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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  May 8, 2020 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>>good morning, everyone and thank you for waking up with us on the kron 00:04am morning news, it's friday may 8th, i'm robin winstead well, thousands of businesses right here in the bay area will not be reopening despite governor newsom's new guidelines to reopen some parts of the state. 6 counties announced that they will not be following those guidelines just 3 of 9 bay area counties will be reopening as the state interests face too. now that's one non essential businesses such as clothing stores and bookstores floors sporting goods and manufacturing and warehouses can reopen. but they will have to implement
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new safety measures which include offering curbside pickup or delivery. they also encourage employee symptom and temperature checks, new training touch list payment systems and special hours for vulnerable populations. now the current stay at home restrictions will remain in place for san francisco, moran alameda santa clara contra costa counties and the city of berkeley sonoma county will be following the states model and reopen retail stores for curbside pickup and delivery and napa counties also announced that they will be doing the same thing. san francisco mayor london breed says that some businesses and the city may be able to resume with store-front pick up as soon as may 18th then should store the golden hour in san francisco. well among many businesses that was looking forward to reopening today, however, san francisco county clarify on thursday that pickups will not be allowed and nonessential businesses must remain closed.
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>>those sales because every little stale really does help us not business even if it's just one thing a day or 2 things the day you know that money is very needed right now i then reaching out to new platforms to sell theirs was a particular called neighborhood which put on my fair which is traditionally wholesale. online platform, but now they're opening up the direct-to-consumer online for which is really great. >>well instead moves has been turning to other platforms to sell merchandise and special items she's always working on new safety protocols for when her store reopens. well to the east bay now randi moser and karen berg they open their boutique and downtown brooklyn just 9 days before the shelter-in-place order went into effect in march since then they've kept their business alive by starting a web site posting on social media and through online or curbside pickup. >>and time to come to the door they knock on the door step away we put the friends and we wave at them through the jungle we still really
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outpouring of love and support and. >>yeah, lots of love and support the california retailers association says they're encouraging their members and retailers to reopen if they are able to do so safely. we checked in with a few stores and learned that express and all to have no plans of reopening stores any time soon in california just yet as for stores like nordstrom and gap they say that when they do reopen fitting room experiences will be modified mass will be required and return merchandise will be kept off the sales floor. well the bay area has more than 9,000 cases and 333 deaths santa clara county continues to lead in the bay area with more than 2200 covid-19 cases san mateo san francisco and alameda counties they all have more than 1300 cases for a county by county breakdown make sure you head to our website kron 4 dot com. we have them all is that fair. a grocery store in
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pleasanton faces charges of price gouging alameda county officials say a number of customers. they started complaining about the grocery store after a bizarre saying that they were increasing their prices after the state emergency was declared on march 4th california law prohibits increasing prices more than 10%. now during the investigation officials confirmed the prices or definitely increase with some items being marked up as much as 300%. it's crazy. this marks the first ever price gouging action in alameda county. officials say they continue to investigate the complaints and take necessary action when appropriate. it'll be put into to the car parades like this one are becoming me a new way. >>to celebrate special occasions during the shelter in place. this particular celebration was an antioch this was last weekend for a u.s. navy veterans, one 100th birthday, wow but other parts
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of the bay area are now being told that these car parades are now not allowed under the shelter-in-place order kron four's dan thorn explains. >>a car parades have become the new way to celebrate birthdays and graduations across the bay area but in santa clara county. these drive-by festivities are now being told to stop this definitely of frustration on our part not being able to recognize at having to drive through graduation east side union school district superintendent chris funk says the school's wanted to celebrate the class of 2020 at the flea market parking lot. the idea and his request was shot down by the county's emergency center i get public health concern that we might not control the crowd outside the location we were to drive but we certainly can control. >>who enters a the drive-thru for the first time this week santa clara county issued an explicit ban for these kinds
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of celebrations. >>on its website. the county says in part quote parades ceremonies in similar gatherings with people outside of your house are not allowed even if everyone stays in their cars. >>los gatos ponti serino police have marshaled several of these kinds of parades and shared the videos on youtube the explicit ban has put south the police in a challenging position. >>because they're supposed to enforce the shelter-in-place order. >>along with the east side union school district san jose police chief eddie garcia has also expressed his displeasure with the county mandate. on twitter he said his officers will not cite an arrest people unless there's a blatant violation reporting in san jose dan thorn kron 4 news. >>reopening the economy depends on the ability to conduct coronavirus testing. the head of the national institutes of health is telling lawmakers the nation faces a truly daunting challenge to develop and
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deploy the necessary amount. director francis collins told the senate the goal is to have millions of tests to week available by the end of the summer or fall that is well beyond what many experts think is possible. the u.s. is now testing about a million people per week and some experts say that should be a million per day is not more. in the east bay anyone living in contra costa county can now get tested for coronavirus for free. the county is expanding its testing services this mobile test site this is up and running in concord they're also cites an antioch martinez pittsburgh, san pablo and san ramon. the city is available. the testing is available for all county residents whether they have health insurance or not. so that's good. they also encourage health care workers to get tested more than once. >>workers at a nursing home. we're recommending that they get tested like once a and then because they're at you're
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working with such a very vulnerable population. those those elderly who live in those nursing homes. >>currently the county is testing about 500 people a day but it wants to increase that number to more than 2000 people a day that will give health officials and services a better idea of who has the virus. a covid-19 tests studies are exposing vulnerabilities among minorities last month ucsf tested nearly 3,000 residents and workers in san francisco's mission district, latinos made up 90% a positive test results kron four's gayle ong reports. >>the nearly 3,000 people who tested for covid-19 in san francisco's mission district last month, 62 people came back positive 95% of them left and next the majority of people had lower income i think one of the key things is the majority of the people or pcr wasn't who compared to
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overall population were unable to work from home from work or are unable to shelter in place it was the 2nd half of a two-part study with ucsf researchers looking into the spread of the virus in both rural and urban areas more than 1800 residents got tested in bolinas in west marin county there were no positive cases, but scientists found it easier for people to physically distance and the small coastal town it does show that social distancing workin believes there were 0, 0, cases and i think when you look at experience you know. >>at 95% of the keys were in the you know it's the people that are essential workers who are out working me too. >>work outside the home that had a problems are higher amount of disease doctor. marquez says testing exposes vulnerabilities that existed and it's time to respond not just in the mission but nationwide giangiacomo is chair of the latino task force for covid-19 one of the partners of the study what we need is to address the major
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inequities that exist actress in a mission community but. >>that had the same the same kind of results in communities like the bronx in new york or. >>or in chicago. the study also found those who have the privilege to work from home did not test positive people need to work to pay their bills and if we can support them through that and i'm not sure we're doing what we need to as a city. gayle, ong kron 4 news. >>our coverage of the coronavirus continues on our website kron 4 dot com there you find the latest on outbreaks right here in the bay area. an interactive map and lots of information on ways that you can stay safe. you can find all of this and more on our website kron 4 dot com. >>coming up next on the kron 4 morning news governor newsome says community spread of covid-19 started in a nail salon hear from these fail salon owner onhy she says the governor's comments. our concern. plus some dmv offices will reopen today. what you need to know to get your
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license reinstated and what services will be allowed. and after the break the covid-19 pandemic is crushing the u.s. economy and analysts say that it could be a while before things start to rebound. we can welcome back
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everyone the time is 4.13 good morning and thanks for staying with us it's time to check in on the forecast so. >>let's say good morning to dave spahr who has a look at friday house of filling dave.
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>>it's going to be a toasty one today rob and get ready. the ac is going to be pumping a lot of those inland valleys, particularly today. along the peninsula 2 and a portions of the north bay close to the coast. so it is going to feel like summer going on for today, let's go and check things out right now the live shot coming in from u c berkeley east bay shoreline all that up there. nicely from a the artificial lights as we see also from the golden gate bridge shut out which plays going on end fog we will see some but looks like by tomorrow morning though so here's a look at what we've got going on high pressure today, so it's going to be h o e is what's in the game plan weekend change that's right temperatures are going to plummet this weekend. get ready for some scattered clouds and then beyond that we're talking about rain that's right rain into early next week, the evidence is mounting on that and it's looking good in our favor. so here's what looks like a future cast for with some of that fog that i mentioned starting to build along the coast in the bail that you see tomorrow. we should see quite
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a bit of sun still cause some scattered clouds for saturday afternoon. sunday we're dealing with a little bit more in the way of some cloud cover however, and then again the rain holding off probably until monday. so for today, it's mostly sunny and hot. we've got temperatures going on from the 70's at the coast a tease for the bay 90's happening in london, we're talking about even middle 90's and portions of you know our viewing area so in central valley couldn't be copping at 100 and some spots this weekend scattered clouds not as hot 60's for the co 70's for the bait 80's going on in london. 80's are really waiting by the time we get to sunday and early next week clouds and showers 60's and 70's extras we got going on all right for today, 74 san francisco oakland and 80 90 coming in for san jose to give you an idea of the wider bay, here's an idea of those temperatures look at all that red on the map there all throughout the east bay east bay shoreline is talking about upper 80's today, 90 down to
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san jose and then slow we'll see quite a bit of a tease at work and 92 even for santa rosa 74, san francisco course coming up a little bit we will have the 4 zone forecast for you and the extended with typical spring where it's hot today. then it's cooled off as we get into next week with some showers robin back to you all right looking forward to it it's already feeling nice outside when i stepped out this morning, it felt great. >>here's a little peek at 92 are checking the drive across the san mateo bridge that commute from hayward over to the peninsula is already picking up. i don't see any big problems here making your way up and over the high rise or into foster city so we're off to a fantastic start with no problems heading to the peninsula let's take it to get some more purges around the bay area, here's the bay bridge 80 wesson to san francisco. we are clear through the maze smooth on the upper deck, no problems on the skyway and an easy connection to one oh one and 2.80 we'll take a peek and more bridges coming up in just a bit. >>over whether to work from home and how to even accomplice that is alive and well on capitol hill. the
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house of representatives plans to be back in section next session next week. but party leaders still haven't come to terms on how they're going to work or vote during the pandemic washington dc correspondent joe khaleel reports see they're still no consensus on how the u.s. house can safely return to the capitol without spreading the coronavirus among its members and staff. >>either in person. electronically for hybrid something like that house. speaker nancy pelosi says democrats favor allowing lawmakers the option to work from home if necessary, but she says changing the way congress works should have support from both parties republican leader said let's talk about it so i said look there's a way to do in a bipartisan way. >>that would be better. speaker pelosi insists those negotiations continue weeks after they started but she says democrats are holding firm on one issue let me remove all doubt. i'm members want proxy remote voting. but
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was speaker pelosi insists proxy voting is going to be part of the strategy to reopen the house. >>republican leadership still has serious problems with it. >>could one member hold 200 proxies and the democrats version that answer is yes. >>house republican leader kevin mccarthy says members of congress should show up for work because they're essential workers. he supports new rules for social distancing when lawmakers hold hearings and votes in per cent starbucks proves every day they can work. the seate proved they can work. why is the only place in the capital. the cannot work is the house both parties leaders say they'll consider recommendations from the capitol physician as well in washington, i'm joe khaleel. >>the new estimates from governor newsom's administration predict a staggering state budget shortfall of billion. all because of the coronavirus now that is about 3 and a half times more than what california had saved up for an economic downfall. one year ago california had $21 billion
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surplus. now there will be dramatically less money to spend on education social programs and other programs. governor newsome plans to reveal a new budget proposal next week. of the coronavirus pandemic is not just a health threat it's also seriously injuring the u.s. economy, especially employment. a report coming out this morning is expected to have the worst jobs report the u.s. has ever seen john lawrence reports. >>millions of americans are out of work trying to cope with financial woes caused by covid-19 we haven't gotten a paycheck in 6 weeks. we haven't got unemployment. what are we supposed to do harsher miller, the owner of headlines so long and spying california reopened for business when local not state stay at home restrictions were lifted. shelley luther a salon owner in texas was jailed for violating a similar order. she was released one day later and the governor has now banned such detentions i just want to
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thank all of you i just barely met. >>much to me and this one now you just over 20% of american workers have filed for first-time unemployment benefits since the middle of march. >>the u.s. is facing a challenge. how do you let people go back to work and not risk the coronavirus spreading even more people are talking about. we should reopen the economy it's more important public health. >>your public health is more important than the economy. some analysts say a combination is what's needed for the country to start to rebound if we can contain the problem so that we know that the vast majority of americans feel safe. they will start spending money in the economy will come back. i'm john lawrence reporting. >>one of the most important aspects of the fight against coronavirus is an effective vaccine. according to the world health organization more than 100 vaccines are under
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development across the world. at least 8 approved for clinical trials, but experts say we most likely won't know if those vaccines work until next year. the race to find effective coronavirus treatments has led researchers to another animal specifically a 4 year-old lama from belgium named winter so her antibody show promise and blocking from the virus from infecting cells. belgian and us researchers published their findings this week. the hope is that the law antibodies can be used for prevention by injecting and an infected person such as a health care worker. the parched a protection would be immediate but temporary lasting a month or 2. and new injections will be needed to maintain the protective effect. well coming up next on the kron 00:04am morning news pg e is being slapped with a record breaking fealty. >>how much the utility will have to pay for its involvement in greece and wildfires and before we go a
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little peek outside is going to be a beautiful day around the bay area today, nice and toasty especially inland. no problems here ac pg e has been paralyzed
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and must pay nearly billion for its involvement and the catastrophic wildfires in 2017. >>and 2018. now this is the largest penalty ever assessed by the california public utility commission. the total
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penalties add up to one billion one 0.8 billion of that money will have to be paid by pg e shareholders for the costs of expenditures that would otherwise seek to recover from customers. $114 million will have to be paid for system enhancements to prevent similar all fires in the future money for local fire safe councils and other protections for communities. well to the east bay now police have arrested several suspects allegedly tied to a violent street gang, federal investigators and richmond police they arrested the 7 adult son, 2 teens as a part of a police investigation it was called the no fly zone. now a collaborative bay area joint law enforcement investigation by the safe streets task force is what's going on here attempted carjackers home invasions and street robberies. these are all just some of the crimes at the fbi says were committed by suspected gang members. some of these robberies. more
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random there. the costco and city of richmond and i think the ultimate just picked somebody that have walked to their car and then there's also some that occur down want to create conquered and all. >>they terrorized half of contra costa county. >>well check this out this is some surveillance video of a violent shooting that allegedly involved 2 rival gang member says happened back in february. it's one of multiple crimes that led to the latest arrests and police say that they're looking for at least one more suspect. and on the kron 4 morning news, a bay area group is helping those in need get through the covid9 prices will have details on the 100 cares project coming up. >>and before we go a little peek outside we're checking in on conditions around the bay area live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where travel looks great this morning heading into san francisco we're off to a quiet start. we don't have any hot spots are major issues here on a t and temperatures are already mild
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outside your door throughout the antioch you're waking up to 61 degrees 55 in concord 57 right now in hayward cooler in san francisco, 54 but still mild 48 in of otto and 55 in redwood city. it's going to be pretty hot day get ready for
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welcome back governor gavin newsome rolled out new guidelines to reopen some parts of the state for
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business as early as today. >>new guidelines include a checklist encouraging employees symptom and temperature checks, new training touch list payment system special hours for the elderly. the requirements also include no covid-19 related deaths and no more than one case per 10,000 people in the last 2 weeks and other contact tracing and testing mandates. the governor's administration will release more got lines for those cities and counties that they think can go further into face to on tuesday. governor newsom says that community spread of the coronavirus started in a nail salon the governor made the remark in response to a question as to why salons are not included in phase 2. >>that you would otherwise expect of a modification were already in play. and many of the slots with people that had procedure masks were using gloves and advancing higher levels of sanitation.


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