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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  May 14, 2020 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>>news at 6. projecting in our documents were putting out today in our may revise of that january budget that unemployment will peak north of 24 and a half percent this is simply without precedent. >>a dire projection from governor gavin newsome who says well unemployment is skyrocketing california's revenue is plummeting. thank you for joining us here on kron 4 news at 6 i'm justine waltman today the governor proposed billions of dollars in budget cuts as the coronavirus pandemic continues to tear an economic hole through our state. capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the governor's new proposal. >>not ordinary times and as a consequence this will not be
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and ordinary budget presentation governor gavin newsome thursday presented his proposed version of the state budget axing $19 billion from his original spending plan in january as the state's economy struggles amid the coronavirus newsome anticipating unemployment could peak at 24.5% in california with a 22% drop in overall state revenue the billion budget keep some programs like boost the minimum wage and maintaining the state's earned income tax credit for working families along with continued commitments to health and public safety but the governor prepared to throw out 6.1 billion in program expansions and new proposals including extending state health insurance to undocumented seniors. the governor also proposing to cut state worker pay by 10% including health care workers and public safety personnel. >>his own salary also included you will hear of cuts that. >>not make none of us crowd. but the values nonetheless we
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are holding on to for now new some plans to use $16 billion from california's emergency rainy day fund over the next 3 years the governor pleading for help from the president and federal government to help deal with about a quarter of california's possible cuts state financial experts say those federal dollars would need to be promised before the budget goes into effect july first president united states with a stroke of a pen. >>could provide support for speaker pelosi's new heroes act. and these cuts would be eliminated. >>in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>so now sonoma county will allow more businesses to open starting tomorrow this as san francisco and san mateo counties brace to enter into phase 2 in just a few days and marin county plans to do the same. let's start with the changes in sonoma county as it is amending its shelter in place order to expand the number of businesses that are allowed to open in phase 2 the following businesses will be allowed to reopen car washes pet groomers dog walking
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services, residential and janitorial cleaning services outdoor museums open air galleries botanical gardens and other outdoor exposition spaces spaces the amended order also allows office workers and office spaces to open it hello working, it is not possible. childcare facilities will also open to those outside the essential work force but was strict rules in place. the sonoma rules all followed the direction that was given by governor newsome this weekend the amended order takes effect at midnight. tonight only 3 bay area counties are in face too that's napa solano and sonoma counties, starting monday, san francisco and san mateo counties will begin easing into face too. and today marine county announced it will also move into phase 2 on monday may 18th but details on what that means for moran will be released tomorrow alameda contra costa and santa clara counties remain in phase, one. so as we mentioned
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san francisco is ready to reopen most retail stores for curbside pickup and delivery on monday. and while that's good news to a lot of places that have their doors closed for almost 2 months. it is presenting some challenges kron four's dan kerman is live for us now in san francisco with some of those challenges for these retail stores. daft. >>well we're here along hay street mother here on phase hays street in san francisco or fillmore street or you're in chestnut street or somewhere else in the marina union street most of these retail corridors are empty they should start picking up as early as monday with that curbside retail, but some stores are better set to do curbside pickup than others and that means some stores are going to have to pivot to trying to lure in customers even if it's only to the outside of their place of business. most retail corridors in san francisco are empty these days the shelter-in-place orders of force businesses to shut down for 2 months but monday, many retail stores will be able to
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reopen for curbside pickup and delivery while we are excited one that our industry is going to be coming back to life providing people a sense of normalcy hopefully again. >>to your point. yes, there are certain industries and companies that are a debt into this. >>curbside pickup curbside ballet but ron benitez who own san francisco's assembly hall says clothing stores like his. now have additional challenges because customers cannot brows touch or try anything on the whole point of a small boutique like ours to showcase. these unique pieces that you can't find anywhere else state can't find a larger retailers and things like that as a result assembly hall will be turning to social media platforms like instagram to help fill the gap with videos. now it's almost like a virtual sales meeting our presentations and then you know something that i would do in a fitting room, but now i'm doing with a mannequin. and so utilizing these videos and these kind of touch points to now and access our consumer in a different way when these
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covered up windows are open again, you'll also see different types of displays we're going to utilize our windows to showcase product that you don't have to necessarily try on the earrings bow ties neck ties hats beanies and things like that. so you can kind of look at it i think those kind of things customers are pretty confident about how it's going to see it how it's going to wear and so we're going do that's still retailers like the need as are concerned the long term curbside pickup won't generate enough money to keep them in business, i'm really nervous. and we're really scared that you know here it is you know we have to pay this x amount of rent but we're only doing curbside pickup, i mean we're barely even. i'm you know, i'm is that's just not the be the model of our business in the model of a boutique. >>again curbside pickup and delivery slated to start in san francisco on monday. but we don't know is when customers will be able to actually walk inside the store how far down the road that is that uncertainty is what's
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creating uneasiness among retailers live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>thank you daniel in the bay area there are now more than 10,000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus and 377 deaths here now are the latest numbers broken down by county and this week there have been nearly 400 new cases which is about a 4% jump the complete list of local covid-19 cases can also be found on our website kron 4 dot com. meanwhile there are now more than one 0.4 million confirmed cases of covid-19 across the u.s. and it has killed more than 85,000 people statewide there nearly 75,000 cases and 3,000 people have died across the globe, the coronavirus death toll hit another grim milestone, more than 300,000 people are confirmed to have died from the virus. and across the country another 3 million americans have now filed for their first unemployment claims and this happened last week in all 36.5
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million people have filed for unemployment since mid-march this is however the 8th week in a row that the number of first-time claims has gone down. economists say that could be a sign that things are stabilizing and not getting worse. in the east bay, the oakland airport is taking new steps to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus the oakland airport has created a resiliency task force with the goal of examining how the airport should adjust to the ongoing pandemic they had already made some changes including that everyone should wear a face mask, so far they've installed social-distancing markers plexiglass last shields at ticket counters boarding gate senate customs and border protection for international arrivals seating and staffing around the airport have now been adjusted to enhance physical distancing and high exposure operations have also been suspended. this includes taxi stands an employee bus shuttles. so we have been
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reporting to you about how many families are struggling to put food on the table amid the layoffs and other hardships brought on by the pandemic kron four's rob fladeboe has a look now at the ever-rising demand at one food pantry in san jose. >>once again today, hundreds of cars arrived here in san jose's cathedral of faith church where the food pantry is going through a month's worth of groceries every week says pastor jim gallagher. >>for the month of april we did 18,000. we didn't 78,000 individuals. and gave away million if the demand continues cathedral of faith expects to serve some 200,000 families by year's end. >>many are families as breadwinners have been furloughed or laid off because of the pandemic says gallagher a lot of these people are people that are grass people that serve our coffee or you know they have they have jobs in restaurants and now you know jobs partnering with
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second harvest and other food banks cathedral of faith is also delivering thousands of food boxes to the elderly and others in need many of the 1200 people who showed up today might normally have gotten their food boxes and one of 38 public schools served by the church pantry because all the schools are closed. we can't do that. and so those people on top of the people that we normally you are coming here, but a lot of them. yeah, i'm not rich nation. >>there's a lot of fear i think there's still a lot of fear that fear is about getting sick of course, but also about whether the jobs and paychecks will come back and whether the food banks can continue to meet the demand amid worries about the food supply. >>we used to give out. average $350 worth of groceries. her family, twice for months and his family got about $700 worth of groceries. right now it's probably more like 5 because there's not there's just not enough to know just as no one has been turned away, but a troubling sign is
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the fact that so many of those in need are families with children who may not be getting enough to eat says gallagher there's nothing worse than seeing child. >>absolute tells us because we want everybody to be safe. and i'm no child should have to worry about where their next meal is coming from a mission for it. in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>they should not coming up find out what local wineries are getting ready for a soon as they can reopen their doors and time is running out that's a whistleblower's warning as he testified before congress about the covid-19 crisis why he says more dark days are ahead. and we'll take you to the north bay where health care workers got
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>>health care workers in sandra fell were treated to a tour of appreciation today marin county first responders made a pass through kaiser permanente medical center and kron 4 sweep to call reports, although the parade was brief. it will leave a lasting impact on the brave people working around the clock to treat sick patients during this pandemic. >>health care professionals are is needed than ever not only because they know how important their jobs are and the lives they saved. >>but also because of the people with whom they serve we work hard for patients. >>and we like being
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recognized, but even if we weren't we would store card for a >>so there's they often use especially moving for the staffing kaiser permanente sandra fell medical center when the crew took a few minutes from their ships. one marine county first responders did the same saluting medical professionals giving their best efforts day and night during the pandemic of the first responders to come to the cancer center soon as we need them. >>and they're just available they're kinder sweet, they're professionals and all of our patients and nurses really >>the usual admiration expressed in the form of the parade the first responders around the hospital after organizing at terra linda high school. this is the 3rd county hospital treated to a procession in recent weeks we are all here. >>we're here for our we're here 24 hours a day 365 days a year no matter what the situation is you call us will answer and will be there to and the same goes for in
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sandra fell felipe de gaulle kron 4 news. >>right now workers in napa county are getting ready for the moment that they can reopen their doors this afternoon the napa county board of supervisors signed off on a plan for state leaders that would let the county move farther into stage 2 of the recovery plan if approved wineries could resume wine tasting vitner say they have submitted a plan of their own to protect customers and workers after restrictions are lifted. some of the changes include requiring reservations only tables at least 10 feet apart. mass requirements for workers and guests and temperature checks for workers. >>i think this is really a set of protocols from saw wires large miners, we believe it's it's a doable and that and guidelines that we can follow it's something that provides for safety of our employees which is an extremely important to all of us in industry as well as provide for the safety of gas and yes
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come it's not just know that that they're going to be well taken care of. >>the county's top doctor says the county has exceeded many guidelines required by the state in order to move forward. officials in santa cruz county have reopened certain beaches just days after a fatal shark attack, 26 year-old surfer ben kelly was killed last weekend after he was bitten by a shark while surfing at sand dollar beach. following this authorities closed the water about a mile north and south of the attack. but today those areas are now back open at the time of the attack the beach itself is closed to visitors to maintain physical distancing, but swimming and surfing were allowed. signs have been posted to warn people about the attack. let's talk about our storm tracker forecast right now as we take a live look outside here in san francisco along the embarcadero and gray skies stretching from san francisco to the east bay in the shot right now. our chief meteorologist has a preview of our weekend forecast and. you
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know i know we need to stop the drought and everything and it's good to get some rain but. i need a little sun lawrence cherie berry love a summer is coming justine you'll get plenty of it right now we're going to see the return of a couple raindrops certainly kind of gloomy though. >>up there in spots a kind of dripping wet not a really huge system coming through it got a lot of moisture left behind you're taking a live look contracts that meet the low cloud deck and a sit just above the island there behind that a loss to the clouds in san francisco on. >>we'll see some of those clouds overnight continuing and well we've got more clouds on the way we weather system still slide to the bay area right now in fact you've got one last bam. let's continue to move in that off the coastline we began to see some clouds moving in that next system so right now though we've got for the most part dry conditions certainly we did have a few scattered showers popping up around the bay area today. now those are settling down things quiet out there right now rain totals not huge but not bad will take
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this to form a 400's in the santa rose 807 to iran for hundreds in the napa just a little bit over drop in the bucket their cocker 700 or so pretty dam in san francisco in almost a quarter of an inch of rain and then low. temperatures around the bay area now we've got some 50's and some 60's out the door tonight, we're going to see partly cloudy skies a mostly dry after the system slice through this evening. and then we see some changes for the weekend and here you go tomorrow, i think we sneak in a very nice day you'll see some sunshine and some high clouds and look what's lurking off the coastline justine you got some more rain on the way even a chance of some thunderstorms late on sunday and into monday that's look weather back to you. thank you lawrence. >>now the life changes that come with navigating a pandemic can be especially tough for people who live with mental illness. one bay area organization has rallied to support that community in new ways kron four's kate rooney has details. >>since 2008 putnam clubhouse
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in concord has served folks living with severe mental illness and the community with nearly 1000 members. the organization provides a wide range of free programs for an average of 50 people in a typical day i joined the club house thinking i'm not going enjoy it is not like it. but i'm going to go anyway because it will be key to schedule all ended up liking it so much that she now sits on the board of directors and has been heavily involved in keeping the clubhouse operational during covid-19 finding creative ways to support fellow members. that's what makes the difference so that people are. >>feeling secure in what they're doing they know we're supporting them and we're reaching out to them even before shelter-in-place orders were announced the clubhouse saw the writing on the wall and started planning ways to adapt. >>we took our program as it stands day today. >>and we tried to closely parallel. what we are what we did here physically and how we can translate it into perch
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all. >>the list of services is long from employment support and wellness programs to movie nights and dance parties on zoom, but one of the biggest projects has been figuring out how to continue to provide free meals to members. thanks to volunteers and donations putnam was able to establish a food pantry safely delivered almost 700 care packages to members during quarantine our members stone. >>the means to try to hop on a bus and go to 3 to 4 stores. and that would cause them terrible anxiety to boot the virtual offerings have been such a success that 17 new members have joined the clubhouse and shelter-in-place began and putnam plans to continue its fertile program even when its stores are finally open again. >>for kron 4 news, i'm kate rooney. >>coming up tonight at 6.45 new developments in the fatal shooting of a lot arbery find out about a new confrontation that took place weeks before the shooting. and up next
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churches are not included in governor newsom phase 2 of we're all doing our part by staying at home.
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that could mean an increase in energy bills. you can save by using a fan to cool off... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or closing your shades during the day. stay well and keep it golden.
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>>religious leaders across the state of california are no longer willing to wait for governor gavin newsome to say they can reopen their church doors. today faith leaders held a press conference in oakland to declare that they're opening their churches with or without the state's blessing. kron four's haaziq madyun has the story.
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>>we have respectfully think the government has asked us to do now it is time to open the doors. >>that is the message from faith leaders to california governor gavin newsom here that's full gospel church in oakland, religious leaders from across the theological spectrum raise their voices in unity to let the governor know it is time to open church doors across the state of california. >>can we reopen under the same conditions. the sores supermarkets. marijuana is catching partners are >>bishop michael barbara, the catholic diocese of oakland represents 85 churches in the catholic community of alameda county in contra costa county. >>so my point is when the government if we follow the same rules of the following a safeway and whole foods whole people. wearing masks saying people our churches. cleaners
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using between services. eyes after months of observing the state's call that 19 shelter-in-place order these faith leaders say they were disappointed to see that houses of worship were excluded from phase 2 of reopening california. >>talks about israel. and we understand that we must be cautious ashers distance from each other. says and bring that solution. and those are stay home. >>chaired united organized a network of pastors across the state who signed what they called a declaration of the centrality stating they will exercise their constitutional rights and not wait for phase 3 to open the church doors to the public which they're planning to do on the last day of the month.
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>>united states constitution to defend your right apple jesus christ on may 31st. haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >>still ahead tonight restaurants are still figuring out how to adopt the state's guidelines in order to allow dine-in customers. some businesses say the new rules are just not the list. i'm a memorial day is just a few weeks away so stay tuned for some holiday travel tips. and next at 6.30 a strong warning tonight from whistleblower as he testified before congress but the covid-19 crisis why
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>>today president trump was in pennsylvania, touring a medical supply distribution center. the president has been vocal about opening states backup amid the pandemic but a whistleblower testify before congress today warning that time is running out. camila bernal has the highlights from the hearing. >>inside the halls of congress a high-profile hearing today we're going to hear about a disastrous federal response to an approaching pandemic representative surrounded by cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer wear masks as they hear a whistle blowers warning about the coronavirus crisis 2020 could be the darkest winter in modern history. i rick bright


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