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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 8, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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news station. >>you're watching kron 4 news at 8. >>tonight a california is inching closer to fully reopening the economy but it may take a a longer here in the bay area. why some local counties are taking a slower approach to opening back up. >>and california taking the lead why our state will now be the first to send every registered voter a mail in ballot and another member of the trump administration test positive for the coronavirus how the diagnoses are shining a light on health protocols in the white house. >>70% now this with
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modifications is now open back up nothing would please me more and standing here in front of hopefully not too many weeks away and talking about even getting to that next phase phase 3. >>there you have a governor gavin newsome says face 3 of reopening california is just weeks away. but when will we see those changes here in the bay area, thanks for joining us at 8 o'clock tonight, everybody. >>grant lodes and vicki liviakis tonight, we know the bay area's timeline may be different from other parts of the state and reopening will also vary by county 3 bay area counties and are now part of phase 2 and they're reopening some nonessential businesses that is sonoma solano and napa counties alameda contra costa moran, san francisco, san mateo and santa clara counties are not quite ready to open up and they are phase, one. and although they're anxious to reopen business leaders in walnut creek agree with contra costa
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county's decision to wait just a bit longer today kron four's is it that you and spoke to the ceo of the walnut creek chamber of commerce. >>about what not being able to completely move into phase 2 means to that city's economy. >>while the creek generates over $2 billion annually in taxable retail sales and that's why with california governor gavin newsom announced the state is easing the current shelter-in-place order in phase 2 of reopening the economy, the ceo of one of the creeks chamber of commerce day hoyer was relieved, we're happy forward of there are a lot of businesses out there that are are combating suffering. yeah, any movement in that direction so although the state is easing restrictions monday contra costa health services has decided to keep the current health order in place barring an essential businesses from offering curbside service hoyer explains why the chamber agrees with this decision s tough because why would i just be different.
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>>logic is that we're a part of the east bay, the census compare were part of that marketplace. therefore e it makes sense that all the counties were together with what they're doing however, he says or businesses that are reopening the challenges being ready for that opportunity the crux of this issue. >>is to make sure that everybody really understands what age and can't to anyone who has employees is worried about those boys. >>they don't want them getting sick the businesses that will be opening we'll be having customers coming year. to walk them seconds happening. this is stuart r impacting there. employees so what's the protocol. >>now the california retail association is currently working with business leaders in law that creek putting together guidelines to help shop owners make sure they are in compliance, those guidelines are scheduled to be presented during a chamber of commerce meeting on tuesday has it made you kron 4 news.
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>>a county is one of the 3 local counties moving into phase 2 but not all businesses are jumping to reopen kron four's dan kerman reports now from petaluma where he says he found just a handful of stores taking advantage of the new order. you never know this was the day retail stores could reopen in petaluma for curbside pickup. that's because most along kentucky street and 4th street remain closed. still there are a few who took advantage of the new health order my stuff is more light. >>one of a kind where you have to kind of feel it and try again i'm hoping to get back there. but at least ideas. thank your that i am allowed to do it like this and not have anybody in so wanted to see all my customers man winter says she's conflicted about reopening and will not be open full time. >>we've done a good job here in california. and i think we need to continue to and i'm just trying to be safe and. >>do it in a way that is acceptable the moment they say
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we should not do it anymore. i'm i'm i'm home. >>around the corner at lewis thomas fine men's apparel they're also open even though what they sell doesn't really lend itself to a view from the curb. >>you're not going to pull up and say i'm a 42 record is super. you got no that's kind of hard to do. but this store like others remain optimistic that local health officers will eventually ease restrictions even further for small retail stores, the next step will be 2 allow a certain amount of people into the store a given that you can qualify that they're healthy. they're also shops like nail and hair salons that are closed because they're not yet permitted to open at crown hair salon they're taking advantage of the closure to make some modifications to create more space between customers once they do reopen, we've also got a lot of modifications in the slot as far as hand sanitizers. >>touchless fossett's and so dispensers so really trying to take care of people's health
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also. >>another thing missing is foot traffic but that will likely pick up either on the weekend or as more stores open for curbside pickup. in petaluma dan kerman kron 4 news to the south bay now tonight, sanaurants, a lifeline. >>after the shelter at home orders are lifted and the calling of san jose al fresco, the new goal is to allow businesses access to more public spaces and outdoor facilities to serve customers. >>as many restaurants prepare for a post covid-19 world with fewer seats inside the plan would let customers enjoy more food and drinks outside. >>this will be an effort to require a lot of hands on deck. we're grateful that we've got so many right folks who are willing to lend their time to help us. >>nearly cargo says while the idea is in place, there's still plenty of details to work out. among them conversations with the alcoholic beverage commission on outdoor sales of booze in getting backing from local and state health officials.
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>>as for san francisco, many nonessential businesses remain boarded up tonight, san francisco mayor london breed says that as long as we continue to see progress with a shelter-in-place order we can anticipate allowing some businesses to resume operations with store front pick up as soon as may 18th the current stay at home order is scheduled to last until may 31st and allows construction, real estate transactions and select outdoor activities to resume today nationwide survey says most americans are worried that their states governments. >>are loosening covid-related restrictions to quickly this is a survey done by the pew research center. it also says only about 30% of americans think states are not opening quickly enough when asked about adding more or less restrictions 27% of americans said there should be more restrictions. 24% said there should be fewer of them and nearly half said the number of restrictions is just about right. it led to the pad that
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california is now the first state in the country moving to send mail in ballots to every registered voter for the november election, our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the governor's latest actions. >>governor gavin newsome friday signed an executive order allowing every voter in california to receive a mail in ballot for november's general election in to make sure that we are reaching out to all registered eligible voters giving them the opportunity. >>and giving them the choice and not to feel like they have to go into a concentrated dense environment where their health may be at risk secretary of state alex by says california is the first state in the country to take such action in response to covid-19 the executive order states each voter will receive their ballot 29 days before the election, those who are military and overseas will receive ballots 45 days out this should never saw action is still slated to be consequential of our allies
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times state leaders say the election will not be vote by mail only election officials are hoping together volunteers to help out at some polling places. >>the governor says the state is working on a plan to need in the next days and weeks by the end of this month at the latest to put together a very detailed plan on physical locations. >>that need to be set up. for our ballot by the u.s. is california is well positioned to expand its vote by mail systems noting 75% of the state already receives automatic vote by mail ballots, voters should make sure their registration is up to date. >>in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news latest jobs report is out and it shows the u.s. unemployment rate rocketed to 14.7% in april that's a level last seen during the great depression, 20.5 million jobs just vanished in the worst monthly loss on record. the president says he hopes that as states reopen they re-hire their employees and help the
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economy recover. a recent survey on household spending shows only about 12 and a half percent of americans spend money on the cajuns are trips in the last 4 months and tonight concerns about the health of the president and vice president are rising as a second white house staffer test positive for covid-19 today, president trump confirmed that vice president mike pence's press secretary. >>katie miller as coronavirus this of course causing air force 2 to check up and sit on the runway for an hour right after they realized it 6 staffers who may have been in contact with miller had to deplane before mike pence's trip to iowa. katie miller by the way is married to another senior staffer in the west wing you see stephen miller, there and this is raising questions about coronavirus protocols in the white house. a new a p report shows the decision to ignore detailed advice from the cdc about reopening communities came
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from the highest levels of the white house that is according to internal government emails obtained by the associated press, the files also show that after the a p reported yesterday that the guidance document had been buried the trump administration suddenly ordered key parts of it to be fast track for approval. the e-mails show the nation's top public health experts at the cdc. spending weeks working on guidance to help the country deal with the public health emergency and reopen safely only to see their work set aside by political appointees in the white house. and the cdc was given little explanation. >>coming up getting equipment to those on the front lines of the pandemic will tell you about a san francisco woman matching health care workers with masks and taking time to celebrate local teachers students and to their staff mem date. plus more positive cases of covid-19 at a care center of the north bay.
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>>how a 31 year-old patient is doing tonight after getting sick at the facility. >>and as we go to break this is a full list of confirmed covid-19 cases and deaths in the bay area. to nearly 9500 total cases and more than 340 people have died locally. keep it here. we'll be right back right after this.
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>>tonight there has been a 3rd
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coronavirus death and more positive cases among residents at the windsor vallejo care center. that means there are now 103 confirmed cases at that home kron four's maureen kelly talked to the family of a patient who's now in the icu because the virus. >>maybe they thought it would not make it through the night. >>the aunt of william bennett, the 3rd says the 31 year-old covid-19 positive patient is now out of the windsor vallejo care center and in icu at sutter solano a code it twice and so they had to put the incubator and and it's beating too. >>and today, i'm going to be. brain there are half a brain issues. but chad j. he she recognized doctor he over the years, i've been it has been living at the nursing home for over a year after suffering a series of strokes and being diagnosed with a rare blood disorder. >>he's one of 80 residents who have tested positive at the
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facility so far 3 have died. >>23 staff members have also been infected his aunt had moved him to a room near a window so she and other family members could check on him when i first talked to her on tuesday, she said she was worried about him and wanted him hospitalized because he seemed lethargic he was transported by ambulance, a few hours after her concerns were aired on kron 4 news. >>we knew each. that he needed to be out of there it's a skilled nursing home that was already having problems. this is a medicare inspection report from the department of health and human services from april 12th that lists 23 health citations including one which found the facility failed to ensure that infection control principals were being followed. >>it was given a rating of much below average you need be mindful. >>people that cannot do for themselves. and as you know the compassion said that then
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you're in the wrong business. the winds are below care center issued a statement this week that staff are constantly getting updated training on best practices. >>in regard to infection control and that they're adhering to all federal and state recommendations to minimize the spread of this virus. bennett's aunt says the doctors hope to wean him from the ventilator over the next 2 days. she says when her nephew is out of the hospital he will not be going back to that nursing home. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>in staff at a pleasant hill elementary school took a break from distance learning today, celebrate educators this is normally it still is i guess teachers appreciation week, and although things look a bit different here. help the sunroof in the age of social distancing as kron 4 sleet ago reports the teachers were showered with appreciation. >>meetings classes and assignments a bravery gardens elementary and run to
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preschool canceled for the day, instead teachers lined up along the sidewalk in the parking lot. >>a teacher appreciation. >>i can a lot about that. >>last month teachers weaves through the community sharing with their newly home-schooled students how much their midst. >>now i see another parade, turning the spotlight on educators to continue managing the student body through the pandemic is very difficult i do get to see them on some meetings but there's nothing in comparison to seeing and being with them in person and really missing those tags do it. >>gregory gardens principal katie kuhn says the wrap up on june 3rd and expects the school will have to continue adapting to a new way of learning in the fall hopefully we'll get some on-site time
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with our kids. >>but it definitely looks like it can also put some distance learning. the teachers that really stepped up and we love our kids we love our pta. >>what's clear is that the feeling is mutual. the school iommunity demonstrating how its bond will outlast the virus in pleasant >>well tonight, we know california regulators have suspended a $200 million fine against pg and e for the utilities neglect of electrical equipment that ignited deadly wildfires in northern california. the waiver by california's a plea public utilities commission will deprive funds that could offset revenue lost as you during the coronavirus pandemic from sales and income taxes pg and e declared it might not be able to raise the 10's of billions of dollars it needs to get out of bankruptcy. if it was forced to pay that billion. >>a few years now as we take a peek outside on this friday
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night such a cool shot there above san francisco with a few fingers of fog sort of a running parallel to the sales force tower and. >>just a beautiful warm warm day today and i know our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez likes to call nature's air conditioner. >>the ad certainly as i wish i could bring karl the fog inside my studio you're downtown san francisco wearing my summer dress today just to put it in perspective grand in big d i haven't worn a dress in 2 deadly got that summer like feel out there right now in the bay area years light daytime highs today, 10 to 20 degrees above average and we actually tied a record at oakland airport of 88 degrees set back in 2001, but the good news is cooler weather on the way, especially along the coast. we are noticing the return of that marine layer cooling down temperatures along the coast and along the bay into the 50's and 60's still toasty though as you head inland, widespread 70's
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and 80's there as that cool sea breeze hasn't really reached most of our interior valleys just yet overnight lows tonight will be on the mild side widespread mid 50's with the exception of the san francisco bay area coastline cooling down into the upper 40's and low 50's thanks to the return of karl, the fog tomorrow's daytime highs cooling down 10 degrees at least a low 60's along the coast. and we are tracking low 70's along the east bay shoreline still going to remain about 5 to 10 degrees above average for most of our interior valleys and 70's and 80's there but tracking a very dry forecast and we're noticing they sending in to the east bay changes underway this weekend cooler and cloudier weather. but our mother's day sunday going to be dry with rain returning to the bay area starting on monday and even lasting through tuesday with scattered showers north bay you could actually get up to an inch of rain or less everyone else in the bay area about a quarter of an inch of rain or less and then we're gradually going to start a warming trend but 10
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days from now granted to keep tracking a second stronger storm in our extended outlook so more to come back to you. >>thanks for eye tracking this information about the coronavirus what to watch out for the next time you're scrolling through your timeline. >>and matching health care workers in need with protective equipment, how a san francisco woman says her mom inspired her to help out and if you're looking for a restaurant offering takeout we have a new page on our website kron 4 dot com. it's restaurants and dining options all around the bay for takeout delivery what have you restaurant owners can submit their business to be added to the list and viewers can search the list to find places that are open near that we'll
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>>by her mom a bay area woman has now found a way to get masks tell hundreds of thousands of health care workers all across the country kron four's michelle kingston has the story. >>as this. >>the and then it was starting to play out. i started getting really worried because i mean frankly i was afraid she was going to die lose claire's mom is a nurse working on the front lines when i was talking to my mom about how things were going and she's been a longtime nurse were in the area. >>i found out that she didn't have any masks so clear took action quickly putting together a website mask match
8:26 pm
dot com helping people with spare masks send them directly to health care workers who need them the most even if you have a one mask that you have something from an earthquake hit or you have just find zone from 7 crafting or innocence project a project that you may have had. >>we can help match those up to a health care worker who needs that clinger started the mask donation platform from her house in oakland back in mid-march sense than 400,000 masks said been delivered a health care workers nationwide. >>all because clinger wanted to protect her mom. >>she's very cnn i think it we're talking about it the other day she mentioned that. i started it because that it's a way of me expressing that i care about her and i'm you know i was worried about her in the east bay, michelle kingston kron 4 news.
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>>tesla is calling many of its employees back to work but alameda county still has a shelter-in-place order in effect what the alameda health officer has to say about resuming operations. >>and father and son are now behind bars in georgia accused of killing an unarmed black man why it took more than 10 weeks to make an arrest in the case. >>plus misinformation about covid-19 is spreading just as fast as the virus itself of we're here for you and we're open. wow. i'm an original. one of a kind. you feel me? love ya'. oop! you look cute! better than you? pop my 100% all-white-meat classic or spicy popcorn chicken combo for just $5.99.
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>>well tonight, there's new concern over the spread of misinformation about the coronavirus this is a highly produced conspiracy theory video has racked up millions of views this week it is full of false claims and outright lies. >>but a lot of people are falling for it. donnie o'sullivan reports. >>social media companies like facebook and youtube say they're fighting covid-19 misinformation if someone spreading something that people are in imminent risk of physical harm. we take that down but the sites are struggling to keep up or a flood of conspiracy theories. this week you might have seen friends and family sharing this slickly produced video called pandemic but time facebook and youtube to cut down it had millions of views. i'm not a video of this time. >>gain this kind of viral traction so quickly. >>facebook said it pulled the video because it claimed wearing mask could make people
8:31 pm
sick. youtube said it removed the video because it included medically of substantiated diagnostic advice for covid-19. but even after the company said thursday they would remove the video copies of it still circulated online fact checkers like alan juke whose company works with facebook says kogan 19 misinformation is spending almost as fast as the virus so the expression a lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth. >>you get students on really applies here is it impossible for fact checkers to keep up with the level of covid-19 misinformation. you're absolutely right about a light traveling faster because people want to believe these things and if it's there. they're believes the bubble that they're in and so then they want to share it with their friends like they've got some inside knowledge why are people pushing misinformation on this why do people finding people do this. >>so some people push misinformation to make money so it's to sell a health
8:32 pm
supplement. some people do this to push a specific political agenda. some people do this because i just want to see if they can get away with it. but a lot of misinformation is around people's existing while view, so if you already don't trust vaccines. you want other people to take o'neill believes because it makes you feel better. >>online covid-19 conspiracy theories have targeted not just of the doctor anthony fauci but philanthropist bill gates as well just this whole idea that there's this deep state that has brought this covid-19 crisis to the world in order that they may promote their own. >>interest and the social media companies struggle to keep up with the misinformation. it's more important than ever to think before you share it makes you angry it makes you said it makes you smoke that makes you want to go out go out and buy something immediately. >>that emotional impulse means it's probably something about that information that makes it very difficult for you to be critical. that was donnie o'sullivan reporting for us
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tonight, good as of tonight, the coronavirus. >>has infected roughly one 0.3 million people here in the u.s. killing 78,000 people. >>no surprise but the alameda county fairs been cancel this is the first time it's been canceled in 100 years the 18 day fair scheduled to run from june 19th through mid july, the fair is a 108 year-old tradition the nearly half a million people attend every year i've been it's fun. it always brings a significant economic boom to more than 32 million bucks to that local area but mass gatherings of course like county fairs will be one of the last things california laos to come back. things like the county fairs will not be permitted until we get to stage 4. alameda county fair officials are monitoring conditions. they say for future summer events like horse racing and auctions tonight, we know the presidio loop will continue to remain closed on saturdays from 10:00am to 04:00pm. >>the city says this is going
8:34 pm
to help reduce traffic and create more room for physical distancing. you can use the presidio loop for essential outdoor exercise, but you must follow public health orders, including wearing a mask and physical distancing to the east bay now carmaker tesla has called many of its workers back to the job apparently in defiance of alameda county's shelter-in-place order for charles clifford reports. >>car maker tesla is trying to reopen its factory here in fremont on a thursday human resources at tesla sent out this e-mail to employees saying that they were going to begin limited operations here and that they were recalling 30% of their workforce to come back to the factory. now the governor gavin, newsome has said that manufacturing can resume here in california. but in alameda county where the factory is the shelter-in-place order has actually been extended which means nonessential businesses cannot operate now, here's the health officer from alameda county saying on friday afternoon that they have not given tesla permission to resume operations.
8:35 pm
>>and we have not given that they we have been working with them looking at for their safety plans recommendations. >>but no we have not said that he thinks >>now tesla has said the employees returning to work will be given some additional training and they have to learn some new protocols that are in place in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus and ceo of the company ilan mosque also sent out an e-mail saying that he would be here as well on friday as operations resumed, but for now in fremont charles clifford kron 4 news right now the. >>4 zone forecast you're looking live at a somewhat of a foggy golden gate bridge at this hour. it's a hazy bridge meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez isn't comfort of her home in joins us now with a look at the 4 zone forecast same of recent. >>8 are granted vicki at karl, the fog is out there along the bay area coastline specifically golden gate bridge and not keeping his social distance, but hey we
8:36 pm
eon't mind it because we want the cooler weather poor visibility, though so don't forget to turn on your low beams and you could see some patches of drizzle as well so just keep that in mind because visibility we'll be at or near 0 specifically around the bay area's shoreline trying to extend inland but that sea breeze just not strong enough and i know that right now is they could certainly use karl the fog warming up into the mid 90's and now upper 70's and low 80's for concord an antioch with widespread 50's and 60's everywhere else. but san jose currently at 73 degrees with overnight lows tonight, widespread mid 50's and your microclimate saturday forecast tracking cooler and cloudier weather so we're all going to cool down at least 10 degrees tomorrow compared today's daytime highs with downtown san francisco, slightly below average at 62 degrees so enjoy that relief and 62 degrees as well for those of you in half moon bay with early game in the mid 60's when speeds out of the southwest we are going to notice more of that cooler on
8:37 pm
shore flow. also 71 degrees san mateo warming up to 67 degrees for you san jose in the low 80's. he does in the mid 70's and also tracking low 80's for those of you in livermore so enjoy that cool down still going to be about 5 to 10 degrees above average for most part you're you're valleys, but it's better than being in the 90's like you were today richmond 68 degrees and now in the upper 70's with santa rosa still about 10 degrees above normal but cooling down into the low 80's or years saturday afternoon highs, not cooling trend is going to continue and extending on sunday on your mother's day for most of our interior valleys with light scattered showers returning to the bay area monday and tuesday of next week until we gradually start to warm up dry out and clear out by the middle of next week and get back to you thank still ahead preparing for whatever comes next. >>steph curry's personal shooting coach says the wires
8:38 pm
are staying fit while the nba is on hiatus plus a father and son charged with murdering an unarmed black man months after his death with the georgia
8:39 pm
8:40 pm
>>today on what would have odd arbery's 26 birthday, the georgia bureau of investigation talked about arresting a father and son accused of killing our bree while he was jogging through a neighborhood. the attack
8:41 pm
happened in february emily schmidt has more on what brought about the arrests now more than 10 weeks later. >>we do want to warn you some of the video you'll see in this next story. it's tough to watch. >>this video of the mob arbery out for a jog in brunswick, georgia shows a pickup truck and 2 men with guns drawn a struggle in the street. and sounds of gunshots. in what the georgia bureau of investigation calls a very important piece of evidence show you the gbi says investigators spent 36 hours going through case files before arresting gregory mcmichael and travis mcmichael a white father and son who now face murder and aggravated assault charges for the death of arbery a black man the arrests come weeks after arbery's death yet just days after the video surfaced online increasing public cries for action according to a glynn county police report, 64 year-old gregory mcmichael told officers that arbery violently attacked his son. he
8:42 pm
says aubrey looked like someone he believed to be behind recent break ins in the area. yet no string of crimes was reported in the weeks before the shooting 911 dispatch rec caller 911 was it just not here to tell us white >>right down the street to tell where we're where at the tiller short, i don't know what at that and it. >>a top arbery's father says the family feels relief knowing 2 men are behind bars, definitely didn't as the investigation into arbery's death continues officials say the mcmichaels will not face state hate crime charges. as those laws do not exist in georgia. i'm emily schmidt reporting. >>and that emily schmidt reporting as we said as for what a breeze family did his family released balloons into the air in his honor and thousands across the country honored his life by running
8:43 pm
2.2 3 miles speak because he died on february. 23rd while out on that job. >>issuing new guidelines to help repair teams for the possible reopening of facilities. how the niners say this offseason has been different for them. >>and the latest from the nba is the commissioner talked to players today big league why conference cough. commissioner talked about. games made be
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>>but today is the day when teens could start to reopen their facilities if they are located in states where measures have been reduce the cavs and blazers were the first to open their doors for individual workouts but when it comes to bringing back games. that's an entirely different discussion, according to multiple reports league commissioner, adam silver hold a conference call with players this afternoon to provide the latest on the status of the year there is no firm date to return and we may not hear about a decision before june instead of playing games at home arenas the league is also said to be keying in on 2 potential venue options, orlando and las vegas. if games are back on the scheduled date most likely be without fans and espn is reporting that mtv news could be the case through next year. we'll stay tuned on any further updates now in baseball a significant move that will impact the game for years to come as the mlb we'll be reducing its draft from 40
8:47 pm
rounds to only 5 reportedly as a cost-saving measure due to the pandemic the season has been delayed for more than a month and there is no set plan to resume games. this new structure means 150 players will be drafted and the hundreds not selected. >>relatable to sign for a max of $20,000. the draft is scheduled for june 10th. well this week, the nfl not only released a full schedule, but also issued guidelines to all 32 teams comparing them for the possibility of facilities reopening as soon as may 15th. today, 49 er players talked about the experience of navigating so this unique offseason kron four's kate rooney has the story. >>the national football league officially released 2020 schedules on thursday. another sign of the league's hope that business and football can continue as usual this fall. teams, including the 49 ers have yet to comment on leaked issued protocols that would set the stage to reopen facilities this month is just up to lee you know and the government he to you know come
8:48 pm
up to no game plan to keep everybody safe as long as everybody safe, you know i think will you know do a good job adjusting to what what. >>was given to us major league baseball and the nba are rumored to be working on plans to restart their seasons with an mlb announcement anticipated as early as next week. >>but for all the pro leagues, it seems likely the games would have to be played without fans in attendance. >>this past season, it was it was also known to 7 o come out every game and be loud. if you're for us what you know are really know what future holds with the situation regardless forty-niners players are doing their best to hang on to hope that the season will be able to start on time when i first i schedule like ours lights kind of relieved because you know obviously the times are in right now you know it seems kind of slow down you can do to the coronavirus and you're not going to work together with just seen this schedule you know being released are like well i can't wait to get
8:49 pm
back to football teams are holding optional virtual workouts and some players are passing the time in quarantine with additional work outs of their own. >>trade cam it you know that this is wrong is busy give some excuse about the situation that we're not training camp typically starts in mid to late july, the nfl has announced any plans for a postponement yet. >>in san francisco, kate rooney kron 4 news all right, thank you kate, thank you mark while the nba is on hold the warriors are still working to stay in shape for maybe the conclusion of this season may be the start of next season. >>nobody knows scott for jason dumas spoke with one of the dubs coaches sue staying busy, helping his players, stay fit. >>you see him on the court every game before tip leading steph curry's infamous pre game warm ups some call him the most interesting man in the world. but just who is bruce que frazier year. >>especially stuff, a change
8:50 pm
that. a strategy. >>it's from helping the home the skills of guys like steph claimed re to be a vital part of game-planning day in and out he was been vital to the success of the franchise. he says it all starts with trust stuff >>our starter. trust which is she. this is what goes behind those pre-game workouts with steph curry possible a souls
8:51 pm
to years we. >>u.s.. all say this is >>and after 6 seasons together you would have thought you had seen it all others. >>it's also read a were. >>you just shake your for now he was waiting patiently to open up that cheesecake factory menu once again, reporting in san francisco, i'm jason dumas scrum for news. >>tonight roy horn who is half of the legendary las vegas duo siegfried and roy has passed away from covid-19 complications. anyone who went to vegas in the 90's remembers seeing their faces all over the strip. the illusionist duo was best known for
8:52 pm
incorporating white lions and tigers into their act. their biggest career spanned 4 decades ending in 2003. when a tiger attacked roy during a show at the mirage, sick freed released this statement about his longtime stage partner saying quote today the world has lost one of the greats of magic but i have lost my best friend from the moment, we met i knew roy and i together will change the world. there could be no secrete without roy and no roy without siegfried end quote roy horn was 75 years old. >>today lee 600 people at a california prison have tested positive for coronavirus at least 2 inmates there have died because of it the federal bureau of prisons reports, 25 staff members are infected. >>at the u.s. penitentiary in long polk. that's just north of santa barbara, the rest of the patients are prisoners and long polk mayor jonelle osborne says that the outbreak probably is not contained. >>some of that is directly correlated to unfortunately
8:53 pm
the number of staff that have also become infected and potentially an spreading to family members or in the community as they were out and about. >>prison officials say the 2 inmates who died from covid-19 had preexisting conditions. >>for celebrating people in the bay area doing their part during this crisis will introduce you to a local east
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>>during this public health crisis crump 4th has been honoring people doing good things in their communities and today we're shining the spotlight on a reason mendy bakery in oakland through may the bakers donating 300 loaves of bread a week to local food banks last month. the worker owned bakery launched a go fund me and quickly raised enough cash to donate lows of its sour dough bread bakery reopened its doors this week with modified hours. >>and in the spotlight, someone making a difference in your community we have a section on our website, it's called kron 4 heroes all you have to do is fill out a quick form to let us know about your hero you can find the page on kron 4 dot com where also saluting the class of 20 20 tonight, we're congratulating spencer haynes spencer is graduating from barry in christian high school it's in walnut creek in the fall spencer plans on playing volleyball at concordia irvine university looks like a really spike it has you know about a
8:57 pm
graduate in your life and congrats to him. >>just go to kron 4 dot com find salute to grads 2020 under the news tab then submit a picture let us know which high school the grad it ended and what's next for that young person and that wraps up kron 4 news at 8 but grand i will be back with kron 4 news at 9 crews in the bay area already dealing with brush fires to them popping up just today the steps already being taken to protect homes with fire season fast approaching and the decision to give every voter a mail in ballot in california come november is meant to lower the risk of covid-19 spreading the critics of the move say. >>it could be creating a whole new set of problems will explain their concerts those stories and a lot more just news station.
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>>you're watching kron 4 news at 9. >>in to make sure that we are reaching out to all registered eligible voters and giving them the opportunity and giving them the choice and not to feel like they have to go into a concentrated dense environment where their health may be at risk. >>now 9 governor newsome just signed an executive order allowing every voter in the state to receive a mail in ballot for november's general election. thank you for joining us tonight, everybody i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki


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