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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  May 22, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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and geico loves helping riders get to where they're going, so to help even more, geico is giving new and current customers
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a fifteen percent credit on their motorcycle policies with the geico giveback. and because we're committed for the long haul, the credit lasts your full policy term. the geico giveback. helping riders focus on the road ahead. >>doctor anthony fauci has emerged as one of the world's leading authorities on the coronavirus pandemic and we have not heard directly from him lately. but doctor fauci will be answering your questions this weekend on our next our digital show coronavirus house calls as reporter jack where explains fauci is optimistic about
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medical treatments being studied right now. doctor anthony fauci says the covid-19 pandemic has been a worst nightmare scenario. >>but he remains optimistic about emerging treatments, a possible vaccine and beginning to reopen the country. the new normal. >>will likely be for at least a more through seasons caution from doctor anthony fauci the head of the national institutes of allergy and infectious diseases appearing on coronavirus house calls this weekend. saying americans should remain focused on preventing the spread of the virus. the real determining factor to put this into the history books will be if we get a safe and highly effective vaccine. a coronavirus vaccine is already showing promise in early clinical trials all 45 people in a trial from drug a during a produced antibodies for the virus, the levels. >>of anybody. >>our high the tide is are
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high. even at a modest dose. that's not the end game, but it certainly makes us cautiously optimistic, but its distribution is at best months away and for people already sick with the virus to talk about remdesivir ear fauci says emerging treatments like rimmed as of the year are encouraging so it's going to be distributed. >>hopefully as equitably as possible based on the burden of disease in hospitalizations throughout the country in examining the nation's response to coronavirus fauci is focused on the future you could always find something that you could have done better because we're just not perfect. we've got to do what we can with what we have doctor fauci says the virus is being controlled in some parts of the country already but he says precautions like social distancing an extra hand washing should remain in place for some time. i'm jack earlier now back to you. >>and you can watch coronavirus house calls with doctor fauci tomorrow at 1
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o'clock. it will be streaming live on our website kron 4 dot com as well as on our facebook page and on our kron on app which is free to download. many lawmakers say in order to prevent another major coronavirus outbreak this fall the country needs a nation wide testing strategy. some congressmen are looking at california's contact tracing program as a model that the rest of the country can follow. our washington correspondent joe khaleel has the story. >>lawmakers say and national testing in tracing strategy is the key to reopening america's economy. have right now to see these fires is to keep people who are positive who for 18 inches away from a e congressman raul ruiz says by the fall states must do widespread covid testing and identify everyone who comes in contact with positive cases, but he says states can't do it alone. he. >>the administration to sit
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down with the public health experts to help you should look my recess testing and tracing isn't one size fits all it may differ state by state. >>but no matter what the strategy. he says it's going to take thousands of trained workers to put that strategy into workforce the men and women that are going to go there and get contact tracing congressman ami bera says california is already training thousands of contact tracers he says the work with county health officials to enforce isolated quarantines so you don't have to shut down the entire country but we could shut down clusters in that testing blueprint we talk about proactive surveillance doctor deborah birx as in settings where outbreaks are common everyone should be tested proactively go and test everyone in meat packing plants to proactively go and test a 100% of the residents and workers in every single long-term care facility. burke says catching asymptomatic cases early is the best way to
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prevent outbreaks in washington, i'm joe khaleel. >>this memorial day weekend will look a little bit different and with the unofficial start of summer underway across the country. it's also the start of a new potential era. in the fight against the coronavirus millions of americans are expected to celebrate the long weekend by taking advantage of some open beaches and restaurants as all 50 states have now lifted some level of the restrictions across the country local officials are laying out specific requirements for people at the beach to try and enforce this new normal. >>normally we just have to worry about what we've got going on locally a local ordinances, you know state laws. now we're adding in 10's of you know the actual behavior e of the pandemic behavior that they tried to or just not to do with the social distancing large groups of things that nature. >>for the first time in 20 years triple, a is not releasing a memorial day travel forecast saying the data is just not readily available because of the pandemicresearchers will be
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looking at smartphone data to track how many people are hitting the road for memorial day. so let's find out what the weather has in store for memorial day as we take a live look outside at the golden gate bridge facing towards the north bay. and i'm sure that west marine coast is going to be pretty tempting this weekend. so i think you're going to have to stay a little bit closer to home but working from home right now is our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow hot is it going that this weekend. >>it's going to really heat up specially on memorial day i think that's what we really see those temperatures jumping may be in the upper 90's by memorial day. so i think that's going to test a lot of folks around the bay area they're going to be looking for some place to keep cool that will be just the beginning of the heat wave and there were talks or triple dit heat this next week. outside right now pretty comfortable we've got 72 degrees and san jose 74 beautiful friday evening in livermore 58 cooling down but some sunshine and civic a 67 degrees very nice in the san
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francisco 72 in the bottle 70 degrees in petaluma and 76 in santa rosa, but you can see that ridge building in now as that ridge settles in overhead it is going to really start to strengthen the next couple days more of a northerly component to the wind developing as we head to the next few days and that is going to crank the temperatures up even near the coast, a little breezy out there right now to 70 miles per hour in san jose, 24 deaths of 11 and the san francisco 15 and pacific and 14 miles per hour in benicia overnight tonight going to keep those skies, mostly clear all the way to the coast line tomorrow, sunny skies to start warmer temperatures by the afternoon. then we really crank up the heat this next week in fact i wanted to show you this an excessive heat watch now posted by the national weather service does not beginning until monday of next week but continuing all the way through thursday that we're going to be baking in those hot temperatures some triple digit heat likely settling in for the better part of next week so that ridge of high pressure building over head that will start to warm up the weekend should be a very nice
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beginning of your weekend with those temperatures soaring in the 80's in many spots, inland tomorrow, even around the bay will find lots of sunshine and 70's navy's long the coastline still very comfortable generally in the 60's next, rick tho justine everything changes that high pressure really kind of gets its grip on the bay area and that will likely send those temperatures very uncomfortably and under this pandemic may be dangerously in the 90's and the triple digits at live forecast back to you. >>thank you lawrence, this just in to the kron 4 news room sonoma county is amending its shelter in place order and will allow more businesses to reopen starting tomorrow, restaurants and food facilities can open for outdoor dining only and this is the big one winery's tasting rooms, bars and pubs may offer curbside pickup delivery and outdoor meals summer day camps and other recreational programs can provide child care and supervision of children and ceremonies, including
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graduations may be held with household members attending enclosed vehicles again all this is just in to the kron 4 news room. much more tonight on kron 4 news at 6 and we'll get a little bit more into it tonight on kron 4 news at 6 and on our website kron 4 dot com. we'll be right back. joe
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biden says he should not have
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tried to be quote a wise guy when speaking about african american voters. the former vice president came under fire for an interview this morning on the breakfast club radio show. during the interview biden said quote if you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or trump. then you ain't black. the presumptive democratic presidential nominee backtracked on that statement hours later and during a call with the u.s. black chamber of commerce he had this to say. >>i should've been such a white guy. i should have been so cavalier in responding to and i thought was and anyway it was i don't take it for granted at all, and no one. no one should have to vote for any party based on their race their religion in the background for african-americans you think that trump was one of only 4. i don't think so i'm prepared for my record against kids that was the bottom line is that was out it was really unfortunate. i shouldn't have been so cavalier. >>biden says he believes he
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needs african american to vote for him in order to win the presidency. he says he wants to earn that support and does not take it for granted. and tune in next wednesday may 27th for our congressional town hallspecial the road to reopening politicians from all over california will answer your questions live on air. you can either subm a video of your question on our website kron 4 dot com or on twitter using the hashtag reopening ca. this is an inside california politics special that will air live from 78 pm on kron 4 and on our kron on app which is free to download right now. still ahead working from home with humor and humility wwill check in with entertainment r
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it's time now to talk about our forecast as we take a live look outside here at the city of san francisco on this friday, many people hopefully we'll get to enjoy a three-day weekend. so let's find out how the weather will cooperate. working from home as our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow you said earlier, it's going to be a warm one. >>yeah, we are really going to start warming up here these next couple of days, not going to feel the real heat i think until the beginning of this next week but boy it is going to be gorgeous outside beautiful right now nice friday evening and saturday looks like one of those
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gorgeous days in the san francisco, you're look at numbers in the 60's and the 70's downtown 60's and the sunset about 67 degrees golden gate park little cooler along the coastline but to find some comfortable weather there just enough of the sea breeze keep those temperatures down but you'll find plenty of sunshine 67 degrees in burlingame about 67 also in brisbane and you work your way down the peninsula, those temperatures warm up in a hurry 77 in redwood city 81 in mount do you're going to see 70's and 80's in the south bay sunny skies all day long tomorrow there and then head inland that will start to crank up the numbers now mid-eighties in livermore about 84 in dublin, 75 in a were 72 degrees in san leandro 85 in danville about 85 also conquered and 80 degrees richmond hercules so we're going to crank these numbers up tomorrow then we'll go even a little further on sunday but then as we get into monday that's where everything begins to change a memorial day. it is going to be e beginning of a heat wave is low temperatures soaring well in the 90's inland. i think we're looking at triple digits on
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tuesday wednesday and possibly thursday of next week and even out toward the beaches of temperatures going to be heading up in the 70's and the 80's easily, the hottest temperatures we've seen all year long so far just to get back to that is warm. thank you. lawrence. >>anyone who was working from home knows it's a lot to handle on that is the same for people putting on big broadcast like ours and entertainment tonight, which airs right here on kron 4. i talked with e t correspondent keltie knight about some of the technical difficulty, she's faced and staying sane through it all. >>it is a challenge it's a big challenge i consider myself a great many things technology is not one of i love technology like to talk to the cows come home, but as far as like it's like a tornado of its human so as i tornado 3 like i just break everything that's great double life and it's you know so that's what it's like i have cried i have
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called air and our executive producer in tears in studio but it's it's all i mean i miss my people miss everyone from a makeup artist every day in between shoots to you know, michelle and kevin loran other people on a show like it just. it's just that it really it becomes a family, this is a big important show you know this is entertainment tonight like this is unprecedented and the fact made a choice to have us do the show keep all the staff say is i'm it's a hard decision i can imagine but very hip. >>there's no movie premieres there's no red carpets how is that going to change what you guys do. >>i think at some point the world will go back to normal. i think that the glitz and glamour of can't just go away because of this but i think
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that they're going to have to rethink some things i believe there will be premieres the awards shows we don't even the sheet music shows the repeated does sign addresses again because if i think about all that and it just makes me to set her you don't like with all this like how are you. >>i am trying to be gentle with myself so i work hard one day and then the next day if i and so depressed and just can't really do anything i myself to eat cinnamon during that day that get my veggies the next day you know, and i think that's all we can ask ourselves finding it hard look there's nothing to look forward to. give me an like december 31st, your back like i will start chart and the countdown like that's great that is you just don't know. >>what we do know is that healthy is killing in juggling 3 jobs at once besides her job as an e t host she also is on the popular podcast called the
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late again and they're broadcasting that will also working from home and she's about to go on a digital book tour for the soon to be bestseller act like a lady which is out on june 2nd. we're all doing our part by staying at home.
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that could mean an increase in energy bills. you can save by using a fan to cool off... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or closing your shades during the day. stay well and keep it golden.
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partially reopen nurses who have been in self quarantine are also beginning to go home reporter camila bernal spoke to one health care worker who says despite this their work
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is still not over. >>this is a family reunion after more than 50 days of quarantine for an >>sebastian pas works in an emergency department and as he saw more and more covid-19 cases he chose to self-isolate his 2 year-old son has preexisting conditions, it's been very challenging being away from my family. >>but uh i know that it's what's best and so we made that decision for not just for my son, but also for my wife and daughter in the middle of the quarantine pa says he began to experience shortness of breath and chest tightness. >>the coronavirus tests he took was inconclusive haha. >>issue to vary so much says i do have a military background now been deployed and i've
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been away. i have some unfamiliar somewhat with being away from but one of the reasons why i got out of the military was because i didn't want to leave any more. >>buh it was his military service that also motivated him to co-found that white in 2018. a nonprofit that helps veterans and first responders cope with mental health issues through the nonprofit they begin collecting care packages for those on the front lines of the pandemic we didn't choose this profession for a thank you or for you know, thank you for your service and things like that, but. >>i have seen that it's. a valuable and it means a lot to us whenever we get a gift or whenever we get a letter or a note a snack anything really that we weren't expecting right meanwhile the debate rages around the country on when and how to safely in ohio, some businesses expect
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to reopen in phases during the month of may if you look at our numbers. >>we're a plateau paws says he understands the need to move forward, but hopes it's done the right way as good as we've done and as as you know numbers are starting to come down they can spike up at any moment, he says regardless of the debate, he'll make sure his fellow frontline workers are getting the support and the thanks they deserve. >>camila bernal kron 4 ns. >>and that wraps up kron 4 news at 5 i'm
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>>news at 6. >>now it's 6 outdoor dining and drive in ceremonies will now be allowed in sonoma county in the last half hour the county announced it has amended its shelter in place order. thank you so much for joining us here on kron 4 news at 6 i'm justine waldman sonoma county has the state's approval to move further along into stage 2 of reopening so here now is a look at the big changes we just found out about affected today, restaurants and food facilities can open for outdoor dining only winery's tasting rooms, bars and pubs may offer curbside pickup delivery an outdoor meals. s


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