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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  April 30, 2020 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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>>good morning, everyone and thank you for joining us on this edition of the kron 00:04am morning news, it's thursday april 30th time will tran governor newsome is ordering all beaches in state parks, the closed starting tomorrow. it's a van and the effort to curb the spread of coronavirus the governor is expected to make the announcement today after scenes like this one. this was the crowd last saturday in newport beach in orange county just south of los angeles. summer like temperatures drew thousands of people to beaches and orange and ventura counties in southern
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california. they don't even dot practice social distance, obviously right there on the beach governor newsome call this an example of what not to do. more than 48,000 cases of coronavirus across our state more than 1900 people are dead. over 1000 of those people killed are in los angeles. here in the bay area they're almost 8,000 confirmed cases we have a breakdown of the cases and the deaths county by county on your screen. santa clara county has the most cases had over 210107 deaths. followed by alameda county which has 1500 cases and 57 deaths. you can get and more in death count on cases and deaths by city on our website at kron 4 dot com. 6 bay area counties are loosening their stay at home orders for the first time santa clara alameda contra costa. santa san mateo san francisco and marin counties are all issue the new order
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that will remain in effect until the end of may starting on monday the counties will allow all construction. opening of some businesses, an outdoor activities such as cough tennis and landscaping childcare and summer camp settings will also be allowed in groups however of 12 or less people or fewer than 12 people. in addition to the ease restrictions, a set of indicators have been providing which will guide the bay area and that the future of the easing of the restrictions. these indicators are take a look at your screen there whether the current number of cases is flat or decreasing whether the rates are going down an adequate supply of personal protective equipment for healthcare workers and whether we are meeting the need for testing and contact tracing. county officials want to make sure the public knows these ease restrictions do not cancel out the state's shelter-in-place order as well as the guidelines.
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>>we must all abide by both the local council orders and the state health orders. that means which ever does stricter controls. in some cases that's the local water but in other cases that is the state over. and the state order does continue to impose limitations on certain activities that the new order might otherwise allow. >>officials are still urging the public to guard against a false sense of security which could lead to a backward slide. and they're encouraging people to continue the considerable progress of those indicators who gradual and collective action working from home and maintaining physical distance. trying to find a new house to buy will get slightly easier with these loosen restrictions kron four's maureen kelly talked with local realtors about what will be different for both buyers and sellers. >>ok so we're just going to take a little walk inside here on sunday to meyer conducted an open house via zoom of a
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single family house for sale in san francisco's ann's of this to neighborhood. it's how she and other local realtors are going to have to keep doing business for now had several people join throughout the they were able to ask tough questions along the way which is very helpful. >>and by the end of the more normal both to me and to the buyers. so we're just going to learn and we're going to keep doing this until we're allowed to have traditional open houses while virtual tours are still recommended the new shelter in place order going into effect next week create some wiggle room for buyers to get a firsthand look inside but with major restrictions in place. >>so in person showings are going to be allowed to resume it looks in occupied and vacant properties. it will have to be as long as it is occupied the occupant is not present. it will also have to be with one real estate agent and no more than 2 clients or buyers. and all social
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distancing protocols will need to be served us. well another big development for future sales. the new order allows for construction. >>to ramp up again allowing construction to resume is going to help the overall housing picture here in the san francisco bay area even before the covid-19 crisis we've been experiencing you know significant challenges related to housing opportunities throughout the bay area. >>and one clear solution to those challenges is creating new housing the president of the san francisco association of realtors says that since mid-march when those first shutdown orders went into effect. >>they had just over 200 homes going to contract. that's a little less than half what they would see normally he and other realtors are hoping to see home sales pick up as buyers and sellers get use to the new way of doing business. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>san francisco mayor london breed has been criticized for not fulfilling an ordinance
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that says the city must acquire more than a 1000 hotel rooms to protect the homeless from coronavirus the city has more than 2000 rooms and filled more than about a 1000 so far is what mayor breed had to say when asked why it's taking so long to get those rooms. >>the logistics of moving the challenges of making sure that people were registered at a particular hotel are the only ones coming into the hotel as they take their breaks or go out and get their walks. it has been very very challenging a lot of people working hard every single day moving as quickly as they can. >>the executive director of san francisco's human services agency says another reason for the delay is working with each hotel. that takes a lot of time and says they have different amenities to meet the qualifications to shelter the homeless. happening today we will be talking to san jose mayor sam liccardo about some of the issues facing the bay
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area's largest city. you can watch interview right here on kron 4 news at 5 o'clock or on our 24 hour streaming service on kron on will also have it on our facebook page. business owners disappointed after learning hair salons are still not allowed to reopen and or revise shelter-in-place order kron four's taylor bisacky spoke to monarch at salon in san francisco. >>i was on saw him i ask a scenario. so it's then we're just going from the top of the games like just nothing shana runnings life drastically changed over the past 5 months. >>in december she became a business owner in opened her own hair salon in san francisco called monarch salon while she bought a long list of clients with her. the appointments abruptly stopped in march when the city forced businesses to close with shelter-in-place orders. the lawns are for more established businesses they want you to show taxes and stopped last
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year just a sense from you don't really i >>and obviously just made sense of coming up with a new this is 6 months ago so it's been crazy innings been paying close attention to the city's updates. i have like all these days we're line in kind of gives a slight can end of this month at the end of this month and so it's kind of nice not likable on tuesday like looking at ron over and over and over again on wednesday. >>running learned the new shelter-in-place orders now extended until may 31st and will allow us along to reopen another my i kind of saw it coming i. >>thank you probably for the best, but it's just like you know rises keeps coming every month with 0 income she says clients are also anxious to get back into the slot despite the extended order running is staying positive thing for reopen as soon as she gets the go ahead i last 10 or mass all wear masks gloves for them, but sir me and then obviously we are to do so much like state and sanitation working with really strong chemicals
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that are inside not just impact on the booking a little bit longer women's to sanitize a little bit better people weigh on their cars intelligence percent of slapped, according to the governor's 4 stages to reopen businesses hair salons are included in stage 3. well right now we're in stage one and it could be months before we reach a stage 3. >>in san francisco. tiller sackey kron 4 news. >>the massive dreamforce conference held in san francisco every year will not be taking place as usual sales for says the company is working to go virtual with all of its events through the end of this year. if your company has already purchased passes to this year's conference sales force plans to give you a refund no other details about plans were released at this time. it is not just a health threat. that's also a wealth threat. the poll so the u.s. economy is faint right now it will be a while before it recovers. john lawrence reports.
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>>the u.s. economy infected by the coronavirus we're going to see economic data for the 2nd quarter that's worse than any data we've seen for the economy and there are direct consequence of the disease and the measures that were taken to protect ourselves from the federal reserve chairman jerome powell says this is a crisis the u.s. has never seen before next week's jobs report is expected to show that the unemployment rate which was at 50 year lows just 2 months ago has surged into double digits the recovery process is expected to be gradual but president trump is optimistic, i think next year is going to be an incredible year. >>for economy. i think the 4th quarter is going to be. really really good in the meantime businesses struggle to stay afloat we went from a full restaurant of a 120 see capacity to. >>2 of 3 people which chaiklin and it makes you realize. and
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look forward to an economic rebound when the spread of the virus is under control. >>businesses will reopen and people will come back to work. we will continue to use our tools to assure that the recovery when it comes will be as robust as possible i'm john lawrence reporting. >>our coverage of the coronavirus continues on our website kron 4 dot com there you'll find the latest on outbreaks in the bay area and an interactive map as well as information on ways to keep you safe you can find all of that information on our website kron 4 dot com. 4 morning news, the ongoing health crisis is taking a mental toll on frontline workers. >>as they continue to fight the pandemic we'll break down some of their struggles in ways they can help themselves as they continue helping us. plus rent payment due tomorrow, you know that what should you do if you're struggling to make the payment and a major boost for millions of california families who
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rely on food stamps for their daily meals, the new option. they now have to get groceries while trying to stay safe. ♪
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what can i do to help you? come on buddy, headphones.
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what. hey. ok, alright, what kind of- i said i don't want to talk about it. wait, wait! tray what are you doing? ♪ ♪ it's ok. it's ok. welcome back to the kron 00:04am morning news you want to get a check of the weather with dave spahr who is joining us live from his home with the very latest on what we can expect. >>we in for a little cooling trend. >>a little bit of one to take us into the weekend yes, good
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morning. well i didn't recognize you without your mask there good morning, everybody and we're seeing a little bit of morning fog cover portions of the bay here that's going make south pretty quickly and we'll have a we'll call it a mild afternoon in terms of what we've got but cooling into that weekend however, which will see there's that little bit later what's look over of karl soon as the sun joins us we'll take care of that but speaking of that it covers the gentle portion of the east bay shoreline off the insulin and the coastal areas. but there you can see that within a couple of hours that's pretty much contained it may linger a little bit on that some of the coastal areas down the peninsula in half moon bay. and out of the south. now as far as the sky conditions are concerned basically once we take care of all of this we're going back to the mostly sunny mode, however by this evening. it's an apple get sprayed bite some cloudiness but going into your friday, mostly sunny yet again. however, while all this is happening we're looking for cooling right through the weekend. and there's one of those indicators as we can see that marine layer start to thicken up a little bit on saturday. there is that side
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hope of a sprinkle might come passing through this weekend with this cooling program so mostly sunny and mild breezy afternoon and evening at work here forgot the end there, i'm tomorrow it's much the same for the bay and inland with those temperatures falling into the 70's this is where even the inland areas will be dropping below 80 in for this weekend, scattered clouds for saturday and cooler and cooler 60's for the bait 70's covering the inland areas so by this weekend will kind of trough out with temperatures and there is that little chance of maybe a little sprinkle coming by as well. a look at today again we're at 65 san francisco up to 76 san jose oakland 71. again some pockets in the what be able to reach about 80 or so like king conquered making around 8081, 77% of rosa 75 now in 76 coming in for san jose. still a lot of green on the board there showing the cooling trend in place the red in place as well so the 2 are
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fighting it out and do getting out. but again cooling by this weekend coming up a little bit we'll take a look at the weekend forecast and also your 4 zone forecast that you know your thursday is going to be well thank you so much dave let's take a look at the traffic conditions for the essential workers heading into work at this time, here's the san mateo bridge you can see. >>very light west and eastbound those headlights coming in our direction cars heading from the peninsula into hayward you won't have any particular problems so take it easy out there as far as try not to go too fast and here's the bay bridge. we want to show you that as well no problems ever since the shelter in place. the bay bridge traffic has considerably dropped about 80% for all of the bay area bridges and you can see right now not a problem whatsoever. in the states food stayed out of 5 states food stamps program can now order their groceries online the federal government is helping to expand the state's cow, fresh
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food stamps program ebt card holders can now use their benefits at online grocery stores such as walmart and amazon. and another waiver from the federal government's cares act will also provide up to about 370 excuse me $375. that money is to help millions of kids who would otherwise qualify for free or reduced meals at their school. some relief is coming to both food banks and farmers across our state governor newsom announces statewide partnership between the state's 41 food banks and 128 farmers and ranchers to provide 21 million pounds, a fresh produce every month. connecting california farms farmworkers connecting the cause of our food banks. >>getting product and produce that otherwise would literally be thrown away as waste and now providing a tax credit to the farmers of 15%. >>the governor says another
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200 farmers are already interested in joining that program. mind you this morning we are trying to navigate through this ever-changing society in light of the coronavirus one of the main changes has been how we shop kron four's jason dumas takes a look at takes a look into some of the latest consumer trends during the pandemic. >>the coronavirus has affected how we all shop, many people are out of work or at reduced pay scale so money is tighter and almost everything that is not essential has been limited to online shopping consumers are definitely spending >>for r r. >>reducing all of their spreading across almost all. lines for example, clothes shoes, consumer records. vacations obvious 3. basically i think i think there are 2 sets of keys. people are for going in for those who still have the means to shop for nonessential items, it is
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mostly all done online. >>online research company comscore reports that amazon's website hit 2.5 4 billion visitor, this past march which is a 65% jump from the same time period last year that has led some to be concerned about online credit card fraud consumers are. >>rightly nervous about all kinds are identity theft. so they're shopping online or use your credit cards and different ways and got in high praise and they're exposing themselves to identity theft and it is something that they think about but will this new normal affect life as we know it for good. >>well shopping trends ever be what they once were i think once they stay at home. workers loose ends. and people are about to their free to move about the cabin. i think we're going to see a lot more shocking out >>i'm going to see people returning to the stores maybe not as much as before but they're going to tell it and
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they're going to start to spend again and it's going to be a rocky start. will be a stark reporting in san francisco, i'm jason dumas score on for news. >>the ongoing pandemic an extended shelter in place order is leading people to consider alternatives to relying on local grocery stores to get their hands on that stumbles. >>or landscapers to try to maintain their yards. bill's ace hardware in pleasant hill this experience actually a spike in sales. while customers rush out for supplies. >>so this and a lot of painting people been on the outside of their house inside the house just step that they usually don't have time to do because they work so much nato's are really popular terms. >>basically everything you can eat. >>seeds are selling fast eddie's because the store is constantly restocking of shelves moraga garden center in moraga has also experienced a spike in plant and seed sales. >>still ahead on the kron 4
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morning news, sometimes we get so busy taking care of others during this pandemic if we get to take care of ourselves. we go over some tips to be good to yourself. and here's a live look outside before we get to that story, here's the golden gate bridge. you can clearly see. no problems if you have to head in from marin county into san francisco. sometimes
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we get so busy taking care of others during this pandemic we forget to take care of ourselves, but there are 10 things you can do to be good to you. >>mandy gaither has more in this morning's health minute. >>it's an unprecedented time filled with stress and uncertainty and more than ever children's healthcare of atlanta says parents need to make time for themselves acknowledge your feelings and allow yourself to feel them don't minimize those feelings avoid comparing how you feel to how others feel we're all different practice, healthy habits with diet and exercise follow a routine it can create predictability and offer a sense of comfort and security give yourself a break you're doing your best to set clear boundaries don't get sucked into working 24 7 set limits. so you don't get burned out
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focus on what you can control your thoughts will spiral and get overwhelming take 5 do something for yourself, it's only for you. time for laughter enjoy facetime a friend social distancing doesn't mean social isolation and finally practice gratitude it can help you focus on what you had instead of what you don't for today's health minute. i'm mandy gaither. >>on the kron 4 morning news, a possible breakthrough in the treatment for coronavirus the latest on operation warp speed and how it can accelerate development of a vaccine. before we get to that story, let's head outside again and show you traffic what traffic there is no traffic on the bay bridge. you can clearly see that we'll be right back. come back in just a few minutes from now. according to johns
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hopkins university, the national death toll from coronavirus is now over 60,000. >>a number that experts they didn't see it coming until at least august. there are more than a million cases overall. the ongoing health crisis is taking a mental toll on front line workers just to last just last weekend i should say andy our doctor who treated covid-19 patients in new york city she killed herself kron four's gayle, ong reports on the ways doctors nurses and hospital staff can help themselves. during this
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pandemic. >>anybody who's a who's providing health care is under stress. and deserves mental health support and i hope they will take the time and trouble together doctor david spiegel is a professor and associate chair of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at stanford he says the combination of long hours lack of personal protective gear and seeing patients who are severely ill makes it hard to handle the stress of covid-19 people are not getting enough sleep even when they get home intensely there are you feeling so bad that their sleep is interrupted. >>they're not eating regularly, they're working 1214 16 hour shifts and then there's a stay at home orders there's no doubt the physical separation were happy to suffer is adding to the risk of feeling depressed feeling anxious and thinking about suicide and people who are prone to do that anyway this week in


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