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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  May 25, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>>from the bay station. news at 5. >>another big step towards reopening the golden state toda the california department of health has released new guidelines for reopening churches mosques. synagogues and other places of worship during the pandemic good monday evening to you on jonathan mccall thanks for joining us here on kron 4 news at 5. among those new guidelines temperature checks for both staff and visitors. frequently disinfecting high traffic areas such as pews and lobbies and discouraging the use of shared items such as prayer books and cushions among the other requirements shortening services to limit the amount of time that people
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are gathered together and rearranging seating areas to accommodate for 6 feet of space between people kron 4 capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala live tonight in sacramento with those details ashlynn. >>i'm jonathan yet today ended up being a working holiday for state officials in response to the pandemic in its economic effects. the department of health releasing new guidelines as you said on war shipping but also shopping and protesting. >>california continue to lift parts of it stay at home order monday, allowing churches and other houses of worship to reopen so long as attendance is limited to 25% capacity capping at 100 attendees the state says congregations must also implement employee training sanitation and physical distancing standards health officials suggest requiring face coverings for singing and group re citation or eliminating them altogether. the state is strongly recommending churches continue with virtual services but leaders of 3,000 places of
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worship say they're ready to resume in person this week after one semester. good like that's. >>during a church online is like watching a campfire on television. it just isn't the same you know still work another green light given monday in store shopping is now allowed statewide with physical distancing capacity and cleaning standards the state says retail does not include hair salons nail salons and barbershops the state responding to recent protests, some led by workers in those industries health officials reiterating protests are loud but urged demonstrations to be a 25% of an area's capacity or 100 protesters maximum. >>officials say they'll reconsider those limits on gatherings every we are excuse me every 3 weeks at least once moving forward, reporting live at the state capitol ashley zavala kron 4 news lot of
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folks waiting for that news ashley. thank you back here in the bay area retailers in santa clara alameda and san francisco counties. >>say they will continue only with curbside pickup contra costa county says they will continue to abide by the terms of their own shelter in place order. that's currently set to expire on june 1st the other big stories we are tracking this monday night it is the weather thing scorching outside and they are only going to get hotter. throughout the week. kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with just how long this heat wave will last recent you look like you're doing the great thing is kind of sticking insider right now. >>yes, sitting inside loose, fitting clothes, i been so great to finally work with you welcome to the team, let's take a look at current temperatures out there right now in the bay area scorching heat, especially for interior valleys, several records have been broken in the bay area, the national weather service going to release all of those numbers in just a few minutes but for now, let's take a look
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at these current conditions because near triple digit heat, especially in the tribe alleys, malaysia you were in the triple digits just about an hour ago and widespread 80's around the bay area shorelines downtown san francisco. you should be in the mid 60's for th time of year, but right now 82 degrees and santa rosa in the low 90's as his san jose oakland and hayward in the mid to upper 80. so let's take a look at this warm air mass because as you can see the double digit warming right now taking place around the bay area's shoreline specifically in him. we're in downtown stamford scope and that because of the return to northern ie went so we are getting these warm dry offshore breezes and right now seeing noticed cloud cover at all over the east bay in berkeley. so we are noticing, warm temperatures and we do have a heat advisory in effect for most of our interior valleys consuming through thursday night but the area's excluded include the bay area coastline and the east bay shoreline and solano county
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specifically the cities of a lay how an airfield your are going to be under an excessive heat warning from now all the way through thursday night as well because of triple digit heat in your forecast in the coming days to the peak of the heat will actually arrive tomorrow and we are going to continue to see warmer temperatures through wednesday, our inland areas more coming up in my full forecast in just a few minutes jonathon fell apart. >>alright marissa thank you so much today is the very first spare the air day of 2020 tomorrow. well, i won't be much different the bay area air quality management district is issuing this year's second spare the air alert for tomorrow. air quality is expected to be on healthy with light winds triple digit temperatures and car emissions from holiday travel as the main causes for the alert. the alerts are issued when ozone pollution is expected to reach unhealthy levels which can cause throat irritation trigger asthma and can worsen bronchitis and emphysema. once again the governor's guidelines for reopening houses of worship can only go into effect if
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approved by a local county health officer. so far no order has been given the green light here in san francisco. and while some are calling for churches to quickly reopen black religious leaders across the bay area say they're not in a rush for to happen just yet kron four's dan kerman live tonight in san francisco with their message. dan. >>well black pastors got together along with civil rights leaders outside san francisco city hall earlier today saying they don't believe it's safe to reopen churches they want to protect their congregations and as a result, they are in no rush as you said to reopen. >>it is not safe yet. >>africanamerican religious leaders joined civil rights leaders outside san francisco city hall monday to denounce calls to reopen churches saying it's not safe in the midst of the pandemic we don't need to listen. >>to any of the president. you need to listen to the the
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scientists the doctors says the people say yes to out of church. >>on tell the way is safe and could a speakers also pointed out the 4 walls of the church are not required to pray we will not open our >>outside on the given a we that this whole show pay during the noontime rally speakers also noted that studies show covid-19. >>is having a greater impact on african american communities making the need to social distance and stay out of church even more important i love my people too much put their lives in of my people too them in a scenario where then help is question we have too many preexisting
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conditions we have too many seniors in our congregations. we have to do too much work buildings to make them right and so just because we can do a thing doesn't mean we should do >>investors are also calling for additional resources for african american communities that includes more testing as well as medical support and educational support live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news dan thanks on this memorial day as america honors fallen heroes. >>tributes are taking place across the country. here in san francisco, a memorial day service was held at the national cemetery in the presidio normally this event would attract thousands of people but this year only a small service was held. cross force charles clifford was there. >>memorial day services here in san francisco at the national cemetery in the presidio have been held every year since 1868 normally there are about 2000 people who attend the ceremony but this year because of the ongoing pandemic they had to
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drastically scale back the event now around the cemetery today they weren't able to put out flags on all the graves like they normally do over at the ceremony there are about a dozen people from the military in the who attended and spoke they talked about some of the themes that are always touched on on memorial day including on are in service and also they talked about the loss that is felt by everyone when someone dies in the line of duty. >>when we lose a marine. a soldier, an airman a sailor. we grieve for the loss suffered by their loved ones. and we honor the families who continue to sacrifice over a lifetime for us. we also suffer a life a loss ourselves. we lose one of our best and one of our brightest someone who takes personal responsibility for the health and safety of our entire nation. now this year's service was dedicated to the memory of major adrianna war terbruegen who died in december of 2015 in afghanistan, organizers are hoping that they can resume a full normal public service. >>next year. in san francisco
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charles clifford kron 4 news. >>a big story that we're following for you this monday evening of massive fire at a recycling facility in milpitas this afternoon facility located on the border of fremont milpitas and san jose and take a look at this video that we received from someone driving along interstate 8.80 can see those large plumes of thick black smoke billowing into the sky. we've learned that compacted trash caught fire in this blaze. the good news. no one heard no structures damaged. tonight, there's still no word on exactly what sparked that fire. now to the south bay this monday, we're testing for covid-19 is now being ramped up with new permanent and temporary sites. kron four's rob fladeboe live tonight with whereand when people can begin using those sites. rob. >>that's right jonathan these new and expanded tests i suppu e walk-up and drive-t are trying to 0 in on places with the most infection. let's take a look. it started clara county on monday opened new and expanded coronavirus
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testing at 6 locations across the county in an effort to increase testing capacity where it's needed most says the health department's doctor marty fenster sheil last what helps us is to go to the places where we know we have cases. >>and we know that people are going to be exposed and we know that people are working in areas where maybe they can social distance. so it's to me it's more important on focusing on where pop up test sites are now up and running in san jose and mountain view. >>the mountain view side is in the ring starve park pool area at 2 one south ring store for avenue. open today from 10:00am to 01:00pm and again on wednesdays from 09:00am to one pm in san jose the site is located at the la plus e to tropicana shopping center parking lot, 1630 story road open friday from 10:00am to 02:00pm. officials stress that essential workers in particular should get tested. >>as we've moved away from
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testing just symptomatic people for covid-19 and we are now looking to make sure that we capture anybody and test them who may have been exposed and who is carrying the virus. so you don't need to have symptoms in order to pass this on to somebody else the new pop-up locations bring to 46 the total number of test sites across the county. >>that includes for existing drive-thru sites like this one 2 of which are in san jose with one each in milpitas and morgan hill all 4 are open 7 days a week from 08:30am to 04:30pm appointments are required and can be made online. again the health department is encouraging all frontline in essential workers to get tested now and preferably at least once a month going forward again these tests are free and available to all residents of santa clara county reporting
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live rob fladeboe kron 4 news that so folks will take advantage. rob thanks. here's a look at the coronavirus numbers across the bay area. >>right now there are more than 12,500 confirmed cases, 426 people have died from covid-19 alameda county has the most cases with just under 2900 infections and nearly a 100 deaths. you can find a complete breakdown county by county of the case is available right now on our website that's kron 4 dot com. still to come tonight on kron 4 news at 5 more people off the roads during the pandemic so why are car crooks now taking advantage. plus a new effort to force one california mayor out of office we'll tell you where and why plus millions of americans flocking outside for the memorial da
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weekend millions of folks are headed to beaches pools and parks you may be among them but not everyone is following social-distancing guidelines or even wearing mask as rosa flores reports a handful of states are now seeing an increase in new covid-19 cases. it seems from the unofficial kickoff to the summer showing many americans not practicing social distancing measures you wouldn't know a pandemic was going on by looking at the beach today over the weekend people crowded beaches and parks and even restaurants and bars and biogas sick one day mean that just it's like man
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this pool party in the ozarks showing revelers near the arm to >>take a look at this police footage from daytona beach showing hundreds gathering in the streets for residents are excited about having access to their beach. >>so we're bigger out how we can control these crowds and marjorie we could form the visitors. >>ocean city maryland's boardwalk packed with people many of them without face coverings doctor deborah birx urging americans to stay vigilant with social distancing and wearing masks we has said to people is there's clear scientific evidence now by all the droplet experiments that happened and that others have done to show that i'm asked does prevent droplets from reaching others we need to be wearing masks in public when we cannot social-distance the question of wearing a mask has become political from president trump repeatedl refusing to wear when in public to protesters gathering outside state capitols many
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without their faces covered rallying to expedite the reopening process ohio's governor says this should not be a debate. this is not about politics. we wear the mask. >>it's been very clear with the studies are showing you where the mass not to protect yourself so much as to protect others. >>in missouri 2 hairstylists potentially exposed a 140 clients to the disease while working up to 8 days with symptoms i think we need to comprehend the consequences of this if we're going to us to work sick and sharing this illness with others. that's not a good approach. and in arkansas a high school swim party helped spread the coronavirus to several people they're young. >>they're swimming they're just having activity and positive cases resulted from that and so it's just encouragement for us to be disciplined in our activities with president trump pushing for churches to welcome back congregants church is
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essential. >>this church in new jersey defined the state's stay at home order restricting indoor gatherings to 10 people i would hope would get 2 houses of worship sort of the later but we want to make sure we do it right responsibly in the we don't kill anybody by doing it too fast. that was rosa flores reporting all of this comes as more than a dozen states are seeing a 10% increase or even more. >>and the number of new covid-19 cases. check in with meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez for more on the heat wave that is gripping the area right now the recent you are saying that you're welcoming mean to the team. number one happy to be here. number 2 i'm from southeast texas. so this is really nothing for me at least. >>oh so you're used to the lawn used to this okay, this is nothing for you, but for the bay area, especially those of us who don't have ac even if you live on the coast. >>oh it's brutal out there right now very warm temperatures as you step outside widespread 80's and
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90's daytime highs today, 10 to 20 degrees above average. and yes, several records have been broken in the bay area and you could see the warmest cities right now in parts of the tribe valleys like concord an antioch 97 degrees but the place to be right now in the bay area halfmoon bay school has 61 degrees so we are noticing a 36 degree temperature difference out there right now on account of that cool sea breeze, primarily impacting those of you throughout the southern part of the san francisco peninsula live look outside from our alcatraz camera you could a great nowhere in sight in fact the warm and hot weather going to be the big weather story not just today but for the next couple of days. we do have a heat advisory criteria about least and even an excessive heat warning for solano county. right now through thursday night so we're not out of the woods just yet overnight lows going to be toastie as well widespread upper 50's and low 60's and take a look at antioch only cooling down to
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69 degrees just a few degrees below your average daytime highs for this time of year so very little relief for interior valleys, this heat wave is going to continue possibly peaking tomorrow with a few degrees of warming for interior valleys and maybe a degree or 2 a warming along the coast and along the bait so we could see widespread mid 90's and below triple digit weather. for most of our interior valleys specifically those of you in that ride out widespread low triple digit heat there everyone else in the bay area 10 to 20 degrees above average with 80's 90's but happened they you've been going to be above average at 75 degrees relief along the coast arrives wednesday but were inland locations that worn arrive until friday, the cooling trend continuing this weekend back to you jonathan arden risa thank you. this holiday, not a day off for san francisco fire investigators who are back at the scene of saturday morning's massive fire at pier 45. today we're actually learning of the impact the blaze is having on san francisco's fishing industry.
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fishermen say the fire destroyed fishing gear used to deliver nearly 2 thirds of the city's fresh seafood the fire is now threatening to disrupt the upcoming dungeness crab season. the san francisco community fishing association estimates that thousands of crabs shrimp and black caught traps worth up to $5 million were destroyed in the fire. the fire sparked just before dawn saturday morning and wiped out a warehouse, the size of a football field near the end of pier 45. the cause of that fire is still unknown, san jose police have arrested this man his 56 year-old gregory hopping for murder. sunday afternoon detectives say they found a woman stabbed to death inside of a home in the 3600 block of el grande, a drive. that's near along rock park in san jose officers were doing a welfare check when they found that woman. investigators took copy into custody at the scene so far the name of the woman has not yet been released. poppy is now behind bars at the santa clara county jail. still ahead tonight. why officials had to close down the trail in
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southern california this memorial holiday weekend. and after the break a new effort in on welcome back
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everyone on this holiday weekend in south lake tahoe, a ban on visitors is now causing some backlash. south lake tahoe officers are actively enforcing that ban with $1000 fines. and now there's a new effort to force the city's mayor out of office. mike lawrie brings us the details.
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>>that's south lake tahoe officers are actively enforcing the city's ban on visitors. as we first showed you last thursday but today there is pushback. a go fund me campaign has raised more than $13,000. so far to move mayor jason collins out of tahoe. the message to resign, resonating with a variety of business owners hurt by the ban on out of town visitors at a business owner here i mean a lot of us are. >>tourism based. without tourists. we don't. >>survive the new visitor eat it has hit the hospitality industry hard along with those who rent a vacation homes like former mayor tom davis well i had to close my business way back in march layoff, 24 people i'm in the vacation rental business so i don't know rentals. >>at all. >>the hotels and motels are closed in south lake tahoe, the chamber of commerce here told us they are open on the nevada side. what is the message from the chamber of
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commerce about this. >>ban on visitors. >>i can't sit by the words is let my people go we had we think that we have to be allowed to open immediately we spot today. mayor jason collins told us he had no intention of running for reelection in november before this move in even started are you aware of businesses that are supportive of your efforts to enforce this ban. >>there are many visitors are many businesses that are in support of taking this moment possible for south lake tahoe is allowing in person restaurant dining with restrictions. >>and the city manager here says the city's following eldorado county's health guidelines to the letter. >>the decision to ultimately moved into stage 3 to help businesses reopen is not the mayor's decision saw it. it is a decision that leads from the county health officer still there's a sense of urgency here to open businesses. >>even faster we want to be
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there as quickly as possible while ensuring that public health and safety of our community but it's not fast enough for many in the business community. >>we love that arrest. we appreciate the tourists are our lifeblood my clery kcra 3 news. >>next on kron 4 news at 5 researchers now hitting the pause button on hydroxychloroquine in the fight against covid-19 the new concerns now being raised plus as america honors its fallen heroes, we remember a bay area native who service left a footnote in history. and then when we come back the coronavirus pandemic now changing the way we honor america's fall
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