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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  February 19, 2020 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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>>the voting. today's remarks to this crisis. let's call it what it is it's a disgrace. >>now it's 6 california governor gavin newsome holds his state of the state address highlighting highlighting california's homelessness crisis. thanks for joining us is 00:06pm tonight, i'm can way and i'm pam moore governor newsom use his second state of the state address today to call for an aggressive response to the growing homelessness crisis even as the state's economy booms at a record pace newsome also focused on lowering the legal bar for providing forced treatment to the mentally ill and building more homeless shelters. joining us now with
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more on nuisance addresses our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala who joins us live ashley. >>ken and pam usually a state of the state is used to address earmark several issues and accomplishments but today for governor gavin newsome second state of the state address he decided to focus only on homelessness. >>it's a disgrace that the richest stay in the richest nation succeeding across so many sectors is falling so far behind to properly house heal and humanely treat so many of its own people governor gavin newsome putting homelessness and its counterparts housing and mental health at the forefront of california's priorities. the governor wednesday calling on the state to lower the bar for forced mental health care to treat the mentally ill saying the current standard is too high and contributing to the state's crisis people of california you know this are demanding bold permanent solutions anything less is not
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going to get the job done well calling for reform of the millionaire tax money meant for mental health newsome also demanded cities and counties who have accused the funds to spend it by june 30th or else the state will in rapid response to getting the homeless off the streets. the governor announced 286 state properties are now available as shelters. he also said 5 more cities and counties from santa clara to riverside are next to get emergency tents and trailers while those are temporary solutions newsome urged lawmakers to make way for new permanent housing to tackle the state's shortage. i do believe that 2020 will be the year of production democrats confident this year is different this is the number one priority that we have to make room for not just for this year, really for the coming years, republicans say they wish the governor would have addressed more issues some have concerns about the governor's hyper focussed plan on homelessness and mental health if people take they're on they don't have the cognitive ability to say hey i
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want to now we see here and again so this is statewide intervention by the forced people to get how and how does that look like and how do we put that together in a legal manner were people still have their rights. >>so the price tag on the governor's homelessness plan right now is at million but how much it will actually cost to won't be finalized until may. reporting live here at state capitol ashley zavala kron 4 news ashley. thank you reaction to the speech has been mostly positive, however there are some who feel the governor has not gone far enough kron four's dan kerman has been talking with lawmakers and homeless advocates in san francisco, he joins us live from city hall dan. >>while all are pleased that the governor is focusing on homeless to the separation of everything else but again the devil is in the details some pleased with what he had to say some not so sure about those details. >>i'm happy he devoted so much
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time and attention and you know we every state resource pizza piece of land. staffing that they can provide san francisco supervisor matt haney champion the navigation center on the embarcadero. >>and it's called for shelters or services in all districts says the governor's focus on homelessness during his state of the state speech is more than welcome. >>and we have a over has the sh make available treatment facilities to get people inside and get them help. we are facing a crisis unlike i think anything we've seen. >>the governor also called on state lawmakers to make it easier for local authorities to force the mentally ill into treatment anything that he can do. >>to alleviate those bottlenecks that are forcing places like san francisco to push people out on the street who really need to be inside and treatment is going to be very much welcome to just say let's make it easier to lock people up is basically
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hoodwinking the public into thinking there's an easy solution where there's not. >>jennifer freedom bach with san francisco's coalition on homelessness was less pleased with the governor's speech, especially as it concerns lowering the threshold for conservator ships instead of saying ok we know what caused this. we're going to invest and making sure that people have access to treatment. >>we're just going to pass a law to make it easier to lock people left the standards are not the problem. the problem is is that the state's doesn't take responsibility for people to the conservatorship courts when they don't have anywhere to place people and they don't bring back says there simply are not enough facilities in the community for those with mental health issues can live. >>she says that's where the investment needs to go we need a massive investment in building up our mental health system and that's going to get us to the place where we don't have thousands of people on our streets with untreated. >>mental illnesses. >>bach also says she's somewhat concerned that there is too much of an emphasis on sheltering and less of an emphasis on where she thinks it needs to be which is an
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investment in permanent supportive housing. live at san francisco city hall dan kerman kron 4 news stands. take you there was a dramatic increase in homelessness across california last year the numbers climbing quickly joining us now in the studio our grant lotus with the latest on this crisis grant panic and that their sorey quite it's it's a dramatic increase in the number of people. >>living in california without a roof over their heads the homeless population in this state rising by more than 21,000 people in 2019 alone. >>that's a 16% spike from the year before according to the us department of housing and urban development as of last year california had more than 151,000 people experiencing homelessness on any given day right now it's estimated there about 10,000 homeless people in san francisco and roughly 60,000 homeless people in los angeles county. it was just a month ago that bay area based companies kaiser permanente
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and blue shield of california pledged a combined million to governor newsom's fund to help get homeless people off the streets. newson said he was including a million fund to help with the homelessness crisis in his budget for next year is also calling on the private sector to add to that we have a special section by the way dedicated to this whole issue of homelessness in the bay area. it's all kron 4 dot com and the kron 4 news app just look for the news tab and then you can click the san francisco homelessness button ken pam back to you. >>thank you grant a new palo alto crime report shows while some violent crimes were down in 2019 from the year before car break ins despite its a crime trend that's plaguing many bay area communities kron four's maureen kelly talks paul to police about. >>what they're doing to try to combat it. >>a broken car windows from smash-and-grab burglaries like what you see in this video is
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an increasing problem throughout the bay area and tony palo alto is not immune to this crime trend. there police department issued a report showing in 2019 there were more than 1700 reported larcenies which includes car break ins up 44% spike from the year before it's not unique to palo alto but it's a crime that we're serious about because it is a violation. >>when it when comes in it and breaks your windows and takes your personal property public affairs manager for palo alto pd says they're trying to be proactive fighting auto burglary, including assigning a special enforcement team to target it they always target hot spots in areas like shopping centers or the downtown area. >>sometimes they do a lot plainclothes a surveillance and they're trying to to catch people who are in the act of breaking windows and doing those smash-and-grab at a crime that can happen in just a matter of seconds to remind people not to leave valuables anywhere in their vehicles. >>not even the trunk, another
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thing citizens can do to help police is to be a good witness. we've had some cases where there's somebody who's actually witness. somebody suspicious peering into car windows in it. a parking garage or even in their neighborhood. they called us up on 911 and told us what they're observing saying it suspicious activity and we've come out there and in couple cases we have got actually caught and arrested the auto burglary suspects while the number of car smash and grabs has spiked the police spokesperson says palo alto is this a city the annual reports show that all other major crime categories remain in the double digits. if that's. >>the city recorded one homicide in 2019 its first in 3 years for news. >>and now to a developing story out of to larry county officers have arrested 2 teenagers suspected of starting a fire at a public library in porterville that turned deadly that fire killed
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fire captain raymond another firefighter patrick jones is still missing. officers say the 2.13 year-old boys were arrested last night the fire happened yesterday afternoon at the porterville public library porterville is located between fresno and bakersfield. >>everybody who was inside that building at the time managed to get out safely. officials say the library was built back in 1953 and did not have a sprinkler system installed the teenagers face a number of charges some good news out of the north bay search crews found a man who went missing in marin county after going for a hike the rent county sheriff's office says 76 year-old robert bennett was found alive around 11 30 last night. >>it was reported missing after hiking at big rock ridge and marine wood on monday. these are pictures from that rescue right now there is no update on his condition. now to another big story. we're following the deadly coronavirus we're learning the virus has infected more than 74,000 people around the world
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mostly in mainland china. today, the country ports are over 1700 new cases and a 136 new deaths bringing the total to more than 2000 people while the overall spread of the virus has been slowing the situation remains severe in who they province with whose capital is wuhan here at home more evacuees held at travis air force base in fairfield were released today yesterday the centers for disease control and prevention medically cleared the group from having the coronavirus the group had been under party for the past 2 weeks com forcefully to go met up with an evacuee at san francisco airport before he caught his flight back home. >>jeffrey ho documented his stay travis air base hotel in fairfield by taking pictures every day and sharing his experiences on social media, the 33 year-old says being under a federal quarantine wasn't bad like most people might think he says he was allowed outside essentially
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when every wanted just had to stay within the hotels surrounding i've been most of the day was stream movies and. >>what worked on cycle run around the grass, it wasn't that it off really. in one location kind of week haitian i guess who is like a staycation newman tuesday ho received a letter from the centers for disease control and prevention's stating he no longer requires quarantine and has been cleared to return home to southern california. >>he was on vacation with his wife and daughter in a city outside wuhan china during the novel coronavirus outbreak. he flew back to the states and had his family stay behind so he could get back to work says he felt more on edge in china compared to when he landed in california where i was. >>bring you each and over there is a raft of cases quite low compared to the population there but will highness to ground 0 and that's where i would expect. highs chance to get meyers host says he only
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wore a mask at the hotel when he was in common areas other than that medical personnel checked his vitals daily he never showed symptoms. neither did any of the other evacuees credits the hotel staff for making his stage wasn't there. >>accommodation how friendly they were in may to quarantine experience. i guess more more more of like throwing like a weak asian being stuck in quarantine the evacuees brought to travis air force base from the diamond princess cruise ship sunday will remain at the hotel. >>until they're 14 day quarantine has passed felipe should all kron 4 so that. >>up to 6 a federal judge lashing out at pga say the power company put greed before safety. >>plus democratic presidential debate is in las vegas tonight we're going to take a look at who california voters are apparently rooting for in the
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latest poll, plus a startling discovery in a south bay home police find the body of a woman they believe was murdered what we know so far tonight. >>i'm meteorologist we're seeing some clouds out there right now the big question is could we for hundreds of years america systematically stole black lives, black freedom and black labor. and i know my story would've turned out very differently if i had been black. so today i'm proposing a sweeping strategy to invest in black wealth creation. the wealth gap is inextricably linked to the racial inequalities of the past, and i'm determined to make breaking that link a centerpiece of my presidency.
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i thougin that moment. illiant we have not said one word tonight about race. not one word. are you kidding me? the heart and soul of this party is diversity. when a kid succeeds in columbia, south carolina - in las vegas, nevada - that is a triumph for every american. people don't know tom steyer. i've known tom steyer for fifteen years. his commitment on racial justice and social justice is rock solid. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. >>neighbors say they are rattled by a homicide and there otherwise sleepy neighborhood in the east foot hills of san jose, a suspect
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has now been arrested as kron four's rob fladeboe reports some are concerned that the killing happened at a home which was an air bnb rental. >>here in san jose the santa clara county sheriff's office this evening announcing that they have made an arrest in connection with a murder investigation here in the east foothills about 3.45 on tuesday afternoon. sheriff's deputies said they got a call from someone. reporting a possible dead body inside this home on mountain view avenue. sheriff's deputies evening issuing a press release saying that a suspect now has been taken into the suspect identified as 25 year-old real she from c a no further details released other than the fact that the the suspect apparently turned himself in at the sheriff's office about 1145 today neighbors in this otherwise quiet neighborhood were surprised to learn that this particular home here is a rental and was on the rental platform of air bnb a spokesman for air bnb said now
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that it is cooperating with the sheriff's office and that this home has temporarily been taken off of the platform, but again the sheriffps office now says that it is made an arrest in this case the suspect once again identified as 25 year-old real she use ia no further details released the name of the victim, a woman is uh not been released pending the identification of her next of kin in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>search crews are still looking for palo alto couple who went missing on valentine's day. carol cupar ski and ian are women were last seen at their rental in inverness in west marin county. deputies say they were supposed to check out saturday morning but all of their belongings were left behind at the rental yesterday, 40 people and for search dogs searched for that couple. >>it's a confusing search as far as this isn't a normal search profile. it's not an area that people frequently get lost on. and so you know
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all the different scenarios just on the table, you know the murray county sheriff's office investigation unit is a engaged working this case and we're going to continue the search. >>the searchers are focusing in the inverness area of the crews are using boats and canines to try and find that copple a federal judge had some harsh words for pg need today calling the company a quote convicted felon and saying its executives to put greed to be for safety. the comments came during a court hearing to review how well pg e is complied with the terms of a five-year criminal probation after his natural gas pipelines blew up in a san bruno neighborhood in 2010 killing 8 people in 2016 the utility was convicted of 6 felony counts of falsifying records and safety violations since npg knees aging power lines have been blamed for igniting a series of wildfires. that killed a 130 people and destroyed thousands of homes. the judge told pg e believes the fires could have
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been prevented haddad upgraded and maintained its electrical system. instead of funneling billions of dollars into shareholder dividends and executive bonuses. this new attack on pg e comes just days after new political ad from senator bernie sanders in the campaign video on the presidential candidate calls out the utility for repeatedly sparking deadly wildfires and use it to argue for his version of a green new deal. the step outside and see how things are shaping up on this hump day as we give you a live view of the embarcadero in the time we're checking in with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow were. >>inching a little closer to the weekend and wanted see if you can find some rain of i found some rain if you had a southern love and love it but to of these storms just kind of miss in the bay area right now so high pressure sitting out there another spring like they did call just slightly you see those clouds off the coastline up above making for a nice sunset. i think we'll see some really spectacular sunsets the next couple of
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days here. >>as low is going to spin off the coastline. unfortunately much in the way of rain for us. temperatures today, 2 to 5 degrees above the average 63 degrees in san francisco today so we cooled a little bit there 66 in oakland 67 in san jose livermore and conquered, and 66 degrees in santa rosa, but all around the bay area. very nice weather. the one cool spot along the coastline, a little more of a sea breeze today and 59 degrees in half moon bay, but a lot of 60's also i think tomorrow we may actually be a little bit warmer little suddenly component to win outside right now still 64 degrees in redwood city, 59 in san jose 58 in livermore very comfortable for this time of year 52 degrees in the bottle 58 degrees in the napa valley, 52 in petaluma so we've got what's called a cutoff low developing off the coastline. i mean just going to cut off from the main jet stream and begin to spin off the coastline. so these are pretty difficult forecast. usually you see these in late march and april not usually early in the season, but nonetheless there it is it's going to
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continue to develop outside and as it does go to bring some more clouds across our skies on shore breeze is continuing to san francisco now 7 miles per hour. to the north and west in oakland at 9 miles per hour to 16 at sfo so little bit of a sea breeze out there but other than some partly cloudy skies with some high clouds up above it will be a little bit cool but not cold and then a mixture sunshine and clouds tomorrow, some mild warm temperatures. i think tomorrow. maybe a little bit warmer we're going stay dry with above normal temperatures. i think into the weekend right. here's what's going on you've got to started take a dip now you've got some stronger winds on the backside of this low that's going to cut it off right under this ridge here watch what happens high pressure extending well to the north now so this low is going to start to under cut that ridge unfortunately i think it's going to say enough off the coastline we're going to see some high clouds but i think we stay dry for tomorrow a mostly dry on friday we were hoping to bring some rain drops and possibly on friday, but looks like most energy from the system is what it's been all the way to southern california. so right now we stay dry with temperatures running above average lawrence thank you coming up tonight at
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6.45 changes may be on the way for people who rely on food stamps why a lot of people could soon lose benefits. >>up next many may increase its fares how much more you'll have to spend to write the transit systems.
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>>san francisco transit officials are debating whether or not to raise me fares by a
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quarter next year to $3.25, the small price hike could be quite significant community is already one of the most expensive transit systems in the country. staff at the sf mta say they need the additional fare revenue to pay for operating expenses and that the increases would keep pace with inflation. the agency draws at least million a year from fares. and it expects to reap $14 million more in 20 21 if the fares are increased on all of the transit vehicles for your money tonight, the better business bureau says scammers are now using voice cloning software to imitate your loved ones and leave behind misleading voicemails those cloning software mimics voices from audio samples from there the scammers will create voicemail messages to convince you to send them money. >>the bbb says the scam a target businesses first but the agency does not expected to stop there and wants consumers to be on alert.
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other safety experts have said that you and your loved ones should have a secret code word or phrase that only you know about in order to verify identities and to help prevent scams. still ahead tonight. the attorney general william barr claims to have considered resigning over the president's interference and justice department says 6 earning the democratic debate is going on right now after the break we're going hear from inside bay area politics host catherine heenan. >>and she has the latest on who's leading in the polls in california right now. and certainly gorgeous weather around the bay area and very dry but could it actually stay
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vo: a great president and an effective mayor. leadership that makes a difference. obama: he's been a leader throughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: together they worked to combat gun violence, and again to improve education for every child. obama: i want to thank the mayor of this great city, mayor bloomberg, for his extraordinary leadership. i share your determination to bring this country together to finally make progress for the american people. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg, and i approve this message.
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>>now democratic presidential hopefuls are taking the stage in tonight's debate in las vegas, all eyes are on former new york mayor michael bloomberg since this is his first debate with the other candidates, but. >>people are also watching senator bernie sanders right now the vermont senator is the leading choice among california voters in one new poll gives him 32% a double digit lead ahead of his democratic rivals second among the voters as former vice president joe biden with 14%. elizabeth warren, the senator also from massachusetts came in 3rd place with 13% and michael bloomberg and pete buttigieg both


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