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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  March 20, 2020 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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withhe new ult wide camera your shareable moments are ultra-shareable. because yore on a network that's more than just big talk. the new ipne 11. now get the unlimited plan for just 45 bucks a month on america's best 4g lte networks. straight talk® wireless. everything for less. >>while many americans ar forced to stay home right now miss about coronavirus continue to spread steve's for a shot breaks down the latest miss that could be dangerous if you try them. >>the constant drumbeat of coronavirus stories everywhere that you turn can create anxiety and trick you into believing th social media posts about ways to avoid the virus are true and some like it can be dangerously misleading holding your breath can tell youif you have covid 19. now that advice is part of
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a so-called self check list that is circulating in various forms planningyou can check you long for the virus by holding your breath for 10 seconds. t's see what that accomplishes i'm going to hold my breath. ok the myth claims if you can do that without coughing or discomfort, it shows your lungs are scarred by fibrosis meaning you are infected wrong. the only way to show if you're infected with covid 19 is for doctors to use a test kit like this breath holding is no test or infections or anything else it's medically unsound and gives you a false sense of security and here's another myth that falls into the category of medically unsound the myth is social-distancing doesn't apply to the young and healthy despite the warnings from the government and health officials about avoiding large groups, many people in their
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20's and 30's are ignoring the warnings like these kids on spring break. though the young covid 19 everybody is a rom potential source of infection and an infected young person can easily transmit the virus to more vulnerable individuals so no matter what your age back off keep yourself 6 feet away, so you won't put somebody 6 feet under working for you to keep them it's at y. i'm consumer investigator, steve frazier. >>stocks ended lower today after the closing bell, it was the worst weekly performance for all 3 major stock indices since october 2008. the dow closed 913 points lower dropping 17.3% thiseek. the index has now raised all of the gains made during the ump administration. th treasury department has pushed back tax day itwent from april 15th. it will now be july 15th. this gives you more time to file and make payments
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without interest or extra payments. the change comes amid the coronavirus pandemic. for the second day in a row china is reporting no new locally ansmitted coronavirus cases. well maybe a major milestone in containing the virus. health experts are warning that china needs to prepare fo a potential second wave of infections. dave colver reports now from shanai. >>as medical personnel prepare to move out chinese state media say doctors and nurses a province are now beginning to scale back their lifesaving efforts at the epicenter of the novel coronavirus outbreak. i now we are returning home so i'm really exited as we won the victory over the epidemic this medical worker said. with the epidemic spreading in the us health experts here warn even with an increase in the number of patients recovered and a drop in daily reported cases. this is not a mission accomplished. heart health officials will only consider lifting the
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lockdown restrictions after 14 consecutive ys without any new cases reported. >>this single biggest danger is complacency and this was something we talked about in china a fair bit that people drop their against this disease in the past 2 weeks officials reported nearly half of the w cases inmainland china came from abroad. of new cases are imported 0% chinese officials are now heavily focusedon external threats at beijing capital international airport ina cdc conducting strict screenings for international arrivals passengers busted his exhibition hall turned transit center. health evaluations conducted at individual booth set up to represent each province. most every traveler and during beijing from overseas is now required to be quarantinedat designated government facilities for at least 14 days. >>of us traveling with the mainland china big data is helping the government track and trace potential access it
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hotel restores the restaurant. >>and okay to enter yellow indicate you potentially been in coact with a confirmed case and should self isolate at home, red means forced quarantine. on the streets of chengdu images reminiscent of robocop police using infrared helmets to scan body temratures as people strolled by across the cotry nters have been set up to and monitor the health information of more than 300 million people here private city had seems once again taking a back seat to national health security but even as chinese media proudly shows china's medical personnel helping other countries sending supplies and teams like this one to italy and uncertainty remains on the home fronand shanghai 2 months into this outbreak people slowly venturing out of self-isolaon. >>and into the spring like
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weather. some public parks reopened life cautiously resuming the waters are calm for now that is locked down restrictions ease concerns grow for a potential second wave of infections. david cover, cnn shanghai. >>time now to talk about our storm tracker forecast lawrence karnow at home working for us tonight talking about the next round of rain coming towards the bay area housing at home tonight. >>problems but i hope you're enjoying your friday as well get ready for the weekend to the weather think at least for the first part of the week interesting looks like it is going to be very nice infected. a kind of a little taste of that you've got a beautiful conditions out there right now you've got some partly cloudy skies looking toward the golden gate bridge these temperatures warmed up nicely in fact as we head toward the afternoon. we're back up in the 60's. so these numbers begin to push a closer
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maybe even some cases just above the average for this time of year so a way to start friday, a guess what we've got a nice weekend ahead, but a couple things to watch out for are some waves building along the coastline and we have a seeing some large waves moving in toward the beach so be careful lose weight lingering through about saturday evening. so if you take a walk out there watch out for that or a nurse on you that the any raindrops so falling rathebe are starting to diminish just a couple drops over the mountains in the south bay tomorrow. i think we're just worried about some nshine and some passing clouds numbers going to be costly the mid 60's and oakland and san jose about 61 still nice and a san francisco ca storm system developg off to go. clouds are way for tomorrow but staying dry and then a storm moves in on sunday and that will bring some rain continuing probably into monday as well and then a cold drops right out of the gulf of alaska to brings more rain here a whole lot of snow up in the sierra nevada keep things
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unsettled wet. it looks like at least through the middle of next week just to get back to you. >>thank you so much lawrence enjoy your tea or coffee or. i know whenever also got in all right coming up a california animal shelter sees a decrease in adoptions and an increase in people turning over their pets. well shelters are coping and what you can do to help that's ahead. i'm raquel martin in washington, democrats on capitol hill are calling for all student loan payments to be canceled to help families impacted by the pandemic. >>i'll have that full story coming up. what the entire state of california. now under a shelter-in-place a sty at home order issued by the governor we want to show you now what the streets of light in gilroy plenty of parking spots be found in the shopping center in this district here. people are listening and not viola
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>>and this now just in to the kron 4 news room sonoma county has just reported its first coronavirus death the county has at least 21 confirmed cases of coronavirus but now the county is reporting. its first death as soon as we get more details on this breaking news story we will bring them to you on our website kron 4 dot com and then tonight in awford is in prime time at 8, 09:10pm. not to try and
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ease thpain of the pandemic democrats on capitol hill are calling on the federal government to cancel student loan payments for millions of americans. our washington dc correspondent raquel martin reports republicans and democrats are debating a plan to bring relief. >>with unemployment numbers expected to soar across the nation. congress is scrambling to pass a nearly trillion dollar relief package to help americans stay afloat cancel stent loan payments during the duration of the coronavirus democrats like senator chuck schumer say relieving millions of americans of burdensome monthly student loan payments is one way to help up to $10,000 for each borrower we've got to help the students and those with big loans on their backs but so far that provision isn't in the plan. friday, the department of education only agreed to waive interest fees and give americans more flexibility to defer payments they can pay on those loans later, iowa,
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republican nator joni ernst as well she wants to help she also wants to be fair there are a lot of people that chose not to go to school and we want to make sure that we're being equitable please give me a break how do they not step in right now randi weingarten president of the american federation ofteachers. >>says if the government bails out large corporations it should also bell out average americans regular families who went to college to do better. we are not giving them anhing. >>we have one trillion in student debt. we need to deal with that but schumer says democrats ideas are being ignored virtuay no input from democrats. senate leader mitch mcconnell said he wants the bill to finalize them passed as soon as possible. in washington raquel martin. >>next up after the break we learn more about the white house coronavirus response coordinator doctor deborah
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steady experienced hand in this crisi so we have been working on models on day and night around the globe to really predict because some countries and are very early stage like the united states doctor deborah birx brought on by the vice president when he was put incharge of the coronavirus task force she has served in the uniform of the united states who served. >>in multiple administrations and up. she's going to be our right are in a time of hyper partisanship and division over the american response to covid 19. >>doctor birx is that rare breed of someone universally respected on both sides of the aisle as well aby the medical community. >>i'm a big fan of the deputy that they just appointed deborah birx. colonel berks i has been rninghe pepfar program, the big aids program for 3 previous administration, she's first rate. >>burke says something of a legend in global health making her name over 3 decades of fighting hiv aids in
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developing vaccines. doctor anthony fnd she has become a leading voice for the administration in this crisis has known berks since the early 80's and gushed when she joined him on e task force she was actually a fellow in my program as a trainee and we knw she was a star then and now it has happened over the years, she's becomea superstar burks left the military after 20 years d joined the george w bush administration's aids relief program she took over in 2014 president barack obama named her and ambassador and getting aids coordinator in john erry's state department so for debbie. >>the last thing i'll say to you all is that the taking the fight aids is not simply a career that it really is a calling. >>unlike other obama officials burks was kept on by the trump administration is just moved from the state department to the white house she will do. >>an excellent job for the american pele are proud to
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have her i'm being part of that team after rising to the top of her field berks is now facing something no one has seen befe with the hill country and many around the looking to her for wisdom and guidance we're at our best when the country comes togethein a bipartisan way and that has really been extraordinary to witness. >>shelters are also being impacted by the coronavirus pandemic more dogs and cats have been surrendered by falies who cannot afford to take care of them marlee ginter has more w from sacramento. >>these little guys are getting their shots all the usual well packed care has some limitations during the coronavirus it hasn't stopped at the bruce fell pet hospital we're having a great people as we can eigh in their cars were coming to making re the room gloves and face masks technician terrence mothers has worked in pet rescue for a number of years and economic hardships like these she knows more animals will need help
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one of the shelters are already overwhmed as of this and then on top of that we have people surrenderg and you know gs getting adopted out with the stress going on in the world right now the last thing you ne to do is to lose >>especially due duma fine is thfounder of the friends of elk grove animal shelter, a nonprofit helping shelter animals right now the lpr shelters closed halting adoptions officials tell me they have been able to get some of th pets fostered out. >>but as time goes on smothers worries the ones to get left behind our pets i do anticipate this getting worse. >>i am very concerned about what it does mean for the local cats and dogs, it's a very scary time. >> we what we should be doing i truly know that will come the other hand if u're stuck at home and your border need something to do there's definitely a shelter cut that would benefit from having some time. >>i'm in a home with people.
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>>well just like us regular people celebrities are coping with being cooped up during the coronavirus outbreak and of course some of them ar dealing with it. a little bit more creatively than others.
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jeanne moos reports. >>forget this mask singer. these arethe mass inspiring songs these days, stars like, are singi about quarantine shot from closer to 6 inches and 6 >>yes, theres pop singer jo jo was warning young people to stay and you and want to on legend gave a quarantine concert with his wife chrissy tiegen at how company john with a rear and a from young mom playing >>cardi b got it. brooklyn dj and producer said her way up from use proceeds going to food banks and shelters. is it any wonder that wonder woman herself gal has gotten a bunch
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of celebrities together to saying in mass and then as now had from jimmy fallon to see a >>will farrl mcgreevey to markrauf man, you the top says she was inspired by the trumpeter who played imagine. from a balcony in italy to comfort others stuck at home. >>though some criticize good docs version imagine no magic no possesons on by some of the wealthiest people in the world. how about singg have yourself a merry little >>outside nashville. brenda sparks says turner christmas lights back on and so we just wanted to bringa little light. >>into these dark days, others are doing the same so it's christmas in march christmas
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else prime actually going to become a thing. >>might be worth it to deck the halls if e halls are where you imagine you'll be spending time >>jeanne moos, cnn. >>well let's look at our weather forecast now with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow working from home any tips of how you've been a passing the time. >>oh my gosh just trying to work and keep busy walking around outside and working out doing those kind of things just trying to keep busy whatever we do i think that's how are just ve to get to this all together but. tonight we're looking at some partly cloudy skies around the bay area with a couple raindrops pop up most of the mountain tops, you know bows out there right now but it looks like a we head toward tomorrow, we've got some pretty decent weather pattern really nice start the weekend. the first of all weekend of spring partly in the morning will be chilly early on temperatures by the atm in the 40's. a minute
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we've got some mostly sunny skies up in the 50's and by the afternoon we're joined some of those numbers pushing near 70 degrees in some of the warmer spots inland. so certainly some nice weather to be had you're going upper 60's in livermore in concord about 67 degrees in santa rosa and 66 degrees in oakland ne few days we're going to see returns some stormy weather by sunday aftenoon a chance of rain developing showers and thunderstorms.a possibility on monday and more rain on tuesday and wednesday. >>thank you so much lawrence and thank u so much for joining us here on kron 4 news at 6 our next newscast will be in prime time at 8, 9.10 and it was the latest information is on our website kron 4 dot com. i'm justine waldman thanks for watching. we'll see tonight.
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>> lockdown usa. tens of millions of americans ordered to stay home. >> hollywood boulevard is quiet today. this is eerie. >> then the patient and the wonder drug. >> 24 hours after he was on it, he really turned the corner. then the buddies o returned from a rafting vacation to find the world in chaos. >> it was intense. over. d the party is finally bye-bye spring breakers. then, you've never seen ball room dancing like this. ♪[music]


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