pa bench she rushed over she stepped in to stop the fight. the boy had to get rgeryon his jaw line he stl recovering, but he's doing ok. on wednesday, the city of fremont recnize her for her bravery. i'm china's show the community that not all homeless people are threatening. >>disrespectful they can give an active part of the and be community my friend she a homeless person out there, but i'and i'm like yeah, almost person did help meand i'm grateful today. >>well one city councilwoman says that the city nee to more for the homeles right now fremont is building a new homeless shelter d they're also working on plans for more affordable housing. well coming next on the kron 00:04am morning news >>t know this r calors he's been spotted again several times in the baarea
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right. we'll talk about the hollywood star where he was spotted thistime and the next blockbuster hit that could be in the works that's coming up xt. peek tside a beautiful shot of the embarcadero in san francisco. it is quite chilly numbers in the 30's and 40's at it's going to be nice as we head into the afternoon as we get closer to the weekend will experience a little bit of a warming trend john tribal will give you the specics fighng climate change
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isn't just about polar bears.
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>>welcome back to the kron 00:04am morning news, you're waking up to another chilly morning arounthe bay we dipping into the 3rd is in some spots out there. yeah jumpingright out into of it is cold again, especially innd. yes for sure, yes and we are going to be called next few mornings to but what else we're going to be nice mild at least if into r afternoon hesitating to call warm but you know what it will be we're going to be in the 60's so will be a nice afternoon, especially compred to the chilly conditis we've got again this morning clear skies across the bay ar right now we do have 30 and 40's out there for your temperatures. redwood city livermore doubl in morgan hill fairfield and then all acrs the north bay back down to the 30's this morning while oakland berkeley and san francisco to hold on to 40's skies are nice and clear yet again so no fog not a whole lot of cloud coveno chance of rain with high
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pressure sitting ill in place justto our west, it's moved a little closer to the ast. and that's going to push any chance of rain even further north than what we had been seeing so yeah we're going to stay dry. you've got a very quiet picture in future cast right here just a touch of some low lying cloud cover torrow. it doesn't look like it's going to be too terribly invasive just enough to help to keep temperatures right along the coast d right along the bay a little bit more ld tomorrow morning than what we have beenseeing skies again dry into saturday, even staying dry into sunday as cold fronpasses through or results and breezy conditions and a little bit cooler contions by the end of the weekend but stl no rain 50's and 60's for coastal spots in the bay area today while elsewhere in thbay do expect solid 60's saying carlos 64 degrees redwood city woodside palo alto same a tail on 63 while the south bay daime highs in the mid 60's santa clara sonny bill say it hasa just a few spots at 66 lots of sunshine as well for
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the ea bay and lots of 60's out there feeling really good especially when you compare it same spots on monday and n the tuesday. notice temperatures climbing napa and sonoma each at 66 will say in a just 3 degrees shy of 70 and tomorrow expected to be even warmer yet now saturday. we do cool down just a uch but we're going to keep in the 60's by sunday, though that's a cool state are foca at least over the next few days we're going to see a cold front pushes through it's a weak one it's only going to drop temperatures a few degre results and some breezy conditions and a few clouds we still remain dry. though monday tuesday and wednesday we keep that trengoing. >>rob all right sounds good. thank you john now let's heck in on the trafic around the bay area little peek at one oh one across the golden gate we're doing fine far we haven't had any major interruptions are problems that you need to stress out out so 19 minutes is a great average from the north bay to san francisco. we're checking out the richmond sandra fell we bound 5.80 it's
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definitely picking up, but it's not bad still an easy 7 minutes from the pay gates off tohighway one o one so you're doing fine. if that's your commute. pick a traffic tracker we're taking look at some more numbers and st of them haven't budged picking up a little bion the dumbarton bridge whichis 84 west's it's 11 minutes to make ito the peninsula that's not bad at all 6.80 south this fi pacheco danville a 12 minute you're wide open on 5.80 for that trip from livermore to dublin and if you're going beyond that point you' also good along the dublin gre into castro valley, one o one's a nice trip as well leaving the peninsula out of 80 split a very quick 6 to the minutes to make it to san francis. well now let's talk about the niners e team is looking ahead to next year as they move into the offseason jimmy garoppolo and the rest of the team they were back home in santa ara yesterday time to clean out their that he was probably going 13 3 as reaching the super bowl a very oud of them as well so they can't help but reflect on the
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fil moments of the big >>oxides obviously sometimes it was said back so that made differently the one that just you know miss them but too much on it, but i you know those are the of the many on up to us thing so you some this that ive back missed whole year since been incredible doesn't automatically turning a feel for you than i don'think i'm wrong >>th point is is. that is what is your little gures what everybody laid it all on the line it. >>well the nfl combine is at the end of this month and then the niners wil be on the clock for the draft on april 23th. well the nba trade deadline is at noon today in the warriors have ready made some mos the team traded for glennobinson. the 3rd gud alec burks to the philadelphia
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76 ers thwarriors they get a few second rou picks in retu which will helpthem reload the roster when steph currand klay thompson are back at full strength. meanwhile, there are trade rumors for d'angelo russell will literally not happen. but. >>as of last night he was with e team in brooklyn taking on the nets. away fromgolden state in e 2nd quarter the warriors ey got blown out one 29 to 88. kevin duran a steph curry who are both sidelined by the way they had a moment catching there come back home to host the laks on saturday, says right here in the bay area he's the next chapter in the box as office smash hit e matrix kron 4 says that the new was on scene. >>when reeves made an appearance during filming in san francisco takea look. >>ere he hollywood box office star reeves will be o
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location at columbus and kirti streets san francisco. it appears he is here working on the much anticipated 4th inallment the matrix however the san francisco film commission says the production is officially called project ice cream likely a working title connected to reis bein spotted putting some work it on an iccream cone last month thaalameda veo courtesy at happy never boy wednesday iday one for production of the city. our cameras ght reeves walkie talkie smoking a cigarettd really his adoring fans it made my day. >>to seekill meaning san francisco. >>amazing i'vbeen a fan of general i was a child we were just talking about the need the other day my colleague and i mine is just amazing. it's like a star this is off the bucket list and i actually texted my sband, he's super i told him i'm lking down
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the street sit wahing canneries filng a moe and he's like that's also the scene they were building above seral take of care to read standing on the did lifting hihe above his head while gazing toward the sky, this spent the orning rking on that absolutely. the project the ice cream is scheduled to wrap up they'll be the last weekend in february san francco has a menufrom 4 totake you ou if you're watching you have a little bitof extra time i know you'rbusy. >>our doors are always open here kron 4 you can come over a hang out with us pay us a visit in the morning new you're always welce a little bit outside of the airport sfo. no reports of any major delays at cold outside with temperatures dipping down into the 30's. so we'll tell you how cold it is in your city and how much is going towarm up as we heainto e up as we heainto e afternoo stay wi ♪ ♪ e wait is over.
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in the fight for gun sety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skis needed to find good jobs. old ideological battles he shows whus what can be achieved when we bring pple together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'mike bloombergand . temperatures this morning out there on the chilly side we're in the 30's and 40 again this morning with plenty sunshine later on today right now it's just those clear condions that have helped to result in temperatures falling as significantly as they have during our evening hours livermore 38 degrees for your current temperare woman votto saa rosa. redwood city each inthe upper 30's napa 1.37 eur while san francisco oakland hayward d fremont all in the 40's noit
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is a little bit more ld right along the bay conditions are calm though this means that during the course of this morning we're likely to see some of these temperatures really continuing to fall because the surface has a these common clear evening on such as we're seeing right now colder temperatures ahead of us as we work our way through the nextfew hours my recommendation is just bundle up. now looking ahead into e weekend, maybe your plans do nvolve heading up into the sierra nevada friday and saturday are going to be our warmest of ys up there also are sunniest of days. here's a cold front that pushes have through that noticeablresult in a drop in temperatures and an crease n cloud cover. unfortunately what it's not gong to do is rolls alton really much of any chance of rain or snow. but as we do see temperatures fa into sunday that gives screws up their opportunity to gesome more snow made on the slope. so at least there's that because daytime highs these next
4:56 am
couple of days are just rising for the bay, but also up in the sierra robert. >>all right. thank you hn let's check in on traffic now the early birds are out there, it's getting a little busy around the bay area and our lineare growng check out the cash laneat the bay bridge toll plaza pretty busy right on the le and right. it's starting stack up just be on the atv over crossing the so that's a sign that more folks are headininto san francisco and your delays building soget out there now before it gets tobad it's still under 2 minutes to fremont street. this is ur trip across the san mateo bridge, no problems for you out of hayward to the pensula and easy 13 minutes and we're checking in on west 5.82 the richmondandra fell trouble free 7 minutes to the north bay. sour another freeway shooting now under investigationthis time. >>in the city of oakland and it's the d one this week we're live with this latest details oming up. plus a federal ban on floring and today, we'll have details on the licy change and more in
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>>thanks for joining us. i'm
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darya folsom and i'm jaes fletcher lots to talk about today, we'll get to that in just a minute but fit weather and traffic the 2 most portant things you need to know before u head outside. >>hopefully no problems no problems no hot spots t plenty of crowding, we'll check inn the bridges because they're already backed up. wasn't is freezing when i not quite as cold but still chilly and as skies clear dry conditions, a nice and calm all of that is working in your favor for sure no rainfall inside it is going to be a smooth drive into work you can see clearly from rkeley and skies a going to remain just as clear dry through the day and as daria noted not quite as cold as yterday either we stilldo have a few spots in the 30's like morganhill redwood city livermore in dublin. >>while a lot of other areas are now in the 40's this morning like oakland at 44 berkeley of 46 north bay, you're pretty solidly down into the 30's but you're all above freezing, but napa are close a sp to freezing at 35 degrees rig


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