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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  May 11, 2020 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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and next at 6.30 us restrictions start to ease states are facing new complications find
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>>as far americans getting a test they should all be able to get a test right now they should be able to get it says that's a problem with a question like that we go through a whole announcement saying we're number one in the world by far by a factor of 2 and even 3, 4, depending on where you look in and again a
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question when will everybody be able to get tested if somebody wants to be tested right now they'll be able to be tested. >>that was president trump addressing available testing for americans this week. nearly every state is starting to relax restrictions aimed at stopping the spread of coronavirus but the way that states reopen can be complicated and controversial karen caifa explains. >>welcome to bristol the birthplace of country music this one town sits in 2 states, tennessee and virginia. 2 places with different schedules to reopen amid the covid pandemic in a restaurant you can look out the window and 30 yards across the street. there are people walking into businesses dining shopping. >>and so that's a challenge. >>some business owners want states like virginia to open on a regional basis in bristol that would prevent restaurants on the same street from having different restrictions it's tough because i can see that in the seaside. >>i could so there's a virus
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over there it's over here in south dakota to travel to or from her porter over the next thing is to shine river sioux tribe feels the state is opening too soon they set up checkpoints along highways meant to track the virus and stop the spread of fever coughing, sore as of right now don't have any of those things south dakota's governor demands. these roadblocks come down but the tribe refuses virus doesn't travel to people with the virus that travel in washington, the clash between restarting economies and protecting health is on full display as president trump presses more states to reopen. >>top members of the administration's task force have gone into some form of quarantine including the heads of the cdc fda and the nation's top infectious disease specialist anthony fauci now staff is conducting contact tracing to determine how coronavirus got inside the white house in washington karen caifa kron 4 news. as the presidential campaign has gone virtual during the pandemic president trump and likely democratic presidential nominee joe biden are
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continuing to campaign. >>from home. the president from the white house and joe biden from his delaware home, but anna werner reports republican national committee chair is now saying that the gop will draw the line at voting from home. it's also promising a nationwide effort to fight mail in ballots. what she and the president say are at a higher risk for voter fraud. >>republican national committee chairwoman ronna mcdaniel warns the idea of mass mailing ballots for the november election would cause chaos up ending the entire election process was 6 months to go. just doesn't make sense mcdaniel says she's ready to fight states like california that are encouraging every voter to cast a mail in ballot from home, especially in states that haven't done a thorough audit to make sure they're not sending debt ballots to people have moved away or passed away california is the first state to make widespread voting by mail an option, although california governor gavin newsom says the polls will remain open even
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residents choose to vote in person. >>giving them the choice and not to feel like they have to go into a concentrated dense environment where their health may be at risk but mcdaniel says if a registered voter isn't comfortable going to the polls they should request an absentee ballot. we think an absence he is to request farm is critical for verification that this is the voter who the ballots intended for and texas republican senator john cornyn says millon voting could overwhelm our election system we really are bills. >>to do a 100% of the election. my we simply don't have the systems in place but some democrats argue that under the current circumstances, voting in person simply isn't sif. >>california democratic senator kamala harris says ensuring a safe election day this november needs to be a national priority in washington, i'm anna warning key. >>let's talk about our forecast now and joining us working from home is our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow after such a lovely weekend
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got pretty soggy monday today as more rain on the way. >>yeah we've got a series of storms actually just and i think maybe one next weekend that could be more significant that we're seeing right now but certainly nice to see that rainfall around the bay area we can use any rain we can get before the end of the season work can lead this season, a pick up some rain but here you go some showers out there now that continually looking dimmer on back toward the golden gate bridge. and you see the brush to some kind of breaking up as it moves across the bay area now scattered showers along the peninsula just inside the bay are these they continue to see some rainfall as well and that's more rounds of rain coming our way you'll see it right here one band moves and then behind that there that's more rain as we head toward tomorrow morning. then the middle of the day tomorrow likely another band of rain to move through that as we get into wednesday, this will maybe a little more significant bring another band of rain into the bay area certainly keep things a little bit wet unsettled before we dry things out on thursday. temperatures for tomorrow in the san francisco plan about 60 degrees downtown
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some showers there possibility 58 montero 59. in half moon bay about 60 in burlingame inside the peninsula less chance of rain you may see a few scattered showers not to be much temperatures will warm up a little bit about 69 degrees in san jose, 65 in milpitas pretty mild maybe it's i 70 degrees and live more 68 in dublin for the go north a better chance of raindrops though so you get to the north bay expects more scattered showers popping up outside about 66 been spurt about 66 in the napa valley and about 58 degrees and the bottom so unsettled. the next couple days a chance of more rain justine over the weekend. >>thank you lawrence now we go to national news and the u.s. justice department is considering whether to bring federal hate crime charges in the shooting death case of art arbery the 25 year-old was a black man and he was shot and killed on february 23rd. his death causing nationwide outrage after there was a video of the deadly confrontation that surfaced. the suspects 64 year-old greg
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with michael and his 34 year-old son travis mcmichael our white and according to a police report. greg mcmichael told police he and his son grabbed their guns and chased arbery in their truck but leaving here is responsible for burglaries in their neighborhood. they were not arrested until may 7th and now face charges of murder and aggravated assault. georgia's attorney general has requested that the d o j investigate the handling of the case. coming up while balancing schoolwork and fighting off fordham 3 best friends have also started a mask making company. and there are only 15 years old. and coming up a new study says our eyes could potentially spread coronavirus.
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>>a new study done by scientists at johns hopkins university found out that our eyes could be a port of entry for coronavirus the study found the cells on the surface of our eyes are susceptible to infection and could potentially spread the virus to others kron on's spoke with a local eye doctor earlier today who says she's not surprised by the results. >>the front tire buyer says often find their way into human body through the eye the eye surface very sensitive. you know very delicate in some ways it is similar to all our nasal passages and other parts
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of the body as far as having. recent there's that and up. protect us from different invaders but at the same time invaders can also use these receptor is to entry into our by the unselfish call it is not the only buyers, the gains access to the human body through the ocular surface. there are other viruses don't do that so in general is an we all is trying to protect. arise from touching down in ottawa. >>up next. there's a shortage of a potential treatment for covid-19 and it's putting some hospitals are risk find out how the the
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federal government is announcing a plan for rationing remdesivir fear the only drug so far that has shown some promise as a treatment for severe coronavirus patients. >>but a shortage of the drug is now putting hospitals in a really tough position. elizabeth cohen has more. >>remdesivir year the only drug that's been shown in a large rigorous study to fight covid-19 given the limited supplies. the federal government has been doling it out some hospitals getting less than they need others getting non new york state is working with. >>hhs health and human
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services on the federal side and ministry to 2900 people at a 15 hospitals, the federal government is giving new york in a severe for 2,900 patients but there are about 7,262 coronavirus patients in new york hospitals that same situation playing out around the country this mile from the first shipment of remdesivir year received last week by massachusetts general hospital in boston. >>where doctor richelle what lewinsky is chief of infectious diseases, we know. >>that the doses of the strike that we're going to get are not going to be enough to treat every patient that we have in the hospital now so they've had to make decisions about who gets remdesivir year and who doesn't this was hard at mass general they have about 200 patients with the virus and they have enough from des severe for only 65 patients. >>and more patients are being admitted every day and doctors don't know when we'll get more of the drug. mass general's
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decision a hospital committee not the patient's doctor decides who gets it this is not how we like to practice medicine. but she says it's the most equitable way to do it it's nearly impossible situation to be in medicine when you think that there's something you could and should be doing for somebody. >>and you don't have it to give. the federal government has never explained how they decided which hospitals would receive red decidieron how much this drug is promising we want to get to the american people into the areas that need it most saturday, the federal government said in addition to sending remdesivir to hospital. >>they also sent to some state health departments and attend eventually to send it to all state health departments, but they haven't said how much they'll said the each state or their formula for determining those amounts this administration of course doesn't believe in transparency but health care providers need to know about this. >>representative lloyd doggett runs the house ways and means health subcommittee has been
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following the red dust severe rollout. >>it has been bungled from the very beginning. >>and now doctors trying to do their best to allocate this scarce resource. >>actor and comedian jerry stiller has passed away at the age of 92 stiller was well known for his rolls on hit tv shows like seinfeld and the king of queens his career spanned decades also included a long list of roles on stage and in hit movies like zoolander in which she worked alongside his son ben stephanie elam takes us for a look now at his life. >>jerry stiller is acting was anything but serene that's known as george constanza dead franc on millions of people also knew him as arthur scooter on the tv series. the king of queens, a role he played for nearly a decade to delivery people got your names
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for playing father figures still are credited his own father for inspiring his career on my father of course he doesn't realize this but everything i've taken my life is my father has what is it like you really want to do instead of driving buses. i wanted to be an actor. and i shot kidney born in 1927 the funny man met his match and married and mira. >>in september 1954. the 2 started a husband and wife comedy duo. he came during the 1960's and 70's. stiller and meara performed on a handful of variety programs such as the ed sullivan show follows a nom rhonda it's >>as >>the variety series gradually faded their success decline. but unlike many hollywood actors, jerry stiller said he'd had a blessed personal life and i have been lucky, we've got 2 beautiful kids, you know we love the word the
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word is a good people laugh is what kills me to be going. >>the couple's 2 children been in any also followed with careers in hollywood and when ben stiller was making a name for himself, he was better known as jerry son in 2001 mother and son even went on to collaborate in the blockbuster hit you land or. >>but it's his work on seinfeld and jerry hall life changing a job, he initially turned down got the call that a they want to be on seinfeld i turned them down because county want to be for 3 minor homeless. and uh that's typical of my tradition of festivus speak ends. >>with the airing of grievances that i've got problems with you people. >>i have no grievances i got everything wrong.
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we're all doing our part by staying at home.
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that could mean an increase in energy bills. you can save by using a fan to cool off... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or closing your shades during the day. stay well and keep it golden. >>during the stay at home order 3 best friends from the north bay are working together to make masks and they're teenagers and in just a few short weeks, they've started a business, it's crashed also learned to sew. >>nasa made it pretty imprecision any look good and
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a lot of them are sold out started by 3 best friends since kindergarten face covering company 3 guys who care is run by 15 year olds james land is jack goldstein and nick lieberman, we all have these young entrepreneur minds and we wanted to. >>get ourselves more familiarize with you know just learning operated business. we thought what better time right now. the stark and you know to do something that our community the 3 teens from marine county confessed they knew more about sports than selling. but with the help of their moms in a few short weeks. they learned about thread counts stitching pitting managing a website marketing and sales it all kicked him together because we are how we are all really motivated one we saw a goal coming and we kind of just wanted to the economy and it took off from there the handmade masks by the boys are reversible and come in a wide range of colors every day we we package new massive we get yours every day sir
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everything's ship out the post office delivered in the spirit of giving when you order 3 masked you got a 4th for free to give to a front line worker of your choice you want to give them the satisfaction. >>getting it to you now. the mailman or you know the car was recent to anyone that they feel like they can touch themselves between finishing school and running a new company these kids are not sitting around during the coronavirus stay at home order. >>they are seizing the moment and selling to make a difference directly helping. >>may keep people safe and nbc showed great. >>the best friends want to sell the masks in bulk to bay area companies with frontline workers and even to their own middle and high schools. so their peers and teachers can wear them. they hope when school starts again in the fall. kron four's also saluting the class of 2020 every day we're shining the spotlight on graduates and today we're highlighting the philip twins joslyn james jasmine are graduating fro-
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heritage high school in brentwood. both are headed to the university of nevada reno this fall, the study he's the allergy congrats to them and all the 2020 graduates there twins and they're going to the same school that's awesome. that wraps up kron 4 news at 6 i'm justine waldman we have much more ahead here coming up at 7 on kron on and then in prime time at 8, 9.10 o'clock don't forget to wash your hands and i see you back here next.
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can the white house outbreak be contained? >> neither the president nor the vice president are self- isolating. >> he's got people inside the white house. then what pandemic? mother's day brunch packed. >> deborah: the shopper who says he can't wear a mask because he suffers panic attacks. >> i have a doctor's note where i don't have to wear one. >> these shoppers want him out of there. >> get off me! don't touch me! >> can you see why people would be upset that you're not wearing a mask? plus, the bubble people. it's not just a joke. how they're living in the covid- 19 era. then, they were once on the sidelines


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