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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  February 17, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. >>tonight at 5.30 kron 4 is always tracking local stories, here's a look at what's going now. your neighborhood right >>to the north bay tonight, volunteers are still searching for a palo to couple that went missing in marine county, the elderly couple hasn't been seen since friday afternoon. our first sarah stinson reports now from marin county with more. >>the search continues for a missing palo alto couple were spending time at a bed and breakfast in inverness they haven't been seen since friday. take a look at this map so you cansee we're over a 100 people are searching for the missing couple near where they were last seen on friday these people are from all different encies, including the marine county sheriff's office they're using horses on
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the grounds with people walking everywhere and they using drones in the sky above to get more visibility of where the 2 could be we do have a picture of the 2.77 year-old carol cupar ski and 7year-old ian or when they were supposed to check out of the bed and breakfast on saturday, but all of their belongings, including phones wallets. the vehicle, they traved there to was all left of the vacation cottage, the couple also miss an appointment sunday in sheriff's investigators say this is highly ouof character for them. but authorities were notified that they were missing an extensive search and investigation began it continues sunday afternoon into the evening searchers still had no clue as to where the 2 went in to take another glance of the picture of the couple ju head to kron 4 social media pages or our website kron 4 dot com the sheriff's office is hoping that anyone who may have seen them or has any information
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will come forward in marion county sarah stinson kron 4 news in the east bay, pittsburgh police are looking for the person who shot and killd a 21 year-old man over the weekend. >>it happened on crestview drive in altavista circle. when police arrived they found the man suffering from several gunshot wounds, he died at the scene. the victim was in the park across from altavista circle when he was shot, his name has not yet been released. >>also in the east bay, this is video of the moments after a man was shot at the el serino bart station over the weekend. but police say the man is expected to survive. officers were responding to an argument between a man and woman on board a train. when the shooting happened. a witness says she was horrified by what she saw. >>child his e body of tracks it was devastating. >>officers say they were forced to open fire after a man who they believed was
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armed with a gun ran out of a bar car and on to the tracks police say a gun was found on scene. tonight we know a mexican national arrested for a deadly shooting on a san francisco pier will not stand trial on federal gun charges. a us district court judge ruled jose garcia's are out today is not competent to stand trial because of mental illness which was not being treated. garcia's are was acquitted of murder back in the 2015 death of kate steinle e it was a case that sparked national debate it was in the us illegally at the time lawyers from both sides will meet with the judge wednesday to decide the nextteps in the case. >>i never want to check avoid just a gorgeous presidents day around the bay area here we are in the middle of. february and looking a whole lot like a spring is wve got a high pressure overhead got a couple systems out there to one swirl off e coastline that not
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only and a few high clouds for the bay area. then you've got another one off thcoastline, maybe that more of a factor late in the week, but right now remaining high and dry in fact getting those offshore winds overnight tonight and that is going to make for some clear skies some mild temperatures by day some of those numbers go in your 70 degrees in he afternoon. so there you go look at denver on you can see some of those high clouds up above right now otherwise. it is dry not expecting any fog overnight tonight with the offshore wind but we will see a few these high clouds overhead from time to time, especially as we get in toward tomorrow afternoon tomorrow morning starting a mostly clear and bright a little cl in the morning overnight lows will be dropping off a 30's in the 40's little batch of moisture and that's awesome high level cloud cover that will move in late the day tomorrow, otherwise you t clear skies that continues right to the middle the week and then we start to see the system spun off the coastline that's e of the gulf of alaska that may factor into our weather may be on friday at least maybe bringing us a chance of some showers to look like much, but temperature of about 60 t degrees little cool in the san francisco, 56 in the pacific a 59 degrees in half moon bay
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inside the bay of 5 more sunshine and some very mild temperatures 65 in san carlos 64 in foster city about 67 degrees beautiful in cupertino tomorrow, 68. in campbell 60 degrees in san jose he's been numbers up well into the 60's again by tomorrow afternoon almost 70 degrees in conquer 65 degrees in oakland 64 enrichment about 66 and pittsburgh little breezy over the mountain tops in the north bay watch for that other than that be a lot of sunshine coming your way. next few days we're going to see those temperatures just cooling down slightly few more clouds coming our way at least a slight chance of showers a slight chance on friday, we'll cross our fingers thanks lawrence in national news tonight, harvey weinstein will soon find out his fate. >>the jury in the new york trial for the disgraced hollywood mogul is expected to start deliberating. tomorrow, 67 year-old weinstein is charged with 5 cots. they include rape. predatory assault and criminal acts the charges are based on allegations by 2 women miriam haley claims that weinstein
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forcibly performed oral on her in 2006 jessica mann claims weinstein raped her in 2013 weinstein has denied al allegations against him saying he had was always consensual. >>and wi fi that's out of this world literally spacecraft company space x has been launching internet satellites that are all connected. it's called starlink the 5th launch was this morning in florida and this last 300 satellites have been set up so far. >>the plan is to get thousands up there in low earth orbit, the goal of starlink is to offer affordable internet service to parts of the us and canada by the middle of this year and eventually chief high speed broadband around the world, including rural areas that don't have internet access right now. >>and for your money tonight, sprint and t mobe are on the cusp of emerging tonight in new york attorney general says she will not appeal. after losing a case aimed at
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stopping the deal, new york and a dozen other states sued to stop the $26 billion merger they say it would hurt consumersby reducing competition. us district court judge ruled against them this month, but new york attorney general. says it does she' not gonna appeal that ruling california's attorney general still considering the options, but the merger now appears likely. >>tonight the study says that humans are wasting a lot more food than previously estimate twice as much or about one 3rd of all food in fact that's according to new research out of the netherlands, researchers looked at the relationship between food waste and wealth anfound a direct link between the 2. they found wealthier countries wasted more food and people in poorer nations begin wasting more food as they earn more money. the study was published last wednesday in e open access journal called plus won. coming up a big surprise
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for a family out shopping in indiana. what happened when this year interrupted a weekend trip to the grocery store. >>utah mom calls 911 for an unexpected reason how police helped are out in her time of need. >>and a new study has a message for teachers. what researchers say is the best way to zinski: take a look at t.
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tom steyer... berman: tom steyer... o'donnell: surging in nevada. scarboroh: this is working for tom steyer. o'donnell: surging in south carolina. smerconish: i don't think it's just resources. mitchell: surging in two new polls out of nevada and south carolina. wallace: polling at double digits. king: eleven points from october. that is dramatic. steyeri'm sang we have a broken government. that's what's going on in washington, dc. it's been bought by corporations, and my question to the american people is who do you think is going to change that? i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at 00:05a tonight, teachers who punish students in class may not g the good behavior that they're seeking. yeah that is according to a new study mandy gaither with more in today's health minute. >>respect raise instead of punishment in the classroom. a new study suggests that that is what will make elementary students stay more focused on their schoolwork in last researchers spent 3 years counting teachepraise and reprimand and more than 150 classrooms in 19 us elementary schools and half of those classrooms, teachers were told that teaches they typically dead. and the other half teachers were required to follow a behavioral intervention program in which teachers first teach children, social skills through repetition discussion and role play the teachers then form student teams praising the students with a verbal indication of approval when they followed those good social behaviors. the lead author of the research
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published in the journal educational psychology says as elementary teachers as praise over punishment ratio increases so does on task behavior. he says the more a teacher praised in the less they scolded the better focus students for on their lessons. those who provided the most praise saw up to 30% more positive student behavior. for today's health minute. i'm mandy gaither make sense and while researchers say it's not realistic. >>to imagine that a teacher never use a reprimand studies do show that those keeping all of that to a bare minimum it actually works out best friend >>well still ahead utah police receive a strange 911 call from a mom in obama: he's been a leader throughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michl bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs.
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obama: at a me when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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fisn't just about polar bears. we're fighting for our lives, we're fighting for clean air and clean water. that's why i wrote the law to send billions from pluters to communities suffering the most. and only one candidate for president was with us back then, tom steyer. and he's still fighting for us,
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pledging to make clean air and clean water a right for everyone, regardless of your zip code. that's the truth. that's tom steyer. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. >>a unique 911 call in utah right picture you know you're imagination illinois. you have a hungry baby, but you don't have any formula therefore other kids are all asleep. your husband is out of town and your neighbors aren't answering their phones when he this happen to one. >>the utah mom who found out firsthand what the serve and protect and serve means for olice in the salt lake city area. >>it's 02:12am and shannon bird doesn't have a way to feed her 6 week-old baby have no formula at nohigh you formulate call and she tells
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the dispatcher that her milk suddenly dried up the right do happened with the rest of her 5 children sleeping in one of cast and her husband out of with lone peak police answer even stopping at a convenience store to grab a gallon of milk which they quickly learned won't do the trick what kind of formula that she the officers and offer to run the walmart will leave this with you and we'll be right back with some a form free a short time later he returned with formula >>i'm sorry we can take a the same kind one of the office used to feed his newborn hopefully doesn't affect us on a that we can lp you out i was not expecting them. >>2 going at it for me like
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honestly, i just like maybe us and even just patrol, my house wam away and you know i wake up my 8 year-old to this bomb this is a priority for her lone peak spokesperson applauds his fellow officers say this case while unique isn't much different and helping change a tire oh it's been about protect and this is part of the serve. >>we're here to serve the public bird can't think her middle of the night helpers enough i had never been fast frantic. what do you do thank you for lping people in situations where they can help themselves in emergencies. >>well great story there. the police spokesperson says this is the first time he sort of a case like this in his 15 years of police work they could act to 150 foot flames shooting up in the sky in corpus christi texas happened early this morning. it's all from a. >>ruptured gas line. and police y buildings nearby caught fire as wl so they shut down the highway in both directions. the fire was
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eventually put t by midmorning in the road we opened several nearby schools. they were told to shelterin place while the fire burned. fortunately, nobody got hurt. but officials are still trying to figure out exactly what happened here. >>grocery shoppers in indiana got an unexpected surprise saturday night ok at the video a deer somehow got inside this kroger store and started running through the aisles bridget anne was in the meat department with her family when she thought she saw a dog heading towards are then she realized it was a deer. and she shot this video the frantic animal jumped over the meat counter at one point a kroger spokesperson jokes he hopes it notice the plant based protein products in the case staff tried to catch the animal but it eventually ran out on itself. it may be >>show finds it been like the options taking a live look outside right now at san francisco's embarcadero chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us to break it up not so
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sunny outside of us and megan little hazy out there right now but that we've got some offshore winds coming over tonight will be a little breezy in spots, those winds going to be picking up on this presidents day out there you can see a little haze in the atmosphere right now and certainly today ust a gorgeous day we'll see some nice days ahead here boy just not much in the way of rain low the temperatures in the bay area today well above the average against 69 in downtown san francisco, 73 degrees in oakland 71. in san jose 71 degrees and live more 74 in concord and 74 also in santa rosa all these temperatures running well above the average high pressure overhead and that cranked up the numbers again today with a little bit of an offshore wd developing boy has said the numbers soaring as much as 11 degrees warmer in san francisco says the st 24 hours, 16 degrees, warmer. in the bottle so all around the bay area where these numbers are just something else for the middle of winter usually were rated at this time no little cold but boy enough this year it has been a very very dry since lot of part of january now almost all of february dry
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condions, 71 degrees in mount view 71 in redwood city for a high today, 68 and free won 74 in concord 75 degrees in the napa valley and 73 degrees in nevada. so certainly above normal temperatures and no change at least no major change insight comes out tobe an floating along the coastline right now a high pressure overhead the offshore winds going to kick in in that that will scrub our clouds away from us. no threat of any fog. i don't think you can ready see that offshore wind that normally kubota when ari developing outside little bit of a west component. now the san francisco that will likely change but those winds a little blustery at times maybe some 30 mile an hour gusts across some of the mountain tops overnigh tonight into early tomorrow morning that will begin to subside as we head toward the afternoon just a little bit of a breeze out there around the bay area otherwise. temperatures right now looking very nice 70 degrees in redwood city, 70. still in palo alto 69 in san jose in a 69 also him conquer 65 in san francisco, 71 in tirana 60 degrees in the napa valley. so certainly looking at very nice night tonight, mostly clear
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ski will be a little bit cool and then mostly sunny and mild tomorrow think we'll see some high clouds developing in the afternoon. week ahead looks mostly dry and mild there's a slight chance of showers as we get in toward friday, but temperature wise tomorrow let's plan on some 50's along the immediate coast you'll see 60's almost 70 degrees. the warmest spots the next few days just very little change slight chance of showers a few more clos coming our way on friday all right lawrence next a special service animal makes a big trip to visit people in need earning on that eclair. don't touch it! don't touch it y! let me get t big one. this one? no! this one? ye no... the big one! they're all the samsize! with freedom unlimited, you're always earning. let me get theall. i'm gonna get them all. i can't decide. wihefty! hefty! hefty!n. y ladies... buy hefty® ultra strong™ at a low price. dada! i wish... get hefty® ultra strong™ costs less than glad® forceflex where sold head to head.
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tis better than the criminal in democrathe white house.esident we all have progressive plans to address thbig challenges facing our country. what makes me different, is i've been working foten years outside of washington, to end the corporate takeover of our democracy, and to return power to the american people. i started need to impeach ato hold this lawless president amaccountable.e. i'm proposing big reforms like rm limits... ...a national referendum... ...and ending corporate money in politics.
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as president, i'll declare clime change an emergency on day 1. and, use those powers to finally address the climate crisis. and, i've spen30 years building a successful international business. so, i can take on donald trump on the economy - and beat him. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message - because there is nothing more powerful an the unified voice of the american people.
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>>a miniature horse that works as a therapy animal. there is right recently took his first trip on an airplane so we could help out others all across the country pretty shot. >>hammer says it was no small thing to accomplish air parsi and reports. >>it's not every day you see a horse on a plane let alone in first class but fred that many service source went wheels up with a purpose and this is our first trip via an airplane. >>and has traveled several thousands of miles in my vehicle, but it was our first time in the air or on a cuff rosie has trained fred to be a therapy and a service source he lives in her house is housebroken that is more well trained than most ox get in there. >>i say you're my life traing, this horse extensively for what he has. >>and we were i was totall prepared for everything froze
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he put months of work praring f fred's trip which included 2 flights each way we left in afternoon. we flew from grand rapids and we connected in dallas and then we went to ontario california i purchase to first class seats and bulkheads seating i pay to arm and a leg for tickets. i did that so it was friends first time i wanted him to be comfortable. i want him the st room it paid off other than the expected docking the trip went without a hitch thanks variance was way better than i actually had anticipated bronco wants people to see how well the trip plants, especially with talks of stricter regulations from the department of transportation on which species of animals can fly it is out of it's a ve abuse process. there are a lot of on train service service animals on the plane that are not trained. 's it's definitely abuse system, but the sad part is what the d o t is looking at doing is they're looking excluding me as a haer from
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taking my horse on the plane and she's hoping they reversed fred's first air travel experience won't be his >>and if you like to follow fred's adventures you can check them out on just look up fred many service horse, i know i saw the litter box there but mean the busy actually going a little somehow trail know is that you know maybe can you can answer. hear a float a minute or worse hone bear cubs, a lot of cats and dogs not a horseshoe not a horse probably not fr because he's not going in first class that that's why there's no first class section in foresee little airplane are seeing futurstory i'll give it a alright, thank you so much wraps it up fous, but they were going and on over to ken and katherine i want to know more about the litter box all right, thank you vicki and jr an urgent search for palo alto couple continues their missing after a vacation to the north bay investigators are now trying to piece together close to their disappearance will have a live
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report on what police have found so far stranded for 2 weeks on a cruise ship those hit by the coronavirus now hundreds of evacuated americans are back on us soil, some under arantine in the bay area others are in texas for year from a father about huge tax breaks for the rich, while the middle-class continues to strgle. that's what happens when billionaires are able to control the political system. our campaign is nded by the working peoe of this country, and those are the people that i will represent. no more tax brea for billionaires. we are going to guarantee health care to all people and create up to 20 miion good payingobs to save this planet. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message because we need an economy that works for allf us, not just wealthy campaign contributors.
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>>and 36 searches this morning which inuded searchers out west the ground canines using utilizing are you bees as well as the helicopter today and also water search tms. >>now 6 a search for a palo alto couple who went missing in inverness in west marin county that continues tonight, thanks for joining us. i'm can pam moore has the night off. >>that town has fewer than a 1000 people. this is 77 carol cupar ski her husband, he is 72 years old his name is or when the 2 have not been seen or heard since friday, as you just heard more than a 130 people are now involved in that search scouring a very wooded area trying to nd them. they tell kron four's michelle kingston the search is not over she's live for us in point reyes station with more on what's happening out there. michelle. >>friday and in point reyes station because this is the only t


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