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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  February 14, 2020 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>>good morning, everyone and thank you for waking up with us on the kron 4 morning news, i'm robin winston happy friday and happy valentine's we appreciate you waking up with us we have a little splash of red and pink for you this morning yeah, love that valentine's spirit, nice court date for that singles awareness spirit you are celebrating today, it's ok let's check in on the forecast, you know there's a traditional fight that they have a downtown san francisco. >>you know on valentine's day so what's the weather going to
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be like this afternoon and. >>into the evening for those it's a good one just just keep your head on the for the we are going to looking at dry skies which i think is most important for something like that. but we're also going to be seeing is a little bit of cloud cover this morning a lot like yesterday you can see that evident over san francisco in the rest of the bay area right now. visibility well, it's just fine, it's not causing any problems as you are stepping outside as you're driving into work, you're definitely gonna notice, gray skies overhead but fog should be at a minimum and then we look into the afternoon with some pretty clear skies yet again so lots of sunshine as we move into your valentine's afternoon just a little gray to get started so clear and dry conditions later today, 40's and 50's for your current temperatures get that light jacket that sweater ready to go maybe some pink attire as robin and i were noting upper 40's and nevado napa lay home in berkeley wall oakland alameda and conquered each in
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the 50's right now later today, daytime highs, no big surprise here still in the 60's pretty similar to yesterday really with low 60's right along the coast, few right on the bay some mid 60's further inland just a nice afternoon so a good one to get outside maybe plan something outside today for valentine's day robin all right, thank you let's check in on traffic we do have a little trouble spot that we need to talk about this is down in the south bay chp has issued a special traffic alert for a fatal crash on north 87 at the northbound 2.80 connector ramp. >>they've issued a special traffic alert for this and we don't know how long it would take to a open up and clear so for those of you traveling out of the south bay. this morning. you may want to stick with 8.80 or one oh one and avoid that 87 connector looks like there is no estimated time of clearing it happened around 2.11. this morning and once again it did result in a fatality saw stay on top of that the bridge us look great in this friday. so we're
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hoping for friday like conditions around the bay area little peek of the bay bridge toll plaza, the drive into san francisco, us find wide open 7 minutes off to fremont street. this is 92 your trip across the san mateo bridge which is definitely picking up it's not bad. but it's one of our busiest bridge is right now at 14 minutes to the peninsula off to the richmond sandra fell a quick trip here into the north bay 7 minutes off to one on one and traffic tracker shows nothing but good news for highway 4 for 6.80 south. the nimitz right on time and no problems for one o one 27 minutes from san jose to menlo park will check more coming up a little bit later. among bart passengers after a man was attacked on a train near the lake merritt station in oakland. this morning. the attacker is under arrest kron four's dan thorn has details. >>police say they've arrested this man who's accused of attacking someone on a train with a chain police say the suect also punched the
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victim in the face before getting off at the lake merritt station beat somebody with a chain to make a preston says its crimes like these thakeep her from regularly using bart she thinks safety needs to become a bigger priority on the transit system is not enough police there's not enough patrols. >>and it's probably not enough information really for especially was rush hour police say this chain attack happened around 6 o'clock tuesday night. >>just after the victim got on the daily city-bound train at e fruitvale station the suspect asked the victim for directions and then struck him asthey were approaching lake merritt. and help curb safety issues board launched its new ambassador program on monday, the uniform did an armed patrols are supposed to provide another layer of security for passengers and i feel like it's much safer than before. despite tuesday's attack regular david chavez says he's noticed an increased presence of police and staff however, chavez is still seeing the occasional panhandler but overall feels
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better about the direction bar is headed and very into last year and think it's better reporting in oakland, dan thorn kron 4 news. >>well in san francisco drivers to crash into a muni bus and hit 3 pedestrians was not driving under the influence the driver 62 stepanek are on of san francisco kern on excuse me police arrested him for running a red light and causing that crash happened at the corner of 23th and mission streets one pedestrian was treated right there on scene 2 others were hospitalized and remain in critical condition this morning and also underwent surgery. we don't have any other updates just yet on how those folks are doing but as soon as we receive that information will definitely pass it on. death row inmate since and quinn will be allowed to request a transfer to other prisons. now this is made possible by a law passed by voters in 2016. now families of victims are speaking out against kron for's dan kerman has more.
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prop66 wadesigned tospeed up executions. but it also had a provision to deal with complaints that it was very costly to house inmatest san quentin and the provision allowed death row inmates to be housed at other prisons in the state the purpose of the parisian was too. >>part of the cost of the death penalty and take away one of the arguments that the other side was using about cost as a reason to abolish the penalty. >>beginning this month death row inmates will be able to request transfers to one of 8 facilities approved by the department of corrections if pproved they can also apply to work and avail themselves of other rehab programs at the facility in sneak out victims themselves not to mention their families marc klaas whose daughter polly is killer is among those on death row opposes the transfer of death row inmates. now gift is being given. >>to the individuals and kill children they kill police to kill multiple individuals and
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that's the gift of being reintegrated into general population in given the opportunity to participate in work programs in rehabilitation programs. and that makes no sense to me but scheidegger points out the transfers will save money. >>and the real issue remains the moratorium on the death >>the main problem again is the governor's the abuse of power. was as misuse of a reprieve power for something that was never intended for. >>prop 66 also increases the amount of restitution from 50 to 70% for death row inmates that means if they do end up working. victims families will receive additional money. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>well, another big story that we've been following for you there are now 15 confirmed cases of the coronavirus virus in the us. the latest case is in texas. the patient was among a group ofevacuees from china who landed at a texas
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military base earlier this month. the patient developed a fever that spiked on tuesday and was later confirmed to have coronavirus now that person is now in isolation at a san antonio hospital. >>there may be additional cases that we identify i do want to prepare you for that. they're still within the potential incubation period for coronavirus for people coming out of wuhan city and china. >>well rig now there are 8 confirmed cases in california including 2 in santa clara county. the cdc says that people may be spreading the virus unknowingly. many of the people who contract it never show symptoms be on a slide sore throat. well business is slowing down for china towns all across the country and right here in san francisco, it's no different a chinatown staple golden gate fortune cookie factory says dropped to 70 to 80% of businesses since the outbreak kron four's taylor second reports.
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>>and we here 50 years and never happened i have that in a stab at it and never had a step that owner of going good fortune cookie factory kevin chan says business just hasn't been the same after fears of the coronavirus spread the nestled in san francisco's chinatown. >>usually sees lines out the door but now chances business is down 70 to 80% below money out 3 machine running today only one machine one >>i don't want to make more cookie see does not be robbing goal here is to make cookies and fresh every day that's why so many to come when i don't want to cook you just stack korea and never go because i don't know what is going and so is this in bailey's couple months from now impacting the livelihood of these merchants chinese are much runs the nra because they want to move to the virus come china. so they might just don't do with the chinese so they can lessen fact that. so which is not fair and how some people trt the chinese community as a
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legitimate concern i think because you know started in china sold. >>they thing all chinese people carry this virus and which you know i n't thing we visitor sheila house as coronavirus scares aren't stopping her from shopping in chinatown notes, others will join her we cannot be fearful of and the fires i illness whatever we have to live life. >>and just gone 7 ago time i'm i think on this just and support. >>enjoy. in san francisco. taylor bus aqi kron 4 news. >>well flights out of sfo to mainland china will actually continue so the department of transportation they approved and adjusted 8 excuse me an adjusted flight plan. now this
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thursdays fridays and sundays you have to be those specific days. the plan is in effect through march 28th. will join us next wednesday at 09:00am for a kron 4 news special report on surviving the coronavirus we'll take a closer look at just how the virus spreads and what you need to know to protect yourself. we'll also have a doctor on him live in the studio to answer your questions about the coronavirus once again that's wednesday at 09:00am so make sure you stay tuned. with california's presidential primary just over 2 weeks away, some of the top democratic presidential candidates will be coming to the bay area. now today, former mayor of south bend, indiana pete buttigieg he'll be here in the bay ea he has an event this morning that's happening in san francisco will also be holding events and palo alto and also saw come >>and then on monday senator bernie sanders will be in the east bay will be attending a special a rally that's going to happen in richmond, california votes on march 3rd as a part of super tuesday.
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kron 4morning news safeway workers across the bay area may soon go on strike. >>putting a snag of your grocery run will hear from workers on what their demands. plus an incredible rescue on highway one when a driver goes off a cliff, a teenager stepping up to become a hero and now sharing the story. and also after the break fee all over the front steps of a california church my goodness we'll have details on this we'll have details on this disgusting vandalism. ♪ menutaur we'll have details on this disgusting vandalism. check out my triple bonus jack! check it out with an extra patty! yeah! oklet's ri! oh hey man, uhh... [car beeps] my $4.99 triple bonus jack combo! stack it up for an extra buck.
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>>welcome back our plan and just had its hottest january on record. in the 141 years of global climate records january 2020. >>was the hottest ever recorded so the noaa says that it was the 44th consecutive january with temperatures above the 20th century average 53.6 degrees. we're missing some it's getting warm up to like it wasn't that long ago we're talking about all the rain and the snow fall now we're talking about how warm january was and we're still looking for and so what's happening to we work our way back into abnormally dry conditions for the moderate drought for the central valley and the southern sierra. >>believe it's the 4th driest february so at least we're on track for that. so yes, hot dry and we need that rain rob
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we sure do i agree and you know we really that would be at your said we need we love the sunshine any 7 and a snow saying dry which is definitely not your ideal we definitely at this point really need to start seeing some or approve the precipitation accumulating a not just here in the bay area but we desperately need to start seeing more snowfall up in the sierra nevada because that snow has been melting off that we saw early in the season and we haven't seen a lot of new stuff up there so we are entering a pretty dry period at least up in the sierra ahead of us the next 7 days clear skies across at least looking out at the horizon in the bay, definitely some cloud cover still overhead not resulting in any chance of rain for us today we continue to look at this on shore flow bringing in. >>cool ocean cooled air on into the bay area you're going to see some breezy conditions at times especially on into sunday to finish the weekend today and tomorrow really not all that bad a definite
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noticeable a wind making its way in from the coast that's going to keep things a little on the cooler side won't be until sunday, though that we really see some cloud cover pushing right back in overhead. you'll notice, partly cloudy skies on sunday, some breezy conditions at times but even the north bay is going to remain dry. this cold front that sings through at the end of the weekend isn't packing enough of a punch to be bringing any sort of rainfall our direction as for today, daytime highs upper 50's to low to mid 60's. another comfortable, one and really all in all a pretty similar one as to what we saw yesterday skies will clear out sooner than they did yesterday though we remain gray for a lot of the morning on your thursday this morning we do have some greater conditions yet again with some low lying cloud cover but temperatures will rise pretty quickly under what will be increasingly sunny skies sooner on in the day. low 60's for the east bay with berkeley at 62 yacht bill also at 62. billy hope aneesh and pittsburgh in the north
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bay at 63 degrees while santa rosa today that 65 looking ahead at your next 7 days tomorrow, our warmest of the weekend after are nice and mild valentine states today sunday on the breezy side as i mentioned just a moment ago in future cast. and then next week look at all that sunshine. we got no chance of rainfall in sight just yet back to europe and right, thank you john now, let's check in on traffic we do have a trouble spot that we need to talk about. >>here's a quick peek at the bay bridge toll plaza 80 west heading into san francisco. we don't have any trouble spots working right now, but i'll see you back and back them out, but i want to show you injury accident that we have working there it is it's northbound 87 at the north to 80 connector now this major injury accident happened in the 2 o'clock hour this morning at the transition rapid takes you to. >>north down to a t and unfortunately it resulted in a fatality so this is still under investigation chp and other emergency crews on scene
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and we do not have an estimated time of clearing so for those of you coming out of san jose on north 87 you will not be able to connect over to northbound to aid you may just want to hop on one oh one are you 17 or dump off the freeway before you get to that 2.80 connect around because once again still no estimated time of clearing. but it's so early and so quiet that it's not causing a major to life it starts to back up traffic all definitely let you know in now back to the bridges are checking 80 into san francisco, which looks really good so far we haven't had any big trouble spots, leaving the maze across the upper deck, so only 8 minutes to make it in off to 92, this is our busiest bridge right now the trip across the san mateo bridge to the peninsula. we'll be a little crowded on the flat section but overall it's still nice 13 minutes off to one oh one. here's west 5.82 the richmond sandra fell trouble free at 6 minutes to the one on one connector and the traffic tracker shows are at the limit coming out of the east bay on 4 to 40 to 6 ad.
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the minutes looking good and no problems on one on one from the south bay to the peninsula will check more coming up in a bit. now on to a disgusting case of vandalism in stockton, it has one church asking the community for help christy grosz has that story. it's a shame people in stockton were shocked ter watching a man vandalize a downtown that's. >>that's disgusting. robert rodriguez reacts to atching a pair of disturbing videos cameras outside the universal kingdom of god church captured a man throwing what appears to be feces onto the church's front steps he knows exactly what he's doing. and it's. it's a call for this video is from a few weeks ago, but the church says it's not the first time they found the dirty surprise left behind they say it's been going on for mohs universal church says at first they were concerned the homeless in the area were relieving themselves in front of the church and night but after putting up the surveillance cameras they made
4:21 am
a disgusting discovery. they watched as the vandal dumped a bag full of feces on to their church steps he just nasty robert he just threw argue people on the on the church grounds. >>wayne is >>it's just massive the dirty dealings have people the area asking why white. >>would a person do that. you know what what made in his mind to do that has to be a reason steven delphine is a deacon at the flock of god heritage church across the street, not good you know just disrespectful now the universal church is asking for the community's how to identify the man dropping off the dirty donations hope you get caught. >>it is shame. >>and it's a shame that was kristen gross reporting universal church says that once they identified the man in the video they will fall a complaint with the police department. we'll take a look at this intense car crashes car was going about a 100 miles an hour. and a lot in long beach before it crashed into a roundabout and just
4:22 am
went airborne. so nearby cars there it is look at that mike in this nearby cars were damaged was lots of flying debris a flying boulder. people say that the woman got out of the car and she was looking like nothing ever happened. >>everybody was in a sound sleep in this neighborhood and it was like a massive explosion. and all of a sudden when everybody's up and you can see that the boulders in the middle of the street and the whole neighborhoods out in the young woman that hit this white car. she was just got out of the car like nothing happed how my kids well that woman she was not seriously hurt. >>police believe that she may have been truck. well still ahead on the kron 4 morning preparing for a worst case scenario. >>of the coronavirus shows no signs of stopping. before we go a little peek outside checking in on your valentine's day conditions maybe have some tonight or this afternoon we're tracking your forecast let you know how the weather shaping up and we'll have the
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fighting climate change
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>>and welcome back to the kron 4 morning news and thanks for sticking around it's time to check in on those entertainment headlines today. and we have interviews with stars of this weekend's big movies and a sequel that will surprise. well no one had david daniel has the hollywood minute. >>last year's live action
4:26 am
billion dolla worldwide so guess what disney is planning a sequel variety and the hollywood reporter say the studio spent months working on story ideas and the project is now officially a go. >>this is just for me that is called fantasy island ferries houses fantasy island looks like paradise it should the film was shot in fiji in the heart of the south pacific fiji in general, i would recommend it to anyone the people are lovely. stunning it's i mean i saw colors there have never seen before in my life, it's just outrageous. then schwartz the voice of sonic the hedgehog says despite the characters powers he waed sod like an excited little kid i want to find a way bring that childish interview that kid energy. >>and that wanted that love in his voice to the roleso en people are connecting the community level they caalso
4:27 am
connect to and he guir ogram gets emotional at the little kunduz. hollywood, i'm david daniel. >>i'm going to take a little peek outside we're checking in on conditions around the bay area, here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza traffic looks great heading into san francisco will also check in on your valentine's day forecast. maybe have some plans this afternoon or tonight may be going to valentine's day pillow fight in downtown san francisco. well you know what conditions will be outside your as soon as i started talking about
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putting term limits on congress, washington insiders went crazy. they said term limits are bad, that they'll break government. what a joke! congress is working fine for politicians and corporations, but it's not doing anything for real people on climate, health care or gun safety. the only way we get new ideas is electing new people, including a president willing to shake-up washington.
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i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. >>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news and happy valentine's day we're checking in on your forecast in case you have plans outdoors or maybe later tonight, nice to see how the weather shaping up on this friday morning. yeah, it's a pretty important day for although rainy valentine's day doesn't sound too bad cozy true, yeah we're not getting time out there for sure it is dry guys we're looking at a really dry forecast ahead of us leading on through not just the valentine's day. >>on through the weekend and the rest of next week looking outside at the golden gate bridge skies are pretty clear overhead you could actually not see the golden gate from this view yesterday so this is an improvement visibility at lower levels has improved while there's still some low cloud cover sitting over head.


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