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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  April 2, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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for the love! oh. >>watching kron 4 news. people wanted to wear them. they can the people wanted to use cards which they have many people have them. they can in many cases the scarf is better. >>and now a 9 president trump announcing his administration will soon release nationwide recommendations about wearing face masks. this reversal is coming after federal health officials first told us masks were not necessary if you felt healthy, thanks for joining us tonight at 9 o'clock everybody i'm grant lotus vicki liviakis scientists are also reporting. the new coronavirus sec could possibly be spread not just by sneezing and coughing, but also just by talking and even breathing. >>and health officials in san
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francisco, san mateo contra costa. and the only many counties now recommend wearing something to cover your face. whenever you leave the house for essential travel. so let's go and take a look now at the number of confirmed coronavirus cases here in the bay area. so far there are 2,800 confirmed cases of covid-19 tonight. santa clara county has 1019 cases with 36 deaths, san mateo county has 453 10 deaths, san francisco county 450 with 7 deaths. contra costa county has 250 cases and 3 deaths alameda county with 3 96 9 deaths. >>cameron county with 108 cases and 6 deaths solano county 54 cases one death reported today, 91 cases in sonoma county one person has died there 18 in napa county, where one person died. >>among san francisco's new reported cases of coronavirus a homeless shelter sees its
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very first case. the city announced today the person was staying at the navigation center but has since been moved to isolation and now a handful of san francisco supervisors are calling on the mayor to do more to help the city's homeless population. >>kron four's dan thorn reports. >>we've learned that this person is in good condition and they are right now recovering in an isolation room, but the supervisors say that this case could have and should have been prevented they're demanding action and they're calling out the city for not getting all of san francisco's homeless in the hotel as san francisco records its first coronavirus case in a homeless shelter city officials say the person was staying at the division circle navigation center when they tested positive for covid-19 the announcement raising concerns for san francisco the
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supervisor hillary ronen and other city leaders called on the mayor to have every resident and staff member at the navigation center tested supervisors, matt haney shame on walton an errant pass can join drone in in saying the city's response has been weak and that san francisco's homeless population should have been moved out of all shelters, weeks ago. homeless advocates say they too are disappointed by the city's response they say social distancing is nearly impossible in congregate living situations like navigation centers. that's why they want people off of the streets out of the shelters and into hotels. supervisors plan to introduce an emergency
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ordinance requiring the city to use 1000 rooms to relocate people who are currently in shelters. this ordinance would also require the city to lease an additional 14,000 rooms by april 28 when the coronavirus is expected to peak. reporting in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news has covered 19 cases rise one ucsf doctor reports that there's been a slow surge in city hospitals that doctor. >>credits the shelter-in-place orders issued early on our first gayle ong joins us now live with the details scale. >>the king ucsf medical center has seen their patients dropped a about 15 to 16 in the last week that's how many they have had and they are also seeing that bay-area hospitals are also seeing relatively low numbers and that is thanks to people sheltering in place well before other parts of the country. >>the orders are heated empty
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streets in san francisco crossing market street. we found few people appearing to be essential workers and no traffic an example of why health experts say the city is showing signs of flattening the curve to slow down the coronavirus we spoke with doctor robert wachter chair of ucsf department of medicine people, san francisco listen i think they they understood the science and they said this is the right thing to do obviously causes hardships. doctor wachter says even know the number of cases continues to rise, there's been a slow search and city hospitals at ucsf so we have had and her 16 patients with covid. >>for now about the last week and there many of them are quite sick so it's it's it's not a it's not trivial. it's certainly better and fewer patients than we had been gearing ourselves up for its been more than 2 weeks in san francisco issued shelter-in-place orders medical experts say the peak
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of covid-19 cases has yet to come. >>but it's crucial for people to continue to stay home and keep their distance to prevent spreading the virus and overwhelming hospitals this university of washington model shows demand for hospital resources will peak end of april and california. >>the hope is that everyone will continue to follow orders and doctor walker's analogy of the crisis. >>is quote the wildfires out, but we need to find and douse embers before they flare in the embers being coven 19 patients who could easily spread the virus down the road. we're live here at home a gal on kron 4 >>worldwide coronavirus cases have topped 1 million with more than 53,000 people having died in the u.s.. we have more than 245,000 cases nearly 6,000 deaths in america and here in california more than 11,000 cases. 242 people have died. some experts are now saying the coronavirus can spread by more than just the
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sneezing and coughing scientists telling the white house last night the new research shows coronavirus can also the spread simply by talking or possibly even breathing certainly singing. officials say results of available studies are not consistent russell is a ship of the virus from normal breathing just little particles in the air doctor anthony found she of the white house. coronavirus task force also said earlier this week that. he is considering recommending the use of masks in the u.s. to all americans to prevent the spread of covid-19 very officials are now recommending people wear masks to help cover their face in their mouth when leaving home, especially at the grocery store when it's impossible to really practice the ideal physical distancing. >>and they certainly don't want people to run out and buy medical grade masks surgical or and 95 they want to shore make sure that the health care workers have enough of those
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kron four's dan kerman is on the story for us. >>there's a new recommendation about covering up your face when you leave the house. contra costa health officials have posted this to social media. another bay area health officers, including those in alameda, san francisco in san mateo county. recommending residents cover their nose and mouth with cloth when leaving home for essential travel such as doctor's appointments, grocery shopping and pharmacy visits. health officials do not recommend that the public use medical mass and 95 or surgical masks which are in limited supply and instead suggest bandanas or fabric masks masks are not. >>a substitute for physical distancing that's crystal clear it's incredibly important message at his daily news conference the governor emphasized covering your face is an additive not a replacement for social distancing washing your hands or staying home if you are ill. >>if you are going into an environment where physical
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distance seen as all but impossible for example into a grocery with small isles in a long that we do it would be additive and beneficial to have a face covering. >>the governor says the state is not mandating the use of facial coverings for the public because as far as the state is concerned first responders and healthcare workers should be first in line to get those facial covering specifically and 95 masks and surgical masks and again medical experts have indicated wearing a mask does not prevent you from getting covid-19 all it does is prevent you from possibly giving it to someone else should you not realize you have it and are showing no symptoms. in san francisco dan kerman kron 4 news. >>and with those new recommendations out their masks will be even harder to come by in to save those critical masks for the medical workers that dan was talking about a lot of people have already started making their own at home kron four's taylor
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bisacky spoke to a woman in san francisco who's been doing just that. >>within the last 2 weeks gen stats kurz already made 200 masks for doctors and nurses across the bay area this is a scary >>you know i can do now she's teaching others using simple items that are already inside your home. all you'll need is a needle and thread. a t-shirt for the ties and something for for only 100% cotton like this pillow case this will be used for the portion of the mask that covers your face. >>to get started jen walks us through step by step so you take 2 pieces fabric and the 2 of them and they're kind of 8 inches by 9 inches. >>and the 9 inches is going to go horizontally and that's going to be a part that covers your face a long way next to fold a t-shirt in half and cut wanted strips along the bottom and got some cut here. >>you just go to make a chord so it's a little bit longer. >>and so the strips you're
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going to need for and between 1518 inches each then place in penn one tied to each corner of your mascara got one in each corner, you want them to hang out the bottom. >>you're going to want to leave when you start selling a to age gap. so you can pull the fabric through and so then you will just play on your machine or to sign it by hand just so that quarter of an inch from the with the streets to and this is where we have the and this is what she looked think roughly we take your hands out curry made your clothes we're going to pull your mouse is. why we left the opening and then you should have the right side facing out next to make 3 even cleats in your mask finally soy streets ditch around the border of the mask 2 times you can see that here. >>is printed on. and then you take the time is
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>>while law then you're finished mike jenna many others are turning to creative alternatives to help with the mask shortage. we've included jens instructions for this mask and one with a filter on our website in san francisco taylor bisacky kron 4 news. >>information right now our 4 zone forecast as we get a live look outside at san francisco's embarcadero all lit up. >>and to be a beautiful night beautiful day across the bay our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is of reese's been drive but that's about to change. >>yeah, it's really going to change in a big way grant vicki this weekend because i'm tracking not one but 2 storms that will impact the bay area so dry cool weather for now and we are noticing not a cloud in the sky by current wind speeds out there right now getting that cool sea breeze influence making temperatures feel colder, especially for downtown san francisco seeing sustained
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winds at 23 miles per hour but for those of you in palo alto you were noticing some pretty gusty offshore winds that actually help warmer temperatures up into the low 60 just a few minutes ago, but now you're starting to see the return of that cool sea breeze and you're now in the mid-fifties with widespread 50's for most of the bay area but fremont and even chillier in the upper 40's but we're all going to be in the 40's for overnight lows with widespread mid to upper 30's for most of our interior valleys in the east bay and even north into the north bay like santa rosa and napa more patchy frost could be possible tonight but tomorrow's daytime highs, a degree or 2 cooler than tomorrow so we're going to be at or slightly below normal with widespread low to mid 60's and i do have 2 storms that i'm tracking the first one will impact the north bay future cast is going to show light scattered showers saturday morning could see about a half an inch of
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rain or less with everyone else in the bay area getting scattered showers about a 3rd of an inch of rain or less and as that storm exits the bay area we are going to notice a second stronger colder storm that is set to arrive early sunday morning where we are going to notice the threat of possible pop-up thunderstorms gusty hail and also wind speeds as well so it is going to pack a punch very winter like storm sticking through monday. and we are going to get anywhere from half an inch to an inch of rain with this storm and then drying out clearing out and warming up by tuesday of next week back to you grant vicki. thank a priest. >>is the first bay area county to top 1000 cases of coronavirus and now they're trying to prepare for a surge in hospitalizations so far despite the fact that the county has the most cases in the bay area at they do have enough beds to go around that's good kron four's rob fladeboe explains what is being that now to. >>try to keep it that way.
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>>we want you to know that search bedside the additional beds that are not normally used in the hospital system. >>deputies santa clara county executive david campos on thursday said the county currently has about 200 called the 19 patients hospitalized county wide. as the number of people testing positive continues to rise hospitals have been planning for a possible surge in demand for so-called surge beds, they do not know if or when that surge might occur, but for now there is no shortage of beds or ventilators says campos as of march 31st. >>there were 936 available acute hospital beds in the county. there were 92. i see you beds. 1456 search beds and 392 ventilators that work where available in the county the shot of clara convention center has been converted into a temporary surge center with
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250 beds available. >>in addition to adding badge the county is working to secure enough personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves and adding staff says surge capacity chief doctor jennifer tong, each hospital is working on plans how they can creatively restructure care teams to of volunteers from the community. >>they're also working on ways to expedite hiring practices to bring in new staff to their care teams. the county says as of april first 8,246 residents have been tested for covid-19 with 956 testing positive not quite 12%. >>testing in hospital capacity information is now being posted and updated regularly online via a new public dashboard doctor tong says the numbers show a close association between social distancing and the measurement of capacity across the hospital system. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. the city of
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fremont will open a free drive-thru coronavirus test site tomorrow it's going to be located at the fremont fire tactical training center. >>the address the 7200 stevenson boulevard the site will be open from 10 am until 05:00pm or intolerance out of test everyone who wants to get tested. we'll go through a 2 step screening process first to you have to have a fever over 100 degrees and show covid-19 symptoms such as shortness of breath. >>tonight the dmv is giving drivers 70 and older a 120 day extension to renew driver's licenses that expired from march first 2 may 31st of this year eligible drivers will receive a paper license extension in the mail beginning in the next 2 weeks with an expiration date of a 120 days the dmv offices have been shut down since last friday but online services and kiosks are still available. and like california is hoping to keep the number of coronavirus cases down of
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course, it's also trying to trying to keep the economy up and running. >>our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the newest efforts from the governor's office. >>with many businesses closed in california is out of work. governor gavin newsome thursday urged small businesses to take action f% california is now offering small business loans up to $50,000 with no penalty interest or sales tax for a year the governor also urging owners to apply for 2 new federal loans and grants programs which are first come first serve you need to be able to get the federal. >>dollars into the state of california, which means we need to get people to apply for these federal supports that were recently announced. >>as of wednesday about 1.9 million californians had applied for unemployment, lately the state is averaging about 111,000 claims a day the economic consequences. our profound newsome said the state has shuffled around a number of employees to help
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with the surge of applications. to help those out of work it into a job the governor announced a new website onward ca dot org for those looking for work in california newsome noting there are now more than 70,000 gross are jobs available as the state tries to analyze how will spend its money moving forward newsome said his proposed budget from january is no longer operable the world is radically changed since a january budget was proposed so everything is on the table that's an honest and sober a reflection of that reality in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news mayor libby shaft hosted an online town hall meeting in fighting government officials to update. oakland residents coffers, alice have the money and joins us now live from the newsroom with some of the. >>new steps being taken to slow the spread of coronavirus l a. >>the chef wanted to make sure that people in oakland know staying at home is helping had that not been the case she believes hospitals would have been a capacity by now so the shelter in place is extending to may 3rd but along with that
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she isn't forcing stricter guidelines. take a look from now on you can use playgrounds dog parks, picnic areas shared recreational facilities like golf courses and pulls most construction has to stop you can't play sports that require equipment that you would share with people outside from who you live with and i guess the mossad would be that funerals are now going to be limited to less than 10 people in attendance. many topics were covered in a major one is how small business owners can survive this crisis. one of her guests at this town hall explained a new grant that is available for them. >>this week, the city launched the oakland small business emergency grant program. we know our small businesses and devastated in recent weeks so with this fund were getting grants of $5,000 out of your community to some of our most vulnerable answer intended to help with basic operating costs like rent worker payroll and tender payment. answer for very low income business owners only and she's no the trends are very limited.
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>>and so you can find that information it through the oakland website mayor shop also highlighted a first of its kind some testing site that specifically available to first responders and city employees, 225 of which have already been tested. and remember that open cup in 19 fund well that's already raised million that money goes to programs around town like meals on wheels which mayor schaaf said has dropped off 12,000 meals to the city seniors live in the newsroom. allison them only on kron 4 news. thank you allan coming up tips for teaching from home, how parents. >>now being forced to home school can help their kids learned while they also work from home and a local distillery is turning booze and a hand sanitizer all you have to do to get some for free. and it's a question everyone seems to be asking the coronavirus contaminate your food and. what we do now will forever change our tomorrow.
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so let's do the right thing, today. let's stay at home. let's wash up. let's always keep our distance - please, six feet apart at least. let's look after ourselves, as well as others. it will all be worth it. we can all do our part. so those on the front line can do their part. and when this is over, we will all, continue, to thrive.
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>>tonight the fda and usda want you to know there is no evidence of covid-19 spreading through food or food packaging officials say even if a person working at a food facility tested positive. the fda does not anticipate there would be a need for a massive recall. there's also no widespread food shortage in the u.s. due to the pandemic but agency leaders acknowledge there is unprecedented demand for some items and manufacturers and retailers are said to be
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working hard to replenish empty store shelves. in response to the urgent need for blood donors due to the pandemic the fda is changing donation guidelines effective immediately. the federal agency is loosening the guidelines put in place during the hiv epidemic that prevented men from donating blood until now male donors would have been deferred to wait for a year after having had with another man. now there is only a 3 month, waiting period. the same shorter period applies to donors who had tattoos or piercings the fda says coronavirus is a respiratory illness and is not believed to be transmitted by blood. is looking to alcohol to help the hand sanitizer shortage of the company's new creation is protecting the community. and here kron 4 we are bringing new facts not fear earlier today kron four's catherine heenan talk to doctors about
9:27 pm
but we're now learning about the transmission of covid-19 and how to keep you and your family safe. >>really the key to transmitting this or any viruses either person to person communication via kind of that cost for that sees putting something into the air that somebody else might then didn't kill or frankly, people a lot more than they are aware constantly touching services and then constantly using the same hands to touch their face so that the most accurate guidance regardless of how incidents are various types of transmission changes over time it's it's it just be cautious and be aware of. actively washing your hands to the extent possible and if you're able to get yourself where enough to prevent it from touching your face i myself noted when i was on my laptop earlier i couldn't see him holding my head in my hands like this avoiding those types of things that are second nature are really d the keys in terms
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>>we need to see how communities come together in times of need like this. >>the company that produces vodka and whiskey now making hand sanitizer. distilling saw the need for the product in his community and stepped up to help the love to see it kron four's michelle kingston reports. >>it is kind of a crisis mode, you know you do whatever you can do to help your community. in times like this people are
9:31 pm
lining up outside bay area distilling in brentwood to fill their bottles with hand sanitizer one of many items that's nearly impossible to find in our grocery store shelves right now i couldn't believe. >>the need of it. and that was you know. 100% of the reason why we felt. let's just give it to the people as quickly as possible don isla flom produces brentwood sweetcorn vodka and whiskey and his distillery but says his phone has been ringing off the hook with more than 30 companies reaching out asking for hand sanitizer which he's making with vodka that hasn't been proved down yet for drinking last weekend he opened his doors for just 6 hours since as he filled more than 2000 bottles up with his hand sanitizer the line wrapped around the building started an hour before. >>every day. before we opened up. people are standing in the rain at one point i think those over a 180 people in in our line wrapped all the way
9:32 pm
around a parking lot next friday april 10th from 6 to 8 and sunday april 12th from 12 to 2. >>johnny will be offering more hand sanitizer to anybody who is interested all you have to do is bring a bottle. >>now i feel just a plus to help out you know, i know that that's the purpose right now is to get hand sanitizer to everybody bay area distilling is already supplying hand sanitizer to fedex and plans to donate some to local police and fire departments next in brentwood, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>starting this week essential businesses like grocery stores have to follow new guidelines to prevent the spread of covid-19. the guideline is called the social distance protocol stores are now order to limit the number of people who can go in to the store at any one time and they must have enforcement at the front door to make sure that happens customers also need to say at least 6 feet away the new rules also for stores to put up signs with instructions and explanations about what's
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happening. they also must limit the number of popular items customers can purchase like yes toilet paper and they're placing a tape on the floor to help people understand and respect social or more accurately physical distancing. the california schools closed for the remainder of the academic year parents are being asked to oversee the education of their kids. >>our first kate rooney spoke to local educators to get some tips on how to make home schooling, a success. >>it's been one of the biggest challenges for parents working from home during covid-19 how tough it educating children into a busy workday the good news experts at a bay area tutoring center an online school say it may not require as much time as you think. >>we tend to recommend one to 2 hours for elementary kids. 2 to 3 hours for middle school kids and 3 to 4 hours a day for high school kids roselyn explains that a typical day at school isn't 6 straight hours of academic work. he
9:34 pm
recommends a technique called stacking mixing shorter windows of school work with breaks for play and other activities including breaks for parents calendar and the schedule that gives the parents a break to is really important so including things like lego timer puzzle time or independent reading time trying to get used to really be on their own. gives the parents a break is also still learning when it comes to learning it's ok to stick to the basics in terms of the most important skills and subjects that parents should be focusing on really mass and reading and say you know if you're focusing on a couple of essential things spoke some out because some reading and we will tell parents you know read in the restaurant takes care of itself if it's not taking care of itself. there are plenty of physical and online resources to her core and pacific preparatory school have seen about a 15% increase in enrollment during shelter in place. >>and they're getting creative when it comes to support next
9:35 pm
week on wednesday april the 8th from 11 to 1145 are offering a free webinar i'm for drain. i mean it's just packed full of a lot of great tips him, i'm sort of getting more gaps on what we've mentioned here to register parents can go to the website www dot tudor court dot com in san francisco, kate rooney kron 4 news. >>as they areas under this stay at home order we know at some point people need to go out get things grocery store pharmacy, whatever so we have some tips now from doctors that they've all kind of put these vice issues together it's basically had a coronavirus proof your home how to stay safe first. they say make a game plan designate one person in your family to be the errand runner to limit outside exposures you should also set up a disinfecting station outside of your home or in a room with low foot traffic where you can disinfect packaged food once you return. and while you're out avoid coming within 6 feet of others which is the
9:36 pm
standard for social or physical distancing white handles are carts or baskets while you're shopping and if you don't have gloves or a mask. use hand sanitizer and wash your hands as much as possible and of course avoid touching your face. once you're back home, the precautions you should take first you should wash your hands with soap and warmer slightly hot water for 20 seconds at least you should then disinfect any takeout boxes are packaged food at you're disinfecting station thoroughly wash all produce before putting it in your kitchen and finally disinfect everything that you touch, including door knobs light switches keys. phones remote controls the whole bit. >>a great season cut short how the city college of san francisco's men's basketball team is dealing with the sun and of a special journey. >>kron 4 we're trying to bring you facts and not fear earlier today our catherine heenan talk to doctors about what we're now learning. but the
9:37 pm
coronavirus. >>the interesting thing about testing is that if you have a presumed mild or moderate case a crew of the coronavirus 19. >>the reality is that this testing itself doesn't necessarily change in wording in personally are going to manage that occurred to me that sign it necessarily. i didn't realize what your healthcare professional will recommend a ju is where you soon to be asked to quarantine recently asked to do those 2 things. i'm wise for testing where enable is is the epidemiologists and the scientists who are working at state to finally have their head around exactly what the true prevalence of these fires is in the greater community in the u.s. population of march and that's what's really lacking crew of the current date is no one really knows what the true prevalence of so how many people actually
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>>city college of san francisco's men's basketball team was in the midst one of its best seasons ever yeah, then like most teams around the country. the season was over in the snap of a finger kron four's jason dumas has details. it was like showtime in the city high-flying don't. a defense. a perfect record city college of san francisco's men's basketball team had championship dreams this is a special group undefeated really unselfish.
9:41 pm
>>scored over a 100 points a game through 30 games of the year. and you know we have 10 guys and fulton played in. they they just real skilled group probably best to her head here but the end of their season seemed like a bad movie will probably end up doing a 30 for 30 on espn about it because it is light. >>we came in here we had the term it to go play these elite teams. you know we're in the film room and it just. we know the ivy leagues cut their tournaments and then the pac 12 tournament got canceled and then it was just kind of this domino effect through a good beer. as you the virus and then ours gets canceled luckily, this won't be the end of the road for these players, 5 of them have already earned scholarships to d one universities. >>others plan to follow suit it was so real because we went into the film room. >>and you know told the guys say this is it and the nice thing is that jaycee guys so they get to go put on another
9:42 pm
uniform, somewhere else. what it was tough because i was less than we ended right then and there has for next year's the players who don't earn a d one scholarship will likely return to city college and look to pick up where they left off full recovery. >>we've been recruiting guys all year long. a lot of guys coming in fill the shoes so. next year in san francisco, i'm jason dumas scrum for >>well if you wear glasses or contacts, stick around why the
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president taking to twitter today claiming some states hospitals and medical centers have a quote. >>insatiable appetite for medical equipment. >>yeah, he said that the quote complain are sure to stock up kaitlan collins reports. >>as governors across the nation have begged for medical equipment president trump says some of them are complain ers who have an insatiable appetites for supplies. trump tweeting today that the federal government is only a backup for states and that the complainers should have been stocked up and ready long before this crisis hit, but governor say the federal government is now competing with them to buy those supplies forcing them to bid against each other and fema and now fema is bidding on top of the 50. >>fema is driving up the price. >>trump says the federal
9:46 pm
government will back states south is needed. but there are questions about how he confirmed yesterday that the national stockpile of protective gear is running sending it directly to hospitals. cnn has learned that only a portion of medical supplies being purchased by fema and flown in from overseas. >>is going directly to coronavirus hot spots in the u.s.. instead of states being the sole recipient and was purchased by the government. a fema spokesperson said some supplies are also being sent to the private market where states are once again competing for them. no matter how much we get. >>they seem to use it up very quickly. >>the white house says it's keeping 10,000 ventilators in the national stockpile ready to be deployed for areas that are the hardest hit. but the new york times reports there are thousands more ventilators still in storage ones that can't be used because of a lapse in maintenance. the president has directed some private companies to speed up production of ventilators
9:47 pm
we're soon going to have more ventilators and we need that companies like general motors have still not started making them and must retool their factories first today house speaker nancy pelosi announced a new bipartisan committee with subpoena power that will oversee the administration's response to the coronavirus pandemic where there's money there's also. >>frequently miss jeff. >>she ended her conference call with reporters with this guidance will forget. >>wash your hands. no one is watching. >>kaitlan collins reporting there is. we check out this drone video from our sister station and los angeles ktla. venice beach empty not a beachgoer insight. venice beach is parking lot boardwalk were shut down last week after images surfaced of people not following shelter-in-place orders all right back to
9:48 pm
appear in northern california and chicken out our 4 zone forecast we're looking live right now at golden gate bridge, here's kron four's meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez working from home hive of recent. >>hi grand hideki and we're tracking dry weather out there right now all of that is going to change not just for the bay area but also for this year you're going to get a fresh dose of powder heading your way specially for this weekend see our snow pack right now 53% of average winter storm watch already in effect starting saturday afternoon through monday morning because we're going to see upwards of 2 feet of snow throughout the highest peaks of the sierra and up to a foot of snow for south lake tahoe's your sierra forecast for the next 3 days we are going to be near average friday, plenty of sunshine temperatures in the upper 40's cooling down almost 10 degrees by saturday. a mixture of rain and snow showers with plenty of snow by
9:49 pm
sunday we're going to see temperatures about 5 to 15 degrees below average for most of this year up only warming up into the mid 30's with overnight lows in the single digits golden gate bridge out there right now very dry and calm out there right now not a car in sight along golden gate bridge tonight in stormtracker form tracking not a cloud in the sky either so we're seeing temperatures out there right now in the low to mid 50's fremont and napa currently in the upper 40's and we're going to see widespread low to mid 40's with the exception of most of our interior valleys in the north bay santa rosa and napa cooling down into the mid to upper 30's at tomorrow's daytime highs very similar to today so we're going to be in the low 60's maybe even mid to upper 60's as you head inland, but overall near to slightly below average temperatures rain returns this weekend followed by a drying trend starting on tuesday granted that effect to you. >>thanks for you wear contact
9:50 pm
lenses 6, so you may want to switch to eyeglasses at least during this pandemic jimmy's price talk to an optometrist and filed this report. >>doctor michael minson with unc health says he's getting calls from patients who wear contact lenses wanting to know if they should switch to to you. >>this he says glasses can help protect you from any harmful could come from a person coughing or sneezing it also helps to reduce the amount of times you touch your face. >>but we do know is that one of the ways of this virus is spread by touching contaminated surface, then touch your face having the glasses i would be another barrier then you would have to. >>doctor munson says glasses are the safest route right now but contact aren't bad. in fact he was wearing contacts during our interview if you are killing your contact lenses if you are thoroughly
9:51 pm
washing your hands before you put them in and take them out and are not rubbing your hands are on the rise throughout the day. >>i don't see an issue with you to stop. >>but if you are experiencing issues with your contact lenses. doctor munson says ditch them if your contact lenses tend to get drier your >>we need to lubricating drop the eyes. >>you switch over to the glasses in wake county jimmy's price. >>a fashion parade poured on by east bay, teachers, how a shelter-in-place
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
has been pretty tough for all of us, especially young kids separated from their classmates and their teachers said they miss everybody a bit today in pleasant hill an elementary school traded an hour a virtual learning that would have happened for a good old fashion parade, current forcefully to go reports. >>circumstances the communication happens in the classroom, but this is a unique time in education. country and gregory gardens elementary school in pleasant hill is no different one of the hardest things about this is that missing that relationship peace and that community peace i'm having to say aha. a staple of the school's teachers and support staff took their lessons on the road. straight through the
9:55 pm
neighborhood streets reading the students and parents they miss the parade is just an opportunity for us to be able to see them from a fun and safe distance. >>katie kuhn says she wants the community to know that all those students will be returning to classrooms until the fall they have not been forgotten, it's pretty incredible. the parents of an early on board the kids are excited. >>it's it's really energizing are fresh and the sea that we all can come together and make this work. >>lasting more than an hour family stood curbside smiling and >>taught at because they like so much pressure on the parents and kids. so i think our that really nice of them to do that. like to kept them less stressed about that could teach a camp for asked the case. >>they faxed a kind make could
9:56 pm
jack i here and some teacher, i know at least fire away and out and say spring break is over students will continue to meet with their teachers virtually at least 3 times a week through the end of the school year. >>in pleasant hill deleted all kron 4 news. >>i would like to hear who your heroes are you can nominate a person in your community doing great things to help others during this crisis go to kron 4 dot com slash piece features slash kron 4 heroes. we look forward to hearing from you about amazing people in your community and that wraps up kron 4 news at 9. but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour and for bay area counties are recommending your face any time you leave the house now. but they don't using medical masks what they say you should wear instead. >>plus a free drive-thru testing site is opening up tomorrow in fremont the symptoms you'll need to demonstrate in order to qualify those stories and much
9:57 pm
more just minutes away on kron 4 news at 10. bubbles at this price? is this for real? oh... it's real. believe me. i mean, this is unexpected. you would say, remarkable?
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absolutely. a remarkable deal! thanks, i get that all the time. wait what?! ♪grocrey outlet jingle wow... i think i'll take two. for the love! oh.
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whaso let's do the rightver chanthing, today.ow. let's stay at home. let's wash up. let's always keep our distance - please, six feet apart at least. let's look after ourselves, as well as others. it will all be worth it. we can all do our part. so those on the front line can do their part. and when this is over, we will all, continue, to thrive.
10:00 pm
>>watching kron 4 news. now a tennis covid-19 cases rise one ucsf doctor says the city's hospitals are not being overwhelmed. >>the doctor credits the shelter-in-place orders. they were issued early on for that good evening, everybody thanks for being with us tonight at 10 o'clock i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis and to keep the numbers from spiking health officials in san francisco alameda contra costa and san mateo counties now recommend the residents cover their faces when they leave the hous


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