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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  May 8, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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news station. >>you're watching kron 4 news at 10. >>now it's in the white house is dealing with yet another case of the coronavirus to staffers have now tested positive in just 2 days good evening, everybody thanks for being here 10. i'm grant lotus and the key liviakis we also know that he banca trump's personal assistant has tested positive for coronavirus. >>the assistant who works in a personal capacity for president trump's daughter, reportedly has not been around ivanka trump and several weeks. camila bernal has the latest. >>yes president mike pence's press secretary miller virus
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just one day after president trump's valet tested positive. she tested the very good for. >>a long period of time and then all of a sudden today she tested positive. the white house now says they're taking every precaution we have put in place. >>the guidelines that are experts at experts have puto forward on to keep this building safe. this as america's jobs market suffered a massive hit 20.5 million jobs lost in april the highest number since the great depression enter a transition period. the summer. >>before we have sort of readmission of the economy and i think that we're not quite in the transition period yet. >>it's 5 that stocks barely flinch closing out the week at more than 450 points up we have to start all over again. >>and we will start all over again and we'll build something that was. even better than we had before. >>across the country in california. we're now learning
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the first known coronavirus fatality in the u.s. died from a heart rupture triggered by the virus and on the first case of community spread in the state governor gavin newsome confirming it came from a nail salon but he held back and giving details their health and personal privacy obligations, that are any public statements that have to be abided by legal parameters as it relates that first case. i'm camila bernal reporting. >>tonight an a p report shows the decision to ignore detailed advice from the cdc about reopening communities came from the highest levels of the white house that's according to internal government emails obtained by the associated press. the files also show that after the a p reported yesterday that the guidance document had been buried the trump administration then ordered key parts of it to be fast tracked for approval. the e-mails show the nation's top public health experts at the cdc spend weeks working on guidance to help the country
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deal with the public health emergency, only to see their work set aside by political appointees with little explanation. >>the latest jobs report is out and it shows the u.s. unemployment rate rocketed to 14.7% in april. that's a level last seen during the great depression. 20.5 million jobs just vanished in the worst monthly loss on record. the president says that he hopes that as states reopen. they re hire their employees and help the economy recover. a recent survey on household spending shows only about 12 and a half percent of americans spent money on vacations or trips in the last for months in the u.s. there are nearly 1.3 million cases of coronavirus and more than 77,000 deaths, new york state remains the hot spot with more than 330,000 confirmed cases and more than 26,000 reported deaths among those recently reported deaths is a 5 year-old little boy in
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new york today in a press conference adding that the state's health department is investigating several other cases that present similar circumstances. a bay area emergency room doctor volunteered a week of his time to fly to the epicenter of the pandemic to treat patients in new york city. it just got back and is sharing his experience. offers ella sogomonian spoke with him she's live in the newsroom with his warning for us l a. >>we talked earlier percent said, but california was behind new york with the infection rate he took a week of his time to fly where he felt he was needed most united paid for his ticket and he was off to see what treating the coronavirus in new york was like for himself. well his comeback coming learned many lessons, including how quickly a patient can go from looking stable in one moment just struggling to breathe and the next he said that the icy was packed even 2 weeks after the peak there. and he worries about what it lacks in restrictions here in california too soon.
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>>and the more they hear this push to reopen it. it just is like to not care about them. it's going to be 10's of thousands, i hope some 100,000. there's going to be a lot of dead bodies after this it just. it's going to be that i hope i'm wrong. you know, i hope i'm wrong but i just we're right here right now. how many people we've been shelter in place for and we're at this level like how is it could go down. you can't it's only going to go up. >>people are looking at the numbers and that might be skeptical that was saying you know the projections were greater than what we're seeing now, but you do attribute this to the measures that have been put in place with these restrictions so looks like. >>oh my gosh, i mean i think if you. when you look at the numbers and you compare. surges in inner city like new york and detroit places like this. you compare its rural
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parts of the country, it's less certain you know it's here that work in a row california, it's just not fair for us it's not they're very much in san francisco either why the san francisco did a really good job. most of acting early number one getting ahead of the rain early now and then everybody did it really did stay home because his breakout son in homeless shelters and things like that those are just near impossible to contain. that was good policy and people listening and doing it. >>doctor hirsch attorney says that he worries people tired of the strict measures will toss a mass south and forget about maintaining distance too soon. we also talked about treatment methods coming home and mental health for medical workers specifically so make sure to download the kron on app to watch an extended interview with doctor percent myself tonight at 11. >>insightful perspective, thank lot well governor newsome has signed an executive order that will send every voter in the state. a mail in ballot for november's general election california is
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the first state in the country to do this. republicans and democrats ev been sharply divided on the issue of mail in voting. and now the outbreak in today's decision is really amplified that debate kron four's dan thorn hearing from both sides tonight, he's live in san francisco with the details. democrats love it republicans not so much. >>that's right grant. the executive order is really concerning the gop here in the bay area they are worried about voter fraud and also voting issues and those ideas have been echoed by president trump but bay area democrats argue that this mail in voting will only maintain the voter turnout and keep people safe as this coronavirus pandemic continues. >>fears of covid-19 have pushed governor gavin newsome to send mail in ballots to all registered voters before the november election, the executive order signed friday is reinvigorating the voting debate between the left and
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the right political crisis, good way says the democrat. always happy to say a san francisco republican party chair john dennis warns the vote by mail order will create errors and inaccuracies that in person voting prevents. he calls the move partisan and possibly illegal every saying that the suggest to do in terms of election reform out washing change benefits them understanding that some people are not comfortable with mailing in a ballot. the state is not moving to mail only voting some in person voting will remain an option. democrats say this decision is all about the health and safety of voters by doing this governor is ensuring that every california has a right to vote. >>exercises that right to vote without risking their help california's gop chairwoman jessica patterson has fought that assertion by saying this will present an opportunity for errors a statement to kron
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4 news reads in part quote democrats have demonstrated time and again that they cannot manage the integrity of our electoral process this has resulted in an accurate voting rolls as well is enormous problems, san francisco's democratic party chair says there's no basis for republicans concerns of voter fraud as it pertains to mail in voting yes, just a created by the republican party and donald trump. republicans have accused democrats of taking advantage of this pandemic by trying to score political points. >>and votes right now a legal challenges to this executive order are being considered by the rnc. reporting live in san away from entering phase 3, but there are 6 perry counties that aren't even in face too yet. those are san francisco. san mateo santa clara alameda ran and contra costa. and although the state is easing
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restrictions monday contra costa health services has decided to keep the current health or during place barring nonessential businesses from offering curbside service. business leaders and walnut creek say they agree with the county's decision to wait just a little bit longer. >>it's tough because why would just be different. logic is that we're a part of the east bay, the census compare were part of that marketplace. therefore e it makes sense that all the counties were together with what they're doing. >>the california retailers association is currently working with business leaders in walnut creek putting together guidelines on how to make sure that shop owners are in compliance with phase 2. those guidelines are scheduled to be presented during a chamber of commerce meeting on tuesday when you're talking bay area counties 3 county health officers in napa sonoma and solano counties are moving forward with the states face to reopening. >>our kron four's dan kerman is in petaluma where he found
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just a handful of stores taking advantage of the new order. >>you'd never know this was the day retail stores could reopen in petaluma for curbside pickup. that's because most along kentucky street and 4th street remain closed. still there are a few who took advantage of the new health order life that is more light. >>one of a kind where you have to kind of feel it and try again i'm hoping to get back there. but at least ideas. thank you and that i am allowed to do it like this and not have anybody in so wanted to see all my customers man winter says she's conflicted about reopening and will not be open full time. >>we've done a good job here in california. and i think we need to continue to and i'm just trying to be safe and. >>do it in a way that is acceptable the moment they say we should not do it anymore. i'm i'm i'm home. >>around the corner at lewis thomas fine men's apparel they're also open even though
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what they sell doesn't really lend itself to a view from the curb. >>you're not going to pull up and say i'm a 42 record is super. you got no that's kind of hard to do. but this store like others remain optimistic that local health officers will eventually. >>ease restrictions even further for small retail stores, the next step will be 2 allow a certain amount of people into the store. >>a given that you can qualify that they're healthy. they're also shops like nail and hair salons that are closed. >>because they're not yet permitted to open at crown hair salon they're taking advantage of the closure to make some modifications to create more space between customers once they do reopen, we've also got a lot of modifications in the slot as far as hand sanitizers. >>touchless fossett's and so dispensers so really trying to take care of people's health also. >>another thing missing is foot traffic but that will likely pick up either on the weekend or as more stores open for curbside pickup. in petaluma dan kerman kron 4
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news. >>as for san francisco, many nonessential businesses remain boarded up tonight, san francisco's mayor london breed says as long as we continue to see progress with the shelter-in-place order. we can anticipate allowing some businesses to resume operations with store front pick up as soon as may 18th the current state home order is scheduled to last until may 31st and allows construction, real estate transactions and select outdoor activities to take place governor newsome sent a stern warning to you but a center and modoc counties that have been defying his orders saying that. >>they could lose federal disaster money. leaders in those counties have allowed businesses to reopen that are outside the scope of nuisance plan, including dine-in restaurants hair and nail salons and shopping malls. a spokesman for yuba and sutter counties confirmed local leaders had received the warning letter and says that they are working to do what is best for the overall health of our communities and coordinating with the
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governor's representatives on achieving balance with his order. >>whether time now and it's all about the mamas on of greece uh rodriguez joins us with a look at what the forecast holds him of recent. >>he's talked about the pressure granite have a lot of weight on my shoulders that is forecast this weekend. but fortunately we're on the right track cooler and cloudier weather this weekend for all the moms out there in the bay area and let's take a look at today's daytime highs it was a warm and certainly feeling and looking a lot like summer than spring. daytime highs 10 to 20 degrees above average and the city of berkeley you're under there somewhere with that big blanket of cloud cover karl, the fog is back not keeping a social distance and we're not minding that one bit we're loving the cold out, current wind speeds out there right now calmer for downtown san francisco back into the breezy territory instead of being in that 20 mile per hour range and temperatures out there right now take a look at that spread antioch 74 degrees and
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half moon bay 25 degrees cooler 50 degrees on a town of that stronger sea breeze and the return of that marine layer overnight lows tonight, widespread 50's tonight and tomorrow's daytime highs at least 10 degrees of cooling so near average temperatures along the coast and along the bay low 60's and low 70's, but still going to be a little bit toasty even with that cool down for interior valleys back in the 80's for the tribe valleys which is a lot better than today's mid-nineties and even santa rosa and san jose cooling down into the low 80's still going to be about 5 to 10 degrees above average there and stormtracker 4 overall tracking dry weather but this storm is making its way into the bay area monday and tuesday of next week could see upwards of about an inch of rain for parts of the north bay specifically the higher peaks, but most of the northeast cities could see about a quarter of an inch to half an inch of rain with lesser amounts for everyone else and breezy wind speeds as well but there's that cloud cover and tracking all weekend long. plenty of cloud cover
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for your sunday mother's day, but no rain in sight that want to arrive until around early monday afternoon first for the north bay arriving in the early evening hours for the rest the bay area and becoming more widespread by tuesday morning breaking apart, turning engine, scattered showers tuesday night insulin exits during the overnight hours on wednesday. so fortunately getting much needed rain in the extended forecast we could see above average rainfall for the month of may is this the start of our drier pattern so it's nice to see the storms making its way in 10 days from now. a second stronger storm will make its way into the bay area's certainly going to keep our eyes on that grande and nicki back to you thank you bree said. >>firefighters across the bay area are already responding to brush fires and early start to the wildfire season. it's making us very nervous firefighters reminding residents to protect their homes. well they have the extra time during the covid-19 pandemic the device get that defensible space ready to roll kron four's gayle ong joins us
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live at the latest. >>on a fire that actually started today in san jose gayle what you know. >>granted of a key of the fire is now under control but the warmer temperatures and dry brush are fueling these fires that are popping up throughout the bay area. firefighters say they structures in the area had defensible space so that fire the fire could not reach any homes. >>friday afternoon at least 7 acres burned in the new ahmed the firemen out here all t saw everybody cal fire reports, no structures damaged partly because residents were prepared so far like this has occurred. >>it quickly moves through that structure is really going to save >>also on friday sandra fell firefighters responded to a vegetation fire off deer valley road there were no evacuations or structures threatened as temperatures are expected to increase this weekend firefighters want to
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remind people to be cautious when outdoors to prevent the sparks that caused in oakland wednesday, a wildland fire made its way up to the fence line of howard elementary school. it did not reach any structures and no one was hurt now on an area that has been abated program in this facebook live contra costa county fire protection district is getting the word out about defensible space see how all that we have been down to 3 inches or less. >>if we inspected the property it would meet our fire district me to standards and this property would pass inspection in the morning power was shut off in concord so pg and e crews can conduct wildfire. mitigation work we're talking about replacing poles with harder replacing our overhead wires were also placing equipments that will our customers during aps yes, they can lessen the number of customers affected and also automatically shut off customers if there is risk of
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a wildfire, the work in concord was initially planned for all day, but crews managed to finish in 5 hours. pg e customers can expect more planned outages. >>as that crews need to do is necessary work ahead of fire season and pg and e are also asking for about 57,000 of their customers to update their contact information so they can receive safety alerts. now notify them about these planned outages and power conflicts safety shops during extreme. fire weather threats, reporting live gayle ong kron 4 news. thank you gayle tonight, roy horn who is half of the legendary las vegas duo siegfried and roy. >>has passed away from covid-19 complications, anyone who went to vegas in the 90's remember seeing their faces all over the strip. the illusionist duo was best known for incorporating white lions
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and tigers into their act. their biggest career spanned 4 decades ending in 2003 when a tiger attacked roy during a show at the mirage siegfried released this statement about his longtime stage partner saying quote today the world has lost one of the greats of magic but i have lost my best friend from the moment, we met i knew roy and i together will change the world there would be no sick freed without roya no roy without siegfried end quote well a horn was 75 years old. >>on what would have arbery's 26 birthday 2 men appeared in front of a judge today you see them here. they are now facing charges for his death. the attack was in a georgia neighborhood. back in february. emily schmidt now has more on what brought about the arrests more than 10 weeks after the fact we do want to warn you. some of the video in this piece may be difficult to watch. >>this video of the mob arbery
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out for a jog in brunswick, georgia shows a pickup truck and 2 men with guns drawn a struggle in the street. and sounds of gunshots. in what the georgia bureau of investigation calls a very important piece of evidence show you the gbi says investigators spent 36 hours going through case files before arresting gregory mcmichael and travis mcmichael a white father and son who now face murder and aggravated assault charges for the death of arbery a black man the arrests come weeks after arbery's death yet just days after the video surfaced online increasing public cries for action according to a glynn county police report, 64 year-old gregory mcmichael told officers that arbery violently attacked his son. he says aubrey looked like someone he believed to be behind recent break ins in the area. yet no string of crimes was reported in the weeks before the shooting 911 dispatch records, a concerned caller 911 was it just not
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here to tell us white >>fred got a great job where we're where at the tiller short, i don't know what at that and it. >>a top arbery's father says the family feels relief knowing 2 men are behind bars, incident as the investigation into arbery's death continues officials say the mcmichaels will not face state hate crime charges. as those laws do not exist in georgia. i'm emily schmidt reporting. >>people all over the country ran in his honor on his birthday posting pictures with the hashtag i run with maud they ran to point to 3 miles to signify the date arbery was shot and killed in brunswick, georgia. >>still to come a care center is overwhelmed by coronavirus roughly 100 people have it and a 31 year-old there is now in the icu but doctors did today that may save his life. >>plus so much extra money
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some us senators want to give most americans every month until the crisis is over and the governor may have a statewide freeze on evictions with that's not stopping at eviction controversy. at
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estimated 90 shuttle bus drivers and yosemite national park transportation workers who were laid off after the park closed to visitors in march. >>are now facing eviction the
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group of yosemite hospitality workers were told this week layoffs require them to levy a 70 by. >>may 21st a spokesman for the company says it is not planning to evict employees who are having trouble finding new housing. these are the first known yosemite evictions solely because of layoffs cause my the pandemic they come in spite of governor newsome order calling for a statewide moratorium on evictions through may 31st though it's unclear how the order pertains to federal lands. >>in an effort to provide relief to the millions of americans without jobs right now 3 prominent us lawmakers are proposing monthly payments of $2000 for americans who are earning less than a $120,000 a year that's about 90% of the wage earners in america, the money would be in the form of a rebate program. this bill is being sponsored by senators kamala harris, bernie sanders and ed markey, the payments would be available to residents even if they do not have a social security number
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including undocumented immigrants who do pay taxes. >>the popular sweet tomatoes buffet restaurant is shutting its doors permanently the chain which goes by sue plantation in southern california posted this farewell note on twitter today its ceo told the san diego union tribune that even if they tried reopening, he doesn't think that the health department would allow the phase in the wake of the pandemic the closure leaves 4400 people out of work. >>yeah go wine tasting in napa right now because it's just down the one guy find a way to taste of wine, it cost him his life will explain we come back. >>plus what san jose city leaders are doing to
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>>there's been a 3rd coronavirus deaths and more positive cases that that windsor vallejo care center. there are now 103 confirmed cases there kron four's maureen kelly talked to the family of a patient who's now in the icu because of the virus. >>maybe they thought it would not make it through the night. >>the aunt of william bennett, the 3rd says the 31 year-old covid-19 positive patient is now out of the windsor vallejo care center and in icu at sutter solano a code it twice and so they had to put the incubator and and it's beating too. >>and today, i'm going to be. great day or half a brain
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issues. but chad j. he she recognized the doctor he over the years, i've been it has been living at the nursing home for over a year after suffering a series of strokes and being diagnosed with a rare blood disorder. >>he's one of 80 residents who have tested positive at the facility so far 3 have died. >>23 staff members have also been infected his aunt had moved him to a room near a window so she and other family members could check on him when i first talked to her on tuesday, she said she was worried about him and wanted him hospitalized because he seemed lethargic he was transported by ambulance, a few hours after her concerns were aired on kron 4 news. >>we knew each. that he needed to be out of there it's a skilled nursing home that was already having problems. this is a medicare inspection report from the department of health and human services from april 12th that lists 23
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health citations including one which found the facility failed to ensure that infection control principals were being followed. >>it was given a rating of much below average you need be mindful. >>people that cannot do for themselves. and it's not our but compassion said that then you're in the wrong business. the windsor vallejo care center issued a statement this week that staff are constantly getting updated training on best practices in regard to infection control. >>and that they're adhering to all federal and state recommendations to minimize the spread of this virus. bennett's aunt says the doctors hope to wean him from the ventilator over the next 2 days. she says when her nephew is out of the hospital he will not be going back to that nursing home. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>all right turning now to the 4 zone forecast and they're
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vicki abry says she's in the right here and there so it is better living really arab recent i didn't have my mask year. all right at the end of the show it ok to just target all right, but you know we like watching your smile too so uh oh you guys never mind are right. yeah, he has the week we can get a look at the big one. >>yeah the big one especially for mother's day looking great grand kelly to shop our mass at the end of the news has let's take a look at our cooler 4 zone forecast because we're going to cool down in a big way to slightly below average at 62 degrees for downtown san francisco and half moon bay. so out of the 70's even burlingame in millbrae in the mid 60's, upper 60's for foster city and about the 77 degrees. so wind speeds will be 10 to 20 miles per hour but out of the west-southwest we're going to get more of that sea breeze influence even extending into our interior valleys at san jose n livermore cooling down to 82 degrees with widespread 60's and 70's along the east
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bay shoreline and we are going to notice still some warm temperatures inland about 5 to 10 degrees above average but beating out of the 80's and 90's like we were today said that the 78 degrees in santa rosa 10 degrees above average at 81 degrees but mother's day sunday looking great staying dry cooler, pleasant temperatures even for tear your valleys we down in the 70's and scattered showers monday and tuesday of next week with the second stronger storm 10 days from now granted to keep back to you all right thanks to a brace. it will small businesses, especially restaurants have just been crushed lately. >>but now san jose city leaders say they're working on a plan to help at least once the pandemic is over kron four's jonathan mccall learned though there are still plenty of hurdles before this idea can take off. >>calling the wave of the covid-19 pandemic california restaurants have been looking for ways to stay afloat during the crisis, san jose city leaders are now working on a new plan they hope will provide a lifeline after the shelter at home orders are lifted this will be an effort
10:35 pm
to require. >>a lot of hands on deck. we're grateful that we've got so many right folks who are willing to lend their time to help us it's cold san jose al fresco the goal is simple allowing businesses, especially restaurants. access to public spaces and outdoor facilities to service customers as many restaurants to prepare for a post covid-19 world with fewer seats inside the plan would let customers enjoy their food and drinks outside we need creative ideas to help reopen restaurants and get our russian family members back to work 84% of businesses in downtown san jose have been forced to shut their doors in the last 7 weeks. >>according to the california restaurant association, the $7 billion industry here in the golden state has lost a million restaurant workers. >>business leaders say despite many efforts many establishments will reopen their doors and she seems pause for new zealand's. the owners of clones bars. i was
10:36 pm
close so it isn't surprising me tell you are 1600 in businesses downtown that presently only 6% of them are open san jose mayor sam liccardo says while the idea is in place there are still plenty of details to work out. >>including conversations with the alcoholic beverage commission getting backing from local and state health leaders, making sure that restaurants are back up to code before they can reopen. the cargo says he also wants to make it free for businesses to use the public spaces for their customers some are hoping that this plan will stick around for years to come. jonathan mccall kron 4 news may area-based company tesla is working to reopen its fremont factory. >>thursday, the human resources person sent out an e-mail to employees saying that the company's going to begin limited operations and they were recalling 30% of their workforce to come back to the tesla factory, although tesla is working to reopen alameda county officials say not so fast. the factory sits
10:37 pm
in the county where shelter-in-place orders recently were extended. >>and we have not given the game we have been working with them looking at for their safety plans recommendations. >>that no we have not said that he thinks that it is appropriate the funds. >>tesla says that employees returning to work will be given some additional training and that they will have to learn new protocols in order to prevent the spread of covid-19. >>schools, tough on everybody these days but today on the zoo meetings the classes on the internet the assignments at gregory gardens elementary and as robert share preschool, pleasant hill were canceled for the day so that everybody could celebrate teachers yet was a really good day this week a teacher's appreciation night. >>week huh is going on and although it looked a little bit different in the age of social distancing. heaters were still showered with appreciation there they are
10:38 pm
lined up on the sidewalk in the parking lot with families making the rounds for teacher appreciation car parade. >>i care a lot about >>teachers association organized this little parade turning the spotlight on educators who continue managing the student body through the pandemic gregory gardens principal katie who says that the current academic year will wrap up on june 3rd and she expects the school will have to continue adapting to a whole new way of learning into the fall. >>you can do that but you can't do this the alameda county fair has been canceled for the first time in 100 years. the 18 day fair was scheduled to run from june 19th through mid july the fair is a 108 year-old tradition that nearly half a million people attend every year it
10:39 pm
also obviously brings a significant economic boost with more than $32 million in revenue. mass gatherings like county fairs will be one of the last things allowed to reopen by the state the county fair will not be permitted until we get to stage 4. alameda county's fair officials say they're monitoring conditions for future summer events perhaps course racing and auction events. a truck driver says he was on a highway in modesto when a guy in his underwear forced him to pull over you know that story might sound crazy enough, but there's even more. >>the truck was a tanker that was full of find out what happened next you got to see the video and steve large as it for you. >>this suspect justin court what may be the wildest ride of any wine highest ever. the dash cam video from a tanker truck hauling bulk red wine on highway 99 through modesto for
10:40 pm
directing the truck to the side of the highway. the truck driver pulls over believing he may have a mechanical problem only to see the man in the sedan get out only wearing underwear. he runs to the passenger side of the truck and out of you as the truck driver pulls back onto the freeway another onboard camera captures that suspect jumped back into view then on the back of the white truck with no shirt and no shoes, he rides on the side of the tanker. the video then shows him climbing underneath the truck as it hits freeway speeds. that's when the driver noticed the dashboard gauge showing he was losing fluids. hundreds of gallons of red wine. he called the chp. >>i listen to radio i listen to thousands and thousands of calls. this was a year in the top 10 the truck driver found the suspect gabriel moreno now under arrest in an unusual position. marino at and strood
10:41 pm
a valve underneath the truck as it was moving up highway 99 that said the takers wind gushing and marino gulping as much as he could i just individuals able to. at least the winds under. the taker and he placed himself underneath the taker in such a manner the best way to describe this is somebody doing like snow angels. >>this highway 99 red wine heist big and bold. >>with the finish. in handcuffs. >>this is john exactly what they're looking for a hearing by the way the trucking company says they weigh their tanker after this was all over and found that they had lost about a 1000 gallons of wine. >>most of it ending up on highway 99. that's enough to fill about 5,000. red wine bottles. >>that was steve large reporting for us tonight, california of course has that open container law says you cannot consume alcohol while
10:42 pm
on the road even if you're a passenger of course usually the container in question is a can or a bottle it is unclear how the law applies to a tanker truck. >>a mystery inflammatory syndrome is sending some children and teenagers to the hospital what we know about it so far and why some doctors think it could be linked to covid and the latest from the nba is the commissioner today at a teleconference with all the players.
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>>doctors are warning parents about a serious illness targeting children were the symptoms are similar to those of the key disease 64 children and teens in new york state are suspected of having this unknown mysterious disease beth germano reports. >>this is very rare and the good news is their child can fight this infection it's a mysterious and so far unexplained infection affecting children in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic this is a what we call a post viral. response where the body's immune system is causing these persistent fevers inflammation doctor jeffrey burns at boston's children's hospital says they are symptoms resembling kawasaki disease. and first started showing up weeks ago in european countries heavily impacted by covid-19 and new york city where a health warning has been issued
10:46 pm
there's no question we're seeing a cluster of the stations because we do. we do think it's related to covid-19 the 6 children have tested positive for covid-19 cases which have been rare in the u.s. or have showed antibodies for the virus. children's hospital is treating 4 suspected cases as doctors say it looks like a reaction 4 to 6 weeks after being exposed it was just turning hives and all these weird rashes all over him as a reaction to be in sec. but then it just got worse and worse nancy o'connor son jake was 10 years old when he contracted kawasaki disease back in 2007 with spiking fevers she says at the time it was difficult to diagnose they just want people to know about it again you know it's like it was so frustrating to go through as a parent and as a nurse. >>here in massachusetts, the department of public health has not issued an emergency health alert similar to new
10:47 pm
york but has reached out to medical centers likely to see these kinds of cases the thing that parents should look for is persistent fever your child is a persistent fever. that's a reason to call your pediatrician, it's not the first time the disease has caused a post viral reaction. but doctors say with so much still unknown about covid-19. they're now trying to better understand it. >>that was beth germano reporting for us tonight. many american children aren't getting their vaccinations because of the pandemic in some areas the number of childhood immunizations is down by more than 42%. today, the american academy of pediatricians published new recommendations to keep kids safe during the pandemic the cdc recommends children get 14 different vaccinations as they grow up. and the timing of the shots is important. the new recommendations ask pediatricians to double efforts to make sure children get their vaccines. pedpatricians are also recommended to set up different clinic hours to separate well children from the sec to prevent the spread
10:48 pm
of covid-19. >>an oklahoma zoo is getting a new name and a lot of attention, thanks to netflix the greater wynnewood exotic animal park is seeing a big boost in visitors after it was featured on the docu series. tiger king. sort of a pandemic phenomenon this is joe exotic's former zoo. like most businesses had to close because of the pandemic but it reopened this week after the animal park was given clearance as long as both workers and visitors follow the cdc's sanitation and physical distancing protocols. staff at the zoo say the docu series. he said such a big impact on business the greater wynnewood exotic animal park will soon be called. tiger king park. >>that's awesome this hike seen on netflix and actually being here is this awesome view of the government trying there's joe exotic as for that man he is still in federal prison on a 22 year sentence
10:49 pm
for trying to hire a hit man. >>to kill a rival animal activist carole baskin. can't make it up exotic lawyer is asking president trump to pardon him so he can get out of federal prison and they've created a video claiming he is innocent. >>all disney theme parks appear to be getting closer reopening the how the company announced today that its outdoor dining shopping and entertainment complex at disney world in florida will reopen on may 20th and the disneyland resort in anaheim is now accepting hotel reservations, beginning on july first, neither resort has given a projected date for the actual theme parks to reopen but shanghai disney is opening its gates again on monday may 11th. in new york city n y p d releasing new data showing 81% of those who are issued summonses for social distancing violations were
10:50 pm
people of color. the release of the data comes after violent altercations between the public and police. >>have been caught on video on tuesday, this week democratic representative jeffries tweeted video of what he called aggressive social distancing enforcement in east brooklyn. the brooklyn da's office released its own social distancing data on thursday which showed 40 distancing arrests in brooklyn between march 17th in may 4th of those 40 35 were black people for worse panic people. one was white brooklyn district attorney eric gonzalez declined to prosecute all 40 arrests saying earlier in the week that it should be a last resort gonzales called images like these disturbing. >>time now to buy it's been a tea making it easy to access all your favorite entertainment at >>well today is the day when teens could start to reopen their facilities if they are
10:51 pm
located in states where measures have been reduced the cans in blazers were the first to open their doors for individual workouts but when it comes to bringing back games. that's an entirely different discussion, according to multiple reports league commissioner, adam silver held a conference call with players this afternoon to provide the latest on the status of the season here are the highlights there is no firm date to return and we may not hear about a decision before instead of playing games at home arenas the league is also said to be keying in on 2 potential venue options, orlando and las vegas if games are back on schedule is most likely be without fans and espn is reporting that mtv news. >>could be the case through next year. we'll stay tuned on any further updates meanwhile in the nfl, the 49 ers continuing their virtual offseason workouts as the levi's facility remains closed today. linebacker fred warner caught up with the media to video conference. the team's leading tacklers training in orange county goes through regular defensive meetings with his coaches. although it's unknown everyone to get
10:52 pm
together again he sees teammates posting their workouts online and staying ready to do. >>you know spinoza see them as other guys or girls or or a c d o c everybody and so. you know come back. pairs possible com that rate than it is you know that this trial to give some issues that are see that. >>finally in baseball, a significant move that will impact the game for years to come as the mlb will be reducing its draft from 40 rounds only 5 reportedly has a cost saving measure due to the pandemic the season has been delayed for more than a month and there's no set plan to resume games in this new structure means 150 players will be drafted and the hundreds not selected are eligible to sign for a max of $20,000. the draft is scheduled for june 10th that if you look at sports. grant
10:53 pm
vicki back to you. you're >>take a look at this cute e she just mad
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
>>take a look at this little doll the gerber baby for 2020 is from here the bay area she's from the town of ross and brand county. her name is magnolia earl she was chosen from more than 327,000 other babies. yeah to represent the
10:56 pm
gerber brand magnolia was adopted last year and she celebrates her first birthday tomorrow she's going to be featured on all gerber social media channels and marketing campaigns. so stinking cute what a doll anger at >>final check on the forecast as we look ahead to mother's day appropriately enough talking. >>gerber babies in the breeze is here with that when he got the breeze. >>well i had to deliver because my sister just became a first-time mom last month and my mom didn't sound from santa barbara out benny one had to deliver this weekend. it was need so let's take a look at your forecast. we are noticing a big blanket, a storm cloud cover because they were really are out there is actually getting us some patchy drizzle right along the coast and around the bay area's shoreline so watch out for your saturday morning commute and temperatures out there right now 50 degrees but 60's for conquered and 74 still in parts of the tribe, dolly's like antioch and
10:57 pm
livermore but relief in sight during the overnight hours widespread 50's tonight and wake-up planner forecast is going to show that cooling trend continuing near average along the coast and along the bay where 80's inland and 7 nights and joy. >>all of brees said thank you for that and i we want to get into too much detail about you you delivered the baby today, you're no no i haven't even seen because of the coronavirus haha so okay is the vicki had weekend. by guy. the world's on fire ♪
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