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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  May 12, 2020 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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virus worldwide globally we've seen over 280,000 deaths over a million people have recovered. there are now over 1 million cases and the u.s. 69,000 of those cases are in california over 2700 people have died from the pandemic in the state. well california and 4 other western states are asking the federal government for trillion in relief for their states and local governments. governor newsome says of california have projected a billion surplus just a year ago. now the state is on track to have a budget shortfall of more than billion. all right here in the bay area they're almost 10,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus take a look at your screen. over 350 people have died from the virus santa clara county which has been hit the hardest by covid-19. still has the most cases with 2300 infections. and a 129 deaths.
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you can see the complete list if you like in all the breakdown, we have a by county by city on our website kron 4 dot com. area san francisco could allow more businesses to reopen with curbside pickup and delivery services next monday. mayor london breed and build the next steps for reopening the city while she's excited about the potential expansion of curbside pickup delivery. she says it could be a dangerous move especially since the city has not yet seen a substantial downward trend in those being hospitalized for covid-19 san francisco city officials say the decision of whether to allow additional retail stores to open on may 18th that will be determined by the number of hospitalizations. >>if indeed our rate of hospitalizations. start to climb substantially. it may not be safe to continue to reopen. >>well the city has also set up a new set of guidelines for stores that are already open in places like grocery stores
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delivery service and restaurants. most also put those guidelines in place. and just like san francisco 5 other bay area counties are continuing to enforce a stricter shelter in place. kron four's michelle kingston takes a look and what the barry county say need to be done before joining the rest of the state in states to take a listen we will work with every county with every city. any practical and responsible way california governor gavin newsome says guidelines for reopening sit-down dining will be released on tuesday, but most parts of the bay area have not even allowed curbside pickup from nonessential businesses all part of stage 2 of reopening health officers in the bay area caution that reducing restrictions too quickly could lead to a substantial resurgence of covid-19 we recognize. >>that there are counties that are still holding a little stronger on the bay area wants to continue for an additional week and we respect the right
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based on local conditions for people to to be a little more strict health officers in 6 bay area counties, san francisco alameda contra costa marine san mateo and santa clara say they will measure progress in containing the virus by these 5 indicators whether the number of covid-19 cases and hospitalizations is flat or decreasing whether there's an adequate supply of ppe equipment whether the need for testing is being met and whether there is adequate capacity for contact tracing these really >>similar to the governor's plan for reopening the economy. but we thought we wanted to really put some hard numbers on them. and those numbers are based on a lot of expert as to what is really needed to be sure that where not going to have a surge in that we are prepared for any surges in cases that might happen. >>santa clara county health officers say they are still in
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need of pp testing in contact tracing the city of berkeley says it will take some time to see the impact of allowing construction in outdoor businesses to resume and they're looking closely at their data and will make changes accordingly napa solano and sonoma counties all entered stage 2 of reopening last friday. michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>napa solano and sonoma counties interview stage 2 of reopening last friday, allowing retailers to resume business, although some still have their doors close. while many were excited about the idea of reopening those stores others are not one book shop decided to hold back keeping their store front firmly closed for now instead continuing to take orders via e-mail and other are either a letting their customers just you know come and pick up a book or you know they'll go to their houses and drop it off in a quiet part of town so they are considering other options. >>i think going downtown and
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i've been going to the store and a lot of people are wearing masks a lot of people are is social distancing and we don't want that to happen in the store we want to sell books. but we also. our community to be safe. >>so they're definitely considering the curbside pickup options in the future as well and then on sundays when there's not much traffic downtown they say that that will definitely help the business. well the ongoing shelter-in-place orders placing a burden not only on local businesses but bay area cities. president of the california retailers association rachel michelin says that that ripple effect a viable retail businesses shutting down will impact sales tax revenue and local economies. >>you're going to see more and more small businesses closing their doors is not going to be able to weather this storm he tells a huge part of the california economy where one of the largest employers one in 4 jobs related we tell we're a huge economic driver
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for the state of california, especially the economic driver for local government is just not certain you. >>well as for the 6th area counties choosing not to follow the rest of the state leaders believe the economy ty will likely lead to more shops closing down in those areas. concerns about san francisco's population of homeless, how people you know speaking out about the ongoing problem in the city and the shelter-in-place orders that started in march kron four's kate rooney has details on the latest efforts to address the issue. >>on thursday, san francisco director of public health grant colfax said 8% of the city's homeless population has tested positive for covid-19. meanwhile mayor london breed announced that more hotel rooms will be made available to vulnerable citizens were talking about people who live in our single-room occupancy hotels. >>who if they contract the virus they can't necessarily social distance themselves in an sro if they're living there with their family or someone
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who is homeless or someone who lives in a congregate living setting or anyone who lives with family where there's not the ability for them to self quarantine the city's department of homelessness and supportive housing told kron 4 that nearly 1300 hotel rooms are currently being used to house vulnerable people. >>plans to move more of the city's 8,000 homeless people are ongoing. but encampments continue to grow throughout san francisco unfortunately, the folks on the street and shelters have still not had the opportunity is shelter in place. >>but if we're talking about reopening that means who have been inside are going to be going outside more and as we know we've got now thousands of folks out on the street now camping out city supervisors have proposed legislation to open 5 safe sleeping sites in places like parking lots, the first open with 20 tents in the bayview neighborhood and another is set for this week near the asian art museum, future sites may open at the temporary transbay terminal downtown at everett middle school on church street.
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>>and outside golden gate park in the former mcdonald's parking lot folks want to have some organized states spaces many people do where they can access to sanitation where they can access medical services now make the delivery of food is here the department of homelessness and supportive housing is working to expand sub services while supervisors and other experts call for more widespread testing in encampments and shelters. >>and san francisco kate rooney kron 4 news. >>well between balancing schoolwork and fighting off boredom 3.15 year olds from marin county are staying very busy. so they started a handmade facemask company and they name, but 3 guys who care that's a great name. the teams have been best friends since kindergarten, they wanted to start a business together. so their mom you know they helped out with the boys are taking the lead they had to learn everything about the red counts in sewing and managing a website marketing sales. it's been very educational. >>you know we all have these young entrepreneur minds and we wanted to get ourselves
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more familiarized with you know just learning operate a business we thought what better time right now. the stark and you know to do something that our community. >>this is awesome they're learning a new skill skill and they're helping their community at the same time so when you buy 3 mass you get a 4th one for free, but that 4th one is to donate to a front line worker of your choice sold the best friends they wanted to sell the mask in bulk to local companies and hopefully to school districts as well great job guys it's a great idea. well as a presidential campaign has gone viral during the pandemic president trump and likely democratic presidential nominee joe biden they're continuing to campaign from home but republican national committee chair. i'm ronna mcdaniel says that the gop will draw the line at voting from home and a warning to reports. >>republican national committee chairwoman ronna mcdaniel warns the idea of mass mailing ballots for the november election would cause chaos up ending the entire
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election process was 6 months to go. just doesn't make sense mcdaniel says she's ready to fight states like california that are encouring every voter to cast a mail in ballot from home, especially in states that haven't done a thorough audit to make sure they're not sending debt ballots to people have moved away or passed away california is the first state to make widespread voting by mail an option, although california governor gavin newsom says the polls will remain open even residents choose to vote in person. >>giving them the choice and not to feel like they have to go into a concentrated dense environment where their health may be at risk but mcdaniel says if a registered voter isn't comfortable going to the polls they should request an absentee ballot. we think an absence he is to request farm is critical for verification that this is the voter who the ballots intended for and texas republican senator john cornyn says millon voting could overwhelm our election system we really are bills. >>to do a 100% of the
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election. my we simply don't have the systems in place but some democrats argue that under the current circumstances, voting in person simply isn't sif california democratic senator kamala harris says ensuring a safe election day this november needs to be a national priority in washington, i'm anna warning key. >>well our coverage of that run a virus continues on our website kron 4 dot com. there we've listed the latest on the outbreaks in the bay area and the easy interactive map that you can follow along with a lot of information on ways to keep yourself safe. you can find all of this on our website kron 4 dot com. >>well coming up next on the kron 4 morning news as california beaches begin to reopen the question on lawsuits against governor newsome order remain who gets the final say on this that story coming up and before we go a little peek outside you see the dark clouds lingering over the bay bridge so dave spahr says yeah do expect morning showers but we're going to see a little bit of sunshine. some clearing later
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still going mention rain in our forecast for today and again returning it looks like tomorrow as well and the timing will be a little different we had today, the pri and on showers will turn into an afternoon affair for your wednesday, a look at what it looks like an sfo that michael is going on here too as well traffic in the distance we don't have any reports of any delays yet, but we'll check after 5 o'clock and see what's going on there is of course, lighter traffic with this year, future cast for with the fog, let's give it its run and we see it clears out only to return tonight. >>before. before we get a rain developing into tomorrow afternoon so i hear we help the temperatures right now we're in the upper 50's territory, 60 >>57 antioch in concord on the east bay shoreline upper 50's. but a big jump in temperatures expected for today with the rain event that's pretty typical across the state in fact 75 fresno central valley, there baker still at 74 even sacramento at 69 so reduce temperatures everywhere. there is going to be little bit of a
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warm-up though as we get into the end of the week, a future cast for watching the breakup of the rain later for today. overnight the fog it's here we get some clouds and such but the rain holds off until the afternoon hours as of a little dose there as you can see. and it moves on through and then by thursday there's a chance we might pick up a little bit more rain in the north bay, scattered showers at that way up there. but then it should subside for friday and the early weekend. we see a little bit of warming up we're not getting a lot of rain quantitative lee from all this what happens is what i just showed you. we see roll out at this hour, some of those resume wearing our 04:45am this is what happens until 7 o'clock after all the rain for today is done. you can see it's under 10th of an inch of rain except now picking up more so this is what we will get in the late morning hours because basically the afternoon not much is added to that there's more expected upstream in for wednesday. now you can see a little bit of an up there in the north bay. but at 4.45 and more is expected
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to spread out across the wire bay here probably discord of an inch of rain most it will pick up from all of this uptick in the winds. late afternoon around 5 o'clock or so up there in the north face level county. eastern contra costa county. that's pretty much contained in those areas there probably some little better heating working seeing inland. because of some breaks in the skies. now the wider perspective, let's see what's going on here so we're done with this rain train here early in the week we get a break north bay still may see some rain friday warm up and saturday, not bad and then here comes boom another dose on sunday. the dose by monday may actually be a little cooler air aloft right there into tuesday, so it may provide a couple little thunder showers to look out for again that will be monday and potentially into tuesday with some colder air upstairs. today again 62 san francisco opened 6569 covering san jose across the wider bay, temperatures upper 60's and those in the valleys, mid 60's covered the east bay shoreline
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and check out your seven-day forecast 79 for friday. looks pretty good not bad for saturday but already turning and sunday more rain monday. but actually looking at some thunder showers as temperatures are reduced in the 60's. this is more of an early spring time pattern here as we start to get by this point into middle to later may check bay area bridges and such robin what's going on when i was driving on the bay bridge i notice that we have a high wind advisory in place so that was issued by chp has felt the winds little bit too. >>when i got over to the suspension portion of the bridge to slow down out there for those of you heading into san francisco it's slippery you could spin out that always happens even just a little bit of rain it leads to an increase in the number of spin out so. so far it's been a good trip it's under 10 minutes from the bottom of the maze off to fremont street so we're off to a quiet start the richmond sandra fell you can definitely see the soggy roads here but no problems on 5.80 west into the north bay just do not forget the headlights and the wipers. we'll take a little peek at the golden gate
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slick as well one o one at the limit so far into and out of san francisco. no problems to report so it's going to be easy drive just get out there a little early since some of you will be dealing with showers. well now that california beaches are slowly beginning to open with precautionary restrictions in place. the reasons for several lawsuits challenging the governor's emergency powers go away. but reporter lonnie wong explains in tells us that the court may have the final say over whether governor newsome went too far. >>governor gavin newsom's decision to close several orange county beaches after some worshippers turned out in droves to find a stay at home order do immediate reaction and not just by beachgoers but public officials who said he was usurping local authority. the beach controversy actually followed critics from rural counties who said newsome was applying rules more appropriate to larger counties with the covid-19 virus is more present and more deadly. one state republican party official fell half a dozen
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lawsuits alone on issues surrounding the violation of constitutional rights issues near and dear to conservative constituencies though there's not a lot of cheese. long's however, there is some attorney mark reichel has made oral arguments in numerous appellate courts, including the u.s. supreme court. he said the high court sided with the government and efforts to hold a smallpox epidemic in 1900 over the constitutional rights of plaintiffs the supreme court is always held that an american your freedoms are extensive, but not absolute in all cases because your freedoms cannot cause harm to others which is what governor newsom's justice department is arguing in court. >>you can cause more harm than letting a pandemic go unchecked and it's going to be very difficult for someone to sue and to prevail and say that my constitutional rights are being violent but there are still lots of gray area. michael says courts often fall back on what is reasonable smaller counties with fewer covid-19 cases contend that they shouldn't be lumped in with more populated areas as far as restarting the economy
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they're probably in a decent position to make that are the governors reopening strategy is data-driven but some constitutional rights advocates take issue with how the data is interpreted they think the facts just aren't there. the facts don't justifies response. well, some people drop their lawsuit says the strict tons of being left it others expect their cases that go all the way to the supreme court which means the final judgment on governor newsom's emergency actions may not be made until well after the pandemic is over. >>in sacramento. lonnie wong fox 40 news. >>kron 4 is also saluting the class of 2020 and this morning we want to congratulate alyssa catherine held or an alyssa's graduating from doherty valley high school. she plans on attending san jose state university to major in business administration so congratulations to alyssa we're very proud of you and keep in mind that you can let us know about a graduate in your life all you have to do is go to kron 4 dot com find salute to grads 2020 it's right under the news tab. submit a picture of your grad
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let us know high school the graduate attended and then what's next a all the great photos we received so far it looks all right we'll be right back. a comeback everyone, a
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start-up company. in san francisco is helping grieving families honor their loved ones with memorial trees and we're recognizing better place forrest has this morning's kron 4 hero. so the company is
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offering up to million worth of protected memorial trees. they want to honor frontline heroes who die from covid-19 by providing them with a legacy that will endure for a long time so all while lifting the financial burden of a burial service so families can reserve a tree and plan for a future ceremony and the arena for us overlooking the pacific ocean that right there in the mendocino county so if you like to learn more about this service i have to do is go to our website we shared a link on our website kron 4 dot com. keep in mind that you can spotlight anyone making a difference in your community we have a special section on our website, it's called kron 4 heroes we've gotten so many great stories so far all you have to do is fill out a quick form let us know about your hero and you can find that page on our website. you guessed it kron 4 dot com. let's get a little peek of the forecast now with dave spahr and let's see how these showers are going to shape up for you to say dave. >>well good morning robin good morning, quite away some fog
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we're getting to is our shot from u c berkeley still hard to see the bay for a lot of the distance and all this fog kind of covering over the east bay shorelineas you can see that fog by the way we'll take care of itself really by the early afternoon. so it's like a taken too long to kind of mix out for us. rain will be done also at that point to but it will come in again late tonight looks like bay area temperatures mid to upper 50's at this hour for comparison sake, we're actually ahead of the ball game for probably going to fall back a little bit later on today. that's because we didn't get much cooling overnight, 57 by 08:00am 11:00am we're at 62 as you can see the raindrops move out of here temporarily because robin they're coming back again for tomorrow we're becoming more than our forecast coming up that back to you all right we'll be ready for coming up in the next hour. the cdc says airport screenings to little to prevent the pandemic from spreading in california. why they say it was unaffected. >>plus governor, newsome will be releasing guidelines for reopening dine-in restaurants
4:57 am
in the state we're live with the details. >>and all of the trump administration, including doctor fauci will be testifying in the senate's coronavirus hearing that's going to happen in just a few hours. we'll have more on this
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12th, i'm robin winston good morning, everybody, i'm marty gonzales will get right to our top story at 05:00am happening in just a matter of hours. the country's top infectious disease expert will testify on capitol hill. doctor anthony fauci told the new york times that he believes senators that he will tell senators that he there will be quote needless suffering and death of states open too quickly. >>well this hearing will be the first opportunity for members of congress to question top medical experts. the director of the cdc will also be testifying this morning that hearing is expected to started around 07:00am this morning of course we'll keep you update it will bring you doctor fauci is opening statement live right here on the kron 00:04am morning news so stay tuned. >>and happening today governor newsom is expected to release new guidelines and could help decide when restaurants can reopen the restaurant industry as you know has been hit especially hard during the pandemic kron 4 sarah stinson live in san francisco. she has more on what we can expect later


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