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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 23, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>the news station you're watching kron 4 news at a time. >>i think not that the words don't they hear yours your field, i hear you're ok on the other side where circles than agree i think there should definitely be in circles everywhere i would have helped a lie. >>now at a bay area residents trying to get out and about on this memorial day weekend and in the city running into a bit of confusion over those circles marked in the grass designating where you can safely social distance. good evening. thanks for joining us on kron 4 news at 8 i'm ken wayne and i pale more san francisco mayor london breed urging residents to avoid the
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temptation to pack the local parks, but that might be easier said than done this is a live look outside looking out over downtown san francisco temperatures were higher than usual today, making parks and. >>any open space is a welcome sight for those out on the memorial day weekend and the warming trend around the bay area will continue in the days ahead with some areas expected to see scorching temperatures some into the triple digits. lot of people across san francisco got out to enjoy the sun-soaked three-day weekend dolores park jackson park, the marina green. >>also visitors who were sunbathing and picnicking out and about and then to build and in anticipation of the crowds, the city marked those white circles on the grass in some spots, it's an effort to help people maintain social distancing. kron four's dan thorn visit some of the parts cross city joins us now live with how people reacted to all of this stand. >>well ken and pam is yuan mention the mayor has repeatedly said that she does not want people overcrowding
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the park's the beautiful day today was a big trough are people too to get out and it seems like for the most part those social distancing circles were working but for areas that didn't have them maybe they should. this section of dolores park looks pre pandemic sun bathers and pick next packed close together a forecast will a beautiful weather drawing hundreds outside i think they are risking their lives for better word people are going to be people park visitors say they were a little confused as to why only the flatlands of dolores park have social distancing circles the area near 20th and church streets does not bother trying to apply something not in other words don't say here, here's your guild i hear you're ok on the other side where circles, courtney welch was not alone in his thinking percent agree i think there should definitely be in circles everywhere that would help to live in the areas where the circles are the social
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distancing plan appears to be working the idea was to help separate crowding at the city's popular parks, the circles themselves have also been grabbing attention we cannot specifically for the service because he wanted to kind of stay away from the crowds, them the ones near jackson playground some much fewer people taking advantage but for those who did use them they do have support it's good it's good to know you know that if i'm in a circle and someone else is another circle there at least 6 feet away as for any plans for expansion those would have support as well because more nice weather will only continue to pull city dwellers outside it keeps people, you know out and say that i think that. >>it's nice to just have a little bit of security even though you know you never know. well it's still unclear whether or not the city will continue to put these social distancing circles in 2 city parks. >>but people can expect that if they do go outside there will be police and park rangers reminding people to
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follow shelter-in-place orders reporting live in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news. thank you dan well, sonoma county is moving further into phase 2 this weekend businesses such as wineries breweries and bars are allowed to open for outdoor dining if meals are being served the new order begins on what would usually have been a very busy holiday weekend well force gayle ong visited some of the wineries today. >>wineries in sonoma county had to get creative to meet the public health criteria to reopen its doors that means visitors can expect a few checkpoints along the way gloves and sanitizing wipes could be seen at the front desk of brie clear vineyards in windsor wine tasting is by appointment only guests are allowed to take off their masks going sitting outside were overjoyed to be able to allow consumers to come in a very safe way. >>to enjoy the beauty a sonoma county and do tastings outside the model is not ideal for many wineries but in the age of covid-19 it will do mark
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hanson is the owner and has been preparing to reopen for weeks we assume that most consumers. >>to feel safe would want to do outdoor food wine tastings customers enjoy did just that just feeling comfortable just the open space. so you don't feel like you don't you have to weigh buddy, the issues but safer sonoma county's new order went into effect saturday restaurants may offer outdoor seating and winery's tasting rooms and breweries and bars may offer outdoor meals with the permit any geyserville the francis ford coppola winery and its restaurant rustic remained closed saturday to train staff want to make sure we did some training. >>we want to make sure that all the staff was trained on the new process is a new sanitation visitors will need to sanitize their hands before entering the building the winery will be maximizing its outdoor seating be doing all of our tasting. >>wine tastings. >>with food out in our water, what was our pool cafe area. but it's now been set up with proper social this is seeing and smaller groups of 4 or
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less the new normal that wine enthusiast's will have to adapt to i spoke to a number of wineries in sonoma county who will open at a later date. >>but are offering curbside pickup. reporting in geyserville gayle ong kron 4 news. >>in-store shopping is back in vacaville the vacaville premium outlets reopened today with new safety protocols for both employees and shoppers, the property manager says cleaning crews are sanitizing and disinfecting high traffic locations such as dining areas restrooms escalators trash bins and door knobs. they're also offering protective masks sanitizing wipes and temperature testing for shoppers. >>tonight there are more than 1200 confirmed cases of the virus in the bay area and 422 people have died santa clara county reported 30 new covid-19 cases today and the one death. you can find a complete list of cases broken down by city and county on our website at kron 4 dot com right now the kron on app is
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free to download 24 hour local news streaming commercial free, so you can stay informed and updated during the health crisis well, it was a stunning fire burning fast and furious look at these massive flames tearing through a warehouse at san francisco's pier 45 this was early today, the flames reaching as high as 100 feet and threatening to burn and historic world war 2 era ship the san francisco fire department says it all started around 4.15 this morning with more than a 100 firefighters responding to the scene. >>one firefighter was injured, but is expected to be okay rescue crews successfully contain the blaze. they stopped it from spreading to neighboring buildings but the warehouse is a total loss that building was used by local fisherman to house their equipment. the investigation is still ongoing but as of now officials say nobody was inside the warehouse when the fire started the historic pier 45 is known as the home a world war 2 museum vessels and
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they were threatened by that fire today but aside from saving lives the fire department says preserving the history was a top priority there from forcefully to call reports. >>to say the vessel the san francisco fire department deployed to the sun goes to attack the flames threatening the sss jeremiah o'brien from the water, my professional opinion that without the fire, but we were the last to jeremiah bryant. the fire department says fire both read the saint francis was tasked with protecting the o'brien fire boat, one was instructed to keep the flames back. >>flames that extended beyond a 100 feet above the o'brien. the uss pump a nieto a submarine was also in danger though is also survived we've also deployed multiple hand lines as well as what we call more diverse >>streams and our water towers with their ladder trucks to protect all the warehouses, including the museum and commercial businesses which we
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successfully did the museum being news a mechanic next door to the warehouse that collapsed it was threatened at one point but was unscathed the museum is completely fine with no dan as for the o'brien, it suffered some damage to the lines tethering it to the pier. the ship stormed normandy on d-day during world war 2 it became a popular tourist attraction since coming to the bay area still making a few day like cruises around the bay and along the coast each year. >>all in all history was preserved by keeping the vessel from burning down that is the silver lining of the day the fact that you know. >>that structure you know that could have gone up could have taken down more in the area did not you know we were able to maintain the integrity the place the san francisco fire department plans on keeping a crew out here for the next few days through memorial day at least just to make sure no hot spots pop up in the fire does not rekindle as for the o'brien, a designated national
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historic landmark. >>the port authority of san francisco is going to evaluate over the next few days whether or not they need to move the vessel from the area while the fire investigation is carried out. in san francisco. phillipe djegal all kron 4 news we first told you about this morning's fire with a push alert be sure to download the free kron 4 news app so you can stay up to date on breaking news as it happens in the bay area and beyond in the east bay of san leandro woman has been arrested for the insensitive messages she posted toward minorities. >>detectives say they received reports of random notes like these placed on doors in the heron bay neighborhood. the notes suggest people not born in the u.s. should leave the country immediately. one of the residents captured the incident on his ring camera. police were then able to identify and arrest 52 year-old nancy arcega for sharing the message is. she was booked into the santa rita jail and was cited and then released. the mayor of san
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leandro has responded to the incident thanking police for their quick action in the case and says the city is quote a welcoming place for everyone there is no place for hate in our community. this is a developing story. we will bring you more details as they come in. coming up on kron 4 news at 00:08pm tonight questions pouring in from around the country for the nation's top infectious disease expert, we will have the exclusive house call answers from doctor anthony fauci and after the break saying sorry former vice president joe biden apologizing to a demographic he really needs to win the white house. >>we'll have reaction to that son who is thinking of naming as his
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pop my 100% all-white-meat classic or spicy popcorn chicken combo for just $5.99. >>in the fence, so cavalier in responding to what i thought was. >>and anyway it was i don't take it for granted at all, and no one. no one should have to vote for any party based on their race their religion in the background. >>former vice president joe biden say that he should not have tried to be quote a wise guy when speaking about african american voters. he was responding to criticism of a statement he made yesterday during an interview that's when he said quote if you have a problem figuring out whether you are for me or trump, then you ain't black unquote. the presumptive democratic presidential nominee backtracked on that statement later in the day biden says he believes he needs after americans to vote for him to win the presidency. he says he
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wants to earn that support and. >>he doesn't take it for granted, we have a chance now to welcome in political science professor james taylor from usf to talk more about those professor taylor did he did he turn the page on this and put it behind the murders is still going to be an issue moving forward. >>i think it's over and over jack to have you can and to i think it's much much ado about nothing. i consider emergency that yet the american community and other communities are enduring with corona. if you sort of itemizing prioritize african americans and thinking about. this is a news event has very little to do even the election. so i think joe biden got set up. i think joe biden had done said 18 of the summer and 29 seconds of an interview in the 17 minutes and 29 seconds when it was over in did you have been they tried to stop it twice of charlemagne jet asking in fact, joe biden started talking about south carolina
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and almost and install them. he said no police say it's a 72. he says i need you to say it's a southern thing was thirsty looking for controversy and he got the controversy wanted irony is. >>he is doing a disservice to the black community image show the breakfast club because what they're doing is creating this fog about nothing with joe biden talked for 18 years 18 minutes said something in 2 seconds are coming out 18 minutes of the defense of his 1980 to acquire go he actually talked care he talked about reparations for african-americans he says he's coming up with a black agenda he talked about getting public defenders, the same kind of salaries as prosecutors at the federal level he said i know black people are being killed he talked about being a bullet to change on marijuana even said i know a lot of people that smoke we that was news worthy. but instead the breakfast club and show them in a god with thursday for and
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got was a sound bite and it now has carried the day but the disservice to the black community is we can hear what biden said what biden said was basically i will do everything all about the black agenda. he says i will have black women of my cabinet, our promise you he promises all of this and he acknowledges the suffering of black people to have that conversation and then in 10 seconds after the interviews, oak work is getting a they say my wife is he said my wife is coming and they get in trouble at to get out of this and to do and it's all the money is begging him okay we'll come back and if you go back and watch the film them. you see charlemagne doesn't even react when joe biden says what we're all talking about because he didn't react and the interview is ended by a charlemagne is talking charmaine does need to say hey we got to talk about that the next time. it was not even acknowledge when it was stated and then all of a sudden after they were looking for sound bite they found what joe biden said a note the i know a lot of people that smoke week that should be some
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but we're talking about or what he said about his agenda instead we'r has an energized base biden campaign needs an energized base in the african american community is a large part of that the trump campaign just wants to peel off a percentage of that base and that could happen with this if it plays up too much. >>part of this i think just the opposite i think if you look at what happened with governor desantis in florida city hyde-smith of mississippi they both made very offensive. racist comments. and neither of them apologize, and actually helped him get elected. what i'm saying is that biden is actually going to be able to pull away some of the reagan democrat voters that on the that the trump base because of this actually because biden made the statement he will be more attractive and african american the farm that that
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they know they're dealing with a lot of people political action here and so they know that the one person that white america will vote for right now is not a woman not a progressive not a radical like bernie, but someone who's not too far removed from jordan, so so they found a truck like a candidate. everyone seems to like him, but i didn't actually say these comments actually appeals to these very same people that will actually suppress donald trump's support so biden making these comments actually helps him with the very people that support donald trump exactly triangulation because biden already has the black vote and he's and black the black voters are using by they are using him to get rid of donald trump and then they will carry out that agenda. so they're willing to put up with these offenses of biting this is not his first he said you know obama was a clean and you know how to get black man he made offensive comments related to of the book no issues of busing and segregation and
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things of that sort that calmer harris brought out. but people know biden number is 96% of the black vote in in his home state on a regular basis. so the real issue here to me is that the media at creating a basically an opportune a a news event immediately grant but has very little to do with the election will have to let people will participate in the elections. they're coming to donald trump and they're they're willing to do a you put aside. biden's of mistakes oppressor taylor almost out of time but 2 real quick of the big. >>news that the bite is going to make next to the really big news is who's going to pick to be his running mate and does this change that dynamic at all does it put more pressure on him to have a black vice-presidential female running mate, there are certainly qualified candidates out i think he knows he's already got i mean i don't think any club that your. >>is the person i think he's issuing out where the balloons and that you know someone like
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the michigan. our governor or val demings in florida or you know maybe even a visit warren will be the candidate and african american voters, the farmer that the american voters don't require a biting to have a black bt and at the cliburn has come out and said that reality is biden is to have a more comprehensive agenda tha prioritizes issues important to african-americans. >>professor james taylor as always we appreciate your analysis, thank you for being with us tonight. thank you. and tune in next wednesday, may the 27th for our congressional town hall special is called the road to reopening politicians from all over the state of california will answer your questions live on air you can either submit a video of your question on our website kron 4 dot com or on twitter using the hashtag reopening ca this inside california politics special air live from 07:00pm to 08:00pm on kron 4 and our kron on app which is free to download right now.
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>>and coming up tonight an attempted crime caught on camera how a 10 year-old girls save the day. >>plus nursing home nightmares, what governor andrew cuomo of new york had to say about
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>>the number of hospitalizations are down. the change in hospitalizations is down the intubations is down. >>new york governor andrew
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cuomo providing positive news on his state's covid-19 fight today officials reported 84 coronavirus related deaths that's the lowest number in new york in weeks. the death tally, a tally peaked at 799 on april 8, 7, a cuomo added the number of new cases is also down in new york, both of which are critical benchmarks york is beginning to loosen restrictions on residents but the governor is stressing the importance of wearing face coverings in public. >>the most astonishing frack to me. all through this. that the emergency room health professionals have a lower infection rate than the general population. that the bus drivers transit workers police officers have a lower rate of infection. because the masks work and we gave them the masks and they wore the masks so wear a mask.
8:26 pm
>>during the coronavirus a briefing today governor cuomo responded to criticism about nursing home policies patients recovering from covid-19 were initially sent to nursing homes which became hot beds of infection. the governor then reversed course and said that coronavirus patients should not be discharged to the nursing homes after all cuomo says that his administration was actually following guidelines set forth by president trump as of march, the 22nd at least 5700 people in new york nursing homes were confirmed, or presumed dead because of covid-19. >>coming up safe celebrations health experts are
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>>doctor anthony fauci answer questions about coronavirus from around the country today. this all part of a special program we had here on kron 4 kron four's terisa stasio tells us what the doctor had to say about covid-19 reopening testing and a possible vaccine. and as the characteristics. >>that i really feel a very challenging as we all know that is highly effective in his transmissibility from person to person and has a considerable degree of morbidity and mortality. and unfortunately that's what we're living through now doctor anthony fauci the well respected director of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases. >>working for 6 presidents and now a member of the white house coronavirus task force
8:30 pm
answered questions from across the country. it all took place in a special show hosted by kron 4 news his parent company next our this will be the first time i see my months. that's a good question but it really be lakes the dynamics of the outbreak. >>in the area that you are in some of the topics tackled. >>whether barbecues should happen with groups memorial day often considered the kickoff to the summer fun, but with the pandemic it is a tricky question you're in a situation where your community your city or county. >>has gone past the guideline recommendations where they've gone through the gate way they may be in phase, one or even face too. the degree to which you have that freedom of interaction will really depend on that doctor fauci added that he and his family will not be interacting or going to
8:31 pm
a party with anyone because they are in washington d c. >>a geographic area with still a high number of cases. another subject older residents on that doctor fauci was quite emphatic. >>the nursing so long as well right now where we are in most places again this variability throughout the country in most places i really would prove try to best as possible. preserved the sanctity as it were of the cutting off of the interaction in nursing homes as difficult as it is. >>you can watch an entire show for yourself. we've posted it on kron 4 dot com. theresa kron 4 news. >>today president trump played golf for the first time since the widespread outbreak of pandemic the presidential motorcade arrived at trump national golf club in sterling virginia this morning. the president as golf partners were not wearing masks but according to reports secret service members were and practicing social distancing
8:32 pm
at least 11 secret service members have tested positive for coronavirus doctor deborah birx with the president's coronavirus taskforce encouraged americans to be outside this holiday. but to also take precautions beaches along the southern california coastline are open this memorial day weekend you can see people roller skating and biking and walking today at santa monica beach in los angeles county beaches there and in our county are open but only for active use and social distancing will be enforced. >>memorial day weekend marcy unofficial start of summer and all 50 states in the country have started reopening their businesses. one expert says the coronavirus pandemic does not mean that we have to completely skip out on the celebration and honors for memorial day. >>whitney wild reports. >>from texas are on the ground. no mass to south carolina. but i don't want to work at it felt good to be
8:33 pm
back. georgia there's so many people here on the beach i did not think that there is going to that many to new jersey. americans are flooded out doors, packing the sidewalk hitting the beach and the bar memorial day weekend marks the first time americans must weigh holiday celebrations and possible health risk. >>for tourist towns that rely on out of town traffic keeping people safe while boosting lagging economies is especially tough our local economy has tanked. >>we're a tourism town people coming here for over a 100 years. tourism has ended for the time being we are fortunate that have our governor governor can't was. >>grace is a not to send the department of natural resources down to help with the social distancing in arkansas officials say the state is facing a second peak of covid-19. >>further the governor says a high school pool party spread the virus. they're young. >>they're swimming they're just having activity and
8:34 pm
positive cases resulted from that and so it's just encouragement for us to be disciplined in our activities it could take days or even weeks to determine if memorial day weekend generated more viral spikes nationwide. >>in washington, i'm whitney wild reporting. >>severe weather slamming parts of the midwest to these images show what the national weather service has confirmed as a large and dangerous tornado. south of lubbock texas today in the south. large hail and tornadoes have caused damage to dozens of homes and businesses in the northern sections of that state no deaths have been reported with more though on the wicked weather we check in with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow lawrence. >>amazing they've had tremendous weather just a very scary when last 24 hours across much of texas in fact, one area just near wichita falls in texas. actually have some great fruit size hail can
8:35 pm
you imagine that coming down. that's incredible very dangerous stuff out there continues to be that way tonight do you ever closer look you can see the storms rolling on through and we've got tornado watches up again just north of abilene you see that strong line of storms moving through right now certainly they could see some more tornadic activity tonight. and again tomorrow that will shift just a little bit further to the east so that being said out west we've got our own problems coming our way but of a different kind, what gore just shot looking out toward the golden gate bridge. you see the haze out there up above a few high clouds but high pressure really beginning to strengthen up ahead and that means we're going to see some much warmer temperatures in fact today we started to move above the average in the 70's and 80's but pretty comfortable outside, but add another 15 maybe 17 degrees to those numbers and that's we're going to be dealing with over the next couple of days. and that's whether it's the weather service has issued an excessive heat watch that will likely become an advisory or warning by monday but likely going to continue all the way
8:36 pm
until thursday that's when that big dome of high pressure will continue to sit overhead at the same time we're seeing of week offshore wind not really really strong, but it's enough to keep the fog away and that means we're going to crank those temperatures up even along the coastline, you're looking at 70's and 80's. many of the valleys guys will be up in the 90's and even the triple digits that forecast back to you all right lawrence, thank you. >>a brave young girl saving the day when she scared away, a man believed to be about to burglarize her family home it was all caught on camera. >>minutes before her response ringing cell system surveillance from this big rig feel neighborhood capture. the suspect patrolling the area in an suv he drives by the house he circled back around parks, the car and then walks to the house little did he know this brave young girl is in the car and is ready to put up a fight. >>it is very brave, i am so surprised. she was. >>she was pretty shook up, i
8:37 pm
felt really bad for her she was really scared, but that was that's. >>the bold move of her. >>lola penley is only 10 years old her mother says the intruder ran away before anybody can stop them. he still on the run tonight. >>graduates do not let the extraordinary events of the past few months. obscure your genuine accomplishments. >>supreme words of wisdom, the chief justice of the nation's highest court sharing a sweet message with graduating seniors construction is still underway for the raiders new las vegas home but has the pandemic push back the timeline for opening. the bus while a handful retail giants have declared bankruptcy. macy's is
8:38 pm
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8:40 pm
reopening dozens of stores us memorial day weekend. although none of them is here in california. some of the stores will offer in-store shopping but most will just be curbside pickup. >>the company expects most of its locations to reopen by late june macy's has put in some new safety measures including no touch beauty consultations. this all comes as the retailer forecast a loss of more than $1 billion for the quarter. >>bed bath and beyond plans to be reopening hundreds of stores and bring back thousands of workers next month. the retailer plans to reopen 600 stores by june 13th, including the christmas
8:41 pm
tree shops and cost plus world market locations. the company also end the furloughs of about 11,000 employees to work in those stores. >>still ahead the nba unveiling a new plan to get players back on the court this season but where will the games be played we have details coming up plus or graduation show ceremony looked a little different than she imagined because of the pandemic tonight, a new doctor who has
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8:44 pm
>>cream court justice john roberts dedicated remarks virtually today to his son's graduating high school class. the veteran judge told seniors at the simsbury connecticut school to show compassion during these unexpected times. he added he has confidence in their future success. >>graduates do not let the extraordinary events of the past few months. obscure your genuine accomplishments. cause you to overlook how fortunate you have been. you have enjoyed a special opportunity to learn. to develop talents and skills and to grow as a member of a caring community. you have enjoyed blessings, not of your making. but now you've been thrust into a jarring and unexpected world. also not of your making. the pandemic has or will affect practically everyone in the world in one way or another.
8:45 pm
>>well the pandemic change plans for millions of students across the country students are participating in drive-thru and as we just saw virtual graduation ceremony on top of that many newly minted doctors will be heading straight to the front lines of this pandemic reporter lynn smith talked with morehouse a medical school graduate about her next steps. school of medicine scenes like this are playing out all across the country for the class of 2020. >>virtual graduation ceremony, it's good for morehouse school of medicine 4th year student helene aka perry. it's a little hard to accept. >>it kind of feels a little and disappointing because it's what you kind of dream of this day for so long. >>it was inspired to pursue a career in medicine while on a mission trip to ghana during her undergraduate steps and knew that i wanted to work in an underserved population to really serve those who truly needed my help and didn't have
8:46 pm
the resources or the insurance or the money to. >>the able to afford the medical team that they need us all just how big the need was that inspired me to want to serve underserved populations since then covid-19 has drastically impacted her chosen field. >>and the reality of entering the health care profession during this global crisis. it elicits mixed emotions. pardon me, i'm a little nervous just because residency is already as is and then kind of. >>adding on a pandemic to it, i'm just kind of leads. for new that are really unforeseen also we feel very excited and privileged to even be in the situation where i can go and take care of patients who are being affected by coronavirus spending time volunteering at a free covid testing site has given her a glimpse of what she was soon be facing. >>i was able to do the testing actually do the swabbing i'm just really be there for patients, im really happy that i was able to do it. >>and even though graduation
8:47 pm
season hasn't exactly gone as perry's message to other graduates is clear definitely don't let this pandemic bring you down still celebrate to the full as still. >>the with your family be with your friends even if that's don't let what's going on in the world take away from your accomplishments, you worked hard you accomplish these amazing things so let that shine and don't let coronavirus rain on your parade. >>that was lynn smith reporting doctor have a knock perry is now a resident physician in emergency medicine. >>the nba could be one step closer to restarting is season today, the league announced it's exploring the possibility of resuming play at disney's espn wide world of sports complex in florida. the complex is part of the walt disney world resort and has a number of arenas that could be used for games and practices are also thousands of hotel rooms on site that could provide housing for nba players staff and families. the league suspended its
8:48 pm
season on march 11th. after one of its players tested positive for covid-19 today, an nba spokesman said their top priority for restarting the season is ensuring the health and safety of everyone involved. >>the opening of the las vegas raiders new home, the allegiance stadium is still on schedule, the stadium authority board held a virtual meeting yesterday and officials say the new building will be ready to open at the end of july despite the pandemic these are the first images from inside the stadium, don webb who is in charge of the project says funding has not been affected million a day until it's finished. >>although not visible to the general public. back of house operations and security areas have been completed and public restrooms and concession stands are nearing completion. >>within the stadium pull the installation of the 5 video boards has been completed and speakers from the distributed
8:49 pm
soundsystem some as large is an automobile had been installed food. >>inside the stadium, there will be 5 clubs, 60% of the seats have already been installed and the al davis torch on the north end of the stadium. still has scaffolding but it is coming right along they say the first event for the stadium will be a garth brooks concert which is slated for august the 22nd. and the raiders are supposed to play a preseason game there in 5 days after that and we know one person who can't wait for that to happen our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow a diehard raider as we yeah raider fan as we take a look at the golden gate bridge that picture you showed earlier lawrence of the bridge from high above stunning. >>yeah, i mean really really just an amazing a set of pictures we're going to see in the coming days, guys and certainly. >>here we go of summer weather is coming early is coming on the unofficial beginning of summer weekend memorial day out there right now looking out toward the golden gate bridge you can see some hage
8:50 pm
little bit different shot but a beautiful shot out for the golden gate and kind of give you an idea when the atmosphere is kind of settling down like this you get the idea that high pressure strengthening up above and certainly that's what's going to happen we're going to see some scorching temperatures easily. the hottest numbers of the year, a strong high pressure will continue to build in the coming days soaring temperatures and by monday. we're talking 70's 80's even out along the coastline to get to happen bay maybe in low 80's, same of pacifica daly city in the valleys 90's and some triple digits and this could be extended period of heat. this is going to take us to the better part of next week with many records likely broken. excessive heat watch has been posted likely to become an advisory may be a warning as we get into monday right through thursday. so that's a long period, especially with the shelter-in-place orders in effect right now you know a lot of folks are going to want to get outside and that kind of heat high pressure overhead now it's going to stick around tomorrow we start to warm up in the 60's low 70's in the san francisco, almost 80 in
8:51 pm
oakland and upper 80's in the san jose, offshore winds continuing, but just a week offshore, but it's going to be strong enough to keep your skies, nice and clear so about 71 in the mission tomorrow about 65 degrees in daly city 64 in half moon bay 72 degrees in millbrae 83. in redwood city's an 87 degrees in san jose tomorrow than in some 90's inland 92 in livermore 90 want to conquer a 90 in danville about 91 in their field and then along the coastline near 70 degrees at stinson beach next couple days we're going to warm those temperatures up even further i think you move in the upper 90's on memorial day and then we start to break out the triple digits on tuesday wednesday and thursday of next week much cooler weather expected as we head into week and even a slight chance of showers there. but this memorial day looks like a hot one around the bay area temperatures at least getting near a 100 degrees in some of the warmer spots inland that split forecast guys back to you all right, thank you. lawrence opening the door to a
8:52 pm
brand new opportunity when stay at home orders went in effect where florida businessman had to close his game room. well next at
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
>>entrepreneur had to shut down the physical location of his in person game room because of the pandemic so he got creative and took an online now he is cashing in big time erik waxler reports. >>allison by were distraught
8:55 pm
when like so many other businesses they had to close the rock avenue escape room because of the pandemic we put so much into this we've we've. >>gambled if you will you know a lot of money a lot of time. >>rob also got laid off from his job as a computer programmer, but used his skills to keep this business going and i jokingly well you know i suppose i could strap a gopro to my head and have people calling from home after some tweaks they became the first escape from in the country offer a virtual game enjoy that code on the microwave and see what happens rob with to iphone straps on plays the role of the mayor guiding people through small town mystery. we have a missing person. everybody that works here is a character in the story people from around the world are playing this game had a guy from ecuador and a woman in arizona. it's different every game's different interactions depending on the people and it's it's really a ton of fun, a family of 4 can play for about $50 rock avenue says the virtual games are so popular they are rushing for the in person version any time soon.
8:56 pm
>>that was erik waxler report a rock avenue escape room has to virtual games. the company says people can play them from anywhere in the world. >>now for tonight's kron 4 hero tonight we want to recognize an oakland base coffee company that's doing its part to help the community cope with the pandemic mister espresso has donated more than 2500 pounds of coffee as well as cash donations to dozens of local covid-19 relief initiatives. the company says its orders have dramatically increased during the shelter-in-place and wants to give back to a community that has supported them for more than 40 years. mister espresso is also donating supplies for displaced industry workers to a nationwide restaurant workers relief program, new spotlight, somebody making a difference in your community we have a new section on our website called kron 4 heroes. i have to do is fill out a quick forms let us know about your hero you can find that page at kron 4 dot com and kron four's also saluting the class of 20 20 here in the bay
8:57 pm
area every night we're shining the spotlight on a specific senior tonight it is to mount chester to mel is graduating from patent academy in oakland, he plans to continue his education at the california college of the arts studying animation congratulations jim l. >>and you can submit a graduate just go to kron 4 dot com 5 salute to grads 2020 under news submit a photograph of your grad and let us know which school the graduate attended and what is next for him or her and that wraps up kron 4 news tonight at 8 we're not done yet stay with us kron 4 news at 9 com we're here for you and we're open. wow. i'm an original. one of a kind. you feel me? love ya'. oop! you look cute! better than you?
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>>it's got a day to enjoy the sun-soaked holiday weekend. thank you for joining us tonight at 9 i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne in anticipation of crowds. the city painted white circles on the grass and some spots to try to keep people apart. kron four's dan thorn visited some of the park's cross city today to see if those circles worked dan. >>ken and pam for the most part it seem like


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