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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  May 15, 2020 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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>>good morning. i'm james fletcher today is friday may 15th. thank you for joining us our top story this morning. governor newsome is planning on billions of dollars in budget cuts as the state economy struggles amid the coronavirus pandemic capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala breaks down the governor's proposal. >>not ordinary times and as a consequence this will not be and ordinary budget presentation governor gavin newsome thursday presented his proposed version of the state budget axing $19 billion from his original spending plan in january as the state's economy
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struggles amid the coronavirus newsome anticipating unemployment could peak at 24.5% in california with a 22% drop in overall state revenue the billion budget keep some programs like boost the minimum wage and maintaining the state's earned income tax credit for working families along with continued commitments to health and public safety but the governor prepared to throw out 6.1 billion in program expansions and new proposals including extending state health insurance to undocumented seniors. the governor also proposing to cut state worker pay by 10% including health care workers and public safety personnel. >>his own salary also included you will hear of cuts that. >>not make none of us crowd. but the values nonetheless we are holding on to for now new some plans to use $16 billion from california's emergency rainy day fund over the next 3 years the governor pleading for help from the president and federal government to help
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deal with about a quarter of california's possible cuts state financial experts say those federal dollars would need to be promised before the budget goes into effect july first president united states with a stroke of a pen. >>could provide support for speaker pelosi's new heroes act. and these cuts would be eliminated. >>in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>well, california's devastating budget shortfall means painful cuts will be coming to the state school system as well kron four's dan thorn talk with the president of the california teachers association about what that could mean for public education. >>spending on public education will drop more than billion under a new proposal unveiled by governor newsome thursday without help from the federal government california's educators are worried it may set them back years as anything like it was in 2008 and it's going to be horrible. >>i mean we lost 33 thousands of teachers for students.
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>>california teachers association president ito be boyd says the cuts will result in layoffs furloughs and increased class sizes ultimately the students will suffer any loss to our classrooms who are for students to benefit. we'll be devastation. the governor's proposed cuts include a 10% reduction in the state's school funding formula and a 10% cut to both the usi and california state university systems. >>the school funding is less than what the governor and vision earlier this year, but it may be enough to maintain current academic year services, the proposal, however is still a significant setback for schools everyone is going to feel the pain and it's unfortunate that. >>our students our children that we actually educate have to feel that pain again hasn't been that long ago that occurred before. >>governor newsome says he's trying to soften the blow and avoid what he calls an education crisis in the state. more than $4 billion of the care act will be put into
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education to make up for the losses and that includes the possibility of extending the school year. reporting in walnut creek dan thorn kron 4 news. >>well happening today, the house is expected to vote on the latest coronavirus relief package at a cost of more than trillion. it's called the heroes act and the bill is likely to face opposition from the republican controlled senate the gop opposes the huge cost and the call for increased crisis spending for states and local governments. governor newsome says the heroes act could help curb about a quarter of california's possible cuts. >>the federal government has a moral and ethical and economic obligation to help support the state's after all what is the point of government. if not to protect people. their safety. and the well-being of citizens. >>the state financial experts say that those federal dollars would need to be promised before the budget goes into
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effect on july 1st we'll see if it happens. meanwhile are in town is joining san francisco and san mateo counties in easing restrictions. on monday those 3 counties will enter phase 2 of the state's reopening plan so far napa solano and sonoma counties are already operating under phase 2 guidelines. murray county officials will release more details on how they'll ease restrictions in the days to come. alameda contra costa and santa clara counties remain in phase, one. as businesses reopen infectious disease experts want to remind you that the coronavirus is still here of course and that everyone should practice the public health guidelines that are helping flatten the curve offers gayle ong has more from a local doctor monitoring the spread of the virus. >>the bay area is gradually moving into phase 2 of the state's reopening guidelines which allows retail shops to offer curbside pickup, ucsf epidemiology professor doctor, george rutherford says this is probably as good as it's going to get in the bay area we minimize transmission is about as far as we can minimize it.
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>>with the current set of interventions you could always make these interventions stronger like actually not let people out of their houses. but that's cuts that gets too draconian to quickly after almost 2 months under shelter-in-place orders of shops and napa solano and sonoma counties we're back in business last week san francisco, san mateo and marin counties will soon follow public health officials warn while the health guidelines begin to relax it does not mean the virus is gone in a study published wednesday researchers at the proceedings of the national academy of sciences found just talking in confined spaces can spread covid-19 this figure shows the observation of airborne speech droplets in a close tab been air environment on the left is the amount of time it takes for droplets to disappear from a window, the right shows the droplets produced when people speak of the concerns is that they'll be rebound. >>every come off too fast. people are cautious. they're familiar directives. infectious disease experts do
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not want people to forget wear a mask outside please. >>we want people to socially distance not congregate together. we want you to wash your hands frequently and want you to cover your cough and sneeze and you're sick please don't go outside unless you have to go to the doctor's office. gayle ong kron 4 news. all right so let's get you updated on the latest numbers here. >>locally in the bay area we have more than 10,000 total cases now with 381 confirmed deaths from covid-19 across the state we're looking at. nearly 75,000 right now 74,008 71 cases with more than 3,000 people having died from coronavirus across the u.s.. 85,000 getting close to 86,000 confirmed deaths with over 1.4 million cases you see the worldwide numbers there at the bottom of the screen. if you want to city by city breakdown head to our website kron 4 dot com. we have all that information there for you. san mateo county by the way is expanding its coronavirus testing starting on monday you
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can get a free test on the locations that you see on the screen. the site will be open from 9 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon you don't need or you do need to make an appointment though should really emphasize that point we put the information on our website kron 4 dot com that you'll need in order to schedule a slot free transportation is also available to the testing site to if you need it. dining at restaurants are still not allowed at any of the 9 bay area counties, but the governor issued new rules that restaurants will need to follow before allowing customers inside for bar restaurants like the old chip saloon in san francisco, the rules will include social distancing requirements of course oslo along with a closing the bar to customers, another rule is that only serving they'll only serve alcohol with meals. and the restaurant says it will not be easy doing business under these new guidelines take a listen. >>many bars exists because of their direct contact with their neighborhood and the locals, it's very difficult to. provide that type of
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genuine service. >>through plexiglas. >>well the old chip saloon is sir was established back in 1851 which makes it one of san francisco's oldest restaurants. under the stay-at-home order it's been offering takeout and deliveries and cocktails to go doing its best to stay afloat. the city of berkeley has a new proposal on the table to help its restaurants rebound from the pandemic the proposal would allow outdoor dining in city stir on city streets and in parks and plazas with kron four's taylor's sacking out taking a closer look at how that plan would work. >>well many businesses say it's a good idea in theory but wonder how many restaurants will actually benefit take for instance, these places office san pablo avenue to busy street that's unlikely to be shut down for extra seating. >>the city of berkeley could be a major player in the city's dining scene over the next few city proposal if approved would allow restaurants to use city streets plazas parking lots
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and parks for customers seeding cities have a lot of public space a lot of people don't realize that 2535% of the land mass of the city can be and its streets and sidewalks. >>and how do we don't have a lot of surface parking lots and parking but some studies do. >>and we want to make sure that we can take some of that street area parks. what's called cartilage which is the area around public buildings. any use that space to help our businesses in particular are restaurants. >>vice mayor sophie hahn played a major role in drafting the proposal. >>she says the goal is to help restaurants bringing more sales like spending their outdoor seating and making it easier to comply with physical distancing once the city's able to loosen restrictions could way could be a shared aerial not necessarily an area that is set up and maintained by each restaurant we already do allow sidewalk seating well
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restaurants appreciate the help in are intrigued by the idea. >>some say there's a lot of logistics to be worked out soon as he's movie see chairs and tables around. >>you know, it's so we're going to change logistics in the way we were done at probably have to buy outdoor furniture because you can't lead 20 pound tables back and into russia's and haven't been generating any revenue you know where you get the money to buy it. >>milan in on don is the assistant general manager at long branch based on their location. >>he says the restaurant probably will reap the benefits of this new proposal. he says it also has added liability great that they're looking for you know for any solution possible to really help us out i mean it's fantastic and actual liability of it, i'm a little concerned about. >>me for instance, our business is right on some hubble had avenue which is a major artery of berkeley. no way they're going to close at dallas city council will hear in review the proposal on june second were hoping to hear more details about which streets and what areas will be
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shut down in berkeley taylor bisacky kron 4 news. >>and much more coverage on our website at kron 4 dot com of course throughout the day as costly updating it with the very latest information as it comes in. so don't forget to check it often this afternoon kron 4 dot com we'll be back with more news in just a minute in all right we are
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back time now for 14 as we take a quick live look outside
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here at the embarcadero camera in san francisco showing the bay bridge. >>i'll just mention that the usgs sent out an alert of a 6.4 earthquake that struck its in nevada. it's about a 125 miles east-southeast of south lake tahoe, so it's in a pretty remote unpopulated area of nevada but it's a big enough earthquake. obviously that it's probably going to be making some headlines this morning and there's the map. the big blue circle is what you want to look at that's the epicenter of the 6.4 earthquake. but again in a fairly remote part of nevada. so we're not anticipating much in the way of any injuries or damage. but obviously this is just happened a few minutes ago, so we'll look for any reports coming in from the area, but again 6.4. out in rural nevada earthquake, pretty sizable one. let's bring it back here into the bay area where we've got a look at the forecast with john tripoli standing by with a look at what we expect on this friday, hey john. >>or james, yeah, a nice day to get outside today, a good timing too as it is friday, a better chance to see some sunshine than what we had been
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getting and our driest and are forecast to so all this definitely good news to kick off the weekend. it's the 2nd half of the weekend where things are getting a bit dicey you look outside of san francisco this morning does show a clear view with the horizon as far as their buildings go, but what you had a book that some low lying cloud cover and closer to the coast in half moon bay. i'm making contact with the ground so some foggy conditions on highway one on the peninsula. and at times later this morning, san francisco, nevada when you can nap or will see visibility falling below a mile so do watch for some foggy spots if you must travel this morning and are an essential worker getting to the roads still are morning commute by the afternoon we've got plenty of sunshine even more sunshine out along the coast which is definitely a welcome change. 50's for your current temperatures, it's a mild start with concord alameda redwood city and hayward right at 57 degrees berkeley, san francisco and san matteo at 55 degrees. each
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those is the big picture set up for a cure so that think they are saying to our west that cold front and that is what's going to bring us raid vote later in the jet. what we have in the meantime is actually this nice little ridge of high pressure and advancing a area of warmer air ahead of this cold front that is going to be making today a pretty closets and dry one really ahead of where we're going to be come saturday night into sunday so today a chance to step outside enjoy some clear conditions some warmer temperatures and overall pretty pleasant start to the weekend. tomorrow's going to be pleasant to what you're going to notice a lot more cloud cover a lot of this cold front pushes in for the north bay on saturday night you see that line of showers pushing in initially or or the snow or the areas in the bay from 06:00pm on saturday, mostly from northern sonoma county at this time by 09:00pm on saturday advancing a little further southward now skirting northern marine county and starting to push for the south
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where get on into sunday morning that's when we're going to see widespread rainfall across the bay area anywhere from over a half an inch of rain in areas like dapper santa rosa in oakland in a word so less significant amounts further south in areas like mountain view and san jose all in all though this will be a definitely a bigger rainmaker than what we had seen earlier this past week. so get ready for the umbrellas in the rain jackets if you're heading out on sunday for a walk. today's daytime highs will be in the 60's and 70's antioch 78 our warmest spot. well little cooler towards the coast with mid 60's and san francisco in half moon bay. tomorrow temperatures right around the same us today but we do see temperatures fall a pretty noticeably for inland areas come sunday as rainfall pushes it monday into tuesday showers look likely to linger around before we dry out after that into wednesday and thursday so some big changes over the course this weekend to get ready for back to
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jack's. >>very good. thank you john for 18 is the time let's get back to the headlines this morning, religious leaders from various denominations across the state of been fairly frustrated with the stay at home orders understandably so faith leaders declared that they are opening their door soon with or without the state's blessing. kron 4 says he can do and has the story. we have respectfully. >>think the government has asked us to do now it is time to open the doors that is the message from faith leaders to california governor gavin newsom here that's full gospel church in oakland, religious leaders from across the theological spectrum raise their voices in unity to let the governor know it is time to open church doors across the state of california. >>can we reopen under the same conditions. that the sores supermarkets, their allies letters catching partners our >>bishop michael barbara, the catholic diocese of oakland represents 85 churches in the
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catholic community of alameda county and contra costa county. >>so my point is when the government if we follow the same rules that they're following a safeway and whole foods whole people. wearing masks saying people our churches. cleaners using between services. ice after months of observing the state's covid-19 shelter-in-place order these faith leaders say they were disappointed to see that houses of worship were excluded from phase 2 of reopening california. >>talks about israel. and we understand that we must be cautious ashers this isn't some each other. says and bring that solution. and those are sick stay home. >>chaired united organized a network of pastors across the state who signed what they
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called a declaration of the centrality stating they will exercise their constitutional rights and not wait for face 3 to open the church doors to the public which they're planning to do on the last day of the united states constitution to defend your right apple jesus christ on may 31st. the haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >>another angle to the coronavirus many families are struggling to put food on the table amid the layoffs and other hardships have been brought on by the pandemic and it's caused a rising demand at one food pantry in san jose that we have video of a line of cars to pick up food here at the cathedral of faith church. the church has partnered up with second harvest and other food banks and they say they're going through about a month's worth of groceries every single week to help food in secure families. >>for the month of april we get 18,000. we did 78,000
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individuals and gave away million for there's nothing worse than seeing child. absolute tells us because we want everybody to be safe. and i'm you know a child should not worry about where their next meal is coming from a mission for it. >>well they're also delivering thousands of food boxes to the elderly and others in need. if the demand continues cathedral of faith expects to serve some 200,000 families by year's end. former oakland athletics manager art howe is in an icu battling the coronavirus he checked in a couple days ago in houston sports illustrated reports say he had been quarantining in his houston home with his wife when he first began feeling ill. the 73 year-old managed the a's for 7 years, including 2 american league west titles. the a's express their support and well wishes for him via twitter saying quote sending positive thoughts to our former skipper our county. as
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we head to bre k his quick live look outside. >>the golden gate bridge will be back with more updates in just a minute. for 25 is the
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time and we are about 2 weeks away from memorial day weekend and triple a says that people are actually starting to make travel plans through their website. >>this has some counties are beginning to ease their stay at home restrictions we actually spoke with aaa and got some travel tips for what
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you should do during the pandemic. >>if you're traveling it's important to contact your travel provider and your airline to find out exactly what their procedures are going to be just like you said things are changing the way we board airplanes might be changing as well a soon to be important to know what those are before. you head to the airport. so it's good idea if you are going to fly to to get in touch with the airline and try to find out what their procedures are i'm you know i can tell you the cdc says that. that we that air circulates on airplanes that the risk of being infected is relatively low. but of course you still want to do everything that you can if that means for you obviously a personal decision to wear a mask. you know obviously trying to stay away from people as best you can although you're in a pretty tight space and then again, you know wash your hands frequently and try not to touch your face. well you can find the full interview on our kron on app that's our 24 7
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new streaming service that you can download for free right now from your favorite app store. >>4.26 the time. >>it will take a quick break ers weeks take a live look outside our bay bridge toll plaza camera showing a nice like pride on friday. the
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>>all right, we are back time now is 4.29 again just want to give you a quick update on the earthquake that struck early this morning actually just after 4 o'clock this morning. it was out in nevada, a
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initially reported as a 6.4 magnitude earthquake minutes since been downgraded by the usgs to 5.8 as you can see there's been a few aftershocks ranging in size from 3.8 to 4.9. and pretty far out there in terms of a distance. it's looking like about a 125 miles east-southeast of south lake tahoe. so where it is fairly remote, but still there are few cities in and around the area to possibly felt in fact on the phone with us this morning and let me double check make sure we still have ms. leonard. actually out manage lake but leonard you're originally from the bay area correct and you felt it. >>yeah i think the morning their guy a yeah i woke up to the earthquake about out world 05:00am and you know my initial thought i thought don't break into my trailer bear was trying to get in. i think that you know it was still rock more trailers still rocking i'm actually working from my travel trailers and by can work remote think. thanks to technology and cellular service.


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