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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  May 1, 2020 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>>good morning. everyone, i'm will trend. thank you for joining us on this kron 4 morning news, this is may 1st time in for robin west and our top story this morning as many more states. our train to lift what's going on as to in terms of partially loosening some of those restrictions i can tell you that a lot of researchers are working on covid-19 as we speak. john lawrence reports. there's a chance the u.s. now to covid-19 vaccine by january that's an assumption. >>that's going to be safe. that is going to be effective and that we're going to be
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able to do it quickly. >>i think each of those are not only feasible that may be likely while top infectious disease expert doctor anthony fauci is optimistic. >>he admits that target date isn't set in stone i've been involved in vaccine work for decades, not every vaccine that we want to have to work vaccine development is usually measured in years not months, you know it's like running the quarter mile you want to run faster, but you have to run the whole quarter mile you certainly don't want to put an unsafe or ineffective vaccine out to the populace. the research continues as more than half of the united states start to partially reopen discretion. >>is given to the governor's they know the u.s. states. >>is no this cities. so you want to give them a little wiggle room but my recommendation is you know don't wiggle too much while the reopening process will likely help the struggling us economy start to rebound from the pandemic. >>some say doing so too soon may lead to problems because
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people are going to go back to more association. >>in some places in the country, it's very likely that they'll be future peaks as well i'm john lawrence reporting. >>to johns hopkins university there are more than 1 million cases in the u.s. over 50,000 of those cases right here in california. more than 2000 people have died over 1100 of those deaths happened in los angeles. you're in the bay area schools we are seeing more than 8,000 cases and over 260 deaths, a majority of those cases and deaths happening in santa clara with over 2100 cases and 111 people who died. alameda county has the second most cases at over 1660 deaths. we have a complete breakdown by county and city on our website kron 4 dot com. more people spending time outdoors now that certain activities will be allowed within the revised shelter in
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place. it goes into effect on monday. bay area public health officials announced new stay at home orders to last through may for everyone living or working in 6 bay area counties and the city of berkeley. but law enforcement and medical experts warn we can not fall back on all the progress that we've made. >>we are asking for people to abide by the safety order you're still need a legal reason to contact that individual a as for edition cation and detain a person conduct an investigation we could be let our guards down have another you know raging wildfire, you just have to not let our guards down and can't keep up the same. spirit that the community has exhibited over the last 6 weeks. >>certain outdoor business is considered low risk can operate restaurants, cafes or bars are not however included businesses like nurseries can however reopened while it is encouraged to go outside do remember that it should be
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within your own neighborhood. and of course stay away from crowds. the peninsula, san mateo county is getting ready to reopen trails in more than half of its parks starting on monday. the locks will be coming off the gates keeping people out over a dozen san mateo county parks, including san bruno mountain. it's one of the county's 23 parks that was shut down in late march after too many people showed up and the weather got warmer. but now the county parks department has decided to reopen choosing the parks, closest to residential areas as the ones to open back up first. >>i won't have any other services with the exception of some parking lots and restrooms playgrounds and picnic areas. well and so we're really focusing i'm getting people out on the trails and we're excited about you know being able to welcome them back on those trails again. >>okay so if you do go to those trails remember maintain
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social distance hike single file. no gathering with people outside your household and bring a face covering a full list of what parks are going to reopen and which ones will remain closed can be found on our website kron 4 dot com. governor gavin newsome is proposing an early start to the new school year it's in the effort to offset any learning loss because of the coronavirus pandemic teachers and administrators in the east bay, one east bay school district says this could add additional problems to what's going on kron 4 says it may june explains. >>we are considering the prospect of an even earlier school year as early as late july early august. we don't have the resources to put it simply to start school early if we move the start of school out. >>there will be even more work to do. >>in even less time this gives you an idea of what the
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conversation is like regarding the possibility of getting an early start to the next school year the wake of the covid-19 pandemic california governor gavin newsome started the discussion in an attempt to prevent a loss and education continuity. >>the concern around learning loss. i think we may want to consider getting that school moved up a little bit however, starting the school year early presents several challenges for administrators and educators and cash strapped school districts like west contra costa who say what they need is number one. >>definitely more resources right most funding reduction of costs isis materials for teachers that includes masks resources to keep teachers and students safe which we don't have right now then there is this the centers for disease control and prevention guidelines for planting of opening schools which includes increasing the space between desk at least 6 feet in
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california and we're kind of sizes are higher than the national. >>that the national average and there's not a lot of room to straight out that school administrators and the teachers union both say that employee contracts would also present another obstacle to moving the school start date the governor maintains he is just getting the conversation started so we're beginning to socialize that we may know. >>decisions definitively in that space haaziq madyun kron 4 news >>smaller private schools are expected to experience huge financial losses because of lower enrollment rates because of coronavirus so they have to deal with a lot of things on their on their table right now the american council of education projects a 15% drop in national enrollment for the upcoming year. now gap year programs are seeing increase interests from students and parents too don't want to pay the hefty tuition for online learning. >>all of higher education in
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public and private nonprofit we're in this together that we do have a unique said count were not state funded institution or not state-supported institutions most private colleges nonprofit colleges art which independent which means we're openrollment dependent and so that will that financial modeling something we're certainly looking at. >>the coronavirus also affects gap year programs instead of traveling abroad they're looking at alternative experiences right here in america. either way students are forced to make a life changing decisions during a time when nothing of course is certain. his daily update governor gavin newsom announced the launching of a new website to help parents find safe and licensed child care providers, especially those for essential workers who cannot stay home. visitors to the site can put in their zip code and find licensed child care providers in their neighborhood. you can also contact information to find
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contact information there. the age range of children accepted availability and health and safety information. one of the child care providers dime in little people academy. it's right in the east bay. >>we had to do things like move our sign in and sign out outside and so parents we've limited our traffic to come inside of our facility, definitely disinfecting counter tops cubbies everything books blocks. >>the web site follows up on the action by the governor and the legislature in early april allocating $50 million for child care vouchers prioritizing children at risk and children of essential workers who are low incomes. governor newsome also ordered a temporary closure of beaches in orange county only and he was almost immediately criticized for it, republican senator john moore lock released a statement saying in part governor newsome just does not seem to get it. he
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says quote residents have been responsible the county has not seen a surge in its hospitals and 6 weeks into the shelter in place order the beach may be the best medicine. the announcement comes after a california police chiefs memo circulated overnight claiming newsom's administration was set to close all beaches and state parks. >>bottom line that was their memo but that moment i got to as relates to the issue that i'm grappling with we've been consistent. we have been clear we have been transparent we've been talking about this every day. >>the closure comes after images on saturday showed large crowds and beachgoers in newport beach in orange county the governor would not say whether this is a warning to other counties with open beaches. he says he hopes the temporary closure as for just a short time and not for the long run. the california police chiefs association released a statement apologizing for the confusion of the closures saying quote
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we sent out information regarding decisions that was still evolving which was regrettably shared outside of our police chief membership and we apologize for the undue concern that cost. our coverage of the coronavirus continues on our website kron 4 dot com. there you will find the latest on outbreaks in the bay area. an interactive map and information on ways for you to stay safe. you can find all of that and much more on our website kron 4 dot com. news the cdc is drafting new guidelines for reopening the economy as unemployment numbers continue to drop. >>we'll have that just a few minutes. plus the president is putting forward new measures that will help keep the elderly safe in nursing homes will break down his plan. and after the break. a new bipartisan committee has been created to combat the growing pandemic what the group will focus on and why some are questioning its existence.
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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news we want to get a quick check of the weather with day spahr who joins us live now from his home with the very latest dave, this cooling trend. >>it comes with a little bit of a breeze doesn't. >>that's true and it's with us again today to the morning william good morning, we are off to a cooler start that we were from yesterday, not as much the way of fog going on, but certainly as well as talking about the winds on
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shore they are and we're feeling it all over the bay. i'll have that in just a bit first of all we have the shot coming in from u c berkeley and we can see through it very nicely the east bay shoreline up there in the bay way behind it so what can a clear view they're a little bit this glaze that we have going on at the golden gate which is typical in the predawn hours like this so nothing and that unusual as far as our temperature progress here a lot in contra costa county we have these 50's going on in the east bay. but up in the north bay, it's those chilly 40's down to the south bay only the lower 50's even peninsula also in the lower 50's and that compares. 24 hours ago most readings across the bay except to the south and some parts of the east are below where they were this time yesterday pick up in the north bay, some half a dozen degrees. for now, but in santa rosa. so first of all with this onshore flow pattern as we discussed earlier, there's some weak systems coming our way it's going to be mostly sunny today but here comes a marine layer late tonight that will be cloud cover fog and
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also by saturday opportunity for some of the showers we talked about not a great amount just enough to dirty up the car more like a need more of it. but we'll get some of that and then by sunday morning we start to open up the skies a little bit of good will mostly sunny mode. here's a look at those winds as well as talking about there with us this morning and will subside a little bit tonight for the tissues be this afternoon and then late this afternoon this evening they picked back up again. most noticeable up there in the north bay corridor there and off to the east bay you can see into the teens and they will pick up in the far east bay locations quite a bit in the central valley, it looks like as well which by the way should say that there's an air quality alert in the central valley, even though we have these winds mostly sunny breezy and cooler 60's going on at the coast 70's for the bay and in london you'll see that the 4 zone forecast. this weekend we're talking about a mostly cloudy for your saturday, mostly sunny sunday with a few showers on saturday and the next week warming quickly 80's
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for midweek we could top off at 90 in some selective spots by next thursday, it's spring for you to go through a whole bunch of wardrobe and just a couple of days, 66 san francisco, 71 for oakland 75 going on for san jose and just across the water bay there there we still see some upper 70's hanging on but the 80's have been retired at least for now and the green is when the battle here for our crayons in terms of covering most of the bay coming up a little bit here, we'll talk a little bit more about this rain coming this weekend look at your extended and of course the 4 zone forecast well back to you thank you so much dave let's head outside really quickly and show you the traffic conditions, here's the san mateo bridge. you can clearly see smu's no problems east or westbound. >>so if you need to go to work right now your biggest problem and i had a problem to try to maintain he the speed limit because it's so much open space and sometimes we go a little too fast going to be careful out there san mateo bridge to the bay bridge there
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it is right there very light not a problem keep in mind don't stop at the toll plaza and moving forward at $6 flat rate. no matter what time you cross the bay bridge. congress has created a new bipartisan committee focused on the pandemic to make sure money congress provides to fight it does not go to waste but only one party seems to be moving forward with it. while the other party questions why it even exists. joe khaleel reports from washington dc. >>house democrats are moving forward with their newly formed select committee on the coronavirus to make sure that we have. >>a bright light shining on the implementation on trillion of taxpayer dollars wednesday to speaker pelosi name, 7 house democrats to the select committee and name south carolina's jim cliburn its chairman i know all of them. >>have worked very closely with all of them and i think they will do the country proud
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she does this committee house republicans voted unanimously of this committee. >>they say they see it as another avenue for democrats to attack the president's coronavirus response house republican leader kevin mccarthy has yet to sign any members to the committee which is supposed to be in the cares act. >>you could use to being in a tease. >>of the alabama republican bradley byrne says he thinks the committee will be nothing more than a democratic after action attack on the president this is obviously and other parts in there are no after action reviews after action. still in the action brought. speaker pelosi says the committee's work will be forward looking and that it will be the only committee exclusively focused on coronavirus and select committee does just that that is the focus that is where the public will pay attention pelosi says she's expecting republicans to appoint very members soon in washington, i'm joe khaleel.
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>>avenues of signing an executive order allowing adults to get marriage licenses through video conferencing rather than being in there in person. the governor's office says couples can obtain a marriage license this way as long as both adults. our president in our state couples will also need to present identification during the video conference the marriage license can then be issued via e-mail newsome also says adults who wish to be married can have a ceremony by video conference as long as both a delta president and have at least one witness who can join in by way of video conference this is this the way of life now the provisions of the executive order will remain in effect for the next 60 days. the nation's biggest mall operators opening some malls for business starting today, simon property group says workers will be required however to wear masks while customers will be strongly encouraged to wear them. employees contractors and vendors will be required to screen themselves for a fever
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or other symptoms before coming to work while the malls themselves plan to reopen it will be up to individual stores to decide if they want open, simon don't see outlets in livermore the stanford shopping center and the great mall in milpitas none of those malls will however be open. macy's will start reopening stories as early as next week, the retailer plans to open 68 stores on a limited basis starting on monday. the ceo says they'll start with stories in states that are easing social distancing says restrictions. like georgia oklahoma south carolina texas and tennessee there will be however limited hours between 11 o'clock in the morning and 7 o'clock at night. all 775 macy's stores could be up and running and the next 6 weeks. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news cherries are in full bloom and many farms in brentwood are preparing the start of. >>cherry picking season, how
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this season may look a little bit different than in years past. before we get to that story, let's head outside show you the golden gate bridge. no problems if you need to go into san francisco. probably about 20 minutes now from novato into the st. ♪
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♪ ♪ it's ok. it's ok. >>cherry season is here and many of us pick god excuse me many you pick farms will start opening this weekend despite
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the coronavirus and the shelter in place. kron four's michelle kingston explains how the season may look a little bit different than in years past. >>cherries are blooming in brentwood in many farms are preparing for the started you pick season when thousands of people flocked to contra costa county to pick their own fruit, but this year might look a big difference and while some are looking forward to getting out there if you want and cherries you should be able to pick some jerry's not everyone agrees that the orchards should open you know what if they put their hand on that cheery and they decide. >>i'm not going to take it. and the next person comes some farmers don't think they'll open their orchards to visitors this year because of coronavirus and stay at home orders from a personal standpoint having a family a young family animal a generational family living in house. and terrified of the exposure um i can't imagine. if a flight way a truly safe way have groups of people even
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if there's keeping their distance. they're touching everything plus some of you share the same thoughts on facebook others can't wait for the start of the season a season, many farmers rely on and many families are excited for and i think if they can open. >>and maintain social distance and keep things clean and whatnot that they should be allowed to do that. >>i would say, but at the same the same as one of the grocery store you're going you're going to be around people there anyways. >>now if you do decide to come to brentwood for you pick season, there are some new rules this year they're only allowing a certain amount of people into the orchards at a time also if you touch it. >>you pick it and of course you must wear a mask while you're out there in the orchard and continue to stay at least 6 feet apart from others in the east bay, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>on the kron 00:04am morning news special trailers and alameda are being prepared to house a group of homeless people. how experts hope these
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new homes will protect them from covid-19. president trump
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is announcing new measures as coronavirus continues to wreak havoc at nursing homes, according to the california public health data. >>nearly 40% of the deaths in the state have happened at skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. kron four's dan thorn has a look at some of these new and skews me new initiatives and whether they go too far.
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>>as nursing homes continue to be deadly covid-19 hotspots the president announces plans to protect the facilities and their residents among the new initiatives more ppe shipments to medicaid medicare nursing homes $81 million in congressional funding to increase inspections. a requirement for nursing homes to report information about covid-19 cases to the cdc and also requiring nursing homes to inform residts and family members about new cases, nursing home worker and patient advocates say the last part is crucial get think and that this is a given that it should be obvious that it happened in fact. >>it is not happening consistently off to the families find out for the first time from the media that virus is spreading in a facility where a loved one is living. >>what's not included in the new initiatives is the promise of testing for residents and staff at long-term care facilities, mike dark


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