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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  May 1, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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you're watching kron 4 news news at 10 the data shows that trend suv has a clear cut significant positive effect. >>in diminishing the time to recovery. >>all right doctor fauci tonight medical experts said of a new weapon in the fight against covid-19 the fda has approved a drug called for and as a fear. good evening, everybody thanks for being with us at 10 o'clock i'm grant lotus and i became of iraq is framed as a beer is developed by foster city based gilley add sciences and can be used on an emergency basis to
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treat the most severely ill patients. our kron four's gayle ong joins us now live bill you spoke with a doctorate stanford has been studying this drug is it is it all that. >>they can grant a stanford has 2 clinical trials of from disappear the focus is on the safety account actually safety accountability and efficacy and this was passed in record time. >>he tells us that. the pandemic is affecting all of us and we really needed something that will work doctor runa superman, ian is leading one of stanford's clinical trials does of air the drug that can help treat covid-19 specifically the drug blocks an enzyme. the virus needs to replicate friday. the food and drug administration approved the drug on an emergency basis. it is not the same as a full fda approval, but assigned the fda believes the benefits far outweigh its risks. >>in certain patients even if it's not perfect even if it's
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not a magic bullet, it's nice to have something that improves the overall situation since mid-march stanford has been a part of 2 clinical studies, one global sponsored by the national institutes of health participants were involved in 2 trials, one for severe covid-19 patients, the other for moderately ill patients doctor subramanian is working on a smaller study would galea based in foster city, the ceo speaking at the white house friday announced the company will donate 1.5 million vials of the drug will be working with the government to determine how best >>i just read that the united states with one 0.5 million depending on the on the course whether that's a five-day course our 10 day course that could be you know as few as a 140,000 chase is samantha masto was a pharmacy solution adviser at lanier which provides hospitals with data to help them self healthcare supply chain challenges we still have to use this judiciously and and understand
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the logistics behind you know what your region should be receiving this medication which hospitals within those regions doctor subramanian says researchers are still looking into the best timing for treatment and looks like the earlier you give the drug more efficacious it's going to be. >>and who really benefits most who's at highest risk for going on to develop a severe symptoms and where can we target the drugs. >>the studies found many covid-19 patients went home faster after treatment and reacher researchers at stanford are already planning for what the next truck might be to treat covid-19 reporting live gayle ong kron 4 news. >>protesters across the state are growing more and more restless with the shelter-in-place orders. this is the governor said today california is quote many days not weeks away from easing some restrictions newsome said the state could make an announcement early next week indicating the changes will
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impact the retail sector of the economy. the scene in san francisco was similar hundreds of people here took to the streets to protest the ongoing lockdown and ask for relief from rent and mortgage payments more than a 100 people rallied outside city hall in san francisco. despite evidence that physical distancing has been working these protesters want the state to reopen now more than 100 vehicles also circled city hall. they're protesting that city and state officials have not done more to relieve rent and mortgage payments. now. >>30 million people are unemployed. many of these people are not going to be able to make their rent or their mortgage payments here today in order to him and that people be given relief. when they're otherwise going to be put into the streets. >>there is already a moratorium on evictions if you're unable to pay your rent or your mortgage because of coronavirus related issues. you cannot be evicted however
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there is no red relief leaving that decision now up to state officials right now the state legislature is not in session they're in recess because of the shelter-in-place orders. >>new poll by the california healthcare foundation says that at least 75% of californians do support the ongoing shelter-in-place orders they say that the orders should continue for as long as needed despite the impact on the economy roughly 11% of people disagree and what the shelter-in-place orders to hand that was the finding across age income and race demographics among african american and asian american californians. 86% support continuing the policy. >>the new white house press secretary says president trump once protesters to follow the law across the country people have been rallying against the stay home orders as we've been reporting hundreds. >>gathering at the michigan capitol, some of them. armed sunday objects the governors
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extension governor whitmer's extension of her emergency order to keep everybody home. is keeping nonessential businesses close to slow the spread of the virus. the president tweeted that governor what near should quote give a little and make a deal. a new white house press secretary. mcenany tried to clarify during her first press briefing today. >>the president was referencing generally that in this country you have a first amendment right to protest. i think that's something we all treasure here and we should rightfully you have a right to do that constitutionally but you must protest within the bounds of the he encourages everyone to protest lawfully and also to engage in our social distancing guidelines which we think all americans should engage in. >>this is not the first time the president has sided with demonstrators over governors last month you may recall he called on his supporters in democrat led states to quote liberate the white house is
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reportedly blocking doctor anthony fauci from testifying on capitol hill next week. >>according to house appropriations committee, a spokesman fauci is the nation's top infectious disease expert, the appropriations committee wanted him to be a witness at a congressional hearing. next week about the coronavirus response. they say they've been blocked by the white white house deputy press secretary says members of the task force should not participate in hearings when their focus is on safely opening up the country. >>some businesses in the bay area are already opening back up to customers earlier this week, public health officials announce places like day care centers, golf courses and retail nurseries will be allowed to let people back in but as kron four's dan thorn reports for us tonight, one east bay nursery wants to do it right before completely opening their doors. >>sarah mcdonald's feet are moving she and her shrunken but does he stand a buzzing around her are in the plant
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nursery to fill orders for customers businesses been crazy, it's been very active. active is good. but a lighter load and are reopening to green thumbs could be better. soon enough that will be the case as bay area health officials have modified shelter-in-place orders for outdoor businesses like retail nurseries were very excited to have that happen it's it's been hard to work this way but we're we're doing a good job at it i think but we are planning to do that within the next week or 2 mcdonnell says when the time comes will be limiting the number of customers and following the 6 feet apart ruled check out will be moved outside and because picking out your plants might be a little time consuming there's a good chance you'll have to wait patience is key, i believe in the meantime the vegetable garden at mcdonald's nursery is more popular than ever before everyone's home and i want to work on their gardens whether it's vegetables are plants they're very eager to start coming in again we we don't blame him. starting your own garden mcdonnell says can
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actually limit the time spent looking for produce at the grocery store. she's hoping that their customers will continue to work with them as they get closer to fully reopening. reporting in a run-down dan thorn kron 4 news for anyone is thinking of heading to the beach this weekend in santa cruz said might not be worth the trouble new restrictions are designed to prevent a repeat of what happened. >>last weekend when. that beach is not making it was packed to hundreds of people they spread out blankets in the sand way too close together putting themselves and others at risk, according to medical personnel kron four's rob fladeboe reports with the new rules. >>this was the main beach on friday afternoon here in santa cruz, it was more or less deserted warning signs about covid-19 tell the tale, lots of room to physical distance here at the harbor beach too designed to keep the number of visitors down this weekend all beaches will be closed between
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11:00am and 05:00pm says the county's jason hoppin crowds that are floating around this and you're still allowed to speak more sports uncertainty. >>but he will be not be allowed to sit on the sand and you know a lot of students and a lobby recreation center hours last weekend far too many people fail to abide by physical distancing protocols. >>there were large groups picnicking in sunbathing to prevent that the new rules also restrict what you can bring with you to the beach are also being the song girl >>coolers the shares things like that we don't see a return to what we had last week you're judging from the beach traffic on highway 17 last weekend is thought many visitors were from out of town. >>but the new rules apply to locals as well and patrols are being stepped up to enforce those rules says sheriff jim hart by phone with insurers a
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>>circumstances are >>a further reason to encourage out of towners to recreate closer to home parking near the beaches will be scarce. and that's one parking ticket you will want to avoid fines about a $1000. it's not that expensive. >>and we've given out several 100 of those already some were not sharp. >>no but it could be an expensive trip to the beach a few more consistent county. >>in santa cruz rob fladeboe kron 4 news they revise shelter-in-place orders go into effect for 6 bay area counties on monday. but that's not the only change on the way as kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains governor newsom says he is getting ready to modify the restrictions for certain businesses. >>in his friday update governor gavin newsome appealing to californians across the state we're getting
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very close to making really meaningful augmentations to that stay at home order. we are you know i said weeks not months about. >>far 5 days ago, i want to say many days not weeks the development comes as pressure piles on state leaders as lawsuits are filed against southern california beach closures coupled with large protests across the state democracy is also alive and well. >>passion about participatory democracy democracy is not about just standing still and standing pat it's also about free expression and so i also applaud that and thank everybody for their lives to do it all i ask is to do it safely the governor acknowledging that hold the nearly 2 month long stay at home order has taken on california mentally emotionally and economically. california's unemployment numbers hit 3.9 million fried. the governor says california is making significant progress on supplying personal protective equipment and reached its short-term goal of testing 25,000 people a day these are key factors state
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leaders say need to be met before the state reopens california's economy will slowly start up in 4 phases. >>newsome reiterating an announcement for phase 2 which includes retail and manufacturing is coming soon we're going to be a position as early as monday tuesday i hope to make some announcements of new strategies and partnerships that we're working on in real time. >>in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>real-time it's weather time as we check out the 4 zone forecast on this friday night a live look here, san francisco's embarcadero all lit up no place to go from producer rodriguez here with the weekend forecast for us. hi breeze uh. >>hi there grant vicki let's take a look at today's daytime highs hopefully you enjoyed that extra sunshine and warm temperatures because we were all above average specially those of you in concord warming up into the low 80's of about 7 degrees warmer. then where you should be for this time of year live look outside from the east bay berkeley, not tracking that
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low cloud cover just yet but you could see it just creeping along the bay area coastline right now, but it will spread inland during the overnight hours impacting your saturday morning to you with visibility at times at near 0 so don't forget to turn on your low beams stormtracker 4 tracking right now dry conditions but just to our north we are noticing this storm and we're going to see the tail end of it, especially those of you in the north bay but we're all going to get that cloud cover influence and also some patchy coastal drizzle to start your saturday morning and rain trying to make its way into the north bay, very spotty and scattered in nature but overall it is going to be a dry outlook rain totals, not looking to impress and could see a present a 10th of an inch of rain or less for those of you in the north bay, but overall very dry outlook aside from that patchy morning drizzle that we're going to see saturday morning and temperatures out there right now starting to cool down in the 50's but still in the low 60's in the east bay like
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conquered and even antioch out there right now overnight lows tonight, the will be about 5 degrees warmer than last week willing down into the mid 50's and tomorrow's daytime highs will continue with that cooling we're going to notice temperatures 2 to 5 degrees cooler tomorrow compared to today. but near average highs downtown san francisco and even happened they warming up to 63 degrees upper 60's for the east bay shoreline like oakland and he worked with widespread upper 60's and low 70's as you make your way inlet santa rosa but 2 degrees below average only warming up to 69 degrees. they said that blanket of storm cloud cover and san jose 73 degrees or your saturday afternoon and taking a look ahead at are all 10 at 10 outlook. we're going to continue to see near average temperatures on sunday even with that extra sunshine as we clear out after saturday storm exits the bay area but overall warming up on monday and with above average temperatures not just along
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the coast, but our interior valleys and possible record breaking heat peaking on friday so a week from today granted to keep we could actually see daytime highs 10 to 25 degrees above average and in addition to that i am tracking some breezy offshore wind surfers warmed right now brees is could be some fuel for high fire dangers of going to keep an eye on that may see some heat advisories and possible red flag warnings heading our way in the extended forecast back to you. >>alright risa people in cars were blocked in one part of san francisco is to homeless women tried to occupy a vacant home the women tried to start living in a home on 19th street near douglass street, this isn't the castro eureka valley section of the city police did not allow them to occupy the home. the women and a group of activists who are there supporting them say they're upset with city officials and mayor breed for not allowing homeless people to shelter in place in vacant homes storing this pandemic a preschool in pleasant hill, a struggling to stay open because more than half of its
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staff has decided to stay home. >>many of the teachers are making more money not working then they would if they were. >>in the classroom. our first michelle kingston explains. >>and we this week yesterday in fact 3 staff come to us and say i can't do it anymore. michelle grant groves is the executive director of center of gravity as stem base preschool in pleasant hill more than half of her students or children of essential workers she's been able to keep the school open during the shelter in place for those parents but she isn't sure how much longer they'll be able to operate without their full staff, we said hey. >>we need you back and they said i'm not comfortable coming back in salt or places i want to come back. but only after shelter in place is that right because then their money stops. >>grant grove says more than half are staff is taking temporary leave collecting unemployment in the extra $600 check to the cares act and that money is more than what they would make teaching she
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wishes she could pair staff more be able to add hazard pay, but she says she can't eat that can we recover for this without some kind of economic confusion and. now according to the employment development departments website you are still eligible for benefits even if you choose to stay home from work at this time grant grove says she can't compete with the state and federal governments incentives in may have to close at the shelter in place is extended through june. she has applied to several loans and grants but says without the staff she's unable to keep our doors open to provide the care to the kids whose parents are providing essential services to you as they took a look at their consolation of their lives and their income opportunities and said it as soon as this is over i'm ready to come back but if i can make more money right now and stay home and take care of family members and that's the choice in the east bay, michelle kingston kron 4 news according to the children's council of
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san francisco most child care providers who are primarily women. >>struggle to make ends meet even during the best of circumstances during the recession of 2008 between 1040% of home-based childcare sites in. >>perry county is closed permanently. the children's council of san francisco says their fear is that of society doesn't step up quickly we may see similar or even greater damage to our fragile child care infrastructure rideshare service lyft is shaking up its staff because of the coronavirus the san francisco based company plans to lay off nearly a 1000 staffers and furlough. >>almost 300 more lyft is also reducing salaries, including a temporary 30% pay cut for temporary 10% pay cut for other employees. people his are using ride sharing services nearly as much as they had been of course because of the pandemic and lyft is trying to cut costs trying to stay afloat lives rival uber is also considering
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layoffs. also based in the city uber says it is looking at every scenario to ensure it comes out of this crisis in a strong position. >>beverly hills voted to resume cosmetic procedures and plastic surgeries during the pandemic members of the city council voted for voted 4 to one to remove restrictions put in place by the state to ensure more beds for coronavirus patients and to prepare hospitals for a surge of cases, plastic surgeons will have the authority to decide if the procedure is medically necessary. last week governor newsom announced the state will once again begin allowing scheduled surgeries the governor also noted that elective procedures like cosmetic surgery are not a priority. county in northeastern california was the first in the state to allow bars restaurants and churches to reopen that happened today despite the governor's statewide stay at home order there in leeds reports. >>life is starting to get back
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to normal in modoc county as businesses are being allowed to open back up. >>and clean everything appeared. >>barbers can now cut hair and restaurants can now offer inside died. the manager of the wagon wheel restaurant said times were tough during the stay at home order really hard trying to make >>you worked on the show for just down the throughway i just things weren't moving. you know certain things would not sell now that they can allow customers to sit down and enjoy their meals they're getting to spend more time with the familiar faces that used to come in every day in our common family and now regulars like sharon crabtree and her sister can enjoy what used to be their weekly meal like they used to have before the stay-at-home orders started every this is our sunday breakfast in to help and. >>a wonderful it's great to be able to get out is it sister
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here and actually nice to sit down and have a meal together. yes. >>i was there in leeds reporting for us tonight. still ahead. amazon is taking more heat this week after democratic leaders accused the company of lying to congress. >>asking ceo jeff bezos to do about it and preparing for more virtual education, how berkeley unified school mrs. walker. michael vasquez!
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has been tough for families, especially with parents out of work, struggling to buy supplies and recent weeks though students at berkeley. >>have been catching a break. our first political explained. >>joining 100 tumbler right here 3 bags of school supplies pass along to families in the berkeley unified school district parking lot, the gesture students and guardians say is a big help will help me a lot even if we could buy anything all the stores are wiped out your wife out everybody's home schooled. governor gavin newsome suggested this week that schools could reopen for the new academic year sometime in the summer executive director of the berkeley public schools fund erin rhoads says her organization is operating as if distance-learning will be the norm for the foreseeable future. we are in our 3rd week of handing out supplies garden what public schools find has teamed up with the school
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district to identify families who could benefit the most from free supplies and inviting those who have been contacted to the drive-thru distribution lot to pick them up they need is is really a parent right now more than ever a. you get to the distribution site also providing what's to all district students and even educators in need is more difficult than people could ever imagine. we need to be hands on and we can be more than 600 volunteers have prepared the 2500 bags of supplies. the result of $55,000 in donations from the community local businesses have also dropped off hand sanitizer and even toys to the cause to help kids stay healthy and engaged during the pandemic in berkeley felecia all kron 4 news. >>still to come the economic crisis because of the pandemic is forcing so many workers to find new ways to make money. how police must to drug dealers closings as food delivery drivers also we
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finally hear fr as promised
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the city of san francisco continues to increase testing for coronavirus especially. >>for the most vulnerable beginning next week the city will require regular testing of staff and patients at the city's 21 skilled nursing facilities. our first dan kerman has details beginning monday all staff and residents
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of laguna honda hospital and the city's 20 other skilled nursing facilities will be tested for covid-19 on a regular basis. these are among our most vulnerable residents in san francisco to serious infection and asked if they contract covid-19. >>san francisco's deputy health officer doctor susan phillips says initial testing of all 2500 skilled nursing residents and 2500 school nursing staff. >>we'll take about a month. then the goal be to do it every 2 weeks. >>initially it was thought was that it was bieber cough. shortness of breath and if we saw those sometimes the test those people. now we're recognizing that a lot of people to not show symptoms and particularly and setting such a skilled nursing facility that can and quickly spread for residents to stop to other residents. we don't want that to happen outbreaks and congregate living facilities like laguna honda have been common across the country. >>medical experts say the answers the testing provides will go a long way.
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>>if you test positive they need to go into isolation so they don't transmit the virus to anyone else if they've been exposed to test negative they need to go into quarantine so if they become sick, they're not going to transmit the virus ultimately the city still wants to offer universal access to testing or testing on demand. >>but at this point they still don't have the testing supplies to do that in san francisco dan kerman kron 4 news. >>in san jose face coverings will be mandatory for all the tea a rider starting monday bus and light rail operators will also be required to wear him face covering orders have already been issued in some towns like cupertino this is all part of santa clara county's health officers extension of the shelter-in-place order. we've also learned that starting monday face coverings at san jose international airport. well also be required. your forecast with meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez it's time for the tenet and right. >>yeah that's right 10 at 10
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and also 4 zone forecast let's take a look at what you can expect for your mike or find it saturday grandin bikie temperatures cooling down to 5 degrees from today's daytime highs downtown san francisco, 63 degrees near average highs. there are ads happening bay also in the mid 60's and also in the low 60's for those of you from south san francisco all the way into burlingame when speeds a little bit calmer still breezy with gusts upwards of 20 miles per hour less than not going to be as gusty like we had today and for the last couple days and gusts upwards of about 30 miles per hour less redwood city in the low 70's, san mateo mid 60 that 64 degrees and widespread 70's for those of you in the south bay, san jose 73 degrees and hayward 68 degrees for your saturday afternoon mid 60's for rich member conquered, cooling down into the low 70's are near average highs are you enjoy those quezon temperatures napa 67 degrees in santa rosa 2 degrees below normal 69
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degrees for your saturday afternoon and then warming up on monday and we're going to continue with that warming trend peaking on friday with widespread 90's as you make your way inland. upper 60's to mid 70's along the coast with mid 70's and upper 70's along the bay and as you can see that from our 10 day outlook very dry and warm weather and even after his friday cooling down into the 80's for interior valleys still well above average heat heading our way grant it back to you. >>a former vice president joe biden has responded for the first time to being accused of. >>sexual assault from a former staff sent a senate staffer him in jail, he has the story. >>it is not true of saying unequivocally did never never happen to good news for the first time joe biden personally addressing a assault allegation dating back to 1993 this is never ever happened. i don't know what is
10:34 pm
motivating her. i don't know what. i don't know what's behind any of it. but it's irrelevant and never happened. i'm not going to start questioning her. motive i'm not going to get into that i'm not going to start i'm not going to go after terror read for saying these things. >>it's simple. what are the facts to any of the things she said do they add up. >>the presumptive democratic nominee for president defy app and on the president will say 9 that he sexually assaulted tara reid and 8 in biden's senate office in the early 1990's re telling cnn that in 1993, she was ordered to take a duffel bag to her boss. the corridor somewhere on capitol hill read alleging that biden had her up against a wall spread open her legs with his knee and put his fingers inside of her. read also among multiple women who said publicly last year that she
10:35 pm
experienced physical interactions with biden that made her feel uncomfortable. but none of those women including read at the time accused biden of assault. >>read alleging she complained to multiple colleagues in biden's senate office in 1993 about harassment but not about the alleged assault biden saying such a complaint does not exist. >>i'm confident there's nothing and no one ever brought to the attention of may 27 years ago, this is any assertion at all. no one that i'm aware of in my campaign at times she might my senate office of the time is aware of any such show request. or any such complaint. >>but 3 people close to read telling cnn they did hear about the alleged assault, reed's former neighbor lynn della casa telling cnn this week re told her about it some time in the mid 1990's saying somebody putting their hands up your skirt that's something you don't forget reid's friend
10:36 pm
declining to speak on the record telling cnn read confided in her in 1993 within days of the alleged assault and in 1993 segment on cnn's larry king live appearing to feature reid's mother who died a few years ago, yes, alone. >>i'm i'm wondering what i'm a bit. staffer what do you do besides go to the press in washington. my daughter has just left there. after working for a prominent senator and could not get through with her problems all the only thing she could have done was go to the press and she chose not to do it out of my friend. >>the anonymous caller not naming biden or describing in any detail, what problems her daughter confronted reid telling cnn the voice on the show belongs to her mother and that she told her about the alleged assault the night that it happened. cnn has interviewed half a dozen former biden aide who worked in his senate office in the early 1990's all of them said
10:37 pm
they were not aware of any harassment or assault allegations biden seeing read story should be fully examined. >>from the very beginning, i've said believing women means taking the woman's claim seriously when she steps forward and and then vetted. this is just said that's true in this case as well. women have a right to be heard and then the pressure to rigorously investigate claims they make. always uphold that principle but in the end in every case, the truth is what matters in this case. the truth is the claims are false the allegation coming as biden prepares to take on president trump in the general election. >>more than a dozen women leveling allegations against trump, ranging from unwelcome advances to harassment and assault. trump has denied those allegations that been falsely charged numerous times. >>and that there is such a thing.
10:38 pm
>>that was mj lee reporting for us tonight biden says his campaign has not been in contact with reid he also said to the best of his knowledge there are no other claims of misconduct against him. >>north korean state media says leader kim jong-un has made his first appearance public appearance since rumors about his health reports claim that he attended a ceremony marking the completion of a fertilizer factory and say that he was with senior officials including his sister. there have been rumors and unconfirmed reports that kim was in poor health following a medical procedure possibly even in a coma or dead. south korea officials say that they have not detected any unusual activity in the north. >>today, canada's prime minister banned all assault style weapons from the country effective immediately prime minister justin trudeau says that it's no longer permitted to buy sell transport import or use military-grade assault weapons. the move comes less
10:39 pm
than 2 weeks after canada's deadliest rampage in modern history when a nova scotia man killed 22 people in 12 hours. police say that the gunman had several semiautomatic handguns and at least 2 semiautomatic rifles. one which was described by witnesses as a military style assault weapon. >>you don't need ar 15 to bring down and dr. there is no need in canada for guns designed to kill the largest amount of people in the shortest amount of time. >>in response. the canadian coalition of firearm rights is accusing the prime minister of playing politics. the group says the nova scotia massacre was an isolated incident and does not justify the fire arms ban tonight calls are growing louder from both parties to hold china accountable for its role in the spread of the coronavirus kron four's washington dc correspondent joe khaleel reports. >>to better prepare for future
10:40 pm
pandemics lawmakers from both parties say the u.s. must put more pressure on china we need to hold china accountable. transparency democrat will counter says beijing's refusal to allow international health inspectors into wuhan explode the global response to covid-19 we need to make. >>it better international. that kind of irresponsible doesn't happen again. the w h o should have. >>when there's an outbreak congresswoman jackie spear says china should contribute more to fund the world health organization and says the u.s. response should be more than just rhetoric a you know review our condemnation seats, white words and nothing more they should have to pay for the damage they've done for the world to public and leaders like kevin mccarthy say china should be held financially responsible. >>that means possible tariffs and cutting our dependence on chinese manufacturing many
10:41 pm
businesses have lost their hopes their dreams we should hold them financially accountable republican doug lamalfa says american consumers have a role to play see a bigger push to be having a long time to buy american-made american drone that says any measures congress takes toward china should be cautious still need to be somewhat diplomatic complaint, smart because uh they have leverage over some partially president trump hinted there may be consequences for china but hasn't said what they'll be in washington, i'm joe khaleel. >>lawmakers want to talk to jeff bezos the amazon ceo got a letter from lawmakers today asking him. >>to testify before congress. it all has to do with antitrust concerns amazon initially said he didn't use nonpublic sellers specific data to determine which private label products to launch. but a recent report from wall street journal seems to contradict that saying that seller data was being used to get a competitive advantage they lawmakers say that if
10:42 pm
this new report is right then statements, amazon made to them earlier spot appear to be misleading and possible criminal a foster purge or us here at dealers posing as delivery workers and carrying warmer bags that contain drugs instead of food, the international criminal police organization says. >>that is what's going on in many countries as food delivery orders are on the rise during the pandemic policing countries from ireland to malaysia, reporting. drug couriers pretending to be delivery employees carrying drugs slyke cocaine and ketamine in spain, police arrested 7 people accused of delivering drugs hidden in the bottom of a food delivery backpack. in ireland officers recovered 8 kilograms of co can 2 handguns, hidden in pizza boxes. in some cases the suspects actually were food delivery drivers who had knowingly signed on to also deliver drugs soon. >>knight today would have been gianna bryant's 14th birthday,
10:43 pm
how her mother vanessa is honoring her life tonight. >>and ahead in sports the pandemic forcing the nba to postpone one of its it
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can be a lonely time this shelter at home a lot of people are turning to man's best friend to help them get through the pandemic our jeanne moos reports on the bond that seems to grow tighter. >>the more we isolate.
10:46 pm
>>years to be our dogs got upset when left alone but these days we humans are the ones feeling separation anxiety. maintain 6 feet social-distance tell that to a dog. there's nothing like a cuddly pet to make the couch seem less lonely even billie eilish had an armful of pop's very very tiny when she performed from self quarantine heading as she cruised. no wonder adoptions went from almost 200 last april to well over 300 this april at the helen woodward animal center in north san diego was like you really could use a buddy in a famine adopted archie in mid-march is a stay at home order went into effect. >>he since gain 10 pounds and now. >>archie is 100%. my best friend, a huge lifesaver during quarantine he's learned
10:47 pm
the most basic. >>a quarantine tricks that we're not rolling over her brood at the pet tortoise haha dog owners are paying tribute to their pets, spoiling them with chicken pot pie and widening lockdown by throwing a scones and clean birthday brunch for the good boy. talking dog means are making the rounds. woman trained her golden retriever sunny to deliver groceries the next door neighbor in self-isolation all have wonderful thing and just a sweet thing. >>vets should by pet wear a face mask in public. the short answer, no as someone forgot to tell purcell op. pity the poor dogs isolated from this groundhog harding a slice of pizza in philadelphia you've heard of punxsutawney phil, this is current tiny tim
10:48 pm
predicting kimmel says several weeks more quarantine instead of burying your head in the sand during the pandemic what a puppy bury his head in your lap and raise your spirits by levitating your wizard of a dog. a key mers. >>a florida man not very happy with his governor's decision to reopen the beaches there so he hit the sand to protest today. but he wasn't wearing a bathing suit new florida lawyer daniel all felder was out protesting walton county's beaches in what looks like a grim reaper costume with a film crew along for the ride. he is the same florida lawyer who filed the suit against governor ron desantis back in march. he says that he felt compelled to urge beachgoers to think twice about going to the beach. grim reaper represents debt. >>this is a deadly fire a it's a global pandemic people are going to get hurt and that's it and that's what i'm here
10:49 pm
for and i wish. i wish i didn't have to do this but nobody else is doing. >>you know when we first saw it was a little bit scary and not know what exactly what was going on. >>felder says that he actually loves the beaches but things that they should be empty for the foreseeable future. he is wearing a mask there as you notice, he's also currently leading efforts to make all florida beaches public and do away with privately owned beaches. >>time now brought to you by xfinity making it easy to access all your favorite entertainment at >>the golden state warriors are expected to have a high draft pick this year but when it comes to finding out their exact position. bob myers in the front office will have to wait a change of plans in the nba, the association announced this afternoon this year's draft lottery and combine have been postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic the annual event where the selection order is finalized
10:50 pm
in teams can scout prospects he was scheduled for may 19 in chicago and a new date has not been set. the draft is still slated for june 25th as for the status of the regular season. there's no update on when games. good reason elsewhere in the sports world, a setback for players in the u.s. women's national soccer team and their quest for equal pay the federal judge rejected a claim from the defending world cup champions who say the u.s. soccer federation is paying them less than their male counterparts the indication is players will ask for an appeal on this ruling the court will still look into players claims of a disparity in travel accommodations and medical services and a trial is set for june. finally the postponement of this year's olympic games has affected so many athletes around the world, including 2 former, usf track starts kron four's kate rooney has their story. >>when lucy bird finished her college career at usf the steeplechase runner plan to go to law school but after a personal best race that put her within one 2nd of the
10:51 pm
olympic standard she decided to defer school. bird threw herself into training. then the 2020 games were canceled due to covid-19 the day that it was >>i i i went on the run headache comes out of that. those couple days, police have decide you know what this is the right decision but the cancellation left bird with the decision of her own to make kind of deciding or not to file for not and mindful time to continue to trend to selling the dream law trying to be which could wrap it will send might not as bird ways her choice is one of her close friends and usf teammates is breathing a sigh of relief city henderson runs the 800 meter and feels the extra year to train will help her chances of making the olympic team
10:52 pm
sense the pressure has been taken off and totally notice myself being able to just settle into this process so much more and what i need is just some hard work and time and that's exactly what i haven't had time this opportunity both women feel lucky that the training for runners isn't impacted too much by shelter in place restrictions have everything that i need i'm at home. i can run from a door. >>there's not really like any serious question that i need to continue my training as normal so the training continues along with hope that the olympics will be back in 2021, bigger and better than ever. in san francisco, kate rooney kron 4 sports. ♪ what can i do to help you? come on buddy, headphones. what. hey. ok, alright, what kind of- i said i don't want to talk about it. wait, wait! tray what are you doing?
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♪ ♪ it's ok. it's ok.
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news continues on our 24 7 streaming service kron on its commercial free ella sogomonian is standing by in our newsroom with what we're working on l a. >>well if anyone was sick earlier this year they had some symptoms and they want to know was a coronavirus there's now a test for that a bay area health clinic is now offering a coronavirus antibody test and we're going to be talking to the ceo of carbon health tonight at 11 he's going to be answering all the questions what it takes how accurate it is and where you can get that test so join me on the kron on app. >>a lot of people interested in that thank law and make sure you download the kron on app everybody to get the 24 7 commercial free. local news coverage. jenna bryant would
10:56 pm
have turned 14 years old today and to commemorate this special day her. >>mother vanessa shared a touching tribute to her daughter in an instagram post vanessa wrote in part, happy 14th birthday to my sweet baby girl gian a mommy loves you more than i could ever show you you are part of my soul forever. the nets also asked fans to honor today by wearing her favorite color, which is read she asked fans to post pictures with the hashtag play gigi's way. >>meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez here for a final check of the forecast of greece uh. it is friday night here we go. >>yeah and it's a gloomy night at background and they do so let's take a live look outside golden gate bridge already tracking those changes out there with that increase in low cloud cover visibility for throughout downtown san francisco, even along golden gate bridge up to 2 miles but at or near 0 by saturday morning don't forget to turn on your low beams better resting by around mid morning
10:57 pm
and stormtracker 4 tracking a storm to the north making its way into the bay area but temperatures overnight and right now in the 50's and 60's a little bit warmer than last night but could see some rain making its way into the north bay just racism out at best. >>thank you for that have a great weekend everybody yeah, thanks for being with us tonight and can enlarge so be with you tomorrow night because it is different. >>these days word, 12 feet away miss soubry said. everybody out there stay safe eu and we're open.
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