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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  February 14, 2020 8:00am-9:01am PST

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witnesses say that the passenger was removed from the back of the plane and everybody else was allowed to get off the plane about a half hour later, the captain apparently got on. >>the speakers told the passengers that 7 other aircraft as well were also suspended a suspected of aving the virus. so those aircraft have been grounded as well and this all comes as we're learning more about the latest case found in the us, the 15th us patient. among evacuees fromchina landed a a texas military base. the patient developed a fever it spiked on tuesday. >>and that patient was later confirmed tohave the coronavirus and is now the hospital in san antonio and isolation. the cdc says that a lot of people may be spading the virus nknowingly because a lot of people never show symptoms be on the slight sore throat. cases that we identify i do want to prepare you for that. they're still within the potential incubation period
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for coronavirus for people coming out of wuhan city and china. >>right now there are 8 confirmed cases in california including 2 in santa clara county. and businesses have been slowing down in china towns all across the country and here in the bay area in san frcisco. there's golden ge fortune cookie factory which is world famous and they've seen a drop of 70 to 80%. >>drop-off in business since the outbreak and it was even slower during one of their biggest celebrations which is the lunar new year. business owners say the slowdowis not only impacting businesses but also their livelihood. >>we have 50 yars never happened. i have that in a stab chinese are much runs the because they want to move to the virus come from china. so they might just don't do with the chinese so they can lessen fact that. so which is not fair we cannot be fearl of and the fires i illness whatever we have to live life.
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>>and just gone. >>the last direct flight fro san francisco to china leaves tonight as e told you after that they're not to have any more direct flights by air china. it's still going to have flights from san francisco. they have to make a stop in los angeles. they're still going to have those routes so that will eventually get you to stand up to china you have to go san francisco to la to beijing and they' going to run those 4 days a week. >>well at will soon be coming home to the bay area after being stuck on one of those cruise ships in asia that had been involved in the coronavirus care christina curb us name, here's what she tweeted out from cambodia that picture over there beuse of the coronavirus fears her cruise ship wasn't allowed to dock anywhere until finally cambodian officials agreed to let them into port so she and the other passengers finally offthat ship now and they've been come from not to have the virus. so she's really looking forward to be able to come ho. speaking of the coronavirus
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join us next wednesday at 9 o'clock we're going to have a kron 4 news special report on survivinthe coronavirus we'll take a closer look at how it spread and what you can do to protect yourself. right you can have a doctor live in studio with us to answer your questions abo the coronavirus so you want to stay tuned and watch for that again that's wednesday at 9 o'clock. >>8 o 2 is that i want to get you started with weather and traffic before you head out the door jacket are no jack i'd say definiteljacket guys and just make it cute today because it is valenti's day and you can definitely dress up the sweater in the jacket and still have a good dato night tonight we are still going to be looking at sunshine today. i know is going hard to lieve when you look outside right now and it's all just cloud cover currently there's no fog but still kind of on the gray side to kick off your valentine's day 40's and 50's for your current temperatures alameda hayward 50 degrees each oakland europe, 53, while berkeley and the are each sitting currently of 48 grees. >>later today, you're going to see the return to sunshine, we're just waiting for it on
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this side cloudy start it will be a nice afternoon. i'd say keep the sweater on hand one of our cooler ones of the week. robin thank you john getting word of a hot spot on the lower deck. >>of the bay bridge. we have an injury accident eastund 80 near treasure island reported just before the tunnel your 2 left lanes are blocked now there's a lot of debris scattered across the lanes as well so it's backing up traffic right around mid span once again 80 east heading out of san francisco injury crash blocks or 2 left lanes the san francisco side of one oh one we have somewhat the usual crowd with slow traffic from 3rd heading up to 80 and then into san francisco friday light valentine's day light. we haven't had any major delays a quick 10 minute trip into san francisco darya james they at 8 oh 4 and our top story. >>to san jose schos are going to close and that means a lot of kids are going to have to find a new school this that includes dove hill and laurel wood elementary schools are shutting down at the end
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of the year kron four's will tran live. >>in front of those schools this morning well. >>a lot of the parents showing this morning and they know the clock is ticking on them. this is one of the school's doug hill, so and a few now they'll finish the school year there is one of the administrators right there just watching the parents drop off their kids. at the end of the year, they'll say goodbye and they'll never come back to the school again because the school district the evergreen school district in san jose decided it was now worth keeping this school and the other school that you mentioned, laura wood elementary open at a cost of $12 million they were already in a budget constraint. so they decided actually couple of months ago that a couple oschools would be on the chopping block and they made the decision last night this was not a unilateral decision where we've seen before with the school district makes it and it's up to the parents and the administrators to deal with it instead this was a group effort that they had a
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committee made up of 24 members of the community some school board members the superintendent they invited parents as well maybe not all the parents, but the parents who did chimed in they all seem to agree that it was worth shutting this down moving the students and the teachers to the other nearby schools and trying to find money down the road without having to deal with bigger cuts say the xt 2 to 3 years i've done many of these stories before james and area and this is getting close to the beginning of school, not exactly i don't know exactly the school for this school but you can see it's not that busy for 30 minutes out from the beginning of school so perhaps i'll try to confirm that perhaps this one of the reasons why they chose to close to school maybe it was not as populated. some of the other choices back to us. thank you well. >>time now is 6 in san francisco, the driver who then hit 3 people on the nd
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sidewalk. police say was not driving under the influence. 62 year-old stephen kernan of wheel. police arrested him for running a red light and causing the crh that happened at the corner of 23th and mission streets. one destrian was treated at the scene 2 others had to be taken to the hospital in critical condition d underwent surgery. in the south bay to homicide suspects are in custody after one of them was in a standoff with the police for nearly 12 hours. this is a story we first told you about as breaking news yesterday morning and now we have pictures of the 2 men who were arrested marcus pardo hendry and richard torres they were arrested and police had to use a canine on them pardo hendry was barricaded in hihome in san jose. before police were able to arrest m. the 2 men are suspected of shooting and killing richard when on claytoroad and square he drive last month. >>also in the south bay nta
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clara sheriff's deputies have arrested 22 year-old know ramos f felony vandalism and burglary. he caused $1300 in damage to a car and stole $3,000 worth of shoes from the home. that's what police believe investigators say found him with burglary tools and narcoti in the north bay police are looking for a man wanted for a home burglary checkit out the doorbell camera shows him opening the screen door and then you'll see him kick in the front door there. he ended up going inside coming out th items if you think you know this person is or have any information that will be helpful to police let them knowsanta rosa police are looking for a man o was reportedly standing near a school with a gun, someone tipped off police about a man at the intersection of west avenue and liana drive which is right near shepherd accelerated elementary school. the school hadto be placed on lockdown for a time they never did find him, but they say he was last seen wearing faded red t shirt jeans and dark colored boots. >>an incredible rescue on highway one near for ross in
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sonoma county after a man drove off a 60 foot cliff. luckily, a 16 year-old was driving right behind them and saw what happened kron four's michelle kingston has the story. >>the sun was shining to bright on wednesday morning for one man driving south on highway one near for ross coming around a sharp curve on the road and man and a mini cooper swerve did fell down a 60 foot cliff. >>i freak out got so 16 year-old david estrada was pulled over and immediately e without hesitation climb down through poison oak to the rescue i was like looking up to see happen to than hope not call for hope. there's there's no other cars at the same time it happened david drives one hour to el molino high scol here in forestville every day he says he just happened to be on highway one heading here at proceed in a feel like a hero
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just feel like i was at the right place at the right time to help someone now d i hope others would've done the same with just a few cuts on his head and hands the estrada's says was driving to visit his children the bay area was airlifted to a local hospital we spoke to him on thursday any tells us he is now resting at home and feeling very thankful in 4 still michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>with california's presidential primary just a little over than 2 weeksaway. we have some of the top democratic presidential candidates paying the bay area visit today, former mayor of south bend, indiana pete buttigieg. >>wl be here in the bay area is actually got an event this morning in sanfrancisco and then he'll also be holding events in palo alto and sacramento and then on monday senator bernie sanders will come to the east bay will be attending a get out the vote rally enrichment, california voters will be heading to the polls on march 3rd as part of super tuesday. >>and still ahead on the kron
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00:04am morning news, some bart passengers are extra concern right nobecause a man was attacked on a train with a very unusual item ed as a weapon, we'll tell you what and we'ltell you why next trip to the grocery store might not be quite pleasant and have enough workers. the workers at safeway might be going on strike. plus after the break. it's many years since the mudslide in sausalito took down home with a woman in it we'll take a look at whether or not they think the hillside a safe town. and a live look here at san mateo bridge looks kind of like actually there was a little bit of cloud coverage will be right back. obama: he's be a leader throughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when
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we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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>>we're back in a 13 today marks one year since those mudslides in sausalito remember that last year t whole house came down the hill hit another house. the last of the debris was removed back in november as we know the rush to get that done before the rain started theye replaced it with seed and green protective netting trying to get the vegetation to grow back. the city says it feels a lot better prepared now to prevent this from happening again. >>we're talking about land movements and landslides there's a lot of factors that go into it and one of them is water. the other one is the steepness of the hillsides so sauce leaders pretty darned steep. but as faras lessons we want to make sure that have drainage systems that function correctly and convey water the way they need to be conveyed. >>well the next step is to put
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in a drainage system to get that water to flow away properly far as rebuilding well that will be up to the property owners themselves officials say the foundation's appear to be in place. so they can rebuild whenever you have that that lady was in that house, you think she wants to live i know she was fine, believe in us. >>but would you live probably beaches on a cliff to do that again. starring not after and this year like building down to the like they should've with the millennium a san francisco, what's up for the weekend, you know what it's going to be another nice weekend no rain no rain in sight. yeah we can use it at this uh yeah we're keeping on the dry side of things yet again that's good news on valentine's day you want to drive valentine's day looking outside at timber on nearby sausalito right here you have some cloudy skies overhead no rainfall though it may look like a day where you could see some rain but it's actually going to just the opposite skies are going to clear out into the afternoon.
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>>going to see a lot of sunshine later on another day tha cool coastal breeze that's going to push some of ocean cool there right along the coastline and even inland across the bay that's going keep temperatures a among their coolest that we've seen so far this week a little closer to our seasonal averages, the 50's right along the coast with plenty of sunshine and 60's further inland, you're going to see a lot of sunshine, not just today, but all through the day tomorrow with clear skies to start all through the day and then into the finish of the day breezier one is a cold front swings through what results and rain for the bay. but you could see just a few scattered snow showers at the very top of the sierra nevada. nothing remarkable in a thing that should slow down your weekend travels if your valentine's day weekend does involve heading up there if you're staying in the bay today expect 50's at the coast and 60's elsewhere with some morning cloud cover which we're currently in the midst of followed by of afternoon sunshine as for daytime highs, most of us in the 60's are not seeing 50's on this map but we
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do have in areas like daly city point rays and stinson beach nevado 63 hayward and fremont as well at 63 degrees while oakland low 60's today at 61 tomorrow, your warmest and sunniest day of the weekend come sunday year breezy us today the weekend as winds pick up nothing like last sunday, but it will be enough to keep the jacket on hand next week dry, sunny and warm just like we have been robin all right. thank you john we do have a trouble spot on the lower deck of the bay bridge chp has issued a traffic alert for this injury accident that has the 2 left lanes shut down 80 east just as you approach treasure island so the backup all of a sudden is growing it spilling across a lower deck just about to the entrance. >>to the lower deck of the bay bridge. so for those of you heading out of san francisco. now you're going to get stuck behind a slow down of this crash or saw keep my eyes on it special alert in place no estimated time of clearing its going to be slow drive out of san francisco what i want to
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san francisco. that's ok. it's a little busy northbound from 3rd to about cesar chavez and then you're stuck in traffic again on the lower deck once you reach the bay bridge coming into san francisco from the oakland side wide open we haven't had any major delays so far it's been nice friday light at 9 minutes to fremont street here's 92 looking a little bit better compared to the last hour or so earlier was packed now not so much just a little busy at 15 minutes off to one on what one more crash for you across the bay were in the oakland maze 9.80 west at 27 injury accident involving a big rig. you're actually backed up on 9 atb on 5 80 at that point it's 24 so west, 24 of oakland slow all the way over to the 9, 8, emerge leading up to the crash. we'll check some more slow downs coming up james all right. thank you very much robert. >>california's latest high speed rail business plan is frustrating lawmakers from both sides of the aisle. the latest plan now calls for an
8:19 am
extra billion on top of the well it's already billion price tag and that has a lot of lawmakers scratching their heads. the immediate short-term plan includes the completion of a long of a line from bakersfield to merced said in the next couple of years and hopes to connect san francisco with la ultimately by the year 2033. the high speed rail authority is citing inflation and a better cost estimate for why they need more money but valley and coastal lawmakers have different visions on how that money could be better spent. >>delay electrification of the central valley line use that money instead on already prioritized high speed projects in the bay area and los angeles i guess we have to accept of road rail road between bakersfield in. >>or sand or mud the sooner this is ended the sooner they make central california hole. >>well the high speed rail authority has until may to send a finalized version of their plan to the legislature. may soon see picket lines pers
8:20 am
outside bay area stores, the union representing workers has canceled contract with safeway. before coract negotiations broke down the union rejected an offer. i'm a $1.50 more per hour on average over 3 years, the union says workers also want and need more hours about 80% of positions are part-me. and while that may suit students and younger workers. more opportunity they say is needed for the full timers. while the full time. >>employees get 40 hours part-time employees are guaranteed only 24 hours. so as you can tell. at a wage that isn't that decentyou can survive on 24 hours a week. mucof the bay area would be s affected and that means a lot of safeway stores would be effective safely released a statement saying they're looking to work with the union and to reach an agreement. >>in the east bay charges
8:21 am
against 2 moms for housing activists and 2 supporters are being dropped the 4 were arrested during the january fiction of that home in oakland, the alameda county district attorney though decided not to press charges and the attorney representing the moms for housing says that's the right move. london breed is expressing concern about a state plan to fix homelessness she was among many leaders at the budget meeting yesterday with other elected officials in traditionally local governments in cities and counties are responsible for helping the homeless, but mayor gavin newsom is proposing a million one time paynt that would be distributed to regional directors who would then deci how that money would be spent. mayor breed says a one-time payment is not enough. >>ongoing funding is necessary to make a meaningful impact in the lives of people on the streets in this ongog funding will allow the cities and counties across the state to continue the programs. >>governor newse also
8:22 am
proposed using the vacant state properties and trailers as housin he also created a strike team which will look for st practices and ways to help oupeople who are meless. >>it's a 21 and ming up next on the kron 00:04am morning news, a big day for love around the world, but how big is it for the card industry. and a live look here at the approach to the bay bridge. they will take a valentine's day off now has an effect we're right back.
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>>valentine's which means roses means chocolates means dinner reservation trip to the airport going nowhere assure wife. i think all of those things are essential for valentine's day, but don't underestimate the importance of a greeting card don't overestimate roughly a 145 million valdez, a cars are going to change today. >>that makes valentine's day the second the year's second largest card sending holiday. so you know the number one is. >>well my first guess is mother's day it's ok, yeah, so christmas is number one for cards and number 2 is valentine's day. you're at international mother's day because either way though i prefer the home the home they
8:26 am
may i know better look at these people are in a may now, and they didn't even have mass cards until i think was 1840 i remember that was the year i got my first mass produced car to remember it benjamin franklin center to maine. hope we get our it was a town hall room a >>why has that docu is a caveman local court again they're talking about a serious story coming up ahead the coronavirus it's it's growing a lot more infections you're seeing here a flight with the evacuees will talk more about that. >>and with the latest says regarding coronaviruand the increase in cases coming up in
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as soon as i started talking about putting term limits on congress, washington insiders went crazy. they said term limits are bad, that they'll break government. what a joke! congress is working fine for politicians and corporations, but it's not doing anything for real people on climate, health care or gun safety. the only way we get new ideas is electing new people, including a president willing to shake-up washington. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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♪ nothing is everything ask your dermatologist about skyrizi. ♪ >>29 a look at weather and traffic on friday morning our role robin well it was lovely and so hot spot popped hot spots broke the rules, no love on the roads around a crash on the lower deck and we have 2 lanes shut down and injuries to i know where that come from its east bow-tie its before treasure island there's a lot of debris scattered across the lanes as well crews are on scene and look at that line heading out of san francisco you are backed up across the lower deck. >>and now it's spilling over to the entrance of the bay bridge and then after that you
8:30 am
know what happens it's going to start spilling over to the skyway so once again heading out of san francisco. you crawling as you enter the lower deck across the lower deck all the way up to the tunnel where that crash is blocking your 2 left lanes at a special alert has been issued so i'm keeping my eyes on it one o one's ok through san francisco with some minor crowding northbound from 3rd heading up to 80 a quick peek at the drive in the opposite direction here's your good news, the typical commute traffic out of oakland. it's not there. it's not happening. so many people have taken the day off we're looking at an easy 9 minutes off to fremont street. i don't see any sunshine in the shot on looks a little gray out there. yeah though sun just yet robin definitely on the gray side you can barely make out the golden gate bridge under those low clouds that have been hovering across the bay this morning. >>going to see a lot less of them later in the morning and by the afternoon you do have a good dose of sunshine ahead, 40's and 50's for your current temperatures nap and conquered a 50 right now berkeley, san francisco, egypt, 49. and
8:31 am
later today look forward to that sunshine and some 60's along with it as daytime highs for some inland areas still rise into the mid 60's. 8.30 and there are some new safety concerns on bart this morning because a man was attacked on a train clan. >>and i have a picture of the attacker who has been arrested. but he hit the passenger with the ain and then he got off at the lake merritt station writers say that they keep seeing crime go up on bart and it's something that they really have to deal with on trains and that safety is a big priority and its impact on whether or not they ride. >>who beat somebody with the chain is not enough police there's not enough patrols and it's probably not enough information really for especially was rush hour. >>as you can see far as those new ambassors they just started the program on monday where they walk around and patrol as an extra layer of security for passengers. >>also the news this morning out of the east bay, the man accused of murdering nia
8:32 am
wilson added oakland bart station was kicked out of court again after going on a profanity-laced rant. john kowal took the stand for cross examination. but his testimony i lasted about 25 minutes before became combative agitated. prosecutors were showing video of him attacking wilson when he ppeared to lose any started cursing had to be thrown out nielsen sister was in court. she talks about. what she saw. >>they want to project his feelings on longer he beat arouse the goods. >>and you know and it's no means no beating around the he knew yes, >>size and >>well this isn't the first time that cal's been foed to leave the courtroom during this trial. his attorneysays at his client suffers from schizophrenia and has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.
8:33 am
>>it's 32 and the big story this morning is another spike in the corona virus infections that are reported out of china. how many new cases just go back down and i see that is it 5,000 more one of 5,001 more day now and a 121 more deaths have been reported been incredible to see this thing to explode the way it has been. >>doctors and nurses of course working on the front lines, some of them have become infected they really are wearing the the biggest risk in fighting this out for and david culver has a firsthand look at the conditions. >>china has likened it to a military operation and nation's battle against the deadly novel coronavirus it's placed health care workers doctors and nurses on the front lines early on in the fight against the epidemic chinese state media aired emotional interviews like this 1, 1, of the nurses explaining how she had to reassure her own parents. >>a little warmer welfare i always say it's ok we are well
8:34 am
protected her actually i was just saying eyes were actually afraid and we're has collected as long as you're on duty, our own sense of mission will support us to do the job chinese officials and state media praised the medical workers for their heroic efforts, cnn has spoken with some who feel as though they've been sent into battle without armor as a result, they say many of their colleagues have gone from treating patients to becoming one. >>one wuhan hospital nurse who asked we not identify her fearing repercussions for speaking with the media told us by xt right now it's really a problem our hospital has more than a 100 peoplwho were quarantined at home she's one of she says a chest scan revealed that she had a suspected case of the virus. that's a nue scribed to cnn the shortage of medical supplies often being posted on china's social media site weibo these images posted on state-run people's daily wavell count. show medical personnel in wuhan hospital so desperate that they resorted
8:35 am
to creating protective gear out of plastic trash bags. it's something chinese health officials have publicly acknowledged and even while they have ramped up production of supplies, some feel it's arriving too late. and this nurse posted that she contracted the virus and is now a patient at the same hospital where she works. the impatient floor i live on is basically filled with colleagues from my hospital she posted adding i'm afraid the virus inside my body will come out and infect these colleagues were still standing fast on the front line. >>is about we've video chatted with doctor ivan hot and infectious disease doctor at hong kong university hospital's he warns it is not the health care workers working directly with the confirmed coronavirus patients who are most at risk but rather. >>in the d a. it is he has an emergency areas where the tree patients. >>that is precisely what happened to doctor lee when
8:36 am
the on the 34 year-old who hunt ophthalmologists contracted the virus in mid-january just 2 weeks after trying to sound the alarm of an mysterious sars-like illness. local police reprimanded have we spoke with cnn briefly by phone on january 31th struggling to communicate you could hear the hospital machines pull seenin the background. >>he died a week later. lee's death and the fight so many health care workers are now enduring. a reminder of the dangers facing those tasked to stop the spread. david called for cnn beijing. >>i think we hear this and you see this a lot of people here in the bay area even though we're not seen as they get worried, yeah and that's what we're having a whole special in our 9 o'clock hour next wednesday. now in fact you'll find. >>not only tips on how to stay safe, we're actually going to have a doctor live in studio with us to help answer some of your questions about the coronavirus so again mark your calendars that's next wednesday at 9 o'clock. we'll take a break. still ahead on.
8:37 am
we have outrage from families of murder victims as death row inmates at san quentin could soon be allowed to request a transfer. the 2 were somewhere else and maybe enter rehab so victims families aren't too happy about that plus stage actors put on a show to highlight the hidden history of a woman who earned her freedom from slavery. and here's a quick live look outside as we check the view here at the richmond sandra felbridge toll plaza hardly any traffic as we're moving right along although there is a hot spot out there in fact rob has been following it. it is impacting the bay bridge right now will get full details from her in just a moment. so maybe we're new to home improvement, but we got an insider tip on the ultimate flooring destination. we're shopping alongside real-life
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>>it's a 39 and as we celebrate black history month this morning where remember milly sawyers yes, she was a slave who won her freedom in 1836 and now her story. >>is being brought back to life by actors, the show is called the million project and it's on tour right now cuses on milly sawyers from springfield missouri with information from recently recovered documents that piece her life together the director says the telling stories like this could help us all to move forward. >>i think it's really very crucial because we do become the stories that we tell. and here's a woman and slave woman. sees herself as a free person. and so has the
8:41 am
tenacity to really go for that. >>the actress of the story sparks a ntinued desire for >>all right, he's a quick live look outside we have our camera at the embarcadero in san francisco looking out over the bay bridge. it is a little gray but john's promising us at least a little bit of sunshine. this afternoon on valentine's day she didn't have any outdoor plans today. like the weather should be on your side we'll be right back.
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8:44 am
>>all right take a look at this moderate bay whale watch captured video of a northern right whale dolphin couple as u can see the swimming in monterrey can hear. >>and so they're saying if i could speak oil for to speed things interesting if we get another close-up shot the dolphins again you'll notice they don't have any dorsal fins on their backs normal dolphins do that what sets one of their unique characteristics they were seen feeding anchovies. >>along with several humpback whales, a marine biologist, though say well that was fun to see him we really shouldn't be seeing of this early in the air because typically there down off the mexican waters will it's warmer and it's not a later in the spring and summer that they make your they're all confused. jamie, i know because as we all are everything's too quick john i say using it's while we're all
8:45 am
enjoying it and apparently the we'll start to a yeah it could result in trouble, especially for migrating have its for wildlife and then for us drinking water. >>come summer now. but anyway going to be warm again today. i guess and guys plenty more warm and dry days in our forecast too. we're not going to be seeing this pattern changing for a while now it's a historically dry february, especially if we continue to round out this month, the same exact way now today's morning that it looks like it would rain, but it's just not going to happen there's plenty of cloud cover out there but it's already starting to break apart, you've got some brightness starting to shine through. >>in areas like right over berkeley right now stormtracker four's just showing that blanket of low lying clouds that has pushed over e basin stratus clouds just pushing right overhead making for a great start to this morning. there's going to be an onshore flow of cool. ocean cool the air that keeps
8:46 am
coastal areas, nice and cool in the 50's today while 60's will prevail elsewhere. we've obviously seen some warmer than average temperatures i mean santa rosa got up to 80 degrees this week that also disrupts a lot of the rhythms of nature you may have seen a few bold spa starting to sprout near guard and those mosquitoes that have been out wales in monterey bay. yes, definitely not your typical february scenario and weather certainly has a lot to do with that now as far as skies go later on today, lots of sunshine into tomorrow clear skies to start then clear skies all throughout the day in fact tomorrow is about to be your warmest day of the weekend with highs well into the upper 60's if not low 70's for much of the day on saturday. enjoyable whether or not the weather we need to be seeing this time of year though that we work our way into sunday, some cloud cover pushes overhead and you do notice a little blue in the sierra it's not going to amount to much but just enough snowfall to possibly get roadways just a bit slick towards the crest of the sierra us in the bay area nothing you have a bit of
8:47 am
sunshine a bit of cloud cover some breezy conditions on sunday. but not enough energy in the system to be resulting in any rain for us 50's and 60's for your highs along the coast today it will be a comfortable, but cool one so if you're getting out about for valentine's day just make sure to bring the bring a sweater with don't make it a rain jacket because that's certainly not in the forecast. redwood city 62 for your high while the south bay in the low to mid 60's for your gh temperatures today, the east bay highs also low to mid 60's today with richmond barely even getting up to 60 degrees. so yeah, it's one of our cooler days definitely before daytime highs tomorrow rebound a bit and start to climb back up into those upper 60's to low 70's and skies will remain clear throughout your saturday too. now sunday, a breezy one some cloud cover but also sunshine in there too. next week this dry trend of weather is not ending in fact it's going to be warm as well with highs solidly low to mid 60's, robin problems on the lower
8:48 am
deck heading out of san francisco we have major delays now we went from a. >>easy trouble free commute to a tough drive here, it's eastbound 80 before treasure island injury accident blocks your 2 left lanes chp issued a traffic alert ford and the backup just continues to grow they hope to have this out of your way by 9 o'clock so we'll see if at hapens meanwhile, you're backed up across a lower deck. it has now spilled over to the skyway the traffic on the skyway is backed up onto one oh one 1 oh one was already heavy so it's all merging together you're backed up all he way out to 3rd street on northbound want to one because of this crash here on the lower dk, so you may want to hold off on 80 or maybe take the san mateo bridge to get across the bay instead of the bay bridge, here's 80 west. the complete opposite friday light and wide open so 9 minutes off to fremont street which is great richmond sandra fell this commute is over it has thinned out nicely for esl 8 minutes to the north bay and we have a crash in open that's wrapping up 9.80 st right around 27.
8:49 am
you're back up on 9 80's spilling over to 24 so 24 is heavy now just west of the caldecott you're looking at 13 minutes from wanted creek to the maze on 24, but the crashes on 9.80 just impacting a lot rob, a 48 and later this high death row inmates in san quentin are going to be allowed to request a transfer to other prisons, yeah this was made possible by a law that was passed by voters back in 2016. >>but now the familieof the victims are speaking out ainst it and let's take a look at that was kron four's dan kerman from 66 was designed to speed up executions. but it also had a provision to deal with complaints that it was very costly to house inmates san quentin and the provision allowed death row inmates to be housed at other prons in the state the purpose of the parisian was too. >>part of the cost ofhe death penalty and take away one of the arguments that the other side was using about
8:50 am
cost as a reason to abolish the penalty. >>beginning this month death row inmates will be able to request transfers to one of 8 facilities approved by the department of corrections if approvedthey can also apply to work and avail themselves of other rehab programs at th facility in sneak out victims themselves not to mention their families marc klaas whose daughter polly is killer is amg those on death row opposes the transfer of death row inmates. now gift is being given. >>to the individuals and kill children they kill police to kill multiple individuals and that's the gift of being reintegrated into in general population in given the opportunity to participate in work programs in rehabilitation programs. and that makes no sense to me but scheidegger points out the transfers will save money. >>and the real issue remains the moratorium on the death >>the main problem again is the governor's the abuse of
8:51 am
power. was as misuse of a reprieve power for something that was never intended for. >>prop 66 also increases the amount of restituti from 50 to 70% for death row inmates that means if they do end up working victims families will receive additional money. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>we'll take a look at this intense crash watch. ramp of some side it turned into a rapid it was just the center median part f this roundabout this was down in long beach and this car came just blazing down the street hit that center around pit the landscaping and just watch us up into the air some other neary cars were damaged as well here you can see another look at the damage stand by the car that hit that. there are people say it was a a woman beind the wheel that walked away from the crash. >>everybody was in a sound sleep in this neighborhood and it was like a massive explosion. and all of a sudden
8:52 am
when everybody's up and you can see that the boulders in the middle of the street and the whole neigorhoods out in the young woman that hit this white car. she was just got out of the car like nothing happened. >>would not even seriously her 100 miles an hour it was pretty crazy police ended up obviously meeting up with her talking to her and they determined that she was struck. >>if you drive a honda odyssey listen to this some of those minivans are being recalled because of a fire hazard. the recall afcts the 2018 to 2020 model honda says there's a potentially faulty power outlet that could cause a fire. and in fact there were 3 fires, they say caused by this but nobody got hurt. the recall begins mid-march and all the repairs are ee. tesla is voluntary recalling some model acts of vehicles because of power steering problems most cars built beforemid october of 2016 are affected by that my this on the issue involves corrosion on the steering gear bolts
8:53 am
making the drive or use more force to turn the wheel tesla says it is n aware of any injuries or collisions because of this. and there's no fee to fix any of the problems with >>coming up in the next hour a caliornia man released after nearly 15 years in prison. for a crime he didn't commit will
8:54 am
8:55 am
>>a 55 and check out this
8:56 am
valentine's day for a couple in arkansas, this is how gayle and our ville ross have been celebrating their special day for 25 years with the same box of chocolate gross we box a refill it, yes, you chocolate haha. >>a prettier than the sum of the boxes that to you here you see that's just a but that will not was liked she's now known to for all these years. >>thank you i thank we heard they've been married since 1957 wow. >>all right we'll take a quick break on this valentine's day coming up some sad news for parents in the south when students to with 2 elementary schools in san jose th there's going to close their doors at the end of the year. we'll have more on what we learned overnight plus there are safety concerns among bart attacked on a train. we're going hear from riders about
8:57 am
this bizarre attack, how they feel about it and businesses in chinatown are taking a bi hit from the coronavirus we'll tell you why owners say is really hitting them hard. growing up in la, bad air forced us indoors
8:58 am
and now we have to deal with this.
8:59 am
climate change is an emergency. that's why i wrote the nation's most progressive climate law. and that's why i'm endorsi tom steyer. because when big oil tried to stop our clean air laws, he led us to victory. same with the keystone pipeline. when tom says we can save the world and do it together believe him. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. >>and thanks for joining us for the finest hour the finest day friday, i'm darya folsom
9:00 am
and lentine's day which makes an extra 5, hopefully you've got some nice plans today. let's find o if weather and traffic are helping you out this morning. i went around and good morning it arted off sweet ballots, better. >>we crashes i know 3 crashes on the lower deck. wearing right now, but that's whyit's been a major hot spot traffic was so nice getting out of san francisco and then after 3 separate crashes in the 2 left lanes. >>a singular was issue they finally finish removing the vehicles clearing out the debris. but now you're backed up across the lower deck on to the skyway you're back up on the skyway unfortunately has spilled over to north one oh one and it's just a mess out of san francisco way back from 3rd street so from 3rd street all the way out to treasure island is just one long stretch of heavy traffic so be prepared. it's going to be extra slow, but it is recovering opposite and looks great doesn't it on the open side of the bay bridge normally we have somewhat of a


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