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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  May 27, 2020 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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and it's going to get much hotter as you can see around the bay. the heat wave continues. let's go to john trail. sometimes i feel like you put the 99 just to make us feel better is it really going to be 100 it it looks better right yeah, a little i too big that were fallen just a couple of degrees today. >>but 99 compared to a 100. >>although it looks pretty good on them out it's not going to feel much better just yet. the good news is yesterday was the hottest day of the way the bad news is the difference is so small today they're really not going to notice much of it. you look outside at the golden gate bridge shows you that we are under some clear skies right now. there is a death of a coastal breeze up pushing inland from the coast that is going to cool down areas like san francisco and oakland. unfortunately for the rest of us in the bay area that cool ocean air is going to reach much further and for most of us under these peach and pink areas which are under heat advisories we are still going to be exceptionally hot today and in some cases potentially
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record-breaking yet again. right now temperatures are in the 50's right out the coast think you're ocean breeze. 60's and 70's for most other areas and then look at concord and fairfield certainly no cool sea breeze there already in the 80's and we're only at 09:00am right now so that shows you were about to be heading this afternoon which as you can see just a second ago on our 4 zone forecast is not some pleasant weather this afternoon. antioch at one o to concord and livermore 99 each now they're saying it was a still holding on to those mid 90's for san jose after hitting 97 to breaking a record yesterday 96 is it going to feel much different. now for areas like oakland and san francisco we've got a good 5 degree drop in temperatures when she may notice, we're certainly not out of the woods just yet. i'm talking with it will cool down and what to expect in 4 cities across the bay. still to come to the rest of your forecast. back to you darya all right, thanks a lot with this hot most businesses closed where can you get some ac san jose just opened some
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emergency cooling centers. >>and let's go to kron four's will tran he's been covering this all morning long and you've been feeling the difference between 05:00am when you said it's comfortable and how about now. >>it is starting to cook and it will release is all a little bit later this is your window of opportunity the early morning hours i would say all the way up until about 1030 after that you're playing with fire literally because in some places it will be 90's and other places maybe lower 107 other day. a scorching heat, it is so bad with coronavirus is change the way how people deal. with the heat behind me usually that fountains would already be going at the downtown san jose but because of coronavirus they're not using that so that's just one last thing that people can use for coronavirus and beating the heat. but there are places out there including obviously
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sidewalks in shades and rosa is taking full advantage of that. what's it feel like this morning, how's it feel like west feels great that he does will be almost over in 2 days so i'm enjoying it. >>take a morning walk and i will they can one often on an evening walk. trying to keep up the closure of the deal with the gym and not be able to use to assess when polls so we have to exercise keep it healthy. you say your exercise a couple of times a day that right at least 3 times a day. minimal. so some people who. >>are not brave enough to go outside it you have to admit it gets a little warm in the afternoon. it is a little bit uncomfortable but. >>it's only a few times a year that we enjoy the heat and that actually is beneficial in all become now making nice way nice little calories put out something purity from your buddies saw you know, and then now you the chance to go home have a beer, enjoy a nice cool
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be a nice cool bureau that sounds right about sounds perfect right about now so let me. >>draw your attention they're all places if you don't have a cool beer or air conditioning more importantly. >>there are cooling centers that are open to you and they will open up at 1 o'clock in the afternoon goes all the way until 9 o'clock in the evening. so right in the heart the sweltering heat too many locations to pass along back i'll touch upon a few of them so there's the camden community center and that's located at 3, 3, 6, 9, union avenue as the rose about community center located at 9 oh one east santa clara street. and then finally the cypress community center located at 4 '03 cypress avenue if you did not catch that go to our website kron 4 dot com and we will post all of those locations and possible other places for you to keep on top of because a lot of those cooling centers in the past. they normally would give us a heads up that
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they are ready to go at the start of a heat wave, but that didn't happen in san jose because they have to make new arrangements for social distance and that's why it's like a day behind. but a day behind is better than nothing at all so it is available to you and a reminder. even if you have your windows down please don't have your fur babies in your car in your car. it is quite heavy, i mean excuse me quite hot. and there are a lot of people already walking a fur babies because they know the sidewalks a little bit later will be too hot back to you, yes i got to walk out of the way early in the morning yesterday and the dogs are home asleep in front of fans. >>well. a dog's life. thank you with the triple digits in some spots, it's tough and firefighters are asking you not to make it worse by starting a fire cropper says he would you has more on what you can do. >>the hot weather may be perfect for getting out for some exercise taking a long walk skateboarding are riding your bicycle but first
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responders want to use this opportunity to remind bay area residents that the high temperature is also ripe for accidentally starting a wildfire. >>right now that's one of our big concerns. and the next few days is fire a fire weather livermore pleasanton fire department captain fred maska humidity is down and temperatures are up we get the win coming out of the west. a lot of times our everyday. really i'm here in the bay area so the fuel gets really dry to help reduce the risk of inadvertently started the fire he recommends delayed sub daily chores if people are planning on doing any kind >>the yard worker and operating in a kind of lawnmowers or other kind of a yard equipment. do that in the morning instead of the afternoon when the temperatures are cooler things as simple as mowing your lawn. ignite a fire just buy a lot more blatant iraq in creating a spark with picnic areas be off limits at east bay parks during the cold and 18 shelter
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in place order folks may choose to light up those backyard barbecues. >>and then as far as the barbecues again be responsible with your barbecues. again don't put the calls anywhere that's going to ignite anything. vegetation in your backyard, you may not think that it's a it's dry enough to catch fire but most of that stuff is in livermore has it made you kron 4 news. >>9 '07 right now some good news for renters impacted by covid for bay area counties have extended their moratorium on evictions kron 4 sarah stinson is live in san mateo county. i always wondered you actually have to have covid or care for somebody with it or can you just have you know lost her job and be affected in a in a roundabout way. >>more like you're experiencing financial hardship because of the coronavirus you know daria so many people have lost their jobs or a been no temporary let go or have been working as much they can pay the rent and
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that is the biggest hardship so a lot of those people who are in that situation came out the san mateo board of supervisors meeting yesterday and they told them their situation the board of supervisors listen they extended the moratorium on evictions by one month. so that should help some people get on their feet a little bit as we start to head into phase 2, 3, across the bay area lot of people already heading into phase 3. so it should be a interesting for the people who are struggling in other counties in the bay are doing the same take a look at your screen you can see other counties who have also extended the moratorium on evictions that includes contra costa county extending the eviction moratorium until july 15th leaders in the worst hit county by the virus santa clara county voted to extend that moratorium on evictions through the end of august so they're getting extra time marin county also extended it until the end of june officials say given the
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current shelter in place order. it's unlikely that the circumstances of tenants who have lost income due to the pandemic will change before may 31st. so these men moratoriums on evictions needed to be extended. this will allow people more time to apply and receive funding in benefits from various relief programs and relief is good to hear by a lot of people who live here in san mateo county spoke to a few let's hear what they have to say. >>yeah, it's scary a lot of people can't pay their rent, i'm living on that paycheck to paycheck which they haven't been getting staying home so it's really needed. >>the biggest challenge is the back rent that is stacking up for many people they will need to figure out how they're going to be able to pay for their rent when they have to pay back some counties are giving 3 months after the moratorium on evictions is extended in some counties are giving people 6 months so
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we'll have to see how people do the biggest rule rule was the biggest worry people have told me here in the county is they worry about the homeless rate going up after this and that people just won't be able to get back on its feet but hopefully this approval of the moratorium on evictions extension will help i'm live in san mateo county sarah stinson back to you thanks a lot sarah. >>9.10 is the time right now and a big story this morning for minneapolis police officers have been fired. after an arrest and sudden where they were taking a man into custody. and he ended up dying video shows one of the officers with his. legs need right on his neck. for about 5 minutes omar jimenez has the new video leading up to the deadly encounter. >>the protests intensified overnight in minneapolis 4 police officers were fired after their involvement and the death of george floyd police lined the streets throwing tear gas and
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nonlethal projectiles to disperse crowds after thousands flooded the streets tuesday. anger boiling over in the community when a cell phone video was shot monday night showing a police officer with his need to floyd's neck while he's on the ground handcuffed for several long minutes george floyd told the officer he couldn't breathe as bystanders pleaded with officers the floyd that's trucked. and protesters echoed floyd's words in the pouring rain last night huh. >>wrote it to be watched this. well please watch as the officers say they were responding to an alleged forgery in progress and were initially told the suspect was sitting on a car seemingly under the influence. police said floyd physically resisted and they placed him under arrest. minneapolis mayor jacob fry supporting the decision to fire the officers for 5 minutes. when you hear
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someone calling for help. you are supposed to help. this officer failed. in the most basic. human sense. cnn has obtained new surveillance video from a nearby restaurant, the shows 2 police officers crossing the street and approaching the car and 08:33pm monday night. >>the officers are talking to the passengers in the car for a few minutes before 2 passengers emerge from the car. george is then taken from the car by one of the officers and is handcuffed florida sitting against the exterior of the building on the sidewalk. well, another police car arrives eventually 2 cops pull george up from the ground and walked back across the street. ford's family saying they want the officers charged with murder, he's great mom. a mom i can't breathe i can't agree it's care. >>he treated them was the a i.
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i don't feel for they heard beating her my family. >>minnesota senator amy klobuchar are calling on an outside investigation to be conducted to explore possible criminal charges against the officers, this was not a sudden mistake or a procedure gone bad. >>this was over a period of time you got to look at all the evidence but to me this evidence is just crying out for some kind of a charge. >>it's 9.13 right now we've got lots more ahead here on the kron 4 morning news we're going to take an in-depth look at the temperatures around the bay you can see some of them here pick out your neighborhood you might notice maybe a degree or 2. less happened it was yesterday but we're
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9.16 right now that's not as bad as it's going to be a writer but it's already warming up around the bay, i john. >>hey daryn job this morning already warming up but definitely not as bad as the afternoon it's going to be a free up the window open right now letting the last remnants of our cool morning area. before it does warm up later on. now for timber on the other spots closer to the coast, nice see breeze today is going to help or coastal areas out resulting in a modest cool down. most of the bay area though not really going to be tapping into that and that's heat advisories and peach and excessive heat
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warnings in pink still do remain across the bay on into tomorrow night's or still in the midst of this heat wave, and although today not the hottest day of it, we're pretty close for most areas so let's start with our coastal spots which will experience a some of our bigger cooled 60's and 70's up the coast and in san francisco doesn't sound so bad, but that we've got your way from the pacific shoreline and you start to see what we're talking about 90's do remain in san carlos doubts about you and to the south bay yesterday saint rose they got up to 97 breaking a record today not much different 96 degrees. so yes still very much so are the excessively hot side pleasanton dublin, the livermore bay not be in the triple digits, but you're close enough in the mid to upper 90's but conquered 99 dam built walnut creek at 96 little cooler in oakland and san leandro you're tapping into that cooler air pushing in writes the bay, it's not going to push it much further than areas right there on a short though now a snowman yacht built it to upper 90's
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today on daca bill fairfield pittsburgh in antioch still holding on to the triple digits and still under that excessive heat warning. santa rosa nevado not likely to be a record breaker today, but pretty close in the low 90's for your daytime eyes now we are talking some changes just around the corner after today and tomorrow's hot conditions this low pressure area sitting to our west right now will eventually make its way audience the bay area and will result in a big cool down in doing so from the triple digits for inland areas again today to just the 70's in the same areas by saturday a been a slight chance of rain to we're going to complete one 80 with this forecast. so hold on for a couple more days. we certainly are going to be hot yet again today and tomorrow too. but just around the corner to have some much more comfortable weather. and it looks like it's going to stay that way for some time back to you darya. >>thanks a lot john and with businesses more of them starting to reopen in the bay area, san francisco is looking
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into a shared spaces program that would allow restaurants and shops to sidewalks and streets for outdoor seating for customers kron four's noelle bellow takes a look at the plan. >>i think i think it's a great around it to be able to use of there. >>the parking space at 2 to recall, but lost sight of the seat to that ultimately weaken a with limited capacity inside there it will give businesses access to use the sidewalks partial streets parks and
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plazas. >>to conduct their business over on fillmore street news mediterranean restaurant is ahead of the curve. >>it just opened a new to go window allowing the business to sell right on the street. >>we're fortunate that we have street side windows so those windows open up their large windows so i had to downtown or directly in the front. i'm so more as he can simply walk up we have some sir he asked so hey so it's completely touch list ceo john letts says when it comes to survival of his restaurant, the shared space program makes a lot of sense we just were we're looking for to generating revenue again as i'm sure every restaurant is. will get through it, it's it's it is simply an extreme challenge, but you have to be agile you have to moves in and change with what the new world looks like i'm noelle bellow back to you. >>on the peninsula retailers in san mateo county can now offer curbside pickup and that includes the stores at the hillsdale shopping center in
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san mateo not in-store shopping yet but they're getting ready for that at the mall, they're doing some cleaning and enhancing their social distancing policies. you can keep track of what's open and what's not on our website at kron 4 dot com. we have a whole page called yes we're open and that's where the list of shops and restaurants. that are listed there for takeout pick up or when they are allowing in-store service you'll have that they're too and not only is the pillars but if you're a business owner you can post your information there. president trump threatens to move the republican national convention this summer out of north carolina. >>i'm kelly meyer reporting in
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national news, the future of the republican national convention is in limbo after per after president trump threatened to move it out of north carolina. >>our washington dc correspondent kelli meyer reports some lawmakers are not sure though it's going to be that easy. >>i applaud the president north carolina congressman mark walker says president trump is right to pressure north carolina's governor into hosting this summer's republican national convention at full capacity on monday, the president threatened to pull the plug on the charlotte location. if governor roy cooper is unable to guarantee full attendance in the but to
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the convention could be north carolina congresswoman virginia foxx says the governor should allow the gathering. >>governor cooper says he'll use data to make the final decision as democrats and republicans debate other states are stepping forward georgia governor brian kemp tweeted tuesday. they would be honored to safely host the republican national convention and florida governor ron desantis says the rnc and the dnc. >>are welcome in the sunshine state. >>it's impossible experience and certainly impossible for governors to predict what conditions will be in democratic north carolina congressman g k butterfield. >>says it's too early to tell whether it's safe to host the convention but republicans say they're running out of time to make that call every day this is kind of all around. it's it's very dangerous to economic side of things walker and other republicans say they're going to continue to urge governor cooper to allow the event to proceed as planned in charlotte during
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the last week of august, reporting in washington, i'm kelly meyer. >>joe biden is firing back at president trump trump posted a tweet mocking the former vice president for wearing a mask at a memorial day ceremony in an interview with cnn biden said the president is fueling a cultural opposition to something that should be for your safety. >>he's a full. an absolute fool to talk that way. >>i mean every leading. doc in the world who say we should wear a mask when you're in a crash. the truth of the matter is that i think is percent. lead by example. >>for his part president trump said yesterday he wasn't criticizing biden for wearing the mask just pointing out that he was wearing a mask outside in quote, perfect weather. tune in tonight for our congressional town hall special the road to reopening politicians from all over
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california are going to answer your questions live on air tonight. there's still time for you to submit a question either with a video and you post at kron 4 dot com or on twitter using the hashtag reopening ca inside california politics, special airs tonight, 07:08pm, on kron 4 or on our mobile app kron on which is free to download we'll be right back. >>the governor said salons nd barber shops can open their doors here in sonoma county and we're all doing our part by staying at home.
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that could mean an increase in energy bills. you can save by using a fan to cool off... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or closing your shades during the day. stay well and keep it golden.
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>>9.29 right now checking out the weather and as you can see we're still in the middle of this heat wave cash, what is day 3. i think so john the start to lose track. we have another 2 days to get through this. he right. >>monday memorial day yesterday today to really show yeah. scott added up because you know the days to really battered a blend we do have. we have 2 more days of its or sent right in the middle of this heat wave right now. at least today will be the hottest one of it, but it's still going to be pretty close to that with temperatures just below where they were yesterday so not much of a difference just yet a lot of sunshine overhead in berkeley, no cloud cover there for sure what we're going to be seeing throughout the rest of the day today is a lot more that sunshine to a hot weather with the advisories in e form of heat and ice are across most
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of the bay and peach and then also excessive heat warnings in pink for a portions of solano county as these will actually be our hottest spots where you can notice the biggest difference in temperatures compared to yesterday closer to the colts. we actually do have creasy breeze which is going to bring relief to areas like san francisco and oakland. well areas like san jose dublin conquered its for fairfield already right up next to 80 degrees right now it's not into the 80's and only going to see temperatures rising further into the afternoon as that cool coastal air is not going to reach these areas. this means conquered livermore antioch san jose morgan hill dap and santa rose are among the areas that will see temperatures very near what they were yesterday so do expect another scorcher of an afternoon and to seek shelter as much as possible yourself to a cool spot. a san francisco to oakland will see modest cool doubts for oakland, this takes you from the low 90's yesterday, it's the mideast today. well for san francisco dropping most neighborhoods back into the
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70's. i'm talking more about what to expect right where you're at and the rest your forecast still to come. back to you darya all right and john with the triple digit heat some parents and are some parts of the bay area. >>they are warning that we need to check in with people who are especially susceptible to the heat like if you know some senior citizens judge johnson has won that. >>when it gets this hot it's important to keep an eye on senior citizens into the old and elderly do you know everybody else watching ever taken care of them, especially if they live a low of course that's not so easy during this time of social isolation as older people are especially susceptible to covid-19 the sacramento metropolitan fire department says even if you don't have their phone number or email you can still check in while keeping your work answer just talk to them through the door take care of themselves sec. metro captain chris vestal says even if they're not leaving the house the he can still cause problems for the elderly make
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sure they're eating and what times people eat in weather like this and still very important for people optimize and as you may problems today are >>a lot of people trying to save money but already there are issues that can be dangerous in this type of weather that's why it's important to see if the temperature inside their home is ok. >>and they can't afford to run the racy during the day, there's always a cool place for them to go to local jurisdictions are opening up some cooling centers with social distance in place to make sure that anybody who doesn't have access to air conditioning and cooler locations and that's still the same in sacramento, doug johnson, fox 40 news. >>if you want to hair cut you're going to have to go to napa or solano counties right now the governor gave them approval to open barbershops and hair salons and. >>he said sonoma county could also but they decided against it so that. >>only 3 counties approved and one of them says no kron four's rana harvey has the details.
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>>yeah, maybe you're even using we're ready to make an appointment at your favorite salon or barbershop but according to local county health officials they say they're not going to open just yet again when you do a back to get your hair done they are some changes you're going to see in salons you have to wear a face covering also shop owners are going to remove high-tech amenities like magazines and coffee makers from the shops they're going to frequently disinfect boosting workstations and tools they would al have to check on customers health even before their appointments are concerned they could look like a series of questions about your recent health and if you have a temperature they also have to stagger appointments keeping a limited amount of customers in the shop at a time so what they do open the services that you're able to get you can get a haircut you can get your hair color a blowout, but you can not get a wax threading the shave or a facial now we spoke to a salon owner he is anticipating what
9:35 am
these changes could mean for customers and salons. >>i think we're going to have to do no double booking for a while and i think this has been kind of played out in other states right now. because normally we would set our guest this site in year one of the waiting areas and so that probably is not going to be a reality for a while but we will be able to keep them in our tears are tears for all this in part and um you. >>so we will be able to probably be able to your caller as far as i know there's nothing to be restrictions on that we just will be able to be doing 2 people saying was i start someone out on the past 2 weeks health officials here in sonoma county and discovered 200 new cases including many over the holiday weekend and no word yet on when health officials will be given the salons and barbershops the go to open their doors. >>for now reporting in sonoma county reyna harvey kron 4 news. >>in the south bay santa clara county has a shortfall of
9:36 am
contact tracers the job is to track down people who had covid or know somebody who had covid and try to contain the spread is covered rob fladeboe explains. the county wants to hire 1000 contact tracers by mid july. >>testing for covid-19 is a key indicator for opening the economy. another indicator is contact tracing or tracking down those people who may have had contact with someone who tested positive for covid-19 says the county's contact tracing expansion lead evelyn holmes. >>this is how we that we address teases that measles tuberculosis we find a case. we isolate on we find out their contacts and prevent them from transmit. meeting and the disease to other people the 50 or so contact tracers working right to just 2.6 tracers per 100,000 people. >>well short of the state benchmark of 15 tracers per 100,000. >>but there are another 75
9:37 am
people in training in santa clara county and recruiting is in high gear as we're looking to identify rapidly county employees who can be redirected and reassigned. >>i'm just break this apart and senate where there are county employees that have extra capacity and who can support this work were working actively to identify them. we're also reaching out to community volunteers and developing strategic partnerships republic aren't hearing. >>often by phone contact tracers tracked down and try to persuade exposed people to quarantine or seek medical help. but people can be suspicious or uncooperative success requires a special set of skills. >>and to help elicit sensitive information to build rapport and trust. we're also working to make sure that our workforce has members of our communities, our diverse communities represented within our workforce ensuring that there's understanding and connection in addition to the language used to build that trust and so that people willing and see their role as
9:38 am
individuals as easter contact be part of the solution to cole says contact tracing is bread and butter public health and will continue to prevent the spread of infection. >>long after the shelter order is lifted. in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>9.38 right now and as we head to the break, let's take a peek at the highs expected around the bay this afternoon as you can see it's going to be pretty much just a sad yesterday inland, it's the coastal areas that might see a little bit of a cool down because we've seen some fog this morning will be the u.s. is
9:39 am
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9:41 am
getting close to a 100,000 coronavirus deaths and now a key model by the university of washington predicts. >>32,000 more people are going to die of covid by august. that's the fear and this is all before the fear of a second surge which would come in the fall conference taylor the psac ii talk to u c berkeley professor about these new numbers. >>possible that over the summer we're going to see things are going us it may be gradually increase it. then. schools get a start in the end of august. just case for 12 universities. after months of that things will explode john swartzberg is an infectious disease professor at u c berkeley. >>well, he says there are several scenarios of what
9:42 am
could happen seen a fall surge of coronavirus cases in october is very likely. >>as the economy opens up restrictions loosen and students return to school worst case is that we're going an inch in action or tea. >>it is we're going to see a problem with a server in order to get complacent slow starts near its lows and really talk to him or that's if there's still no vaccine and people continue to ignore social distancing mornings. it's something we saw over the holiday weekend more so in places with looser restrictions like alabama and missouri that they had been told. it's been told many it's because they haven't had good leadership. >>and because frankly they're being selfish sports berg says what happens this fall is less about the virus in more about how we behave how well we respond to the starters. her will the country responds as a whe. good the direction is
9:43 am
from the leadership in this country. all the way again to help ensure this ca case where we recognize we don't want to get infected. but we also recognize that we get it checked and we can attract others if we continue to see more cases in the fall swartzberg says that he could be a very dark winter as flu season also kicks into gear. >>how we behave and what we do over the next few months will be crucial and how all this plays out until the second reporting kron 4 news. >>our coverage continues online go to kron
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>>welcome back 9.45 on this wednesday morning still pretty comfortable out there for the time being but don't expect that to last for much longer. temperatures are already starting to rise as the sun continues to warm things up especially for inland areas you can see outside from berkeley where skies are crystal clear difficult no fog this rning and although we do have a school coastal breeze which is going to bring relief to areas like san francisco and also results in a slight drop in temperatures for oakland and berkeley. it's not going to do much anywhere else. that's heat advisories and peach and excessive heat warnings in pink remain across the bay area. how hot are we going to get today was a pretty big range numbers little cooler at the coast with 60's and 70's for san francisco, definitely some relief for those areas closer to the pacific. now for inland
9:47 am
areas, nothing much has changed from yesterday. we're still going to be solidly in the 90's for the southern part of the peninsula as well as the south bay, san jose you broke a record yesterday at 96 and today only one degree cooler at 96 not a difference that most of us a lotus cause and said dublin in livermore each into the mid to upper 90's, no triple digits, but certainly close to that san ramon danville well the creek in concord each well into the 90's not close to triple digits. oakland san leandro in berkeley easing off the heat a little bit but still very much so on the warm side. pittsburgh fairfield vacaville and antioch triple digit heat remains in these areas, snow been very close at 98. and santa rosa packing up your record high yesterday 97 down to 93 today that was low pressure area you see at the bottom of the screen. that's was eventually going to be making its way on over the bay area come the weekend ahead of us resulting in a slight chance of showers on saturday as well as just helping to
9:48 am
weaken this high-pressure ridge pushed out of the region, this is going to result in a big change of pace as far as weather goes for the bay from triple digit heat for inland areas to the 70's starting on saturday lasting into next week. there's a slight chance of rainfall on saturday so talk about a change of pace from the middle of summer agenda whether to back to its spring like she'll just around the corner i think we will all be very much so welcoming those 70's as they return. back to you in the studio. >>in the buzz, the sharks were in danger of being iced out of the playoffs before a covid but now they can officially netflix and chill or replay how close they came in 2019 because the regular season. >>is over and the sharks didn't make the cut the nhl's going hold a 24 team playoff into hub cities where the players will be quarantined and tested daily and of course, no fans present for
9:49 am
the games. empty seats mean lost revenue which is why the oakland a's just announced big cuts they are placing their scouts and many other front office employees on furlough and suspending pay for minor leaguers they're also cutting the salaries of other executives, but it's the little guys who will be hurt the most a minor leaguers will stop getting their $400 a week stipends next week. but at least the a's will still pay for their health care with so many struggling it's hard to feel for the big hitters who are bulking at the pay cut that they're being proposed by the mlb the league is pitching. tear productions, the lowest earners would see a 20% pay cut. the top tier would be reduced by 72%. so you can see how that turns out in salaries, you make 30 to 35 million you only get 7 million. for this season. >>it's supposed to deal with that now that's more than most of us making a lifetime or about the cost of the
9:50 am
engagement ring that a rod but for j lo. but the wedding will have to wait like so many couples they just announced that they are going to delay. >>their big wedding bash stars they're just like us but more extreme in every way take a look at what the rod lows do for fun in quarantine. >>but we're going to do. in 20 minutes 100 meters one run. >>15 kettlebell swings. 10 pushups. 15 over the shoulder. and then 15 girls with 20 minutes to do as many as possible.
9:51 am
>>but would you expect anything less. from this beautiful couple days. i mean i i want to hate them because they're so beautiful and rich and but i but i love that there's something about the 2 of them, i just and their backyard look spent at she was 15 new china like big kids like that i kids asleep until one of get out there and they're doing this intense kettle bell at the forecast now husbands and wives, you know we try to keep each other motivated to stay healthy stay in shape say in fashion. like when you get your husband to get rid of isil super bowl 60 t-shirt put on something new well in idaho woman went overboard. and her husband take a look. they just broke the world record for a team. putting on t shirts in one
9:52 am
minute so there they go they started the timer he wears them. you how this goes and you go down the line she helps with the back yeah because you get a full as it is called 32 shirts in one minute james. i help you stop wearing jorts haha this woman got her husband into 32 shirts in one minute i was signed for years to get you to get let get rid of the pack the joe, you know your wife tracy put to a new stuff doesn't change it, yes what she stl trying to get me to buy a new pair of tennis shoes. but i've had these for about 15 years and i love them even though there are holes in them and they see they're not old enough soaked in the the dad, seekers are are in but that's from on talking about my dad when he wore in the 80's. >>15 years old james, those is out there just playing out at just worn out there not necessarily out out yeah, well good luck on the good luck on that they here's what they say
9:53 am
15 years ago when did you get married. 2022 going 22 as for to are you sure yeah it's going you know. yes, yes, you know, because they say that guys stop dressing in the last good year of their life ok. so what what you're you're frozen like car bomb member the pleats yeah it was 90's it right that was me if it were my doctors and my button long sleeved writes that already honey you are not going out
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
9.55 kron 4 morning news almost done but kron-on never stops let's go to theresa in the newsroom for a preview hi jason hi. well there is a mall in solano county opening today for the first time in a long time. >>as that county is moving through the phases to reopen following the health guidelines also barbershop son hair salons were given the green light by the governor, but one county that was in the position to move forward it was told not so fast. and it's extremely hot as we all it's kind of tough for people still sheltering in place. the pools and beaches open we're going to be looking into that as well and much more expected aren't. >>thanks a lot is continuing to salute to grads of 2020 and this morning. in is a senior named elise brito mont rhonda lee says graduating from freedom high in oakley and she's going to go to either clark, atlanta university in georgia or texas southern university. her plan is to
9:57 am
major in international business and a minor in fashion design congratulations to you and to all of the grads of 2020 you can become part of our celebration by posting your picture where you went to high school and where you're headed next what are your plans on our website at kron 4 dot com. let's take a peek at the forecast because we are still in the thick of it this heat wave as you can see some areas will see a 100 today still and then i'm i'm backing only a couple degrees off of that. >>for tomorrow, the real cool down hits for the weekend. i will see you back here for the weekend and 2, 2, with the covid shuffle we'll see later.
9:58 am
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