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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  May 20, 2020 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>>it's going have been absolutely incredible because the majority of them are complying were able to take things a step further. >>san francisco is reopening step by step and the top health official says it could be weeks until we enter the next phase. good morning, everyone and thank you for waking up with us, it's wednesday may 20th hump day i'm robin winston, san francisco health director doctor colfax as the county's reopening plans aligns with the state's plans to reopen the economy. so right now, san francisco is in phase 2 a this
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allows lower-risk workplaces to reopen and retail businesses to reopen with curbside pickup. doctor colfax says that san francisco is still about 2 to 3 weeks away until it is ready to interface to be. now that would allow more relaxed restrictions including adapting and reopening restaurants, retail and schools. well as the coronavirus cripple san francisco's bars at its entertainment community. business owners are forced to find creative ways to reopen once they're given the green light city leaders and nightlife operators say that virtually monday night for summit to discuss the challenges the lie ahead of possible options prom for us taylor bisacky reports. >>postponing canceling scheduling rescheduling re rescheduling basically just hoping that someday we have some idea when we're going to be allowed to reopen lynn schwartz is a part owner of the san francisco rock venue called bottom of the hill which has been around for nearly 30 years and holds up to 250 people. the coronavirus
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forced them to shut down and when they can reopen sure says it will be tough to continue business because of capacity restrictions we ran into met nightclub. which unfortunately in 2 men these days is not good so. even 25% or 50% capacity when we're allowed to reopen doesn't necessarily pay the bills so. >>how about allowing us to take over some city spaces such as i live in visitation valley very close to become clear and park. maybe we could do some shows and jerry garcia and theater where we're able to control social distancing trim intercourse and other nightlife operators are now asking the city for flexibility to use bases like its parks and parking lots. >>told outdoor shows events in gatherings if we don't have space we will not survive and we're going to go bankrupt and there's going to be lives lost and jobs. >>thousands 10's of thousands of jobs lost there are going to recover and it doesn't have
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to happen that way if we can if we can find more space to school. >>and lyman owns several bars in san francisco and is also the president of the city's entertainment commission. he says the new entertainment scene will probably involve less big acts in focus more on local talent. as many challenges lie ahead for business owners in the city. he says it's also an opportunity to make some changes. >>i think we're poised right now for renaissance and the city art and culture. i think that art and culture isn't just going to be apart of the economic rebuilding of our neighborhoods but i think it actually might be the main driving force and and that's only if we all get together and we make it so well as we mentioned the night life scene here will look much different another idea tossed around was allowing these smaller nightclubs with a special license to open in a different capacity like a bar or restaurant. >>as for bars, they'll probably rely and use reservations for smaller
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groups in clean in between those parties in san francisco taylor bisacky kron 4 news. >>that the county is moving further into stage 2 of reopening shopping malls and dine-in restaurants will be allowed to reopen schools are also allowed to reopen starting june 1st but the county's office of education says this does not apply to k through 12 the napa county office of education released a statement saying in part quote the 5 school districts of napa county napa valley unified saint helene a unified calistoga joint unified how mountain elementary pope valley union elementary and the napa county office of education will not be opening for in-class instruction on june first in quote they go on to add that napa county school district's school year. well in early june and there is not enough time to implement the modifications required by the state. a bay area counties are in phase 2 of reopening santa clara county will interface to
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on friday. well to the south bay now the city of san jose is moving forward with a plan to safely reopen dine-in restaurants. the city council approved a plan called al fresco san jose. it would allow restaurants to expand service where appropriate onto sidewalks alley and other outdoor areas restaurant owners in san jose they say that they're eager to try it out. >>it's going to help a lot because you know where are struggling with the present situation. yes we're very excited. i think there's a middle road there where we can open up the area for everyone to get out, but also allow restaurants and businesses even like us a lot or something to move into the open air for business, you know. >>anything right now is to help and the more we can get. going back to north towards normal business is better. >>ideas under consideration include restricting traffic are sacrificing some street
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parking certain permit fees might be waived and challenges include issues related to serving alcohol doors. well happening today, santa clara county is set to announce free covid-19 testing for all residents. so the testing sites are at powell stadium in east san jose and the santa clara county fairgrounds screening and testing it's all free. up speed 18 years or older and also sign a health authorization form and lap consent. you can make an appointment online at the web site right there that's listed on your screen. also happening today in a testing site is opening up in san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood. glide is helping launch the city's first mobile testing site at the turn to loring recreational center, san francisco, currently has several testing sites. there is one on the embarcadero others one south of market city college and also bayview hunters point. in san francisco officials are now compiling a list of possible sites for more sanction
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homeless encampments during the pandemic the plan includes land managed by the city's rec and park department and this is part of a compromise between the supervisor behind the idea and the head of the parks department kron four's maureen kelly reports one sanctioned encampment for the homeless to shelter in place during the pandemic. >>is already up and running in civic center. another is headed to the location of the old mcdonald's across the golden gate park. now the deal worked out with supervisor sandra lee fewer, the head of the city's rec and park department will present a list of other possible sites located on the 3400 acres of land they manage by june second phil ginsburg said in a statement, he understands the importance of working with the board to identify additional locations. >>for safe sleeping sites on wreck in parkland but do not interfere with the public's critically needed access to the outdoors during this health crisis one excelsior district resident hopes the sprawling mclaren park is not on the list since he says it's now on a rebound and frequented by families.
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>>having the homeless there been introduced other issues drug users and course garbage feces things that would probably take care of it and that's a really a good number for a family, but i spoke with the founder of san francisco nature education you think there are areas. >>like parking lots that could be used to help the city alleviate what's become a humanitarian crisis, not nobody intended for them. >>im willing million put camps in golden gate park. if we don't do something the fun safe spaces for the homeless, the pandemic not only continue and endanger everyone within the lose a lot of homeless people or on the sidewalks will all clustered together and for what reason also the head of the city's real estate department will be working up an inventory. >>of underutilized city property outside of rec and parks jurisdiction.
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maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>the bay area will be getting more than million to aid and economic recovery. the president made a huge announcement on tuesday. so the money will go to the san francisco international airport muni and barred operations. the president also tweeted more federal funding for other public transit systems nationwide including seattle, portland and washington d c. well our coverage of the coronavirus continues on our website kron 4 dot com a great place to go and find lots of information we have the latest on outbreaks here in the bay area and interactive map and lots of information on ways that you can stay safe. you can find all of this and more on our website kron 4 dot com. well coming up next on the kron 4 morning news, even though some san francisco retailers can open for curbside service and just isn't enough to cover the red and payments. we'll have details on a proposal to help relieve some of the pressure plus pro sports could be returning to california next
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month. we'll hear from a 49 er on what he thinks sports will be like when they returned to the field and also after the break relief for undocumented immigrants coming to california details on the first in the nation program to help a vulnerable population and we have a new page on our website. you need to check it out it's call. yes, we're open it's pretty cool. it's a list of restaurants and dining options that are open for takeout and delivery in the bay area restaurant owners you can go there and submit your business to be added to the list and viewers if you're looking for some food or tacy stacks you can go and find places that are open near yet so check it out yes, we're open of san mateo bridge is open to have a lot of traffic here he ♪ ♪ when you need it, jack delivers: order on uber eats, postmates and grubhub.
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pop 'em while you game, hang, or do your thing. pop my 100% all-white-meat classic or spicy popcorn chicken combo for just $5.99. >>welcome back everyone the time for 13 good morning and thanks for saying with us. >>let's check in with meteorologist dave spahr who has a look at your hump day forecast good morning dave. >>hey good morning robin good morning, everybody and it's a pretty pleasant day that we have in store for update wednesday and the finnish off we can all we have all the weekend coming up the unofficial start of summer. and it's really going to start feeling every bit like it's taking a cue from our forecast here. here's a live look at u c berkeley, not a whole lot the way of fog this morning. that's kind of cool and we can see nice few they're going on the east bay shoreline the bay off toward the distant swing of things around ok little bit of glaze going on around the golden gate way to get some sun to see exactly what's
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going on with all of that but for the most part to not too bad, but whatever fault we have that will clear out this morning, it looks like up by midmorning this will be on its way in clearing to mostly sunny skies, but we'll start things off with some coastal clouds some low lying clouds until the mostly sunny by the noon hour away we go temperature wise. now for currently right now we're in the mid to upper 50's up to the north bay that 48% of rosen about 4857 meanwhile, san jose that 50's cover us down to the peninsula, 54 san francisco. we're a couple degrees ahead of where we were this time from yesterday and in some cases about half a dozen degrees or close to it like san jose napa so that warmer this morning, but it may not hold that separation get into later so unfinished business is on future cast a note around the santa santa cruz mountains a little bit enough that to the mountains and sea air a little bit. that's throughout the day today even as late as about 5.15 or so, and that will start things off what looks
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like a little bit on thursday morning but for the most part look at this by thursday. this is what your memorial day weekend forecast is shaping up for clearing skies and warming temperatures to all yet wait when you see some of the numbers on the seven-day forecast that's going on. call your eyes pop out mostly sunny mild today 70's for the bay and inland, pretty uniform. rest of the week a sunny and warming got 70's for the bay near 80's or so by week's end and then for the weekend proper. we are warming more 80's for the bay 90's start up inland. but early into next week it goes through the 90's is what we're looking for today that's called 66 san francisco will called cool mild for oakland at 7073 the san jose and even inland for today, nothing too crazy middle 70's, maybe so upper 70's up there on the delta and then some lower 70's up to the north bay, although santa rose up to 7773 meanwhile for san jose order by co-op. as we look forward into the well later on we'll see show you
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the extended forecast for numbers really start climbing towards early in the next week we're going to revisit those 90's check of the bay area traffic right now robin what happened well it's picking up a little bit as folks are heading to work this morning we're seeing more and more essential workers heading back to work in. >>it's starting to reflect in the drive times and the crowds on our bridges checkout 92 a little busy right. >>this is the flow out of hayward over to the peninsula, lots of brake lights but no problems so far it's a quick trip into foster city and send the tail definitely under 25 minutes right now, let's peek at some more bridges we will check out the bay bridge when i was driving and i notice that the high wind advisory was activated feel windy. i didn't really see the trees moving around but that advisory is in place so just reduce your speed and take it easy on the bay bridge 80 west, no problems so far on over to the skyway will get some more bridges coming up a little bit later. ringing off the hook across california are for the country's first financial relief program for undocumented immigrants, california started taking
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applications this weekend the demand has already been overwhelming ashley zavala explains. >>phone lines tied up voicemail boxes are full and call volumes or overbearing lehigh for the program distributing pandemic relief funds to undocumented immigrants the program launched this week allowing undocumented immigrants in california to collect the state's version of a stimulus payment an improved adult can get $500 while household payments capped at $1000 the funds will be put on a payment card the process is being handled by a dozen nonprofits throughout the state under the direction of the california department of social services because payments are first come first serve phone lines are clogged mailbox of the person you're calling some nonprofits even telling applicants to keep calling back until they get through the organization in santa cruz county tuesday had phone lines shut down after its system crashed writing in a statement quote the disaster relief call center at ca be experience something we are all already painfully aware of the need
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for financial relief for our undocumented community is immense the organization went on to say this happened to hotlines across the state a spokesman for the california department of social services tuesday said quote we understand the demand is high for the disaster relief assistance for immigrants program, our nonprofit partners are working as quickly as possible to accommodate people applying for assistance cdss did not say how many applicants there were as of tuesday. the million effort comes from a blend of state funds and private donations it's expected to reach 150,000 undocumented adults the program will be available until june 30th orman funds run out whichever comes first in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>it's california begins to reopen the state is busy building an army to find out who has covid-19 and to keep it from spreading further. the program led by ucsf and u c l a is virtually training state and county employees asked
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contact tracers so they will identify people who may have been exposed to the virus without knowing it. the program expects to have as many as 13,000 contact tracers by the end of the month. >>interested in finding out. is he have you been in contact for more than 10 minutes. this is 6 feet. >>he had amassed on how much information are these people being asked to share you need to know who they are where they are their medical pnoviders are there they're going to isolation we also want to know which are working this is also not only that managing the individuals but also trying to educate testers to transition. >>well governor gavin newsome says that contact tracing and improved testing capabilities. our key parts of his plan to fully reopen the state. well in southern california joshua tree national park is back open, but let some new rules. the park first clothes back on april 1st because of the pandemic now it's using a phased reopening approach and
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so far parking lots trails individual campsites and most restrooms are back open. but visitor centers and group campsites are still closed the park says that all individual campsites a first come first served until september for us. we're learning of yet another reason to practice social distancing. the cdc says the coronavirus spreads mainly from person to person and not as much through other ways to you know like touching surfaces the cdc says that the virus can spread if a person is in close contact with someone else. and when someone with a infection coughs or sneezes or talks causing those little droplets to land in the other person's mouth or nose. the cdc advises everyone should continue to practice social distancing make sure you wash your hands at least for 20 seconds then routinely disinfect surfaces. well 26 democratic senators including senator kamala harris are asking the department of homeland security to conduct a full assessment of all ice
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detention facilities nationwide to help prevent the spread of covid-19 among employees and detainees this comes after reports that ice facilities with confirmed cases, we're operating without the use of protective gear and detainees did not have access to hygiene products. the food and drug administration appears to be softening its stance on hydroxychloroquine now previously the fda issued a warning against using the drug for covid-19 outside of a hospital or formal clinical trial. so the agency cited the risk of serious heart rhythm problems, you know things like that. but now it says n it is ultimately a choice between patients and their healthcare providers. it's also a drug that the president acknowledge and defended taking he called a major study on the drug in a the veterans quote, phony. >>it was a false study done where they gave it a very sick people extremely sick people people that were ready to die. it was given by obviously not friends of the administration.
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and the study came out that people are ready to die. everybody was all old had bad problems with hearts, diabetes and everything else you can imagine. so they gave it so as media utley when it came out they gave a lot of false information. >>well the drug has not been shown to combat the virus and at least 2 other observation ul studies each involved around 1400 patients in new york and found that the drug had no benefit against the virus. coming up next on kron 4 morning news, several people have been arrested in the murder of the santa cruz county tech executive details on this coming up after the break and a little peek outside before we go we want to check in on the golden gate bridge there. it is we see some flashing lights looks like the usual bridge work caltrans work under way that's northbound out of san francisco, so looks like you only have one lane available. it's a tight squeeze, but traffic is getting by without a
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>>welcome back everyone a major development in the kidnapping and murder case from last october. >>santa cruz county investigators confirmed that several people have been arrested in connection to the murder of 2 shar autry the 50 year-old technology entrepreneur was kidnapped from his pleasure point beach house on october 1st. his body was later found in a remote area of the santa cruz mountains the county sheriff's office did not reveal exactly how many people were arrested, but they will be giving more
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details tomorrow and a press conference will definitely keep you updated. well the long-awaited mart right to the south way will become a reality next month officials signed off on the final step for vta silicon valley, various extension yesterday, the billion project is owned by vta and operated by bart it's set to begin service on june 13th a lot of folks are excited about that the california public utilities commission house 14 days to approve the verification of safety and sign off on passenger service on the 10 mile extension. well still ahead on the kron 4 morning news and oakland couple shares their battle with coronavirus will hear about the cautious a message for everyone as the county can. >>it continues to start the reopening process. how about a little peek outside we're checking in on the bay bridge a little breezy out there enough of a breeze to issue a high wind advisory so watch your speed but traffic looks good though everyone is behaving it's been a nice quiet trip into san francisco will welcome
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back everyone after 2 days without any reported coronavirus deaths in the bay area there's a stark rise in covid-19 deaths 9 new deaths occurred in one county alone. >>on tuesday, 14 new deaths reported throughout the bay area, 2 of them from santa clara county, 3 from alameda county and 9 from san mateo county now san mateo county now has 75 reported deaths
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with the majority of them over the age of 80 according to health officials. >>it's still a shelter in place. and we would really advise people, especially who have on any kind of underlying medical conditions. people who are older and anyone who's just feeling concerned to stay. the course i'm on the shelter-in-place this isn't really an invitation for everyone to go out to be completely. >>look for it at this point to a point where it's almost read s. >>well the doctor went on to say that we will continue to see the number of coronavirus cases and deaths go up and down for the next few months or even a year shared his everyone to remain vigilant. the oakland police department confirmed its first coronavirus case among employees. the department says that the employee had not been to work since last thursday and is currently off site self quarantine and recovering. we


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