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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  May 14, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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the news station. >>you're watching kron 4 news at night. >>the people funding source for education it's going to be devastated in the way we look at it from school funding to healthcare governor gavin newsom's revised budget is cutting billions of dollars. >>to cope with a billion state budget deficit. >>good evening. i'm ken wayne and i pale more the coronavirus is tearing a hole in the california economy governor newsome anticipating unemployment could peak at more than 24% in california
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and that would be happening at the same time there is a 22% drop in overall state income to date 36 million americans have filed for unemployment today governor newsome presented his proposed version of the state budget axing $19 billion from his original spending plan in january as the state's economy struggles amid the coronavirus the billion budget keeps some programs such as boosting the minimum wage and maintaining the state's earned income tax credit for working families along with continued commitments to health and public safety. the governor prepared to throw out billion in program expansions and new proposals, including extending state health insurance too undocumented seniors, nothing breaks my heart more then making budget cuts behind every category is a dream that is either differ. >>in some case. a dream that is denied. >>the governor also proposed to cut state worker pay including health care workers
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and public safety personnel by 10%. his own salaries also included for now newsome says he plans to use $16 billion from california's emergency rainy day fund over the next 3 years california's devastating budget shortfall means painful cuts will be coming to us can just listed. >>other departments, including the state schools, spending on k through 12 and community colleges will drop dramatically. and that is of course a major concern for educators all across the state kron four's dan thorn talk with the president of the california teachers association about this. >>spending on public education will drop $19 billion under a new proposal unveiled by governor newsome thursday without help from the federal government california's educators are worried it may set them back years as anything like it was in 2008 and it's going to be horrible. >>i mean we lost 33 thousands of teachers for students. >>california teachers
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association president ito be boyd says the cuts will result in layoffs furloughs and increased class sizes ultimately the students will suffer any loss to our classrooms who are for students to benefit. we'll be devastation. the governor's proposed cuts include a 10% reduction in the state's school funding formula and a 10% cut to both the usi and california state university systems. >>the school funding is less than what the governor and vision earlier this year, but it may be enough to maintain current academic year services, the proposal, however is still a significant setback for schools everyone is going to feel the pain and it's unfortunate that. >>our students our children that we actually educate have to feel that pain again hasn't been that long ago that occurred before. >>governor newsome says he's trying to soften the blow and avoid what he calls an education crisis in the state. more than $4 billion of the care act will be put into education to make up for the
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losses and that includes the possibility of extending the school year. reporting in walnut creek dan thorn kron 4 news the university of california president says you see system stands with the governor on these proposed budget cuts. >>you see president janet napolitano says in spite of these budget revisions. our main focus will remain on our students, our employees and the u c community. she goes on to say that the use the system is working with legislators to secure additional funding to get through this difficult time. >>happening tomorrow, the full house of representatives will return to the capitol in washington to vote on the heroes act that is the democrats latest coronavirus relief package and it cost more than trillion. it is likely to face substantial opposition from the republican controlled senate. the gop opposes the bills huge cost and the bills call for increased crisis money for state and local governments. governor newsom says the heroes act could help curb
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about a quarter of california's possible cuts. >>the federal government has a moral and ethical and economic obligation to help support the state's after all what is the point of government. to protect people. their safety. and the well-being of citizens. >>state financial experts say those federal dollars would need to be promised before the budget goes into effect on july the first the house will also vote on a plan to allow lawmakers to telecommute and vote by proxy while washington dc remains under a state at a stay at home order. but the republicans are also expected to fight that measures well. sonoma county. >>more businesses open starting tomorrow this as san francisco and san mateo counties. brace to interface to in just days and marin county plans to do the same. >>let's start with the changes in sonoma county it is amending its shelter-in-place
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order to expand the number of businesses allowed to open in phase 2. the following businesses will be allowed to reopen in sonoma county car washes pet groomers dog walking services residential and janitorial cleaning services outdoor museums open-era galleries botanical gardens and other outdoor exhibition spaces. the amended order also allows office workspaces to open if teleworking is not possible childcare facilities will also open to those outside the essential work force but with strict rules in place, the sonoma county rules are all following the direction given by governor newsome this week and the amended order will take effect at midnight so tonight only 3 bay area counties are in phase 2 that's napa solano and sonoma counties. >>starting monday, san francisco and san mateo counties will begin easing into phase 2 and today more and county announced it will also move into phase 2 on monday may 18th the details of what that means will be
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released tomorrow. alameda contra costa and santa clara counties remain for now in phase, one and as businesses reopen infectious disease experts want to remind everybody the coronavirus is not gone and people should continue to practice the public health directives that paved the way for us to be a phase 2 bound for gayle ong joins us live with that part of the story tonight, gayle. >>and medical experts are cautiously optimistic about these reopenings but are worried about a second wave of covid-19 if people are not conscious. >>they're familiar directives. infectious disease experts do not want people to forget wear a mask outside please. >>we want people to. socially distance not congregate together. we want you to wash your hands frequently and want you to cover your cough and sneeze and you're sick please don't go outside unless you have to go to the doctor's office, the bay area is
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gradually moving into phase 2 of the state's reopening guidelines which allows retail shops to offer curbside pickup ucsf epidemiology professor doctor, george rutherford says this is probably as good as it's going to get in the bay area we minimize transmission is about as far as we can minimize it. >>with the current set of interventions you could always make these interventions stronger like actually not let people out of their houses. >>but that's gets that gets too draconian to quickly after almost 2 months under shelter-in-place orders of shops and napa solano and sonoma counties we're back in business last week san francisco, san mateo and marin counties will soon follow public health officials warn while the health guidelines begin to relax it does not mean the virus is gone in a study published wednesday, researchers at the proceedings of the national academy of sciences found just talking in confined spaces can spread covid-19 this figure shows the observation of airborne speech droplets in a close tab been air environment on the left is
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the amount of time it takes for droplets to disappear from a window, the right shows the droplets produced when people speak. >>doctor record for to says even though we've made it this far in the public health. orders. he wants you remember that the orders can be reversed if there's a search in covid-19 cases, reporting live gayle ong kron 4 news. thank you gayle. >>san francisco is ready to reopen a most retail stores for curbside pickup and delivery on monday, but even though many are happy to reopen the move is also creating some uneasiness among the retailers. the san francisco rules say a store can resume business. if it has clear access to a sidewalk street parking lot or alley to use for pickup has no more than 10 employees on site at once and is not in an enclosed shopping center unless the business has his own exterior door. these rules should include more than 90% of the
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retailer's in san francisco we checked in with the owners of assembly hall that's a san francisco clothing store for men, women and children with stores on fillmore street and a visit and they tell us curbside pickup create additional challenges to the success of a small boutique. >>the reason why coming to a close the stories you want to try things on see how fabric feels see how things drape will be your body. tried a couple of different same size is because something's always come slightly different and so you know we're not going be able to pry provide that opportunity for a consumer anymore, the whole point of a small boutique like ours is to showcase these unique pieces that you can't find anywhere else state can't find a larger retailers and things like that pete. >>assembly hall will also be turning to social media platforms such as instagram to help tell the stories of the clothes that it has for sale also stores can request a free temporary loading zone for their businesses from the sla mta, the city of berkeley has a new proposal on the table to help its restaurants rebound from the pandemic.
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>>the proposal would allow outdoor dining on city streets parks and plazas kron four's 10 attack explains. >>while many businesses say it's a good idea in theory but wonder how many restaurants will actually benefit take for instance, these places office san pablo avenue to busy street that's unlikely to be shut down for extra seating. >>the city streets plazas parking lots and parks could be the new dining destination in berkeley. the city proposal if approved would allow restaurants to use the public communal spaces for customers seating cities have a lot of public space a lot of people don't realize that. >>2535% of the land mass of the city can be and its streets and sidewalks. >>and how do we don't have a lot of surface parking lots of arguments on studies do. and we want to make sure that we can take some of that street area parks. what's called cartilage which is the area around public buildings. any
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use that space to help our businesses in particular are restaurants. >>vice mayor sophie hahn played a major role in drafting the proposal. >>she says the goal is to help restaurants bringing more sales. they spending their outdoor seating and making it easier to comply with physical distancing once the city's able to loosen restrictions would be. >>collective space so perhaps in each commercial district we might be able to fine part of a street that we can temporarily close or i'm very large white meaning an area where an adjacent par. whatever it is that we can find all restaurants are grateful. some say there's a lot of logistics to be worked out not as easy as movie see chairs and tables around. >>you know, it's so we're going to change logistics in the way we were done at. >>probably have to buy outdoor furniture because you can't lead 20 pound tables back and forth into russia's and haven't been generating any revenue you know where you get the money to buy it. >>milan in on don is the
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assistant general manager at long branch based on real estate. he says their restaurant probably will benefit from the proposal since the restaurant is on san pablo avenue a major artery in the city think if it helped restaurant is going to help. >>unfortunately a small percentage you know it's going it's kind of niche should see those really going to depend on your real estate. and it's also you know no matter what we're all gonna do reduced business we all know that even with this with this plan and how do you you know labor is already a huge concern for a non to flee state as california. so it's like how do we staff this now, especially with literally my staff having to run from the kids into the parking you know it's like how do we do more with even less city council will hear in review the proposal on june second were hoping to hear more details about which streets and what areas will be shut down in berkeley taylor bisacky kron 4 news. >>other news tonight, the owner of san francisco's popular left the old rules restaurant is expected to
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plead guilty in a corruption case the u.s. attorney's office says 56 year-old nick over us is scheduled to enter a plea a guilty plea on may the 21st the office says a bogus has agreed to plead guilty to what's called honest services wire fraud and wire fraud. bovis was arrested back in january you may recall along with former public works director mohammed nuru. >>dining in restaurants is still not allowed in any of the 9 bay area counties but tuesday, the governor issued a 12 page book of new rules that restaurants will need to follow before allowing customers inside kron four's ray kelly went to one of the oldest establishment in the city where she got reaction from staff and customers. >>here the old ship saloon, the general manager tells me they are still digesting the 12 pages of rules that came down from the governor's office about what restaurants need to do before letting customers back inside again during the shelter-in-place they've revamped to keep the old ship afloat cocktails to
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go takeout and delivery we've opened up significantly earlier than we've ever opened and now the 12 page guidelines released tuesday by the state for dine-in restaurants. >>they're looking at ways to navigate a new reality one san francisco decides it's safe for the city to move further into stage 2 but with requirements such as closing the bar to customers only serving alcohol with meals and other social distancing rules. they anticipate it will not be easy. many bars exists because of their direct contact with their neighborhood and the locals, it's very difficult to. >>provide that type of genuine service through plexiglass but the true test will be of customers are comfortable to come back inside those are all things that we're only when they place an order one man picking up a to go order says he anticipates going out to you again as soon as it's allowed and i think the biggest challenge that we're going to have. >>is having people not getting to a place of complacency and
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respecting the guidelines wearing a mask if necessary making sure to wash their hands as well as you know keeping the 60 distance. >>and i think if we have that the novel in like i'm ready for things to open back up. >>but i think the most important part is that people need to and here to the guidelines, the old ships looms establishing 1851 which makes it one of san francisco's oldest. >>continuously running businesses. they say they will do whatever they can in order to keep this business open and their legacy alive. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>former oakland a's manager art howe is in an icu battling coronavirus that's according to sports illustrated. he checked in a couple of days ago in houston sports illustrated reports he had been in quarantine in his houston home with his wife. when he first began to feel ill the 73 year-old man is hsieh's for 7 years, including
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winning 2 american league west titles, the a's express their support and well wishes to how via twitter saying sending positive thoughts to our former skipper art how. >>tonight there are more than 10,000 confirmed cases of the virus in the bay area and 375 deaths here are the latest numbers by county. this week there have been nearly 400 new cases about a 4% jump. santa clara and alameda counties both have more than 2200 reported cases, the complete list of local covid-19 cases can also be found on our website at kron 4 dot com. meanwhile, there are now more than one 0.4 million confirmed cases of the virus across the country and 85,000 people have died. statewide there are nearly 75,000 cases and more than 3,000 deaths and then across the globe, the coronavirus death toll hit another grim milestone more than 302,000 people are confirmed to have died around the world from this virus.
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contra costa health official issued a new order today extending the amount of time people in that county must remain in isolation if they have covid-19 after chris a farm to know says that people experiencing symptoms of covid-19 or who have tested positive must remain in isolation from 7 to 10 days after the onset of symptoms or a positive test. the doctor says the extension is based on new guidance from the cdc. the updated isolation and quarantine orders also defined the infectious period for asymptomatic people with the virus as beginning 48 hours prior to being tested for covid-19 the order also requires those who test positive to notify the people they have been in contact with closely recently. >>the city of oakland is implementing new plans to encourage social distancing at city parks, starting tomorrow, no food trucks and vendors will be allowed in or adjacent to open city parks. this is to
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reduce the concentration of people at the parks parking lots at all city parks will also remain closed. and no parking will be permitted on the weekends, including friday adjacent to lake merritt. >>this take a live look outside tonight and see how things are shaping up along san francisco's embarcadero a quiet night you can see those clouds though still hanging over the bay bridge and the flag gifting a little bit in the breeze, let's check in with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow on. you know we've had wet weather cloudy weather a little bit of sun here and there it's kind of unusual isn't it. >>yeah it's getting late in the season to see these of storms coming in i think we've got another shot at even more rain and more significant storm coming in a little later on the weekend but tomorrow going to be a fantastic friday outside weather wise going to see some sunshine and some expect sunset for tomorrow night right now the clouds oh yeah i think over san francisco of dredging inside the bay tonight, we'll see more of that as we head through the night, but they
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did actually have some real rain today for hundreds in center rose 800 to in timber on that checking in at 400 just a couple of years there in concord san francisco, almost a 10th of an inch of rain and get into a santa cruz mountains and they had more substantial last quarter of an inch of rain not bad for a late season storm system you can see not much energy with the system as it moves on through all, but off the coastline, more clouds are gathering out there eventually found the play a major factor in your weekend. it's quieting down now but certainly we have a few scattered showers most that is very light coming through making things slick out there on the roadways tonight, becoming partly cloudy overnight tonight and then mostly dry, although we are seeing some drizzle along the coast. i think that tapers off early tomorrow morning that tomorrow a mixture of sunshine and some clouds and some mild warm temperatures clouds over the weekend with rain likely by saturday night and into sunday high pressure just sliding in to bring us a nice dry day tomorrow, but you see the rain is not that far
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away that's the big moving it a little bit later on to see a better year a long-range computer molly see the clouds stay in the adelaide the dalles is my clouds thank you for gorgeous sunset tomorrow night. and then on saturday gets ever so close and then as we get well there you go sunday pretty stormy david core that moca spinning around again very close to the bay area that may be just enough to have the instability in the atmosphere to bring some thunderstorms will not be not step for the late season storm meantime temperatures go in the 60's and 70's inside debate tomorrow plan on some upper 70's, the warmest alleys 60's in the senate just go back to you. >>and he said. the world events. >>and at 9.45. we hear more from the government whistleblower who was ousted by president trump one broadway show says it's not
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>>disney has decided to let it go the company says it will not reopen its broadway production of frozen. the show shut down in march due to the pandemic its 2 year on gross more than a million but disney says it's no longer feasible to continue that show on broadway starbucks wants a break one of the coffee company's sent a letter to landlords of stores all across the nation recently asking for a break on rent for one year
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starting june 1st. >>executive says that social distancing because of covid-19 has battered store sales. the rent relief demand comes one day after the company announced that it would reopen 90% of his nearly 9,000 company own stores here in the u.s. by early june. >>the letter asked those landlords to quote adapt to new realities. we are 2 weeks away from memorial day weekend. the unofficial kickoff of summer. >>and aaa says more people are starting to make travel plans through its website. this has some bay area counties are already easing their stay at home restrictions. we talk to a member of triple a for some advice if you do plan to travel in the next few months. >>this is the first year in 20 aaa will not be providing a memorial day forecast. so what we're seeing is that you know as you said as travel restrictions begin to ease up a bit we have seen a bookings rise on tripoli dot com slash but at the same time we're not
9:26 pm
seeing obviously that same volume we expect the people will start gravitating for their first trips likely road trips and likely within the united states. >>aaa is expecting demand for international travel to increase as restrictions are lifted. aaa suggests using a travel agent if you're thinking of traveling in the future so they can monitor daily updates for your destination. >>it's cause chaos is excited to go and meet new people kind of be on your own. >>next on kron 4 most classes across the cal state university system will continue online through fall because of the virus, how one bay area students are several are reacting tonight which cleaners are better use during this pandemic eco-friendly or
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so thanks again. >>most classes across the california state university system will continue to be held online through the fall semester because of covid-19 and that means incoming freshmen will not be moving into the dorms and starting college on campus today. kron four's michelle kingston talk with some of those disappointed students. >>it feels like you're kind of limbo jacob hawkins is a star athlete heading to use the irvine on a full track scholarship but because of coronavirus season, sure if he'll be able to move in and attend classes this fall is cause chaos is excited to go
9:30 pm
and meet new people and now kind of be on your own most classes across the california state university system though will continue to be held online through the fall, the announcement made on wednesday coronavirus forcing the system's 23 schools to go virtual to prevent people from getting sick not what incoming freshman want to hear and one word annoyed. >>because i was looking forward to it because i like being social. >>it was absolutely heartbreaking to me because going to call ins in something that i worked incredibly hard for my life that you to call me after it like being in shelter space for so long, it's not one beacon of hope in public or she could step in to happen and when i saw the news i just broke down and cried it's like it's a brand new experience is a brand-new every game so for my first time it's a little disappointing not only to experience entirety i think such a hard. >>thing because you know that you need to do for your
9:31 pm
safety, but again this has been something that so many of us have been looking forward to 4. >>years now in the east bay, michelle kingston kron 4 news mayors from 11 of california's largest cities are asking internet providers to extend their covid internet policy to help out students and their families in a letter to ceos of the 6 internet companies in america, the mayors are asking. >>to extend the interim free service at least through july 31st expand program eligibility by allowing existing customers to take advantage of this program as well as students in the national school lunch program and remove barriers to enrollment by screening prospective customers, san jose, san francisco and oakland mayor's all signed this letter. if you don't like having so many computer tabs open google has a new tool that could help out the tech giant announced it will allow users to group tabs together in its chrome browser ie just right click on the tabs to add them to groups and then you can label them with a name a color or g google has been
9:32 pm
testing the feature for months it will begin rolling out the new version of chrome next week a number of religious leaders across california are no longer willing to wait for governor newsome to say they can reopen the church doors today faith leaders from various denominations held a news conference in oakland to declare they are opening their churches soon with or without the state's blessing kron four's haaziq madyun has the story. >>we have respectfully think the government has asked us to do now it is time to open the doors. >>that is the message from faith leaders to california governor gavin newsom here that's full gospel church in oakland, religious leaders from across the theological spectrum raise their voices in unity to let the governor know it is time to open church doors across the state of california can we reopen. >>under the same conditions. the sores supermarkets, marijuana clinics tattoo
9:33 pm
parlors are >>bishop michael barber of the catholic diocese of oakland represents 85 churches in the catholic community of alameda county in contra costa county. >>so my point is when they are now if we follow the same rules of the following a safeway and whole foods whole people. wearing masks station people our churches. cleaners using between services. ice after months of observing the state's call that 19 shelter-in-place order these faith leaders say they were disappointed to see that houses of worship were excluded from phase 2 of reopening california. >>talks about israel. and we understand that we must be cautious ashers distance from each other. says and bring that solution. and those are should stay home.
9:34 pm
>>chaired united organized a network of pastors across the state who signed what they called a declaration of the centrality stating they will exercise their constitutional rights and not wait for face 3 to opened the church doors to the public which they're planning to do on the last day of the united states constitution to defend your right apple jesus christ on may 31st. the haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >>the spending a lot more time cleaning things like door knobs light switches and countertops because of covid-19 but with so many store shelves emptied of many brands of cleaners and wipes there are proven to kill. the coronavirus lot of people wonder if natural options actually work on gore's noelle bellow joining us now from our newsroom with a little clarity on cleaning away the coronavirus noel and.
9:35 pm
>>ever since the cdc put out its list of approved cleaners for covid-19 store shelves have been empty of strong chemical and bleach based cleaners what's left are lesser known brands usually ones that are alcohol and plant based claiming to be sustainable or environmentally friendly. and a doctor at stanford says those should actually worked just fine too. >>the corona viruses or rna viruses so almost by definition they tend to be a you know a little bit on the fragile side doctor dean winslow is an infectious disease expert at stanford university. he says the coronavirus doesn't really stay on surfaces for long periods of time we any of the environmental cleaning products would be perfectly fine to use while there are strong chemical based cleaners that have been proven to fight against coronavirus doctor winslow says you should think about using those products sparingly remembered the most important thing is just you know that a normal sort of mechanical removal, you know
9:36 pm
so plain soap and water is is perfectly fine as an infectious disease specialist or you know we we have those products in the house that we seldom use them, i don't think that only they left a underneath the seat probably since january's a lot of misinformation out there which implies that the only way to. >>get africa see to really be safe to really clean. your hand services, whatever it is is what of compromise. by bringing in products you're on that that probably aren't as good for your family is a good. >>stuart landsberg a ceo of san francisco based grove collaborative a certified b corps that creates natural home cleaning products and help consumers understand what to look for so there definitely are some concrete standards out there. but it's so complicated for the consumer to understand i think there are there are a number of plant based surfactants that are particularly good. >>breaking down to the protein layers around viruses and making sure that they are that
9:37 pm
there have to get is a doctor winslow agrees and says above all in the fight against coronavirus cleaning surfaces. >>isn't the main thing to focus on remember again you know cleaning services. >>is not as important probably is washing your hands. >>your cleaner should have alcohol and at that is a main ingredient to look for but like doctor winslow said if you don't have any cleaners left at home and used them all. there's nothing wrong with trusted soap and water on both your surfaces and of course your hands in the newsroom noelle bellow back to you all right well, thank you very much. still ahead there is a newly approved antibody test on
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9:40 pm
>>british government is preparing a newly approved coronavirus antibody test for widespread use that test is made by swiss pharmaceutical company roche the uk health minister says that the test appears to be extremely reliable and could be a game changer. the uk says that the test is highly specific and adds it is working to make it widely available as quickly as possible here in the bay area, researchers at stanford are working on a coronavirus tests using saliva. >>if approved the test would be cheaper and less invasive than the standard nasal. swab test kron four's terisa stasio talks with a researcher on the team on the progress of this test. >>yes so it's already been approved in one hospital in the east coast at yale. and we
9:41 pm
think that our platform is just as good if not better than that one the question is whether or not we think that our ce the saliva tests would work on our commitment in the same way as say the normal nasal test work so we just need to enroll some patients who have covid infection and have them sit into the car and then compared to them a nasal swab that we would take from them says we can complete all of we should be able to get that sense up and running and we're doing it on the outpatient setting and we're hoping that in the next few weeks you might be able to get that done. >>as so is this has this been peer reviewed. has been reviewed form itself and equipment has been reviewed by the fda. >>and they said they would be willing to let us do it as long as we look at the clinical samples and make sure that we get the same results from the saliva as we do from the nasal test. >>one benefit of a saliva test as you can send the patient to saliva testing cop which cuts
9:42 pm
down the use of ppe in the medical field doctor modern auto says the lab at stanford could run about a 1000 to 2500 test per day if this is approved. >>coming up the doctor ousted by president trump gets a chance to testify before congress ♪ ♪
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darkest winter in modern history. >>time is running out that is the whistleblower's warning doctor rick bright led the nation's effort to develop countermeasures against covid-19 before he was ousted because he disagreed with president trump's response to the pandemic today doctor bryant had a chance to speak for himself in front of a house subcommittee that focused on health kaitlan collins reports. >>today the vaccine official ousted from his job during the coronavirus pandemic said the administration's failure to warn the public about coronavirus costs lives. i believe americans need to be told the truth is people are not as prepared as it could have been should have been testifying for the first time since he was removed from his role as the head of the biomedical advanced research and development authority. rick bright with a dire warning that the u.s. doesn't have a master plan and there still aren't enough test there still are not enough test. >>so even this week as we're being told anybody who wants to test can have a test is
9:46 pm
that true the united states of america. >>bright alleges he was demoted for objecting to the widespread distribution of a drug promoted by the president hydroxy-chloroquine and he says he was pressured to make it more widely available to the pressure from the white house and hhs general counsel put you in a difficult position. yes bright says his superiors disregarded his early warnings about mask shortages, even though he passed along this urgent message from mike bowen one of the only mask manufacturers in the u.s. were indeed. the world is. >>and we need to act. and i push that forward to the highest levels i couldn't hhs yeah, no response the former vaccine chief said he's troubled by the government's seeming inability to ramp up production of simple resources like swab and says to me sir that there is no. >>mastered coordinated plan
9:47 pm
and how to respond to this outbreak bright caution that there could be more shortages to come if the u.s. doesn't make a plan now about how to distribute a vaccine once it's ready. he also cast doubt on the president's optimistic timeline about when that will be i think we're going to have a vaccine by the end of the year we be able to vaccinate people in the next few months. >>it's very unlikely as he left the white house for pennsylvania president trump said he watched bright, but dismissed his allegations to me nothing more than 8. >>i'm happy the health and human services secretary also pushed back on bright's claims as he testified arguing that their unfounded everything he's complaining about. >>it was a cheap. >>doctor bride address the committee for about 3 hours. he says he will turn over documents from his whistleblower complaint to the committee members. >>take a look at this it is the secret space plane that
9:48 pm
looks kind of like a mini shuttle itself from the new space force. and it's set to be launched this saturday from cape canaveral florida if the weather holds up space force as the mission has been quote deemed critical to perform during this pandemic the only other details known about the mission is that it will be carrying a satellite built by cadets at the u.s. air force academy. it's all in an effort to demonstrate technologies in space if you are anxious to travel again, southwest airlines is offering one-way fares starting at $49 it covers travel between may the 26 through august, the 31st. >>however, this news comes as a recent memo by the airline is telling its flight crew, not to stop patients from boarding if they refused to wear a mask. flight attendants are being told to inform passengers of the policy but not to enforce it. and to approach situations with empathy and with respect the policy calls for wearing a mask, but it is a requirement that does not address what
9:49 pm
happens when a customer refuses to wear a want. >>in addition to enforcing the use of facemasks see oakland airport is taking new steps to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus see additional precautions include installing social-distancing markers help people stay 6 feet apart. plexiglas shields at ticket counters boarding gate senate customs and border protection gates. seeding has also been adjusted to enhance social distancing. the airport has also started using new cleaning products and trained employees in new cleaning methods to hopefully keep coronavirus from spreading their meantime passengers at sfo are being required to cover their faces this is a live look at sfo tonight. >>san mateo county made masks a requirement inside the terminal because the airport is an essential facility. this week the airport started handing out free face coverings to anybody who needs one. well let's see how the weather shaping up we check in now with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow
9:50 pm
lawrence yeah you guys who got the fog out there right now we have a few showers south early on today, but that is given away to some but a leftover moisture from a weak system kind of working its way through the bay area now we've got a more significant storm system off the coast. i worry about that friday coming our way it looks like it is going to be a very nice one to cloudy skies over ships is going around much the bay area right now we're seeing some low cloud deck kind of sitting on the across the bay area skies now but that will begin to clear out overnight tonight could see that big swirl off the goal-line that's going to actually get big time. >>we are talking about the winds kicking up around the bay area just a breeze out there right now 14 sfo 11 in that he should not in mill valley overnight tonight we're going to see low clouds and fog in the breakup uses that fog tomorrow morning and then as we head through the day most that clears out that some high clouds late in the afternoon and that will make for a very nice sunset temperature for tomorrow clinton victims 60's in the san francisco you talk a bit
9:51 pm
east along the coastline was a patchy fog there 9 in boerne again about 70 though in redwood to see a lot of 70's and the south bay by tomorrow afternoon and even some upper 70's inland by small but about 78 degrees in concord 70 in berkeley about 70 degrees and fairfield 73 degrees in pittsburgh, a 76 degrees in santa rosa and 70 degrees in a little book looking out over the next couple days get ready for the weekend tomorrow looks like a great day clouds really thickening up on saturday on sunday we're going to see storm clouds roll into the bay area with the jets, some thunderstorms by the afternoon and this may be a this may be the last significant storm system of the week and i think i've said that over the last 3 store for we are getting late in the season, the scene he's got a storms roll into the bay area looks like the core lows want to spin around through monday that could give us nothing stability to great cup more thunderstorms out there and maybe even a lingering shower into tuesday enjoy guys you got it all covered in the next 7 days back to you all
9:52 pm
right lawrence thank you next on kron for an expecting mother racing to the hospital
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
>>a kentucky woman says she had to give birth in the hospital parking lot because the door so the labor and delivery unit were locked she and her husband say they're not upset at the hospital but they're sharing their dramatic delivery story drew gardner has the details.
9:55 pm
>>after already giving birth to 2 children david and sarah patrick thought they were prepared for anything and heard it's probably going to be easier. but when sarah went into labor early saturday morning they quickly realized it wouldn't be that simple. >>the couple arrived at baptist health in louisville around 02:30am we go right up to labor delivery, a first of the doors open motion sensor. >>we watched through next senators lott close take you war has shaken her the couple walked to another door which was also locked walk across the stree 3rd door locked and for each set is more in one to try to walk attractions you can by the time they started heading to the emergency room entrance it was clear their 3rd child was tired of waiting. the water broke while you're standing in the street after another contraction came out that i had my hands.
9:56 pm
>>i feel the top of my head. >>coming out david called 911 and the dispatcher walked him through what to do with why every most too much is. it was out and he too had heard arms, baptist health officials say they're reviewing what happened but want all women in labor to know they can enter the hospital through the labor and delivery department or the emergency room at any time of day as for the patrick's they say they have no hard feelings ring. >>you situation and you. your baby healthy. yeah anything that could see police said a grant to degenerate and a great story to tell for years to come. >>that was joe garner reporting both mother and son are now back at home and both doing well and that wraps up kron 4 news tonight at 9 but here's what we're tracking for 10 o'clock billions of dollars in cuts 24% unemployment. grim projections from governor newsome on california's budget, the majority of the
9:57 pm
cuts are to public education state school officials say the loss of funding is devastating what the governor says could eliminate those coxless as one north bay county further eases restrictions 3 other counties will move into phase 2 of reopening in a matter of days tonight, a local retailer explains how curbside shopping will have to work and a government agency now issuing an alert about the covid-19 tests being used by the white house stay right here kron 4 news at 10 is next.
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
>>the news station. >>you're watching kron 4 news at 10. >>anyway we look at it. >>california's devastating budget shortfall means painful cuts will be coming too long other departments. >>the state schools, thanks for joining us at 10, i'm ken wayne, i'm fail more spending on k through 12 and community colleges will drop dramatically and that is concerning educators all across the state for stan bar and talked with the president of the california teachers association about what this could mean for public education in california. >>spending on public education will drop more than billion under a new proposal unveiled by governor newsome thursday without help from the federal government


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