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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  May 7, 2020 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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just about over many california businesses shut down for the past several weeks. >>reopen in the next several hours will break down governor newsome space to just a few moments from now. >>a new study shows that traffic will be way worse th n normal. once the shelter in place. more details coming up. and a live report. >>it was worse than pearl harbor, this is worse than the world trade center. there's never been attacked like this. it should have never had. >>president trump says the coronavirus pandemic is worse than some of america's darkest tragedies. he says he vows to keep the coronavirus task force going just one of the stories we're following here 07:00am thank you for joining us on james fletcher and i'm darya folsom and today governor newsom is expected to announce phase 2 for reopening the state and it could come as
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soon as. >>tomorrow that will see some things open some cities are ready others are quite just yet kron four's will tran live in walnut creek to explain good morning. well. >>good morning james, you hit it right on the head, some cities are ready and they have been ready so this is the green light that blessing by governor newsome to go ahead and open up some of the shops but there are other places like san francisco more crowded. they say they're not ready. so phase 2 will mean a little bit different for them then see perhaps walnut creek. here's how it's going to work the governor did say last friday that we are not weeks but days from reopening many shops and he is keeping to his promise in a few hours from now he will have a news conference and we will carry that live for you as we have every day ever since the pandemic started when he's held a news conference. he will go into detail, we do know this that many nonessential businesses like clothing stores music stores, sporting goods. bookstores and
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some restaurants will be able to reopen their doors finally they have been struggling so hard for the past several weeks not getting any income but the governor says they are set to reopen those businesses. but they have to practice social distance and what happened before the pandemic will not happen again meaning you can't go into say a clothing store and browse like he once did instead he is emphasizing curbside pickup they will monitor the situation to see if you are following the rules and if you're not there is a chance that your store could be shut down as far as what's going to happen from individual city. the governor says he's leaving it up to people like mayor london breed to decide what's going to happen for san francisco. >>and more. >>that people have interactions with other people. the likelihood that other folks will continue to get infected. and so as
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difficult as i know this has been we need to keep that in mind when making decisions about reopening. >>let's give you an example the governor is starting to loosen up some of the parks, but mayor london breed, she's seeing what's happening to dolores park with so many people showing up so she has the right to possibly shut down dolores park so even though she's been lockstep with the governor and the governor is allowing each city to make their own decisions and some of the areas that are more remote they've been ready for a long time. but don't expect to go into malls like he once did because the malls in essence will remain shut down and the restaurants, many of them have been open allowing curbside pickup and that will continue as far as going inside sitting down having an open up a menu that will not be part of phase 2. back to you. all right, thank you will. >>you know it's going to be
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part of phase 2, 3, 4 traffic worse than we're even used to apparently they did a study and found we all do get back to work it's going to be a crush on the bay bridge in all of our highways. yeah we've got sarah stinson standing by with a great view. >>of traffic around the bay to explain good morning sara. >>good morning james darya that's exactly right and because people are going to want to drive themselves to work they're not going to want to use public transportation a precaution and they expect in the study that traffic will be 42 minutes first what you're experiencing, but let me get behind the camera to show you what it looks like right here beautiful view here from your mum when island. >>some of the construction crew. the bailout me to come get this vantage point white beautiful and the only reason you're looking at this type of traffic in front of us right now is because there's an accident on the bay bridge, a tow truck just arrived, so that she clear soon but imagine if this accident happened at this time during
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our usual commute. it would be way worse, no one would be even moving in ensure right now. and so they're expecting traffic to be worse and then ever after the shelter in place order is lifted and that's what this study is saying by vanderbilt university university showing when this order is lifted our commutes are going to be way worve than normal you're looking at another live look from our live cameras, it may take some time for people to want to hop on crowded bar, a new knee or even shared movers unless again with sanitary concerns and continued need to social distance. so people will likely be driving themselves to work now more than ever university projected that san francisco will be the hardest hit city in the country saying each person will be on the road up to 80 minutes longer per day due to the traffic. the next worst city will be cities will be a los angeles and new york of course. by this study hopefully people will feel
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more comfortable riding public transportation. >>and what they think. but we'll just have to wait and see already you know posting this on twitter we've seen comments of selling saying yeah there's a way and you want to hop on public transportation is just quote too risky is what one woman said and that's just going to be maybe our new reality but as we know bart muni they've been doing a lot to ease those concerns will just have to see how it pans out for now i mean this is really good if you're an essential worker, you know what i'm talking about it's been very nice and that just won't be the case after this order is lifted. >>totally impractical but i honestly thought about an electric light i mean your helmet i could take it off fix the hair to i now in seattle are being worked >>various stores are among those businesses that will be restarting here in phase 2 just in time for mother's day so great timing for them. flower bowl florist is an
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example air out of walnut creek actually closed for the last 2 months of course under the stay at home order. but they started taking orders online and on the phone on monday and we spoke with the co owner who says the volume of orders that have been coming into been so overwhelming they actually had to turn down some clients stop taking orders for the rest of the week. >>with probably stopped a little sooner than we normally would because there are supply issues and some staffing issues people that are not available to us that and help with the alert holiday like this. ability little bit. supplies are as readily is available. even we've been extremely >>while business is booming right now for mother's day there are a bit concerned about the long-term outlook a
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lot of the larger events that they rely on like weddings and graduations and birthdays of all been canceled. >>as more businesses do start to open up in the bay area, it's likely going to be several weeks before the complete orders are listed for us to stay at home. in santa clara county. they say they're not ready to open yet widespread testing and ap contract are not where they need to be they say santa clara counties. a doctor jeff smith says the goal is to test 4,000 people every day there right now the county contest. only 1000 people. >>the problem right now is the individuals access to the service. so that's why we've put up some drive-thru centers at 4 of our 2 minutes. and the state and they really have put up centers also so we're trying to get people to. maximize the utilization of testing.
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>>it depends on a number of factors whether or not they'll be ready to lift the orders and that includes a reduction in the number of covid positive cases and hospitalizations the supply that they get of ppe equipment for healthcare workers and an increase in not just testing but also contact tracing. in the east bay contra costa county is also weeks away from the opening and phase 2 of the guidelines laid out by the governor health officials there say they too need more testing. >>the patients in hospitals are not taking a more than 50% of the hospital beds icu beds because we need those beds for other things besides just treating covid-19. we also want to make sure we're testing enough in the community that we're testing at least 2 tests per day for every 1000 people oh great now we're much below that. >>before loosening the restrictions doctors also want to make sure that there's enough like we said pp equipment for not just a hospital workers but also nursing homes where there are
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extra vulnerable. >>this is the scene at the lawrence park in san francisco yesterday where mayor london breed said that people were doing a much better job of staying 6 feet apart and sticking with their own families. she wants that to be the norm saying that san francisco is not out of the woods yet. >>the numbers are still going up. the number of deaths are still going up. and we have not lowered the curve. so we have to be mindful of that and we have to be responsible when we look at ways to bring various industries back implementing the kinds of guidelines that are going to continue to limit direct contact with one another. >>as you heard her say the numbers are going down yet in san francisco and here's a look at the numbers more broadly across the bay area. 9,000 cases of coronavirus have been reported with 334 deaths statewide more than 60,000 cases with 2400 deaths and that number continues to grow as well across the u.s.. we're still looking at 1.2
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million cases of coronavirus with 73,000 lives lost to covid-19 if you want a more detailed breakdown of the global numbers and the city by city cases you can always find that on our website at kron 4 dot com. >>our coverage continues there that's where we've got all of the very latest 7.11 is the time right now we'll be back with more in a minute. four plus one is... 16. (laughter) how many pints of iced tea are left in the pitcher?
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times... ten... so, wait... (errhhhhh) do you want to show us the continents on the... no. it is not going good. my mom is getting stressed out. (speaks hebrew) momma's tired. i, i'm, like... woooo... (screams) (sighs heavily) so, starting just quickly by breathing in... i never thought i'd say this, but i kind of miss school! the teachers, i mean, y'all are gifted people! i thank you so much for what you're doing. their investment into our children is beyond what we can even imagine. appreciate all that you do.
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[music] [music] especially in times like these, strong public schools make a better california for all of us.
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>>7.13 and we're looking at a real warm up certain today, and i guess really kicking in tomorrow to a good morning john. >>good morning guys yeah, too hot already guys. >>but only for a couple of days, so you can get through this. we will be looking at some of her hottest areas today for the stand land, but also some 70's stretching all the way up the coastline. so we're al going to be experiencing a warm up just to varying degrees a look outside this morning it is crystal clear out there, no fog. no cloud cover and the smooth sailing for essential workers and work as here's know a lot of traffic and or was there any fog this morning temperatures are remaining cool, we're not seeing temperatures rising very fast this morning, but they will as the sun rose higher the rise. pacifica alameda each at 60 degrees at 59 degrees right now so still cool if you like the cooler weather can chance to get outside enjoy or jot high pressure is now built it across the region now this is
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trying in that hot dry it with their out towards the coast pushing any chance of some ocean cool air. well offshore that means we're all dry and we're all clear today and looking at our hot a stay at the coast. well tomorrow will be to stay in. but now tomorrow for a coastal areas, why it's not going to be as hot as we are going to have some coastal air trying to push its way in right along the coast like come friday. this is going to spare coastal areas from the heat that are inland areas are still going to hold on to for your friday. as for saturday temperatures will be noticeably cooler across the bay still warm though, and then the bottom falls out into sunday and things really cool down 20 degrees from start to finish from friday into sunday for inland areas conquered 92 for the high today in the aac livermore and santa rosa 90 degrees. each some sweltering heat in these areas. now that 91 oakland you'll be a 82 today with san jose about it you close to 90 san francisco,
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most neighborhoods in the 70's of the mission district likely up to 80 degrees tomorrow, hotter inland. but a touch cooler right along the bay and by the coast saturday. still war but getting cooler and by sunday noticeably different down into the 70's we're going to spend a lot of next week. now a lake it's the rainmaker a late season rainmaker pushing him come monday and tuesday it's like it likely that we could have some widespread showers across the bay of it stays so what a change going from back to that weather or winter that we did see a few weeks ago so nice to see that these 90's are going to be lasting around for too long back to you guys all right john. thank you 7.16 back to the news now. >>one day after announcing it was laying off 14% of its workforce. uber is ditching its scooters and throwing its support behind lime the san francisco company's leading a million investment round into lime scooter business under
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the deal uber will transfer its own electric bike and scooter division called jump over to lime and the companies will integrate their apps the news lifted overstock more than 7% in premarket trading. many senators have flown back to washington to get back to work this week but industry experts predict that most americans will unlikely have the confidence or the money to book a flight any time soon washington correspondent just eaten or reports on the grim future for a business that not so long ago was flying high. this is a very vital industry is in trouble fresh off a flight of his own back to washington, mississippi senator roger wicker piloted a hearing with airline representatives about the direction their industry is headed the bottom line in all this is. >>this is a matter of sheer got survival nicholas calio president and ceo of airlines for america reports, the companies are collectively losing $10 billion a month and averaging a dozen passengers on each domestic flight due to
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covid-19 the crisis hit what was a robust airline industry at lightning speed. unfortunately, the recovery will not be as quick congress recently stepped in by approving $25 billion in cash grants to airlines for payroll assistance in exchange, the companies can lay off workers until october washington senator maria cantwell ones confirmation from the treasury department that the money actually got to the employees we are very concerned that when hours are being reduced of aviation airline workers. >>this is counter to what the legislation entailed some airlines like united are encouraging employees to leave the company voluntarily while others like southwest are remaining optimistic for now we have plenty of cash we survived 9 to 11 was survive the great recession. so i think will be very well prepared to compete in this kind of a scenario wicker says it's ultimately up to passengers and how soon they decide it safe enough to book
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their next flight. >>in washington, i'm jessi to nor will i southwest has plenty of cash. >>i have like a million dollars credit i kept my money i couldn't fly and i got to go somewhere some day virtual baby sitters are seeing a big increase in their demand and a new survey shows how grim it is for small businesses jane king is live in new york with those stories. hi jane. >>haidar yes, certainly sad situation for small businesses. this new survey from the society for human resource management says that the state of small businesses could go from bad to worse 52% expect to be out of business within 6 months, 46% say the federal government is doing enough to support small business 36% don't disagree with baby sitters are now holding facetime sessions with children to give parents a break and maybe these tiers of the conference call their own forces demand for virtual babysitting spiked by 700% between mid-march in mid april makes it could make as much as $36 per 45 minute session
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reading books doing yoga playing with the children as a lot of $48 an hour match dot com says the shutdown is not slowing thsearch for love it's tender division says average slice of the platform reach an all time high last month that 37% of tinder has announced it will launch an in app video feature that lets users chat with other users not happen later this year half of all americans are canceling their summer vacations lendingtree says 48% of us have lost money with lottery fund will travel expenses and those who cancel plans plus more than $850 on average live from new york and jane king back to low back up $36 to read a book to a kid. >>how much did you make when you baby sat back in the day i made 6 months our life i've
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we've always tried to be there
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when you and your home have needed us most. working together to keep your home working. it's what we've always done. because home is what unites us. >>7.23 and the u.s. supreme court got its final briefs for yet another challenge to the affordable care act a group of state attorneys general is hoping obamacare will be ruled unconstitutional. we have joe khaleel reporting from washington. >>millions of americans get their health insurance because of the affordable care act if the law is found unconstitutional house speaker nancy pelosi says they're all in jeopardy pelosi says now
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more than ever americans need the law in order for mass coronavirus testing and tracing to work for >>what our goal is pretty simple able portable health care and with its american lives, california's attorney general javier becerra says as job losses increase more people will lose their employer backed insurance and he says the a c ape could be a lifeline is this is not a moment to abandon americans who need to know they have their health coverage, they need us or is leading about 20 other state attorneys general in defending the ac a before the supreme court and typically the administration would defend a federal law from lawsuits but. >>in this case, the white house supports the lawsuit obamacare is a disaster. what we want to do is terminated. and give great healthcare despite suggestions from members of his own administration to try and straight down only parts of
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the law president trump says he fully supports the lawsuits aim to eliminate the law replace obamacare with great health care at a lesser price and preexisting condition. republicans in congress have yet to write an alternative health care bill. >>in washington, i'm joe khaleel. >>a house explosion in selling and wilson's chief people to the hospital tell you
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>>more more states across the country are trying to balance public health and economic recovery as they begin to reopen as ed lavendera reports, it's even harder to do as the number of covid cases continues to rise. >>the risk of reopening is one that some business owners are willing to take my place is ready. >>everything is ready and my clients are more than ready. >>a number of hair salons and barbershops are preparing to be back in business again here in texas starting tomorrow and service may look a little different. the governor is encouraging but not requiring customers and stylists to wear masks. texas the second most populated state in the country is experiencing an uptick in coronavirus cases and some local leaders fear it could get worse i just think for me. >>we're going a bit too fast. you don't want to go through this again last month the white house later recommended guidelines for states to
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reopen, but experts at johns hopkins university say there are 4 criteria that states should meet in order to safely reopen and not all states have adopted these criteria to my knowledge there are no states that meet all 4 of those criteria 19 states, including texas are seen an upward trend in new cases over the last 14 days, according to john hopkins data and they'll all be reopened in some capacity by this weekend. so if as we reopen there's a lot of spread it will take weeks before we actually see it. >>the former cdc director is warning congress the nation should brace for the coronavirus being here for the long haul. >>there will be tragically at least 100,000 deaths from covid by the end of this month. as bad as this has been. it's just the beginning with pressure for some states to open more quickly governors like jb pritzker in illinois say they're unwilling to give in i won't open the door to overwhelming our hospital system. >>and possibly 10's of thousands of additional deaths just because a loud but tiny
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minority would like to indulge in that fantasy california governor gavin newsome is expected to announce rules this afternoon for some businesses to resume on friday excluding office buildings malls and dined in restaurants. >>in the state of washington state home orders are extended until the end of the month. >>if we abandon our efforts that have been significantly successful today. this is a curve is going to go shoot right back up. this beach is going to get off the floor and bite us back in this is just a biological certainty, new york governor andrew cuomo says his state has turned a corner, but it's not enough to begin relaxing restrictions even with overall declining rates of deaths hospitalizations and infections put the politics aside and the emotion aside. >>what we're doing here shows results you are states that are opening where you still are in the incline i think that's a mistake.
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>>take the steps to reopen some health experts say that we could still yet to see a second wave of covid-19 infections. and it's unclear when that would happen the cdc works with many different research institutions to create forecasting models and most projections are for just a few weeks out. >>but there's no new we're going to a second spike but good news is we have a lot preparations that undertaken are in place and so we're definitely more prepared for. potential surge and we and we were once a month ago or 2 months ago when this was all very very new. >>many health experts agree that we would continue some sort of physical distancing until a vaccine is implemented. new this morning there's been an explosion at a warehouse in san leandro with kron four's ray harvey
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standing by to tell us. >>what happened graham. >>yeah the morning, this is now become an active criminal investigation you can see the literally blown off at warehouse behind me investigators tell us they were actually inside making hash oil. this all happened around 04:00am this morning. you can see that a large presence of police as well as fire officials responding to the scene here now they tell us that they were making a butane honey oil inside in the slot when the explosion sent 2 people that were inside to the hospital very violent explosion we're told sending debris vote 2 to 300 feet away from the warehouse here thankfully there were no fatalities what they're telling us they have 2 people currently in custody. while inside the telling us it looks like a traditional commercial warehouse, but still those 4 people inside those 2 into the hospital, those 2 others in custody now the business in
7:33 am
here they were manufacturing and that marijuana making that hot weather telling us that they're unsure. if this was a legal or illegal. so that's all a part of the current investigation right now san leandro police are investigating this and i'm darya and james will be out for the next she hours because again they still have the scene a pretty rolled off here in chile and roll along with a cloud, the smoke and sunday mail of marijuana out here a hot one of the residents in the area. i asked me a few blocks away. why they could smell marijuana in the not to let them know about this explosion here it all made alright, thanks a lot of rain. >>president trump. >>snapped a nurse that what he was honoring in the oval office on wednesday that happened while she was talking about the continued need for personal protective equipment because supplies have been in her words, sporadic, but that's when the president pushed back denying that there was any shortage.
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>>i talked to my colleagues around the country certainly there are pockets of areas where ppe is not ideal. but this is an unprecedented time and the infection control measures that we learn we went to school one town when asked for one patient day air per tied. this is a different time and i've been reusing my on 95 mask for. a few weeks now. >>that's for for a lot of because i've heard the opposite that they are loaded up with with 2 counts now and to take it on initially we had nothing we had empty cupboards in empty shelves. we had nothing. >>well his claim that hospital shelves are empty before the pandemic course is not true, however frontline health workers have been sounding the alarm for weeks that they just don't have enough personal protective equipment to battle the coronavirus. 1 million face masks by the way are ready to be shipped to bay area hospitals to help fight against covid-19 the donation was made anonymously as part
7:35 am
of the silicon valley leadership groups covid-19 challenge. so far that challenges raised more than $7 million in donations and equipment for local hospitals and a large portion of the face shields that were donated were sent to lucile packard children's hospital, stanford. >>and this is going to be with us for a while and when you just look at the volume of patients that we see here at stanford as well as our sister organizations throughout the bay area and this is going to be an ongoing need well into future. >>the donation will allow the hospital to resume treating patients with other illnesses and performing surgeries that had to be put on hold. >>california is going to get a million refund for a delay delivery of n 95 masks a chinese manufacturer failed to meet the april 30 deadline to get the mass certified for safety and use. capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >>governor gavin newsom says california is now in possession of nearly 20 million surgical masks which he says is allowing the
7:36 am
state to move into its next phase sooner newsome said wednesday, the state is in the process of distributing the masks, they're part of a billion deal newsom's administration made to secure personal protective equipment for california, but we've never been in this we were the beneficiary of these larger contracts and some security in our supply chain the governor first announced the contract last month saying it would bring in about 200,000 units of personal protective equipment monthly into the state we just make sure we deliver ultimately on the needs of a so many whose lives literally at risk. the governor says california now faces an obstacle and delay with n 95 masks requiring federal certification to bring them into the state newsom's administration has kept contract details with chinese manufacturer b y d for the n 95 and surgical masks under wraps citing numerous reasons including security lawmakers and critics have scrutinized the secrecy newsome wednesday promising to make them public
7:37 am
soon guilty of wanting to deliver and get this done in to save lives at same time to be as transparent as a human the candy to you because you deserve it. >>and so you'll get that and i hope i hope it doesn't impact the contract, i pray it doesn't in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>all cannabis cent tobacco are being delivered to the homeless who are isolating in san francisco hotel rooms. the department of public health says that everyone who comes to the hotel housing program is screen. a number of times by health professionals and social workers to determine what substances. they would be uncomfortable living without and then they are offered support and counseling if they want to try to quit the goal is make sure that people who are infected are staying away from others. >>some cases this will include helping them manage. alcohol use and then it continues so that they can stay safe place as much as possible to help
7:38 am
their community and help themselves. >>private donations, not taxpayer dollars are underwriting the purchase of tobacco products and alcohol for some of the people who are staying in these facilities, public health officials say that the alcohol is for those who would get the shakes without it and they are given the minimal not medically appropriate amount. >>well our coverage of the coronavirus and all of its ripple effects across the bay area can be found across 4 dot com don't forget. so there are any time of day between our broadcast, especially if you want the very latest is we're updating it minute by minute we'll be right back.
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>>the final public beach in orange county is open again after mass demonstrations last week forced the governor to close down that really demonstrations to it was just people being too close with no mass michele gile speaking to people out on the sand to see how they're doing and how the remaining socially-distant while enjoying a day at the beach. >>the shoreline in newport beach is back open to the delight of children for people anxious to walk and run on the sandand for surfers like logan vaughn and i saw a crowd so might as well just come down. >>i don't like do nothing to newport is the last city beach in orange county to get the green light to reopen from governor gavin newsome city leaders say they'd asked for
7:42 am
dates after submitting a plan for active recreation on at 7 miles of beaches. i mean we're obviously super happy about it we live locally and with them not being in school and me being a single mom. >>in this whether or not having access to the th was a real father. >>your world from this speech are similar to other orange county who says it is open for after recreational just for fun park walking running swimming and perfect when the kurds however is on the i love to be here with my friend who we are social distancing. >>we're being smart. my daughters in the water staying away from people and we're getting vitamin d which is good for our immune systems. so i'm happy a couple of hours after the beach reopened people sunbathing near the pier with chairs and canopies were told by lifeguards they have to pack up we were all set up and then they asked us to take it down because you can't count that they want to come in go in the water and keep moving south. we understand so we're going to
7:43 am
obey all the rules so that we can enjoy them while we recognize the fact that many people come to the beaches. >>and don't know those current stipulations we just opened an hour ago. it's our lifeguards are out educating people lifeguards and officers are looking for voluntary compliance. >>don't forget you can always get the very latest regarding the coronavirus and our coverage of it on our website at kron 4 dot com. you got all that they're on the front page time now 7.43 we'll be back with more
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>>it's 7.25 right now and we've got warm weather will last for a while now the yes headed to a pretty warm yesterday and i guess more of the same today john. >>yeah, not even a little bit warmer today guys by these are been covered in blood spots. definitely a see whether i bet you're glad you kept that window unit daria everyone's going to be printed up 30 seasons you to get into the cars today maybe to i grocery shopping for essential travel out the conditions down in the south bay nice and clear this morning you can see most of san jose, their chair or sometimes doesn't want to let all the way but they don't get enough you and you can see that sunshine that say you gotta get temperatures in alameda in the 60's while most other areas still in the 50's or even the such as up in the north bay, it's been a pretty cool morning. good chance to get outside enjoy a cool feel
7:47 am
so does the starting your thursday before a very toasty finish to the same day. high pressure is now built in place and what this means for us is the hot dry air from our inland valleys and the trot out the coast. this isgoing from bad to much coastal cooling so that nice cool breeze that many of us get the afternoon that offers for the is just not going to be there today, it's going to be a hot dry stagnant day. and that's just not the nicest most comfortable weather for sure so that's why i'm saying get outside a little bit earlier on the day that walk out of the way and stay cool into the afternoon tomorrow. if you look closely at future cast. you can see a couple of clouds there the coast a sign of some cool coastal air that's going to be trying to push it inland, but it's going to stay off the coast. so tomorrow, a touch of a cooler day for our coastal in bayside areas. well our inland areas are actually going to be even hotter than today's about to be on into your friday saturday. we all begin to see temperatures starting to cool down it's
7:48 am
going to get a car 90's that you're seeing on the map here now back down into the 80's by saturday. so there is some relief around the corner and even more noticeable cooler temperatures on into next week in fact from start to finish this weekend will come along with the gear 20 degree cool down for inland areas from the mid 90's to the mid to upper 70's by sunday 70's will return as far as our they cited coastal areas as soon as tomorrow and next week does look to be a lot cooler and cloudier with a late season chance of rainfall around the corner monday and tuesday, looking likely debris some more of that value rainfall we've been pretty short of so far this year so nice to see these changes as far as the next couple of days get used to putting on that sunscreen and maybe take in your early walks taking it easy during your afternoon, it's back to you guys all right john. thank you very much and a quick check of the road shows that. >>well it's moving very nice this morning as you can see the bay bridge approach
7:49 am
humming right along cars working their way through the toll gates without having to slow down much and it's a drive at the limit across the span of the san francisco, san mateo bridge. same story there with not much traffic moving along as you can see here in the shot under sunny skies, so all in all pretty good chp logs fairly clear for you this morning. >>the georgia bureau of investigation has started looking into the killing of an unarmed jogger that happened more than 2 months ago, but recently released footage of this has sparked new interest and outrage martin savidge reports. >>ask anyone who knew on arbery love to run unless it was pouring rain down out for. i was going to be run the a very humble. and sparring but somehow on a sunny sunday in the coastal georgia community arbery's run became a deadly chase. 01:00pm february 23rd, according to police reports arbery a scene in the satilla
7:50 am
shores neighborhood where residents say they've been break ins. he was walking around a home under construction. and then he spotted running in the road. his presence triggers calls to 9, 1, 1, now. >>it's also commissioner for food and he's street according to the police report gregory mcmichael is standing in his front yard when he sees what he thinks is the suspect in the neighborhood break ins. >>as he puts it. hauling down the street mcmichael a retired glynn county police officer and his son travis grab a handgun and a shotgun according to police documents jump into a truck. >>and begin following arbery the report describes how the father and son along with another man tried repeatedly to cut him off each time arbery just ran around them. eventually the father and son managed to get ahead of arbery using their truck to block his path. travis mcmichael on the
7:51 am
street holding a shotgun. the worlds of the runner and the chasers collided violently. it's the moment captured by an unidentified person in this video that cnn has not been able to authenticate allegedly to be a fight with a shotgun 3 shots. and arbery down in st. more than 2 months later, no one's been charged. a fact that is left arbery's father and others outraged. i want to see the people go to jail. >>to prove in whatever way they need haas chronic kidney because that's. was on call phone. then that just prior to her and her. i know that's what i want to see death of whale. >>critics contend that there was no arrest because the man with the shotgun is the son of a former police officer from the same department initially investigating the case in fact because of the father's law enforcement connections to district attorneys recused themselves before he quit the second da in a letter said travis mcmichael was acting in self-defense when he killed arbery and that the pursuit by
7:52 am
2 armed white men of an unarmed young black man was perfectly legal under georgia's citizens arrest law. outraged arbery's friends and family feared his story was being overlooked in the pandemic that also kept protesters at home. there are a lot of people who are discouraged and believe that this is going to be one of those cases. >>that has happened in other parts of the nation where life was lost and justice was not rendered. >>but the video has now trump endemic concerns. >>the community has united i mean as you sing not here. there's there's members of all races wanda cooper arbery's mother says she has not seen the video. >>and never will. >>ou need to be tm. i don't think that i ever released a mental capacity to ever watched a video. you know i saw all right frank come in the world. if even leave the world. it's not something they
7:53 am
now want to see ever. >>we made a number of attempts to speak to the mcmichael family without success friday would have on a rays 26th birthday, his father says there would have been a celebration and afterward his son would have stepped up the door and run. >>that was martin savidge reporting there have been no charges filed against the father and son gregory mcmichael said that he won't be commenting not commenting on it because he's under investigation. >>justin neiman marcus has filed r bankruptcy this morning as the coronavirus pandemic continues to batter the retail industry. the company didn't announce any store closings with this filing. so we'll have to wait for that shoe to drop, but it's history goes back a 113 years to its first store in dallas, a bankruptcy filing doesn't necessarily mean the company is going out of business, many companies use bankruptcy to shed debt and restructure that debt that they can't afford to pay while
7:54 am
stores are closing in the pandemic is hit the bottom line. >>i'm alexandra le mon in washington retailers around the country warned they may not survive. closures related to the pandemic coming up we're all doing our part by staying at home.
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that could mean an increase in energy bills. you can save by setting your heat to 68 or lower... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or just letting the sun light your home. stay well and keep it golden. >>7.56 is the time coming up in the next hour part of california is preparing to reopen businesses as part of the phase 2 statewide
7:57 am
reopening for have details on what you need to know in a live report and here's a look outside the bay bridge toll plaza camera work. we're looking at light traffic for now, but some worry that when the economy comes back to full working order we could see even worse. commute times and we saw before the pandemic even started. there is really
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
right around the corner from any california businesses shut down for 7 weeks because of the shelter in place today governor newsom plans to go into detail about rolling out. >>phase 2. >>a new study projects that san francisco will have the worst traffic in the country after the shelter in place order is lifted off a live report coming up. after this. >>it is worse than pearl harbor, this is worse than the world trade center. there's never been attacked like this. and it should have never had. president trump says the coronavirus pandemic is the worst thing america has seen and he vows to keep the coronavirus task force up and running. >>joining us at 08:00am i'm james fletcher and i'm darya folsom, let's start with california governor newsome is expected to announce phase


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